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(2013-01-29 - 2013-02-01)
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Evja Even though it was eternally night in this area now thanks to being adjacent to Traverse Town, those here didn't seem to mind. Especially those that were down by the beach in the various areas. Spas, outdoor pools, hotsprings and the likes, despite it no longer being bright sunny and tropical, it's still quite popular.
At the moment in one of the sets of hotsprings there is a little party setup there. Some entreprising young person had decided to host these little eating and relaxing areas and charge a few munny as admission to make a profit. Out of those there, currently there was a tall and lithe bunny person who was just going about sinking into a quiet little pool off to the side with a tall drink of some kind sat on the rock next to them. Evja was currently wearing a rather androgynous outfit of a pair of somewhat smallish green swimtrunks and a long shirt and enjoying the night now that he's finally mostly gotten healed up from the Hydra attack at the coliseum.
Sanel The coliseum was a sad day.

Sanel lost his new pet and friend, Hydra. Everyone destroyed the massive creature. So, the boy had wanderered around. Unfortunately, with the hot weather, the faint heat has the boy a tad sluggish. Although it lacks the sun, the heat is still there due to the beach atmsopehre.

It is a pity for the lack of sun. However, for the young boy, it is a Faram-send. Nevertheless, Sanel is NOT dressed for the beach, given his oversized cot that hides a majority of his body and a pair of pants and boots.

Sanel is not alone.

A set of claws are digging against the sandy earth, trying to CRAWL away from the boy. The claws belong to a beaten looking coeurl, who tried to eat Sanel. However, after an asphyxiating hug and disciplining later, the monster is befriended.


If anyone could see the look on the beast's frame, it is dread. It would turn white. Claw, claw... Skiiiiiiddd..

Even despite of the heat exhausting Sanel, the boy is still completely stronger than the beast.
Ingrid Third As always, the evening here was cool and breezy, the lack of exposure to the sun's golden warmth driving the temperature of the tropic jungle beach down to a more reasonable level. That does little to help the humidity wafting out from the wilds though. Despite no longer being usuable as a natural tanning salon, the resort business is still able to flourish thanks to the romantic atmosphere and frequent showy displays of fireworks for which the town is was well known.

However, relaxing hot springs and over-priced bars or no, this was still a ripe hotspot for Heartless of all sorts. The thick mass of jungle trees and dense foliage are ripe with shadows and nooks from which the beasts have been known to launch ambushes, requiring constant patrols and watchful guards to keep everything nice and orderly so that the guests will feel safe and calm. Happy customers were paying customers.

Ingrid trudges quietly through the yellow sands a look of incredible annoyance plastered on her face for all to see, as are her normally curled bangs. Practically dripping with sweat, the girl's normally tidy SeeD uniform is rumpled in several places and sticks to her body uncomfortably along the back and sleeves. She fiddles with it constantly, pulling the damp cloth loose only to have it re-adhere moments later in an endlessly repeating cycle as she makes her way along the edge of the jungle.

The designated route she had been given for this assignment was clearly designed by someone who had almost no knowledge of the terrain as it had crossed completely through the middle of the untamed underbrush several times in a maddening crisscross that almost made her want to believe someone merely let their kid scribble on the map and called it good. End result? She had to fight her way through atleast four families of powerwilds flinging coconuts and.. she didn't want to think about what that other stuff had been. Fortunately, none of it had gotten on her or she might be kicking down the door of her main security offices at this very moment.

The young girl makes no effort to hide her displeasure as she finally complete the circuit and marches back into the resort area. The shiny gleam of a brand new Safety Patrol badge is visible on her bright orange SASH OF AUTHORITY. The last one got eaten by a tank. Llamas and hammahs were involved. Don't ask.

Yeah okay Emi got everyone swimsuits.


A gaggle of six Dennous have invaded Bodhum Beach. Indeed, technically speaking this is all of them. They are huddled together, sort of like The Delightful Children From Down The Lane. When many of them are together, they seem to be more 'we are one' than 'one is we', so to speak. They're still wearing their individualistic hairstyles for the ease of identification, but they don't seem to be in that great of a mood. Though it's generally hard to tell with their practiced blank faces.

They give Sanel a simultaneous wave upon spotting him. It looks like they're looking for a place to SOAK and have BEACH TIMES at.

But then their attention is drawn towards the member of SeeD. Ingrid. Specifically, her badge. Their heads tilt towards it.

"Safety...Patrol?" Emi asks. "The Network inquires for details."
Tifa Lockhart There's always a good time to take a break, and after the recent events, hydra fighting, racing, opening a new bar... This was the right time for the barmaid. Said barmaid STILL hasn't managed to get herself a swimsuit, but there SHOULD be some here, right? It is a beach. For the moment all she did was take off the black leather top, keeping only the white tanktop that was hidden underneath. It looks alot like her old barmaid clothes, but minus the straps. Still a bit lighter. It bothers her a little that there's no sun, but its still pretty hot here. Just easier on the people when the sun is not glaring at you directly.

She walks along the beach, her boots in her hands as she walks barefooted, enjoying the feeling of the sand and the waves brushing over her feet once in a while.
Aerith Swimsuit? Aerith dun need no swimsuit.

Well technically she does, but she doesn't wear one. Instead she wears her jean shorts and pink shirt with a white flower print all over it. Yup, she's in casual mode! The white trainers she bought for herself to go with everything are, like Tifa, in her hands instead of on her feet. She glances over at the barmaid now and then with a grin. "Y'know, I've been out here once."
Sanel In the midst of it all, Sanel is turning towards the path that Ingrid is arriving. He can see the familiar face of the woman as she shows her badge on her sash.

"Flower Cop Lady?" The soft-spoken child tilts his head over, then he turns to face her completely before waving. And then, his eyes drift towards the Legion arriving all together. As the group walk by and wave at Sanel...


"Friend Umi~" Sanel is happy to see her.

However, the coeurl who is within the boy's clutches is looking around pleadingly. It is practically BEGGING for someone kind enough to free it from the small, freakishly strong child.
Maira Let it be said that Maira is very terrible at staying still for too long, especially when it involves being confined to her bed because she has a concussion or some silly thing like that! How is she suppose to just sit around all day?

Thus, likely sneaking out when no one was there to make her stay, Maira began to wander Traverse Town, only to take a path she'd never taken before. Lo and behold, to her great surprise, there is a BEACH here! Wow, that was genuinely unexpected. If she'd known there was a beach here, she'd have come more often! Sadly, it is still night. No glorious basking in the golden rays of the sun here.

Having been unprepared to go to the beach, Maira is simply wearing a breezy knee length skirt in navy with a simple white tank top. She still has a bandage wrapped around her head, but at least it appears to be clean!

Maira stands and looks out over the beach, her whiskey colored eyes wide. "Never did learn to swim..." she says to herself, or perhaps to Uist. "Seems like a popular spot--oh hey, there are The Dennous...oh and I see Aerith and Tifa too," she adds. She's sounding quite a bit more reserved than normal, just standing there and crossing her arms beneath her chest as she wonders who to approach first.
Rinoa Heartilly Ooh, did someone say beach party? What fun! It's been a really long time since Rinoa had enjoyed a fun little party..Or had a chance to show off her shiny new bikini.

It may be dark on this beach, but it certainly is not cold, oddly enough. She too, walks down the beach in her blue bikini, matching floral sarong and sandals, enjoying the warmth ad the soft lights in the sky. When she sees a strange Viera in the midst of some sort of pool party up ahead, she is only too eager to join in on the fun! From this distance, she wonders if it is the long absent Pixi, and so she quickens her pace to close the gap between them, Angelo running faithfully at her side, although the dog quickly veers off towards the right, barking and running towards Tifa and Aerith to greet them.

