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(2013-01-29 - 2013-02-02)
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Katyna Katyna had returned to Traverse church, seeking to find the mysterious ghostly figure of her mentor, Sir Kasrillen again. She had been welcomed back to the church as a kind of savior and heroine, along with the other VALKYRIE and their allies that had purged the massive heartless in the catacombs below.

The elevator had since been restored, although it did not allow access to the dangerous yet treasure filled catacombs that lay beyond the mostly accessable graveyard and columbarian that the elevetators led to.

Katyna can be found in the gravesite, searching through the many rows of tombstones and shelved urns for the body of one individual in particular..In her hand is clasped the rosary, although it is no longer glowing.
Gesandte Ges was heading for the church for various reasons, mostly because he's a priest and a religious man simply going there to help people, or perhaps simply give out prayers to those inneed or to help the souls to rest further ine peace.

He comes around and spots something in the graveyard, perhaps they are in need of some assistance. He steps carefully around the tombestones trying his best not to cause any harm to them, "Excuse me, can I help you with anything? Perhaps, finding someone, or helping to put something to rest?"
Katyna Katyna had been roaming about the graveyard for a few hours now. She had been mostly alone during that time, and had grown quite used to the silence as she prayed, and concentrated, and even yelled out Kasrillen's name. Still, she had not seen his ghost again.

When the giant makes himself known, she gasps and jumps, nearly jumping out of her skin at the sound of another voice.

"Aah! Dont sneak up on me like that!" She makes a face, although relaxes when she sees the familiar figure of the giant, a small smile creeping up on her face. "Heey, I know you! You're..Y'know, you helped us fight that heartless..And that other time too, in the desert.." Was it the desert? She always seems to get deserts mixed up!

"It's uh...Gassman, or something, right?" she blinks and peers at his clothes, scratching her head. "Heey, are you like, a priest or something? You're really big..."
Gesandte Ges simply laughs at her antics, "My name is Gesandte yes, and you are Miss Katyna is it not? Yes I have been around a few battles with those monsters around, trying my best to remove them from the plight of the average person." he kneels down to be closer so as not to need to speak so loud.

"Yes, I am a priest. I pray for those that need praying. I help those that need helping. I defend those that need defending." he reaches up and pats his large book, "This is my holy book, within contains numerous passages on how to help, and how to remove those that harm the innocent. And my clothes, while they are not standard priest where as many priests I have seen wear, they suit me and I am fine with them."
Katyna Katyna nods and smiles abashedly. "Right, right! Gesandte! I never got to thank you for helping out VaLKYRIE back there..My name is Katyna by the way, incase you've forgotten!" She offers a polite, Glabadosan bow then as if to show proper respect, something that Kasrillen instilled in her at a young age.

"Priest, huh? Soo..Do you work here at this church? Are you a Glabados priest?" She peers up at him, climbing on her tippy toes to get a better look at the book. Even in her armour compared to his mere robes, this man is still imposing in size and height alone. "Heh, I wonder, what your book tells you about dealing with loss..And finding peace in your heart."

Her tone is almost..Bitter..
Gesandte Ges laughs softly, and shakes his head, "I am neither a priest here, or a Glabadoian priest. I simply am just a wondering priest. Sometimes I find things that need to be done, sometimes it is but a journey to get from place to place. One can never know in these times."

He reaches down to lift up his book and opens it, the thick book cracking open and he begins to thumb through pages, "Loss and peace, let me see.. "he scans a few more things, "For he doth feel the pain of suffering, less he thou knowith those lost are in a place of sun and joyfullness." thumbing a few more, "For thoust heart may pain, thou shalst never forget who thine heart pains for, less they be lost for all." he looks up at her, "Perhaps not the most important, or needed lines. But, every small bit helps does it not?"
Katyna Katyna bites her lip as she peers at the book intently, nodding to him. "Heh, a wandering priest..But dont you have any sorta religion of your own?" she shrugs. Did it really matter? Traverse Church seemed to welcome all religions from all walks of life.

"But I guess you'd probably fit in here, they're lookin' for priests and stuff, y'know?" Still, that book has her attention and she peers up at it with interest.

