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The City of Mist -HARD-
(2013-02-02 - 2013-02-03)
Welcome to beautiful, charming Withered Spire. We have time schenadigans-- we have them in a box. We have them in a train. We have them in a city full of unspeakable ghouls and searing mutagenic death lasers.
Stormfall The Withered Spire

A place that has only been recently discovered.. if discovered is truely the word for it. It appeared where there was only pristine woodlands before (if you can call anything in the spooky and monster infested Targ woods 'pristine) and has sat silent and unassuming in it's complete anomalous nature until now when a pillar of light strikes the sky of the World of Ruin.

The pillar split the night for precisely thirteen seconds before going dark and now, shimmering in a curtain where there was nothing but ruin before is a solid sheet of shimmering portal.

One of the thirteen glyphs around this ruin also glows an intense white as fragmented images of a gleaming city of metal and glass and crystal can be seen in the gateway.
Montag Montag had drawn the short lot for this op, he was not a happy Shinra goon. Oh hell knew because he'd been around long enough to know what an op like this would mean. Pain, horror or worse. Wandinger bands of Adventures, and he knew it would likely be all of the above. He's got a sniper rifle slung over his shoulder and a smaller issue machine gun at the ready.

"They don't pay me enough for this <Goosehonk>. Ah well beats lab duty near the wutai witch or Hojo."

He checks his map again one last time, yup this here's the place. Now if there's one bad habit he's not picked up that's smoking though he's almost always got a tooth pick in there. Tifa should be able to realise in a moment whom this guy is with and from the condtion of his gear her ain't no deserter.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart wonders what this is all about... This place seems to have suddenly appeared. You'd think a giant tower would be hard to miss at least. When an investigation group started, she was interested in joining in for the trip. Its dangerous, sure, but she can handle it.

She steps to the side of the ruins, examining the glyphs "... I don't understand a thing, but it looks interesting. I wonder why 13 though. If it was a clock it should be 12, so it must have another meaning."

She's waiting on the other adventurers to arrive on site.
Avira Avira has heard -plenty- of rumors about this place. Danger, intrigue, treasure untold, all sorts of reasons for an enterprising huntress to get her hands dirty. Of course, there were also threats and certain doom involved.

So Avira had come prepared with a little more than just her usual gear, stashed in a small bag held behind the buckler shield on her back.

The scarred woman looks excited, regaining some of that manic giddiness she was known for what felt like ages ago. Before Manhattan falling made her such a sad panda.
"Judge Magister Gabranth. It is here by requested by the Senate of Archades, and by his Emperor-ship that you are to go to this location. We have belief that there lies a relic of great power that could be beneficial for Archades."
"Also understand Judge Magister that we do not know what will await you there, nor even if this relic is even real; however by what information we can gather, it is extremely dangerous. There is a strong possibility.. that you may not return."

Those orders echoed in the Judge Magister's mind as he stared out over the sky. Orders to locate a relic that may not even be. Risk it all for a chance to gain something for the people of Archades and their few nations they rule over.

No argument was given to them. No sound of fear in his voice when he replied. No sign of any fear even when he bowed and left the room. Yet there was no reward in this mission. No true gain. Yet, if the Emperor requested this of him, to peel him away from watching over his son; Vayne; then there must have been a reason.

He would not question his Emperor's orders. Ever.

The Judge of Ambition was informed he could take a soldier with him, or anyone of his choosing if he so wished. The only request he tossed out to accompany him was Judge Constantine. Though he was unsure if she would answer his request or not, since he decided for the time to fly alone.

What drew Gabranth's attention from his silent thoughts as the helm head looked upward as the sudden streak of light. It would seem the show was soon to begin and not a moment to late. What a curious thing this place would be. What a curious thing indeed.

The craft lands down, and the Judge Magister walks out from it. He motions for the pilot to take back off, not wanting to aircraft to chance staying here any longer then they needed. His cape moved by the winds of the craft as it took off, before the leathery material came to fall in the calm.

The Judge Magister peering toward the portal, along with the runes. Its glow reflected oddly across the dark metal steel; not something easily done by the very armor that tends to absorb light. "Hmm." Is all the Magister had to say, before he started to proceed forward.
Kim Possible Kim Possible is also wondering what's going on here, but she's not afraid or anything like that. Besides, Kim makes the impossible possible... or something like that anyway. At any rate, she arrives shortly after Tifa arrives, albeit by swinging in from seemingly nowhere, before skidding to a halt on the ground. "This place looks totally uncool, but that's why we're here, right?" She cracks her knuckles a little with a slight smirk forming on her face. "If only Ron were here, then things would be a lot more fun!"
Reize Seatlan Wanderlust has gotten the better of Reize. Sure, he would not be gone for a long time like originally stated, but the call for adventure was too great to ignore. He heard tales of a place that recently had been discovered. What better way for the adventurer to earn his keep and explore the wonderous place?

When he arives through the woodlands, Reize grimaces as he recalls his experience in Targ Woods.

And yet, what catches his attention is the pillar that manifests a portal.The glyphs in the ruin catches his attention and the boy approaches along the gateway. "...Hrm, this is interesting---" Pause. A familiar face!

"Ooooi! Tifa!" The boy waves at her direction before moving closer.
Morrighan Alazne Quite fed up with Baron's shenanigans, Morrighan took a leave of absence from the country, heading out to travel and take some time for herself. Knowing a bit better than to try her luck with Dark Portals this time, she traveled on foot, as mundane and tiresome as it could be at times.

"Hmph! Those brainless apes...! How dare they refuse to allow someone of my obviously elegant stature to travel by foot!?" Huffing in irritation, the dark elf crossed her arms, glaring ahead of her. "A carriage, driver, and a pair of horses is NOT too much to ask!" Of course Morrighan, of course. Regardless, the matter was long since settled. By this point, she was trudging her way through Targ Wood, grumbling like a spoiled princess.

But something caught her attention ahead. Was that a portal? And hey, she could see other people up ahead! "...And just what manner of nonsense is happening here?" Morrighan spoke to herself, squinting a bit. Was that, that insufferable scarred baboon? ...She hoped not. Curiosity won out in the end though, and instead of turning and going the other way, the healer approached.

She was going to regret this, wasn't she?
Emi Dennou Emi has come along by herself to this shindig. This may be because having multiple Dennous means multiple chances to lose counters OH NO--or it may be because the others are a bit busy to go into certain death for possibly no chance at reward. For Emi, however, that was more of a reason to come on over. She knows that friends suc as Avira would be drawn to the place like woah, so when she heard there was a team being worked up to go on in, she has come along.

She has her night vision goggles on the top of her head, her rifle in her arms, and a pack of miscellenous supplies on he rback. She nods to Avira upon spotting her and makes her way thataway, smiling faintly. "Avira, good to see you again. We'll lend our hand here--though it may not be much."
Cirra Constantine Cirra Constantien has been quiet and reclusive the past few days. Ever since the 'Zero Hour' radio broadcast. Anyone that listened to it would have some idea why.

That doesn't stop her from showing up at the location Judge Magister Gabaranth sent her though. The description was too interesting, it cut through her mood and drove her to move out.

Unlike the MAgister in his cushy aircraft, Cirra seems to arrive on foot, and comes to the clearing as the aircraft takes off. She seems a little more... subued then usual. "Your Honor." She says as Gabranth leaves the airship.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr was here with Avira and apparently Emi? Who even knows thsi stuff...

There was a large technological ruin here, and then...

A Judge ship.

Angantyr didn't pause even for a moment, he doesn't stop to look at the glyphs, he knows he doesn't want to be here when the ship lands...instead he grunts, and pushes forward, moving into the portal and looking to get ahead of the group. The Dark Knight can at least then spend time getting into a position to attack them or wait for better circumstances.

"I am not going to idle here, Avira." he says, and goes right through.

Angantyr holds no fear on what might be on the other side. "This is going to be dangerous...Emi right?"
Stormfall There is a tearing feeling of disorientation to those who enter the shimmering curtain and then a weightlessness as if falling from a great height into a fathomless distance.

Those outside the portal there is only the figures disappearing through the shimmering silver curtain with it's flickering images and not returning. Eventually though, there is no path but retreat or advance for this high-tech ruin, this tower which appeared from nowhere, renders up no secrets save that which lies on the other side of the curtain.

