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Coyote's Call
(2013-01-31 - 2013-02-01)
Darkness lurks in Montressor Spaceport. Who will answer the call for help and beat back the darkness?
The spaceport was a very busy place. The mountain side was lined with space-crafts of all types. The stars here were bright and the desert ground almost seem to reflected the sky above. However with such hussel and bussel of people, some thing start to take great interest in such areas.

For in every heart, there is darkness, and for every bright light, there is a dark shadow.

For a past few days now, there have been mysterious howls that have crossed over the desert carried by the wind. No one has been able to identify from what or even find the source. The howls come and go. Though tonight the howls, the howls are worse then ever. Out in the desert they carry out, about every hour at first, first it was one. Then it was two. Whatever it was, it was only growing in numbers.

People were starting to get concerned, as the howls become more apparent and soon, the ground started to become dark. The light of the stars fading from view over the ground. Something wicked was coming and one could only imagine it was not friendly.

Soon though, soon it became obvious what was happening. Heartless. A pack of black coyote heartless. Their form black as night. Their bodies slender and long. Their tails like whips, and their claws fiercely, long. They first stalked toward the people. Their gold eyes lighting up the area with the gold snarl, before they snapped their teeth at people.

Then the people ran and soon the Coyote Heartless chased.

Alarms were sent off and chaos broke out over the space port. Who will answer the call? Who will protect the people and defeat the heartless here before they capture poor innocent hearts?
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is always up to taking up any mercenary work around. There's plenty of problems and heartless around after all. Maybe she should change Avalanche's purpose to this, it might sitll go against Shira sooner or later, but until then it actually HELPS people. She should recruit Rinoa for that. And Aerith.

Anyhow, since she got a second home in Traverse, the spaceport is nearby, so its not a long walk to get there and check on what's going on.

But heartless coyotes... that's a new one. They way they howl, she's thinking they should be noises instead... They are making a racket after all.

She punches her fists together, warming up "Well, let's get down to cleaning I guess."
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa was a bit nervous when she heard about the coyote pack. How could she fighta whole pack of heartless? Fortunately, she was becoming a bit braver since fighting with Tifa and Aerith on their many mercenary trips. At the very least, she wasn't quite so averse to fighting. Afterall, killing heartless were not like killing humans.

This job was a last minute decision however, as she was actually planning on scoping out Tifa's new bar in Traverse. But as luck would have it, she found Tifa in the spaceport instead of the bar.

Maybe later they could relax at Cloud Nine..If they survive. She arrives moments after Tifa, smiling and waving at her, Angelo barking at her heels. "Tifa, hey! I'm here to help!" Still, she shivers a bit as she hears the howls growing nearer. Let's just hope it's a small pack..
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou lives in Traverse Town too. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT? Well actually they've been living in Traverse ever since their world fell, even if technically speaking they might not have had 'a house' to live in. Now they sort of do! Except their house is also their business. And with that business came a personal motto. And with that personal motto came helping people should there be trouble, such as with the Heartless or--you know--whatever.

The Network sends two Dennous over. This time it's Umi and Shida--Emi had other business to take care of this day.

"One day pigs, another day coyotes! What's next, Heartless emus? I gotta know!" Umi is telling Shida who is, apparently, smiling and nodding.

"Ahh!" Shida says, spotting Rinoa and Tifa. "There's Rinoa, and Tifa, Shida of the Network recognizes them and their presence."

"Perhaps they are also here to help with this job." Umi nods a few times, grinning widely. "Lets go see!"

Deelel Deelel liked it up here, the tech level was beyond or compairable to her home and it helped the basic stave off home sickness not that she knows that term. She just feels well lost some times. The world's so chaotic and alien to her even for all it's wonder. Still she's here and has made her self comfy on what she thinks are a bunch of data packets (Cargo containers in reality)

However her little distracting and reporting some fo the music she'd heard the night before is well thrown tot he wind. There's something lose causing trouble and it turns out to be a heartless of some sort or a group.

"Lovely, can't get any down cycles in peace it seems."

She has basically dropped in on Tifa

"These outbreaks keep happening, this will have the nasty side effect of making DPS, be seen as useful." What was the basic going on about with that?
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is surrounded by programs! Well she's friendly liked that. She waves to Rinoa, Deel and Emi as they join up "Ready for some hunting then? They probably wills tay away from us if we don't get too close, but that's not why we're here." She doesn't like killing, but heartless aren't really alive either, she shares Rinoa on that point. She rather not get to hitting, but its not like Heartless will actually listen to reason either, she's learned that much.

That's the sound of the amazing... unstoppable... powerful... all together awesome... GIZMODUCK! The Incredible Imbecile himself is here to answer the call. Or something close to it. He's literally taken to the streets, zipping in and out of anything and everything that may be in his way, as well as possible, as he attempts to try and get himself into the location where evil things have been spotted. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the alarms and what not going off, because his own systems are going completely bonkers on their own.

Sirens wail and lights flash as GIZMODUCK arrives on the scene, his tire coming to a screeching halt and immediately his body ejects a number of arm-held items ranging from telescopes to magnifying glasses to binoculars and even a couple pairs of cool sunglasses. They are sent into a furious and wild merry-go-round style Search Mode around the robotic hero of justice as he announces his presence.

"Fear not Citizens of Macaroni Spaceport! Tis I! GIZMODUCK!" He produces his own fanfare from a speaker that extends from his chest area.

Wait. Does anybody even know who Gizmoduck is?