"Huh, is this some kinda bible then? All that weird speech makes it hard to understand..But what's it all mean, I mean..When you lose someone, what do you do? Just cling onto the hope that they're in a better place?"
Gesandte Ges nods, "Yes I have my own religion, sadly I am the last to teach it, or to even known of it. It was lost when those demon monsters attacked, and thus I was the last of a religion. So I wander, to help those that need help, it is the least I can do right?"

He lowers the book so she can see it, but its written in a strange sort of sandscript, mostly just jumbles of symbols without any real ryme or reason to them, "Perhaps, but I do prefer my wandering, it allows me to be more in touch with things, and yes this is my bible, my holy book. All that I know is in here, and from here."

He gives a soft laugh, "Yes, when someone is lost you hope they are in the better lands. I do not know what they are, or where they are. The book only says they are a great and wonderous place, where no harm can befall anyone ever again, and those there can smile and enjoy the peace and be free of all the bad and evils of the worlds."
Katyna Katyna smiles a little at Gesandte's words, seeming a bit comforted by them. "I...Suppose that's true. That's what Faram teaches as well, but..I wanna see my friends HERE! I'm so lonely without them at my side. Why did I have to get left behind? Why cant I see them again?"

She walks over towards a particular shelf full of urns, cut out of the surrounding walls. "I thought if I found Sir Kasrillen's body, he would appear to me again. Do you think you could help me look? There are so many bodies in this place. Some priest upstairs told me that someone by that name had been brought in.."

Kat looks back at Gesandte curiously, "Did you see the ghosts, when we defeated the heartless? Like how Maira and Aerith saw 'em? I mean, priests are supposed to be especially close to that sort of thing, right?"
Gesandte Ges shakes his head, "No I don't see ghosts like that, I am not privileged to see those that have passed beyond, but I do fight for their safety. I have but seen the departed only once, and that was at the great train that carried them beyond, such a forbidden yet sad place it was to be at." he lets out a small sigh

Then looks back up at her, "Why some people are left behind for, has many reasons. Perhaps if you where with the, there would be no one left to speak of them, to let others know they existed. Or perhaps it simply was not your time, and they knew that, they protected you so that you could finish what you needed to do. There are many reasons why things happen as they do."

He looks around the room, "I suppose I could help you find this urn you this tomb you are looking for. I have nothing else planned, and I would nay turn down to help someone in need."
Katyna Katyna seems to cling to every word he says, trying to find meaning, purpose in her life here, but things were always so confusing. "Hmm, so it's all about fate, and destiny, huh?" She smirks and shrugs, "Well...Hmm, I wonder what my destiny is, then? If they died saving me, then it'd better not be for nothin' right?"

She smiles and nods as she peers around the urns. "I'm sure it'd have his name written on it. These urns are in alphabetical order, the priest said that a gold bracelet was placed on top of the urn as a gift from a mourner. So...Shouldnt' be too hard to find, right?"

and with that, Kat starts to look around the K's, but there are a lot of them. The reason why she was unable to find it earlier was likely because she was searching the tombstones, and waiting for the other people to leave. It had been briefly busy in here earlier, before Gesandte had come.
Gesandte Ges nods with a smile,she was begining to understand some of it yes, "Exactly yes. My caretakers, well they perished in the fire that took my church, but I like to think they saved me. That they made sure I was safe so that I could continue on as I was so young. I could carry on our wisdom and help those that needed to be helped."

He moves over to the K's and starts to carefully looking at each one, "But even if that is not the case, I am sure you departed friend, simply wished you to enjoy life, and be there for others as well. We must all endevour to help when we can, and to make sure those that are in need get help. Otherwise, those that have passed would surely look down upon us for it."
Katyna Kat's smile quickly fades as she listens to his own story. "Oh...Man..You mean, people who took care of you in your youth died protecting you too? " she sighs, "That totaly sucks! I guess..You can kinda understand what I'm going through.." But..Kat had taken a far different path in life, when Lord Fessner came to her rescue.

"So, how about you? Did you find peace and solace in the church and those teachings? Do you not miss them or regret that you couldn't protect them?" still, she sighs and nods. "I..Suppose so! there's just one thing to do, I need to give him a proper farewell..Afterall, I never got to say good bye when he..."

