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(2013-01-31 - 2013-04-15)
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Faruja Senra Hobble hobble, grumble. Hobble hobble. Love life in a rather complicated tangle, and now not able to help a fellow Shard Seeker due to his linger injury, Faruja has been in a rather grumpy mood. Ever faithful, the ratling has decided to cure this by a visit to the Church. Morning sermons were pleasant, and desidedly non-denominational, and so by the time Faruja leaves he's in much higher spirits.

It's not to remain, however, as a loose cobblestone catches his foot. Thud! Down goes the Burmecian into a pile of rat. A small squeak of surprise, followed by a sigh.

"...One of those days?"
Evja "If you keep falling down... someone will trod upon you eventually."
Looking up would reveal, if he recognized 'her', someone he knew. That Vieran Judge, though at the moment, he was wearing something different than before. He was wearing an extra-thick extremely long cloak that covered him completely from the waist down, while his face and head was covered, in a typical 'Assassin' or 'Sniper' manner, with a wrap around the face from the nose down and a cap of sorts atop the head, hair left free to hang down.
Evja had squatted a bit after saying that, extending a single thin hand towards him, an offer to lift him up.
Faruja Senra Peer. Looking up, a feminine form graces the rat's gaze. A small smirk comes to his muzzle. "At this rate, I shall become the Shard Seeker's welcome mat. Good 'morn, Lady Evja."

He'd seen such looks before, mostly in Fluorgis. Taking the hand, he slowly stands up with some help from his cane. A brow rises. "What brings you to Traverse? Seeking an errant Clan?" Though his previous offer had been ignored, he's not going to let a second opportunity pass.
Evja Evja actually didn't immediately let go of the hand, though once he was certain he was stable, he did retract it, long thin fingers only briefly crossing the back of the others. "I have been residing here as of late, for no better place to do such. I have no means of transport, no Chocobo nor the Munny to pay for such, so I cannot stay else and be nearby for when the Hades Cup is to begin proper."
If he knew anything of Fluorgian fashion, or rather tastes, he might even recognize the outfit was a Judicier's Coat, custom tailored into a cloak that could cover the Viera entirely.
"That, and I have spent the past several days searching for an armorer who was capable of rending my torn armor from my leg. It was... quite hard to find one with the means to do such given how sturdy it is." That actually got a sigh from Evja, perhaps finding the benefit of an almost impenatrable armor a burdon at times.
Faruja Senra Faruja briefly considers kissing the Viera's hand, but decides against it. This was a lawkeeper, a Dame. He doesn't know enough about Viera culture to say whether it'd come across as an insult!

"Well, 'tis as good a place as any then. Should you need it once this tournament is over, I would be most happy to fly you to your next destination if your path crosses my own. Arista has enough room upon her back." A good Ajoran helps the less fortunate.

Scanning her again, Faruja winces. "Ahh, yes, 'tis a true pity when one's protection decides to turn traitor against thy own flesh." He finds himself rubbing a spot beneath his shoulder. He's quite used to his own armor shattering in all the wrong ways.

"But better than a blade through the chest."

Pause. Hmm. "Do forgive my ignorance, but 'tis Vieran custom to cover onesself so? Those I have seen in Rabanastre are far more..." Pause.

Evja It might be hard to discern too much facially from the reclusive Viera, only his eyes and the area close visible. Which does say a lot, but still, not as much as other slight que's. "I am surprised at you, Senra. I did not think you would so boldly ask to see me in a state of undress." This was simply a jest on Evja's part as he spoke softly still, but he was good at maintaining his disguise, including having something of a personality developed for it. At least, as far as these things went.
"But, no... I am both not from that land, and as well I am... not fond of my body. It would mean little to one who is not of my people, but I do have my reasons. Please do not inquire to others of this, though, or as to why a Viera would feel the need to do such."
Faruja Senra A little squeak escapes his muzzle, face flushing beneath the fur and a drop of blood dripping down his nose. Turning away, he yanks out a handkerchief. Given the light stains upon it, this is a usual occurance for the feminine-awkward Templar. "H...hardly would I be so rude! Not that you are no doubt a beautiful Lady! Most attractive, indeed, I..." Frown.