He also does not even know if he's right in the middle of Heartless Coyotes or what. He's looking for the 'usual' style of criminals. Like, y'know, Beagle Boys.
Evja Having actually come out here with one of his two teammates within the Hades cup, the Vieran Judge looks a little less... well, full of excitement than Tifa did. Though that mostly came from the fact that at the moment, he was wearing his full armor suit, minus a chunk on one leg because it had yet been repaired.
Mostly silent, it was Gizmoducks entrance and vocalization that caused him to cock his head just a little, then look towards the Barmaid as if hoping for some explanation. Well, didn't seem like those damned shadows.
The Heartless Coyotes let out a fierce howl, however they all come to a stop as the heroes arrive. Those hold eyes stare them down, before they start to lowly growl. The sirens from Gizmoduck cause a few them of to pounce back and snarl in his direction as well.

The Coyotes seem to caught on which group to attack here. There was many options now of those who had light, who could also make great darkness.

In count there seemed to be at least ten Coyotes here. That was a pretty big pack. They glanced to the women (with bunny), then to Gizmoduck. Meanwhile, people were running past the group, a little kid who is trying to keep up with his sister runs by Gizmoduck and stares up at wonder of the super hero, before he sister picks him up and carries off.

The little boy gives Gizmoduck a wave as he is carried off! Little kids and sometimes not understanding the dangers around them.

The Coyotes let out another howl, before they broke up in groups. Six of them heading right for the one group that was with Tifa and the rest heading right for Gizmoduck. Though they are split up, the Coyotes now attack, each one aiming their claws to swipe at the heroes, a few even snap their tails out like whips to cut into them to keep them from moving easily.

Gizmoduck gets the same treatment, but with four on him. All trying to leap at him with their fierce claws, snapping at his tire, and try to spin him around with their whip like tails.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa glances around as the heroes gather, smiling a little at the familiar faces. Aha, there's Deelel, and the strange girl Emi or Imi or whater. So hard to keep track of! Then there's the cute bunny girl? boy? Evja! She smiles and waves at them all. "Hey, everyone! Good to see you again! Let's take care of this then!" Phew, at least it wont just be the two of them. Should be piece of cake..Right?

Then Gizmoduck comes, whirring in in a flash of lights and looking totally clueless. Rinoa cant help but giggle, as she tries to figure out who, or what he is. "Hey, are you here to help us with the coyote problem too?"

But enough of the small talk! The coyotes approach, snapping and snarling. Rinoa's eyes widen a moment as children run away, but fortunately they manage to stay out of trouble. Then the coyotes spot them and start to attack! Angelo rushes at them, snarling and snapping as one leaps on Rinoa, forcing her to stagger back, her arm cut slightly by its claws. "Ouch!" she yelps, clutching her injured arm as she readies her blaster edge to take on one of them..If only they'd stand still!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart eeps as she watches the coyotes comming their way "Okay, so I was wrong, apparently they are out for blood." She meets the first one that humps toward her with a fist, sending it flying backward. The next one to jump on gives her a harsh swipe across the leg, drawing a bit of blood, but otherwise a scratch in the grand scheme of things really.

"Let's do this Rinoa!" She spins around, sending a spinning roundhouse to the next attacker, taking them off one by one as they attack the small group. "You okay Rinny?"
Deelel Deelel doesn't get much time to respond to Tifa, Riona, Legion or any of the others she knows here as she's once again proving she's not doing so well. The alien creatures catches hold of her and rip into her not really being very plesnt to the basic. She's able tp pull back and flip away before they can do too much damage however. She's not charging back in she's starting to run some commands to get ready for the real fight ahead.

She's gong to try to keep with Rinoa and Tifa from the looks of things with how she's trying to form up with them.
Emi Dennou Umi blinks and looks up as Gizmoduck appears. He... he has a unicycle for feet? Okay, Umi is impressed. She applauds lightly, turning her attention off of the Heartless and onto a robot duck. Or rather more accurately, a power armored duck? In any event, with an entrance like that--he deserves some applause.

Unfortunately, this leaves Umi open! Shida has to push her away from a rampaging coyote, jolting back herself just in time to avoid the coyote's swipe. She fans a hand out and unleashes an electric ripple in the air.

"Y-yes, we better..." Shida smiles vaguley.

"Gizmoduck!" Umi says. "Are you ... are you shockproof? The Network wonders so as to not accidentally fry your brain!"

"Do gizmoducks have brains or do they have computers?" Shida wonders aloud. "ah! now is not the time!"

SHe draws out her rifle. "C'mon Umi!" They fire a quick few bursts from their rifle as Shida tries to focus on those little ripples of electrical energy filtering in the air.
Evja In fact, Evja had blanked a moment, perhaps a few to many hits to the head the other day from Pete with the barrels. Then suddenly wolves pouncing him and Tifa. Well, Heartless Coyotes anyways. Smack, one of them topples him and the other manages to go for the one bit of exposed flesh. The Viera cried out softly before kicking upwards with both legs to at least dislodge the ones atop him long enough to scramble onto his feet and grab his spear.
A quick spin would hopefully dislodge the pack around him enough to let him get /some/ measure of semblance back before they take another chunk outta him.
Gizmoduck "What?! Of course, I am! I am... GIZMODUCK!"

Gizmoduck is all about making sure that everyone knows who is who and why he's here. He is, after all, the hero of heroes! He's a little scatterbrained at the moment, but doesn't really understand what in the world is going on or even happening at the moment. Which is why all of his arms are being yanked back into his robotic body and he just kind of whirls around on his single tire to make sure that he's talking to the right people.