Then suddenly she gasps and rushes towards one of the urns. "Sir Kasrillen, it's here! But..but where is the gold bracelet?" She peers around, seeing the little mount above the case that contains the urn. However once openned, it is empty of the priceless gold armlet.

"Oh noo, someone has stolen it!" But who!?
Gesandte Ges smiles, "Yes I do miss them, but I know they are in a better place, and I know what they did was for my best. I was young, they where old and reaching the end of their times. They kept me safe to ensure I could enjoy life and carry on what they could not. I do sometimes wish I could have saved them, but sometimes things go in ways you are not sure of."

"I suppose I found peace in it yes. I was not treated so well in my home village, and they gave me a place to live, to learn, to understand and to channel my anger and agression. Tis not easy being this big and not having the want to cause problems, but they helped me to curve that and to channel it better."

He walks over to where she is and looks at the missing bracelet, "Hmm, indeed who could have. Stealing from a church, and from a grave is very sinfull indeed."
Katyna Katyna glances over at Ges and smirks. "Heh, I can imagine, being that size would cause all sorts of problems! I mean, at first I thought you were a monster too! I mean, no offense of course! You've obviously proven yourself a good ally though, although I'm still curious to know exactly WHAT you are?"

But! It seems right now she's more worried about that missing bracelet. She peers around intently, "There must have been a thief!" And for once, it wasn't her! But what is that? There's a sudden cold breeze that rustles through the air, ruffling Kat's short hair and causing a partially closed door nearby to bang on its hinges quite forcefully. How..How strange!

Katyna shivers, not much of a cold person as she rubs her arms. "Phew, where'd that draft come from?"

The door in particular continues to bang on its hinges as the wind picks up more intently, "And how strange, I've never seen that door before..." Where could it lead?
Gesandte Ges laughs deeply, "I would like to know what I am as well. That is one mystery I am afraid that will never be explained as far as I know." he looks over as the draft happens, pondering the same wondering where it came from. He doesn't seem to notice anything odd about it.

He steps over to hold the door so it stops banging, "I do not know that, but atleast now it will stop making all that noise, and we can figure out what is going on. Though if there is a thief, I will be most unhappy about it, I do not like graverobbers."
He looks back to her, "Though perhaps something is a miss, clearly this is not just a simple event, I fear it might be something perhaps dangerous." though not really effected by the cold, or simply not showing it, could be anyting.
Katyna Katyna continues to shiver. "Brr, what's up with this draft? I swear, every time I come here..." but, it always seemed to happen when ghosts were around, right? she peers intently around the area,but there is no one there, just themselves..And the wind. "Phew, do you think there's a ghost here still? Maybe it's even Sir Kasrillen, trying to tell us something..Ooh, I wish I could see and speak to ghosts like Maira!"

But alas..It seems this is the best they can do! "Come on! Who cares if it's dangerous? We can handle it, I'm sure!" she laughs, overconfidently as she pulls out her sword which bursts to flame, leading the way through the long dark corridor which appears behind the flapping door.
Gesandte Ges grins, he likes her enthuasium, though perhaps not her sence of preservation, "Well, I suppose. But becarefull, we are lacking in certain areas and it could be very dangerous for us." heading behind her to follow and do the best he can against ghost they can't see attacking them.

Though he does get ltitle shivers, from the cold, or from something else who's to say, "Just remember Miss Katyna, don't get your hopes up too high. What you think might be, and what might be, are very different."
Katyna "Bah, if we hesitate all day, then we'll miss it!" And she hurries on down the dark corridor, following the point of light that her flaming sword creates before her. "I mean, you're big and strong, what are you so afraid of, anyways?"

But it seems in her impatience, she isnt really listening to his words as she rushes down the corridor, before a sudden blast of wind pushes her back, causing her to stumble and fall back into Gesandte. "Ooh, what was that?" she grumbles.

Just before her is a large pit full of spikes! She nearly fell in were it not for the gust of wind.
Gesandte Ges catches Katyna as she's thrown against him, holding her carefully, "Perhaps that is why we are not rushing. Not because of any fear, but of what we cannot see. Rushing blindly is foolish, you should remember those words." he looks carefully at the spike trap, to make sure nothing anymore crazy is goin to happen with it.

