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Unorthodox uses of BACON
(2013-01-28 - 2013-01-28)
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Skoll Ulfang It's been a little while now, and Skoll's recovery is... well... going rather fast. It's inevitable thanks to what he is. It's not like he goes promoting just what he is to anyone - and anyone who asks is just told that he has always 'healed fast'. But some of these wounds...

It matters not. Dressed up almost like a mummy by some of the girls at Valkyri, Skoll has made himself 'at home'. Too tired to travel all the way to Fluorgis without the use of the Corridors of Darkness, he's gone and made himself useful by doing what he does best -- well, other than fight and use chains in rediculous ways -- make food!

The place smells like Bacon. Delicious bacon. Wearing just cargo-pants and bandages, Skoll is making said bacon, filling a plate with the delicious /meat/.
Faruja Senra And what leads our recently thrashed ratling into Valkyri headquarters? A tidy combination of worry for an ally as well as simply having a deep like for the girls he's met of the group. Being in the area, and effectively on medical leave from his more active Church duties, the rat has time to blow. By now off of his sling, the Templar hobbles along on a cane, leg still not quite healed yet. For all of his stubborn will to live and above-average ability at not dying when people try to make him die, he's only human. Or nezumi, at any rate.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out where Skoll is. After a rapp upon the door, he enters, calling out. "Hail, dear Valkyri! Mayhap this humble Templar may intrude upon thy abode!"

Following his nose, Faruja smiles. "Ser Ulfang? Are you about?" There's bacon in the air. The rat knight mostly asks for politeness' sake.
Makenshi The smell of the frying meat as well as the sizzle of fat and grease in the pan travels beyond the walls of the renovated building that Valkyri has taken up residence in, casting tantalizing scents into the street as the city arouses from its slumber to greet a new day. Well, what passes for day in a place that knows only the dark of night. A few passerbys slow down to sniff at the air as they head into town to deal with whatever business brings them here and head on their way with the thought of breakfast firmly in mind.

Among the humans, anthromorphs, and other assorted peoples that bustle through the street, one in particular stands out from the rest. Several feet above the thoroughfare a small figure clad in pink armor hovers softly on wings of golden gossamer, watching with empty emotionless eyes. Despite the flamboyant appearance of the small fairy, Crux is quite adept at remaining unnoticed when she wishes to. Her childish features peer out from behind the corner of a tall brick chimney as Faruja approaches the large residence, her own little nose wiggling as she sniffs at the telltale traces of bacon and fur.

That alone is enough to cement her suspicions but the little spy is nothing if not thorough. She needs to see him first. So for now she just waits and stares at the door to see who comes to answer.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll's ability to 'notice' things are somewhat impaired. It's not that the metalic and magical collar that had been placed on him is at fault - but rather just the fact that he's still wounded, and is too caught up in the safety of the Valkyri's home. But more-so, the 'darkness' within him is making him somewhat lazy and lethargic. That part, /is/ the collar's fault.

The werewolf's ears still perk however, when someone knocks on the door. "Moment!" Skoll calls out towards Faruja, recognizing the Burmecian's voice. He turns his attention towards the bacon for a moment, shoving the new batch onto the pale white plate, and then turns off the gas. It's not long before the werewolf stands at the door, plate in hand and the other opening the door itself.

"Bacon?" He asks, almost shoving the plate into Faruja's face, before stepping back and stealing a piece for himself. Crux goes unnoticed. As she should be.
Faruja Senra Though quite adept in noticing others thanks to his natural sense of smell and hearing, it's far less effective in a city so well traveled and populated as Traverse is. Given his single eye, nor is his eyesight all that great. Thus, the crux goes unnoticed, just another smell in the air that really the rat isn't too suspicious of. Were this Mullonde, it might be different.

Earperk. When Skoll appears, the rat smiles. A claw snatches bacon. Om nom nom! "Mmf." Pause. Swallow.

"Ahh, thank you, Ser Ulfang. By your leave." The rat walks in, briefly glancing over the wolf. What he sees pleases him.

"My, my, my. Healing far more quickly than I would have thought. The Lord blesses you. Feeling alright? No infections, no lasting pains?" Already, the rat's Healer-ing at the wolf. Poor guy.
Makenshi And there he is. Crux's face remains devoid of expression as she confirms the target with her own eyes. Her master will want to know of this immediately. Ofcourse, the little fairy would never call him that directly; the white swordsman was far too kind to think of her as his property, unlike her creator. But secretly she enjoys the notion of being his to command, which is why she is out here at his request when Oscha likely has some other less pleasant task for her to perform.

Once the two men have vanished inside and she feels the coast is clear, the doll turns and zips into the sky, her wings motionless as they propel her into the dimensional tunnels between worlds. Time to report in.

Thanks to the strange physics of Wonderland, it takes merely moments for Crux to pop back into reality in the empty blue skies where the grand dark fortress of Gaudium hangs alone in the sea of clouds. The many eyes of the demonic sentries swivel sickly towards her tiny body as she passes through the transluscent barrier protecting it from outside invasion. She quickly dives into one of the hangers and works towards the center of the massive structure, passing no one in the lifeless grey halls until she finds herself once more in the cavernous throne room.

As usual, Makenshi is idly lounging in the curved golden horns of the demonic mural above the Earl's throne, who is noticably abscent again. That was a relief, the way the young boy stared at her as if she were one of his sugary deserts made the little fairy's skin crawl.

Crux wafts gently up to the albino man's side and allows a small touch of blush to reach her cheeks when he opens his eyes and turns a kind gaze upon her, as always. "Kukuruyu!"

Makenshi's eyes narrow slightly as she delivers her message in the cute nonsense language that Oscha invented for her, a form of coded speaking that only those who know the trick can interpret. "I see. Thank you."
Skoll Ulfang Skoll nods in regards to Faruja taking a piece of bacon. It's one of those things where one insults the host if one doesn't at least eat /one/ piece of bacon. Skoll turns along with the Burmecian so his back is turned to the door, and slowly starts closing the door without looking. "I told you. I heal fast. Still, your healing spells helped." At least a little bit, they did.

Skoll's hairs suddenly stand on end when he feels 'something' though. He looks back, and ends up staring through a window at the place Crux had /just/ left this reality through. The sky there is empty... and the werewolf just stares for a little while before he properly closes the door. "Hrrm." He lets out a thoughtful sound and heads into the Valkyri HQ itself.

"Anyone else want bacon?" He shouts into the house.
Maira There is little more appealing to Maira than food, and there is certainly no better smell to wake up to in the morning than bacon frying. Bacon had been something for special occasions when she was growing up, a treat that meant they had enough money to spend a little on something good and fatty.

Maira appears in the kitchen wearing a pink bathrobe and pink and white stripped socks, rubbing her eyes. "Bacon....Skoll, you can stay forever," she says wistfully, giving him a fond smile.

Oh ho! And they have a visitor! Maira looks toward Faruja, bleary eyed and flushed from sleep. It takes her a moment to actually register that he is there. ".....Faruja!" she exclaims finally, crossing and leaning down to give him a hug.
Faruja Senra And never would Faruja want to insult the good wolf! There is that moment of wanting to pet the ears, though. They remind him of Hati's, unsurprisingly.

A slight tilt of the head. 'Fast' was an understatement. Even from what little the Burmecian had seen of his wounds, the rate was astounding. Maybe werewolves naturally healed that way!

Faruja follows on through, depositing himself in a seat with a bit of a grunt. Broken limbs are terrible. The rat positively /beams/ upon seeing the robed form of Maira. Stifling his urge to channel Ami and squee at such a cute-yet-casual look on the fire lady, he accepts the hug. It's not without a squeak of pain, however.

"Mmmph! G...good morn, Lady Maira. Ahh, please, gentle! Watch the ribs, they have yet to heal." It's returned lightly, by now used to Maira-hugging. Who could turn down a hug from such a kind, beautiful friend anyway?

"How are you, hmm? Taking care of good Ser Ulfang I see! Valkyri has my thanks, and that of the Shard Seekers!"
Skoll Ulfang Skoll offers the plate of bacon to the girl as he walks back into the kitchen, but retreats it quickly when Maira runs past and goes to give Faruja a hug. He's glad she didn't decide to do this to him -- he still has some bad ribs and all that. The werewolf then looks Faruja's way himself who is getting snuggled.

