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(2013-02-03 - 2013-02-03)
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Shiki Misaki Fluorgis: still not doing so hot.

People stuck in the besieged desert city are naturally more likely to be miserable, and while despair and wickedness breed Heartless, stress and misery breeds something similar, but different: the Noise.

Shiki Misaki has been doing her best to flush them out, but she can't be everywhere at once. This means that discontent is breeding every day in Fluorgis, and it's waiting for a spark to set it off.

The shadow of birds flutter over the market streets, even though nothing seems to cast them. A market trader swinging a broom at something flying over his stall cracks a moogle in the face and knocks them into an empty barrel, and the argument is sparks could begin a chain reaction of repressed stress among the citizens.
Tifa Lockhart And yet again, the barmaid finds herself back in the hellhole place in the desert to help out. She's heard all of the problems, she's came here to help stop some of them, but she can't be everywhere either, and not here all the time. So she comes when she can. She always wants to help people smile and feel at ease, so no place needs it more than Fluorgis recently.

She moves over to Shiki, holding a sort of tray that is held up by a strap around the neck, filled with drinks and some finger food "How's going on your side Shiki?" Looks like people are getting irritated more easily...
Gesandte The giant man is walking down the market places, seeing what things are for sale, and what he can garner and use for the days ahead. He was not so far from the people that he did not know market places and sellers where not a good at giving out information when asked certain questions, learning tidbits about various things going on.

Though he has seen much of the discontent around, even having to help allievate some of the problems himself with minor altercatoins amongst the people, but nothing to bad or dangerous yet. He stops to glance up at the sky, pondering it's emptyness that surely isn't natural, the birds and life itself seeming to not wish to be around this forsaken city anymore.
Faruja Senra Another long flight to Fluorgis for Faruja. It's become routine, and gives more than enough time to think. He's been through much, emotionally and physically as of late, but the recent excursion below Mullonde's hallowed halls has left him feeling stronger for the ordeal. The darkness beneath was faced, and the Chalice captured; Faruja's Faith validated, even if the odd scholar raises lingering questions.

Nor is the rat alone. While hardly high ranked, he is a Templar still, and the trio of bodies brought along with him make their way into the Markets. Two blade-and-shield wearing humans flank Faruja, wearing the armor and clothing of Squires in the Church's service while a nervous looking magess follows them. They all seem to be in the midst of a conversation.

"Ummm...Ser? Will there not be objections? I...I hardly mean to question orders...however..." Pipes up the magess, clenching her staff. Faruja halts, turning about slowly. She clams up quickly. The rat shakes his head.

"Fear not, Sister. Speak your mind, lest doubt eat away at thy resolve."

With a short nod, the mage sighs, gathering up her thoughts. "Coming here, armed, uninvited? Would some not see that as usurping local authority? Even a threat?"

The Templar smiles. "Mayhap in peaceful times, yes. However, 'tis but we four. The local Lawkeepers are not far removed from those fool Judge Magisters of Arcadia. Yet even they should well see that a single knight and a trio of retainers doth an invading army not make. We are here to /assist/ in these dark times. 'Tis not a wiff of politics to be felt upon the nose." Glancing to the group as a whole, Faruja tosses them a salute.

"Follow the laws, and do not presume to enact them here. We've naught the authority. The Heartless are our only concern. And Lord in Heaven, do not do anything to land thyselves in local jails. I shan't like to have to bail you lot out again like in Luca. Now then, if there are no more questions..."

No one speaks up.

"Good! You have your orders. I shall meet you at the Broken Shield Tavern this nightfall. Squire Enies, with me."

Faruja and the Squire turn to march on, Faruja's gaze landing upon Shiki and Tifa, swiftly followed by Gesandte. The rat stops, smiling. "In such troubled times, 'tis heartening to find stout friends and companions within these blighted streets. Lord bless you all." The rat's voice is warm.
Shiki Misaki Fluorgis is a hellhole place in the desert? Goug's not a picture of paradise either! Hmmph!

Gesandte better not be claustrophobic. The people are bustling and tensions are high. It's easy to concentrate on the small bits of good you can find and to turn the rest into background noise, but what happens when that spills into your personal space?