"There is nothing to fear, Female Citizen! Gizmoduck is on the case!" To Rinoa.

"So many questions, Fan of Gizmoduck! All will be answered in due time!" Gizmoduck raises a finger into the sky. "After we vanquish these vile and evil fiends!" This is tossed in the direction of Umi!

It is at this exact moment that Gizmoduck realizes that there's something wrong. Something is attacking him and what apparently will be his allies during this fight for justice! For you see, while Gizmoduck was spinning this way and that way to speak to those gathered, his extended robo-arms and general defenses have taken to blocking bared teeth and swiping tails, all without the duck inside the suit actually knowing or even understanding what is going on. There's some clangs and even a couple of tinks that happen, but Gizmoduck is, as always, oblivious.

"Now then! Where are these... Coyotes?! And why exactly are they Heartless? For you see, I believe that we will be able to teach them right from wrong! Show them the error of their ways! For I am, GIZMODUCK, the Armored Duckvenger!"

As Gizmoduck announces himself once more, he extends his arms out to his sides, but they actually extend in a Go Go Gadget fashion, sending the long arm of the duck law out in the general direction of Heartless Coyotes, without even his own knowledge. He's just promoting himself, again, as is the best way to do things. If he happens to accidentally take down a couple of those crazy coyotes? Bonus.
Rhinoa gets slashed by one, but her attack swings by and knocks the coyote back. Slowly the heartless shakes its head and gets back up, snarling angrily (or so it seems) at the woman and then snapping its teeth at her pet dog who was trying to get in the way.

Another of her attacks soar in and slam the Coyote trying to harass her pet dog, and makes a strange yelp in the process. Though it gets back up and growls lowly in her direction.

Tifa then comes in with a round house kick, the shoe swipes by one of the Heartless Coyotes, hindering it from getting in close, like it really wanted too. It snapped at her shoe in annoyance, before jumping back a few paces.

The two from Legion get out of the way of the first Coyotes attacks, two of them now lining up Umi and Shida. As they fire off bullets and electro-pulses. The Coyotes jump around the attacks, before heading right for them, jumping past their barrage and spin around to face them once more. Growling lowly.

The Coyote knocked back by the Viera, lands into the one who was growling at Rhinoa and they both let out a yelp. This gets the rest of the packs attention, at least the remaining four on this little rag tag group. They charge toward Evja, all getting ready to leap in, before the very spear slashes across them, knocking them all back and into the desert ground. The sheer force causes them to bounce across the terrain, before they all roll back up to their feet and snarl at the women and judge.

Gizmoduck meanwhile in the other 'ring' corner, is apparently tank on a single wheel and the four coyotes find themselves making no progress against the super hero. They bite; denied. They claw; denied. They try to whirl him around; Denied. This wasn't looking good for these 4 heartless and soon to add to their emotionless pride, the hero smacks them around with his arms of law.

One coyote into another. Then those two into the other two, sending them bouncing across the ground before they roll back up on their feet. Those gold eyes stare at Gizmoduck before they growl lowly at him.

Soon they all back up a bit, before they suddenly raise up their heads and let out a loud howl that shakes the air. This goes on for a bit, before suddenly they all leap into the air; trying to use the heroes gathered here like stepping stones, before flipping right down into a rolling ball and trying to slam themselves right back down upon them.

What was this, Gummy Coyotes?

As for Deelel, she is not exempt from this mayhem, They may try to use her as well for the same feet.

Yep, bouncing here and there.
Rinoa Heartilly It's good to have friends on your side. Rinoa smiles as she watches everyone's impressive attacks. The armoured Viera is barely recognizable in all that armour. Emi is her usually chatty self while Gizmo is acting...Hyper. What a strange fellow he is! "Ooh, everyone, hang in there!" but she has her own problems, as she is once again slashed by the coyotes and she gasps, feeling the cold trickle of blood form on her arm. Ugh, she's so not built for this tough fights. But Angelo at least seems to be on par with the fast and furious coyote heartless. "I wonder where they came from.." She murmurs. Did a whole pack of coyotes get killed and turnedby heartless? How sad..

"All this abundance of heartless animals lately..It's strange.." But enough talk..She sees Tifa get hit pretty bad, and she gasps, running to her side. "Tifa!" Angelo also whines and rushes to her side, combining her powers with Rinoa's to shower Tifa in protective magics
Emi Dennou All will be answered in due time? Isn't the 'before i shoot electricity bolts' the due time?! Well, Umi supposes that if she accidentally explodes Gizmoduck, it'll be his fault right? He seems like he could take a shock or two anyway. And she could just aim!


Easier said than done!

"W..wait are we beating up the Heartless with cool robot stuff or educationg them?, this one would be a very bad teacher due to a substandard education!"

"Don't say that about yourself, Shida of the Network advises Umi.' Shida says. "You can be rather clever when you want to be."

"Aw shyucks, The Network wasn't fishing for compliments!" Umi grins widely before adding, "So lets vanquish these vile and evil fiends!"


