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Ham Radio
(2013-01-30 - 2013-01-31)
DJ Zero has been having trouble getting the good word out there lately. Whenever the Zero Hour goes on the air, he's pestered by a horde of Pig Noise, apparently attracted by his broadcasting spell! Can his hastily-assembled ragtag band of heroes avert the aporkalypse of iBacon?!
11:55 P.M.

The call went out to all Players and gifted people in Traverse Town and beyond, carried through the air-waves from mouth to ear and ear to mouth again. The message was simple: DJ Zero, the man behind the Zero Hour radio show, needs your help.

The Zero Hour Studios, such as they are, are currently housed in a run-down, abandoned building in District 1. It's a close approximation to a warehouse, with an office up above the floor full of old furniture, mysterious boxes and empty shelving. The office is DJ Zero's broadcasting room for the evening, with a short staircase up to it and an 'OFF AIR' sign on the door.

DJ Zero himself is a study in bizarre contrasts. He stands a little over six feet tall with a mop of shaggy golden-blond hair shot through with streaks reminiscent of the color of flame. His eyes are concealed behind black-lensed goggles, and he's covered from combat boots to gloves to collar, with a ragged, long-sleeved greatcoat apparently made of a quilt of counterculture symbols and slogans from every world you care to mention. His skin is ruddy and apparently soot-stained, and almost nothing on him goes with anything else, but he holds himself with the utmost confidence.

He's waiting on the main floor when everyone arrives, leafing through an old book. He snaps it closed and slides it beneath his odd coat, grinning like a loon and tapping his wrist despite not wearing a watch.

"Time's a-waistin'," he says, heedless of whether or not anyone listens. "Y'all have five minutes before I go live and things get dicey. Q-and-A time starts... now."
Avira Usually Avira's too asleep to hear this guy broadcasting. She's heard a few times, though, and she certainly heard this call for help via word-of-mouth. While certainly no Player, she does have some experience fighting Noise.

A long yawn escapes her as she pushes her way into the repurposed warehouse. "Heeeey, here to check your noise probleeeem." she drawls, shaking herself awake suddenly as she actually spots this strange-looking DJ Zero guy. He's tall, for one, and tall guys usually catch her attention.

"What's the Noise look like? Drakes? Wolves? Crabs? Minks? Penguins?" Avira rattles off the list of Noise animals she's encounters, ending with, "Rhinos?"
Mercade Alexander Mercade Alexander has been working on getting people together. He knows that they're Noise causing the problem, but he doesn't know the exact details. He DOES know about the way to beat them. Apparently, Players are the best at it, but they're still basically Heartless in the end.

So Mercade advertised. People can beat up the Noise, and they can keep the majority of what they might drop for useful goods and loot. Not all of it. Just the majority. It will be divvied up among the people who come and help.

Mercade himself folds his arms as he looks over the people present, and smiles, shaking his head. "I'm... not actually sure." Mercade says. Maybe DJ Zero is more willing to share details on it, but Merc's never been around to experience the problem first hand.
Deelel Deelel had picked up the word that the mysterious DJ Zero had needed some help. SO here she is she even brings her own lighting. Well from her tattoos at least. If they are even really tattoos. It's hard to know with Deelel fir the few who can understand just what she is it might make more sense other than that? Still it glows regardless of how it works it's working. She's not bothered bt the strange contrasts of DJ Zero at all as she nods to him for a moment "What is the nature of the trouble we'll be facing?"

She's trying to control the urge to poke at DJ Zero's gear it would likely end badly really and it would be rude. "I have not encounted Noise before."

Speers at Avira, she's a friend of TRON's and that's enough for her.

"Humm you have experiance with these Noise, Avira?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has been listening to the broadcast from the Ninth Cloud. Its actually pretty close to the source, this time of night is actually when the bar's the most active, so she can listen to it without any problems. She's wide awake, and serving up the customers while listening on it.

She doesn't really like the idea of noises around though. She had enough of heartless, and she couldn't even do much damage against the noises she actually had to fight. Well, she could still toss them around, but it didn't feel the same really.

After a while, she steps out to check on the broadcast live instead, along with the few customers that were left. "DJ Zero huh, wonder what this is all about tonight."
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou knows DJ Zero's dark secret but isn't sure if it really is a dark secret anymore? But even so it's polite to at least pretend it's a dark secret if you're not sure and if it's not a dark secret he'll probably let her know? Or not? Well there's no reason to not keep the maybe dark secret a dark secret even if it's not a dark secret.

Emi and Umi--along with Shida--have come by to lend their hand, possibly because Umi is hoping there is actual ham to eat here, she's pretty hungry or--more accurately--is pretending she's very hungry as part of her training to become a homeless person. Umi is a pretty weird person. Shida is here because she's drawing little pictures in a notebook she has brought along, presumably for taking notes, and holds it up close to her chest should anybody try to sneak a look.

"What are Noise?, The Network asks." Emi hasn't run into them before.
Ingrid Third A new day, a new adventure. That had been the expectations Ingrid had when she left behind her comparitively childish duties as one of X Middleschool's volunteer safety officers to join the ranks of the mercenary force known as SeeD. The fall of her world had opened the girl's eyes to many truths about the universe that she could never have imagined and somehow chasing down delinquent graffiti artists and bullies swiping lunch money seemed to lose its sparkle when Heartless and creatures out of myth and legend lurked around every corner.

Unfortunately, after all of the training and lectures and arcane lore that had been drilled into them, she still found herself constantly struggling to keep up with the influx of new ideas and events that cropped up on a regular basis. It did not help that her duties as a cadet had bound her to oddly mundane jobs under the loosely defined goal of gaining 'field experience'. There had been little time to just get out and explore and learn.

Tonight was different. After her rather unpleasant experience the previous evening, she had spent most of the day thoroughly reviewing and organizing the patrol routes for the security guards around the beach. It was no coincidence that those revisions had cut down on the number of bodies necessary, thus freeing her from needing to personally be present and she had reported the contract fulfilled.

Now, she was waiting for the next assignment to come down from Balbamb and had some time to kill, which the girl had spent exploring the city properly for the first time. It was thus that she found herself stumbling upon the same strange gossip over and over for the last couple hours. With her curiosity piqued, Ingrid made her way towards the run-down warehouse.

The cadet draws up behind the others, her keen gaze shifting from one person to the other, taking in their faces and names where possible from the chatter. A few of them she recognizes, others she does not.

A hand goes to the bandolier-style orange sash across her chest, reaching for the shiny brass badge there to hold up as she goes to introduce herself -- except it's not there. "Oh, right." It was still lodged in that ridiculous man's boombox. The mental image of Dameon in a speedo flashes unbidden into her mind and Ingrid shakes her head vehemently to dismiss it. Cursed perfect memory.

"Um... hi. I'm Ingrid. Ingrid Third." The girl wanders up to the crowd, thumbs looped through the straps of her backpack as she peers for someone who looks in charge. "I'm not sure if I can help but I hear you're having some trouble."
Isaac Hanlon It's best to assume dark secrets are dark secrets, Dennou The First.

DJ Zero takes the questions in stride. He just kind of smiles and waits, letting people ask and ask. There's a lot of the same thing being broached. He can solve this mystery with a single, simple explaination -- /after/ introducing himself to what appears to be a newbie.