Shiki has been distracted and tense, which is why she doesn't initially notice her friends (and Gestande). In fact, she starts when Tifa calls to her, and Faruja walks up as well.

"Huuh? Oh, guys... I'm sorry I haven't been around all that much. Dealing with Noise is a full-time job, and I'm way more tired than usual..."

"What've you guys been doing?"

Something hits Gesandte on the head. He might hear some ruffling wings, but nothing's there- except the rack of ribs that he now has for a hat. An angry trader stomps up to him, shouting about 'I turn my back for one minute!'- looks like there might be a little bit of a misunderstanding! He's quite aggressive...
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart points at her tray "Been going around with drinks and snacks, a bit of sales and a bit of smiles. Everyone needs a bit of comforting here, and its a desert, drinks are good."

She waves to the others joining in "Sir Faruja, nice to see you again." She smiles, and blinks a bit at the giant. Well, she saw him before, but still an impressive sight.

She looks over to the shop owner "... people are getting agitated, the situation just keeps getting worse and worse around here it seems. Its like a magnet for trouble.
Gesandte Ges is hit by a rack of ribs? Well that's certainly a first for him. Though upon hearing his name, looking out to see Mr Faruja, hard not to miss the rat man just as missing him is hard not to do as well. He gives a wave of his hand, before noticing he's now being yelled at by the small shopkeper. He takes the rack of ribs and hands them to the shopkeep, "My apologises good sir. I do not know how those got there, I am sorry for the inconvience this has caused."

Well, some people still have to be civil even if others are not and he shall be civil untill his last days. Though, wether thats easy statement to go along with who can say, as he's never been forced into the conditions these people live in day in and day out under the harsh conditions here.
Faruja Senra The rack of ribs tossed upon poor Gesandte, followed by the angry trader, has the young Squire reaching for his blade. Faruja quickly lays a hand upon the younger Order member's shoulder. "Patience, dear Enies. A blade drawn in haste oft drinks innocent crimson." A muttered 'Ser' is given before the human goes about observing for now.

Faruja's ear remains perked towards the giant of a man, even as he addresses Shiki and Tifa. "Quite understandable. Your...unique talents are no doubt in high demand. I trust no harm has visited you for it, Shiki?" Faruja slips into easy informality with the Player. This seems to surprise the Squire, who leans towards the rat.

"Friend, Ser Senra?" The question has the Templar chuckling.

"Friend? Hardly shall I insult the dear Lady Misaki with such a meager term! Mmm." Pausing, he lowers his muzzle in thought.

"...I wonder. Doth mere property of blood make one kin?" he says aloud, to no one in particular. It's said with a smile and glance to Shiki.

To Tifa, the rat bows. "And you as well, Lady Lockhart. Looking forward to the Tournament? Though I trust naught the one organizing the affair, I admit testing your fists against my blade would be intriguing." Hey, fingerstuffs. "May I?"

Smile! The rat walks a touch closer to Gesandte. Meanwhile, the young Squire finds himself glancing at Shiki...and blushing. He's rather closer to her age, from the looks of things. "Well met, honored Lady." The Squire says to Shiki, bowing awkwardly.

The rat speaks up. "These things happen, do they not, Ser Gesandte? If it should please the honorable shopkeep, mayhap a touch of coin would ease over any hurt feelings?" A coinpurse rattles. Better to lose munny than see this powder keg go off over meat.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart offers up the food for Faruja with a giggle "Sure, help yourself."
Shiki Misaki "We sure need stuff like that," Shiki replies to Tifa. To Faruja, she shrugs, and displays a bandage on her upper arm- "Could be better. I'm pulling a full-time job just keeping Noise down. It's totally a vicious cycle!"

Her clothes look kind of dirty and frayed around the edges, too. "People get grumpy and panicky and Noise show up, and that makes them more grumpy... grumpier... panickyer? More panicked?"

As Shiki struggles with adjectives, cooler heads prevail as Gesandte sees the merchant off, which earns a Shiki smile, even though she really has to look up so he could see it. The man just skulks off and continues to give him a glare.

"I missed having you around," Shiki says to Faruja, as he smoothly talks down the cantankerous fellow, but once again- more clearly this time- the sound of ruffling wings happens right off. And /not entirely coincidentally/, the moogle in the barrel rolls his way out and knocks over a woman carrying a pot. Squabbling ensues...