"Though, I do sense an odd feeling. Like, something is perhaps edging and leading us somehwere, but as to what I cannot explain it. It simply is there and nagging against me."
Katyna "Urrrk!" Kat yelps as she staggers back, staring down into the spiked hole. "Well darnit, who's brilliant idea was it to stick that there? I mean, they're must be something really valuable beyond that hole!!" She grins at Ges.

"Heh, dont worry! I'll just have to be careful, but I'm not turning back! I wanna find out what's beyond that door! I wont let some silly spikey floor stop me!!" She glances over her shoulder at him and smirks, "You coming? I hope you're not chicken, a big tough giant like you!"

And with that, Katyna carefully skirts the hole in the floor, walking around the outer perimeter which has a small foot wide lip around the edges of the hole. One misplaced sneeze and its all over...Let's just hope the usually clutzy Kat doesnt clutz up!
Gesandte Ges just smirks at her, "Just because there are traps, does not a treasure make. For all we know, there could be nothing there and this is but simply a way to keep people from disrupting the sleep of those that have passed on." He does his best to skirt around the edge of the trap, not so easy with your feet being the size of most peoples heads, but he does it.

HE has to admit she is one hyperactive young lady jumping around and jumping into trouble as she goes, "Well someone has to worry. If there was no one to worry, then things would not be worried over. And thus, who would be sad when things where bad?" what an odd stament.
Katyna "What, so you think some crazed nitwit just randomly stuck this hole here, just for thrills?" She makes a face, "As if!" and then she continues to dash off down the darkenned hallway. Looks like there arent as many lights here. "Ow!" Kat trips and falls on some hidden rock, steps before reaching the large looming door way up ahead, that seems to glimmer gold in the darkness. Looks like something is written on it.

Piles of rocks start raining down on them. It's another trap! How lovely! Kat however, seems intent on crawling stubbornly towards the doorway..
Gesandte Ges groans at her, "No, but there are other reasons to place traps Miss Katyna. Not simply because they can be." and then she runs off and hits another trap. She is going to be the death of him surely in this case. Then the rocks start falling, oh joy falling rocks. He starts running towards her fast.

Doing the best he can to shield her from the biggest of the rocks as they scramble down, "Hurry Miss Katyna, I would not wish to be crushed down here, or have you crushed either. It would certainly look most unpleasant in either this life or the next, and we would both never be forgiven."
Katyna "Hah! What other reasons could they possibly put traps here?" Katyna slowly climbs to her feet, glancing over at Ges as he shields her with his big body from the falling rocks. Huh, what a strange feeling. For a moment, she gets a flash back of when Kasrillen did a similar thing against the heartless for her. "Ges...Go on!"

For a moment, she seems worried as she rushes at the door, blasting it off its hinges with a powerful fiery burst from her sword. "Come on..." She says again as she grabs his arm and tries to drag him out of the way. "Why..Why'd you do that? You coulda got yourself killed!"

But as usual, her attention quickly flits to the contents of the room. "Oooh!" she exclaims, peering around at all the pretty shinies. Oh wait, this is the same treasure room that they visited that first time..Only this seems to be a back door, and there's more treasure here.

"Ooooh! Lookit all the treasure! Oooooi!!!!" And she rushes, no, dives, into a sea of gold coins, laughing and giggling madly. "I'm rich! I'm rich!"
Gesandte Well the giant is sorta tugged by her, "Why? Because sometimes that is what one must do. Protect others, no matter the cost. It is how we show we are better then the demons are." Then is dragged into the shiny room, looking around and then back to her as she goes for a swim.

HE sighs softly, "That is perhaps not the best idea to be doing. This is either trinkets collected to ensure the safety of the departed, or trapped for some reason. Even thinking of taking it, is a sin upon those that have lost what they have Miss Katyna." But he himself ignores the shinies, having no particular interest in them, as such others do. But he doesn't move to stop her, he stands there and continues to scan around, clearly awaiting for the possibly things that might happen.
Katyna Katyna starts to fill her pockets with pretty shinies until she's totally weighed down with coinage. "Ooh, this is amazing! Why'd they dump all this stuff down here, anyways? What a waste...I'm gonna take this home and buy myself some new armour, and maybe a house, and...And....!"