"Hey Angelo, wait up!"
Evja With the sudden bustle of activity, Evja turns to look and see what it was all about. Mostly people he simply didn't know, which was to be expected. Well, he kind of 'knew' Tifa in that he'd been there with her during the Hydra attack, but beyond that, he... .... ..... was that kid dragging a courel? ... .... ..... was the Courel trying to get away from him?
He did stand slowly and push his way out of the pool, summoning a large ornate-looking 'Judge Sword' that was found amongst the Ivalician Judges from Jylland as he slowly hobbled over. Even quite wet, it would be quite hard to tell Evja was male given his lithe and on-purpose feminine look, combined with the padding he had stuffed into the swimtop he bought to make it look like he was female. A male Viera in public is likely to cause an issue after all, at least where he was from, and he's not about to give up the ghost easily on that. "Hey child..." Evja spoke softly as he asked his question.
"Are you... well?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart leans down to greet with Angelo when she sees the dog run her way "Hey Angelo, Rinoa's following you isn't she?" She grins, and reaches into the front pockets of her apron-like shorts to get a doggie treat. She always has one on her it seems. She looks up to Aerith "Oh really? What occasion? First time I come here. I still need to get a swimsuit. I keep getting distracted out of it whenever I go to Costa, or I can't stay long enough to do it." She smiles, standing up "We should go shop for some while we're here and not under attack by giant lizards." Yes, there's a story behind that too.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr stands on the beach, looking over the darkness as the moon continues it's cycle again. The bright ball casting it's rays down onto the water as the waves crash across the beach. Beaches were always relaxing to the Dark knight, deciding that right now he needed time to reflect on things...his odd dreams, the situation with Avira and Maira...the fact that he's pretty much homeless again...

Oh well, he still has his health and his strength. For now, he'd have to be carefull...lest he get attention.

Of course, a massive figure on a beach at knight, clad in the dark armor of a Dark Knight is sure to attract SOME attention, but...he's been here before...people are less put off by him now.
Dameon There are many people on the boardwalk here at Bodhum beach. People like to buy stuff even though things are kinda not exactly great. People mill around as the other adventurers start to come together. Things are generally high spirited..

A tough, catchy beat begins to thump up and down the boardwalk. If people look towards the area near the city, there are people stepping back in awe. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

A lanky, yet finely built young man is strutting down the boardwalk wearing only a dark grey and white speedo. Dameon is grinning from ear to ear, holding a huge boom box with skulls where the speakers are. He occassionally moonwalks down the boardwalk along with the beat. Then, suddenly...

Tifa Lockheart.

Dameon stops in his tracks, and stares at Tifa. The beat continues to go along with a steady, and fast thump thump thump. His face slowly starts to move into a wider and wider smile, when all starts to be more than slightly creepy, the boom box blares a song.

"I'm sexy and I know it!~"

Dameon starts to hip-thrust with the beat, grinning even more. "I love the music that came from that Manhattan world!"
Ingrid Third Despite her foul mood, the small SeeD cadet's senses are still firing on full alert and she takes a moment to survey the area noting the various peoples present. Though she does not commit each of their faces to immediate memory, it takes only that short glimpse to forever imprint the scene in her mind like a photograph. This particular skill of hers was one that had given her an incredible edge when she was solving crimes back at X Middleschool, though recently she found herself being relegated to mere guard-dog duties more often than she cared for.

It wasn't all bad though, she'd met a small fuzzy blue bear-thing that seemed to have the attention span of a kitten chasing tinfoil and the destructive capacity of a mac truck with no brakes, then there was the thing with guarding the mayor that had resulted in most of the plaza being wrecked, and then there was that annoying child who seemed to have the mental capacity of a head trauma victim and super strength to match - okay so it has all been pretty terrible since she left Garden to get some field experience.

Today wasn't looking to be much different either.

Ingrid pauses as someone calls her out by the title of her badge and from the questioning tone she assumes this is their first time seeing it. She tilts her head towards Emi, one hand goes up to her face to lift away the wet mass of bangs covering her eyes long enough to peer at the older girl. However, the displeasure in her face melts into surprise upon seeing not one but six nearly identical faces staring back at her. "Crackers... I've heard of identical twins but this is taking it abit far don't you think?"

Her attention is drawn momentarily but a familiar voice which immediately causes the annoyed expression to return. Not what she needs right now. Instead she focuses on Emi and her creepy siblings. "The Network? What, are you from some newspaper or something?"
Aerith Aerith kneels to give Angelo a good greeting rub on the head! "Hey, girl! It's been a long time, yes it has! You been good to Rinoa?" She glanced up at Tifa as she spoke of giant lizards. Yes, do tell, but later. Right now, she waved at Rinoa. "Hey, so you heard of this too, huh?"
Emi Dennou Sometimes Ang, Life's a Beach.

The six Dennous nod to Sanel. They do not help the coeurl because that would hurt STRONG-Shota's feelings or something. Nevertheless, they do give it something of a sympathetic look. Emi herself is focused on that Safety Patrol badge--however!

Suddenly one of the Dennous breaks off--this one is Shida--and, all smiles, approaches Maira who is revealing an IMPORTANT FACT ABOUT HERSELF. Namely, that she cannot swim.

"You cannot swim, The Network cannot swim either!" She smiles broadly as if this is something they could consider to be proud of together. "Shida of The Network explains waist high water is what we're looking for." She pauses for a moment and then leans in to add, quietly, "Are you holding up okay? The Network asks with some concern."

"...Crackers?" Emi asks. "...The Network does not understand." Pause. She shakes her head and then adds, "We are The Network. It is what we are." This doesn't explain very well but she asks, "Could you tell us about the Safety Patrol? What does the Safety Patrol do, The Network inquires curiously."
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa pauses by Tifa and Aerith, smiling and waving at them. "Hey guys! Fancy meeting you here..You gonna join that little party over there too?" She smiles as she looks 'em up and down. "Heey, where are your bikinis? You cant swim in those clothes?" Surely there were good stores with bathing suits around here..

She glances around and notices a number of other people approaching, although she doesnt really recognize any of them..The boy with the coerl DOES look rather odd..Why's he carrying an angry, struggling monster in his arms anyways? How..Odd. She just stands there and stares at him for a moment too long. "Hey you..What are you doing with that Coerl? Isn't that kinda dangerous?" She speaks up towards Sanel.

Angelo meanwhile barks and wags her tail happily at Tifa, hungrily nibbling away at the treats she offers the dog before she too, peers towards the others, specifically inspecting any who come near her or her mistress. The coerl carrying boy is stared at and barked at warily by Angelo as well..Then more people arrive and Angelo steps closer to Aerith, seeming just plain..Overwhelmed by all the strange people..

Finally, Rinoa spies the strange Viera and realizes with a sigh that it's not Pixi afterall. "Oh wow, who is that, almost looks like a male Viera..Definitely not Pixi. Wonder where she's been hiding all this time?"
Sanel As Rinoa speaks over to the boy's way, Sanel tilts his head at her, "Sanel likes Pouncy. Pouncy is Sanel's friend." 'Pouncy' gives a sickened look. Only death would be merciful now.

It is sudden that the glow illuminates. The boy's eyes drift about, glancing around his surroundings to see a figure nearby. In particular, the boy's eyes fall over towards the presence of the friend that the strange girl, Maira, is talking to. Sanel's eye survey past her and her friend before he shuts them.

However, the main reason for Sanel's eye no longer falling on Uist is apparent. The rabbit girl(?) is approaching him with the massive sword. The tired eye looks up towards the feminine viera who checks on his 1Sanel vision:

o/~ Do you believe in magic / In a young girls heart o/~

Sanel is carrying Evja along the beach, beaming happily. "Bunny friend. Sanel will feed her, take care of her, and take her out for walks."

o/~ How the music can free her / whenever it starts o/~

0Back to reality

And the music from Dameon gets his attention. The boy has the strangest urge to dance...

With the bunny.

The hold on the coeurl loosens, allowing the creature to bolt. Why? Well, Evja is the unfortunate new target.

"Sanel dance with bunny~"

Uh oh. Bunnygrab time.
Maira Stifling a yawn--how could she still be so tired!?-- Maira waves if anyone meets her eyes before she looks over toward Shida, smiling lightly as she approaches. She's one of the Dennou's but Maira isn't entirely sure which one until she says her own name. Maira laughs sheepishly, nodding. "I never had the chance to learn when I was younger, there was no where you'd need to swim," she explains, looking out toward the water. "I would like to learn though. Waist high water shouldn't be too hard out there though, just don't go to deep--and watch out for the waves, they could knock you over!" she informs, helpfully.

