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(2013-02-01 - Now)
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Lily This garden is well tended. Tucked neatly out behind the workshop, it has rows of lovingly managed vegetables, flowers, and medicinal herbs tended primarily by Lily, whose white gown's currently quite soiled - literally - around the knees and sleeves.

The seeming teenager's down on her hands and knees and currently got both hands furiously rubbing the yipping and squirming body of the rapidly-growing beagle puppy she named Dandelion.

HOW a dog gets a name like that is a mystery, but Dandy's making all kinds of playful dog noises and writhing around while Lily giggles, enjoying some time to play with her pet!

The gardening for today is half done. Though the area's not particularly weedy... unless, that is, one counts the EXTREMELY crowded corner over yonder where ALL the weeds seem to have been transplanted to instead of, y'know, tossed out, burned, or whatever.
Pumpkinhead Dandelion is a dandy name for a dog, but Emi would prefer to name a dog something even stranger.

However it isn't Emi--or even Imi, who actually spends a fair bit of time in the gardening--she in particular of the Dennous seems quite fascinated by the locale--who steps into the garden this time. Shida has been around in Fluorgis a fair bit, if not as much as Imi, though her reason doesn't seem to be for that same sort of 'Networking' as seems to be Imi's purpose here.

She's the one who happens to be dropping in as well. She slinks into the garden and quietly approaches the 'seeming teenager', tiptoeing her way across the garden. It's not actually stealthy at all, because she's walking along a garden after all. Not the quietest of grounds.

When she gets close, however, she smiles down at Dandelion--who the Network remembers 'kissing' Reize--and Lily. "Um... Is this a bad time, Shida of the Network inquires if you have a moment that is to say, this one was hoping to talk with you?"

She seems a bit nervous. To be fair, the last time she really got a proper chance to talk with Lily was when she was not of the living.
Lily "--Aah!" It might not be stealthy but Lily's attention was quite focused until those last few moments. She straightens out, and quickly bites down her shock to look over a shoulder while Dandelion makes a curious 'yip?' Of protest at the fun stopping... then proceeds to slobbery lick all over Lily's fingers, prompting a giggle just as she should be seeing Shida over there. "N-not now, Dandy! Ahahaha..."

After a moment she just grabs the puppy and draws him in to tightly - but carefully- hug him. Of course he's mostly immobilized, and squirming, but at least his tail's wagging up a storm.

"Hmmm?" Only then does she managed to stand up and turn around, beaming a smile at the 'intruder.' "Talk with me?" The grand smile quickly shatters into a look of dumbfounded confusion. And curiosity.
Pumpkinhead Shida seems emboldenedb y Lily's own smile. In fact, she's practically a different person from that one moment. All smiles lately. But she says, "Yes...this one, ah... that is to say..." She swings her hands down behind her back, looking over to the puppy and laughing a little at his excited state. It's a very adorable dog. It makes her consider pets as well.

"Well, this one wished to apologize. When we met, I shared memories and it really upset you and, really, I was not properly friendly, Shida of the Network suspects. A--downer--maybe? Shida of the Network also wished to thank you for being there at that time--that is, ah, to say--Shida of the Network is appreciative and inquires about the possibility of a formalized friendship?"

She looks away, a touch, rather embarrassed by how 'uncool' she's being--frankly she half suspects she's making a big deal out of nothing!!
Lily "Network?" The term has brought confusion immediately to Lily... and a moment or two later of thinking on Shida's words makes Lily shudder a little in remembrance. "A-ah... that... that... I don't know all of what was happening that today, it was just so much... and so... so..."
R She shudders, then sets Dandy down. The puppy immediately tries to crawl up her leg, however! ... or perhaps that's a hug. It's hard to say. He quickly gets to barking up a storm as beagles often do, and then frolicking through the garden and ducking under some leaves to sniff at something...

Lily takes a few calming breaths though. "It's alright! I'm not mad. That was just... scary... um.. formalized? What does that word mean?"
Pumpkinhead "Formalized?" Shida asks. "Well, that is to say, to ... make...formal." She frowns at that, that's a very bad explanation Shida! But she considers how to best define formal otherwise. She thinks it over a bit, scratching at her cheek. And then with a smile she holds up an index finger, "In this case, I mean--in a sense--to make 'official'. That is to say, perhaps before, we were unofficially friends, but it hasn't been stated as such, as it may have been a bit presumptuous of me to assume that, as such I was inquiring if you would wish to confirm and/or deny a status of mutual friendship between us."