The man in the coat steps to the side of the crowd and grins down at Ingrid. "That would be correct, Ingrid Third -- trouble is the flavor of the evening. I'm the excellent DJ Zero and this is my studio-away-from-studio," he says, gesturing grandly behind him at the... well, run-down premises. "I'm about to do my show, but lately, whenever I start it, I get plagued by Noise."

He slides back to center stage, such as it is. "Noise are a curious brand of creature not dissimilar to Heartless but originating from a place with an equally-curious game being played. Players of this particular game are especially good at takin' 'em out, but seeing as how we don't seem to have any, y'all will have to do. They come in all shapes and sizes, but these... /these/..." He suddenly turns, leaning in and eyeing Avira.

"...are pigs."

DJ Zero straightens and turns, headed for the stairs. "They'll start poppin' up in here when I start the show, which should be any second now. Your job is to take 'em out so they don't bother me. I can't figure out how they're showin' up at the same time I'm enlightening the masses, now can I?" He shoots a glance and a grin back over his shoulder. "Don't panic; they're mostly harmless, but they get into everything."
Will Sherman Will is already laying down on a bunch of broken boxes near the set up. His hat is over his face, as Isaac starts his Q&A. He lifts the hat up once, and looks towards the Wizard.

"They're just Noise, nothing we can't handle. There isn't anything to ask. Hell, I might just catch a nap and let everyone else do all the hard work." Which means The Hobo-king will sit back and mess with fate to give the heros a better chance at mauling everything.

He yawns, pulling the hat back over his face. "Wake me up when you get a boss."
Rosemarie Madame Rosemarie (or Mama Rosemarie, depending on who you ask) is standing with Mercade and the others. She certainly doesn't /look/ like a fighter, really, quite the opposite. She's still dressed about the same way she does when she's running the shop, for those who have paid her a visit. She's got on a dress that looks distinctly antebellum. She even has a frilled fan. It's presently open. She's using it as she listens to the question and answer session.

"They sound dreadful," Rosemarie says, waving that fan again. "But I'm positive it's not something y'all can't handle. You probably won't even need my help, Mister Alexander." She asides to Mercade for a moment. "Seems like you /do/ have a lot of friends here though. I knew you were the right fella to speak to."
Avira Seems the only person that Avira doesn't recognize here responding to this job fortunately introduces herself. Ingrid Third! She...looks pretty young, but that's not really so unusual come to think of it. Reize and nearly everyone in his little group was pretty young. "Yeah, I do Deelel." Avira responds, placing her right hand upon the hilt of the sheathed spine. "Noise and Reapers. If you've got a Reaper plaguing you too then we have some real problems. But I don't think that's the case, is it?"

DJ Zero leans in at her and Avira instinctively leans back. Just something about tall people looming at her...

"...wait." she pauses, a frown upon her face, "Pigs? I've...never seen pig Noise before." She watches his back as he leaves and her hand falls away from her weapon, "If they're mostly harmless, do you really need to get rid of them...?"
Mercade Alexander "Stop being lazy, Will. We're doing this for DJ Zero. We wouldn't be looking for help."

Mercade scratches his chin. "Well, even if they're harmless, imagine a million pigs oinking all over his broadcast? It's a nuisance, and what's a DJ without a venue?" Mercade asks, looking to the others present. "We'll see what happens, Madam Rosemarie. I wouldn't be surprised if this situation wasn't going to be... kosher... at all." He says, with an straight face.
Deelel Deelel listens as she gets the readme on the noise. "Pigs? What's a Pig?" She has no honest clue to what they might be. She seems ready enough though given her luck lately in combat she's clearly got a few potions in the various pouches on her strange outfit she's almost always seen wearing.

"They do not sound good." that pun was terrible and the baisc only realises this after a moment.

"Then we best get ready for these pigs whatever a noise pig is." She nods abotu the Reapers and notices Ingrids here again she gives the young user a nod before turning her attention to Will and Mercade.

"I could always drop a grid bug on him, that should get him to not be lazy."
Emi Dennou "Willllll..." Umi complains about Will's laziness. "We won't get to pig out if we don't work hard!"

"This could be a trough situation." Emi adds.

Shida draws another heart on the notebook, paying roughly negative attention until Umi elbows her in the side. She nearly drops it and instead squeaks, pushes the notebook up to her body and looks at the other two back and forth, who stare expectantly.

"....oink?" She offers.

The other two bob their head agreeably before Emi adds, "Don't worry, we won't do a sloppy job."

They're being called 'Heartless' so she assumes that mostly harmless is not the same as harmless. They might go after hearts right?

Maybe? She assumes so anyway.

Shida scribbles on her notebook~.
Ingrid Third Ingrid turns to peer up at the tall man as he steps forward to address her question, indentifying himself as the person in charge or atleast someone who knows what's going on. She's never been much for listening to radio broadcasts but if these Noise really are a form of Heartless, then she's more than happy to pitch in here however she can.

"Pigs?" A confused tone enters the small girl's voice and she quirks an eyebrow, giving the DJ a doubtful look. Well Heartless did come in some strange shapes, maybe this was the same thing. All the talk of Players and games makes her mind and gaze wander towards the resident Program, though since he just said none of them were present, that must mean she isn't one of them.

Her gaze drifts about to the others as they respond to the information. None of them seem particularly concerned. Mercade and the creepy 'Network' gets a deadpan stare from the cadet for a few seconds. Either they were all way more combat effective than they looked, something she was learning to account for, or these Noise really were just pests that needed to be put down.

"Riiiight. Well, I'm happy to lend a helping ham - I mean hand." Couldn't be worse than fighting hordes of powerwilds in the jungle, right?
Isaac Hanlon DJ Zero ascends to the office-turned-booth. The door closes, and the sign on it rocks gently, now on the 'ON AIR' side. There is a gentle pulse of magic, subtle and insinuating. A small buzz of static follows for just a second. There must be speakers or something inside the lower area.

The clock strikes twelve all throughout the worlds. Radios and phones and communication devices of all sorts suddenly fuzz out for a moment, apparently tuning themselves to something completely different. A sound cue triggers, the tones of the Outer Limits intro playing wordlessly. The regulars know what this one means. The music stops a minute later, and is replaced... by a voice.

"Hey all you guys and gals out there in radio land, it's that time once again! When the clock strikes twelve and the fog rolls in, when you should be tucked into bed and countin' your sheep, when the things that go bump start makin' that noise --"

"That's right -- it's the ZERO HOUR! I'm your host, DJ Zero, and it is my duty -- nay, my privilege -- to bring the truth to your ears and pull the wool from your eyes. For our old hats, I say thank you. Thank you for coming back, time after time. For listening to the things they say man was not meant to know. For being so willing to know the truth, no matter how ugly, and no matter how mad." There is a pause.

"And for the new guys... well. Welcome to the show! A quick explaination for you newbies: while we enjoy the occasional musical interlude, the Zero Hour is here to enlighten the unenlightened and to educate the teeming masses. We've made some changes to the format here in the studio due to our rather forced relocation to Traverse Town, so expect some piping-hot news and juicy gossip to go with the lessons in the way the world works."

"Oh, and one more thing: a special shout-out to the boys and girls helpin' me out here in the studio tonight. We've had a bit of a Noise problem, and they're taking care of it. They're in for a long one, so give 'em a hand, folks at home!" Canned applause plays for a moment. Zero chuckles, probably to himself.
Mercade Alexander It begins with a snuffle. There is a faint hissing in the distance, like static, overlaying as the broadcast begins. The static rises as it explodes into the area, the black and white taking shape as....