"You got wounded?" Skoll asks, in regards to Faruja's statement, before nodding his head. "The Valkyri have been taking good care of me. And someone has been changing my bandages every time I sleep." He admits.
Maira "Oh!" Maira exclaims in mild alarm, letting Faruja go and looking down at him. "I'm sorry Faruja! I'm still sleepy, I didn't notice....what happened? Should I get some potions? Do you need a Cure spell?" she asks, pulling up a chair to sit beside him before reaching over to nab some bacon and munch on it like it were precious treasure to be savored.

Maira looks toward Skoll and smiles. She'd have to know him a little better for hugs, probably. Though, he IS making bacon... "Heh, we've been keeping an eye on you! I have a good stock of healing supplies, and my spells...and Avira must have been changing your bandages," she replies, coloring slightly. Skoll liked Avira too, didn't he? Oh my...

Such innocent, mundane concerns are quickly replaced with a surge of adrenaline as she feels the strong aura of another suddenly appearing in the room. All the small hairs on her body stand on end, goosebumps rising to her skin. She quickly stands, the bacon she was holding now on fire and being brandished like a weapon.

"W-who are you!? You can't just come in here like that!" she says, waggling the bacon, threateningly...?
It has been a long night. Her ship crashed on the Outskirts of town, random people, accusations by authorities due to her ancestral history, and now-- she can't find a good place to have BREAKFEST! Mostly because apparently Saurians were not to be trusted or the idea of people seeing a reptilian humanoid that had raptor qualities worried folks. Yes, she had big fangs, large claws, and stood at six foot five; along with being no small woman; but she wasn't going to bite anyone's face off.. Really! Ok, maybe if they gave her an excuse she might contemplate on it.

Those red eyes scanned the area as she walked. Her tail flicking in frustration until a very strange smell was picked up in the air. Meat. Cook meat. Her head reeled in that direction. The alien lizard stared in the direction of the smell, before she gave another good whiff of the air with her mouth open this time slightly.

Her mouth shut, her eyes focused on the spot as there was a low rumble form her throat before she at last made her way toward the building. There was food to be had and she would have at it! I mean, it was a nice building and with that good of smell it had to be a restaurant right? Right??

The female Saurian then walked up to the door and opened it up. She was-- surprised to find such a nice 'restaurant', or was this not a restaurant? What would even be the customs here of ordering food anyhow? Curse of galactic travel and being flung to some place you are not even sure is on the star-charts; No details on the place!

Then again, her computer was dead anyhow and without her armor, she couldn't ask anyhow. This is why you do the things the old fashion way and with that came the typical universal greeting that seems to work most places you go, even more with voices and probably the sight of others at last as she realizes there are indeed /people/ here. You raise up your claw hand, try to give a smile; which you hope doesn't scare them with your sharp fanged teeth; and say, "Greetings, um, Salutations, Urm, Yo!" One of those had to work right?
Faruja Senra The rat makes a dismissive gesture. "The Games. They are not quite as non-lethal as advertised. A competitor known as LEXUS rather rudely decided to focus on causing others harm. A Shadow Lord, if evidence proves correct. Not to mention the competition itself. Giant abomination-beast rearranged my skull and ribs quite well."

However, knowing the wolf's well taken care of earns a nod to Skoll. "I would expect nothing less. Either one of our counterparts is quite stealthy, or you sleep rather solidly Ser Ulfang." Peeeer. The rat stares at those bandages appraisingly for quality. He'll re-do them himself if he must!

Faruja reaches up, trying to catch the magess' hair in a friendly ruffle. "Worry not, I shall be fine! My wounds are well on their way to healing. Naught but time can mend them now, my friend. Thank you." He should expect it, but such kindness touches the rat.

Mist. While not like that of his home, sudden expanses of mist are enough to get the rat's hackles up. Looming shadows followed by Makenshi and his aura have the rat to his feet, reaching into his robes to yank out a short spear. "...As the Lady says. Do not intrude upon this place unwelcomed. Apologize and leave." The Burmecian snarls out, clearly picking the 'fight' end of the spectrum.

That same snarling face turns to Rage. Giant lizard woman. Vaguely, he's reminded of a Bangaa. At least /this/ one isn't spewing mist everywhere and has the good manners to actually announce herself and greet people. It takes some of the edge off of his hackle-raising. "Good morn, M'Lady." He responds, tail flicking in that way of tailed people making quick hellos while they're in the middle of something.

Pause. A slight shake of the head. "I fear to say, dear traveler, your timing and luck is most attrocious this day." There's a touch of pity towards the giant lizard woman. At least she doesn't seem to be with the oddly silent intruder-knave.
Skoll Ulfang "LEXUS." Skoll growls that names. He knows it too well. The day that Manhattan fell, he'd been the one to bite down on his ID Disk. "It certainly would seem to be that way." He notes. "As for my sleep..." He smirks, his expression growing fond again; "It's been rather deep lately." He admits... but then...

Skoll's heckles rise. In fact, his wild looking gray hair seems to almost grow a little, the hairs coming to stand on end when the 'presence' approaches. The mist rolls into the room, and Skoll instinctively moves into a fighter's position. Fists at the ready, moving in front of Maira and Faruja if they'll let him. It's impossible to stop him from doing this really. He's the kind of young man who is a defender. Someone who tries to keep his friends from harm.

When the white haired youth shows however, Makenshi can probably see the surprise... and then fear in his eyes. His arms go out wide, and tries to move his hands so that he's blocking Faruja and Maira from moving forwards. "/Makenshi/." Skoll growls, baring his teeth. Well... his human teeth anyhow. He's as a human at the moment after all.

The werewolf then notices Maira wielding that firey bacon, and his eyes kind of... almost tear up. THE BACON! She'll char it! T_T Rage ends up distracting him from the poor poor bacon, and he feels his heart jump. "Run!" He shouts at the lizard.
Makenshi A hint of amusement touches the young man's eyes as bacon and spear are brought forth to ward him off. Mortals were ever so strange sometimes. But they are not why he is here. A sharp gust of wind suddenly surges forth, assailing both Maira and Faruja with intense pressure meant to drive them against the far wall. The appearance of the lizard woman also earns notice but he does not turn to look at her, merely sending another burst of wind to push Rage back outside, his cape fluttering wildly in the breeze.

Skoll, being what he is, will be utterly unaffected by such weak tricks. The white swordsman stares at him for a few moments when recognition comes over the wolf but he eventually responds with a quick bow, hand resting on his heart as he inclines his head towards the other Lord.

"Skoll Ulfang. The Earl has missed your presence of late."
Emi Dennou Emi figured Rage would find herself in trouble after her questioning and has elected to follow her. What she did not expect was for Rage to head towards VALKYRI HQ, not the worst place a lady bounty hunter could end up. Hell, maybe Avira would recruit her. Emi figures, though, that after she barges in she might want to follow in after and keep heads cool.

So she heads on in after Rage. "Ah, Maira--" Emi begins. "--This is Rage, her ship recently crashlanded and--"

Suddenly there is wind and she is shoved right back out the door. She doesn't fall over, being more hit by the splash than being the target of it, but she is pushed right back out of VALKYRI HQ.

"...Mm." Emi says, wondering who the heck did that.

She looks towards a nearby window. "...Hm." And she approaches it.
Faruja Senra Normally, Faruja's skills as a dragoon and a long polearm would be enough to save him from a hard pressure breeze. Unfortunately, his broken leg and short spear make this rather impossible. The gust of wind sends the Burmecian flying back towards the wall. Too bad he isn't wearing his armor today. CRACK. Plaster and wood shatters under the force of a propelled ratling, a horrifically pained scream emerging from his muzzle as blood jets from it. Slumping down, wounds from the colliseum reopening, he lays there dazed.
This is turning out to be a very interesting restaurant. There was several different type of species here; which seem to be a common trait of this town; and live entertainment! Or at least she hopes it is.

She glances over at Faruja, her tail swaying slightly. "So what, you guys run out of that meat already?" She pauses, "This is a--"

Whatever she was going to say is completely thrown off by the sudden shout of 'RUN' from the wolf-guy. Wait.. why did she need to run? This caused her to look over him in a very curious nature, before her eyes slowly went over to the burning bacon of fire. That wasn't something you saw every day. Oh hey, its that girl from last night. When did she get...

However that was enough distraction to get hit by wind burst from the strange individual. The sheer force causes her to slide out. Those large big toe claws slam down into the ground trying to halt it. Her hands grip out to the side, with her finger claws digging into the door frame. There was a low growl emitted before she was knocked back out, flat on her backside with an 'ouf'.