Sigh. His ears droop. "I think I shall shut my muzzle before I continue to make a fool of myself." Wise move indeed, rat.

Ahem! The Templar picks up his shattered dignity, and offers a half-bow. "No doubt, M'Lady, no doubt. I shall respect your privacy, of course. 'Twas merely curious, given the number of Viera in Fluorgis and Rabanastre. To learn of the cultures of both subsets would ease my interaction. 'Tis so easy to accidentally insult another when one is ignorant."

He doesn't comment on the 'not liking one's body' bit. Somehow, that feels wrong to the rat. She, after all, has everything in one piece if nothing else!
Evja Smiling faintly, Evja walks up to Faruja and leans down to press a kiss atop his head, even though it is through the veil over her face. "It is fine, I am still alive after all. Everyone feels the need to show off a bit at some point. Viera do not mind this because it is simply a part of us, we have our attire that is comfortable and pretty. And I am from Fluorgis, originally, so I have worn such clothing. You are welcome to picture me in your favorite outfit, if you are the type to enjoy such."
Yes, now Evja was simply teasing the poor rat, finding it amusing. Unfortunately for Faruja, he was one of those types that Evja felt completely safe around, one who wouldn't press him to matter what happened. The thick veil hid a smile as he leaned close and whispered something before turning around and walking off towards one of the eateries.
Who could tell what he whispered, but given his track, it was likely something meant to fluster Faruja.
Faruja Senra That blush of his might seem permanent upon the chaste smooch. He's briefly reminded of his sister. A hand clenches, old frustrations seeking to overwhelm him.

Only to be swiftly dashed. Drip. Drip. Faruja's forced to pull out the handkerchief again upon mentioning the Viera and traditional outfits. A slightly far-away look might indicate teasing success! He coughs, tail smacking against his ankles to wake himself up.

Manners, rat! Manners. "Then once the tournament has finished, I shall escort you there." Laying it on thick for the purposes of getting a Judge for his 'Clan'? A bit. But the rat's desperate, given the political weight bearing down upon the Shard Seekers.

Then she whispers. Faruja's single eye goes wide. His tail lashes gently, ears red inside as he folds them back almost to the point of pain.

The Viera begins to walk away. Stare. Tumble, thud!

"...Oh, Lord save me from the fairer sex."
Evja Evja looks back over his shoulder only to sigh, turning and walking back to assist Faruja in standing. "You really should see about healing yourself, Senra." This time, though, Evja doesn't let go of his hand, instead quietly insisting on holding it to keep him up. "In fact... I am now curious why you haven't healed yourself fully with your magic."
Tug, tug. That 'leash' is used to pull him towards where Evja was going towards, a small drink shop off to the side.
Faruja Senra Faruja doesn't have much of a choice here, and lets himself be dragged along. Evja gets a nod. "I assure you, I /have/. However, healing a bone is far more difficult with magic than simple wounds of the flesh. If one over-does things, then it grows too stiff and only becomes more prone to breaking. For one such as myself, that could end my career. And while I like to think myself skilled, I fear to take such risks. Natural healing results in resistance to such fractures."

Then, they're at the drink shop. His tail reaches out, pulling up a chair for Evja like a proper gentlerat.
Evja To that, Evja simply nods, accepting the seat contently. He had the urge to say something, but resisted, instead pulling up the seat from nearby right next to him, leaving Faruja a place to sit, albeit with it meaning he now had to take said seat next to the Viera. "I think I will get a seasalt smoothie... they are strangely good. Would you like some too?"
Even after he sits, Evja makes no effort to dislodge the hand. Had he forgotten? Doing it on purpose? Well, that's up to Faruja to assume. Who knows, maybe he's just trying to make certain Faruja doesn't topple over.
Faruja Senra Aside from Pixi, Faruja doesn't know many viera all that well. Thus, when her hand lingers, he can't help but stare at it a touch. Could it be a Vieran custom? Would he be breaking protocol if he removed it? By now at least having the basics of diplomacy, he lets the woman take the lead rather than risk cultural misunderstandings. Tail wrapped about his chair lightly, he angles the seat enough to stretch out his bum leg.