Pigs. Snuffling, oinking pigs with a riot of designs. Many of them are quite cute in their own ways, but they do rummage arund, snuffling, knocking things and people over, and being extremely annoying. Several of them are working to try to nose into the ON-AIR booth, where they will probably make hash of DJ Zero's attempts to broadcast!

Mercade is promptly run over by the Pig Noise, yelling as he is trampled by happy oinkers.
Will Sherman Will raises a eyebrow...

He sits up at the bad punnage, reaches over towards Umi, and pats her right on the head. "*Sniff* I'm so proud.." he lets it out just a little, wiping his eyes with a finger...

And then Mercade is ran over by Pig Noise.

Will blinks... "Don't that beat all." he says, watching Mercade.. "Looks like Mercade..."

tWill puts sunglasses over his eyes. "Got carried away with his work."


"...So I guess we just do this the easy way." Will says, and reaches over towards a Pig Noise. And punches it in the snout to establish authority.
Avira Avira's usually pretty asleep when this happens. Even if her phone goes off with this stuff, the sleep persists. She watches him, broadcasting in his little glass booth, a thoughtful look on her face. Something almost felt familiar but...nah, it's probably nothing. Maybe something from a dream.

Slowly, she frowns, hearing noises not being made by the DJ. Honestly, she is listening for the typical noises pigs make to determine their arrival. And what do you know! Here they are.

"Never seen this kind before-Mercade!" The Huntress rushes over to the half-boiled detective and drags his trampled self to the side. "Oooh, that's it."

Avira creeps over to the nearest pig Noise and LEAPS on it. "I'm gonna tear you into bacon bits!" Or more accurately, she'll try to grab it and wrestle it out the door.
Emi Dennou Emi readies herself, she's going to have to roast some pork--

--er... well...actually, they just look so adorable. Ami is already complaining over the Network, how dare you hurt the little piggies. MAybe if you give them hugs they'll stop, she is saying.

Emi sighs and crosses her arms. "A debate has occured within The Network, please wait as we obtain consensus."

And as such they mostly try to avoid the Pig Noise for the most part since Emi can't act unless a consensus is reached. Umi is bouncing on her feet saying, "Come on come on hurry up I want to start punching argghh dammit Ami... You're not even here!"

Shida draws a pig on her notebook, humming to herself as she abstains from this conversation. "It's been so long since we got to listen to Zero Hour, Shida of the Network murmurs while drawing secret things."
Deelel Deelel watches as the show starts she seems to be picking up the show easily enough on her phone or is it som,ething else who knows. She seemingly enjoying it however but she goes to pull her disk off her back and get reayd for the pigs come. The pigs come and and her disk goes to work as she hands on to it like a mlee weapon and lunges at some of the pigs.

Palom Palom, GENIUS OF MYSIDIA, heard that someone needed help with some weird kind of heartless! The young mage is here, ready to blast these 'noise' into kingdom come! As the static rises, he readies himself...

...If these are heartless they're the most non-menacing heartless ever. They need to be kept out of the ON AIR booth though, so Palom mutters some words and gestures at it, filling the doorway with ice!

And then Palom turns to the nearest noise, and reaches out to pat its snout curiously.

Rosemarie Pig Noise rushes the booth, practically hauling Mercade away in a stampede of pork. Rosemarie hops around, badly, trying to avoid them. The fan is snapped closed as she occupies her hands with trying to keep her dress from getting trampled. She kicks at one that starts chewing on it, frowning unhappily. "Shoo! Let go of that!"

Rosemarie points her fingers at the offending pig, a bolt of magic shooting out to smack it in the nose. It undoubtedly squeals. "What a /bother/," Rosemarie protests, "He didn't say there'd be this many, did he?" She frowns and crinkles her nose.
Ingrid Third Ingrid watches the DJ disappear into his office and settles back against a dusty old crate as the broadcast begins. No one has seen fit to talk to her yet and without any real reason to approach any of the others, the girl is content to remain on the sidelines for the moment.

Her eyes narrow slightly at the choice of words used by their host. A midnight broadcast by a nameless man promising to reveal 'the truth'. The whole situation was coming across as very conspiratorial to her but this wouldn't be her experience dealing with a weirdo. Infact, she could probably be considered an expert on people with oddly dramatic personalities.

However, it seems in one regard he was correct. The girl's eyes widen as the squealing tides practically erupt from everywhere. "Crackers! They really are pigs!"

Her action mode instincts kick in almost immediately and Ingrid scrambles up atop the crate behind her, narrowly avoiding the same fate suffered by the elder detective. A quick glance around reveals the sheer size of the horde. "It'll take forever to deal with all of these things." The tonfa baton at her hip is freed and she begins to spin it loosely in her grip by the side-mounted handle. "Guess I'll just have to speed things up abit."

Ingrid holds her weapon firmly, resting the long shaft lengthwise down her arm as she begins to chant arcane words. A colored bead embedded in the black stick begins to glow and green light flows through her body as ancient magic is called forth from the memory of the planet. Transluscent clocks wink into existence over Avira, Will, and Deelel, their phantom hands spinning wildly before seeping into their bodies, filling them with unnatural speed.
Mercade Alexander Authority is being established upon one Pig Noise, but more and more continue to appear, the oinking plague of pigs rushing around and continuing their efforts to get into everything, snuffle, and be cute even as they wreak havoc. They don't seem to do more than bruise people with incidental touch damage, and they seem to be heavily attracted to DJ Zero's On-Air booth and his broadcasting equipment. Several of them seem to be stacking up, climbing over each other to try to nose at the window and snuffle.

Avira pulls Mercade up, and he looks bruised and confused at the moment, but he shakes himself. "Quick, we need to get these things out of here!" Pigs are notorious for being able to open locks and figure out ways to break into and out of things. The Detective helps Avira, going low as the pair grapple with a Pig Noise and fling it out the door. It goes flying, squealing into the Traverse Town night and exploding on impact. A small pin tinks to the ground in the aftermath of the explosion.

Several pigs snuffle around Emi and Palom, looking completely adorable. One of them is petted on the snout and it snuffles happily! And then they rush forward, attempting to run them both over as they head for the DJ booth. Help keep him from being swarmed under by pigs!

Deelel smacks several of them with her Disc, and they reel, shrieking piglike as they go evasive. But it's working, at least!

Rosematie gets her squeal, and then the Pig Noise explodes in static, dropping another small glittering pin.

Ingrid makes use of her magical training (and a Materia, it appears!) to help augment the anti-pig crew and give them more speed! Speed against the assault of oinky doom!
Avira With Mercade's help, Avira manages to seize it by the front legs. Mercade gets the back legs and although the pig squirms and bucks, it cannot free itself from the double-TDA-strong grasp. There's a certan look of satisfaction on her face after she flings it out the door, even if keeping hands on the pig was exhausting!

"Well, they're definitely not invincible." Avira looks pleased, "One down..." and turns towards the rest of the pig Noise, being chased and/or patted by the other people here. "...about one bajillion to go. Hmmm."

