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All That Glitters to Dragons is Gold
(2013-02-04 - 2013-02-04)
Priel and Faruja discuss a certain letter over breakfast...
Faruja Senra It's early morning in the Shard Seeker's Garden. Faruja, kneeling before a small shrine in morning prayers, seems utterly oblivious to the world around him. On the table outside a ways away, he has a teapot and several teacups with all the fixings; typical morning wake-up juice for the Burmecian. He's not a coffee fan after all.

"Lord bless all who reside here, that they might find peace and safety within these walls."
Priel Aylin Unlike the other day, Priel had a bit more sense to get at least halfway properly dressed this morning. Though not set to go out just yet, so she just had on the black dress she wore under her scarlet hued fur coat, and her feet were bare as she worked in the kitchen, making breakfast.

It was almost like some sort of silent agreement now that Priel was the resident cook. Without even being asked or asking herself, she just went ahead and made food for everyone. At least when she was around anyway.

"Hmhmhmmm~" The redhead hummed to herself as she worked. The smell of freshly made breakfast likely was wafting out into the garden right about now...
Faruja Senra Sniff sniff. Faruja's nose wiggles as Priel's cooking fills the garden with smells. So. Delicious. His stomach growls, and slowly, the Templar rises.

At least the making of food, as the rat enters the kitchen, has him somewhat less likely to hate at the poor dragon-lady. A small nod is given. "Good morn, Lady Aylin. Mmm, what a delicious aroma." She's good at what she does, he'll give her that.

"Need you any assistance this morn?"
Faruja Senra Glancing over her, he finds himself sighing in relief. It's a nice dress, and /not/ a nightshirt. No embarrassment for him today.
Priel Aylin "Oh. Good morning, Sir Rat. Back from praying to your gods~?" Priel asked, glancing aside slightly and smirking in amusement. She likely would have said much worse, but morning was truce time. She was hungry anyway.

"Hmn, no no..." She shook her head at his offer of assistance in the meantime, turning back to her cooking. "I'm just about done." And she was. With everything ready, she took two plates, placing scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and some lightly toasted bread to the side of both before heading to the table and sitting down.

One of the plates was slid over to Faruja while she kept the other, immediately beginning to eat without saying any sort of grace or anything.

There WAS something she had wanted to ask him, first, food first...
Faruja Senra "There is only one...oh, nevermind!" Grrr! Faruja snorts, his eye narrowing briefly. There wasn't much point in getting into an argument. Plus, it's waaay too darn early. No need to irritate the cook. Who knows what she'd do to his food!

Watching quietly as she works, he licks his muzzle. Now /that/ is a spread. Tail flicking about, occasionally brushing an ankle accidentally, he takes the plate. "My thanks, M'Lady."

Somehow, he hadn't expected grace from her. Sitting down, he folds his arms. "Thank thee, oh Lord, for giving us this bounty. Guard the righteous." Pause.

"And those who have not yet felt your touch."

With that, he begins eating. Nom. Polite and proper, he even uses the right fork. Awkward silence fills the air. Whether he likes her or not, she's still an ally (sort of). Yet he can't seem to find the words to get the dragoness to open up.

"I trust naught has befallen you with the troubles in this city?" he finally comes up with, glancing her over for any injuries.
Priel Aylin Was that last part of his grace directed at her? She was pretty sure it was, and just kept on eating, rolling her eyes in the meanwhile. "...Felt his touch, hmm~? I had no idea your gods were so scandelous. Do they touch /everyone/~?"

...Right then.

Her chuckles filled the air as she occasionally ate inbetween. But he was right though. It was...hard to get her to open up. If that was even possible. She just came and went as she pleased and only barely seemed to make herself a part of this group.

Upon Faruja's next question, Priel lazily turned her gaze back to him, tail flicking about below meanwhile. "Trouble? Of course not. I haven't been here for most of it after all." And a smile is given after that statement. It was true after all; most of these major shenanigans, she either wasn't present for, or simply exerted little effort to actually assist in.

