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(2013-02-03 - 2013-02-03)
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Megavolt At a local jewelry store in Traverse Town, a little old grandmother operates a gem trade, operates a brisk business in jewels and other shiny objects. It's come under attack today, by none other than Megavolt, the electric foe of Darkwing Duck. He's here today to terrified a little old lady and wreak his revenge.

The door to the jewelry store smashes down, and Megavolt steps through, his fingers sparking with electricity. "Fiend!" comes a cry, as Megavolt points at the terrified old woman. "I am Megavolt, avenger of electrical devices! I'm here today to make things good again, and save the imperiled from harm!" The little old lady hits a silent alarm, and puts her hands up, quivering with terror.
Gizmoduck Hark! Outside! Patrolling as he would always, is none other than the Armored Avenger himself: GIZMODUCK! The robotic hero has taken to traversing the landscape of Traverse Town in an attempt to police it and protect it from the Heartless threat and any others that may try to harm the citizens of this fair and peaceful town! Especially, since the citizens of Duckburg have been forced to relocate here after dark and evil things had began.

Gizmoduck's normally oblivious nature is betrayed by the suit's scanner as it outreaches and scans the nearby buildings for any signs of troubles. The small satellite dish sticking out of his shoulder spins and there's a beeping sound that picks up the moment it scans the Jewelry Store.

Across Gizmoduck's HUD comes the results of the scan: High Electricity Levels. Too High. - Silent Alarm - Robbery In Progress.

Clearly, this is bad news and Gizmoduck raises a hand. "This looks like a job for..." And his tire spins, taking him off in the direction of the store and literally busts through the door, sending glass and debris all over the place, as he makes his grand and heroic entrance!

Megavolt Megavolt spins around as Gizmoduck enters, not impressed by his lack of showmanship, given his usual foe. "Well well well, if it isn't the robotic hero, GIZMODUCK!" He strikes a martial arts stance, electricity sparking all around him. "You should understand me on this, Gizmoduck. I'm just trying to save your brothers and sisters! Doesn't your cybernetic brain tell you that these people are EVIL?!"
Gizmoduck "Oh ho! My brain is all feathers, you overgrown battery!" Gizmoduck wheels himself to a stationary position, balancing perfectly as he makes it a point to plant himself between Megavolt and the exit... as big of a hole as he's made it with his horrible entrance. Maybe he should look into using purple smoke. Or silver! Yeah, silver smoke. Ahem. Anyway! "It's high time you lose your spark, Sparky!" Gizmoduck extends a hand and points at Megavolt with a chiding finger. Gizmoduck needs no martial arts stance!
Megavolt "You fool! You don't see what you're doing! NONE OF YOU CAN SEE! Am I the last sane man in the world?!" Megavolt rants and raves, shaking with anger. "And you know what else?" he asks, his mismatched eyes narrowing. "NOBODY CALLS ME SPARKY!" He snaps his fingers, and a lightning bolt flies across the room at Gizmoduck, along with a frightening clap.
Gizmoduck Gizmoduck's scanners are keeping an eye on the electricity levels coming from Megavolt and he's already zooming to the side when that electricity comes speeding towards him. "You're going to need a lot more juice than that, if you're going to defeat Gizmoduck!" He sends a couple of punches across the room, by allowing his robotic arms to extend from his body, fist after fist aiming to get a couple of slugs in to the electrical foe!
Megavolt Megavolt ducks his way through the robot arms flying his way, as the terrified grandmother exits the shop through the ruined front door. "You come in here, with your noisy tire and robot arms and calling me Sparky, I think you're being condescending! You're being condescending to me! I demand my rights! I have rights!" He lifts his fingers up, then brings them down, as the lights above Gizmoduck come flying down from the ceiling, trying to wrap around him with their wires and shock him.
Gizmoduck Gizmoduck tries to backwheel himself out of the way, but ends up hitting the counter where there are many jewels and that knocks him right back forward and into the path of those shocking wires and lights... which sort of sends him on some weird electrical override. "YAAAAAHHHHH!" The moment he stops moving, there is smoke coming off his robotic body and he ends up sparking.

"S-s-s-s-s-s-sparky! Y-y-y-y-y-you're gonna' p-p-p-p-p-p-pay for that." His stuttering coming from the fact that he just got electrocuted and such. But the moment he aims his finger of pointing at Megavolt, his body takes on a mind of its own. "Hey-- what-heeeey!" And his body gets yanked upwards, his helicopter blades extending and taking him towards the ceiling, before his sides open up and out drops what is a huge pile of sports balls from basketballs to bowling balls to baseballs and soccer. They all come spilling out, whilst Gizmoduck's body is taken on an aerial trip around the store. "You short-circuited me you---waaaaaah!"