While looking out over the water she spots a suspiciously large and dark figure. Maira tilts her head slightly, squinting. "Is that Angantyr?" she asks, mostly herself. Aaaaand he's still in his armor. Of course. Won't it get all sandy in the joints? Well, she's going to have to ask of course.

"I'm going to go say hello--" and hopefully not get scolded for being here.

Maira begins to make her way over, waving once she's not too far. "Aaangaaantyr," she calls, looking back to see if Shida is coming along too.

She passes by Aerith, Tifa and co. and waves, smiling to them as she goes, then stops as the man in the speedo with the music walks by. Maira's eyes grow very round. She can't help but look. She's never seen so much bare skin before! She can see his--OH MY.

Maira quickly picks up the pace, her face red.
Deelel Is this reality or is this just fantasy? It's hard to tell in user space. The longer she spends out here Water was a huge thing that left the basic very nervous even after being told it's harmless. Where's she is from water is lethal as heck to touch for her kind. So user folicking on the beach has left het at a bit of a loss she's just sitting on the beach arms around her knees up against her chest and staring at people like maira who are out in the water. She likely needs someone to give her a poke cause she's kinda still wide eyed at people in the water and no one has /died/ yet.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr slowly turns as his name is called...hey it's Maira? Is that one of the Dennou's with her? Huh...the're everywhere.

Angantyr waves towards Maira, "Hey." he says simply and decides to walk towards her pausing as he notices the place gets...rather busy suddenly. He much for quiet relfection, instead he pauses as Maira's attention is stolen by...

Good god man, Angantyr looks away, not out of embarrasment but if utter disgust... He fights to keep down the food from earlier and pauses after Maira seems to be... entranced. "Huh." he says, non-commentally for a moment, before turning back to the water and abandoning his plans. Instead he'll just stare at something beautiful...and not...


Evja "..."
There were two things going on in quick succession that just... broke Evja. Well, three, really. The one fella strutting by like he wanted everyone in the world to see things, suddenly being grabbed... and someone saying 'Male' and 'Viera' in the same sentence'. Before Evja could even really respond to the sudden arm around his waist and one at the hand, he turned and growled out, "Hey, I'm not a guy damnit!" in the most angry feminine voice he could muster, "Do these look male to you?!" He attempted to reach a hand up to the curves of the bikini stuffed with padding beneath the shirt only to realize...

Yank... yank yank... his hand was stuck. Peeeeeeeeeeer.
By Sanel. Who was now twirling the Viera around by the hand and around his lower back with a tight grip, so much that one leg had actually lifted up a tiny bit(his current bad leg, given it was still /very/ pained from the Hydra event). Still, there was a bit of pain while he whined out, "Why... are you..." Yeah, Evja just looked lost, confused, really, and a little scared.
Ingrid Third Ingrid quirks an eyebrow. "It's... it's nothing, forget it." Was she seriously going to have to explain catchphrases to these girls? They seemed a little off anyways. It felt like she was talking to a bunch of freakishly realistic dolls, except only one of them was actually talking. She must be the spokesperson for this strange group.

"Right. You're the 'Network'." She'll just go with it for now. "Well, Network, the Safety Patrol is a group of students from our school who were chosen to keep the peace on campus. We have the authority to investigate any crimes that take place and make arrests once we have enough evidence to implicate a particular individual, though we still have to report our findings to the Principal before any disciplinary action is set."

The girl pauses as her arm grows tired, slicking her wet hair back for the moment. It isn't fashionable but it's functional. "Atleast, we used to. When Manhattan got destroyed by the Heartless we relocated to Balamb Garden. Most of the students are still in normal classes but Headmaster Cid extended the opportunity to try out for SeeD membership to those of us he felt qualified. The Safety Patrol were the first ones to pass the tests."

There isn't any pride or ego in her voice when she relays this information, it is merely fact, after all. She shrugs, turning away for a moment to glance out over the beach again, ever watchful for threats or strange happenings. The sight of a man in full black platemail certainly qualifies as unusual on a beach, atleast to her. She peers at Angantyr for a few moments but it seems atleast one other person here knows who he is so she lets it go for now.

"I suppose it wouldn't be inaccurate to call me a crime scene detective, though I find myself stuck doing more mercenary work than anything at present."

Ingrid's eyes continue to wander but the sudden application of very loud music to the environment causes her head to swivel over to where Dameon is accosting the unfortunate barmaid. Her eyes go wide as she takes him in, questionable attire, undulating waist, and all. As if physically struck in the face, she recoils and her hand comes up to block the image from her sight. "Ugh! I did not need that in my photographic memory!"
Sanel "Flower Cop Lady is a Flower Cop Lady~" Sanel calls out in the midst of the twirl.
Aerith Aerith stood and glanced around for a moment, wondering who exactly she should speak with next... and then she sees someone all alone. Well why's she all the way over there? Shouldn't she be partying or chatting or something?

A decision is made, and Aerith heads in the general direction of Deelel. After a few moments, she arrives and sits right next to her. "Pretty, isn't it? The ocean, I mean."
Maira Maira is /not/ looking at Mr. Speedo anymore, that is for sure! She's going to try to stop thinking about that nearly naked man and concentrate on Angantyr--who she is NOT imagining in a speedo now, no no no no!

Maira reaches up to cover her face for a moment, unable to trust her expression while she tries to recover from certain shocking images.

Right then, taking a deep breath, Maira looks up again. "So...doesn't the sand get in your armor and make an awful mess? I would think it would get into the joints and grate and then you'd have such a hard to cleaning it all out and--Do you want company? I can leave you be if you'd like..." she finishes. She knows Angan is often a solitary type, but she is still unsure if it is because he /wants/ to be or because he feels he /should/ be.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles to Rinoa "Well that was the plan, I want to get a swimsuit, but things keep happening everytime I try to buy one, so here I am."

She blinks as she sees the speedo boy doing this mating dance. ~_~ "Uhm, not interested." She shakes her head. She's seen worse in the bar, but right out in the open like that, never. She waves to Maira as she joins up the small grouping "So what's going on over there? A swimsuit party or something?"
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa eyes the coerl-holding boy warily as he calls the dangerous monster, 'bouncy', his new 'friend', and just..Facepalms. "Wow, seriously? He doesn't look too......" Happy. Suddenly the boy releases the Coerl and goes after the not-Pixi Viera instead. "Wow, what a strange boy, he's bound to get himself into trouble.."

But her attention is quickly drawn towards other oddities on the beach. Dameon blasts music and dances in his rather...Skin tight..Speedos..Rinoa chuckles a bit and tries not to look at....Ahem. "Heey Tifa!" She nudges her playfully, "I think that guy's got the hots for you. He's totally staring this way!"

Maira walks past, whom Rinoa does not recognize from anywhere, however, when she calls out to an armoured guy who is definitely not in swimwear, she cant help but chuckle. "Wow, you must be baking in that! You seriously need to shed some clothes!" She teases, before her gaze is drawn before the multiple copies of Emi, and she pauses, rubbing her eyes in confusion.

"Phew, who are those? Quintiplets or..." How many are there, she's lost count in all the business..Then she catches wind of something that Emi is saying to some other girl..What was that..About SeeD? Balamb Garden? "Oh.." She wanders towards her, "Excuse me miss, did you say you're from SeeD? Have you...Have you heard anything about Squall? He's a SeeD who had a contract with me, but I haven't seen him in months.."
Emi Dennou The Dennous can be at multiple places at once! But today they seem to mostly be together, though Shida broke off. And Emi gives Sanel a look despite probably having no intent whatsoever on calling Ingrid Flower Cop Lady. She is actually an older 'kid' than Ingrid, at least via appearance.

"...We are also detectives. We are learning the trade from Mercade Alexander and his comrades, The Network explains further." Emi continues. They glance at Dameon but don't seem to suffer any ill effects, though Emi does seem to get a little 'blanker' in her face upon seeing it.

"They were from Manhattan too." Emi finally allows herself a small smile. "Pleased to meet you. What did you say your name again, The Network apologizes if it had been mentioned." Perhaps they missed it--they've been distracted today. They have a solid memory so it's unlikely they actually forgot.

"Crackers." Emi mulls to herself. Soon everybody in the Network (Except Shida) is murmuring 'crackers' to themselves.