People stared down, she slowly got back up with a snarl and a very low growl. "Now that just isn't right!" She rises up on her feet, her eyes narrowing to thin slits before she placed her hands close together. Her eyes peered over at Emi, "I am guessing that is not a normal custom, right? If it is, then I will apologize later!" Magical energy surged around her hands as it was started to be drawn into a very bright orb of light. "Get aside people!" She roars at those gathered. "This are about to get UGLY!"

There was a primal scream of a roar from outside where the Raptor alien was knocked out, soon followed by the roar sailed in several light orbs aimed right for the very individual who decided to be so rude. She was not to far behind. "You messed with the wrong Neo-Saurian, pal and you better hope there is no bounty on your head, because if there is.. this is gonna make ever the more /fun/!"

Yeah, she was pissed.
Maira Apparently, Makenshi is not threatened by her flaming wand of bacon +1. Who could have guessed!?

Skoll apparently knows this man, and his name is apparently Makenshi. Well, alright. She doesn't speak Japanese and thus has no idea what his name means and that this guy is the very same person a certain Black Wind now named Murdock was so eager to fight. Alas!

Maira meeps with indignation as the wind blows her back against the wall, wincing as she hits in an awkward position, her shoulder slamming into hard surface before she is pushed flat. Her bathrobe is blown open--good thing she's wearing pajamas! If not for Skoll and Angantyr being about....

Makenshi had caught her off guard. But she was not unable to part these winds! Maira raises the bacon (still on fire) like a wand, making a motion as if to cut the air as she summons her magic. The currents part and Maira falls to her feet, slipping slightly in her socks before she gets her baring.

She is still brandishing flaming bacon, which she looks at now and furrows her brow. What is she DOING? Maira blows out the bacon and then takes a bite. Oouu...perfectly crispy!

Also, who is that large lizard person!? Oh--convenient Emi! "Uh--nice to meet you..." she says to Rage--manners are important!--before she looks back to Makenshi, frowning deeply. "That was not very nice. I get you know Skoll, but he's our guest and you are not welcome if you are going to come in here and attack us. Get out--or I'll do to you what I did to the bacon," she informs him, shrugging off her bathrobe since it was falling off anyway. Beneath she wears pajama shorts and a tank top with a fuzzy white kitten wearing a large pink bow around its neck.

Yeah, you better be afraid!
Skoll Ulfang Skoll growls, and watches in surprise as Maira and Faruja are met with that intense pressure - and who knows what happens to the lizard. The werewolf holds his ground though, the wind cutting past him and making his hair flail every which way. His tail swishes irritatedly. "Don't harm these people!" Skoll growls. "They're..." He looks away for a moment, then turns his attention back to Makenshi. Little sparks come from the collar around his neck - a new device made by the Gaudium Lords to 'control' and introduce darkness into this particular werewolf. Specifically made by one of the 'sisters' that are still alive.

And indeed, some darkness does roll off of Skoll, as the werewolf considers how to take care of Makenshi. "They're my friends!" A word that Skoll had /never/ used within the presence of the Gaudium Lords. Gaudium Lords weren't supposed to have /FRIENDS/.

Still, for all of his shouting - he doesn't have his weapons on him. His chains are laying around somewhere, but they're not on him. They weren't very comfortable to lay on while wounded. The werewolf breathes in for a moment, and then adds; "I'm not coming back to the Earl Makenshi. I..." He wants to say that he KNOWS they've been lying to him. But he doesn't!

"... They've gone after my friends, Makenshi. My honorcode won't let me be with people who threaten my friends. You know that."

And that's when he notices it.

The wind. He is still holding the plate. But... the wind had knocked the BACON ONTO THE WALL!

Skoll squints his eyes at Makenshi. "You RUINED my BACON!" His tail poofs out, and he really starts looking... well... more angry and flustered than he already was. Little wisps of darkness roiling off of his body. But these wisps are quickly vaporated when Rage throws the ball of light, forcing Skoll to cover his eyes for a moment.
Emi Dennou Emi opens up a nearby window with the aid of a business card sliding across a latch and then crawls inside that way, closing the window shut behind her and relatching it. She also--notably--quickly steps away from the window and towards a nice hard surface that will be harder to be flung through.

Her eyes drift naturally towards Skoll. Her expression, as ever, seems naturally nonplussed with a practiced blankness. She can smile, but her eyes rarely seem to hold much light in it. After a few moments of looking at Skoll, who seems angry about ... bacon? ... well, she says, "Noble wolf. I have news for you." She glances to Makenshi. Is this the best time to bring up this news? Maybe not. She better just leave it at that for now. "But I will tell you when it seems prudent. For now, however, The Network wished to formally thank you for your assistance regarding VitaTek." She bows her head briefly. "We are in your debt, naturally."

She turns her head back to Maira and says, "As we were saying--"

Pause. While she was outside, Maira managed to get cuter. Emi bites at her lip. Resist the cute, resist it. Okay? We good? Good. "...As we were saying," She repeats. "Rage is a bounty hunter. Her ship crash landed last night which is to suggest, perhaps, she should not be getting in fights with dangerous bounties and..." She looks towards Faruja, who seems to be dying in the corner there.

"...Hnn..." She says. "Are you okay there, Faruja?"
Makenshi The harsh manner in which his dismissal introduces the others to the wall is ignored by the young knight. Instead he rights himself and stares quietly at Skoll, already knowing full well that he had no intention of returning. It was the for the better in many ways, the fewer Gaudium Lords running around the less work he had to do to keep them in check. That this man had decided for himself to break free of those shackles was good - except he still had apperances to keep up.

His eyes slide shut casually though the look of aloof disdain still manages to show through in his posture. "The Earl will not be pleased. Everything that you have was forfeit the moment that you bowed to his rule. You know this." He pauses and looks up, amusement echoing in the muffled tone of his voice behind the mask. "The bacon included."

A sudden explosion of motion fills the air around Makenshi as the ornate blade at his waist seems to come to life all on its own, spinning about him in a whirlwind of slashes so fast that only blurs of white can be seen. The energy globes crash into the barrier and explode, their deadly assault stopped cold, though small streaks of light manage to pierce the veil and leave telltale marks across the swordsman's immaculate white outfit.

One of the orbs is swatted back at Rage and streaks past her to detonate against the doorframe as she comes barreling back inside, sending a hail of wooden shrapnel into her side. The explosions stir the Mist up into a roiling cloud that makes it difficult to see and Makenshi disappears in the assault. There is a few moments of strange calm during which Emi jimmies her way inside but it does not last long.

Behind the lizard woman the gentle but monotone voice of the Guadium Lord cuts through the haze, sword still floating about him like a pinwheel. "That was a mistake."

The deadly blade lurches forward, slicing through the air at blinding speeds as it carves across the frame of every person present in a large circular path before it comes to rest above its owner's head, pointing up into the sky like the disembodied hand of a clock.
Faruja Senra Thanks to Maira's efforts, the Burmecian is conscious. Judging from the slightly tipsy moaning, he's in a horrific amount of suffering. Emi speaks up to his health, and the rat manages to raise a hand.

"...I do believe /all/...*cough*...of my ribs are now broken. Again." He answers, trying his best to stand. Eventually, the Burmecian gives up. It's his second horrible thrashing in a week, and his body simply can't take it, particularly when not with his armor on. All the Burmecian can do is throw around spells of protection to those present.
The ball of light explodes behind Rage, causing her to snarl in even more annoyance as suddenly wood shrapnel cuts across her scaly hide. However this only causes the anger level of the Bounty Hunter to rise, which is followed with a look to match. "Sorry Emi, but a little to late to tell them I shouldn't be getting into fights because I am now!"

There was the voice behind her. Her tail twitches gently, and then as the swordsman moved in with swiftness, she leaped forward, spinning herself around before blasting up a light wall around her. Due to his speed of strikes, the light wall was not able to catch him in its bright aura, but it would seem it prevented him from touching her.

"You made the mistake of attacking first!" Rage roars back in reply followed soon by the raptor feral scream as she builds up another orb of light in her hands. This time, she sends out one orb out stretched to attempt to slam through his defenses before another orb of light comes racing in. "I don't know what is going on, but next time, think before who you be wind slappin'!"

Maybe this is why she was named Rage?

Her eyes dart over to Maria as she hears the introduction but. "A pleasure." Baack to business. Then there was a spell thrown on her from the rat-guy. This gave him a minor look, before a nod, before her eyes were back on her prey-urm-target.
Maira ....He's not afraid. Indeed, he completely ignores her! How RUDE! Rage, as she is called, is fighting back, which Maira isn't sure is such a good idea. Still, if there is going to be a fight, she's going to protect her friends. If this crazy guy is here to take Skoll, he'll have to go through her first.