She lowers her head. "This one was not thinking properly." She blushes faintly.

"I like your dog." She adds, in a nonsequitor. She's pretty nervous still.

"In any event, to explain. The Network is--me and my sisters, we are a Network. We share memories, to put it simply. However, when I was dead, I naturally could not link up with them. It was--very frightening for me as well, it could be said, Shida of the Network hopes that clears matters up somewhat...?"

She smiles nervously.
Lily Perhaps picking up on the nervousness, Lily sprouts an incredibly silly grin and reaches out to grab Shida's hand in both of her own and squeeze affectionately. "I didn't know friendship was something that was formalized..." She comments amusedly, then glances down at Dandy after letting go of the hand.

"Come here, Dandy!~ Come here!" The beagle bounds out of his hiding place and right into Lily's arms. "It's alright if you want to hold him!" Lily offers. "Just be gentle--hmmm.." Of course it's about then that the explanation really registers and her expression turns a bit blank for a bit.

"Share... memories... that sounds like a really different way to live, but nice too. I wish I knew what was on a few people's minds all the time. It must have been really-- well, no. I KNOW it was a horrible experience for you... I'm glad you're not dead anymore, however that worked!"
Pumpkinhead "Isaac Hanlon made a deal with the Lord of the Underworld." Shida says. "...This one didn't even know him." She frowns a bit before shaking her head. She DID know him. Except she also didn't. And she also sort of didn't because they weren't linked at the time and yeah, one could navel gaze this matter ad infinitum if they truly desired. Shida chooses not to. Or rather, she ends up not doing so in chief because Lily has used her AFFECTION technique on Shida.

Shida blinks languidly before she breaks out into a smile too. Maybe this is formalization?! Well, maybe that's not really a thing, but she's thankful anyway.

She approaches, that 'nervousness' from before mostly fading away. Matters have largely resolved themselves and while she still feels guilty for the 'ghostly shenanigans', well, Lily seems to mostly be over it too. She ducks down and raises her arms, hoping to coax DAnde into them. She has apparently held animals before--or maybe she's simply calling upon another's memories of holding animals. Dande may be the best dog.

"We suppose it is different than what most would understand." Shida is a bit awkward on this topic as well, to her what's normal is what's strange. But that can't be helped. "You are very kind, Lily. We found that out quickly. This city--and the Shard Seekers--are very lucky to have someone like you with them." This is a bit of flattery, but Shida seems to genuinely mean it--either that, or she's damn good at the flattery. Really, it's not so strange though, after being dead it's very easy to be optimistic when you're not. She's very positive-thinking.

"But we got to meet you." She says. "Are you enjoying your time in Fluorgis?"
Lily Lily blinks a few more times, but offers Dandy into Shida's arms. The puppy, of course, is not really so content to just be held, and will lick all over her arms and try to scamber and wriggle all about, but he seems happy enough.

But as she hands Dandy over, Lily quite suddenly sprouts an enormous blush at the praise. "Ah... I'm really new here, it's nothing that big of a deal! But I am. I really am! There's so much to learn and try and keep track of though. I wonder if everyone has to learn things like this or if I'm just different..." She rubs at her cheek thoughtfully, then shakes her head. What she had to say might not've made sense, but that happens sometimes.

"Ah. That reminds me! The Hades person, with the flame for hair. He has amazing power, but something about him worries me. I hope this Isaac person will be alright."
Pumpkinhead Shida is certainly nervous about the Lord of the Underworld and just naming him seems to restore some of that nervousness in her body. She looks over her shoulder, as if half expecting him to come reclaim her, but he's not there. Hades has honored his deal. Will Isaac be okay? "Truth be told, this one does not even know the specifics of the deal herself." Sometimes they use 'I' when they want to be especially personal and 'this one' when they want to be somewhat personal. We when it's not personal. They're weird people.

She takes Dandy who does puppy things. Shida does manage her 'don't accidentally hurt puppy' roll--she's taking Lily's request seriously and is being especially careful. Of course, this might make it easy for Dandy to escape at a latter moment. "You are a cute one, you remind me of Umi..." Pet pet pet.


Umi looks up, "Hey! I'm not a--SQUIRREL!" CHASE.


"Not as new as us." Shida remarks. "I suspect that's the case though. There is much we don't know too. We've been getting to know this city through the Shard Seekers. In any event, we doubt you are alone in having much to learn."