Shida sticks with Ang and Maira, beaming at the two. "It's good to see you again, Ang, Shida of the Network asks if she can stay close to you two for the present time?" She sidles closer a bit, matching pace and again, seeming unperturbed by whatever the universe may throw at her.
Dameon "Girl, look at that body!" The boom-box blares, while Dameon hip-thrusts. He does not seem to care what people are doing around him. He continues to hip thrust. Dameon notices that Tifa is no longer regarding him, which disappoints Dameon for the briefest of moments, but then... SOMEONE ELSE IS DANCING!

Dameon's eyes flit over to Sanel, who is twirling in place. The boom-box starts to kick it up a bit.

"Guy, look at that body." Dameon looks at Sanel, as though he is undressing him with his eyes. He struts over to Sanel, and gets real close to him, leaning in.

"Yeah, I work out!"

Something shimmers between Dameon and Sanel. Dameon extends his hand, which would appear oh-so-inviting to Sanel.
Angantyr Vespar "I'm fine. I lived in Rabanastre for years in this armor." he says plainly to Rinoa, who he does not know. "I was attempting to enjoy the beach. Without being told that I have to conform to whatever silly notions of clothing you people have." he continues.

He turns back towards Shida and Maira, "Actually, I don't. I have a special material around the joints underneath the armor that keeps the sand out...years of desert traveling have granted me the knowledge to survive there." he comments towards Maira. He sighs, "No it's alright, I'm just thinking to myself here girls. Normal brooding stuff, nothing important." he shrugs. "So yeah...I guess we're hanging out now. Are you both doing well today? No new injuries Maira? Or people trying to blow up the house?" he says in a bit of dark humor. "How is the network doing, Shida?"
Deelel Deelel gets her attention off fact water is harmless here, or that users are able to walk through one of the most dangerous substance she knows iof like it was nothing. She's honestly not sure but as Ingrid talks to the network as it were she seems curious. She can't help but listen to keep her mind of all the water. She'd seen Ingrid before when she acted against chief and had been suprised had how adept a user who wasn't finished complining could have been. She does call out to Ingrid "I never got to tell you I was impressed at how you were able to handle the grid tank. I didn't know they started security training that soon either." She's starting to understand users have to figure our their function or pick one at random. Then 'train' towards it. In what could be longer than a basic's life span. It was pretty shocking to her but she's starting to think she understands.

She looks over to Rinoa and Tifa "Greetings."
Sanel What is he doing?

"Sanel dance with Pretty Bunny Lady. Sanel does not know why. Music is nice. Sanel suddenly wants to dance." And unfortunately, this would mean that Evja is the boy's target of affection. It is probably not in 'her' favor that 'she' is a 'bunny'.

such is life.

As the boombox kicks things up a notch Sanel turns to face Dameon. The boy is rather confused as the other guy comes close to him, but with him holding the bunny... Evja MAY feel the squeeze be a bit tighten. It's like Sanel is trying to protect 'her' from Dameon, in case the man is planning to take his bunny friend from him.

However, well, the shimmer of lights shine between Dameon and Sanel. The playful boy beams, the music and the feel of the atmosphere entrancing.

...Sanel manages to let go of Evja.


Sanel extends his hand out towards Dameon. Wait, is that a blush?
Ingrid Third Turning her back on Dameon and the horrible mental image that will be stuck in there for ever and ever (there are downsides to perfect photographic memory), Ingrid instead resumes conversing with 'the Network'. However, when they all start muttering crackers back at her, her expression goes deadpan in return. Now she knows they're messing with her.

"You are, huh. Mercade... Mercade... why do I know that name?" She looks thoughtful for a moment, accessing her internal database.


"Oh!" Her eyes light up with recognition. "He's with the TDA." Hmm, they might really be detectives. They are still very creepy.

Her train of thought is interrupted by a woman's voice from behind and the girl turns to peer at Rinoa with her hawkish appraising stare. "Yes, I'm from SeeD. Just a cadet though, I've only recently passed the school entrance exam. It'll be a few years before I'm old enough to take the actual test."

A hand goes to her chin at the name. "Squall. Squall. Mmm, no, sorry. I've never heard of him." And now someone else was talking to her. She certainly was popular all of the sudden. Ingrid looks at the Program, recognizing her face from the previous episode MAYORIAL MAYHEM and she nods in return. "I didn't actually do that much. I'm not really qualified to go punching armored vehicles, it was more of a spur of the moment thing."
Evja A problem has been detected and Viera Brain has been shut down to protect itself.

The problem seems to be caused by the following thing: SANEL



Evja finally snaps back to reality only to realize suddenly there's music, and Mr. Speedo seems to have danced his way over and is now talking with Sanel. And HRKTOOTIGHT Suddenly he felt several cricks in his back that he didn't quite know he had pop as he was hugged and protected and suddenly very OHTHANKGODHELETGO!! Evja takes the moment to very quietly step away from the kid, actually wobbling a bit due to how tight it was and having his circulation cut off. Not to mention having a slightly bad leg at the moment.


Evja stumbles over a rock and falls backwards onto the sand, grumbling softly and seeming confused at what caused the trip.
Maira Maira smiles, trying not to chuckle at Rinoa's comment about Angantyr's armor. It is just like him to wear his armor to the beach. He probably sleeps in it! "Oh right, Rabanastre...I forget that," she comments. Gee, she feels like she's forgetting a lot of things today. "Heh, no, nothing one trying to blow up the house," she replies, unable to repress a shudder at the memory of Makenshi. There is no hiding that she is afraid of the strange and powerful man.

Shaking her head, Maira smiles over to Shida, nodding. "Sure Shida. Maybe we can not-swim together in waist high water," she suggests with a laugh before looking back to Angantyr. "Brooding...? You should share, it might make your thoughts a little less heavy. Also, do you know how to swim? Just curious."
Dameon "When I walk in the spot, this is what I see," Dameon begins as he takes Sanel's hand. He wiggles his behind, "Errybody stops and staring at me.. I got passion in pants," He points at his speedo, "And I ain't afraid to show it," He leans in closer, pulling Sanel's hand closer (oh no), "show it," Light begins to shimmer over Dameon's hand, and climbs into Sanel's own arm, "Show it.."

A flash of light consumes both Dameon and Sanel. When the light fades, Dameon is still in his speedo, with his hands on his hips, hip-thrusting.

"I'm sexy and I know it!"

Dameon continues to hip-thrust, as the light around Sanel fades...
Emi Dennou "We will appropriate 'Crackers'." Emi decides happily. IS she messing with Ingrid??? ... Well Legion may be a bit weird. They just like the idea of it being an exclamation. They'll have to be careful and save it for special occassions, however. Emi, herself--wait is Umi sleeping while standing up?!?!?! Yes she seems to be doing that. Where were we? Oh right. Emi herself says, "He saved us and introduced us to the occupation. He is a good boss and friend." She bobs her head a couple times. "Do you have any cases that you require assistance with? We suppose that might be a bit rude to ask actually, nevermind, The Network supposes though that we do not have any sort of badge. We are still rather new at the job, however, to clarify further."

It still seems to be Act 2 Sands of Desolation because no awesome announcer voice speaks up. Instead, Shida glances towards Dameon's passionate pants again before quickly turning her head back to her friends.

"Yes! That would be wonderful, Shida of the Network explains exuberantly!" Shida seems thrilled. It shimmers off a bit before adding, "We are attempting to take our mind off various troubles. We are succeeding, so there is no need to worry. We think with time, all will be well." She laughs lightly. "Apologies if that was a bit too honest, however Shida of the Network is so very glad to see you two here. This one was feeling a touch overwhelmed."
Rinoa Heartilly Woah, cold. Colder than Squall perhaps. Rinoa just arches a brow at Angantyr, openning her mouth to respond with some heartful retort about how he cant take a joke, but quickly closes her mouth, deciding to keep quiet. He doesn't look like he has a sense of humour at all, and unlike Squall, he might just gut her for telling him to lighten up..

Quickly turning away, Rinoa decides to focus her attention on friendlier people. Like Emi, who seems to be quite chatty.. Oh yes, she was at the bar once, wasn't she. "Hey, Emi. Or..Shida?" She laughs, shaking her head, "You all look the same, it's hard to tell you all apart. Nice to see you again.."