"Or teach them!" She sends a wave of electricity crashing for the Heartless. "1 + 1 = 2! 2 + 2 = 4! 4 + 4 = 8! Two is the only even prime number!!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart gets tossed around by the assault apparently, but she'll be okay. Just a few bruises right now, but not down for the count. She nods to Rinoa "Thanks!" She grabs the wolf by the throat as it jumps toward her, and slams it down on the ground in the same stride as her punch. Mean puppies need to go back in their house. "I don't know what's up here... what are they guarding, what are they all doing here?" She wonders outloud, bouncing off a wall to bring a hard kick to a jumping coyote's head.
Deelel Deelel causes at the arrival of Gizmoduck "More user security?" This is the oddest thing she's seen in a while and that's saying something perhaps it's due to the tire? Maybe that's it still she's at least alive. She pauses at the battle armoured duck needs a site rep. He has to know what he's doing given the hardware he;'s got access too at the very least. Yet this Gizmoduck could just not have the information he needs. He's wisely asking a question.

She times herself perfectly this time and flips out of the way, for the moment any illusion of being human fades, she moves with machine like motions, not a bit of her moment is wasted as she gets out of harm's way.

She'll try to get close she assumes his hardware has security but she should be able to find a public way in. On Gizmo Duck's HUD the following Phase will appear.

Accessing Archived data.

An image of the coyote appears followed by text. The Heartless are an unknown parasitic entities that fit no biological classification. They prey upon self-aware beings feeding on their hearts to create more of themselves the victims with what current information there is are terminated by the act of their feeding. Threat level high, team work advised. Also they are prone to making use of Para-magic. Military or law enforcement grade weaponry is effective against them. Further update will be provided when the situation has been handled.

The Link is terminated by Deelel as she now launches her strange disk at the creatures while trying to keep still.

"Your will infect no one else today, viri!"
Evja Suddenly Tifa looked to be hurt, and Rinoa stepped in to help. But not before Tifa was already back in action. "Do not hurt yourself, I have this armor for a reason!" Evja stepped up in front of the two before jutting out the assend of his spear and knocking away several of the beasts that came after them. "Let me take the brunt of it, focus on downing them." And at that point, Evja attempted to do something normally paladins did best - cover his team.
Sure, he couldn't exactly do it -proper-, but it was a well-enough attempt, so hopefully he could manage.
Not to mention the wolves thought they could beat him in a jumping contest! "Hah! Nice try, but stay on the ground you beasts!"

Jumping straight up, Evja goes to slam down on top of one of the gummy wolves, attempting to bounce them away with an overhead smash, then another and another, easily able to match their bounces with his jumping training.
Gizmoduck "I've really got to learn how to hand-le those." Gizmoduck mutters to himself as he realizes that his arms have been sent outward and they've reeled themselves back into his body. He looks at them and tries again, making sure that they won't be extending rapidly any time soon. At least, not until he wants them to. "Ah! Much Better!" It is at this moment that Gizmoduck turns to look around at the others, realizing that they may have seen him talking to himself and thus he clears his throat, hurling on his heroic voice again, "Teamwork! That is how we will defeat this Darkness Threat! Follow my lead!"

Gizmoduck is turning around on his single wheel, aiming to zoom off in a direction... when there's a sudden arrival of DATA on his HUD! "AHHHH! VIRUS!" Flailing madly, Gizmoduck activates a shimmering blue forcefield around his body, "Shields Up!" that does wonders to block diveboming gummy Heartless coyote things. He doesn't even know it's raining enemies, as he figures out the stuff on his HUD is... helpful. "Oh. I see. Hmm. Hmmm. Hmm. Indeed. I see. Uh-huh. Got it. Right. Yup." Gizmoduck is actually taking the time to read his HUD, even as his forcefield goes down and he rolls backwards. "Military or Law Enforcement Grade Weaponry, eh? I think I've got just the thing!"

Gizmoduck reaches down and starts pressing buttons on his body, as if trying to figure out which button does what and that's when he managed to activate his shoulder panels. They flip up and open, large... uh... wait... those aren't cannons? Those are... what?


"Alright, you hazardous Heartless! You will harm these people no longer!"

The Shoulder Staplers open up and large, industrial strength, super staples start getting launched in the direction of the Heartless Coyote Collection of Doom with machine gun speed.
Education hurts. Two of the coyotes lands down in the bad attempt to get the heroes, only to be hit with electrical pulses and slammed down hard into the ground. They struggle to get back up. However one fails and seems to vanish, leaving only one more getting up to stare at the two legion girls.

At least that was one of the ten coyote down. Nine more to go!

Tifa attempts them to grab a hold of one of the Coyotes, but it manages to slip by her fingers. Then when she goes to do a spiral kick onto another. That very coyote she is aiming to get actually flips in the air. His back leg paws impact with her shoes, and then pushes right off, before flipping back onto the ground and sliding back with its paws apart. Growling lowly at Tifa.

Rinoa's fellow companion is annoying one of the coyotes who lands down and eyes the dog with its gold eyes. There was no growl, but a snap of the jaw. Just what was that heartless thinking? If they thought at all..

Two of the Coyotes look over at Deelel and her strange disc comes in. They swiftly move out of the way of the disc. Leaping to one side then to the other side. Their gold eyes locked on her and moving in her direction with great speed.

That could be trouble!

Then the judge bunny shows his moves. He smacks the coyotes around with his fancy jumping moves, knocking a few of them into one another and then slams another two right into the two heading for Deelel, which tumble into one another, rolling about in the dirt.

One of those Coyotes actually fades back into darkness after the might of the bunny.

Now we are down to eight.

Gizmoduck meanwhile is showing those Coyotes that they can't just jump on him. The four that had been harassing him return to chase after him once more. Their jumping was ruined thanks to the fact of his shield and the giant flying staples only make things worse!