Two ears perk up. "Why, M'Lady, that would be delightful!" Really, those things are delicious. She might even hear a light stomach rumbling.

"My treat, hmm? For your kindness and bravery."
Evja Oh? Someone buying /him/ a treat? That is a change, but not one unwelcome. "Of course, I would not mind in the least."
And here Evja relaxed a fair bit. If anything, the Viera simply looked comfortable, hand squeezing a bit before he gave an audible 'oh' and looked down to Faruja's hand that he was still holding. "I had actually forgotten about such, and yet... here you did not mind in the least. How embarrassing." Even as that comes, though, the hand remains. And, for a brief moment, there is a pang of guilt that runs through Evja for teasing Faruja as such, at which point he loosens his hand and goes to pull it away. "I suppose it is bad manners to keep teasing you so relentlessly, though. I cannot imagine there is something more frustrating than a Viera who does such. Is there any way you might think I could make it up to you?"
Faruja Senra A waitress comes by, and takes their order. Oddly enough, she giggles as she leaves.

Faruja looks away at the Viera's words, taking back his hand as its released. So relentless, this woman! He finds himself rubbing his hand. So soft and dainty!

"...I..I am forgetful today." Comes the utterly lame excuse. One of the other patrons chuckles. Faruja glares.

But to see the Adjudicator relax is gratifying. She's good company.

Faruja finally chuckles, tension bleeding out of him. He smiles good naturedly despite his flush, and tries to take the teasing in as much stride as he can.

"Oh, I am quite used to frustration." Zia, Hati, the Burmecian girl who he converted a little too well. He rubs his head thoughtfully. Ears fold.

Slowly, he perks up. "Actually, if you do not mind a slight wait, there /is/ something you can do for me. I would like to learn your foot technique. My leg should be healed in about a day or two."
Evja Hand finally left on his own, Evja looks down at it a moment as if considering, then takes a deep breath and puts his hand down again, resting on the arm of the chair bewteen the two of them as he leaned back, face up to the sky. His eyes were closed at this point, perhaps lost in thought. When he finally spoke, it was regarding the request.
"What are you speaking of, exactly?"
Faruja Senra The rat makes a leaping motion with his good leg, remembering well how she demonstrated her ability to leap within the Arena and outside of it. His tail flickers, the male turning briefly as their drinks arrive. Siiip. Ahh.

"Salty, yet sweet. 'Tis enough to confuse my tongue."

A hand gesticulates. "Your curious ability to leap thrice within the air. Having to rely on a Warp spell to change my angle and height mid-jump is taxing. Not to mention the fact my momentum is conserved." Wince. He'd slammed into a wall more than once while Warp-Jumping.
Evja Evja takes a moment to consider this, then says softly, "It is... a trick, at best, and one I can sadly not pass onto you without giving you the very shoes I wear." Reaching down to lift up a side of her robe, she shows off the very greaves she almost always tends to wear, though they look like they are broken down - the armor that is visible while in the Judges attire is gone, all that is left is what appear to be many clasps and straps and a blue clothlike slipper.
"A very, very rare item within my land, something known as Faerie Shoes. When you saw me blinking, that was this. My method of jumping is actually a trick I have learned in my time using these very shoes. I... could likely do it without them, but I have not tried since I have become accustomed to using them as a crutch."
Faruja Senra Looking to the slipper, Faruja considers it briefly, dissappointment clear in his eye. "You give yourself too little credit, I think. 'Tis a great advantage, particularly against other Dragon Knights. You would be a fearsome opponent indeed."