Her smile fades a bit at the non-news that Ingrid gives her and sighs, "Ahh, never heard of him, huh? That's...Too bad. I guess I should visit Cid again soon.." Who knows what's going down in Deling these days..

Deelel is given a small smile and nods as she addresses her. "Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Rinoa. what's this grid stuff you're talking about?" However, the catchy music from Dameon's music box catches her attention once more, and she finds herself dancing in step with the beat, "Come on, Aerith, Tifa, let's join the dancing!" She laughs and spins and twirls herself towards the three who are currently dancing.

Then the Viera stumbles and falls, and she gasps, moving towards him, offering him a hand up. "Oh, are you alright?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at Maira.

"You sure now? You didn't forget about any new attacks?" the dark Knight teases lightly, with a grin. "Hmm?" he pauses, "OH right, you can't swim..." he looks at Shida. "You can't either?" he blinks as Maira asks him the question, "Yes, I can. I carried you with Avira after the Sea Serpent attack?" in his armor. In an ocean. Near a boat. And dealing with the displacement of a giant serpent.

"I could teach the two of you. Though I'd rather not do it in my armor again.." he pauses, "And be careful about going into the ocean, you never know when Rip Tides are going on, and can drag you right out to sea without warning."

"And I'm not being particularly Broody. Just some weird dreams." Angantyr shrugs, and he looks towards Shida, "Something troubling you?" he asks the extra member of the Cast.
Deelel Deelel nods is curious about this Seed and will have to find out more about it later. Still the concept of years as she counted time was a bit mind boggling to her. Dameon she clearly remebers from before and he gets a nods but his whole strutting makes her stare in confusion at him. just what is up with that. The network aso gets w wave from her. As for Riona "Deelel." she does seem interested in the music that's now coming from the box.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles a bit at Rinoa. Well, why not. Dancing is fine with her. Although she might stand clear of Dameon "I wonder where the shops are around here though." She puts the boots and leather top down nearby, dancing barefooted in the sand. If Dameon's sexyness is somewhat questionable, the trio of girl's probably would attract attention, especially dancing on 'I'm sexy and I know it."

She didn't ignore Deelel though, throwing a smile her way "Hey there Deelel, joining in the party?"
Sanel The boy's hand is taken by the olive-skinned oung man The guy is much taller than him, but heck, he makes a good partner!

While Dameon shakes that money maker, Sanel is mimicing the motions. To be honest, Sanel does not know how to dance, but he is learning to adapt. How is he learning to adapt? Mimicing. After all, to learn how to do things that other people are doing, it is doing it like them.

Dameon is the bestest role model for Sanel.

As the boy leans in, the boy is pulled closer.

But soon, the light consumes both Sanel and the man. And yet...

As Sanel spins around, the boy is engulfed with the light. Once that light fades, Sanel's attire appears pretty different. It is a pair of white, loose bell bottoms. At the top is a pink shirt with a collar flipped up. Underneath looks like it is a one piece ,which wraps around his neck. In fact, the one piece is more like a swim suit, given that the arms are covered by the rest of the material.

And what does Sanel do?

Mimic Dameon's hip-thrust.
Evja Suddenly there was an offer to get helped up and Evja didn't exactly turn it away. Reaching out his hand he takes Rinoa's and allows himself to get pulled up with the assistance, heavily favoring his left leg. "Mmph.. yes, I am okay." Still speaking overly soft out of habit, he looks at Rinoa a moment then towards Sanel and Daemon, "..." Yeah, he has nothing.
"I need a drink, and to get away from these men." ... "...and whatever that boy is. My poor back." Evja looked around a moment then reached out a hand, pulling a sarong out of his 'inventory', a talent that came from Judges storing random 'loot' to distribute after events as a prize for competing fairly. Wrapping it slowly around his waist Evja looks at Rinoa and says again, almost in protest, "Why... did you say I looked male earlier? I do not get called such often and I would appreciate finding a way to avoid having it happen more in the future."
Maira Maira looks to Shida, a smile of understanding and companionship forming as she nods to her. "I know how you feel," she replies. Overwhelmed. Yes, that was a good word for how Maira was feeling too. Overwhelmed and just...tired. She likely doesn't realize just how much she puts out to the world, nor does she realize when she needs to sit back and recharge.

At being teased, Maira blushes and crosses her arm indignantly. "Yes I am sure! ...Mostly sure..." she adds then, a look of doubt appearing as she reached up to touch the bandage on her head. She probably doesn't need it anymore, it stopped bleeding hours ago! Still, she cannot help but smile at Angantyr's grin. It seems rare that she's seen him smile lately.

At the offer to be taught to swim, Maira brightens, bouncing a moment. "Really!? That would be great Angan!" she exclaims, then turns to Shida. "See, Angan is going to teach us to swim!"

Maira doesn't have a bathing suit, but she'll just swim in her clothes--well, maybe take off the skirt at least. She'd get all tangled in it. Thus, she does so, kicking it aside before she looks back to Angan, tilting her head slightly. Yes, she is going to watch him take off his armor if just to figure out how it is done. Seems like a lot of work!
Aerith Of course, it wouldn't exactly be proper if she didn't introduce herself after everyone else had. Still, flowergirl continues to look at the waves. "So then, Deelel... why aren't you, y'know, having fun?" She turned to look at what appeared to be... why it's another of those program things! Still, she asks the question. "Are you worried about something?"
Ingrid Third Ingrid stares blankly at her new acquaintance as the girl announces her plans to steal her catchphrase. The music behind only gets louder and from the sound of it several people are actually starting to encourage the extremely undressed man's behavior by dancing along. Her uniform is sticking to her back again. She sighs deeply just as her bangs slide forward and flop loosely over her eyes once more.

Worst. Day. Ever.

"No... no, it's fine." Her tone says otherwise. She waves a hand dismissively at Emi, not bothering to fix her hair any more. "As long as I don't get hired officially through SeeD channels, any work I take on isn't bound by their rules. Not many people come to Garden for crime investigation, though I did get several missing person reports lately." She fails to mention that those people all disappeared on this beach. Might not be the best thing to blurt out in a crowded resort.

Another quick glance is given over her shoulder and she immediately regrets it. "I wish Fillmore were here. He knows how to handle these sorts of things much better than me."
Emi Dennou "It's alright. THis one is Shida," Shida smiles at Rinoa. She reaches out and touches the back of her hand lightly. She's a pretty touchy person. She runs her thumb across Rinoa's hand and says, "I hope you find your friend," with incredible sincerity. It's just a moment, but she packs so much feelinig in that moment it might as well burst.

Emi nods to Ingrid again. She's doing this a lot. She seems to like to ask a lot of questions. Indeed, she seems better at asking questions than answering them. It's almost as if...

"Who is Fillmore?" Emi asks, leaving off the 'The Network asks' this time. "The 'wacky'--you may have to get used to it, The Network sympathizes." Ah that's why.

"Oh we're worrying about a friend. It's alright, Shida of the Network reassures you." She pauses, though, eyes wide. "You would? That is an incredibly kind offer, Shida of the Network would be happy to take you up on that."

She laughs again, beaming at Maira. "We secretly always wished to learn."
Deelel Deelel looks back to Aerith. "Humm Oh just. I'm still suprised no one has died. Water is leathal in my world. I'm not sure if the people here are immune to it or if it's harmless here I have to admit and i'm worried abotu the election..."
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment. "Water is harmful, sure. But just touching it doesn't do anything, really. I mean, if you can swim you can do pretty well in it." Of course, that was her world, not theirs. "Anyways, what's this about an election?"
Dameon Sanel pleases Dameon.

"This is how I roll, speedo, no-pants outta control!" Dameon juts his right leg out to the side, and slides his right hand down along his thigh, looking up into the air. He then proceeds to strut around the area. The boom-box hops around Dameon, blaring so loud, it is almost obnoxious. It is hard to hold conversations near it.

Dameon suddenly appears next to Ang. How did he do that? He leans over the grumpy-man's shoulder, "Ah, girl, look at that body!" He ducks back, and then sticks his head out from Ang's left side (he's standing behind the grumpy man), "Ah, he works out!"