One staple slams into one of the coyotes, causing it to go head over tail. Another gets pinned into the ground by it. One attempts to evade, but gets spun around in the air as it gets clipped. And the last manages to get hit right in the head. Which its yellow tongue sticks out for a moment and falls right over. It takes a bit for these four to get back to their feet and, well, for that one to get freed.

Soon the coyotes start to run away from the group. This was a good thing right? Right?!

It was actually quiet for a moment, but the group may notice something very wrong. The pack of coyotes were starting to merge. Their shadowy heartless forms merging together into one large Coyote. Those gold eyes stared down at the group, before it growled lowly. Then with a loud single howl. The area rocked almost like a earth quake.

Then there was silence. Nothing.

Nothing at all.

However soon the sky above started to glow and soon followed was rocks that started to fall from the darkness in the sky, swirling darkness that suddenly formed. The rocks came screaming down from the sky, slamming into the ground below like massive rain storm of deadly rocks. Crashing here and there.

As for the now one big Coyote, he was slowly padding his way back toward the group.

Thankfully for Tifa and Rinoa, they had a Judge defender.
Emi Dennou "Woah! SHOULDER STAPLE LAUNCHERS! The Network is impressed again!" Umi nods a few times.

Shida says 'ooooh' as the coyotes murge into one giant coyote of doom. SHe looks towards Umi. Umi looks towards her. They nod to each other once before they hold hands, raising their arms up and sending out several quick bursts of electricity, blasting apart DARK COMETS as they tumble down around them. By the end of the barrage, they seem .... entirely unhurt?! That attack was just too zetta slow, however impressive it may have been otherwise!!

"We cannot let it stay up much longer. Let us 'educate' it further, Shida of the Network suggests.' She smiles and then the two hi-five each other for no readily apparent rason before thrusting their hands one after another towards the Dark Coyote. Shida is pretty basica bout it, sending a quick barrage of jolts for the Heartless whereas Umi makes sure to do a new ridiculous pose each time she fires off a shot. "Under the leg! Above the head! Woo woo! This is the electrotrain!"
Evja For a moment, Evja was almost certain they were leaving, which is why he turned to look towards the two women he had offered to protect with himself. Though the sudden howling and presence of something that most certainly didn't feel wholesome caused the Judge to spin around and stare up at the sky.
No way... the legendary Meteor spell?! There's no way these simple shadows could have possibly revived it!

"GET DOWN!" came a quick, panicked sound from him as he shouted, voice distorted through the mask into a deep, resounding reverberation through the area, followed by him pulling out his Judge Sword in his left hand and jumping straight into the air, vanishing from sight. A series of three spell circles briefly flashed through the air, as did he, touching them with a foot before launching off them like mid-air platforms. Then...
Yes, he literally charged them weapons first, attempting to deflect them away from the group by literally shattering them /away/. Unfortunately, he didn't manage to hit them all, but those that in the process, there is now a smoking armored judge meteoring down into the...
Meteored down into the ground with a resounding crack, smoking armor charred and damaged as he lays in the impact crater, not doing anything for the moment. Dead? Unconscious? Catching his breath? Actually the latter, but not everyone would know that.
Rinoa Heartilly "Oh, what a strange guy.." She giggles at Gizmo's heroics, but glances over at Deelel as she accesses information, "Oh, Deel, did you find out any useful information on these creatures?" how sad that they'll have to destroy the whole pack..Even if they're heartless now, they were once just normal coyotes...

Of course, her thoughts go out the window once they start showing their true destructive power, summoning meteroites to fall from the sky. She cringes and Angelo whines, still in the thick of battle as the rocks come falling down..Then suddenly..

Evja steps in the way, protecting them all! "Evja...Thanks!" she ducks her head as he takes the brunt of the attack, flinching at the heroics. But then suddenly he's fallen and Rinoa rushes to his side. "Evja!" Angelo howls and combines her magic to surround him in a protective shielf. This isn't looking too good..
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is grateful for the jduge interposing himself. Looks like he's built like a tank after all. Not that Tifa isn't strong or resilient, but she's not dressed up in heavy armors either. The stuns and the defense down she received are not really helping thought.

But she doesn't stay hidden for long either, if only slightly hesistating as she spots the giant coyote "... WHY DO THEY ALL FUSE INTO GIANT ONES ANYWAY!" >_< Doesn't sound like its the first time she sees that. She doesn't have any ranged weapons, so all she can really do is move up for a strike. "Excuse me!" She chimes as she uses the judge as a vault and launches up in the air. She apparently picked up a broken piece of railing that she uses as a projectile, Meteor Striking it down like a spear toward the big bad wolf.
Deelel Teamwork is good but for Deelel it's not so good for her as she braces for the impact from the the attack it's just pretty horrorifc really she's tries tp brace herlf from the massive thing falling from the sky on her. She's just about splatted had it bee a bit worse she might just be a pile of whatever she's made of. She's not not sure what she's made out of anyone. Shuch thoughts fade as she pulls herself back up but she's looking pretty badly. She does attack the pack again launching her disk at them but it's clear she's not doing to well...
Gizmoduck Gizmoduck's Staple Launchers fall back down into his shoulder panels and soon enough, he's realizing that things are getting worse and worse. His friends (or at least fellow heroes) are within the vicinity of what happens to be one... big feather... Heartless Coyote.