She looks thoughtful. "There's gotta be an easier way. What IS attracting this Noise though. Maybe it's something about that booth." Edging around the pigs, Avira starts to look around, and listen, for any clues as to why this Noise is here in the first place. "I hope that DJ booth isn't built over top a horde of truffles or something."
Palom Palom smiles and pats the pig's snout... and then gets trampled! "Augh! Hey! Ack! Gettoff me!"

The tiny mage stands uFWOOSH! And then he turns and FWOOSH!

"Destructionofnaturegatherinflame!" 0FWOOSH! "Destructionofnaturegatherinflame!" 0FWOOSH!
Will Sherman "Something is attracting them..?" Will pauses for a moment...

Noise were painful to look at, people didn't look at them the same way Will was like SEEING pure static, even if the pigs had a form, they were something that /should not be/. He pulls the shades off, and a strange glint in his eyes formed as he looked into the booth that DJ Zero was occupying. What could be attracting them...and could they remove it without disrupting the show...?

The Pig Noise he punched is also now classified as his minion. "Hey you, Piglett. Why do you wana go in there?" he asks his new friend... "Oh and maybe Emi wants to transmit this to her sister, because she can talk to animals right?"
Isaac Hanlon DJ Zero briefly leans to the side and makes hand gestures and pantomime. He points at the pigs, then towards the door, and waves his arms back and forth across his body while shaking his head. He grins one more time and gives the Heroes Of The Evening a thumbs-up. There doesn't appear to be anything unusual near the booth up top that draws them... well, maybe something, but it's hard to spot from down there in the pig horde --

"So, let's start with some news."

"You've probably all heard about the Hades Cup, and the faaa~bulous prize! Now, I could go on for hours about the importance of that shiny rock Hades has there, but it seems to me it needs no introduction. On the other hand, I've heard tell about a monster of legend poppin' outta the woodwork and bustin' up the after-party, with heads comin' outta every which way."

"On that subject, a particular Big Bad Pete has been captured by the Traverse Town PD after one of the events. He was apparently found with a barrel... lodged in his mouth... that had to be surgically removed." There's an awkward pause and a shuffling of papers. "He's currently awaiting sentencing for the crimes of, quote, being a bad guy, being up to no good, and being a downright menace, unquote. Now that's a hefty list right there."

"Before I go any further -- I've received a request for a particular song for a particular girl from an anonymous souce. So, Cirra Constantine, if you're listening tonight, it seems to me you've got yourself a /secret admirer/."

Emi Dennou Emi Dennou says, "What--no, Ami cannot speak to animals, she just likes animals. Liking animals doesn't immediately make you into someone that can talk with animals, The Network apologizes for coming off frustrated but we are having a consensus argument at an extremely poor time."

Shida of the Network hums merrily to herself.

Emi finds herself bowled over by pigs while she's distracted. She hits the ground roughly and grunts, rubbing the back of her head as she looks after the pigs charging about adorably...but destructively!(?).

"...Consensus reached." She murmurs before jogging forward, intending to defeat that pig noise by kicking it in the butt.

"Yesssssss!" Umi charges over, intending to ALSO kick a pig.

Shida lowers her notebook as she hears that last bit from Isaac. "Oh /dear/."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has a rather satisfied smirk at the mention of Pete and barrel. She was barrelled a few times and she wasn't participating herself. No, she's not the culprit behind it, but she's happy with it happening nonetheless. Hey, he's not dead.
Ingrid Third The light fades out as her magic is expended and the SeeD cadet lets out a soft exhale from the effort. From her perch on the crate, Ingrid has a commanding view of the 'battlefield' though its more like a wild pig round up as the adorable noise appear to be doing little more than trampling about recklessly. It seemed a solid hit was enough to disperse whatever these creature were but the sheer numbers were quite staggering. Well, complaining about it wasn't going to make this go any faster.

The conversation going on in the background piques her interest, however. Hmm, if brute strength wasn't the best option, maybe they could trick them instead. "Um, guys? Do any of you know what might be drawing these things here? Maybe we can lure them outside instead." Anything would be better than diving into that mess.
Will Sherman "I am looking for it right now. My eyes are a bit special..." Will Explains to Ingrid. "Gimme a minute..." And then he hears the song from Isaac... to Cirra. "Oh god. Oh god...we're dead men."
Rosemarie Rosemarie continues attempting to outstep pigs. She is not very agile. On the other hand, they don't seem to be causing her much more than distress at the fact they're covering her clothes with mud. She zaps another one with a hex bolt. "Will, sugarplum, you seem clever. Have you figured anything out yet? They're definitely after something, but I can't put my finger on it."

Another pig oinks up behind Rosemarie, who nonchalantly tries to knock it out of the room with her voluminous posterior. "Hmm? Oh dear. That sounds bad. What is it?"
Mercade Alexander "I have no idea!" Mercade yells as he dives back into the porcine wave. guns fire, and pigs go scurrying in all directions as he tries to herd them out of the area. They run even faster when Palom begins unleashing fire! One pig explodes! And then another! The others don't, however, barely singing as they flail around, pigging out. Little baloonns appear over a large number of the pigs, showing little ice crystals, or lightning bolts, or fireballs, or other elemental things! Looks like they're making it hard on people!

Several of the pigs begin oinking to the music as Isaac continues his broadcast. Piglett (who seems to detect a kindred spirit in Will, who is also dirty, eats things endlessly, and gets into things he shouldn't), oinking happily as it scurries to join the other pigs trying to break into the On-Air room. Will can definately see the amazing technicolor majesty of DJ Zero's Broadcast Arcana spiraling through the air... And the pigs seem drawn to it like a trough. There's something about it that's drawing them there. One option seems to be exploding the lot of them, but how many can there be?

Emi and Umi begin kicking some pigskin, perhaps in hopes of getting a field goal! AND IT'S GOOD! Pigs go flying through the air amidst the chaos of people versus pork, and explode as they hit the wall. Rosemarie joins in the flying pig crew as she hip-bumps the pig away, sending it flying and bowling into another pile of pigs, who seem to be getting ready to marshal back up and charge back into the fray!
Deelel Deelel is wondering about Pete but well if MCP becomes mayor she'd almost pitty whatever fate SARGON would inflict upon him. She cna't think about that now too much noise pigs everywhere. She contiunes to launch into a savage assault as a request. She thinks the song is pretty and is happy Cirra has someone. She's got no idea that it's going to being doom to the TDA so she happily goes about her business.

The pigs are contiune to be assaulted by the basic but there's no end to them!
Will Sherman "I got it!" Will says suddenly! "It's the aura of DJ Zero's broadcast itself!" Will says, rubbing his eyes. It's bright, very bright...not blinding, but he shouldn't stare into it for too long, "It's the spell he is using to broadcast everywhere." Will says, punching his hand into his palm. "Hm. I can't do anything about that, whenever I come into contact with his explodes. And I mean...these pigs seem to keep on coming! I'm not really a magician!" He crosses his arms and grumps...

He looks at Rosemarie and then Palom. "So..." he pauses, "You two seem to be apt for this!" he comments, and then back at Ingrid, "Unless SeeD, We are the true heros of the Plains, has taught you something besides victory poses and hogging the credit?"
Avira Avira pulls away from the booth when Will seems to have figured out the reason the pigs are here in the first place. "So they're attracted to magic, then? Or at least, his, too bad that dancer guy didn't come for this. I bet his dance magic would attract all these pigs away."