"Seriously? Out in the open like this?" Shiki sighs, taking out her player pin. "Let's hope this is just a small fry. Sorry, guys, hold that thought."

She taps the pin, making a sound that's not metallic, but more like a radio being tuned...

And stretching over the faces of everyone, and the width of the street, something huge resolves itself out of a burst of static. A screech echoes against the buildings as a bird shadows the street... a huge, black-winged bird, with jagged purple feathers and a head made of swirling graffiti.

The people, mired in emnity but recognising these well-to-do types, react badly. Some begin to flee and shove one another, and others start to hide behind the authorative figures and push /them/ forward!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks as the screeching is heard. She plugs her ears with her hands "What's that racket!?" She wonders. She's not used to noises as much as heartless, in fact she only seen them twice or thrice over. She tossed noise-rhinos at one guy at least. Those frogs were pests as well, for what small body they had.

Turning toward the source, she spots the giant black bird "... Oh dear... that doesn't look good..." She doesn't like the look of it at all. She moves to the side, putting her tray down quickly out of the way "... No other way than punching our way through again, right?
Gesandte Ges looks as the man grumples off with his goods, then turns to look at Faruka, "Mr Faruja good to see you, and do not worry. All it takes is but a simple few kind words and people will understand and be off. Money does not need to be used for everything." Simple words coming from a simple man.

He stands back up and walks closer to Farujas other friends, noticing the punching girl tifa, he gives her a an ackward bow as a man of his size would be difficult to do. Before he casiously looks up upon hearing some noises and spotting a bird and raising a borw, hmmm. This could be ok, it could be bad, perhaps simply waiting and see whats going on might help the situation.
Faruja Senra A tail rises! Snatching up a little finger sandwich with plenty of cheese upon it, it's deftly popped into the Templar's muzzle. Nom nom nom! In his single red eye, the simple joy of a mouse nomming can be seen for a moment, eye all big and joyful. Then he finishes, and is once again not being horrifically cute.

A small frown graces the rat's muzzle upon seeing the bandage. "Mmm. When you return to Headquarters, do let me have a look. 'Twould not do to see you permanently injured." Fussing older-brotherat time!

Situation diffused. Squire and Templar both let out a sigh of relief. Faruja grins to Gesandte. "At times true. But where such noble methods fail...and oh so oft they do, one must not quibble over a few coins if it preserves the peace."

"And I you, Shiki." A fond smile is interrupted by chaos.

Teeth grit as Shiki's Pin reveals the Noise. "Demons both foul and cowardly arrayed against us, hmm?" he mutters spitefully. A glance to her pin. He'll have to get it examined one day.

Bump! The rat's nearly bowled over by a shoving Bangaa. Faruja gestures towards the Noise and his companions.

"Squire, defend them! The time to prove thy worth is now! In the Saint's name!" The Squire nods, drawing his sword and shield, standing protectively in front of Shiki. A thrust blade! "Life is short! Bury! Stasis Sword!"

Down ice crashes, forming a column should the great bird not move.

"Lady Lockhart, the creatures are secondary. Defend the citizenry. They stand to cause more chaos than the daemons." Faruja then raises his voice, in an attempt to calm things down.

"Hear me, oh citizens of Fluorgis! To thy homes, but orderly! We shall defend thee from these beasts, yet scrambling about shall do naught but hinder us and lead to harm for friend and neighbor! In the Lord's name, cease these troubles, and be inside quickly!" He urges, voice clear and authoritative as any ranking Knight's. "...Where is a damn Judge when one is needed?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to Faruja "But we can't be everywhere at once either, if we don't keep that thing busy its going to chase people that we're not protecting eventually." She's ready to handle it, at least until the people are safe.
Shiki Misaki You will be pleased to know that punching your way through may not be the solution to today's problem!
You'll wish it was, though. Cornix Canor is swooping back and forth at about fourty miles an hour, clutching things in its claws and getting ready for a bombing run. It's flying so fast and refusing to come down at all. In fact, when Faruja prepares his blade attack, the creature's wing is fast enough to smash right through it

Shiki glances at Tifa and Gesandte. Then she glances back at the people, some of which are already being dogged by smaller floating sigils made of graffiti and static. Looking at Enies, she makes a quick decision...