And beyond the curtain and beyond the portal is a city that surrounds on all sides. It is a titanic undertaking, the work of decades or even hundreds of years of progress and prosperity. It is a gleaming jewel of metal and glass and crystal shining even in the heavy overcast that casts a dripping, rain soaked pall over the area. This land is one of high machines and high sorcery for magi-tek can be found in every glistening pore of the gigantic expanse.

The portal has vanished behind, leaving all on a gleaming white terrace that expands into a network of long skybridges and clustered shops that extend both upwards and downwards with the use of moving strips that glide on soundless tracks.

Even though the city is immense, the tower approximately straight ahead looms over even the city. It is a spire of technology that pierces the heavens, flying cars streaking through the air while electronic signs burble and flash.

The city is awash with a buzz of content activity, the metal and glass softened by the presence of parks and greenery at every avenue. Atop the tower is a shining beacon of light, slowly growing in intensity from faded blue towards white.
Avira "We'll see about that, won't we, Emi?" Avira grins, giving Tifa a casual wave. "With us here, we're going to-" she looks over to Angantyr, who notices the looming shadow of the Judge's ship before she does. Following his gaze, she turns and her eyes widen.

In the blink of an eye, Angantyr forges ahead. "Ack, wait for me, Angantyr!" she yelps, rushing after him.

She doesn't even get to dignify THAT HARPY's presence, she's in such a rush. Morrighan is Morri-snubbed!

Once inside, Avira gapes in wonder. ", look at it in here. It's a whole city!" She'd much rather stand and take it all in, but she knows that Angantyr will want to keep moving. "...I wonder if we can get one of those flying cars."
Oriane Guado Oriane sighs dramatically as she steps through the recently opened portal and into the area before what seems to be another portal that she did not conjure. "You are most incorrect, I am not sighing at your taciturn behavior. I am merely most fatigued from my studies as of late." A floating white orb follows closely behind the woman out from the portal. The white wisp turns red and pulsates angrily. The necromancer turns and offers the most shocked look she can offer the floating orb. "Why would I ever lie to you? Your presence in my day to day life has been a blessing from Yevon." The priestess peforms a mocking performanceof the Yevon prayer before finally realizing that there are others present. Oriane continues to ignore the orb's pulsing. "Now, now. We must be on our best behavior. It seems that we have -company-." The Guado priestess then offers a fake smile to those present before beckoning her companion orb to follow her.

The Guado priestess is wearing a black silk dress that is in no ways suitable for adventuring by most standards due to its length, general fraility, and the presence of what must be crinoline or a bustle to give Oriane's skirts that shape. The does nothing to offer any suggestion of provided protection, but it does at least cover Oriane's skin almost entirely due to its high-necked nature. As the necromancer moves, heeled leather boots can barely be seen coming forth from her the skirts of her dress. In short, perhaps Oriane had intended to warp into a ballroom and not to this current locale.

The green-haired Guado does not see anyone she would call an 'ally' in the crowd, but she does see Morrighan. The Priestess and Orb promptly make their way over. "Greetings, I am quite happy to observe that someone agreeable is in this group. How do you fare despite our ghastly and probably life-threatening surroundings?" Oriane greets sweetly. Her orb comrade just turns from red to white and keeps its silence for now.

The subsequent transportation and apparent standing in this new city causes Oriane to frown slightly. This place was full of machina. And she had wanted to discover magical secrets. She merely harumphs while her orb shares her sentiment by alternating between flashing red and white.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks as the surroundings changes. She followed the others through the portal, but wasn't expecting this.

She is a bit worried at it closing behind her though...

She hmms, and looks back toward the others, spotting Reize. She pokes at him "... we didn't follow one of your maps to get here, have we?" There MIGHT be some hope if not at least.
Emi Dennou "I guess so." Emi grins back.

But upon entering through, Emi is quite shocked. This wasn't really precisely what she was anticipating and, really, for everything here--she looks back and notices the portal is gone.


But Emi isn't going to learn that lesson because, really, she wouldn't be able to go on adventures then. What she does say, though, is, "This may be an illusion. I am hesitant to travel off the beaten path." She tells Avira, but going off the 'beaten path' might be the only way to find whatever relic they're after for here.

She looks towards Angantyr and nods to him. "That's correct, I am Emi. If we may be of service, do not hesitate to ask, The Network explains to you." She pauses and adds, "...There's a Judge ship here, lets try to avoid starting anything."
"Judge Constantine," Gabranth addresses her with a minor nod of his head as she approaches him. "I am glad you could join me." He then looks ahead, seeing the adventurers gather and going through the portal; while some seem to linger outside.

Gabranth may have heard the Zero Hour or he may have no. He doesn't seem to make any indication of it. Business as always. Does he ever take a day off?

The Judge Magister then continues his walk toward the portal. His steps calm and in proper pace. "By so many present, I am starting to believe the Senate may have been correct on their beliefs." He rumbles lowly, his voice echoing and amplified by the helm.

Soon the Judge Magister moved through the portal, no hesitance in his steps, not even looking back. The Judge of Ambition presses on. Though the sudden strange sensation causes him uneasiness. For a moment he actually has to close his eyes, focus his mind form the strange feeling. It is only in this wink of a moment did Gabranth seem a little off. Just a smidge off in his step.

Though once the feeling fades and he reopens his eyes he finds a utopia before him. Those blue eyes scan around. It was-- some much like Archades, yet....

..yet is so far more advance.

This ah inspiring moment causes the Judge of Ambition to glance around at all the structures, before his eyes quickly draw to the beacon up high on the tower. His eyes focus on it for a moment, before he turns to look at Cirra, then back to the tower. He motions for her to come along, then suddenly those steps; Those steps are a little quick paced.

He doesn't even take notice of any of the adventurers here. They had an objective to take on and he would stick to that objective.
Kim Possible "I don't have anything," Kim says as she checks her Kimmunicator. "I can't get any sort of radar or mappings. I can't even contact Wade." She shrugs then looks to Tifa. "I've been in missions worse than this, so I'm sure we'll do fine, OK?"
Angantyr Vespar "We are already in each other's way. Arcadia must not get that device." Angantyr says. Angantyr, instead, wants it for his own ambitions, ones that he might still fulfill. However, if he needs to, he'd destroy it instead of letting Arcadia have it. He adavances, leaving people behind if they do not keep up with him. "Let us not linger." he says, and gripping his mace in one hand as he holds the massive weapon infront of him with the other.

"I am welcome for your aid, then Emi." he says to her. "I am curious as to what the detectives want with such a device, or is it to keep it out of dangerous people's hands?"

Angantyr seems little disturbed by the change of surroundings, or the lack of a way out. If push comes to shove, he is sure he could brute force it, or that this was a thing that could be taken care of at the tower...the advancement of the city, however, is something of a surprise...he wishes he had a crew to savalge things could be quite profitable and able to outfit a small army.
Cirra Constantine Cirra moved through the portal into the realm beyond, stumbling just a half step but catching her balance again quickly. She looks around at the city laid out before her. Tall gleaming towers, small aircraft flying overhead, shops. She pauses as she looks at each of these wonderous things. THen just moves ahead.

"Yes." she responds to Gabranth, it's good to have a goal to focus on, it gets other things off her mind. She marches smartly after the Judge Magister towards the tower.
Morrighan Alazne Better for her. THAT BABOON was hardly worthy of her attention anyhow! The dark elf ignored Avira just as much as the other was ignoring her, looking at all the others as they entered the portal. Seriously? Did they really have no regard for their own lives that they would willingly jump headfirst into the unknown?

But not her. She paused in front of the portal, leaning over a bit to stare, as if trying to discern some sort of clue. "...This is wholly unsafe, I believe I will just--" Turning around, the white mage was intending to leave and let the adventurers and such have their way, but whoops! Stepping on a stone, she lost her footing and slipped backwards...

...Into the portal. "W-Wait! Hold on a moment! I--"

Everything fades to white.

"--Didn't--!" Plop. Down she goes on the other side and onto the white terrace. "...This must be some sort of joke!" Quickly standing up, Morrighan brushed herself off before attempting to go back to the portal, but wait...was it closing? "Hey! No! Don't you dare close on me! I do NOT want to be here!"

