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Lily's Confrontation with Reize
(2013-02-01 - 2013-02-01)
Reize was asleep for the night, but then he woke up, unable to move. He first thing he sees is a very unhappy Lily
Reize Seatlan It's the middle of the night, likely past midnight. The star shines brightly. With the moonlight glistening at those below. Fluorgis is undergoing its day of rest. It is strangely one of the cold days, due to the winter. With the darkness looming over the city, the once prosperous land has underwent hard times.

...It is a day of rest.

In particular, Reize has been lying on his back, drifted asleep. However, his eyes are slowly, but surely starting to wake up. ...For some reason, he can't help but feel that there are a pair of eyes on him. ...And the fact that he can't move his arms.
Lily That might be because sleeping on top of him, or at least resting somewhat heavily, is the light-bodied girl, Lily. Who is straddling his stomach and sort of laying across him with her arms on his. She had snuck in, boiling anger mixed with panic written all over her face.. but somehow or another, at some point, she fell asleep.

Then she woke up.

And about now, she's getting up, shifting gently to sit on his chest again. Frowning heavily.
Reize Seatlan !!!

It took amoment for Reize to realize that the young girl took to pin him down. His eyes drift upward, able to see the culprit responsible. She was asleep.

...And then she woke up.

As the girl gets up and shifts to sit on his chest, Reize's eyes lift up towards Lily. A sweatdrop.

"...Good morning, Lily."
Lily "Mmmmnghhhh..." Lily doesn't let go of his arms, and instead rubs her eyes by employing her shoulder... then stares down at Reize's face for a few moments, her eyes narrowing fiercely after a bit and brow furrowing. "Aa-ah... good morning."

Reize Seatlan Slowly, the eyes lock onto Lily, able to see her shaking herself off to get the feeling of sleep out of her eyes.

She is pretty angry at him. He's not going anywhere.

Reize inwardly winces, likely realizing why that she is annoyed with him. After she gives her signs of grouchines, Reize exhales a sigh.

"...I guess you found out about my intended departure a couple of days back."
Lily "Hrmngh! Reize, how could yoooouuuu!" She found out alright, if the way she's SCOWLING is any indication. But the scowl is shakey. "You would have just... left everyone... everyone who cares for you, without warning. What would we have done?! ... Where... where would I have gone...? I... I'm really angry! ... and I didn't think I'd feel that way towards you..." Her shoulders scrnch up to match how her voice gets teary.
Reize Seatlan Just the fact that Lily is scowling at him serves as a lesson learned on having him wince. Reize lowers his head, "...I would have been back eventually." His eyes shut, turning away from Lily.

"...Ivo could had handled things from here. Honestly, he's more suited to lead the group than I am." A rueful smile is given, "...I'm sorry... I just wanted to get out and do what I originally planned to: be an adventurer.. But, in this situation, it was selfish of me to consider that."
Lily "You should have asked me to come with you at least!" Lily retorts with a spark of final anger, her hands migrating up to Reize's shoulders to grip and shake a little before she... sags in posture and sighs. ".... I... I've learned enough to see that a lot of people don't think this way but... I don't know what I'd do so far away. This place... woulnd't feel like home.... even Ivo can't make it feel like home..."
Reize Seatlan Sucking in a breath, Reize winces visibly when Lily flashed her anger towards him. It is realy scary when Lily is angry. So it's doubly so when it's directed at him. She would had wanted to come. So would Lenn, Shiki, and the others.

"... Even if my home was to come back, I would not return to it."

He allows that to sink in. "...I wanted to become an adventurer for a long time." The rueful smile continues, "...This place is a home, but... I am not happy living in one place," He finally admits.

"...I dreamed of traveling the world," His expression becomes wistful as he gazes out the window towards the stars, "... traveling further than anyone else, exploring the dangerous ruins, and learning the secrets that no one else knows."
Lily ".. Wha..." Well, color Lily shocked. She leans in a bit, blinking with rather wide eyes. "... You wouldn't... well... I mean, I'd rather you stay here, but I don't know.... I've never seen... wherever I'm from." The girl sadly admits, shaking her head as if to clear it before rolling off of Reize and sitting on the bedside instead.

"... All that leaving this place has ever brought me is pain. Agony and sadness is the only thing that we've found out there in those places that people don't live in, and in-between all of them. Monsters, and the horrible Heartless things! It's really dangerous out there, and it hurts... the thought of just ignoring it is stupid. But... I really don't know. We feel differently on these things for some reason.. a-and that seems normal too! Though it's hard to just accept that..."

Indeed, she's rambling quite a bit here. Eventually, she simply leans back and sort of flops back, using Reize's stomach as a pillow.

"Everyone we found out there we brought back here... but even this place isn't safe. Home is supposed to be safe, everyone tells me that! ... so I don't know if this is really a home either, but I feel safe with everyone here." These words come out in a murmur...

"... why are we here, Reize?" She finally asks after taking a deep breath. "In this world, suffering attacks by a darkness we never asked for... and how do we stop it? I feel like... there's something out there, something important... that can't be done here... but it's scary out there..."
Reize Seatlan Everything about Lily is a mystery. He recalls finding her in danger from the Rhinotaur. She was lost and knew nothing about herself or her world. She never had a name. Reize takes a troubled look while allowing her to peel off of the bed.

"...You're learning." Reize adds to Lily, "We all have pain. ...I have gotten to see things that are not as great as I hoped." He falls silent, however. It is the first time that Lily has spoken so much. When she rests her head on his chest, his eyes widen a bit before he smiles. A hand rests over towads her hair, gently stroking it

"...That is why we have to make it safe."

The boy lowers his head, "Knight's Vow #1: Always help a person in need." His eyes narrow, looking away, "...I nearly strayed from it when I was ready to leave Fluorgis. I can't leave now."

And then, Lily asks him a loaded question, "I... I don't know, Lily."
Lily "Mmmm..." Clearly enjoying the attention, Lily curls up a bit and turns on her side to face Reize while still laying on him. "You mean... pain is a normal part of life...?" She frowns, wrapping both arms around her knees, but the reaction's probably not as extreme as one might've expected from her.

"... nhh... pain, maybe... but too many things are just awful." She winces again, brow furrowing!

".... mmmmh... I was afraid you'd say that. Everyone's had different answers but..."
Reize Seatlan "Good, bad... We can't have one without the other." Reize looks down at Lily while she curls up against him. He offers her a faint smile, just thinking to himself. His eyes fall shut as he thinks over the situation.

"Knight's Vow #14: Even a small star shines in darkness. We'll have to work on easing the pain." His arms reel Lily closer to, then he smiles. "...We'll learn more together, Lily."
Lily "I don't know what needs to be learned." Lily protests stubbornly, but settles in anyways with her head now on Reize's chest instead. "If you don't know it you can't know you need to know it. It's an awful mess..."
Reize Seatlan A laugh is given, then Reize tugs Lily closer to him. Reize doesn't get it. Lily doesn't get it.

"We'll learn it one way or another." A simple squeeze, the eyes drift toards Lily with a smile.

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