Gulp. That sound is probably audible to anyone that is close enough to Gizmoduck to realize that he's getting a little bit nervous. Even within this epic suit of robotic armor he's probably going to need something big to handle this thing. "Hmmm. There has to be something around here that I can use to put this Heartless Doggy Down." Tapping his chin for a moment, Gizmoduck rolls back and forth in thinking mode, clearly attempting to see if he can't figure out the best way to make this problem go away.


Tire screeches for just a moment and he looks down: Manhole Cover. "Yahtzee!" Gizmoduck kicks his tire into high gear and starts zooming around the immediate Spaceport, clunking hard on loose manhole covers and tire-flipping them up into his robotic-enhanced arms. Each time he tire-flips one up, though, it seems to block and knock one of those falling rocks of screaming death, sending it off into a random course somewhere else. Even Gizmoduck's swift single-tire movements just allow him to dip and dodge through the Rocks Falling and Everyduck Dies situation.

Gizmoduck speeds off into a somewhat open area of the immediate vicinity, activating a huge spotlight from his body, aimed directly for the eyes of the huge coyote. And a combination of whistling, yelling, screaming and dog-whistling comes from Gizmoduck's speaker system, as if trying to get the giant coyote's attention. "Yoohoo! Heartless Doggy Dogg!" Gizmoduck's tire starts spinning as he goes into something akin to a tornado spin. "...Fetch!"

And somewhere in the middle of his tornado spinning, he hurls the first of many manhole covers off in that direction! And then another! And then another! And then another! And then... you get the picture.

"... whoa-whoa-whoaaaaaaaaaa!" And now Gizmoduck is losing control. This is probably not going to end well.
The new educational attack comes, but this time the massive coyote was ready for it. The two legion 'sisters'(?), focus their attack and the massive beast moves to avoid the blasts. Thought one of the blasts nicks the dark coyote in the face. It could be seen tearing through the darkness, before absorbed into the beast.

It slowly turns those gold eyes to look at Umi and Shida. It just stares at them as it continues toward the group.

Tifa then comes out from no where with a piece of rail in her hands. The Coyote didn't even seem to be looking at her at first, before those gold eyes suddenly snap onto her as she comes in closer. Leaping into the air if saying, 'eat me'.

However that piece of rail then comes out of no where like a base-ball bat and slam the giant heartless coyote in the head. It was like slow motion in that very moment. The rail impacts in, the head of the beast move with the impact. The force was enough that it almost caused it to shift right over and collapse into the ground.

Though as things seen in real time, it was all happening in a split instant and the heartless giant coyote recovers, snapping his teeth at thin air in anger at Tifa's antics.

Deelel throws out her disc which slashes into the Heartless Coyote, giving it some minor cuts across the paws, which causes it to actually step back a bit, before snarling at the program.

However soon Gizmoduck decides to do something a bit silly; perhaps even a bit dangerous. The dog whistles and hollering gets the Coyotes attention off everyone. The massive beast does indeed look in that direction to get the light shined right into its eyes. Those gold eyes go wide, before it shakes its head.

It was enough time for Gizmo to spin off a few of those manhole covers which smack the Coyote a few times, knocking it back, before it has it enough and snaps its teeth at the rest that come in, tossing them down to the side with each pass.

Also, the Coyote is starting to move. Move right toward Gizmoduck. At first it was a slow pad, however it soon turns into a flat out run. Those massive paws moving the heartless coyote right for the super hero.

Well, he wanted the Coyotes attention, but he probably didn't mean to get it like this!

Suddenly the Coyote vanishes. It was gone, then suddenly three large mirrors rose up from the darkness. Then with a zap of dark magic, the mirrors start to glow, before zipping out at quick speeds. The Coyote lunges which way, this way, and that way. Trying to catch Gizmoduck in the middle of its criss crossing, before the final time, it tries to slam its teeth right into the robo-duck.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa glances up at the massive heartless once the dust settles. "Ugh..Have to do something!" She climbs to her feet, turning to face the imposing heartless monster, as she gathers magical winds around her. "I don't like this..It could get ugly!"

She lashes out then, with powerful winds and slicing blades of energy, before unleashing her sawblade into the mix which glows brilliantly like a spinning glowing golden star. Finally, as the saw blade returns to her blaster edge, she whistles to Angelo who hops on and flies towards the monster a second time, assaulting the monster with an explosive blast of fiery magic.

"Take that!"
Gizmoduck Tornado Spins are hard to stop... especially when it has something to do with Gizmoduck. He is, for the most part, completely oblivious to the fact that he's actually dodging whatever is happening right now when the coyote. As he spins and spins and spins some more, his arms extend and a red flag comes out of one of his arms, sending the coyote in and out of the mirrors with accidental Ole! Toro! Ole! actions! There's really no rhyme or reason to anything that's happening with Gizmoduck at this particular moment, as he's just trying to find a way to stop himself from spinning like crazy.

"... whooooooaaaaaaa!"

Gizmoduck's spinning finally manages to come to a halt, his tire slipping on whatever was underneath it and he collapses onto the ground in a heap of robotic heroicness. He grunts a little bit, still dizzy and trying to see what in the heck he can see. "Ahhhhh!" There's a small scream of what would be fear if he weren't Gizmoduck, as all he can see in front of him and from all sides are nothing but a huge amount of Giant Heartless Coyote Beasts. Sure, everyone else sees one, but Gizmoduck is treated to seeing a lot more due to his Dizziness, Mirrors and the Actual Coyote that just happens to be up close and personal.

"Ummmmmmmmmmm... help?"