Which he will. With a sword.

Maira grimaces as she is slashed by the whirling blade, falling back as blood begins to stain the torso of her white pajamas. A blood soaked kitten! This is getting morbid!

Shirt ruined, she still should not ignite, less the whole HQ burn down around her. But could she prevent it? The young mage tries to keep a tight reign on her magic, managing not to let the fire within her consume in her ager and her fear.

She concentrates her attention on Makenshi, taking a deep breath. "Get OUT!" she yells, a cloud of green poison suddenly puffing from her mouth like smoke from a hookah.

Maira positions herself in front of Faruja, intent to protect her injured friend. "You just stay behind me Faruja...I'll protect /you/ this time," she tells him.

The pajama'd mage reaches a hand up above her head as if to grab something from a high shelf, though there is nothing above her. When she lowers her hand however, she grasps a very large, shimmering hammer composed of force, which she then attempts to use like a croquet mallet to send Makenshi flying out the window.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll looks up as Emi suddenly manages to get back in and looks at him with that... creepy blank stare. He blinks a few times, and then just slowly nods his head slowly. "You mean with the whole Evil Science thing?" He asks quickly, before turning his attention back to Makenshi. "You're welcome. But I don't think there's anything to be in debt for when it comes to that." Besides, he wonders what Emi could even do in regards to that... repaying a debt that is.

His attention then snaps back to Makenshi, who points out that he gave up everything - including the bacon. "He can no longer take away my free will!" He points out to Makenshi, and grabs at the collar and tries to pull it off in order to attempt to show his strength... but his display of strength fails miserably. All he gets is /ZAPPED/ by the thing.

This is followed by Makenshi retaliating against the ground due to Rage's foolish move of attacking the White Mist. Skoll moves his hands in front of him, and feels the sharp cut slice across the backs of his arms, undoing the bandages. Within moments, his arms and even his chest are now... ridden with loose falling bandage, displaying his bare chest. That, and a stroke of red skin - harmed by the attack.

"Stop this, Makenshi! He may have given me back my life when he saved me from the destroyed werewolf world. But he can't have my free will! There is a limit to everything!"
Emi Dennou Emi supposes that Rage's comment, regarding it being too late to tell her to avoid fights because she's in one already, is reasonable. Well okay, it isn't really, but she's not going to argue--especially since Makenshi seems intent on including her in the fight. With a gesture of her hand, she smacks the blade away from her with electromagnetic force.

"I had done nothing to harm you." Emi says to him.

She is about to strike back when Skoll speaks to her. And mentions the existence of a werewolf world. A DESTROYED WEREWOLF WORLD.

There was a werewolf world???

She bobs her head to him and says, "We had a feeling you might say that, The Network still has news for you later, however."

The air does seem unusually charged, however. How was she able to deflect that speedy blade? Perhaps she's just used to having to deal with super high speed opponents who could kill you in an instant.

She flicks both arms forward and sends two electrical waves lashing out at Makenshi, it is a BIT like force lightning, in fact, in that the stream is consistent and bursting out her fingertips.

"This one does not understand your purpose here, but The Network requests you desist."
Makenshi Moving with fluid grace, Makeshi's blade intercepts the first of the bounty hunter's orbs, neatly bisecting it down the middle and sending an explosion of magic rippling through the room. The young man's hair and cape flutter dramatically in the aftershock but he merely stands there, arms crossed nonchalantly even as the second orb comes hot on the trail of the first.

Deprived of his blade, which is currently making its way around to deliver some of his ire to everyone present, the White Cloud shows a small glimpse of why he and his ilk are feared by those who know the truth. His hand lashes out and he backhands the glowing ball of light aside, sending it careening towards Rage, once again feeding her some of her own medicine. Smoke wafts up from the side of Makenshi's bare skin as he reaches up to grab the hovering sword over his head, obviously injured by the bold move but not so much that it seems to bother him.

The burst of poison is merely dispersed as it wafts towards the knight of wind and the energy hammer finds itself slamming down upon the whirling blade as it dances to and fro within the confined space.

And then Emi's strange burst of electricity erupts from the Mist. He moves in a flash, holding up the surface of the Maken to intercept the deadly lighting but it travels through the blade and ripples into his arms in spiderweb arches and finally manages to earn a grunt of displeasure from the stoic warrior.

His eyes narrow slightly on the small girl. He had merely meant to rough them up abit and give a show for the Earn to enjoy but now they were challenging him directly. If he left now it wouldn't look good. Too bad for them. Holding up his sword easily, which is rather heavy looking for a one hander, the White Cloud turns his gaze upon Skoll once more.

"Then you will have to fight for your freedom, Skoll Ulfang."

Was he strong enough to challenge the Earl? Makenshi had his doubts, especially considering the fact that he had been bested by mere underlings. No, even with the help of these new allies it was not enough.

Whipping his arm to the side, Makenshi unleashes his powers suddenly, sending an immense explosion of air pressure into the building to crush them flat against the walls and floor. The sword is then lifted over his head and he brings it down in a pair of perfect vertical slashes that sends twin waves of explosive force ripping across the floor to detonate simutaneously in the center of the room.
Faruja Senra Any knight would complain about being protected. Indeed, the rat opens his muzzle to protest. He doesn't get to finish his words, forced to lean over and cough up a lung. The Burmecian's vision swims before him. It seems he has no choice in the matter!

"Faram...curse this Witch! careful Maira!" He mutters out between clenched teeth.

An ear perks, the Templar listening through the agony, learning more about the wolf that he could've imagined. Whatever the case might be regarding the wolf, he knows his duty. This 'Makenshi' is clearly an enemy. Faruja thrusts his spear. Even as Emi's wave of lightning flies at Makenshi, so too does a flash of lightning descend. Beneath the ground, a sword of electricity rises up as lightning strikes.

Explosions burst force from Makenshi's use of his blade. Maira defends the fallen knight, even as he lays on the floor bleeding and barely able to move. Anger rises up. A clawed hand goes shakily to his muzzle. The Burmecian whistles.

Blame it on his battered state, but Faruja isn't exactly thinking properly. Else, he would never whistle his 'come hither' whistle indoors. Arista the White Wyvern thinks little of human buildings, nor of causing collatoral damage. A shadow looms over Valkyri Headquarters, the great white wyvern swooping down upon the figure at the front door. Claws, teeth, and a rather angry set of reptilian eyes descend upon Makenshi with every intent of making a meal of the White Cloud.

The Valkyri are going to need a new door.
The female Saurian will not be denied her pray--urm--target! Yeah.. target.. Not only is she slammed by her own magic, again, but the wind gusts returns! She already been through this song and dance and quickly slams her fist into the ground that glows, creating an aura of light around her once more. Once the wind subsides, she blasts it outward in bright light that almost covers the room for a moment.

"I think they been asking you to leave." Rage says with a growl in her voice. "So why don't you take the hint!" She was about to do something, until a large, far larger lizard shows up. This gets her attention for just a moment. This place was so weird.

"Well, I guess someone else is hungry." She then narrows her eyes at Makenshi. "To bad you didn't listen to them earlier, huh, pal?" There was a snark from her, but there was still the growl before she placed her hands at her sides. The first one started to gather up energy, as the other unleashed a 'whip' of light that attempt to slash out at Makenshi to throw off his offensive properties a bit. Then with a quick spin around, she blasted out a massive ball of light directly at him trying to show /him/ this time into a wall...

...If not through it.
Skoll Ulfang Yes, yes there was a werewolf world. It had been a beautiful world. And now it was gone. Not taken by the heartless, but /destroyed/ by the Earl Tyrant. Or what had perhaps been simply 'Chaos' at the time. Skoll is still under the impression that it had been Kaze though. Although of course, now the werewolf is having some doubts.

"I will accept your news at a later time then." Skoll answers, staring back at Makenshi as he realizes that... he is the reason these people are getting hurt. His ears fold back a little and his tail moves closer to his legs. He doesn't want these people to get hurt for his sake! Especially not against someone like Makenshi.

"This is their home, Makenshi! I cannot fight you in honest! You know that." Skoll shouts back to Makenshi. "Who knows how much destruction I might cause. How many people might be swept up in it all." Skoll tries to speak to Makenshi in a ways to change his mind on the whole 'making him fight' thing. But he knows Makenshi won't listen.