...Suppose that is one way to stay out of trouble.
Faruja Senra Up tilts the rat's muzzle, painfully slowly as he notes the rolled eyes. What does a Temple Knight do in the face of such horrible Heresy? Stasis Sword? Straight up stabbing the offender?

All too good for Priel. He reaches back for something familiar to any Squire who's spent time in a barracks.

Actions--> Basics --> Throw Sausage. Right at the nose.

Nom! Faruja eats ravenously, each giggle making him clench his teeth and his tail lash. Must ignore urge to strangle!

"Somehow that does not surprise me. Mmm. A shame, the creatures do drop Munny after all. I did not take you as one to lose out on coin." The Knight taunts back.

"Or are you merely too afraid?"
Priel Aylin Counter! The sausage is caught. "My, my, know it's a shame to waste food." Priel chided mockingly, waving the sausage at him before eating it in a single bite. "And here I thought only children threw food. You've impressed me yet again~"

That probably wasn't a good kind of impressed, knowing her.

His taunts don't have their intended effect however, only causing the dragoness to giggle even more. "Lose out on coin? Of course not." She grinned then, casually waving her fork at the knight.

"Why would I waste my time whacking monsters and heartless when I can make so much more munny doing...more profitable things?" ...Of course Priel. But hey, she never did seem to be at want for funds. Never mind the fact that she didn't pool hers with the rest of the group's.

If she did, they likely wouldn't have to worry about that sort of thing for a long while. But no way. Her munny was hers and no one elses~

"Ah, look here. The rat makes more childish jabs. My respect for you is plummeting~"

Wait, she had respect for him...?

Probably not.
Faruja Senra Glare! "Next time you mock my faith, then, M'Lady I shall be sure to use something more substantial." /That/ taunt works, as the Burmecian snarls at the dragoness. Snort!

His head tilts, however. "And what, if I may, are those? Please, do tell this humble knight of how our efforts our wasted, what we should turn our efforts to, hmm oh high and brilliant Lady Aylin?"

Respect? Fah. Like she has respect for any of them at all. Maybe except for Ivo.

"...What drive you to remain here? Want of a home? Safety? Certainly not for my own charming company." The rat finally asks outright. Not that he thinks he'll get an honest answer.
Priel Aylin "Ohhh reaaaaallly~?" Priel asked, eyes narrowing as she smirked at his anger. Nope. Not threatened still. She shrugs afterwards before resuming her meal. Better finish before it gets cold after all. After a couple bites, she begins to speak again.

"Now, now...why would I tell you something like that?" She asked, wagging a finger admonishingly. "That's. A. Secret~" Nope. He wasn't going to hear anything from her in any case. "But never mind all of that. There's something I wanted to ask you..."

Completely brushing off his last question about why she was even in this group, the redhead reached behind herself, smirk widening. "...You see, some time ago, I found an intereeeeeesting letter..."
Faruja Senra Claws dig into the table, and Faruja chomps down on some bacon particularly hard. The Burmecian sighs after swallowing. "Which reminds me, I do believe I owe you a duel as it stands." No, the Burmecian hasn't forgotten about their interrupted fight.

Muzzle opening, the rat looks ready to admonish the dragoness, before shutting it. Tipping his snout, he 'hmph's' quietly. "...Ser Galvan, were I to guess. Mayhap I shall ask him. Nay, I am hardly one to chide for possessing secrets. By all means, keep them." A hand is generally swished in her direction.

Pause. "However, should it be needed, my ears are yours. However dubious, you are a Shard Seeker." Enjoy your love-dovey togetherness bit today, Priel.

Clink! The rat drops his fork. Slowly, red makes its way into his fur, staring at Priel worldlessly. His tail doesn't even move, aside to tuck between his legs. "...H...have you?" All of his confidence shatters at the mention of a letter. How pathetic.

"What...may I ask its contents?"
Priel Aylin "Ehehehe~" Priel giggled at Faruja's complete 180. "What's wrong, Sir Rat? Weren't you saying something about a duel~?" Not that she'd actually give him the satisfaction of obliging him. But that wasn't the point right now.