Sanel feels the urge to join Dameon in tormenting Ang, though his self-preservation may stop him.
Angantyr Vespar "...Well it is going to be hard to teach you /right this second/." Angantyr points out, "I am in armor, and none of you have approprate swimware." he also points out. "I am not going to get naked in public, for fear of being both being arrested and the amount of women that will die of blood loss in my presence." he says with a smirk. It's obvious he's only partially joking.

Then the music starts getting loud.

Angantyr, for those who don't read descriptions is a six foot five inch man clad in dark armor with the chest of a small bear. He's physically powerful, and looks like it, though doesn't have quite the form of people like Hercules.

Right now, Dameon is being obnoxious around him, which causes him to go from mildly amused to sneering at the man. A bit of darkness coming to the surface of his right hand as he looks down at Dameon. "Watch yourself, welp."

Angantyr has a little more self control than to punch the first thing that annoys the hell out of him.

This is why half of Traverse town is still standing.
Sanel There is the urge to join.

It isn't self-preservation that is going to stop him from dealing with the man.

Nope. It's the heat.

Sanel spent most of the time out dancing within the weather, Sanel had been trying pretty hard to keep his composure. However, due to the longevity of staying out within the heat, even without the sun...

Sanel collapses.

Current status: /_x
Maira Maira. having already stripped, blinks. B-but she wants to learn now! She may also want Angantyr to take off his armor. " D-die of blood loss? Surely you wear something under all that...right?" she asks. Does she really want the answer to this question!? This is just getting more and more awkward!

As if on cue, Dameon appears (clearly, the Speedo gives him magic powers) and starts commenting on Angan's physique. Maira's eyes widen, her face flushing a deep shade of pink.

She's been rendered speechless, her mouth simply hanging open. Maira looks toward Shida for support.
Ingrid Third "My partner," the young cadet replies calmly. "We got split up at the Garden to do individual training. He's more of a... people person than I am."

As if to emphasize this point, the steadily growing volume of the music causes Ingrid's teeth to grind as her temper flares. Alright, enough being nice. She's got the sash of authority and she's going to use it. "Excuse me a moment."

Whirling about with almost military precision, the girl marches directly across the beach towards the capering pantless jester, a hand resting lightly on the handle of her sleek black tonfa. She doesn't pull it out just yet but the thought of pummeling this man into the sands is tempting. Normally, in this situation Ingird would just leave as she's never been very confrontational but with duty binding her to the beach, the options for preserving her sanity are limited.

Compared to most everyone else here, especially Angantyr, Ingrid is quite small but her bearing conveys a sense of self-confident authority as she draws up behind Dameon, arms crossing over her chest. "Ahem. Sir. SIR." She practically has to yell over the music. "Ingrid Third, Safety Patrol. You are in violation of the noise pollution laws. I'm going to have to ask you to turn that down." Sadly she can't make him put on some pants. The only thing he was violating in that regard was fashion.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa smiles at Evja. "Oh, I've seen female Viera before.." Well, at least they looked more feminine than Evja. She had noticed the fake stuffing in the bra too but.. "Oh, I'm sorry! Are you a girl then?" maybe an adolescent or something? "Hmm, maybe more, uh..Padding would help? Ooh, and makeup!" she chuckles, as she continues to dance to Dameon's music, "Dont worry about it, let's just have some fun!"

Rinoa glances over at Shida and nods, "nice to meet you, Shida! Gee, maybe you girls should all wear nametags so I can tell you apart, hmm?" She smiles and winks before glancing over at Maira curiously, "Oh, are you friends with Shida and co, too? I really love your hair, it's so..cheerful!"

When Dameon gets too close to Ang and he snaps back at him, Rinoa sweatdrops, chuckling a bit nervously, "Aah, might want to be careful around him, I dont think he has much of a sense of humour.." oh well, his loss.

Then Ingrid starts telling him off and she sighs. What, doesn't anyone know how to have fun around here? When Sanel faints however, she quickly moves towards him, trying to help him up. "Uh, hey! Are you alright?"
Dameon Dameon pauses his singing, and then looks over towards Sanel, who has collapsed because of fainting. He does not seem to hear Ang, or pays him any heed, as he seems to be deep in thought about something.

The Necrodancer /could/ force Sanel to keep dancing, but.. that wouldn't be fair. Sanel didn't do anything that would make Dameon want to do that. He lets the guy go for a moment.

Then, Ingrid is talking at him. He looks at the woman confusedly, and lifts a hand to his ear. The boom box is still loud, "Sorry, I can't hear you, can you speak up!?"
Maira Finally, because apparently she's been absolutely distracted by Dameon and thought she should not be thinking about certain people, she turns toward Rinoa, blinking in surprise! How did she miss that? Maira flushes deeper with embarrassment. How rude of her! "O-oh hello! Yes, I am. My name is Maira," she replies. She likes her hair? Maira looks as though she is going to fall over. Compliments! "Th-thank you..." she says, reaching up toward her hair, obviously self-conscious of her wild mane.
Evja "..."
Evja looks aside, embarrassed. Well, no point in denying it now. "...fine, I have no chest, so hush." Cosmetics? But he was in the water! Mmph. Though when Sanel drops Evja frowns and walks over to stand over the two. He /would/ kneel down, but... well, bad leg and all. "Maybe we should get him somewhere cooler? I cannot imagine any other reason for him to collapse besides..."
Mr. Speedo.
Hm... walk over and ask politely or throw a spear and skewer the boombox. Well, to avoid any... fights, Evja slowly walks over to where Dameon was before reaching up, fully intending to punch that noisy thing right off his shoulder so he could indeed here. He wasn't the best with technology. "Hey, what did you do to the boy?"
Emi Dennou Shida gasps at the idea of wearing nametags. But she does not say whether or not she'll wear nametags. She covers her mouth with a hand as if to clarify that there is...such scandal! "Blood loss?" Shida doesn't get it. Does looking directly at Ang cause sanloss and involuntary mutative effects? It's a mystery that Shida does not wish to solve.

Dameon is suddenly IN DAT SPACE and Shida looks at him.

And looks at him.

And then says, "Hello Dameon." to him. "We meet again. Shida of the NEtwork notes it was Emi, however, that you have met--of the Network, that is. Please do not trouble the Safety Patrol."

She lowers her voice conspiratorially. "She has a badge and everything."

Umi's eyes snap open. "Crackers!" Omi covers her mouth with a hand almost instantly. Emi nods as Ingrid gets to work. FILLMORE, A NEW NAME. GOOD TO KNOW.
Sanel Sanel is out of it.

If one was to check the boy's temperature, it is burning pretty quickly. Nevertheless, the boy slowly comes to, turning his arms over towards Rinoa. He is unable to determine if he would trust her or not. "..Umi friend..."But, Umi isn't neary.

So Sanel's arms slope around Rinoa.

Thankfully for Rinoa, the arms around her is A LOT gentler than it was with Evja.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart grins a bit as Rinoa gets into it. Well, she doesn't seem to need her help, or company, to make friends right now. She hmms as she looks around, and spots the swimsuit store. Might as well go get one right away, before she gets distracted again out of it. She hasn't had much luck really. Maybe she can find something that will really knock people off their feet. And not because she punched them.

Something that might happen if they get a bit too close though.
Aerith Aerith blinked as Tifa headed toward a specific store. She gave Deelel a brief, apologetic glance, told her she'd be right back, and followed her barmaid friend. "Hey, what's that there?"
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa blinks at Evja. "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to insult you or anything..I guess I haven't really met enough Viera to really know how most of them look anyways." she smiles, "But you look like a very pretty girl to me!" Then he walks over and punches the boombox, and Rinoa just..Sweatdrops..Well, so much for fun. It was getting a little loud though..

She smiles and nods to Maira. "Nice to meet you, Maira! I'm sure Aerith had mentionned your name before. Nice to put a face to the name! I'm Rinoa by the way.." You know, one of the seventh heaven girls. Speaking of which..Where did Tifa and Aerith get to? ahh right, buying bathing suits! She should join them in a few, but right now..She's a bit concerned about Sanel.

"Hey, are you alright? Wow, you're really burning up. Here, try this.." Fortunately, there's a glass of water nearby, and she tries to offer it to the boy. "I guess all that dancing and heat really did you in, huh?" she continues to support him as best as she can, a little concerned for his well being.