Another draft can be felt, and then suddenly a loud thumping noise is heard, as something just fell on the floor. A moment later, a human body lays sprawled on the ground a few feet away from Katyna and all that tasty treasure. It is covered in blood. He looks quite dead.

His pockets are also full of gold coins..
Gesandte Ges was about to say something to her, but then the body drops and yep that ends that, "As I said.. this treasure s to be left, and not be tampered with. You would do best to empty your pockets Miss Katyna, in a very timely manner." He takes up a stance in prepairdence, because that could certainly not be good, whatever did that. If it indeed was a creature is certainly still around to do it again.
Katyna Katyna jumps in alarm as she hears the thumping of a body falling on the ground. "Aaah, what happened to him? Wuuut?" She makes a face as she steps towards him, kicking him with his foot. "Umm..I think he's dead. But, who..Or what, killed him?" She peers around but sees nothing that might have done him in.

Overturned boxes and jars, and a general disarray of treasure suggests that some sort of struggle ocurred here, however. "Ahh, he was probably just careless and wasn't strong enough to fight back. Probably got killed by heartless.."

Except of course, that heartless dont leave bodies intact..
Gesandte Ges would facepalm if he knew what that was and had the ability to do such at the moment. But instead he just looks at her, "Miss Katyna, empty your pockets and replace what you took. I fear, we will not leave here alive if you do not. This place is guarded, and its guardian does not take kindly to stealing." Or so he'd like to believe, but if it makes her put the gold coins back to save her life, then its worth it.

Also noting that the demons dont leave bodies like that, makes him even more worried. Clearly it was the world of something, living or undead and not simply a mistep over a hole, but what could it be. He steps closer to the body to give it a closer inspection of anything he might find wrong with it.
Katyna "Bah, you worry too much! C'mon, let's just go and look for whoever killed him, and we'll show him a thing or two about picking on thieves!" She grins, "What are you so afraid of, anyways? You're a giant! You shouldn't be afraid of anything!"

And with that, she goes back to inspecting the gold and precious jewels, picking and choosing amongst them for the biggest, brightest, baddest gemstones and goodies.

Gesandte's inspection of the body will reveal some interesting observations. The body is pretty battered and bloody. Definitely a struggle. By the looks of it, he didn't give up without a fight. He has an assortment of daggers in his belt, and one clenched tightly in his right hand.

The death blow seems to have been from some sort of sharp blade that pierced through his heart. No signs of claw marks like what a heartless might leave behind. Actually they look like wounds that a bladed weapon such as Katyna's own sword might have caused. In fact, there are some burn marks associated with the wounds like what a flaming sword might have inflicted as well..
Gesandte Ges just looks up ats her, "It's not about being afraid, or scared of anything. More, it is out of worrying over what could happen, and respecting the dead. This thief clearly did not respect what he was doing, and thus ended up like this. As we all should be respectfull of." Watching her crazy gem inspecting.

He then closer inspects the body, finding all the stabs, and burny holes, that doesnt look good at all. He glances up towards Katyna, it certainly couldn't hav been her, she's standing here and has been the whole time. Then what could have possibly done it. Though, still a nagging, something just feels really off about this.
Katyna How strange. And yet...Kat had been lurking in the bowels of this ancient church for hours before Gesandte arrived. And she was a lone. But did he know all this already? Kat doesn't seem too concerned about the body at any rate. As far as she's concerned, he was just not very careful.

She continues to inspect pretty shinies, paying not the slightest attention to Gesandte or the body...Not until the room grows freezing cold again, and an eerie voice disturbs the silence here...

"WHO.....DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER.......INTRUDERS!!!!" Booms the voice, which must belong to some massive being.
Gesandte Ges groans, yeah he knew it. He doesn't know where the voice is coming from or to what or who it belongs too, but he does what he can, "Forgive us, we where mearly seeking a lost bracelete for my friend. We did not intend to infere in your slumber. If you but let us leave, we shall cause you no more strife." knowing that probably wont work, but he has to try right?

He looks over to Katyna and whispers to her, "Put it all back.. and we may leave here unskathed. I wish not to fight something that has no ill intentions other then to defend itself." ANd he really doesn't like fighting in these tiny rooms either.
Katyna Lost bracelet? Oh...Right, right! She laughs nervously, scratching her head. Of course...Hehehe, she'd forgotten after seeing al this treasure. How interesting though, that the bracelet is not even here...Darnit!