In the meantime, Avira looks around the office for some paper and a pencil, writing down 'THEY'RE ATTRACTED TO YOUR BROADCAST SPELL' on it and pressing it up against the glass of the booth.

"And really?" Avira asks, "Pig puns? Sow we've stooped that low tonight?" She also procures some tape so she can tape her notice to the glass.
Emi Dennou Umi takes a moment to flick Will's ear for being one level too sassy. She points to a poster on the wall that dilineates the proper levels of sass for any given situation. Will used a 7 when really it should have been maybe a 6, maybe even a 5.

Rosemarie's presence reminds Legion of a question. Emi battles through pig kicking on the way over to her, determined to keep the pigs pinned down while Will 'figures things out'.

"But if he's using it to do his broadcast, then we can't simply stop it--that would shut down the broadcast." Shida says. "Shida of the Network wonders if you are referring to some manner of slight modulation on the frequency so it is not synchronizing with the Noise?"

Emi slides on over to Rosemarie but and asks, "This one has a question for you." She kicks another pig.
Ingrid Third An expression of annoyance crosses Ingrid's face at Will's sudden aggressive remark, her voice heavy with sarcasm as she calls back. "Sorry, I'm still new. Self-Aggrandizement 101 is a second year class. Maybe you can give me some tutoring later."

Despite the quip, she had nothing to offer on the subject of magical theory. She wasn't even advanced enough to learn how to junction a Guardian Force yet, which was why they had given her the materia for the time being as it required only a little basic training to use effectively. The girl looks thoughtful, tapping a finger on her chin.

"Maybe we just need to give them something more appealing to go after? Like another source of magic?" She has no idea what flavors of magic are appealing to pigs, however.
Palom Palom tries to roast 'Drifting breeze... let's make some pigsicles! Blizzara!' He calls down the freezing wind on a grou'Swirling bolts, gather and cook some breakfast! Thundara!' Lighting zapping from his hand to strike the pigs and arc between them!

Palom, for his part, watches carefully to see how the different elemental-pigs react!
Isaac Hanlon Avira puts up a note, and the DJ spots it. Zero puts one hand to his headphones and holds a finger up in a 'one second' gesture to the window. He keeps speaking, and his other hand drops out of sight, moving something on the desk he's sitting at.

The music continues. It fades to an instrumental a little more than halfway through, and Zero's voice comes back at about that time.

"Back on the home-front, it looks like Traverse Town got a visit from a particularly rowdy type who kicked down the front door and busted up VALKYRI HQ. My sources tell me that this White Swordsman guy to be associated with the dastardly 'Lords of Gaudium,' but what he was doing picking on some poor little ladies who happen to be able to kick serious butt, I really couldn't tell ya. Keep on the look-out for this guy -- and watch out for the bottled dragons!"

"Speakin' of bottled dragons -- at least in the proverbial sense this time -- it looks like the Burmecians have finally had enough of their noisy neighbors. Shadowy figures have been spotted giving dark powers to the Burmecians, arming them with weapons some say are greater than any sword or spear you could mention. What kind of cost is this gonna have in the long run, though? These sorts a' things always have a price, believe you me, kiddies. The Cleyrans object to all this goin' down the way it is, but what is a bunch of pacifists going to do to stop mice on the war path?"

The music stops. "Heh. Alright, another quick song. Curiously enough, it's got the /same/ dedication. Miss Constantine -- Cirra -- you must be real popular out there with the guys... maybe /too/ popular, considerin' /this/ number, special delivery, from... Anonymous."


There is the dim reflection of a computer screen in Zero's goggles. He looks up, holding up a scrap of paper with a hastily-written message: 'THINK I FOUND THE REASON, STILL ANALYZING. KEEP IT UP!' He puts it down and appears to be furiously attacking a keyboard that is just out of sight.
Rosemarie "Hmmm," Rosemarie makes a thoughtful noise as she slides a vial of some sort out of her handbag. She fiddles with the cork for a minute, which makes a very noticeable 'pop' noise (after all, it is a cork) before green light flows out of her hands and into the bottle. She tosses it toward the pigs, the bottle breaking into a glowing green fire that slowly shapes into a little wall of light. It won't stop them, but it might slow them down a bit.

Rosemarie looks at Will, then at Ingrid. "Dearhearts, if you'd stop bickering for a moment," the dark elf says, "you both seem to be pretty clever. I'd love to take a gander at that magic he's castin' there and see if I could sort it out but I'm just a lil' bit occupied at the moment."

Emi bumps into Rosemarie's hip. "What is it, sweetheart?"
Will Sherman Will stares at Ingrid for a moment, a long meaningful moment. "Alright, I deserved that." Will says after a moment. "S'not your fault that the rest of the SeeD guys are grandstanders." he pauses, "Cept the school teacher with the whip. She was cool too." Will shrugs. Sometimes he plays the fool, and you can't always be on top.

"Different flavors of magic...hmm...It would have to probably be a broadcast signal I think...which might cause interfearance with the Zero Hour. And...uh...I dunno if Rosemarie's techno magic could make a signal to attract the Pig Noise...and I sure don't trust the midget here to do it.."

"And uh...I shouldn't touch raw spells at all. Ever. I'd probably level the place."
Isaac Hanlon DJ Zero suddenly holds up another sign:


He pulls it down and gets back to work.
Will Sherman Will nods once, pointing at the sign. "See, I told you. And I am not going to explain it either."
Deelel Deelel is starting to wonder what's going on here Cirra getting all of the songs requests tonight but sthere is no time to think. She listens to the news updates Zero is giving and ponders talking to Tron. If anyone might be listened to it's Zero. Should they be able to convice him about SARGON and his likely intentions. However for now there are pigs. There's no rind or reason to the swings beeline for Zero and his show but here they come. She drops low trying to sweep kick one off their feet and she pauses at Will ad Ingrid starts going off back at him after he's gone off on her. She's cearly missing something here...
Avira "I /love/ this song!" Avira says excitedly, suddenly distracted by the latest request for Cirra. She bites her lip for a few seconds, apparently trying to resist something. It doesn't last very long and she gives in.

Though she tries to keep her singing along to this very quiet. In fact, she forces herself to hum through most of it.

"Well, not necessarily, Will. It wouldn't interfere with DJ Zero's broadcast if it was on a different frequency. Or wavelength, rather. I like that idea though, a different signal to attract them away, like some kind of pied piper of Ham-lin." Avira reasons.
Ingrid Third The girl glances at the elf and then merely shrugs back at Will, her disposition softening a little as he apologizes. "It's alright. I haven't met many of the actual SeeD yet, I'm still just a cadet." Nor had she met any teachers with whips, though the thought of such doesn't surprise her. There were some strange characters at Balamb long before X Middleschool relocated there.

Broadcast magic was definately out of her realm of expertise but if the dark-skinned lady thinks she can do something about it, then there was no putting off getting her hands dirty any longer. "Alright, we'll take care of the pigs while you check out the broadcast."

Ingrid glances around, examining the area for a good way to assist in upholding her end of that bargain. However, as there aren't any convenient frying pans to threaten the piggies with, she just has to think outside the box. Or rather, on top of the box.