And thus, the werewolf storms straight forwards as Makenshi sends out the airpressure, and lets his body be caught within the waves of explosive force. It shoves him right back to the floor just for a moment, but the young man stands strong. His tail lashes violently, and his golden eyes stare straight at Makenshi. "But if I must fight you, then I will at least do this much, even in my wounded state!"

The werewolf digs his clawed hand into the ground for a moment, and then springs forwards at Makenshi once more in an attempt to SMASH him out of the door. "Let's TAKE THIS OUTSIDE!" Skoll roars, letting his fierocity show even while littered with bandages and that single pair of cargo-pants. One must not doubt, even without his werewolf form, in which he can access his true Unlimited potential... even without his weapons...

Skoll can put up one heck of a fight!

LEXUS might still remember how the werewolf had lasted through everything. How at the Battle of Manhattan, Skoll had stood there and had refused to fall even as three enemies had turned their attention onto him.

While still moving 'forwards', wether his explosive-fist-attack-to-the-face had managed to knock Makenshi out the door or not, the werewolf lets his fists light up with power. And in that moment... darkness.

Darkness seeps into his attacks, flaring powerful purple lightning along his fists. This is far more than normally would show in his abilities. And the collar sparks violent lightning across his neck - punishing him for assaulting a Gaudium Lord. But the werewolf bites through it. Pushing through the pain, Skoll throws a set of punches, littering with both Darkness and Ice. Something that is very remininscent of how Avira used to fight when she was a Mutate.

And to finish it off, Skoll makes for a violent kick to the Windarian's chest in an attempt to 'knock the air out of him'.
Maira This is not her day it would seem. Both of her attacks are completely avoided of defected by this dangerous man who intruded on their home.

As he lashes out again with his power, Maira is send backward, countering with her own magic just enough to not slam into the vulnerable, battered knight she protects. In doing this however, Maira cannot protect herself. The two waves of force slice into her, cutting deep, her blood splattering against the walls and the wood floors in splashes of crimson. The girl screams in agony, half from the pain of the wound and half from the frustration of what is about to occur.

Uist is by her side, his rage filling her. He has to protect her. He has to take over.

Maira slumps forward for a moment, a puppet whose strings have gone slack. When her head rises, an ethereal red mist surrounds her, her eyes like flame as the rest of her body ignites. Wings of fire sprout from her back, and when she speaks, her voice is not as it was. It is two voices, layered one atop the other, Maira's and the deeper voice of Uist.

The varnish of the wood floor begins the bubble. The paint upon the walls begins to peel. It grows rapidly VERY hot in the kitchen. If you can't handle the heat...get out of the kitchen!

Maira begins to move toward Makenshi, the fire that wreaths her form lashing out like barbed tongues toward his form.
Emi Dennou In truth, Emi doesn't know who she is dealing with here and perhaps that gives her a great deal of freedom she wouldn't normally have. "You are very powerful." She says thoughtfully. "Nor can we claim to understand your situation, The Network admits to being an uninvolved interloper who is interfering in a situation she had not been asked to. However, we do owe the people here a debt, most notably Faruja whom you are carelessly endangering in spite of his injuries. The Network further informs that Skoll Ulfang is not a pet, but a noble wolf." Well okay maybe he's a little petlike but in a scruffy sort of way that makes him adorable and full of scruffy nobility! But he's not a pet pet, just having some petlike characteristics. He's a noble wolf!

"It also further appears--" She begins, but then WIND ATTACK. Emi ionizes some air around her and throws herself back, dissipitating the wind around her, though she's unable to help much anybody else. She barely avoided getting crushed there herself. She takes a moment to let out a breath before continuing.

"It also further appears you are showboating." How did she figure that out? Skoll just informed her, whether he knew it or not.

She draws out her rifle and drops down into a crouch, firing a pair of quick shots, electricity rippling around the bullets as she fires them!
Makenshi Despite his proximity to the explosions he sends out, Makenshi seems utterly unphased by the torrential winds or flying shrapnel that results from them as the furniture and floors are pulverized into splinters and dust.

He stares into the aftermath, watching silently as each person is battered about or weathers the storm in their own way, merely waiting for them to recover and respond. Perhaps his own personal honor code or the fact that he doesn't consider any of them to be real threats stays his hand. He would not be the first person to enjoy the thrill of combat. It's not like this is some sort of turn-based game or anything.

Skoll's fierce determination to protect his friends allows him to tear past the white swordsman's offense and put him on the defense, carrying the both of them up into the air with the force of his lunge. After a short struggle, the wolfman is battered aside, but his distraction is enough to give Rage her chance. Light envelopes Makenshi and he again disappears in the destructive aftermath, dropping into the thick mists to narrowly avoid taking the full brunt of such an assault.

However, instead of safety he finds the angry glare and gaping maw of a draconian creature waiting for him. He allows a brief moment of surprise to slip past his mask of calm but incredible reflexes kick in as instict takes over and he nimbly leaps aside, leaving the wyvern's nasty teeth to snap down on empty air and mist. So that is how they wanted to play was it?

The strange leeching tendrils of fire from the pajama-wearing mage and the girl's electrical rifle rounds give him little chance to rest. His sword whirls about furiously, deflecting the bullets to each side with practiced ease and the stray projectiles crash into the walls of nearby buildings in the first show of collateral damage. It won't be the last.

With the effort expended, he takes a moment to brush himself off. That wasn't too bad of a demonstration though he was naturally, as Emi just announced, holding back. Time to give them a glimpse of what real power looked like.

The metallic mask about his face suddenly splits down the ridge of his nose, each half fading away in a pixel-like pattern from the center up into his hair. The features beneath are regal and smooth, though the hostility between them is likely going to impede them fawning over his youthful good looks. A hand goes to the bandolier hanging about his waist, drawing forth one of the seemingly empty bottles between thumb and forefinger with a soft clink of glass.

0"Enveloped in a beautiful song..."

He stares at them with an intense look of concentration, as if speaking words of ultimate power as he slowly raises the 'empty' bottle up towards his face.

0"Now sleep! Pure White Requiem!"

The bottle is tossed directly up into the air and immediately followed by a single slash of Makenshi's sword. The blade bisects the bottle cleanly down the middle despite the impossible odds of doing so as it flips chaotically about. A brilliant silver-blue glow fills the space between the two halves as they fall apart, growing to the intensity of the sun and blotting out all sight for a few moments.

As the light fades, a beast of monstrous proportions erupts into the sky. Long and slender, the blade dragon of the Mists blots out the sky with its immense size. Dozens of insectoid limbs and wings flutter and wiggle as it takes form from the magic unleashed, turning to aim its ancient gaze down upon the building and those within.

It hovers there ominously for several moments, growling softly as the will of its master fills it with one desire. DESTROY. A blue sigil in the shape of a diamond begins to take form before its lengthy swordhorn and the dragon leans back and then thrusts its head into the light. Light erupts from the diamond in a beam of pure raging destruction that even the mightiest of Arcadia's airfortresses could not hope to match.
Maira Even combined with Uist, she cannot stand against a force such as Makenshi brings to bare. Wide amber eyes rise toward the sky--where is the roof? Why is the roof gone!?--At first she thinks the sun has risen in Traverse Town. No, the sun never rises in Traverse Town. This light is something else. Maira stares in wonder and awe at the dragon appears, too stunned to even feel fear. Uist however, is terrified for her. How could this be happening so quickly? Where were all the others that should be there to protect her?

Sleep....yes...sleep she does, enveloped in light.

Her strings are cut. She falls, lifeless, to the floor.
Faruja Senra Briefly, Arista looks to the far smaller lizard. Hiss! Several insults and warnings are thrown in draconian, the great wyvern feeling a fellow predator. They all seem to be about staying off of her meal. Hungry indeed!

Darkness calls to Light. That familiar creeping feeling, of wrongness, of that which must be PURGED fills the rat even as he struggles to maintain consciousness. His eye goes wide, pain forgotten as he realizes the source of so much darkness. Fear, not of the powerful opponent arrayed against them, but for a friend grips his heart. "...No!"

A clawed hand slams into the ruined wall, the Templar stubbornly dragging himself to his feet. "SKOLL ULFANG, YOU SHALL CEASE THIS AT ONCE!" Comes the Burmecian's voice, loud and commanding as only a Templar can be.

"You WILL NOT be drowned in the darkness, do you hear me!? Thy body is battered, and bruised! Not only shall your own body be consumed, but you shall destroy us all in it!" He warns, his conviction and fire returning.

Arista huffs in rage as the White Mist escapes her grasp. He's so tasty looking too! When Makenshi summons his dragon?