Unfortunately, the portal closed anyway, standing the dark elf here with the rest of these...people. "...Ahaha....hahahaha....a h a h a h a . . . " A slow, rigid, wooden laugh escaped from her as she stared at the space where the portal used to be. It was gone. She was stuck here.

But wait! Dark portals! Sure, she hadn't mastered them, but it was worth a shot! Morrighan outstretched her hand, frowning in focus as she attempted to open one...


More focus!

...Still nothing.


....Nope. Still nothing.

"Argh! I hate this! Why do I have to be stuck here!? This is not fair! I want to go back! Hey!" Cue spoiled whining. The healer stomped a foot angrily, yelling up at the sky as if some malevolent game master was watching their every move. "I know someone is orchestrating this! Open a portal and let me go! NOW!"

Oh joy.
Reize Seatlan "Oooooiiii, Avira, Emi, Angantyr!" The boy waves excitedly towards the group. Tifa's comment earns a furrowed brow at her direction, "Oooi! I did not use a map this time!" He puffs his cheeks.

But then, "Let's see further inside!"

And thus, Reize enters the gate. That travel along the gate puts him through a disorienating, out of body experience.

And when he arrives beyond the gate the boy sees the sight of the area. Metal, glass, and crystals cover this land. This place of magitech gives him a brilliant sight of the city. His eyes widen, the boy takes a couple of steps forward.

"...Whooaaaaaa...." The sky bridges and shops leave him in awe.

"This is --- aaaaammaazziiiinnnngg!!"
Both arms pump to the sky.
Montag Montag keeps his weapon lowered but ready, the toothpick shifts as the man keeps his eye out for anything he sizes up the others who are here making sure he's helmet cam is recording. There could be information of use to his superiors after all. He turns his helemted head to see Avira, Ang and Emi. All orts then he spots a Guado and grimaces. No he's not pleased to see part of the Yevon church here. He mills over the odds, if they find technolotgical items he's going to have a messy situation on his hands. Still they seem polite at least.

"Damn this is is new..." He looks over to the Judges uncertain to whom they are but they carry tehmseleves well. They ain't some random people searching for loot,. no they are military and he's curious. Still he's got his orders as well, find out what's going on in this place.

"So two soliders and a wack of rabble. Lovely, least no Wuttains.' he

Morrigan also get a bit of a notice from the helemted Shinra trooper.

"So why don't we try to work together?"
Stormfall There is a churring metallic noise as small spheres floating in the air begin to pulse more rapidly, rings of light beginning to pour mist from the seams of the machinery as around them, the electronic billboards and television broadcasts begin to shift, rippling and inverting as the calm blues and greens become riots of yellow, orange and red punctuated by black.

The city in this pallette looks slightly more menacing in the rain as symbols and black sigils flash on these changed screens. Pictures of the party on the terrace are thrown back at them from the gigantic electronic screens, red or yellow signs wreathed in runes of black. Curtains of mist begin to leak from the electronic screens, cascading off the white buildings and falling in long streamers towards the ground far below already sheathed in fog.

The wide open terrace connects with the main thoroughfare where it branches off to the right and left, each skybridge railed with waist high stretches of glass and metal. A thick knot of city complex goes downwards towards the distance ground to the left and upwards towards the right.

There was also a central thoroughfare that runs straight towards the tower but each of these passed through a central nexus that looked like a bottleneck. The red has now stretched ahead of them and around them so that the perilous red of unknown and unfamiliar runes glare down at them as the light of the tower grows ever brighter. The people, endless varieties of them in loose and casual clothing look very alarmed as they stare at the scrawl of runes.

They whisper in groups and a few look towards the outsiders with something like concern and puzzlement, but not exactly fear.
Cirra Constantine Looking up at the screens, Cirra couldn't tell you what the runes mean exactly, but she recognizes the colours for caution, and danger. She looks ahead again to their path and shakes her head, "Your Honor. The I think the local authorities have taken to us as intruders, and that pathway is a serious of bottlenecks and choke points, I think we should divert."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr does not stand and talk to people. That is Avira's and Emi's probable job, Angantyr continues to forge ahead wanting to stay ahead of Arcadia. He cares less about Baron, they are another competator, less a threat. The city was massive...magical and futuristic all at the same time. Was this a world that Ivalace used to be? Even Arcadia is put to shame by this level of high tech. However, he still advances...straight ahead. There are several bottle necks, but Angantyr shows little fear...if he has to he can apply force in the right direction, but he doubts there will be force this early on, but he still prepares himself for it.

That's right, Angantyr goes right for the front door.
Avira "...oh hey Reize..." Avira says slowly, edging closer to Angantyr. She whispers something frantically into the dark knight's ear (and stands on her tiptoes to accomplish this because he's damn tall). Something about bad luck.

"Right, let's move-" Avira starts, noticing the sudden changing colors throughout the city. The red and black. Their images being featured on screens. "Oh this doesn't look good."

Avira's only slightly mindful of the Judges at the moment-as Angantyr has mentioned, they're likely here for whatever technological wonder is being hidden here. Not the criminal dark knight. They'd have nothing to worry about until it came time to pick up the loot.

Her urge is to take the direct path to the tower, but those red runes glowing ahead of them do not give her a good feeling. "Here." she grabs Angantyr's arm in one hand and Emi's in the other before she starts tugging them both towards the right skybridge.

Only Angantyr goes for the direct route. "Hey wait!" Avira chases after him, "I don't know if that's a good idea!"
Emi Dennou Emi leaves Morrighan to her complaints. Instead, she looks towards Ang and says, "Nothing. Our purposes here it to reach out for the truth," DA DANA DA DANA DA DA DA, DADADA DA! "That is all. If the relic has a useful function, perhaps, but we are unaware of what the relic can do. As it stands, it may be better to destroy it." Emi just has to accept this as a possible outcome but it seems that at least Ang's latter guess is a possible result from all this. "There is much we do not know about this place. This makes the danger high, but it also shows what we can learn."

She isn't so sure about whether or not she should approach these people...

"Ang--careful, a tower like that surely hs defenses..." And besides which they are on a giant screen and people can see them, she doesn't want to get hit by a timelost alphastrike.

"Reize... good to see you--Nh???" She is pulled away by Avira. "Ah...but...people." She says as she is dragged off. She waves at them to try and grab their attention. "Hello there, could you perhaps inform us of where we are and what the purpose of this tower is?, The Network inquires for purposes of understanding??"

She may end up dragged the other way, comically fluttering in the air as Avira goes after Ang.
The Judge Magister continues his movement, until things get weird. This actually slows down his pace as he looks to his left, then to his right. His hand reaching up in habit for the hilt of his Highway Star sword, as if he was expecting a battle to come; or something far worse.

He looks at those gathered here, those also moving forward. He does spot a few faces, including the very man who wishes his demise; he knows that mace anywhere. Those blue eyes then peer over to Cirra, hidden by his helm.

She was in his charge. He could not be overly reckless here.

The Judge of Ambition silently then wondered to himself as he pressed on that if he did not request her here, perhaps not on the whim of wanting assistance, but on the sheer knowledge of his own weakness. She, even though a strong woman, would actually be the very reigns that might keep him back from being foolish.

When Cirra speaks, he looks back to her. There was a low rumble. He might be agreeing with her as his gaze moves forward noticing the change around them. The way the people were looking at them. He then quickly veers off to the steps heading down. "Come."

It would seem he would go with the other Judge's advice and detour off their current path. He knows authorities after all; They were in their own home the law after all. Best way to sometimes get away from notice was to not be caught in bottlenecks and keep moving in a good pace.
Montag Montag looks abotu and mutters, puzzles he preferesd thing he could stalk hunt, or shoot. He wasn't stupid no but this wasn't his thing, his idea of fun. Now they are in a city he lowers his weapon and just mutters to himself. Great the local law think they are hostile, time to move. He's not looking to gun down others like himself. It's time to scoot he has to make a smaop judgment he's going to head down going down low is a good place to deek ou of the way. Getting caught in the bottle necks would be bad.
Oriane Guado Oriane narrows her eyes slightly as she is ignored by the other sorceress who did seem a little preoccupied with this whole one-way portal travelling thing. The priestess must remember that everyone's first time being trapped in other planes was not the same as hers. Still the simple slight of not being acknowledged or responded to offends the Guado's sensibilites. Interplanar travel was no excuse to forget one's proper upbringing and manners.