Rocking back and forth on her crate, she quickly manages tip it over, flattening a handful of the noise who have little room to run away in the milling mass. This also launches her into the air and she swings her tonfa about, bringing it down with a sharp crack on the head of one of the cute little devils near Rosemarie.
Emi Dennou Umi gapes at Ingrid and then says, "Wow." after a few moments, clearly impressed with her ability to come up with such a wicked counterattack on the fly like that.

"Another alternative..." SHida considers. "Well, that seems like a possibility, but is that the ideal one? Shida of the Network wonders aloud as she draws another--secret!"

"Is Damien a murderer, The Network asks bluntly." Emi meanwhile talks with Rosemarie. She gives no further details than that. She probably inflicts violence on another pig, however.
Will Sherman Will pulls his hat off and reaches into it.

He pulls out a frying pan and holds it towards Ingrid, "It's dangerous to go alone, take this." He says, and doesn't wait for her to take it or not.
Rosemarie "What?" Rosemarie frowns. Her ears droop slightly. "That's an awfully unpleasant thing to say, honeybunch. Did Dameon do something mean to one of y'all? I try to keep that boy out of trouble, but he's just so enthusiastic about his dancing sometimes. --look out, dear," Rosemarie says, turning around and risking hip-bumping Emi as she moves to blast another pig with her magic.
Mercade Alexander It's pigdemonium in the broadcast area, as Pig Noise go flying and amassing everywhere! Avira manages to write her note, bue a couple pigs try to spoil it by bumping into her arm and knockign the tape around! She has to go chasing for it!

Will's neglect of the Sass Meter is earning him ire from the Dennou. Emi continues her training to be a field-goal kicker in cast anyone bothers to form a football team out in the worlds. Another pig goes flying, this one bouncing off of the glass in front of the DJ booth! The 'glass' holods, though, the pig bouncing off with an 'oik!' before it explodes!

Ingrid continues to decipher the mystery of the Pig Swarm, as the group try to hold it off and let DJ Zero do his job. Theory is progressing. Progress Bars are filling. Pigs are trying to trip her. This is life.

Palom tries to solve the mystery of elementally-aligned pigs by using area of effect magic! It turns out the balloons over the pigs are telling which element to use, as that is the only one that seems to affect those pigs! Several of them freeze, while more are shocked. Groups of them start vanishing, popping as they drop more pins to the ground. Some of them are glittery! However, this is not without incident. A large, hulking pig bears down on Palom, easily bigger than he is as it charges with an annoyed "OIIIIIINK!"

At least the situation isn't... boar-ing.

Rosemarie's bottled charm explodes into soft light, slowing down many pigs and helping to make them eaasier to deal with. Slipprier than a greased hog, right?

Deelel takes advantage of this with a sweep kick, knocking the pigs over who even /fall/ in slow motion. "oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink" One complains voiciferously (albeit slowly).

Ingrid takes the offensive at this point, knocking a crate over to smash several of the oinkers! They explode dutifully, while another is crushed with her expert tonfa use. It falls over, making little swirly eyes before popping into static and vanishing.
Isaac Hanlon The building's PA comes on during the music. DJ Zero's voice comes on. He sounds hurried. "I think I figured it out. There's a weird script in the spell I compiled for this -- looks like a Kosher flag. I could activate it and probably make 'em jet for now, but it might be what's attracting 'em, too. /Or/, I could delete it, which /should/ solve it permanently -- oh, damn --"

The PA cuts out. The music fades. Avira's dark secret goes unrevealed. FOR NOW.

DJ Zero's voices comes back when the music is well and truly done. "That was a good one. Thanks, Anonymous Listener Number Two; I think the viewers at home really got a kick outta that. Now, normally, I'd spend this time goin' over some weird rumors, but it looks like the mill is churnin' out nothin' but dead air, folks. Well, alright -- I do have /one/ for y'all."

"It seems that there's a curious fella hangin' out at the Wildcat Cafe. Looks like he makes regular stops, and he's a little stranger than the locals, if you catch my drift. Seems that some of the staff have noticed a funny look in his eyes... by which I mean, he has clock-shaped pupils, and he doesn't take too kindly to people staring."

There's a pause for the span of a beat. "Alright, gals and ghouls, it's time for our most popular segment: a quick lesson in magic. Now, I /could/ tell you all about the color-coded magic they teach out in the new world -- or, well, in most cases, /don't/ teach. Instead, I'll enlighten you in a different way."

"See, the way I've always figured it, there are two kinds of magic: that based on belief, and that based on some kind'a secret knowledge, a loophole in how the world works. The first is what everyone who's anyone uses. It takes a little bit of believing in what you're doing to conjure even the smallest spark, unless you're cheating with something like Materia or one of Mama Rosemarie's trinkets. The more you believe, the more magical power you can harness at once. With enough discipline and imagination, you could do nearly anything. For the stuff you /can't/ do with belief, there's the secret knowledge of the world to tap on, like knowin' that dropping a coin down a well under a full moon and speakin' the name of your love will ensure they're true to you. When that sort of thing works, it's secret knowledge, not belief."

"But what, Dear Listeners, if there's a third kind? The Heartless got me thinking, folks; what if there's a third kind that draws on both? What if the power of the heart isn't /just/ a metaphor? What if it's what we've really gotta use to take back our homes from these dark-and-ugly ghoulies?"

There's another pause. It's longer this time.

"This next one goes out to one Ser Faruja Senra, from your pal and mine, the Lord of the Dead."

Ingrid Third Ingrid lands nimbly from her flying assault, rolling to her knees to arrest the forward momentum and whacking another pig as she comes to a halt. It seems her SeeD training has atleast provided a little benefit so far.

Unfortunately, the variety of materia at her command lacks any form of offensive magic rendering her helpless against the crush of bubble-marked swine. Her attacks against these special noise results in a counter-assault of stampeding pigs that carries her across the room and deposits the girl unceremoniously at Will's feet.

Rubbing the side of her head, she stands back up and accepts the frying pan, staring at it with the same incredulous regard as if he had given her a rubber chicken. "What exactly am I supposed to do with this?"

Quirking an eyebrow, she turns and waves the utensil at the noise experimentally. Perhaps they are weak to non-stick cast iron cookery?

The DJ's broadcast causes her to give his booth a hurt look. "Hey, it's not cheating! I didn't even know magic was real until a couple months ago, cut me some slack."
Emi Dennou Shida and Emi both hesitate as DJ Zero informs folks about a certain curious fella with clock-shaped pupils. This distracts Emi long enough that she's easily hipbumped accidentally(?). She goes flying in the path of a pig who catches her just so that she ends up flying on top of it. It continues running around, Emi grasps at its ears and flails her legs about as the pig runs amok. This isn't pleasant.

"Heey hold up!" Umi shouts, chasing after Emi's pig. "I'll save you!"

"The show seems to be wrapping up... The Network advises that a solution be provided shortly lest the broadcast ends and we lose our leads!" Emi deadpan rides pig.
Will Sherman Okay so it's almost over...

"Nah, to DJ Zero, cheating isn't a bad thing. You gota cheat to win sometimes, and you gota realize the people out there don't play by the rules. You gota pry secrets sometimes from their old fingers." Will explains the best that he can for DJ Zero.

Will turns, punching a pig noise in the snout again. He finally stops playing around, before he reaches upwards, and starts grabbing at suddenly appearing strings. One for each person fighting. The string links to their own persons, mystically connected to the web of fate around themselves that all things have...