She thinks for a moment and adds, "How did you end up joining the Shard Seekers? Or, this one supposes, forming them?"
Lily "Oh... well... I fell." Lily answers puzzlingly, bringing a hand up to her chin and rubbing a finger along her lips, eyes slightly glazing over in thought. This way, she stays, for a good five seconds before looking up.

"I really don't remember. I... woke up... sometime, but I don't remember ever going to sleep before that. It was pitch black, except for the Heartless all around. Biting and clawing and pain." She shudders, suddenly hugging herself and shaking her head as it to clear it again.

"I fought them off with magic, but they were endless. I don't know how long it lasted... hours, days... a few weeks? A few months? It's all a big blur of pain... but I remember when I saw a light ... something like a light. I'd never seen it before and I followed it! The light came from Reize's pendant. It had lead me to him. He was in the darkness fighting the monsters too, but he'd found a.. a door out, and I followed him."

Her lips press together thinly and purse off to one side quizzically. "Everything after that gets a bit fuzzy. I remember a lot of green leaves and another big pain then... then I was in traverse town. Reize had carried me there and I've stuck with him and his friends since! There's nowhere to go back to... it's really odd, isn't it? Nobody I've talked to is... like this. Before the darkness came, they knew their worlds. I wondered if somehow I was born in the darkness, but that's not right either. A lot of people are really small when they're born, and don't know how to talk, so that's not it! Ah, I don't suppose YOU have any ideas?" She leans forwards, expression suddenly brightening with a glimmer of hope and curiosity!
Pumpkinhead Even The Network knew a fair bit about their world, and they were confined to one city. Lily knows even less of her world than they do theirs. Though, really, Legion knew a fair bit about their homeworld just fine and what they couldn't experience they could certainly look up.

Of course they're also people who aren't exactly that bothered that their world fell to begin with. They are much happier in the 'fallen' world.

Shida squints for a moment. She's busy holding dog so she can't really reach out comfortinngly lest Dande escape at light speed, but she does bite her lip in sympathy. There's not a lot of information regarding the pre-world but she supposes she might be able to think about Lily's situation all the same. Indeed, they can already think of one way someone might be 'born' in a body that is much more grown than their time living.

"We have some ideas." Shida admits. "You might be lucky, not knowing. You don't have to miss it and this wonderful world is all you have."

She reddens a bit at saying that. "Well, perhaps we are a bit enamored. All that said," She looks up and points towards the gem in Lily's forehead. "We have noticed yuo absorb magic. The Network could be said to be the reverse--a battery of sorts, a 'supply'. In nature, these traits are not typical. While we can certainly not say for certain--well, The Network did not 'live' as babies or children, so to speak, either." Though of course they're still in their 'teens' but they look about sixteen--not really what would be considered a small child. "We were grown." She adds. "And aged to approximately this age so that we may serve our purpose."

"The same could have happened with you, though this one stresses that this shouldn't be assumed to be the case. It is also possible you are a construct or that you simply have amnesia, though complete amnesia is rare."

She smiles. "But of the people here, you and Reize must be oldest friends, if you are from the same world." Pause. "Or--in some in betwene place?" She's not sure which was meant there.
Lily "Construct." Lily quite suddenly makes a vaguely pained face, wincing... and lips squeezing tight about something. She rather suddenly rubs at her forehead, particularly the cobalt blue gem set in it. "I don't know. I don't remember ever being smaller. Maybe. It shouldn't be bad if that's so though, right? You just said that's... somehow... how you are too! Um... Shida." Yes, she got the name right.

"... Did anyone teach you to speak though?"
Pumpkinhead "Oh, yes, we received instructions in our tube." Shida says. Did Lily have a tube??? The tube wasn't so bad. Sure, she doesn't remember most of her time in the tube but she remembers watching other hers in tubes so it all sort of added up to some tube understanding here.

She almost lets go of the doggy. She wants so much to hug Lily right now but instead she's going to have to hug the dog. Dandelion is such a hug thief. Sure it seems to want to get away and traipse about everywhere but we all know that's a trick!!

Shida almost engages in more flattery but she doesn't want to overdo it. Instead she adds, "However you were made, you turned out well, this one thinks," well mostly avoids flattery. "This one also turned out well, and so doesn't regret what has happened." There is, really, only one regret of Legion and that is that there were many who weren't saved at all--but their memories are still in Legion, so they are also not entirely dead at all.

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