This strange land of terrible blashphermous Machina does not bode well for Oriane's eternal pursuit for increasing her own magical prowess. But perhaps somewhere here she can find something that will catch her fancy. The strange inhabitants causes Oriane's self-sentient orb to menacingly float their way. "Enough of that. Barbarics will get neither of us closer to our mutual goal." The orb relents and floats back to its partner in crime.

Now the question was where to go next? She had no allies in this group and no friends either....except her orb companion. Oriane sighs heavily as she follows after the Judges. When in doubt, follow those who seem to have the most potential at becoming potential meat-shields.
Reize Seatlan Lifting his head up, Reize sees the display of them all on the gigantic screen. "Oh hey! That's us!" And suddenly, the black sigils change, the the curtain of mist leak out. He furrows hiseyebrow, a bit uncertain over what just happened.

Nevertheles, Reize finds himself with the choice of what direction to take. There are chokepoints and what not. There are also people likely going to be staring at them all.

What direction does Reize take?

The right complex! That's right! The right way is right! The The Eternally Lost One is moving upward towards the right complex. The Reize senses leads him ahead. Though, he can't help but to glance over to the locals giving off cautious looks.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't feel her clothes are too out of place for this city, oddly enough. She hmms, looking around "... Think we can go shoppin?" She looks over to Kim. She's kidding of course, but it might be interesting. Although, she wants to know what is the deal with this place even more. Was that a time travel or just hopping to another world... Portals are not out of the question considering how things are with Traverse, the Grid and the World of Darkness.

Of course, that's about where she spots Montag.... Great, Shinra... what are they doing here now? Trying to nose their way into sucking more worlds dry? She rather not rise up a fuss right now though...

She looks up to the screen when it lits up and shows them. She pokes Reize "... I don't think that's a good thing actually. That might just get attention and have us arrested."
Kim Possible "You wanna go shopping? Maybe next weekend?" Kim grins a little at Tifa before returning to her serious mood. "For now, let's just try to get through this place and take care of whatever's inside? I'm ready for just about anything that might be waiting."
Reize Seatlan "...What makes you say that?" Reize asks Tifa, "They may just greet us with open arms and provide us with directions of neat places to explore! I'm sure they will warm up to us soon."
Morrighan Alazne Ergh, the people here she either hated or wanted nothing to do with. Where was she supposed to go? The changing colors and their images being displayed on the screens didn't inspire much confidence either. ...Oh wait, was that Oriane? When DID she get here? Morrighan was quite sure that she did not spot the Yevon Priestess previously.

A small smile graces the healer's face as she turned, following after the sorceress. She was still peeved about this whole 'stuck in another plane' business, but perhaps it would be bearable if someone she could actually stand was here!

And so, Morrighan followed after the Judges. It was the logical choice here.

Catching up, she wound up side by side with the Priestess, finally addressing her, albeit somewhat late. "Ah, Lady Oriane. I was not aware that you were in our midst. My deepest apologies for missing you within this rabble." A glance is given towards the orb following along with the priestess, but she did not question it.
Tifa Lockhart Reize's optimism is commendable... careless, but commendable. She shakes her head "Think of it as a modern spotlight from a helicopter. They are just tracing us so they don't lose sight of us using cameras, and showing everyone 'stay away from them'. At least, it could be."
Stormfall A blazing arc of light spears out from the tower as the entire city goes red.

The citizens of the city look surprised and yes, the fear is plain now because the light washes over the entire skybridge section nearest to the upper right section complex. (Approaching from the right, going down towards the central-- this means You Reize.) The people caught in the beam cry out simultaniously in agony, forms silohuetted in a brief and intense white glow that shrouds them.

When the light has past there are hideously twisted remnants left in their wake. Twitching and shuddering ghouls of magitek and flesh whose single cyclopian eyes are wild with anguish. Giant reddish eyes are emblazoned on their twisted chests, limbs stretched and mangled like discarded and rejected dolls.

The twitching, shuddering ghouls with their long claws orient themselves, soft moaning cries escaping them as they lock onto the intruders. In the case of those who took the direct route, it means they are directly in the path of the beam with less time to react-- as the beam mercilessly sweeps fron the upper hand side of the complex towards the middle, transforming groups as it goes and leaving the bottleneck choked with the shrieking ghouls who throw themselves with desperate fury at anybody who gets close, claws tearing and wails echoing through the city.

Those who took the path to the lower complexes see the beam of light lash the city and people in the lower complexes begin to full on PANIC.

0PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Reach the Tower of Mist and Destroy the Hand of Ruin.
Gabranth can only glance back as he notes some of those adventures who followed. He takes note of who they are, though he does not know any of them. He also makes note of any weapons they may have, if visible.

There may come a point where they made need to depend on one another. Just hopefully they could keep pace with the steps of both Cirra and he. Speaking of Cirra, he was about to say something to her, before his steps come to an almost halt. There was a large beam that went right above where they were.

His steps continued to move, his hand tightening on the hilt. "Move!" He suddenly barked out, before he quickened his pace suddenly. He was careful of the people, moving around them and using his own strength to move them aside for the others, pulling in close to the building to avoid the massive panic herd of people. Gabranth was doing his best to keep those in this group moving and to make sure he doesn't leave anyone behind.

He didn't want to draw his blade out if he didn't have too and he silently wondered what would happen if that beam was to hit one of them. It was a chance he rather not take to find out. Just. Keep. Moving.
Cirra Constantine %The beam of light makes Cirra look skywards even as she picks up her pace. She focuses on where the beam passed to see... people, transformed into wretches.

At Gabranth's word she breaks into a run, not a flat out run, but one fast enoguh to make ground but slow enough to stay manuverable enough to get around people, dodging and twisting between them. "This is no Utopia." she hisses under her breath.

"It's more like a prison."
Emi Dennou At this rate Emi's more of a handicap. She is stunned by the laser fire--in fact, her instinct is to try and rush for it and maybe help survivors. As such, she's easy prey, getting caught by two ghoul swipes before she can backpedal. She stumbles back and lets out a pained exclamation!

She's not too proud to ask for help, "Ang!? Avira?!" She rushes back towards them, eyes wide, though she's stumbling a bit from her quickly earned wounds. She doesn't have time to tend to them just yet either.
Oriane Guado Oriane smiles most graciously when she is acknowledged by Morrighan. "I find it most pleasing that we have both removed ourselves from the presence of those Baron louts. Their accomodations were simply horrifying and it took every ounce of my will to lie and talk about how grand and generous Baron hospitality was." The priestess laments as as she follows after the downwards walking group.

Pleasant conversation is now rudely interrupted by laser beams and ghouls elsewhere. Oriane's green eyes quickly flash towards the source of the beam and then to the newly created ghouls the beam affected. "We have apparently overstayed our welcome. Let us vacate this area with the utmost haste," says the black dress wearing woman placidly as she picks up her skirts and runs after the large hulk of metal who boomed 'Move!' aloud. Oriane's companion wisp turns a bright form of white and quickly trails after the Guado necromancer.
Avira "Angantyr!!" Avira calls after the Dark Knight, easily catching up with him. Just as she's about to say something, the light shines down upon the city. That it doesn't appear to be an actual laser is some consolation, but it soon becomes clear, based off the anguished screams she's hearing, that it's not something good at all.

Then she sees the citizens transform into some kind of zombie cyborgs in front of her. Right away, she pulls out her weapon and slips her small buckler shield over her left forearm. With increasing anxiety she realizes that their little group right now is completely surrounded-"What? Hang on!"

Avira smashes the handguard of the Spine into a ghoul, knocking it over, and rushes after Emi. Only in mid-stride, Avira is clobbered overhead by the metal cyborg arm of one of the ghouls in the way. Her vision immediately flashes red and she reels sideways.
Angantyr Vespar ...Ghouls?