"Oh the contents were veeeeeery interesting~" She spoke in a singsong tone, tail waving about in accordance to her amusement. And then she began to recite passages from the letter. "You have captured my heart with your beauty from first sight." Another giggle escaped from her before she recited another.

"There is a fire in your soul..." Her grin widened even more then as she topped it off with one more. "Your strength and will, though you may think otherwise, is that of a caring, motivated woman..."

Pause to observe Faruja's look of horror.

"Oh and does this look familiar to you~?" She produced a familiar pendant from behind her, danging it loosely for the knight to see.
Faruja Senra Shiver. Shiver shiver. The knight actually starts to tremble as Priel reads off its contents. Damnit. Damnit!

"...Where did you find the letter?" he finally asks after a long, drawn out silence. Indeed, as much as he tries to hide it, he looks utterly horrified at the knowledge that /Priel/ has his letter. Though it may not come across like that! That tail of his practically strangles the chair, food untouched.

She has the pendant. Faruja stands up. "...Fine. Yes. Yes it does. What of it?"
Priel Aylin "Why do you look so bothered now?" Priel asked, tucking the pendant away again into her dress. Probably before Faruja thought about making some sort of attempt to get it. The letter itself seemed to be absent at the moment. Then again, she DID memorize the contents.

"As for where I found it...It was simply on my bed." And for once she was telling the truth. "I returned here after some absence and this letter was on my bed." Another giggle escaped from her at that. "...I would say that I'm flattered that you feel this way, buuuuut...I'm not interested in you~"

Now really, Priel figured that this was meant for someone else. But damn if it wasn't entertaining though!
Faruja Senra Both hands slam into the table, the ratling glaring as his fire returns. "So...that explains everything. I suppose I should be thanking y..." Wait. Hold up.

A clawed finger is pointed to Priel, them himself. A long, slow shudder runs through him. He looks /more/ horrified.

"Nor was it meant for you." Faruja returns, an edge coming to his voice. It softens swiftly however. "...Nay, that is too harsh. Whatever your flaws, I shall not be so cold to you. You are an attractive woman." Pause. Peer. "...Tail." Really, she /is/ attractive.

"However, surely you well know your ways do not interest me, and no doubt mine holds no sway over your own. I will say this, however. You are at least not a traitor, and for that, I would count you amongst my friends. On good days. When I am feeling generous."

He throws up his hands.

"Please, return the letter and pendant. I must let her know how I feel." Comes the rat's honest demand.
Priel Aylin "Oh please." She replied, waving a hand dismissively. "I already knew that. Why in the world would you confess something so stupid to /me/ of all people?" Priel chuckled a bit more good naturedly and then sighed afterward, shaking her head. "Don't waste your time now. You know you don't think that."

Having that that, Priel reached into her dress, producing the pendant again, holding it up and staring at it for a little while longer. "..I'm curious though...the names in the letter were blotted out from water damage. Who exactly was it?"

A thoughtful look came across her face as she tapping her cheek with a finger. "Hmmn...I know it can't be anyone in the group. All the other girls are in that idiot's harem. ...So it must have been one of the guests we've had!" The redhead trailed off there, thinking for a bit longer and running through the gallery of people she knew in her head.

...But she came up short. There was just no one she could think of that would immediately be the recipient. The pendant was telling though. The features were similar to her own, but it still wasn't meant for her. So then someone else. Only one other person came to mind then. "...That white skinned one. Yes~?"
Faruja Senra The rat shrugs. "As you wish." Oh well, the offer was made. His tail sways lightly now as he finishes off his half-cold breakfast.

The pendant. At least she's seemingly kept it in good repair. Arms are crossed as she asks and thinks, looking away as that blush remains.

"Figure it out yourself." Comes the rat's words, somewhat crossly. As though he'd admit his lover's name to such a deplorable, lazy, useless woman as this! Hmph!

Priel would be able to see herself digging closer to the truth, as his face slowly grows less confident. Finally, shock. She had it. The dragon may as well have smacked him in the head, from the way her words hit him. Another snarl is given in her direction, and his tail lashes about.