However, it seems she has....Larger problems to deal with at the moment. "Err...Yeah, that's right! Erm, we just came here to find treasure that someone else stole....So, leave us alone!" For once, she does the smart thing, and empties her pockets...Of *almost* all the treasure. Would he notice or mind if she kept even the smallest bits of treasure? I mean really, one or two (or ten) gold coins wouldn't be missed...Would they?

But..But the booming voice does not seem placated. "FOOLS! YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN JUDGED, AND YOU WILL NOW FACE THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS!!!" The sound of jingling bells is heard..A moment later, a ghostly apparition that is strangely more solid and more visible than the other ghosts that lurked here before, comes into view. He seems more sad than evil, and is dressed like a noble Templar knight of some long forgotten religion.

Oddly enough, he has chains bound loosely to his legs and arms, enough to slow him down a bit, but not enough to stop him completely. In his arm, he brandishes a HUGE axe. It looks quite sharp...Ooh, and it's already headed in a wide swing towards the two of them!!
Gesandte Ges yells out to the voice, "I am a servant of the gods! Thou cannost not judge me for no crimes I have commited!" he growls out, completly ignoring the attack from the suddenly appearing appiration that attacks them. Taking the blow head on to the chest, seeming to only annoy and aggrivate him all the more. He turns his attention to the apiriton, "You have atacked a servant of the gods, a priest. YOU have commited a sin, and I will judge you for those acts!"

He turns and twists, bringing his fists to bear, first one then the other go flying towards the thing, determined to show that he is no sinner, and that he cannot be judged for things he has not commited. And show the voice, that it is wrong and it shall be judged by him!
Katyna "REQUEST....DENIED! YOU ENTERED THIS SACRED ABODE...YOU MUST DIE!!" Gest rushes forward, pummeling the ghostly figure, tossing it into the air. It does not bleed, but only wavers and ripples for a moment, and quickly retorts with a vicious attack of its own.

Kat blinks as she too rushes foward, slashing and slicing with her flaming sword, but pauses in between. "Huh, can we really defeat a ghost?"
Gesandte Ges lands a very precise attack, and manages to deflect the return blow with his great muscles. He lands and looks down at the small girl, "Perhaps, perhaps not. But we will not know untill we try. For that is all we can do, is hope to win." he takes his stance, and then yells at the voice, "You will not find me an easy victim! I fight for the gods. I serve at their bequest. I bring their vengeance upon those that sin! YOu are a sinner, and thus are to be sent atonement for what you have done!"

He pulls open his great book and flips to pages in and stares at the ghostly attacker, "For thou hast sin against thine gods, they seek atonement for thy failures. Give in and accept repetence, lest they become angry and smite thee down for thoust actions against their messengers." Firing off a few quick passages, while perhaps not a normal attack, it does serve its purpose.
Katyna "Fool, it is you, who have sinned..." He pauses, but stares directly at Katyna, "You DARE to steal even a coin of this treasure that I have been sworn to protect even in death as penance..I cannot let you live..Fools!"

He swings his axe again, attacking them with a blast of non elemental energy. How odd, his axe has a shape and element that does not match that of the thief on the ground.

"I have not been disturbed for many years..But now, you are the first to reawaken me!!"
Gesandte The giant simply laughs as the ghost speaks, after deflecting its attack, "Then you and I are the same. Both charged with guarding, and ensuring things are protected. But, you have broken your words, you have attacked one that is of the gods. Therefore I cannot allow you to continue. My friend, she is only human and makes mistakes they all make. She is not a sinner, mearly a child of confusion." He drops to a position and grins.

His right hand begins flaring up, the wiggly holy lines sizzling and popping out as he powers up, "And now good spirit. I shall lay you back to rest, to await for a true criminal to come so that you may show them your penence for their sins. Now, you shall rest again. For you have called upon the gods and they send me forth to bring you their holiest weapon.." he charges the ghost, "THEIR GIGAS FIST!" the air cutting as his fist flies towards the ghost, to return him to his rest once and for all.
Katyna The ghost seems undeterred, even as it exchanges hefty blows with Katyna. Meanwhile, Gesandte seems to be able to deflect most of its attacks, dealing some powerful blows of its own.