Angantyr is surprised he didn't see them coming...darkness calls to each other. However, they're surrounded, and Angantyr doesn't even hesitate. The mace swings down, smashing through ghouls before they can act on their instinctive urge to cut into him. More try to swing on him, but he puts his back to Avira and Emi, as he moves to drive through the Ghouls, and simply get through this point to the next one.

Emi, however, calls for help, and he turns, driving his mace through one Ghoul, and leaving the other to Avira.

"Come on, we don't need to be idle here!" he helps Emi to his feet, as he...

Suddenly backhands the ghoul trying to sneak up behind him aiming to toss it off the bridge.

Angantyr turns to run, aiming to forge his way through the next set of obstacles.

"Back to back guys!"
Reize Seatlan This is not good. Not good at all.

Reize's eyes widen and he looks out and about, especially when he sees the the lights blaring and the people are panicing. This is not good. "...Uhh..." A light washes across the entire skybridge.

Reize, who is caught by the ray of light, is burned pretty bad, and a howl of agony erupts. However, when the people have

And that light leaves behind a twisted set of ramnents behind, the ghouls of magitech have formed. His eyes widen in shock, "No!" That light... turned them into ghouls?! Those moaning ghouls make their way towards the boy, and Reize is forced to react. The boy grits his teeth and he starts to run ahead, carging to strike down the creatures trying to grab them.

"Tifa!" He calls out while moving to weave past the ghouls, even kicking one upside the head should he need to. "Let's get rid of whatever is shooting that beam at the tower!"
And a glance is given towards Kim, who is also with him, "Oooi! You okay?!"
Tifa Lockhart Lasers are NOT good! But yet it proves that she was right about the warning. It just didn't feel right "What did I say Reize?" And then ghouls... this is getting better and better! People being transformed into monsters, this isn't an utopia its a nightmare!

"Let's get out of here quickly!" She looks up to the left side, seeing the overpass, and then to the back of the plaza... "There's a staircase over there! I think we can go up there and use the overpass to get north toward the tower!"

She got hit by the lasers, but she'll be okay for now... "Let's just go quickly!"
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan giggled faintly at Orian's words, bringing a hand to her mouth to cover it. "Oh my. But it gets even worse. Baigan and the others have simply terrible taste in just about everything. You are lucky that you departed sooner rather than later now. I would hate for you to have been subjected to that utter torture for any longer."

Their conversation was cut off at that point by a surge of energy. It would seem like she made the right choice after all. Morrighan could only smile to herself as she saw the pillar of light strike from above, followed by screams and panic. Their pain did not please her, no. Rather, she was just glad she judged the situation correctly.

But still, this was far from safe. Heeding Gabaranth's words for now, she lifted off her feet, using magic to hover forward at running speed. Actually running would have been a disaster with her poor constitution, so this was a much better way of keeping up now. She definitely did not want to be left behind. Not in a place as strange as this anyhow.

She was not looking forward to what was coming though. Call it paranoia if you want. But she preferred to refer to it as 'a healthy sense of danger'.
Kim Possible Lasers bad. Lasers very bad! Lasers are-- Wait a second, this isn't right!

Kim Possible got her start rescuing someone from lasers, so how can she get hit by them?! Apparently, these lasers are worse than the ones she's used to. She gets singed and drops to one knee. Fortunately, the ghouls don't seem to faze Kim, for better or for worse. "These things are totally wrong! We'd better move!" She says to Tifa.
Montag Montag looks up at th air unit and the spot lights. She stares for a moment as the people transform "Miss you are dead right. I'm getting shades of things I fought before. I don't like this at all." He'll fall in he's some sort of military from the looks of him and has no issue about working with other professionals.

"LT Montag Shinra Security I was sent to check out the disturbance here."

He noces to the judge as he keeps up with ehr and anyone else whom has taken the low road. "I don't want to find out if that stuff works on us." he readies his rifle. And keeps on hauling tail.
Stormfall A blast of energy rips out of the tower that sweeps across the lower sections of the city. A flying car smashes into a skybridge, causing it to collapse onto a shop front which crumples like tinfoil with a number of screeching crashes. The skybridge blocks the way immediately forwards, forcing the panicking mob into a number of large terraces, herding them for the next inevitable last blast.

This leaves a thick knot of ghouls straight ahead and straight behind the group and beginning to converge, not just on the party, but on any of the unchanged civilians in their path. In the upper complexes, the way opens up to a wide assortment of escalators and brilliant fountain terraces now filled with panicking citizens and flailing, monstrous ghouls. There is a scream as a flying bus smashes into the upper stairways deeper into the terraaces.

There is a scream of pain and fear as the driver of the ruined hulk attempts to free themselves with desperate but ultimately futile movements, all of their attention turns towards the tower rather than the flaming car. The bus is somewhat out of the way, through the maze of pathways instead of the stairs leading to the less complicated path towards the tower. Bonus Objective: Free the trapped citizens from the crashed bus!

In the central reaches, the path splits in half, one long escalator to the left and right merging up again into a second chokepoint. The left escalator has stopped and it will take longer to get to the tower but there are fewer ghouls. The right escalator has gone haywire, smoking and spitting curtains of mist as ghouls swarm in profusion. However-- that pathway (the straight one destroyed by another piece of flying debris) leads to to a shelterd courtyard in which walls may occlude the path of the deadly metamorphizing beam.
Reize Seatlan Wh---what...?! How is it that the entire area is decimating its population all because of them being around?! Was it always like this or was it just because they showed up? Not good. Not good at all. The young boy is in panic.

...Especially when the screams of pain and fear come towards the drivers. Reize's eyes shift over towards the tower, the boy sees the people trying to free themselves. He calls out towards Tifa and Kim, "Oooii! You guys go ahead!" Whilete less complicated path is presented, Reize is opting towards the citizens trying to get out of the bus.

Reize WILL free them.

Knight's Vow #1: Always help a person in need!
Things got crazy fast. Very fast. That beam they avoided on the first swing came around and went straight for them on the second swing. There was no time to react, there was no time to warn. The Judge Magister quickly moved, avoiding the beam; barely. He lowered his head and quickly looked back at the others, "Cirra!" He actually, yes, called out her first name.

However when he suddenly looks forward there are people getting killed, ghouls everywhere, and their original path blocked. His hand tightened hard on the hilt of his sword, before he drew out both of his blades.

His feet grounded themselves into the earth. There was to many to take on, but there was a path out of this mess. However first thing first. "Report!" He barked out at the group, before his eyes then looked over to Yevon Priestess. His voice still firm, but also calm given the circumstances. "Ma'am, you are a Yevon Priestess, correct? Can you cast an area spell to help clear a path?"
Emi Dennou "How can a laser do that..." Emi says. The pain would normally be nothing, but the suddenness of the blows is making it hard to think. "Nhh..." She's embarrassed that Avira got hurt trying to lend a hand to her. Without Ami or Imi here it'll be tough for her to help with injuries too. She'd have to rely on her pack.

"Sorry for the trouble." She manages. Another ghoul catches her in the side. This isn't looking too hot for her, but at least she's not in one of those other groups.

"Nh..." she grunts. "At this rate... even if we'll be half may be better to go for the right." She thinks over to Ang who is no doubt doing just a-okay. Ang seems to more or less be skipping through the hard mode dungeon so far.

She digs into her pack and draws out a few breahting masks. She tosses a couple to her comrades and then puts one on her sel. She slides her visor down upon her. "Between ghouls and that laser, the ghouls are the obvious choice. Ang, you should move first--these ghouls don't seem to have anything on you-- we'll follow behind you, but we have to rush it--just plow right on through them."

If everyone acquiesces to this plan, it's time to get amovin'. Of course, if getting to the tower is this hard... hard will the tower itself be?
Avira Her concussion clearing up quickly, Avira twists around and shouts out in frustration, unleashing a blast of ice magic ahead of her that vaguely shapes itself into the snarling head of a beast. It helps clear the way a little bit. "Guess we have no choice now, we're more or less trapped-"

Avira staggers sideways when the pathway they're on shakes, losing her footing for a second and getting dangerously grazed by a chainsaw-like blade attached to the arms of one of the cyborg ghouls.

Her eyes widen and she immediately responds to her breastplate getting shredded by jabbing the entire length of the Spine through its mouth.