For a brief moment a strange energy courses through it, solidifying their fate. If their own skills won't cut it, luck has causes things to happen in mysterious and benificial ways. "Alright guys! Almost there...lets just clean up and we can be done with this Oinkery buisness!"
Avira "Delete it! By all means!" Avira's quick to stop singing along when she realizes the 'oh damn' might be directed in /her/ direction. How embarassing. Briefly distracted by this, her thoughts drift back to Percival's sudden request in the bar the other day for a song.

The tape goes tumbling free of her grasp and Avira chases the rolling office supply across the floor, shoving pigs out of the way left and right.

"DJ Zero's got it right about the belief thing. Pretty in line with all those texts I read in Ivalice. It's kind of funny, like you had to first 'believe' in the mist in order to see it. Not all that hard, though, when you can see its effects, I guess."

His second point about the heart goes uncommented on, besides a brief knowing smile. As pigs bar her way, she eventually grows frustrated enough that she casts some of her own magic out in front of her to clear it.

Avira seems capable of only ice spells, unfortunately, for the pigs demanding other elements.
Rosemarie "Oop! Sorry sweetheart!" Rosemarie calls after Emi, as she rides off on pig. "--now Mister DJ, I'd rather you not call it 'cheating', it's just a little supernatural assistance!" she calls out over her shoulder to Isaac. "Cheating's just such an awful word."

A large, fire-element pig stampedes toward Rose. Will manipulates fate and Rose works up a great bit of magic--before it wells up and she belches out of a large gout of flame at the poor oinker. She covers her mouth afterward, almost embarrassedly.

"Pardon me!" She steps back toward the others, swaying a little bit. "That's an interesting theory there. I'll admit I'm interested in what y'all have to say about all this once things have ah--" Rosemarie looks around. "Settled down a bit."
Deelel Deelel is suprised at the music choice but then realise what Hades and Faruja didn't get along at all and this worries her Hades clearly is trying to set her teamate and friend off into doing something, somethingl likely very bad. She's going to have to sit on Faruja. The rate at users committe User Errors even without using computers was sometimes staggering to try to think about. For now she's got pigs she's actually vanishing under a pig pile.
Isaac Hanlon DJ Zero throws Avira and Will a thumbs-up through the partially pigged office window. It has a snout mark on it. It's the best he can do. His hands go back to the keyboard.

"Excellent taste, Hades; I can see why they gave you the Underworld gig. The parties there must be to die for." You can hear the grin in his voice quite clearly. "But, alas, that's all she wrote, folks. Our time together is at an end. I know, I know, you'll miss me, but it's all I've got for you tonight. Besides, I don't want the Forces of Darkness figurin' out where we're comin' to you from. They don't generally approve of my little operation, y'dig?"

"So, thanks again for listening, all you folks out there in radio land. And thanks to my Noise-busters here in Zero Hour Central, who are quite possibly the only reason I got to broadcast uninterrupted this time at all! Y'all owe 'em a big hand." The canned applause comes on again, this time with some cheering. It's pretty authentic!

"I'll take us out with one more song. This one's from me to all the Programs in the audience. Just think of it as me saying, 'hello world!'"


"This is DJ Zero," he says, over the subdued beginnings of the song, "signing off. Have a good night, everybody. Get some rest."

The thumping beat picks up, and the voice on the airwaves fades away.

And abruptly yanks open the window halfway. "I just deleted the flag!" he calls. "Tell me if anything changes!"
Mercade Alexander The pig looks at Ingrid curiously as the pan is waved at it. "Oink?" It snuffles forward, sniffing at the cookware and then her hand. "oink oink!"

Emi, meanwhile, goes pig-riding, perhaps even off into the sunset of the aporkalypse. Emi seems to be taking the porcine rodeo well though.

Will Luckifies the room. Everyone finds that pigs seem to tumble and smash into them less. That they hit a little harder, or a little more easily. That they can grab harder. An assortment of little benefits that just make things better.

Avira manages to grab the tape after some effort, the powerful Clan Dagda and VALKYRI leader appearing to be superior to any pig. Her frustrated ice strike clears out a good number of those who are none-elemental or ice-weak, however, more pins raining all over the floor. Some appear to have little cute designs on them. Others say '5000 Yen' on them or similar things. A couple even look like they have little gemstones or metals embedded in them in strange patterns! Neat. Look at it this way, Avira: At least they're not Taboo Noise for once, right?

Poor Deelel is vanishing under a pile of Pig Noise. At least it's only MOSTLY harmless. She is merely getting trampled by little piggy hooves and crushed by heavy oinkers.

And then something changes. As Isaac makes the change to the broadcast data, the Pig Noise look up, and suddenly scatter, tramping out of the area en masse, leaving behind a large number of pins.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that several hulking, massive, evil-looking Pig Noise appear with hissing noise in the center of the station. There are three of them, one red, one blue, and one green.

And they all shoot laser beams out of their eyes as they charge.

Look out, because Music Video Pigs are trying to kill the radio stars!
Emi Dennou Emi looks at Rosemarie. She doesn't know what's being hidden there, or if Rosemarie is involved, but she intends to reach out for the truth.

She also reaches out for a cabinet and gets lurched off of the pig just in time for Umi, leaping in the air, comes down for it in a giant anti-pig elbow drop.


Emi recovers and tries to put up an electromagnetic shield around her body, it's about all she can do.
Deelel the pile of pigs just explode as Deelel shoots up spinning like a toop using her light disk to just smack them about and once they are finally handled. They fled why did they flee? She's looking a little battered but the music playing makes her stop in her tracks. She's never heard something this amazing, as amazing as User Music has been this sounds like something from back home. She snaps out of it and starts to pick up some pins when some new pigs arrive she stares at them for a moment they have lasers?! She start running as the DAFT PUNK keeps on playing she grins at the pigs.

"So what's the term iBacon?!"

She breaks into run at one and launches her disk trying to flip over it before it opens fire.
Rosemarie Rosemarie turns her attention to the new arrivals. She'll have a nice conversation with Emi later and see if they can't sort out some perceived misunderstandings. There will be teacakes and it will be a lovely time. For now, Rose turns her attention to helping deal with the remaining pigs. It takes her a moment to work up another reserve of magic, after which--
Shehe 'breathes' a high-pressure water jet at the pigs, intending to blast them away and wear them down for everyone else. When she's done, she may, in fact, be wiping her mouth with a handkerchief.

"I don't think it worked quite as well as you'd like, honey," Rose calls to DJ Zero.
Ingrid Third "Huh." Ingrid looks at the pan with new respect as the pig noise scatter to the winds in a thunder of stampeding hooves and squeaks. "Didn't see that coming."

Nor did she anticipate LASER PIGS. The cadet's eyes go wide as the massive super pigs take shape. One of them makes for her with a rather unpleasant look and she acts reflexively, holding up the shiny surface of the frying pan to intercept the deadly(?) beams.

"Crackers, I think you made it worse!"

Fortunately, thanks to Will's strange powers, the wild defense pays off and the improbable shield bounces the colored lasers harmlessly away. That still leaves the problem of the wildly charging noise to deal with. Hiding behind the pan, Ingrid waits until the last moment to throw herself to the side, hopefully luring the sow into plowing headfirst into the nearby wall.
Will Sherman "COMMINECE LASER DODGING!" Will shouts, rolling back and forth! He make grunting sounds as he does so, rolling back and forth before he finally stands...