For a moment, the ghost seems to flicker transparent, from a most powerful blow..But afterall, it IS a ghost, and ghosts are already dead..Arent they? The ghost knight sighs, glancing over at Katyna, seeming to focus the brunt of its attacks at her.

"This is pointless. You cannot destroy me. I am eternal. However..." and with one particularly powerful sweep of its axe, it knocks the feet from under Katyna, sending her sprawling, along with the gold coins that are still hidden on her person.

"Aaah!" She yelps, scattering to the floor, watching in shock as her little glimmering coins jingle against the floor. She reaches out towards them, then pauses as the knight glares gravely at her, shaking his head. "Child..Will you ever learn..?"
Gesandte Ges comes back from his attack, breathing hard after releasing such energies, looking over towards the ghost and to little Katyna, sighing as well with the actions. Seeing the gold coins flitter out of her pockects, yeah he knew it, she just can't help herself afterall.

"Then have her atone for her sins, and apologise. We came only seeking a lost item, nothing more, nothing less. She is just a ltitle overzealous in her ideals, she does not mean what she does. I will take her from this place, and we shall not bother you again defender."

He steps over towards the fallen Katyna, shaking his head and seeming a bit dissapointed in her actions, but well he can't blame her. To a more normal person, this treasure is indeed grand and completely unwantable, but that is simply a falicy of theirs and he will have to ensure to teach her to be a better person without it.
Katyna The knight glances at Katyna, frowning still. It's only when Gesandte speaks that he turns to him solemnly and bows. "Very well. You may seek the armlet, for that is not of my treasure. However, the rest you must leave behind. And..Watch that one..She cannot be trusted.."

Eyes narrow upon Katyna, before he suddenly fades from view in a cloud of dust and a final blast of cold wind.

As for Katyna, she continues to stare forlornly at the coins, sighing and shaking her head. "Ugh, I cant believe it. All this treasure, and we cant even take it? What's the point of it just being there?" she pouts.
Gesandte Ges Gives a lite bow to the ghost as he fades from view. He turns back to Katyna, "And there, that is why we do not touch things that are not ours. So as not to envoke the wrath of their guardians. Had I not been here, you surely would have been lost."

He reaches out a hand to help her up, "As for why the treasure is it. It is as I said, a protectorate of those that have left us. Things that are meaningfull to them, so they can rest and know that a special item they held dear, or that their families held dear are protected. For without that, they could not rest in the beyond."
Katyna Katyna sighs and shakes her head. "Well bah, what a waste! He didnt have to be so mean about it, someone could have got hurt...I mean, look what he did to that poor thief over there!" Kat points to the thief on the ground, but even she has to admit that something doesnt add up as she kneels beside him, peering at his wounds.

"Wait a minute....Oh...Do I...Know this guy? Those wounds..." She frowns deeper at the realization. Oh no, why do these wounds look like they could have come from her own sword? "Erk..I dont like this..It doesn't add up.."
Gesandte Ges just groans, clearly she would be a hard student to teach if he ever decided to teach her the purer ways of doing things, "He is a guardian, they have to be mean, it is to ensure those that sin know they have sinned and are to be judged for that." Looking back over as she says more, he raises a brow.

"You know him? He does not appear to be anything more then a common street thief. One that has surely seen better days, and greater times then this.. And yes those wounds, they are very interesting are they not?"
Katyna Kat makes a face at Ges and sighs. "Ahh...I guess you're right. Still. Do you think he did this guy in? It's one thing to scare people away, and quite another to go killing them." She shrugs, looking down at him. "He's a church regular. didnt think he was a thief though. And I certainly didnt think he deserved this, even if he was a little shady. Come to think of it, he was always eyeing my rosary rather greedily.." She nods slowly, but is afraid to say what she thinks. That those wounds look like they came from her sword. It's not like there are a lot of flame sabres around afterall..
Gesandte Ges nods, "Yes, it does seem a bit odd.. And those marks are not the same ones the guardian could have inflicted. Something else did this, but a to what I cannot say. I would not wish to speculate on anything that I am unsure of. But we do know he is dead.." he lays a hand on the corpse and offers a small prayer for the body, hoping it is not too late to help the poor soul.

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