The wyvern flies upwards, ignoring the swordsman. She simply /stares/ at the ancient, gigantic beast. Hovering below him, watching as the dragon lays waste to the building.

Little hearts appear in Arista's eyes as she swoons over the Mist Dragon. Calling up in draconic, she asks the Mist Dragon for his number. Call her~

Blinded by the Light, Faruja instinctively flattens himself to the ground. He tries to crawl towards Maira.

"GET DOWN MAIRA!" He yells, reaching out.

Faruja prays, ignoring the feeling of his leg threatening to break further as he runs on it. Arms reach out to snag his friend before that beam of light crashes down upon her. Leaping, and screaming as his leg once again shatters from the effort of a Jump as bone snaps.

The Lord is with him. Escaping unscathed, hopefully with Maira, he rains down healing spells upon her. "You SHALL NOT perish here, Maira. Not to this knave!"
Rage watches as the bottle is broken, this causes her to raises an eye ridge in question. What comes next is very unexpected. There was a massive blast that soared down into the house from the outside. The pain was extremely, well, painful. It tore into her body and she let out a raptorish roar in defiance of such a brutal slam down on her own body.

She even attempted to lash out with her light wall in defense, if not in aggression toward the knight who started all this. However it would seem none of it was any good. The bounty hunter was shoved down to her knees, before her hands came to rest on the ground. Her body shook a bit as blood gentle dripped onto the ground from the impact points, the metal armor scorched and tears in the strange black 'leather like material.'

Those red eyes closed, before she actually started to push herself back up. She nearly stumbled back and then spat some blood out to the side, before giving Makenshi a lower, snarling growl. "I haven't had this much fun since I had to bring in one of my own kind." There was a low, throttling chuckle from her. "I wonder what you taste like.." She says as her laugh only gets a bit darker. "Maybe like a chicken?"

Wait, was that an insult? After all that? Did she really try to insult the guy.

She glances at the already damage, somehow amazed that the house is still standing! Well, we can blame it on Magic and Mystery Science Theater. Or the sensors. Sensors were always so picky about stuff. (Unless stated other wise by powers to be or by the players to be, which then the start of this is silly and is all an illusion due to the pain. Yep.) She cracks her neck to one side, then to the other, before rolling her shoulders. She closes her eyes for a moment before flexing her fingers which started to spark with light. Her eyes then close, before they snap open. Glowing solid white, as she then moves her hands back. The area around her starts to glow white, like some magic field is being brought up. Her words she chants is some type of magic incantation; the first time she has had to do this all fight.

The reason for the glow? To protect what she can from what she is about to do. What is she about to do? Something rather destructive to the very individual she is after.

Soon little light specs start to float down around her, as she brings her hands together, her index fingers pointed upward. The glow around her becomes brighter, as those little flecks of light start to take a shape of sharp sticks. She then says the final words, "Rain Of Light, DESTROY THOU DARKNESS!" she then snaps her hands free and thrusts them forward. The spears of light suddenly rush forward in the thousands, trying to follow their attended target wherever he may go. Moving like missiles, and on impact with anything other then their attended foe, dissipating into wisps.

Once the magic is cast, the glow fades away and Rage looks.. very exhausted actually, to the point where she almost falls over.
Maira Maira was thoroughly unconscious when Faruja grabbed her to flee the building, either from the first bits of that beam of light or from falling rubble. Quite likely both. She is a ragdoll in his arms, dead weight, but Uist in his spirit form is still with them, and he tries to support Faruja as much as he can as they run, manifesting as nothing but a cooling sensation that could at least let Faruja ignore his injuries long enough to get out of the building. It is all he can do. The beam of light damaged Uist as well, even already dead as he is.

Even as the curaga washes over her, Maira only groans. There is a wound of her scalp still bleeding gratuitously as head wounds tend to do, running down her face like a crimson veil.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr was out, luckily for him, and just now getting back into Traverse town.

However, his peaceful walk was interupted by the flashing of spell, the summoning of mist creatures. Angantyr narrows his eyes...another heartless attack? However, it was coming from his new home...and Angantyr's eyes narrow. Typically, Angantyr's darkness is but a dull roar to those sensitive to it. Right now, his body is like a cornia of anti-light, darkness wafting off of his body like the sea. He dives through those last few hundred feet towards his home, only to see Faruja over Maira, casting healing magic into her unconcious form, seeing a unfamilar figure and the man he only seen through illusion tear into a white ninja. Skoll is only known by reputation, and the Wyvern that he knew as Faruja's pet was attacking the wasn't much to go on...

Angantyr dives right for Makenshi, darkness errupting through his feet as he pushes himself closer to the ninja, his eyes blazing with rage. Nobody attacks his home, nobody attacks his friends...

He comes almost out of Nowhere, his massive mace cutting through the air and attempting to smash Makenshi into the ground, before he brings both hands onto the mace, channeling the darkness inherent into his being...and brings the mace, covered in what looks like the maul of a beat, down into the Ninja.

Emi Dennou There are weaknesses in Makenshi's attack, Emi realizes admittedly. It is super powerful, of course, but it takes time to charge up and, what's more, it is unfocused. Unfortunately, that latter weakness isn't much of one. It might very well destroy the entire building if they don't react accordingly.

"Everyone out who can make it!" She shouts, there is no time for a cute method of speaking. She doesn't have the power to stop it, but she may be able to diminish it. In truth, the only person here who could stop it properly....Wait...That's it!

She doesn't know Skoll's power but with luck she won't need to. "Skoll! The Network will weaken the blast, and it is our request you use your power to do the heavy lifting!" What is the heavy lifting? Heck if Emi knows. It's up to Skoll to figure out if he can use his power to protect as well as destroy. For Emi's sake, she can do but one thing. She fans out her electrical field, providing a minor protective magnetic field for the building. it's not much, but it will help.

She then draws out a coin.

"The weakness in an unfocused blast is that it can be pierced by a focused one. our railgun!"

She flips the coin in the air as Makenshi's blast is unleashed, and as the coin passes between Emi's eyes, she unleases a magnetic pulse against the coin.

It is propelled not just quickly, but at relativistic speeds. It rips through the blast towards Makenshi, the only way he would see it coming is because of the weakening effect it does have on the blast, devestating its cohesion. Its not enough still to protect the building on its own.

But Emi is putting her faith in that noble wolf. The shockwave the coin unleases harmlessly rips through the sky.

But Makenshi may not be so lucky. He may be unkillable, but you'd be surprised what you can live through.
Skoll Ulfang "Tssk." Skoll bites back a heavy-handed swear, and continues to stare angrily at Makenshi as the man manages to continue surviving. With all of these people, they can't even beat up this single man? There is a good reason for this. But then that bottle comes out, and Skoll's eyes go /wide/. "No! NOT IN HERE MAKENSHI!" Skoll calls out.

There is no mirror nearby. There is no time. He can't bring his full force out to counter this attack! The werewolf brings out his both hands and lets the darkness spread. Thin spindly threads of darkness reach out back into another room... and then the sound of rattling follows. The rattling of metal. Just as Makenshi slashes through that little 'bottle', the werewolf's chains reach his hands and then spread out.

It almost seems like the chains Replicate Infinitely! As if the chains were UNLIMITED somehow! They follow him out of the house and wrap around to cover the houses like some kind of immense protective shield. A dome of chains, wrapping around eachother, dimming the lights further than normal within the town of traversal.

That's when Faruja calls out. "I HAVE TO, Faruja!" Skoll calls out, drawing the chains more densely around the building and trying to cover himself in a smaller set of chains. But with so much of his power being used to PROTECT the others, so little is left to protect himself. Darkness continues to flick over his body, as well as the chains. More and more of it comes when the massive dragon rears its beak down.

And finally the beam comes. Skoll bites down and presses his eyes closed. And while the chains may hold over the building - at least in most places, besides some small weaker spots for those few moments that beams flays Traverse Town. As for Skoll himself? Those smaller chains are simply not enough. The beam scars over his body. He can feel his body trying to resist the powerful light, but... something about it hurts...

Something about it hurts SO MUCH MORE than any other pain! The power of Unlimited. The fact that only an Unlimited can destroy another Unlimited. More and more chains wrap around Skoll's body trying to keep the Light at bay, until Skoll is finally forced down to his knees! And then finally, the werewolf draws from that inner reserve of darkness. The chains behind him break, unlinking, shattering apart mainly due to the backlash of the force of Makenshi's attack.