Angelo meanwhile, barks and runs after Aerith and Tifa. These other people are all either too loud or crazy or just plain weird. @.@
Ingrid Third Ingrid's barely contained frustration boils to the surface, shattering her calm mask of professionalism. In a flash the hang gripping the tonfa baton pulls it from of the leather holster and she whirls it around a few times by the side mounted handle before swinging it out to intercept Evja's approach to the dancing fool.

"I'll handle this."

Time for some abuse of authority. Turning towards the boombox, which is decorated just as gaudily as its owner, the small military cadet unpins the badge from her sash and with a swift flick of her wrist sends it flying into the nearst of the skull-shaped speakers. Like some sort of shuriken of JUSTICE the brass wedge of metal embeds itself into the offending machinery, causing a sharp burst of sparks as the wires within are severed and the music quickly dies out to sputters and hisses.

Ingrid casually glances back at Dameon, her wet bangs still loosely plasterd over one half of her face. She glares at him with the lone exposed eye, her expression calm but serious. "I'd rather not strain my voice when there are better options."
Sanel Pant. Pant. Sanel is holding onto the cup that is offed to him. The young boy brings the cup to his lips, chilling it a little more before drinking it up. After a moment, the young man looks up at Rinoa. "Sanel is tired." His eyes slowly fall shut, "Sanel take a nap now."
Dameon Dameon looks over to Shida, "Oh, hi! Nice to see you again! How is Emi? I liked meeting you guys. You were fun. Mama really liked meeting you too." He seems to have completely forgotten about Ingrid for the moment. "Is Mr. Mercade going to come back, soon? Mama has been asking abou--"

Ingrid breaks Dameons boom-box. He looks over to it being destroyed. He glances back at Ingrid.


"I've made people dance to death for lesser actions, but I don't want to ruin the mood. Please don't break my things, and learn to calm down," Dameon says in perfectly articulated English.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks over Dameon.

"I've broken people in half for doing what you have been doing here tonight." the massive man says, rumbling dangerously. "This woman, has no doubtedly, /saved your life/." Angantyr says, on no uncertain terms. "You want to have fun, that's fine. The line is crossed when you invoke magic on them, and get into their personal space." he continues to rumble. "If you tried to make her dance, I'd not stop until you were perminately six feet under. Assuming I was feeling nice enough to give you a proper funeral."

Finally, the man turns from Dameon, looking towards Ingrid with a nod. "Thank you." he says to her, and looks at Maira, " are encouragable." he says, and looks at Shida, "You know this clown?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles as she goes around the shop to look around at what's available. She giggles, spotting a cute little white bikini "Aerith, I think this one has your name on it." She smiles to her friend, holding it in front of her "What do you think?" She drapes it over Aerith's chest, while she moves behind her, holding it there so Aerith can look at it in the mirror in front of her.
Evja So, he was stopped, and he said it as he did. 'He's made them dance to death for less' and for a moment, Evja almost pulled out a sword to try and knock Dameon aside the head with... then he heard Sanel say something about taking a nap and he gave a soft sigh. So he didn't make the boy dance to death. Walking back to Rinoa, Evja reaches out to pat her shoulder gently and says, "After you and your friends finish doing what you are, if you want to enjoy something warm, that pool over there seems to be heated. I am going to go back and attempt to relax some... you should join me. It is quiet."
Maira "I am not!" she protests. "...what does encouragable mean?" she asks then. She's fairly sure it isn't a very serious insult, but she's still not entirely sure what it--then Uist answers before anyone else has a chance. "...Heeeeey...." she complains mildly, but doesn't press it any further.

Indeed, she really doesn't want to deal with Mr. Speedo. She wanted to have a pleasant evening at the beach and have Angantyr teach her to swim and perhaps have a nice conversation that didn't end in punching and explosions.

With a heavy sigh, Maira turns and wanders down to the shore, beginning to wade into the water.
Deelel Deelel watches as aerith leaves, she was right she should try heaving fun. However she's getting up to head to the store to see what's in there. It's really odd to her honestly curious about what's in it. She's behind the othes but they might notice the basic entering and looking around a smidge confused.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa frowns at Angantyr as he makes idle threats at Dameon. "Wow..Seriously? I mean, sure his music was loud, but making threats like that? That's a bit..Extreme." Talking of extreme, she visibly flinches when Ingrid destroys the boombox. "Ow..You could have just unplugged it, you know..." Ahh, what a bunch of party poopers. sigh..Oh well.

Glancing up at Evja, she nods and smiles, leaving Sanel to gently rest on the beach where he is. she pulls out her sarong from around her waist and wraps it around him, hoping it'll help make him feel a bit comfy. "I sure hope there's nothing wrong with him. But at least the music's stopped.."

At any rate, Rinos looks eager to check out the heated pool. "Ooh, that looks like fun!" She smiles at Maira, seeing as she's quite attached to that black armoured jerk. "Err, I'd invite you to come join us in the heated pool, but I guess you guys have other plans. See you later, Maira! Nice meeting you. And you too, Ingrid, Emi, Deelel!" She waves to them unless they follow her, even waving to Dameon although she hadnt quite caught his name. "Hey, I thought your dance moves were pretty awesome myself." She winks at him, "Although it wouldn't have hurt to turn down the volume a little. Why dont you join us in the pool too and uh, cool down, hmm?"

Angelo continues to follow Tifa and Aerith into the quieter stores, also seeming to look around at the bathing suits. She glances up at the suit Tifa picks out and barks, wagging her tail as if she agrees with her.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at Rinoa, it is a annoyed look, increased from mildly annoyed to very annoyed. "You should stop talking. Forever."
Emi Dennou The Network excels at networking.

"The Network knows this clown, Shida of the Network confirms." Shida says happily. Why is she happy? Because Dameon just admitted to murder, which is a crime, and as detectives they are generally against murder and as such they have information that could be useful to Mercade, namely inform him that the associate of that lovely fairy godmother has made people dance to death. For less than breaking a boombox.

The other Dennous turn their heads towards Dameon and Ingrid, focusing on them. Staring.

But Shida keeps chatting up Maira and Rinoa and--yes!--Ang. "Perhaps later, then?" She imagines she missed some sort of complex social nuance there, she doesn't let it phase her.

"Please lets not fight," Shida says, nodding to Ang. "We promised to wade in waist high water with Maira."

Shida of the Network goes off to do just that.
Ingrid Third Made people dance to death? What kind of crazy magic did this guy have? Or maybe he was just nuts. She'd missed the whole ordeal with Sanel as she was trying very hard to look in any direction that did not have men in speedos at the time. That claim is filed away mentally either way.

Ingrid opens her mouth to respond but the dark knight beats her to it and she hesitates as he takes the confrontation up to a whole new level. "Crackers, that's a bit overboard don't you think?"

She certainly would be willing to turn a blind eye at this point if he wanted to pummel this weirdo a little but talk of killing makes her uneasy, especially since she was pretty sure this guy was way beyond her ability to stop if he decided to get violent. Still, she was the authority here, atleast in theory, so she was going to act like it.

"There's no need for any violence here. Consider this your warning. Keep your behavior under control or I will be forced to put you in deten--ahem, jail. There will probably be fines involved."
Maira On second thought, Maira turns around, stomps back up the beach, and grabs Angantyr by the hand. Seriously, he is just going to get himself into all kinds of trouble if she doesn't do something! Now, dragging him would accomplish little besides pissing him off--this she knows. It would also probably fail miserably as he is gigantic and muscle-bound and she is...Maira.

Luckily, she has other tools at her disposal! Maira tugs on his arm gently and looks up toward him, her large eyes bleary and unfocused, her brow drawn together in a look of pain. "Angan, my head really hurts...can you take me home now...?"
Evja Evja offered a simple smile towards Rinoa, "Good! I would not mind some company for a while. It is nice to have others around for a change who are not interested in fighting or other silly things. And, somehow, hume women seem a lot easier to get along with than most others." After all, a lot of men tend to oggle all Viera and frankly, well... yeah, not getting into why he's hiding as a woman from women because they scare him.
Dameon Dameon looks at Angantyr and then Ingrid. He glances at Shida, and then over to others. He exhales, "I apologize for what I said. Bad memories." He reaches down and picks up the broken boombox, and he begins to walk away.