Avira pulls back her weapon and rushes ahead, "C'mon! This one's still moving!" Avira goes for the right escalator.
Cirra Constantine Ghouls infront, Ghouls in back.

The laser blasts a section of the skybridge away and knocks Cirra back into a throng of Ghouls that descend on her.

And then promptly go flying back away from her.%r Scythe in hand, the Judge of Wrath spins around, slicing the wicked carved blade down through a Ghoul's arm, and kicks it in the chest. "Still mobile, your honour." she spins the scythe around again and slams the end of the hsaft into a ghoul's chest, knocking it back.

"We can't stay still, we'll only get pressed from all sides. We need to keep moving!" And true to her words, Cirra moves forward, slicing and smashing ghouls aside to make a path to that stair case.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shakes his head, "It's alright." he doesn't hold them taking injury against them, "If things get too rough, fall back though. This isn't a place to die." Oh no...this would be such an ignoble place to fall, Angantyr considers. Right or left, Angantyr nods with Emi's assessment. "Right. Right it is. I'll lead the way!" Angantyr says with a smirk...and then he was there, aiming to put himself right in the center of the ghouls, aiming to draw their attention, as he swings the mace in large archs, aiming to tear through the ghouls and simply tear through them. He does not aim to kill them...instead he aims to weaken them considerably, letting Emi and Avira finish them off, he keeps moving...fighting against the malfunctioning escalator.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't really want to leave Reize alone here. She shakes her head "No, we're all in this together Reize, let's help them." She rushes toward the bus. If she can supplez a hydra, surely she can help push a bus away, right? <.< >.>

But that probably will leave them exposed to more problems... but she also can't turn away from people in need. She waves to Kim, if she wants to follow or run up ahead, either way.
Montag Things go bad, very Lasers, check that's something he's going to be feeling evdn with his body armor, ghouls? Oh man flash backs to fighting the AVAHLANCHE NOW and their RAVENS. So ghouls, lasere he's cut up broiled andotehrwise mangled but he does manage to press on keeping wup with those whom he's come down with. "I got some explosives to clear it." He's packing a few grenade but he'll save those if they have a mage at theri disposal he does however open fire with the machine gun at those that get too close.

"Oh all the! This is like the cracked up stuff the AVALANCHE did!"
Kim Possible Kim looks to Tifa and then to the bus. "Let me help!" Kim says as she rushes over to try to help. "This place is totally uncool, but we'll make it! Just keep a positive outlook!"
The Judge Magister is yes, not to far behind Cirra. He did not question the female judge, but first-- he need to make sure that the Yevon Priestess could do her thing and stayed safe. Secondly that the others in this party was also safe. Once that, he follow up in the rear, protecting them from the backside.

After all, sometimes Scythes were for more useful for clearing out a wide berth of mobs then two swords. Even though he could equip these sword together; he rather stay nimble on his feet with both blades in hand.

This was going to be a fun, bloody path.
Oriane Guado Clutching the long skirts of her dress as she runs, Oriane flickers a gaze skywards where a malevolent beam of energy is heading towards their intrepid group of adventurers. A series of quick calculations are done in the Guado's head which leads her to coming to a complete and utter halt. She now takes a moment to collect her breath as waits to sees if her hypothesis is correct. The evil tower beam sweeps by in front of her, but it does not come close to hitting her due to her merely stopping well before where the beam would hit. Sometimes it truly pays to lag behind your meatshields. The ghouls would now become a problem for the stationary Oriane. However, any approaching ghoul quickly combusts into flames that originate from the wisp that travels at the priestess' side. Oriane nods her head graciously towards her floating companion. Sometimes it pays to befriend a powerful spirit that was haunting a tomb.

Gabranth's sudden inquisition and suggestion catches Oriane off-guard. "I am Lady Oriane Guado. Unless you plan on suddenly converting and beseeching Yevon for timely assistance, the fact that I am a Priestess of that faith is irrelevant." The black dress wearer turns to her wisp and nods her head to it simply. The wisp turns bright red and floats in front of Oriane whom next places her hands around the form of the ball of energy. "The solution to our current dilemma is one not taught inside of a Church." Powerful magic is conjured around Oriane's finger tips as she channels it into the wisp in front of her. "Might I suggest that we attempt to run through the path this opens?" That is assuming that this even works. Energy continues to gather before.....BOOM. A large beam of purple destructive energy shoots out from Oriane and her wisp which attempts to completely eradicate the ghouls in their immediate path.
Morrighan Alazne And then things suddenly turned south. A laser blasts destroyed a section of the bridge above, sending debris falling. Totally unprepared, Morrighan went flying back, skidding to the ground...and right at the feet of several ghouls. "Gah! ...And this is why I wanted nothing to do with this!" She cried in anger, as if the ghouls would somehow let up on her.

They didn't.

Rolling aside to avoid a downwards blow and then returning to floating position, Morrighan thrust a hand outwards, creating a burst of light magic to force the creatures back. She did not want to waste energy one them, thus this was all she expended for now. Meanwhile, she rejoined the group, floating backwards and eyeing the shuffling ghouls warily.

Oriane's display of magic earns her a nod of appreciation from Morrighan. "Interesting..." It was curious what exactly that wisp was, but now certainly was not the time for questions.

It didn't look like anyone was seriously hurt yet, so the healer decided to stay her hand in regard to healing magicks for now...
Stormfall The lower complex is a long and tangled mesh of buildings and escalators and shops, many of which destroyed or jammed by the malfunctioning technology, the debris and the surge of ghouls.

With the view occuluded however the laser does not have an accurate shot and so the ghouls and the laser itself are less numerous now that the first waves have passed. This also may have something to do with Slicings and earth shaking kabooms of the judges and the power of magic, whether you believe in it or not. What is telling though are more of those floating spheres with the rings of red energy. They have gathered across the city, hovering in the streets and around the corners and it was them who first started the alarm that led to this frenzy.

Almost every street seems to have at least one. However, taking the time to destroy them would sap precious time, time of which is in short supply with the tower and it's minions breathing down the necks of the outsiders. Bonus Objective: Blind the Eyes of Ruin!

In the upper complex, more ghouls descend on anyone on whom their attention falls but he makes it to the bus before the next surge of the laser. The doors are jammed but with someone able to suplex a hydra, and with the help of the entire party, it may just be possible before the laser swings around again.

On the fast track to the Tower, the fighting is thick and fierce as the malfunctioning expressway lurches and spits and mist pours in thick streamers from the machinery. Straight ahead is a sheltered courtyard the the upper complex and the central right escalator meet up in, a place completely sheltered from the baleful eye of the laser.
Reize Seatlan This is not good. Reize is looking over towards the group, "Tifa, I got a couple of them!" Unfortunately it is when the ghouls are approaching closer that the boy is starting to jump at him. "Gah!" The boy's eyes widen as the creatures are tugging and tearing against him. This is not good.

"I won't...."

He is getting tugged away from the bus full of the people. "...I won't... I wont let the people down!" His resolve steeling itself, Reize rushes into the path of the bus, tearing away from the ghouls.

Instead, the boy breaks way to start pulling people out of the bus, "Get out of here, all of you!" It is taking great strength, but his muscles are slowly tiring.
As they move through the ghouls. Gabranth takes notice above a few of the heads of something odd. There was those orbs again, those very orbs that /started/ all this.

yThe problem with the Judge of Ambition was he was a very revengeful sort at times. The people here were being used for someone's greater schemes. Yes, he himself can be a very cruel man, but even his cruelty has a limit-- This is that limit.

The Judge Magister suddenly breaks from the group. Casting a dark spell as his eyes behind the shadow of the helm become amber. He blasts out a dark spell to try and ensnare the orb, before leaping up and bring both of his blades down upon it.

"Get the orbs!" Gabranth roars out. "Do not let them sound the alarm again!" He was sure his female judge team mate was already /way/ ahead of him on this.

He doesn't know what they all can do. Though he is sure he is about to find out. Which would be excellent. This means he could start to create tactical plans in order to move through this mad ghoul mess.

Speaking of mad ghouls, it seems while he was attempting to focus on the orb, this got him in the way of a few of those pesky creatures, which decide to try and rip into him, and rip into him they do! Not only that but they seem to foil his plans for an attack. So instead his dark magic finds them and so do his blades.