"Tifa, make a pact with me. Let's let Faruja deal with the people! If he can get them somewhere safe then Noise won't show up to make this worse. Uh... hey, big guy? How are you at playin' catch?"

The reason she asks is because the Noise is beginning to drop rocks and logs! Someone's going to have to stop them from falling on people. Or into storefronts! People are shoving one another aside to try and get into doorways, but others are hiding under far-too-flimsy tables or just shoving one another aside as they go pell-mell down the midway. Faruja's idea is sound, but...
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Shiki "Okay!" She's never done a pact, but she's seen it happen in previous fights. She understands it a little at least. She extends her hand toward Shiki's badge. She doesn't have one of her own, she thinks that's the way it works at least, from what she remembers Shiki talking about

"..." moment of awkward silence "... Pact Up? Fusion Ha? By the Power of Grayskull?" She's not sure what else she has to do.
Gesandte Ges eyes the giant bird, well perhaps since things are becoming bad this might be a bad time indeed. Upong hearing the words of Shiki he looks down at her momentarily and flexes his hands, "I do not have large hands for nothing Miss. I shall endevour to do my best to ensure the safety of all that I can." With that he takes a position to best deal with it.

And well great, rocks and logs and things, he lets the smaller ones fall but does his best to get the big ones before they hurt or destroy anything, grabing and then quickly setting them as they are grappled. This bird is most annoying, but nothing can be done at the moment untill the falling debris is stoped so thats what he does, playing catcher in the rye.. or sand as it where.
Faruja Senra "All too true." The rat admits to Tifa. Shiki's plan gets a nod, the rat snarling as attacks are merely shrugged off. "I suppose 'twould be too much to expect piety from monsters."

One falling log is beat away with the rat's spear, right before it smashes into a flimsy table. There's a time for being nice to ones you protect, and then there comes a time when one must be a bit more rough about things. Templar are very good at the 'rough' part. "Up you go, good Ser!" A clawed hand unceremoniously drags a cowering merchant away. A locked door is tested, then kicked open with the power of Dragoon Kick. Shove! In goes the merchant.

"I said ORDERLY!" Roars the Templar, approaching one of the more troublesome buildings. "YOU! And YOU! With me! In here, let those ladies take that door, the other is open! COME you dogs if you desire to live!" The threat is sharp in his voice, even if he has no intention of truly hurting them. They'll be led to the recently 'unlocked' building. Once full, the rat will try to barricade it with swiftly shoved boxes and the like. Otherwise, he'll be barking orders to try to restore the peace. Backup from his two other minions are called for, but who knows how long it'll take for them to arrive.
Shiki Misaki "..."

That moment of awkward silence.

"...I should come up with something like that..." Shiki says.

Then a rock falls right next to them, so touching it should suffice when Shiki crashes into her!

Fortunately, it's not a big one! Gesandte has seen to that. It's like a minigame, of some sort, if this were a world based on a video game which it clearly isn't. That would be silly.

Mr. Mew, whose appearence in this scene has been entirely unspoken of, puts up an umbrella as things begin to fall, only to have a rock land right on top of him. How unpleasant.

Meanwhile, Faruja rolls up his metaphorical sleeves and gives people some tough love. When push comes to shove, you gotta push and shove people. It's just science. TECHNICALLY, there are some smaller Noise perched on the eaves- smaller versions of Cornix Canor with graffitio claws and heads, named Decadravens- but to be honest they're kind of intimidated by him.

The big bird's still not coming down, though. Anyone got any ideas? Shiki has to un-squish her cat.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart catches Shiki when she falls toward her after the crash. Tifa can easily carry the smaller girl around if need is. She feels the slight power surge after the contact. "... So that's how it feels huh?" She's not that stronger, but she feels like... another dimension was added to her body suddenly, and she can see and feel things that she couldn't before. "Alright, let's do this then!" She helps Shiki up, and looks up to the sky "... How about mr Giant throws me up to the bird, maybe I can hit it from above?" She throws the idea out at least.
Gesandte Ges coninues his game of catching big ones and trying to stop crushing and destruction. It's not so easy when there is so much and having to decide split timing which ones should be stoped and which should not. There are bount to be accidents, like a poor umbrella 'cat', well sometimes you just have to get hit by a rock in this life.