The wolfish your remains standing before the house, one hand over his shoulder, the other hanging weakly down. But behind him, the chains all move, spikes getting set at their ends, all suddenly firing straight for the Mist Dragon and Makenshi at the same time - like massive balistas of CHAIN.
Makenshi The beam of energy is unlike anything else in existence, pure physical force rendered into a coherent wave of power. It slams down upon the building like the sledgehammer of a god and the earth rumbles, shaking the entire town as the titanic force clashes with the hastily erected defenses of the wolfman and his ally.

Waves of power wash over everyone present, tidal forces of kinetic force erupting in all directions. Hurricane winds batter the entire district, ripping shingles from roofs and shattering windows aplenty in the few deadly moments that it bears down upon the Valkyri HQ.

But Makenshi's purpose here is not to annhilate these people. No, he was merely answering their challenge with the appropriate measure of force, his warrior's pride having been slighted by their interference in matters that did not concern them. This was becoming an annoying habit of the denizens of these new worlds. Atleast the peoples of Wonderland had the good sense to hide when forces beyond their ken came out to play.

And thus the devastating energies recede before their work is done leaving the defenders in shambles and the street littered with rubble and detrius. The hulking monstrosity known as Blade Dragon turns its gaze towards the wyvern, little question marks popping up over its sword-like head at the strange behavior. But before it can answer either way, the magical binding it to this plane unravels and the beast returns once more to the lands of mist.

A streak of white drops from the sky where the dragon once was, Makenshi returning to his previous form as the upstarts lash out with the brunt of the power they can summon to oppose him. Emi's railgun coin is the first to be met with cold metal as it rips through the air towards his body just as he reforms. The Maken slaps the shot aside with unnatural precision, deflecting the coin's trajectory into the distant horizon with a faint twinkle before it fades from sight. Somewhere, someone's day is about to get ruined.

The blade is loosed from his grip as the lizard's hail of light spears assails him in a deadly phalanx, the dancing blade's maddeningly precise arcs smashing and parrying the magics without allowing a single one to touch him. They are followed closely by the strange barbed chains of his fellow Unlimited and to these he gives the most attention, personally taking hold of his magic blade to smash them apart with cat-like grace.

With his attention consumed on defense, Angantyr's surge of darkness is only barely able to be met by the final stroke of the albino warrior's blade. The massive mace is pushed aside but the raging darkness that tears through the air with it rakes across his chest, forcing him to leap away with a hand pressed against the wound.

Makenshi glares silently at the dark knight for a few moments; yet more interlopers. This was going to devolve into chaos if he stayed any longer, which was exactly what he wanted to prevent. The metal mask closes over his face once more, jigsaw puzzling back together from the void, and he turns to give Skoll a final glance.

"I will be watching you, Skoll Ulfang."

Leaping into the air, the white swordsman takes off like a rocket, his body turning into a silver-white streak of light as he takes his leave and quickly vanishes into the sky.

From nearby, a childish face pops out from hiding in a dark alleyway, pink helmet covered with bits of dirt from the destruction. She watches her master leave for a moment then turns her attention back to the others, silently spying on them some more. There was more to be learned here. "Kukuruyu..."
Faruja Senra Faruja hurriedly yanks off some of his bandages, quickly starting to wrap up that horrible headwound of Maira's. Faruja opens his eye as that blinding light fades, and the swordsman retreats. Thanks to the chains, it looks like the Valkyri's domicile will live another day. A healing spell is flashed over the wolf. An appreciative nod is given to all of those here. Even the Mercenary.

"...Skoll." Gasp. Faruja cradles Maira in his arms, slumping to the ground. Pain assaults him as adrenaline wears off.

"Who was that?" The wolf owes them all an explaination.

Frowny wyvern. Arista lands, looking visibly dissappointed. No town-wrecking gigantic dragon for her :<
One the villain has seem to left and everything she threw out didn't even seem to make a mark, at least she was satisfied that such force from herself and everyone that perhaps maybe got him to leave? She wasn't very sure, a small part of her didn't even care.

Instead the tired Saurian, with really no food on her stomach, even by this point just falls to her feet and soon collapses onto the very ground. She was drained and she forgotten without her augmentations from her suit, how magic casting can be extremely draining when at full power.

Oh the joys of not having technology, you actually have to /work/ to get something done right. So for now, Rage will stay passed out, until she is moved or wakes up on her own accord.

Guess either someone is helping Emi moved her back to the TDA or allowing her to snooze on a rather large couch; if a couch even remains.
Angantyr Vespar The darkness from Angantyr starts to flare again, ready to continue the assault...he wasn't about to stop, whatever he was didn't put any fear into him. He'd taken on bigger, or so he thought, but the Ninja decided to retreat, and he lets use in continuing on the destruction, here...he can always track him down and repay him for his actions later. The anti-light fades from his body, focusing his emotions back into a cool blade, ready to be released again at will as he turns his eyes towards Skoll.

"You're nothing but trouble." he comments, tching a bit. "This is the second time I've gotten involved in your affairs, so I am going to demand you start explaining yourself." Angantyr says, cooly towards Skoll, "My name is Angantyr, and this is the SECOND time I've been attacked on your behalf. I am going to start charging you money at this rate."
Maira Feeling well, Maira is not. She'd taken quite a beating in a very short period of time. It was likely the closest to death she had been since she was very ill as a child. Even with Faruja's potent healing magic, she is going to need some time to truly recover. She will not be fighting for a little while.

Maira moans in pain, struggling toward consciousness. Consciousness holds pain. What would she find if she woke? Would VALKYRI HQ be destroyed? Would some of her friends be dead?

It was tempting to run. I would be painless to slip into the darkness and never come back.

Voices fill her, filtering through the fog of pain and fear.

Maira's eyes open, and everything is tinted red. She blinks quite a few times, trying to clear her vision from the blood in her eyes. Faruja is above her, his face slowly appearing through the haze. Not far away, she can hear Angantyr. When did he get here. "Faruja...? Angantyr?" she asks, turning her head toward the sound of the voice, wondering if she's imagining it.
Skoll Ulfang With the town safe - seeing as Makenshi has left, Skoll finally stands back up and gives the surroundings a bored stare. Just some minute damage due to the impact, with the Valkyri HQ still mostly safe. The werewolf pants heavily, trying his best to get the darkness to recede. It's a difficult task for one such-as him, especially with so many emotions now washing over him. Anger, desire to continue rampaging. Powerlessness, knowing that he didn't even put much more than a small dent in Makenshi... and the feeling that he should leave.

This is too much for the others to protect against. Who knows what others might have gotten hurt as a result from this. He slowly looks around, then looks out in front of him once more. Luckily, Faruja decides to cast a spell of healing over him, that seems to seal up some of his worst wounds.

"That was Makenshi... he was here for me. To take me. I don't even know why he left." It doesn't make sense. The youth looks back to Faruja, holding the unconscious Maira... and he feels that anger rising again. He bites back some tears. "I'm sorry Faruja... Maira..." He whispers.

And then Angantyr has to go and press him. The wolfish youth bares his teeth at him. "Back off Mercenary." Skoll growls. "If you want money so badly, I'll pay you. They're after me - they want me to come back to them. I've offered to leave a few times, but Avira wanted me safe with Valkyri." He told them about the immense risk.

"What do you want to know?"
Emi Dennou Meanwhile Emi is totally unharmed. She sticks her tongue out at Makenshi, the big doodyhead. Unfortunately this is way more than nine words and as such the metaphysical point is lost to the ages, gone forever like tears in the rain.

It's pretty brief though because that was some seriously scary shit, and she doesn't want her tongue to convince him to come back so she makes sure it's gone before the blinding flash of white is gone.

She does, however, say, "Please Ang. I am to understand he is here with the understanding that he is dangerous to keep here." She doesn't know if that's true but she doesn't want Ang to get all tough guy on Skoll right now. "Besides which, he helped me save the building. For now, The Network thinks we should focus on helping the others and then on fixing the building." Sorry Rage, you helped start this mess so you can lay there for a while and sleep on what you've done!

She does add, though. "But that 'Please Ang' is primarily with regards to not browbeating you too much." She looks towards Skoll. "They do have a right to an explanation. The Network admits that we are curious as to what exactly happened. As detectives, it is our duty to seek out the truth, please understand."

She attempts to rest a hand on Skoll's shoulder, giving him a soothing electrical tingle from her hands.

"But more to the point, are you going to be okay?, The Network asks with due concern."

Skoll offers to provide information and so Emi, agreeably, asks, "First off, this one wonders who he is working for. Secondly, this one inquires as to why you had worked for him."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr narrows his eyes at Skoll for a moment, not exactly a tone you wana take with the guy who just watched his current home get smashed. He does back off, because he understands being in this situation...feeling guilty over getting your friends involved.