And grazed by a laser! "OW!" he says, rubbing the wound a bit. He looks at them, and his burn, towards his friends, and then the pigs...

"Bacon should be fried, and NOT LASERED!" he shouts.

There is a twitch in his form...he digs down to pull something TERRIBLE up for a moment. Anyone remotely magical can /FEEL/ it. The power of pure hatred and distruction, he channels this power, flowing through his body and settling into his hands.

He just dives right at the first pig. And he PUNCHES it with that earth shattering power, aiming to simply CUT the strings of fate before he kicks it, sending the fate severed pig into the next one, and then the next. Will reaches that same glowing hand up for a brief moment...before clenching it, and dragging the hand down, tearing right through more strings he had remotely grabbed. "That'll weaken them serverely! Take em out!" he says, a bit of sweat dribbling down his face.
Isaac Hanlon "Worse, or better? It got rid of the other ones!" The harmless ones, he silently adds, glancing side to side beneath his goggles. NONE MUST KNOW.

Daft Punk comes and goes pretty quickly. DJ Zero has a new song lined up on the list, though. Lasers pew-pew throughout the room, and he keeps out of harm's way. "This one's a request from someone in the studio audience!" he calls, keeping under cover so as not to get He reaches past the window and smacks a button.

(local) BGM CHANGE:
Mercade Alexander Emi's POWER SHIELD managed to deflect some porcine beams as they charge, and Umi drops, unleashing the NETWORK'S ELBOW and crashing into one of them! However, she bounces off of it despite using a pretty impressive impact. Seems like these don't die so easily! Deelel flips, barely dodging the multicolored lasers as she strikes with her Disc. The Disc flies through the air, smashing one in the head and sending it careening to one side, colliding with another one of the Music Video Pigs!

Rosemarie fircassees one of the pigs before they bail, and it pops out of existence, giving Rosemarie another chance at pin-based loot. Cash money money cash? She then uses her WATER BEAM attack, which is super effective on the crashing pigs, as they fall into a pile.

Ingrid lucks out , using her pan to deflect the massive pig laser, and using her natural agility to leap to the side, faking out tue pig into hitting the wall! Unlike the pleasant porkers, this one actually partially craters into the wall... But not without cost. It's vulnerable now, since it's stuck inside the wall. Will takes advantage of this to channel the Dark Side of the Force, ripping out the Pig Noise's Fate-lines and weakening them more. Reaction Commands light up! Super meters fill! Epic music plays (thanks to the local DJ)! Make it count!
Will Sherman Will had put everything into the strike last round. He had some left to give, but his powerful strike was given already...which was good.

"Do it!" he calls out, and takes back to the ground, running right at one of the pigs.

And headbutts it.

Deelel the battle with the ibacon contiune and she wonders if it was the power of the closing song that summoned them in the first place? She's got no idea but she wants to know who the users were that made that song. They hve to have more, she must know but the iBacon still fucntion. Stil the music that is playing the music is epic indeed. Agaibn with the disk she's going after the pig that Will just headbutted with b ut this time she's hanging onto it as a melee weapon.
Ingrid Third Ingrid shields herself with the pan from the flying shards of debris as her tactic bears fruit and the massive pig plows into the wall. Fate magic weakens the beast further, preventing its escape and though she cannot see how this happened she does notice the opportunity.

Scrambling to her feet, the girl launches herself at the hapless hog with a determined look and begins to wail away at its flanks with both pan and tonfa. The twin symphony of thwacks and dull metal clangs meshes strangely well with the upbeat techno music that blares through the warehouse and the noise are providing their own rave lights to boot.

"Ugh, these jokes are so corny the pigs are probably the only ones who like them."
Avira Avira's bent over, picking up pins with curiosity when the bad pig trio appears. Saying she's caught off-guard would be pretty unfair because even though their appearance is a surprise, she's not hit in the opening volley. That smaller woman rolls out of the way, over her shoulder, as a laser beam hisses through the air where she had once stood.

As she stands, her hand reaches backwards and slips her weapon free of its confines. The grip upon the weapon is quickly swapped into a two-handed blow amongst a strange sort of 'heat aura' shimmer around Avira. If Will looked at this precise moment, she'd almost be blinding to his vision. Almost.

"HIDDEN KICKASSIAN TECHNIIIIIQUE-!" Avira calls out, digging down into her prior training from none other than Skoll, in fact. Yes, there was 'training' for this, though Avira's application is questionable. "THE BACONMAKER!!"

There's a small shockwave from the impact as she brings the Spine down in a two-handed, slaying blow upon one of the pigs.
Emi Dennou Dennous continue to Dennou.

Shida hides her secret notebook unhelpfully to anyone. Nobody must know.
Mercade Alexander Will headbutts a pig, but dominance is not established in this fashion. Discs fly, fire and pan are wielded, the natural synergy of cooking providing a delicious sounding counterpoint to the satisfying WHONK of the strike upon the pigs. Avira unleashes her own hidden power to make some bacon. It might be more of a Pork Chop though. The Music Video Pig Noise are assaulted from all directions, TRUE POWER being unleashed upon them that is MORE TRUE AND POWERFUL than anything seen before! In flashes of light and pain (and some skull clouds), the three massive Pig Noise are obliterated, vanishing in huge waves of static where several more pins drop, one of which lands inside the DJ booth and stops, spinning for a moment before it comes to a halt. There's a little insignia of a truffle on it.

Everyone else, however, has a large number of little pins to collect and trade and divvy up. Some of them might be more useful than others, depending on individual talents and access to crafting stations.

For now, there appears to be no more Pigs, even as the Zero Hour continues to fill out the rest of its time with Zero's voluminous music library.
Isaac Hanlon KA-PIG!!

DJ Zero peers at the pin. He stoops and picks it up. It practically calls to him.

('ITEM GET' music begins to play.)

Then, he comes down out of the booth, dusting his hands and grinning. "Good work, gals and ghouls, good work. Now, as the Zero Hour is a non-profit organization, I can't offer you any munny for this work you did. However..." He tilts his head at the mounds of pins all over the place, and gestures at the whole room with both hands.

"...I think it might be about time to divvy up the loot."
Ingrid Third Ingrid gives her pig a final whack, sending it off to wherever noise go when they disappear. Victory music plays and she twirls her tonfa with a showy flourish proving that she did atleast go to the class on winning poses. Yes, there's a class for that. SeeD has a reputation to uphold.

"Loot?" She bends over and picks up one of the pins, eyeing it curiously. "What are these things anyways? Monster coupons? Collect enough and win a prize?"
Deelel Deelel sill take her cut of the loot once it's all divided up and she nods to DJ Zero "No problem the music alone was worth fighting these things for." She seems stupidly happpy but honestly the basic has had a good night all thing considered. "Maybe, or sell them, you'd be suprised what self aware beings will collect."
Avira "Oh these pin things." Avira stoops down and picks a few up, holding them out in her palm. "A lot of them sell pretty well. Noise drops them like some Heartless drop munny." She squints at the pins she picked up a little harder.

"Some of these I've never seen before." she notes, picking out one and holding it between pinched fingers. "Hmmm."

This scene contained 79 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Mercade Alexander, Tifa Lockhart, Avira, Deelel, Palom, Emi Dennou, Isaac Hanlon, Rosemarie, Ingrid Third