He looks down as the mention of throwing is heard, long enough to give a brow quark, "If you wish, I can certainly try. But that bird is rather fast, and I may not be able to catch your return flight." Going back to pay attention to what he was doing, never simple in the least.
Faruja Senra Faruja is currently helping an old Lady across the street. While known to do this from time to time, it's usually /not/ when there's falling logs and stuff. Also Noise. Forced to carry the elderly, and faar taller Viera over one shoulder, it's an awkward experience for them both as well as looking comical in any other situation. Glaaare. Faruja notes the more minor Noise in the awning. His tail flicks.

Actions ---> Basics ---> Throw Rock

Deposite Old Viera across the street. A Magess and Squire breathlessly approach from a break-neck sprint. "Control the populace." More tough love from all three. Hopefully no one complains about being 'oppressed'.

The rat spares a moment to whistle. Nothing happens. Frown. "Where /is/ that Faram-blasted wyvern?"

-Elsewhere, in that one meat seller's warehouse not far down the road-

Arista noms happily at the stored meat. Burp. Happy wyvern sounds.
Shiki Misaki Arista has been taking lessons from Priel, clearly.

"What if you try and land on the rooftop? Then you have less space to fall?!" Shiki suggests. Mr. Mew can't make suggestions because he's flat, and also because he's a cat. And a soft toy.

We shall call this: operation fastball special. And we will resist the urge to reference Tifa's chest by calling it 'fastballs'. Also, we will worry less about the stuff Gesandte can't catch, because with Shiki and Tifa pacted, the former can use her Telekinesis psych to full effect, catching and shifting the falling objects here and there! She even grabs one or two to use as weapons when that bird is close enough.

Also, the magnificent Throw Rock makes another appearence, to the delight of long-term fans. Birds gets rocks thrown at them. Thank goodness we don't have many windows in Fluorgis! Faruja and his brave knights don't end up repressing anyone, but perhaps they will be able to bash the Decadravens against a wall repeatedly. Also, Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference, Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference, ni.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to the giant "We'll be fine, I just need to get up there somehow." She blinks a bit, looking at Shiki "Are you coming with me too?" She wonders. She's fine with that of course, if the girl has a plan. She has seen Shiki's telekinesis in action before, she's not that worried, she can defend herself. But Tifa is naturally protective of her friends.

She jumps up, using the awnings and balconies to erach the top of the nearby building. "... Just wait for the right moment, mr Giant, and then toss me straight up." She looks over to Shiki if she's going to follow. If the throw lacks accuracy, Shiki's power can probably fix that too.
Faruja Senra With the decaravens neatly beaten back by assault of Stone, Faruja and co. set up to finish off the problem. Cue Stasis Swords and Split Punches from the Holy Knight and Holy Knight-to-be. There is also now a Temple Wizard in training. This inevitably means fire.

"Fire 2!" Fwoooosh! Faruja can't help but wince as his mage subordinate begins to light up the Noise.

Cue more helping people out from under tables. Bonk! A bit of wood smacks Faruja in the head. That'll leave a bump.
Gesandte Ges nods at the plan and listens, he watches Tifa get to a spot and then looks up preparing for a good moment. Too soon and she could be speared, too late and yeah well that might not go to well. We really don't want a squished Tifa or flattened Tifa at that either. So he watches the debree to move it and for the right moment to strike.

And hey look theres a great moment right there! No.. no wait it passed, fine it'll come again. Ah yes, another one, he quickl snatches up Tifa but not too hard sa he doesnt wish to harm and then rockets her towards the bird. Just like a supersonic Tifa, faster then the speed of sound, able to leap small buildings by being thrown by a giant.. Well, ok she atleast can get to where she needs to be in the case. A smile as he gets her towards the area that best do the job.
Shiki Misaki Wait, what?! False alarm? Gesaaaaandte! You got me all worked up for nothing.

"I've got a plan! I'll keep you safe," Shiki says.

And eventually, after some awkwardness, she even gets to do it. Rocks fly in a certain arc, but if you cover them in ice, then they become much denser and fall much faster.