"The Lords, start explaining them now. I want to know why some half baked monsters thought they could force me into their service, and then be used against Avira. I want to know why my current home was just smashed to bits...I find it suspicious that they'd spend all these resources into just getting you back. No man is worth all this, not the manipulation and crap...nor is it worth the amount of heat they're about to bring down on themselves."

"So I suggest you start being straight with us all right now, because you just endangered people I cared about. Again. I understand you're a bit pissed off because you got them involved, but pissing me off is only going to put you in a hospital. Again."
Skoll Ulfang Skoll knows very well that there are certain things he simply can't give away. Certain things that he personally doesn't even /know/. He's never been part of the 'big guys' amongst the Gaudium Lords, but at least he knows their name. At least he knows a little about each one of them. And at least he knows why they are a danger to these people...

And they already have so much to worry about. The Heartless after all...

"They did that?" Skoll gives Angantyr a worried look. "I guess they really wanted to use Avira to control me then. They just wanted to keep me around. I'm... pretty strong?" He offers. He doesn't go telling people he's an Unlimited. The werewolf youth then moves a little away from Angantyr. His darkness is... not a good influence on him.

The youth calms a little when Emi sends a soothing electrical tingle from her hands, and the darkness seems to calm along with his emotions. "I'll be fine." Skoll answers, touching the girl's hand in that moment. "They're called the Gaudium Lords. They just want to... well... rule planets I guess. I was in their service as they saved my life after the destruction of the werewolf world - at the hands of a man with a large golden gun on his right hand."
Maira Maira begins to move, wincing a she does so. Faruja has fallen unconscious, so she tries to shift him into a more comfortable position, finding her bathrobe again somehow to place beneath his head before she takes a deep breath and casts a cure spell. His body needs time and rest more than anything, now.

The young mage tries to get to her feet then, stumbling. Her legs are basically WTF at her for trying to walk on them after the beating she took.

Maira looks to Skoll, frowning deeply. "Avira mentioned there would be danger if you stayed here...I'm sorry, that you lost your world too," she tells him, knowing full well how that feels. Too many people do these days.

Then she turns her eyes to Angantyr, wincing. "It isn't his fault was no one but that guy...Makenshi," she says his name, and a very real fear fills her. "I've never...seen anything like that."
Emi Dennou The Gaudium Lords. They want to take over planets. Okay, so this is pretty basic actually. "How is he so powerful?" Emi asks. "We have met few of comparable destructive capabilities." She knows that Skoll is, apparently, of similar capability but, probably, not on the level of that other guy judging on his current state. Skoll's reasoning as to why they'd want him makes little sense though. "Why would they need you when they have individuals such as him. While numbers does contribute to a certain extent, this is an awful lot of trouble...And wasted resources. If their goal is to take over worlds, they would certainly have to understand efficiency else their reign would end before it began. You can't rule like that and we have difficulty believing that your former masters are both short sighted and unbelievably powerful." Well they might be short sighted, but as short sighted as THAT? It's hard to believe, especially if they managed to put together an organization full of like minded individuals.

She turns around, unlatches, and pops open a window.

"I am very sorry, you seem very cute and would like to get to know you better, but I need to tell something for Skoll, and just for Skoll." Well and people she actually knows won't try to bother Hati over what she's about to say (psst it's about Hati).

She abuses electropowers further by plucking Crux via her own gear and guiding her gently towards the window which, after Crux is outside, shuts down on its own.

She is sad because she wanted to give Crux a fairy hug, but that will have to wait. Instead she turns to Skoll and adds, "You are holding back. To encourage you, I wish to tell you the following: We ran into your sister recently, her name being Hati, after she had nakedly pounced Reize Seatlan."


"She explained you had never met up with her and was concerned about your well being, as we had met you recently before that (sort of), we informed her we would let her know if we found anything. As it stands, we seemed to have found you first. Your sister is worried about you. We humbly request you pay her a visit, The Network imposes."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr crosses his arms at Skoll. "I don't buy it for a minute," Angantyr states simply.

"Being 'pretty strong' doesn't get back like this. You know something...or HAV-..." Then basically Emi preempts him, and Angantyr shrugs. "What she said." he says, and shrugs, "Whatever man, rather you wana say it or whatever, I don't care. But what I do care about is you getting my friends and my involved without knowing why. That doesn't sit well with me." he says, and looks towards Maira. "I am going to take her inside." he says, with a groan, and moves to simply lift Maira in a fireman's carry towards the inside of the Valkyri HQ. "Whenever you feel like spilling it, I'll be in here." he says, and simply walks in. Maira in tow.
Skoll Ulfang "I don't think they care about such logic." Skoll admits, looking away and not wanting to say why Makenshi is that strong. Indeed, there's other entities as strong as them. "I think they just want particularly strong individuals amongst themselves. People who are resilient. And people who will do as they are asked." Skoll answers, shrugging his shoulders a little. "I followed them rather obediently for a while. But when I started getting... friends..." He shakes his head a little. "These guys are different from what you believe your average empire-heads to be like." He looks up and finds Crux being shooed off. Well... that was to be expected.

To Emi then, he just shakes his head, a motion also reserved for Angantyr. He does raise a brow whens he mentions Hati nakedly pouncing Reize. The youth just kind of slaps his forehead and groans. "Yeah, I heard Hati was looking for me. It's thanks to her that Zia and Avira were able to find me." Sadly, not before the Gaudium Lords put that darn collar on his neck.

"I'll have to ask Hati about the Reize thing though... or beat up Reize. Whichever comes first." Skoll jokes, and takes a few steps away from the group. "I'll pay Hati a visit though... thank you ~ Emi, right?"
Makenshi Super secret ninja fairy spy Crux slinks closer to the building, or glides as the case may be, her BRIGHT PINK armor and SHINING GOLDEN wings no hiderance to her incredible sneaking skills. She moves from her alleyway when the opportunity presents itself as the people still gathered here argue over the cause of the fighting and lick their wounds, though not literally, ew.

A faint look of concern crosses her face as she glances at the various people collapsed on the ground. She doesn't like seeing people get hurt but her master isn't a mean person, he wouldn't do this unless there was a good reason. The fairy just really wishes she could figure out what it was. But to know the details of such things was not her place, she was a gatherer of information, nothing more.

Ever so carefully she floats closer and closer but it would seem, she /had/ been spotted. Just as /top secret/ juicy gossip of the greatest sort was about to be revealed, the shutters snap shut, cutting off her ability to eavesdrop for the few moments necessary to catch that particular tidbit.

Crux's shoulder slump dejectedly. She failed. "Kukuruyu..."
Maira Maira makes a small sound of protest, but she can't really do anything about it. Besides...being carried is nice. She holds on if she can, clinging. The woman is shaking like a leaf in the wind and still bleeding some from the wound on her head. She's terribly woozy.

"I wanted to see you. I thought you would come. I think...I think I'm a really bad bodyguard..." she says as she's carried back inside.

It still smells like bacon, though the kitchen is splattered with blood.
Emi Dennou God that fairy is too cute. A true spy knows that by being cute you should be able to succeed in anything spy related, it's a fact. Also handsomeness can work too. That's like 80 percent of spying right there. Charm.

Emi must admit they might just be insane, Either way, she nods seriously at the corruptive nature of friendship, something she knows all too well. Of course maybe a better word would be 'cleansing'. Well either works, really.

"Friends can do that." She says knowingly.

She does not mention that Hati has the most adorable boxer shorts in the universe, she assumes Skoll knows that already probably from a sleepover or something. Instead, she says, "Ahh--is that so? Then it should settle itself no doubt." A CASE IS CLOSED. Even if she didn't do much. Or...anything? Well, the important thing is that it seems resolved and she made a solid showing of trying.

She does note he isn't answering why Makenshi is so strong. Expected, but dissapointing. She'll have to find out why he IS so strong on her own it seems like. Not a major deal, hte important thing right now is that he IS very strong and doesn't seem to care how much damage he does with his power.

Such escalation, Emi thinks, this teaches her the danger of throwing one's weight around.

"you're welcome." Emi says, smiling faintly (finally), "And yes, that is my name. Pleased to meet you properly. And thank you again, for before."
Skoll Ulfang The werewolf makes a small nod towards Emi. "Yes. Friends can apparently do that." He admits, before Skoll walks off into the town itself. "I'm going to head down to Bodhum Beach to cool my head. If anyone needs me - you'll know where to find me."

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