"...Was it truly so obvious? Fah." Sigh. Faruja slumps a bit, head in his arms. "She is so exotic, Priel. Brave...even if she realizes it not. And so very kind when one coaxes her out of that shell of hers. Her spirit makes my heart like to burst with love!" He finally admits. Even if it's to the one amongst them he can't stand the most, it feels good to openly discuss his feelings.
Priel Aylin "Ugh...!" Priel couldn't help but wince in disgust at Faruja's open admittance. "You really /are/ in love. Talking all sappy and lovesick like that. It's revolting. Ergh!" Another shudder to shake off the feeling and then smiled. "How nice for you. Hooooowever~" She wagged a finger at that, apparently having something further to add.

"I just can't let this flie out of my grasp so freely now~" A predatory grin came across the dragoness' face then as she clasped a hand around the pendant. "I want 5000 Munny for the return of your precious letter and pendant. You can do that, riiiiiight~?"
Faruja Senra Somehow, Priel's open disgust manages to put a grin on Faruja's face. His head tilts, the Burmecian laughing. "My, my, my, I had not thought the dear Lady Priel so adverse to matters of the heart! Mayhap the Lady doth protest too much. I shall be certain to rent you a nice church so that thy marriage goes flawlessly. Oh, and to see you in a wedding dress would be /magnificent/." The rat teases in return. Could Priel be looking for love here? ...Nah!

His teasing turns to a frown at the 'however'. As she names her price, it turns to a scowl.

"You...are going to extort a Templar." Eye narrowing, he peers at her like she's lost her mind. Finally, though, he just sighs.

"Mayhap there is bravery in you yet, Priel Aylin. So /this/ is what you do, hmm? Take advantage of others for your own personal gain? One moment."

Standing, the rat leaves, down to the male's hall. After a few minutes, he'll return, and deposits a coinpurse.

"There. My cut from the last few missions, I shall have you know. Now, return the pendant." His claws once again marr the table. That /wench/!

"Why do I suspect this shall not at all harm thy slumber?"
Priel Aylin "Me? Wedding dress? Marriage? Hah!" Priel scoffed at the very notion. The day she got married would be the day Maleficent renounced her evil ways and took up the banner of good. Which meant that it would never happen. Ever. In the history of ever.

Her smile returned after, watching as Faruja left to collect the payment. "Good boy~" The dragoness cooed, fluttering a hand in farewell as the knight left temporarily. There was not a single ounce of pity or regret to be seen anywhere on her person.

Once Faruja returned with the pay, Priel's eyes lit up like a child in a candy shop. That was a lot of munny. It would definitely make up for that lost car in any case. "Excellent, excellent. Much obliged, Sir Rat~" The redhead gleefully stood up then, her tail arcing around and grasping the purse, which she then took in her hand. "You can have this then."

She then tossed the pendant over to him, not too rough now. He should be able to catch it if his knightly reflexes were anything to write home about. "And now for the letter. Be back in a bit~" And with that said, Priel sauntered her way out, tail waving at Faruja in farewell, as she hadn't turned back to do so.

Disappearing down the female hall, it took a couple minutes before she returned, letter in hand. It was neatly placed back into it's envelope, which she then put down onto the table. "Here you go. Nice doing business with you~"

No, she was not going to lose sleep over this.

In fact, she might even sleep better!
Faruja Senra No pity, no regret. "...The concept of shame is foreign to you!" he yells back as he's going down the hall. She could at least have the courtesy to fake it!

Such greed. It's everything the Burmecian hates. His hand rises, and even pulls back...he stops himself, then flumps back into the chair. Oh, he wants to punch her jaw off. But it won't get him the letter. Visibly shaking in rage, he levels a death glare at her.

"...I shall pray that it is the last time." Comes his response, the ratling taking it up and tucking it into his robes. Turning, he starts to walk away towards the male dorms. Glancing back once more, he shakes his head.

"Coin does not warm graves. Only the well wishes of one's surviving friends." With that, he moves on, snarling all the way.

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