The phrase must've activated a super mode or something within the internal systems of the suit, because it seems to kick up and charge with a bit more power, humming and everything. On his HUD, targeting icons lock onto each and every Huge Coyote (fake or not) within his vision. The center of his chest starts to glow a bit with a semi-bright blue light, before the panel protecting the power cell of this suit slides away to reveal and let loose with a massive beam of hot burning blue powerful light... shaped like the beak of a duck.

It explodes in a burning element of blue-hued justice, focused and aimed to collide with whatever coyote is in the immediate vicinity... which happens to be a mirror'd one. Ricochet'd to another mirror. And then another one. And then back to another one... and basically, the heroic justice beam is blasting all over the place in one connect the powerful dots style attack.

Gizmoduck's beak is jaw-dropped. What.
Evja "Heh... good dog."
That's a soft mumble that comes from Evja as he reaches up to pat Angelo on the head, tilting the massive armored helmet towards Rinoa before adding, "You too. Though I always was a cat lover." Slowly pushing himself to a stand, Evja begins to glow faintly, shining in the darkness only briefly as the effects seem to wrap around him, from Rinoa, and seemingly from himself.
That dull glow pulsed before he grabbed for the sword and spear that had impaled in the ground nearby him and charged the wolf. Once again he vanished, zipping three times at an angle before moving to try and help the duck armored robot... thing. Still, it looked to be handled quite well, but he was already mid-attack and it would take an impact to knock the Judge out of his motion. Flashing in the night, the translucent giant Judge Sword that Evja carried with him swirled around in a large circle, planning to quite literally knock up the coyote into the air. Only briefly, however, as that would be followed by the Vieran Judge jumping up and vanishing, reappearing above to pound the Heartless towards the ground.
"0LET YOUR DEFENSES BE TORN ASUNDER!" Voice booming briefly, the sword vanished and he grabbed onto his spear with both hands before it glowed a brilliant golden white. Giving a spin mid-air while practically dancing in spot briefly, strangely acrobatic even in that massive suit of armor, a large shining lance shot out of the one he was holding in his hand, again and again every time the lance made a full rotation round him. His aim?

Turn that Coyote into a Porcupine.

If that wasn't enough, the pirouette of lances stopped and Evja plummeted spear first, crashing into the ground before jumping up again and crashing down, again and again and again, looking like some kind of kid on a pogo stick.
Tifa Lockhart Gizmoduck getting its entire attention, apparently, gives her enough leniance to land on top of the Coyote's head. Standing atop of the giant monster, she has all of the time in the world to aim her punches straight down into the coyote's head. A rapid fire of punches (you can almost hear the ORAORAORAORA from where you are). "BAD DOGGY, BAD!"
Emi Dennou Mirrors!

"...W...why is it staring at us?" Umi asks of Shida. They're just beating up a giant wolf Heartless DON'T JUDGE THEM OKAY. Either way, they're going to have trouble aiming with the zippity doo da of the wolves, and Roboduck there along everything. And to make matters worst, Gizmoduck never said how vulnerable he was to high bursts of voltage!

The two look towards one another and then back towards the wolves who are getting pummeled.

"Can you do the Railgun?" Umi asks of Shida.

"This one hasn't tried it before... but will give it a go?"

And so it goes! She flips a coin into the air, a hefty electrical charge building up as she suddenly propels the coin via super-powerful magnetic force and...

---ends up flicking it wrong. It bounces into the mirrors, cartoonishly (despite this making no sense in physics), bouncing across them as it's reflected, possibly powering into Roboduck, but also just as likely bouncing off him to collide into the wolf heartless.

Shida looks a bit horrified.
Deelel Deelel is not fairing very well she's not been fairing well in combat late, she's wondering is she losing her edge or has she pushed it too far given she's not a security program. Could her function be catching up to her? She doesn't honestly know but she's not one to sit there and wait for the end. She's never been like that. the strange iron duck is allive stil but he's in a bit of trouble she see's not sure which is real or which isn't? Bue she does go after one.

"It's like your code is glitched you keep coming you keep getting deleted you think you'd have some sense of self presveration.

She leaps for it and holds on to her disk thsitime attemping to cleave right thought.
Gizmoduck sets the stage for the finally with the Coyote. It was so focused on the duck, that when Rinoa's attack flies in it smacks the Coyote almost cold. Her little puppy apparently was a fearless hero in her own right and the Coyote almost went back into the mirror that was starting to crack.

Then it was over with the sudden Gizmoduck lash out of beams everywhere. /Everywhere/. They bounced around, each beam causing the mirrors to crack and splinter. Those beams eventually all converged right on the heartless. It was frozen in the beam, being slowly torn apart in bits of shadowy wisps from the impact.

This gave enough time for the Judge and Tifa to move right in. Tifa slammed it right to the ground with her hammering punches. Each one causing a part of the darkness to flick right off. Each strike pushing the giant Coyote closer to the ground once more.

The lances and jumps pierced right through the giant Coyote. Starting to place holes in its form. The damage far to great for it to recover from. It was slowly starting to dissipate, but it was trying to recover. Oh, how it was trying.

Deelel's disc then comes sailing in. It cuts right through the mid section of the beast, before it boomerangs around to come in through another part of the midsection as it heads back to its owner. The area starting to glow with minor bit of light; which causes other damaged locations to do the same.

Then here came Emi's attack. The coin being sailed at extreme speeds. It punctures through the mirrors, breaking them completely to be shattered back to darkness. The shot blasts a hole right through the Coyote's mouth and right out of the back of its neck. The sheer force was enough to end it all. Each location of damage starts to glow brightly.