There was some choice words muttered under that helm. The armor now had claw marks in it and it seemed one of the ghouls got him along the side where the leather was exposed and armor did not meet. Probably not good, but he will ignore it for now.
Avira Apparently that right path was definitely not as fast as Avira figured. Maybe all the ghouls in the way were slowing them down?

The huntress is sweating hard, expending magic with each strike now. The ghouls weren't the easy-to-defeat-in-one-strike Heartless she's fought reams of before. As she works and struggles, she notices the familiar 'out of mana' burn starting to sting at the edge of her consciousness. Her boddy was already sweating profusely from the exertion of such thick and nonstop fighting and running. Yet still, she struggles to push herself through. The laser shines down and strikes as they aren't fast enough to get to the desired covered courtyard in time. In this moment of weakness, Avira is swarmed by ghouls and her back is forced against the railing as she shields herself with her buckler.

Wiggling herself free, Avira grasps for Emi and tries to drag her along.
Emi Dennou WOAH APPARENTLY THE LASER IS COMING AWAY THIS WAY ANYWAY yeah that wasn't especially clear.

Unfortunately in avoiding the LAZOR Emi gets clobbered AGAIN by a ghoul. She can't do much about that, but she tries to push along behind Ang, teeth grinding against one another as they try to push on through. If they can take a breather at the courtyard, maybe they could get a moment to recover!

This is what happens when you jump into random portals.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Reize, coming in to his defense "Don't worry, I got your back!" She can handle a few ghouls on her own probably, while Reize pulls the others out. Kim can help as well with the rescue "We have to get a move on soon, we can't stay here for much longer!" She's watching the rows of ghouls forming up, ready to come and tear at their flesh... its like a zombie apocalypse alright.
Cirra Constantine Looking up as the beam turns back towards the tohers, Cirra sees those flying orbs and narrows her eyes behind her helmet. She quickly picks up her pace and bounds up some debries and then kicks off a shop wall, leaping through the air to slice her scythe horizontally across the orb before coming down to the ground again. "Eyes of the enemy, we should eliminate them before we proceed."
Kim Possible Kim spots the ghouls and assumes her fighting stance, but one of them grabs onto her and she is forced to shake it off before delivering a quick spin kick in hopes of driving them away. "Wow, these things are really creepy!"
Oriane Guado Oriane is quite content with progressing on their way and promptly ignoring the red spheres. One has to think of themselves above all others. For if you do not take care of yourself, then who will? It is the wisp that accompanies Oriane which 'vocalizes' its objection. Morrighan was right to wander about what this creature was, but the proper question that should be asked is 'who is it?' rather 'what is it?'. The wisp finishes its light show and Oriane clicks her tongue. "Oh fine! We shall help in this foolish endeavor. I am beginning to find it rather irksome that you still retain such selfless notions despite the nature of our agreement." Eyes are rolls as Oriane follows after the Judges, Montag, and Morrighan.

As she towards the nearest group of red spheres, a multitude of dark wips that are smaller than the glowing white one appear around Oriane. With a wide gesture, the wisps launch out from Oriane and attempt to explode into the red observers. In the middle of this, a ghoul sneaks up and tears at Oriane. The claw of the creature rips through part of the Guado's dress and mangles the wire frame underneath it. A hand is reached up to slap the attacking ghoul and a magical claw of doom materializes to tear through the ghoul when the necromancer actuallys connects. She now shoots a vengeful look at the wisp floating nearby. "Your negligence in defending me is -so- amusing. Please do no let your hundred years of angsty cave-dwelling get the best of you just because I did not agree with your foolish altruism." The companion wisp pulsates wildly which causes Oriane to continue glare quite icily at her telepathic 'ally'.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr weathers the ghouls and the laser.

Seriously, this was totally against the point!

Angantyr, out of pure rage at the complete redicilousness at the laser still able to hit them, fires a dark blast of energy towards the source of the laser. Not that it'll matter, as he simply smashes the Ghouls around him, caring little if they tear into him.
Morrighan Alazne Following after the others, Morrighan's eyes are drawn upwards, spotting those red orbs from before. Indeed, they were the things that started off everything weren't they? "Hmn...A sound idea, but..." She trailed off, eyeing the swarming Ghouls. "I think I have a different idea."

Clasping her hands together, the dark elf began to gather healing energies, focusin and building up to a larger scale than she usually did for such a spell. "These creatures look to be of the undead variety. Allow me to test out a...hypothosis."

With that said, she spread her arms, effectively casting a wide area healing spell...on the ghouls. If it went anything like she figured it would have, these annoyances would crumble.

Montag Montag says "I just don't want to be up to my eyeballs in these things." Well that and he is horrofied at whatever is here is turning the citizens into monsters. He's hears the judge bark an order while he's not incommand of him techian,llly the man knows what he's doing. Next off? It's a damn good idea, his machine gun is shoulder and the sniper rifle pulled od his back he loaks in an clip of breach rounds and is staring ti line up a shot as he moves.

"Copy that."

The Ghouls however have left their mark and since he's prpearing to snipe he's a bit exposed. Ya this is just going badly with all the injuries he's wracking up.
Montag Montag says "I just don't want to be up to my eyeballs in these things." Well that and he is horrofied at whatever is here is turning the citizens into monsters. He's hears the judge bark an order while he's not incommand of him techian,llly the man knows what he's doing. Next off? It's a damn good idea, his machine gun is shoulder and the sniper rifle pulled od his back he loaks in an clip of breach rounds and is staring ti line up a shot as he moves.

"Copy that."

The Ghouls however have left their mark and since he's prpearing to snipe he's a bit exposed. Ya this is just going badly with all the injuries he's wracking up. He then attempts to takle a shot at one of them.
Stormfall The orbs explode one after another, the electronic screens above starting to smoke and splutter as the surveillance drones die. The ghouls persist but now there is an end to these mazes of corridors.

A skybridge shoots out across wide and open territory towards the Tower Courtyard. The curaga spell slams into a large swathe of ghouls, causing them to scream a final time before collapsing into crystalline motes of energy.

For the central group, they have smashed their way through the ghouls and sheltered from the laser, are only a small distance away from the base of the tower which flares out into a massive terraced courtyard with the steps leading upwards to the massive doors flanked by small pillars.

The group in the upper complexes manages to get the rest of the people from the bus, helping them flee to shelter and safety just as the laser comes around again. However, it's accuracy seems to be affected because the flaring pulse first scours wide and then flashes towards the group, plowing into the bus.
Stormfall The orbs explode one after another, the electronic screens above starting to smoke and splutter as the surveillance drones die. The ghouls persist but now there is an end to these mazes of corridors.

A skybridge shoots out across wide and open territory towards the Tower Courtyard. The curaga spell slams into a large swathe of ghouls, causing them to scream a final time before collapsing into crystalline motes of energy.

For the central group, they have smashed their way through the ghouls and sheltered from the laser, are only a small distance away from the base of the tower which flares out into a massive terraced courtyard with the steps leading upwards to the massive doors flanked by small pillars.

The group in the upper complexes manages to get the rest of the people from the bus, helping them flee to shelter and safety just as the laser comes around again.
It seems the plan worked well. Beyond the Ghoul problem as a sky bridge shoots across to connect to what looks to be a courtyard. That may be their ticket out of this mess; or a trap. He was starting to really, really not trust this place.

Though it was indeed a tempting way out of this mess. "Follow Judge Constantine!" He yells out over the screeching of Ghouls. Instead of following directly behind the group. The Judge Magister decides to be the brick wall between the rest of the party and the ghouls.

As the ghouls race in, he connects both of his blades and frees up his hand. With a cast of dark magic he attempts to ensnare, blast, and slice down the Ghouls that come his way. Only taking a bit of time with each finessing move to move back a bit.

The ghouls though are many and are slowly gnawing away at his armor. One Ghoul gets a good rake on his helm. The claws scratching across the surface of the metal, putting deep claw marks into the armor. Another gets his free arm, ripping into the leather.

Yet until Gabranth is content that the others have moved along. He continues to be the Dark Knight tank.
Reize Seatlan Reize looks up to see the electronic screens smoke and sputter. "Whoa! I looks like we won't be in its sights anymore!" This is a good thing, all considering. Reize urns away to look over at the ghouls, "Gah!"