And then his copter blades stop, gravity kicks in and Gizmoduck falls, hitting the floor and sending the water cooler in the corner sailing off in Megavolt's direction!
Megavolt "What the -" Megavolt begins, before he sees the water cooler flying towards him. He's struck and doused in water, flying backwards into a counter and smashing it, jewels and gems flying everywhere. He stumbles to his feet, out of charge, his body sinking. "Uuurgh..." He pushes himself forward, swinging a wussy punch at Gizmoduck. "I'll get you for that, bird brain!"
Gizmoduck It takes Gizmoduck a moment to get back to his tire, but he does and he's posing with dramatic and heroic flare. "Dah DAAAAAH!" It is somewhere during this that the Wussy Punch connects with the cool robotic body of Gizmoduck, which he doesn't even register as an attack. "Give it up, Megavolt. You're about to lose all of your charge." Gizmo crouches as low as he can on his wheel, as both of his hands get surrounded by Boxing Gloves. There's a DING! from his sound system and he aims a quick Combo at Megavolt, to be followed up by an arm-extended power uppercut!
Megavolt Megavolt's punch hits Gizmoduck's armor, and he recoils in fright as his hand crunches against metal. "OWWW! Damn you, evil overseer, traitorous machine!" Then, he gets whalloped by a fast combination, being smacked this way and that as his goggles get knocked sideways. He stumbles along and hits a wall, pushing against it as he turns around to face Gizmoduck. "You can't do this! I'm a hero! A REVOLUTIONARY!" He grabs a nearby lightswitch and rips out the wiring, before biting into it. Electricity flickering off his body, he extends a hand, attempting to drain electricity from Gizmoduck's systems.
Gizmoduck Gizmoduck is feeling like he's on top of the world at this moment... when he realizes he's been touched by the Megavolt again. "Ha! As if that'd do anythi--" Within the middle of his statement, he can feel the robotic body starting to lose power and he crouches on the tire, his body clearly losing juice with each passing moment. "How are you...?!" Gizmoduck narrows his eyes behind his visor and spins what little bit of juice he has left to screech backwards and away from the energy drainer. Here's to hoping he can get a little space between himself and Megavolt, while his system reboots. "I say, you will not get away with this! Any of this! Whatever it is you're trying to get away with!" Stalling, obviously.
Megavolt "I'll tell you what I'm doing! I'm freeing all the poor little lightbulbs!" Megavolt announces, now fully charged again. "But before I free them, I'll free those machines you've enslaved to give yourself power!" He pulls out a strange orb, and plugs it into his chest. He hovers into the air, sparking with electricity. "Now kneel before me, fool!"
Gizmoduck Gizmoduck's systems take a moment to reboot but they finally do and he's back online. Bells, whistles and dings surround him as he powers all the way back up and his eyes narrow behind his visor. "You first." is muttered through gritted teeth as he rolls backwards to give himself some room. His chest opens up and a blue light glows from within... as his targeting system attempts to take aim. Unfortunately, his wheel hits one of the small baseballs from earlier, tripping him up and he goes falling to the floor. His targeting system burps and at the same time, he launches off a powerful Duckbill shaped beam from his chest! Which goes up into the air, randomly.
Megavolt Megavolt is blasted out of the air by the beam, flipping through the air into a wall. He slides down to the ground, slumping briefly, before he bursts back to his feet. "OWWWW! What the Hell was that?! You're going to bring the building down on us, and kill all these poor little lightbulbs!" He rushes forward, attempting to grab Gizmoduck and sink some voltage into him.
Gizmoduck Gizmoduck gets a lock on Megavolt as he's rushed and immediately spins his tire, extending an arm with a red flag on it, "Ole!" he utters dodging to the right and out of the criminal's path. He spins on his tire, kicking up sports equipment and gems, knocking them around as he turns around and sets about letting the suit take over.

Beeps and whistles indicate something is happening and the Gizmosuit starts to glow for a brief moment, shimmering with blue light and such. Gizmoduck smiles a bit, knowing what's coming forth as the systems power up and a voice from within the suit says, "Systems Online. Maximum Override Activated." Gizmoduck holds his arms out in front of him and panels all over the suit start flipping open and unfolding, weapons of all sorts revealed and aimed in the general direction of Megavolt. "System Upgraded. Target: Megavolt." That voice sounds more like a GPS female than anything, but whatever.

Still, though, Gizmoduck has the final word in all of these matters. Which he uses when he says, "Fire."

Incoming Everything.
Megavolt Megavolt goes running through the red flag and straight into a wall. He bonks his head into it and bounces off, landing on his backside. "Ow, that hurt! Damn you, Gizmoduck!" he curses, before he looks over his shoulder, seeing the vast display of firepower. "Uh oh." He's struck by the many weapons in a huge explosion, sending him flying right through the wall and out into the alley behind the store. He runs away, leaving a wrecked jewelry store behind him. And the poor lightbulbs got left behind!
Gizmoduck Gizmoduck's systems fold back down and he returns to normal, before looking around at the horrible mess that the jewelry store has become. "And that's how you take care of that!" He dusts off his robotic gloves and turns to give a salute to the store owner. "No need to thank me! Just doing my job! Gizmoduck, AWAY!" And he activates his jetpack, which sends him up into the sky and crashing through the ceiling, sending debris and everything else back down, ruining the store even more! VWOOOOSH!

This scene contained 18 poses. The players who were present were: Megavolt, Gizmoduck