A shrug, and he turns his gaze to the Viera's eyes, lest he risk staring. "Though equipment oft breaks at the most inopportune times. I would suggest learning to do so without them. In that case, then simply allow me the pleasure of your company every now and then. Your calm demeanor is...refreshing. While I do so hold the Shard Seekers dear to my heart, close as kin, they are an excitable bunch in their own individual ways."
Evja "Mm... that is true." A sip of her smoothie is taken, then Evja stretches a bit and suddenly seems a bit restless. "Hey... would you be willing to take me to Fluorgis, Senra? I would be willing to pay you, or show you my thanks in some fashion, of course. It has been far, far too long since I have been to my home and I would like to see for myself what has become of it. And... perhaps I can get in contact with some I know there and see if any are willing to part with a set of their own Faerie Shoes."
Faruja Senra Faruja shifts lightly, before nodding. "'Tis your home then. I feared as much. Think naught of it, 'twould be my honor. Nay, dear Adjudicator, 'tis I that should beg you to come. The great Trade City has been troubled as of late. Heartless stalk it in greater numbers for reasons we cannot fathom. Adventurers have been stolen from its streets. My companions and I seek to defend it as we are able, however, every stout blade and heart is needed."

Managing a smile, he nods. "Ahh, that would be useful, thank you. Let us drink, then, and prepare from there. 'Tis something of a flight. Have you ever flown upon a wyvern? It is an experience none should be denied!"
Evja That brings a smile to Evja's face. Knowledge that he would get to see his 'home' again. "No, I have not flown upon a wyvern. I think I shall when you let me, however. Also... thank you." When Evja says thank you, the Viera leans in and unless Faruja pulls away for whatever reason, presses a strangely tender kiss on his lips. Which would actually linger there for several long moments.
"It will be a weight off my mind." Evja still had that veil across her face, however, so it did actually somewhat limit what an attempt at a kiss could actually do.
Faruja Senra After wounding the heart of another, however accidentally, the sight of one lifted up by his actions fills the rat with pride. Now if only the Holy Knight could do this for the dark wolfess without being untrue to the gargoyle that has claimed his heart!

To say Faruja is conflicted as veiled lips press to his own would be an understatement. Just like the last time he'd been surprise-kissed, he stiffens. Tail clenching the wood of the chair, it creeks beneath the surprised ratling's grip. Moments pass, the rat pulling away eventually. Flush quite renewed, his certainly seems happier for it! A few mental notes etched into his brain as well, should he ever get to use it on a certain gargess.

The ratling clears his throat, trying to make his blush go down as he rapidly drains the smoothie. He regrets it, as it only makes him more thirsty. His head tilts. "...How devious." Make your customers thirstier so they buy another. How devious.

"To reunite others with their homes is why the Shard Seekers were formed." Not exactly right, but it's close enough. The rat pays the waitress, standing.

"Let us drink like this again. I should like to learn about your homeland some time, mayhap share my own if you would indulge me. For now, I shall see to preparing to leave. By your leave, M'Lady." He half-bows, before taking Evja's hand to kiss it properly should she not pull away.
Evja Unlike Faruja, Evja was much less embarrassed by such things. Sure, he didn't get kisses often, actually almost never, but hardly embarrassed by them. He let the rat take his hand before nodding, "Go ahead, it would be counterproductive of me to stop you now. And I imagine I shall have the entire flight there to talk? Mm... I wonder if the spots to ride are separate or tucked right against one another."
Another ploy, albeit subtle, to leave Faruja thinking about things when he prepares for the trip back. Did he want an excuse to have Evja right up against him during the flight? Or would he be polite and put the place of sitting further away?
Not that Evja would mind either way, but he /was/ curious just how it would be set up.
Faruja Senra Faruja strokes his chin, pondering a moment. The question is taken quite seriously...especially considering the temper of his decidedly violent mount.

A short nod. "'Tis entirely possible for you to sit upon Arista's lower back if necessary for your comfort. However, with all due respect, I would suggest remaining close and holding tight. My wyvern is...oft difficult, particularly with unskilled riders aboard. She does not take reigns, you see. I would not wish you to fall to your doom!"

With that, he relinquishes her hand. "Lord bless you dear Adjudicator Evja. I shall see you upon the morn, then!"

With that, the rat departs.

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