Gotta make sure they don't fall on those people, though. Specifically, the ones 'helping' Faruja out, although they're not really helping, because throwing wood just doesn't match up to holy church sword techniques. There's always SOMEONE who thinks they know better, or someone who wants to be a hero. Reize is a bad influence on the kids of Fluorgis! People think they can just do dumb things and it'll work out! HE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF. I'M TALKING SMACK ABOUT HIM WHEN HE'S NOT HERE TO SEE IT. Man, when he reads this log, he's gonna be so indignant.

So as Shiki uses Frostbite and telekinesis to stop Tifa from being knocked out of the sky, and stop Gesandte from being brained by something when he's open, Tifa and Gesandte enact O:FS, hurtling at the giant purple raven. Will Tifa do that thing where her mouth stretches out and flaps around as she accelerates to enormous speeds? Stay tuned to find out!
Tifa Lockhart TIFA DOES NOT DIFORMS. Well, at least she hopes, there's no mirrors up here. But yes, suddenly she's airborned, hurtling through the sky. When the momentum slows down... she's well over the purple noise raven. Okay, time to-WAIT NO TIME TO THINK TOO MUCH HERE.

She's already falling back down, a mere second where the force of lifting and falling are equal and she floats there passes by, before she starting moving back down. But she has great aerial control, being a martial arists she knows about her body well. And Shiki's pact seems to have a benefic effect as well on that side.

Starting to fall back down, she moves her arms and legs along her body, speeding up and controlling her 'flight' as she aims herself toward the monster.

Stretching her arms back out, she aims to RAM straight into it fists first, and hopefully drag it right down to ground, where it won't hold the same advantage. If that works for her... the monster will become her cushion for the landing.

At least, she hopes.
Gesandte Ges laughs, well it worked pretty good. He watches the high flying Tifa do her stuff, hopefully she can bring it down and they can prevent it from harming anyone else, and throwing stuff to the ground to destroy things. But in the meantime he will continue to stop falling stuff till it's over with, cause the world doesn't stop for a flying Tifa.
Faruja Senra Bye bye minor Noise. You won't be missed. The trio of Churchies turn to help restore order once more with stern words and the occasional shove or staff bonk. That doesn't mean they don't care for their companions. Faruja and the Magess toss Protects and Hastes liberally. Someone equipped Time Mage today.

Faruja's authority might slightly be dampened as he goes to help a frightened Nu Mou scholar. He's quickly grabbed by the woman, squeezed and held like some sort of child's toy. One that flails about squeaking.
Shiki Misaki Gesandte doesn't know his own strength, apparently. Perhaps Arista will save he-ahahahahahha, nah.

Tifa overshoots the mark by quite a wide margin, and instead of landing on Cornix Canor, she falls to a horrible, crunchy death, and there's blood everywhere, and trauma for everyone invWAIT, I FORGOT, DISNEY.

That thing I said doesn't happen, and instead Tifa delivers a crunchy PUNCH into the place the lumbar vertebrae would be if Noise conformed to traditional rules of anatomy. Her magnificent flight is aided by her new cushion, allowing her to glide down on the prone Noise and grind it into the ground, as Shiki puts some rocks in the way to make it even more painful for the boss Noise.

"Alright!" she says to Gestande, pumping a fist. "Let's hit it with everything we've got!"

"You too, Faruja!" she calls down the midway... only to see he's, uh, kind of occupied?

"Oh! Uh, never mind! Keep doin' that instead!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa lands down in a heap of noise-feathers, and jumps off it. Well, that worked better than expected! She gets ready for a counter... but its not really moving. Oh well, no pity for noises, they aren't people at least.

And this is where the snazzy split screen happens, where Shiki and Tifa are seen side by side with words in flashy font appearing "FUSION".

The barmaid goes "Time to get serious!" as the background turns into a psychedelic display of waves of colors. She stands on the left side of the downed bird, and suddenly Mr Mew, human-sized, stands on the right side of it, mirroring Tifa perfectly. The two move together, like a reflection of each other. PUNCH PUNCH KICK PUNCH KICK KICK PUNCH a flurry of attacks follow, leaving less and less time between each hit, speeding up to almost a blur. And then the final move! Each of them take a step back, and then a mighty double FINAL HEAVEN as they rush toward, through, and past each other, releasing the explosion on the downed bird.
Faruja Senra Faruja manages to generally waggle his spear in the direction of the be-Barmaiden-Punched great Bird-Noise. "Holy...Explo...AUGH MY SPLEEN!" Squeeeze. Who knows how accurate that beam of light will be.