Note, he doesn't dance away.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs, "I dislike people who use magical influence on others. It <GOOSEHONK>s the <GOOSEHONK> out of me." He grunts, "Als-" and then he has a Maira hanging on his arm trying to drag him off. He doesn't move, infact, he doesn't even flinch. "Huh." he says, and shrugs, "Well...I am guessing that I am going to be leaving to take Maira home." he says, with a shrug. "...So...I'll appologize for going heavy with my words, ladies." he appologizes.

"If he gives you trouble again, little lady," to Ingrid, "Feel free to call me to clean up."
Maira ...Since she's already milking it for a good cause, she might as well go all the way! "Piggy back?" she asks, shooting him a weak smile.

Maira glances to Shida and Ingrid, waving lightly to them in farewell. "Shida, we'll learn to swim soon, alright?"
Emi Dennou Detention for excessive dancing...!!!!

Shida pauses, looking at Maira, then Ang, then Maira again. She blinks twice, could it be?? She nods. "Yes, certainly. Thank you. Please take care." She smiles.

"Crackers," Emi agrees. "We should start heading off as well, Ingrid Third. The Network thanks you and hopes we can work together on a case sometime."

rShe bows her head and starts leading the others on, except for Umi who has fallen asleep standing up again.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa breathes a sigh of relief once Maira convinces the obnoxious one to leave with her. Once his back is turned, she very discreetly sticks her tongue out at him before turning away, "See you later, Maira! Hope he doesn't cause you too much trouble!" although she does find the bright haired girl to be a bit too..Passive/gentle with him. He needs someone to seriously teach him a lesson! Ahh, whatever.

She does however, wonder if Dameon really meant it literally when he said he had 'danced people to death' in the past...Seriously, in this world, anything seems possible! aah, she needs a nice relaxing soak in a hot tub.

"Alright! Let's go then!" She smiles at the Viera, heading for the heated pool, glad to relax in it.
Ingrid Third The SeeD cadet exhales the tension from her body as both Dameon and Angantyr settle down without incident. Her weapon is returned to its holster with a quick flourish, the materia within glinting dully in the moonlight. She's glad it didn't get to the point where she needed to use them, the evening patrol had already thoroughly exhausted her energy reserves.

Ingrid peers up at the dark knight and considers momentarily declining his offer but decides to go for a more diplomatic approach. "Uh, sure thing..." Totally not going to happen, last thing she needs is to be associated with a murderous knight.r
It is then that she realizes that her badge just got up and walked off with the busted boombox. Her expression sours again. Valleho is going to give her an earful for that. Crackers.

Speaking of crackers, Emi's voice causes the girl to turn about and she gives a quick nod back at the Network. "Ofcourse. I am interested in meeting your boss as well. See you around."
Evja Evja wanders along at a reasonable pace, summoning his sword from earlier to lean on as he wanders towards the pool and slowly slips in after grabbing another drink to sit down on the rocks along the edge. Purring lightly at the warmth, Evja takes the one he had originally in one hand and offers the other to Rinoa, "If you want. If not, all the same." And then his eyes closed, slumping a bit and looking quite content. "If you wish to talk, I do not mind. I... actually do not recall ever giving my name. Evja."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart was trying out some swimsuits with Aerith, she found one for herself as well. Well, a few of them. Standing in front of the changing booths, she's checking herself in the mirror. Actually, using the mirror to see how well it covers her rump at that moment. The first one she's trying on is a rather well-encompassing light gray bikini with think black borders, outlining the curves well while covering them decently ( )
Angantyr Vespar Anangtyr sighs...

"Alright." He crouches slightly, letting Maira on to his back.

And he proceeds to carry her off into the...sunset?

Angantyr: S Ride.
Deelel Deelel has taken notive of Trifa and the otufit she's just tried on. The basics seems a bit confused what purpose does that serve? She wanders over and payses "Tifa, I'm sorry if this is strange but what are those clothes for?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks a bit at the question, but smiles "Oh, I guess it wouldn't make sense to a program, but we can go in water and swim. So these clothes are for that purpose." She tilts her head "Actually, its a bit more complex than that. They aren't water resistant, but you could say they are clothes we use to go in the water, rather than using our usual, pretty clothes. Normal clothes have pockets, utility. These are mostly just to be lighter. But that's the basic, swimsuits evolved, and got smaller, to allow for tanning, and also for fashion, showing off your body in a little more skimpy, but socially acceptable clothes, when you're in the right environment."
Deelel Deelel says "I'm still not sure if the water will harm me or not." She thinks she realises what she's been drinking out of the taps hasn't been /energy/ it's been water. Still she's hestant it's like finding ou you can drink acid or lava. She does get the point. "So you don't ruin your clothing and I assuyme it's mroe fluid dynamic than say your normal clothing also weight." She seems kinda get the showing off a bit. "User...culture is strange..."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Deelel "Yes, that's the basic. My normal clothes are pretty heavy as well. I mean, I could swim in them, but leather is not good with water. When you just want to relax, you definitely don't want the extra weight." She smiles, turning back to the mirror "What do you think about this one? Looks good? I have a few others I want to try."
Deelel Deelel looks to Tifa for a moment "I'm more concerned if I'd surive it the sea of simulation in my home world? It's lethal, coming into direct contact with it is instantly lethal and results in derezzoultion for basics." She frowns "but if I can drink water without dying...." She nods. "humm it does seem to show off things well.' She is a media program and he can kinda get the idea of showing your self off line art.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "Well I have another one to try, but I think its a bit too showy. This one is nice, and does the trick, and is comfortable." She moves into the booth to try on the next one. She shuffles into it behind the closed door "Well, if you can drink it you should be fine then, and you look human for all intents. I mean, we have holes naturally, but its not like we're leaking either. Our bodies are made of nearly 70% water. I can understand the fear though, like you said, its not like we'd willingly try dipping into acid to see if we're protected against it.
Deelel Deelel looks at Tifa an nods a bit. "It's still hard to get over. It's be like you realising you could drink acid or lava." She makes a face and stares at this revelation. She's a media program not a medical one so this is news to her. "I guess I should get something to fit in...shouldn't It and humm that one's revealing I think as it is."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hmms "Well you ever been under the rain here yet?" She asks simply. She certainly got into enough situations to get wet in those adventures. She slides out of the booth, wearing a bikini that is alot smaller and revealing than the first one. A set of white triangles covering her breasts, but not a whole lot of it. The bottoms are fine though. ( )
Deelel Deelel says "NO I have not I tended to get for cover to be honest." Deelel pauses at Tifa's new outfit and is bit much to her. "I think that outfit may lack some strural support you might be in need of...."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart laughs a bit "I just wanted to try it on. I think the other one is better too." She smiles "But you still got wet a little when it happened, right? If you were to, uhm, short-circuit at the sligthest drop you would have been, and unable to drink it.
Deelel Deelel says "Oh I see, the other is a better one I think. I guess I should." She pauses thinking for a moment "Your right. I don't think I can short out like that it was just lethal." She admits. 'So keep this in mind the sea of simulation is death. Maybe I should get myself something...."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and nods "I'll take the other one." She slides back in the booth, but exits moment later back in her own clothes, handing the discarded bikini to one of the workers, as she goes to pay for the other one at the counter "You want one too Deel?"
Deelel Deelel says "I guess I should adapt I only own this." She confesses. She's kept it clean from the looks of things. She however starts looking and she has a the sense to realise what her size is in short order. "I think I do, yes."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles, stepping back in the store with her bagged swimsuit "Well then, let's find a few clothes for you. I'm sure we can find a few nice things to wear in here."
Deelel Deelel says "So long as I can mount my disk." She notes. She starts to look about. "I should get a swim suit as well given the water here. Still as scared of it as I was still very pretty I had to admit. The ocean out there..."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "Wella swimsuit should work with that. But there are also dresses that leaves the back mostly bared. Not in this shop though. I've never been in the digital world of yours either. I can understand though." She nods, checking through the suits "Bikinis normally tie in the back, but lots of one-piece swimsuits leave the whole back bared up."

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