There was rumble around it, before suddenly with a bright light. The Heartless explodes. It explodes into a fine mist of dark wisps, before those start to slowly wink of existance. With each of the wisps fading. The sky slowly started to return to normal. The desert grounds once more starting to reflect the bright sky above.

Soon as the final wisp faded away, everything soon went back to normal. The darkness was defeated. The spaceport was saved, and the people who watched; those brave souls who hid in safe places during the assault all came out and started to cheer. Cheer and whistle. The night was saved.
Evja When Evja lands and finally stays landed, it's with a resounding thud before he simply leans against his spear, tip digging into the concrete beneath him. Even with the armor, he seemed... tired. "Hah... hah..." Not laughing so much as panting.
Gizmoduck Gizmoduck's arms are covering his face and everything and when the smoke clears and the Heartless is gone, he peeks out from behind his arms. "... Hah!" And then he's bouncing up and onto his tire, dusting himself off as all his panels and things fold back down into place. "And let that be a lesson to you! Nobody messes with GIZMODUCK! And his Wheeled Warriors!" Gizmoduck fanfares again from his speakers to promote all those that helped him. "Er... Non-Wheeled Warriors, I mean!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart pounds the big puppy into oblivion, the heartless dissipating away after being defeated as always. She phews, landing down on the ground swiftly. She walks over to Evja, a pat on the shoulder "Good work, thanks for the save back there." She blinks a bit at Gizmoduck "I certainly don't have wheels, but you did good too."
Deelel Deelel looks at the thing finally goes down and she puts her disk on her back but she's not looking too good. She's found she takes longer to recover from a fight here than back on the grid. It's something that is worrysome to her but what can she do, right? She does look over to see if everyone is all right, she does take a moment to down a potion and looks over to Gizmoduck.

"Non standard tactics, seem to have worked. Oh you need more data on the heartless don't you. They have proven to be a menace. If you have a moment Gizmoduck that is. Interesting combat armor as well."
Emi Dennou What an amazing superhero. Even if he's a bit of a quack.

"That was amazing!" Umi says. "If I wasn't already someone's sidekick, I'd totally sign up." She bobs her head, crossing her arms. She hrms and hrms and nods several more times.

"Of course we have no idea why there were Heartless here, but of course Heartless are always milling about so really there's nothing to ask, Shida of the Network reprimands herself." She bops herself lightly upside the head.

"You have a unicycle for feet, how do you keep balance!" Umi asks.
Evja "Mmph, sure. Glad to be useful. Magic is not my best area, though. It hits... a lot harder than other such. Ugh, now need a good bath among other things." Slowly raising up proper, he tucks his spear away and then asks, "Shall you be returning to your bar soon? If so, I suppose I can accompany you unless you would rather on your own."
Gizmoduck "It's a very special and complicated design! One that takes extreme talent and stylish grace! All traits that Gizmoduck has in spades!" Gizmoduck throws his hands onto his hips as he seems to not be in danger of falling or anything close to that, while he's just standing there on his tire. He's not even rolling back and forth or anything. "It also helps if you've mastered driving a stick shift." That might be a joke. Who knows. "But! Fear not! Wherever there is Heartless, I will be there to assist and destroy. You can always count on GIZMODUCK!" What is he even talking about. And he's not ignoring Deelel's chattering right now, it's just that he's playing to what he sees as adoring fans.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head to Evja "Appreciated, but its not far away, I'll manage, unless you need a drink after all of this of course." She smiles, moving toward the exit "Magic isn't my strong point either.
Evja "I most certainly would not mind such. Plus, I would rather depart before too many people wish to thank me. I... have done little worth thanking." And with that, Evja shoulders his sword and moves to wander at a walking pace along with the Barmaid.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "Every little thing counts you know, noone is dead weight unless they do absolutely nothing. Even a single hit can mean the difference sometimes.
Emi Dennou Umi oohs and ahhs.

"Haven't done that," Umi admits to shida.

"It was nice meeting you, Gizmoduck." Shida says. "The Network will leave coolly now." They bow their heads and head on off.
Deelel Deelel says "So long as you can be effective, that's what matters right? Gizmoduck." she has no idea what a stick shift is is sadly. It's technolog that never really existed on the grid. She looks over to Rifa for a moment and then she tilts her head for a second at the brawler before returning to the duck.

"I will not be attempting to access any secure systems on the armor but I think you will be in need of this information." She gives Legion a wave as they head off before attempting to gives Gizmoduck the data. He's find a more organi3ed files on comon heartless, Shadows, and a few other types generally enough to be able to figure out if something is a heartless also some information on the shadow lords and their moving against various worlds. They control the heartless anve have consumed a number of worlds. Along with a few profiles of openly known shadow lords.
Gizmoduck Gizmoduck offers a hearty salute to any and all that are making their way away from the former trouble. "Good day to all! The future is ours! Heroes United!" And other random phrases of positivity come forth from the Gizmoduck. His suit takes all this information that he's being given, filing it away for proper use and such when the next battle is afoot. "Perhaps it is time that GIZMODUCK ride off to find more Heartless to defeat!"
Deelel Deelel says "I need to get going, I need to get some down cycles. I been pretty hard on myself. Oh ya, the ID's Deelel." She pauses pulling a strange rod off her leg. her body moves a bit and shifts postion as a light forms about her into some sort of motor cycle and away she goes.

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