Squire and Magess are far more accurate, leaving their superior to his fluffy Nu Mou related fate. Incantations, and a fiery Crush Punch as well as a Fire 3 follows up Tifa's and Mr. Mew's Pact'd flurry of explosive strikes.
Gesandte Ges watches it all go down, the bird crunching to the ground and grins. Now that it's down they can finally have a go at it. And with Tifa safe, well that just means he doesn't have to worry about protcting her from the bad stuff and now can do things against the bird. With that he turns and charges towards the psycho birdy thing, fist moving up to prepare for a nice crunchy blow.

His fists prepared to send a few hard right blows into the bird, his fists moving fast as he aims them to enjoy it. Afterall, even a priest it's not against any rules to enjoy pummeling a truly eveon demon beast that clearly has no concern or care for anything it does nor will repent for its evil ways. And they impact hard, over and over as the bird is pummeled along with Tifa and the Cats attacks
Shiki Misaki It's not a snazzy split screen, oh no. Oh, no, we've got something much better than that.

I want you to imagine everyone in their most badass about-to-attack pose. Everyone, that is, except for Faruja, who has a Nu Mou hanging off him, but everyone /else/ gets to be badass. Then, we slot them into this.

Land sakes, now we are cooking with petroleum spirit.

Punching! Fire! Lasers! More punching! Rapidfire punching! Crush punching! It's not elegant, it's not subtle, and it's not going to look good on reflection because we are essentially dogpiling a huge bird and beating it to death regardless of the amount of panache involved or the level of graffiti on its body, but as the final rainbow-coloured smash knocks it up and slams it down into the ground a massive skull-shaped mushroom cloud marks the Erasure of Cornix Canor from Fluorgis. And Shiki raises a hand and catches a little shiny pin out of the explosion.

"ALRIGHT! We did it! Losing's not an option."
Faruja Senra Faruja's gauntleted hand rises weakly, the burmecian looking to be in quite a lot of pain due to squeeze-related antics. His minions do their best to get Faruja free, which eventually works. Thud! The rat catches his breath.

"W...*gasp*...well done Sers and Dames." Ow. His pride and his spine are hurting right now.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews as it disapears from existence. At least, this plane of it. She shakes her head, feeling the last energies from the pact dissipate as well now that they are uneeded, and walks over to Faruja, helpign him up as he seems bent out of shape right now "You did well too, you managed to keep everyoen safe."
Gesandte Ges stops and says a little prayer for the defeated demon anyways, afterall it is only right to do such. Looking around at the others, well they are mostly in good shape and things seem to be very calm, another danger brought to pass and good outlook on life, "We are safe, and the people are safe. I consider this, a good day." He smiles.
Shiki Misaki "True that," Shiki says, examining the pin she recieved. It's only a Natural Magnum; not really her style. Maybe she'll give it to Beat if she sees him around. She giggles a little at Faruja. "Hey, how about we all go get a drink to cool off now it's over?"
Faruja Senra Up goes the rat thanks to a kind Barmaiden. He rubs his back gingerly. Ow. "'Tis why we are here, Lady Lockhart. Are you entirely certain merely being a bar owner is all that you desire? With skills such as those, many martial organizations would welcome you with open arms."

Ear perk. Shiki knows the way to his heart. "Agreed! Squires, M'Lady Mage, you are free to explore the city, or find what entertainment you may."

Salutes, and the trio are off with grins. "Shall we, dear friends?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "I'm happy with that I have." She smiles "Let's find a place to go rest then... I don't have a bar in this area after all."
Gesandte Ges simply nods, why not after that a good drink would be nice. Fighting and catching boulders was never an easy thing to do, and makes one mighty thirsty, "Of course, let us drink to our victory, and to many more victories to come yet." A simple nod and after making sure nothing else is of danger, prepars to set off with the rest of them.

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