As he boy manages to get the people out, that is the good thing.

What's not good is the fact that the laser is reeling over their path. "YIKES!" His eyes widen considerably, then he makes a dive away from the light. He manages to hide behind the bus.

...Not a good thing.



Narrowly escaping with his life is one thing. The last time he faced an explosion, it was due to throwing a fireball at a vehicle up close and personal. Now? He is avoiding that fate once more. When he sprints ahead, the bus finally gives off an earth-shuddering explosion.

Covering his head from the debris, Reize turns to face both Kim and Tifa, "We're almost there! Let's go in!" Reize runs ahead towards the tower.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart dived for cover as soon as the laser sights came their way, but clearly not fast enough to avoid it, the laser leaves some nasty burns over her leg, making her screech a bit. She shakes her head, forcing herself to stand back up "Yeah, almost there..." She's getting tired, running around and kicking ghouls out of the way like that.

She helps Kim up as well, not about to leave her behind if she can help it at least, as she trudges toward the tower "Running out of steam here, we better get there soon, or we're going to be overrun."
Avira Avira discovers, as she starts to try more of her ice magic, that she is out of mana and a searing pain fills her mind when she attempts to shape the mist. Falling back on pure swordsmanship, she tries to keep up with her colleagues but quickly falls behind, caught up and assaulted. A frustrated cry escapes her and, with an outpouring of that odd silvery, shimmery 'aura' she's occasionally seen with, she finally pushes through.

Her shoulders are slumped and her weapon drags and bounces along the ground as she stumbles over the corpse of the last ghoul she just slain.

There's a disappointed expression on her face and she looks exhausted, but she still pushes herself, forcing herself to run up the stairs lest that laser come back and sweep them again.

When she finally collapses against the tower doors, she lets the Spine drop, and her shaking hands reach into the little pouches around her waist, withdrawing a potion. Only after she's knocked it back does she give Angantyr and Emi a miserable look.

"...I slowed you both down." she mutters, letting herself sink against the door until she's sitting. "Ugh, if only I was stronger."
Kim Possible Kim is helped up by Tifa and she gives a nod. "Definitely, we'd better totally find our way there soon. The last thing I want is to run out of energy in an uncool place like this." She looks around and sighs. "Although, it's not as bad as some places I've been."
Cirra Constantine Taking the steps two at a time, Cirra leaps up to the causeway to the main tower, a ghoul at the top of the steps slashes its calws over her armored form and staggers her back.

Cirra hoks her scythe around the ghouls legs and pulls the creature off of its ballance and immediatly swings her scythe around to slam the pike blade at the top down into its chest, impaling it where it lays. She glances up quickly at the tower.

"A little bit further and we should be under the point where the beam can aim at us."
Emi Dennou Ghouls seem to be everywhere.

"We're past the clutch," Emi tells the others. "As painful as this was--it seems we're here first..." She still has to zorch a ghoul every now and then but it's a lot easier to deal with ghouls when GIANT LASER is not a concern. And when you aren't outnumbered like 5 to 1. She tries to keep an eye out for the others as they go on but it's going to be rough--she has to focus on recovering herself. Once they're at the base she can take out her medkit and tend to injuries. They're going to make it.

"That was a bit like tearing off a bandaid of pain, The Network tries a metaphor." Emi mutters.

Breathing out, "--I didn't get to thank you two properly for helping us earlier. It is good we did not get to talk to them, it seems." Also for Ang tanking that surge of ghouls, that probably let her and Avira actually stay mostly unmutilated, THE WILL OF THE DICE ASIDE.

"Of course taking a breather... may let the others catch up--but I don't want to risk it without tending to our injuries."

Her eyes widen once Avira says THAT little bit. "Not at all--if you hadn't come back for me ... that injury was because of me," She bows her head. "...And Ang's--was for us. But we got here together. And we're still here first. That's what matters."

Once they get a moment, she draws out her pack nad gets to work on her friends, and then on herself.


Pete stands in front of a portal. He rings a bell and shouts, "FREE PRIZES IN THE DIMENSIONAL PORTAL! TAKE A PEEK, MAYBE GET A PRIZE! ALL FOR ONE THOUSAND MUNNY! HO HO HO!"

Goofy off to the side says, "Hello everyone! Gawrsh! Welcome back to Goofy Advice Time! Today's column--beware of offers that seem too good to be true, hayuck! Lets see what happens when Donald passes by and gets this offer."

Donald walks on by and sees the portal, "QUACK!" He says. "You mean that'th has PRIZES? LEMME AT EM! WAACK WACK WACCKKK!" He shoves a giant sack of money into Pete's hands and shoves his head into the portal.

FLASH TO INSIDE THE PORTAL, there seems to be riches, yes, but a dragon too! The dragon breathes fire into Donald's face. He quacks in pain and runs off, flailing his arms as he bursts into flames. "WAACK WACCK WAAAAACK!!" He runs off as Pete laughs and counts his munny.

"Shyucks, that wasn't a good idea! Now let's see what Mickey does in the same situation!"

Mickey passes by Pete and says, "Howdy Pete! How's your villainy going today?"

"Just fine, y'little squirt! Say, there's a lot of munny in this portal here, how about you pop on in and take a gander?"

" thanks Pete! Power is nice and all, but what's really rich is the power of friendship!" He heads on his merry way.

"And now you know! Power and wealth is nice and all, but what's really special is the power of friendship! see you next time!"
Oriane Guado So the male armored one wishes to impede the ghouls even if it meant ill for him? Oriane daintily looks over her shoulder towards the man-tank. "You seem confident in that body of yours. Quite a shame to put such effontery into corporeal matters." Having said her half-compliment / half-insult, the Yevon priestess puts her eyes forward and onto the skybridge before them. She quickly gathers up her front skirts and begins to make her way onwards.

Any ghoul in Oriane's way is immolated with intense fire on behalf of her guardian wisp who seems to have resumed its bodyguarding of the Dark Priestess.

Morrighan, who seemed to be faring well for herself, is subject to an acknowledging look. "Great laudation to you, Lady Morrighan. I am most pleased to see one like yourself in good health." It seems that this was much more a compliment than the one Oriane levied towards Gabranth. Perhaps one should claim magical bias.
Montag The orbs go up and he smirks as he calls out. "Hey whoever is behind that I'm coming for ya!" Sure he's a shinra goon but most shinra goons don't know what the Shinra does in it's black projects after all. Still he presses on opening fire when he can to cover the others as they move.

"This is one of those days." he'll snipe another ghoul.

"So anyone have any idea what these things are?"
The Judge Magister would perhaps say something back to the Yevon Priestess, but he was busy making use of that body she seem to think be a waste to be rid of. Honestly, he doesn't even know what the heck she is talking about.

Because everyone looks good in leather, even the women.

Isn't that right Cirra!?
Morrighan Alazne Well, that worked out rather wonderfully. All things considered anyway. "Hmn. I suppose that was a good choice." A small smile graced her face yet again before she redoubled her efforts on moving onwards.

The group she had decided to ally herself with certainly turned out to be a compentent one. If only Baron had people as skilled as them. Perhaps her stay with them would be much less of a hassle then.

At that point, Orian a given a look, her smile widening a tad. "Well of course. I refuse to allow myself to fall in a place as...abhorrent as this. And I must say, you are not doing so bad yourself there. Your skills as a Priestess of Yevon certainly have been proven here."

"As for what these 'things' are...I have no idea. But considering that they fall to holy magic, I would venture to say that they are of the undead variety. Strange really...they were perfectly alive not too long ago."

...But really, she hoped this would be over soon.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shakes his head...

"Strength always comes with a price." he speaks to Avira, focusing on getting through this to the tower.

"Don't mention it Emi." he says again, focusing, not bantering. The Dark Knight is like a focused weapon, his determination turns into a flourish of motion...and of death for the ghouls around him.

But here they are...ahead of everyone else. This is a good thing, and he continues forward.

"You two helped me as well, I do not think I could have handled this alone. We used teamwork." And everyone knows teamwork is the weaponized form of friendship.
Cirra Constantine Cirra doesn't know what your talking about.

She's alays looked /amazing/ in leather.

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