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(2013-01-27 - 2013-01-27)
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It seems that the collisseum has been set up in some sort of ridiculous obstacle course. In fact, it kind of looks like a Donkey Kong arena, complete with metal girders you have to run across, ladders that you can climb up, and other assorted obstacles such as swinging punching bags and slippery floors and the like. It seems that this tournament is going to be an obstacle course.

But who is hosting? Well, the original giant ape abandoned the competition at the last moment to go work for a competing Colliseum so they had to quickly find a stand in big guy to help run the competition.


Pete sits up at the top of the obstacle course. He is dressed up in a giant monkey suit, but it's clearly Pete. Next to him is a giant ass stack of barrels.

He mulls over his current life choices.
Mercade Alexander Mercade is here for another go at this 'hero championship arena competition' thing. Avira crushed everyone in the race, and he knew better than to participate in a contest of STRENGTH.

But now...

"An obstacle course? Really?" Mercade looks over the obstacles and frowns. "And what's with the guy in the monkey suit?"
Evja Currently, inside the internal lobby, is a tall imposing figure in full Judge regalia. Evja was reclined against a wall just inside while waiting for things to start. With the helmet on, it's hard to say specifically what they were doing. Watching things pass, sleeping, lost in their own thoughts - perhaps even a suit of armor given the figure was perfectly still.
Until a call was made, though, or something came up to catch his attention? The Judge was simply staying where he was, contemplating the tournament.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is in the stands, cheering on the participants. She already has her ticket to the finals, so she can't participate, but she can cheer! Mercade is there after all, her partner in business with the Cloud Nine. "Go Mercade, don't let yourself be hit by the barrels, they hurt! They are heavier than the wine barrels I got at the bar!" She actually checked on them earlier by curiosity. She wonders what's in there really.
Will Sherman "Welcome to...WACKY RACES!" Hades says, "I'm your Host with the Most, Hades, Lord of the dead! Today we got a real treat for you. A certified bonified Gorilla will toss large barrels at our runners, while they try and get through the obstacle course! The course is not leathal, but funny as all get out!" Hades reads the script, looks down at Pain and panic, "WHAAAAAAAAAT?!"

"Sorry boss, Hercules stopped us.."

Hades eyes the Camera, calming down to his normal blue tone, "...Non-leathal course."

Will has one more chance to participate. "Wait...that's not a Gorilla...that's..."

He pauses, "Okay, Pete, a Gorilla...same difference, right?" Will quips, and shrugs. He streatches out, getting ready to DO THIS!
Cirra Constantine Cirra constantine just barely didn't qualify in the test of strength, this... dissapoints her. But she's got this chance left. So the Judge of Arcadia stands there, without her helmet because she figures field of view is going to be important in an obstacle course.

She looks up at Pete in his costume and lets out a sigh, holding one hand to her forehead.
Pumpkinhead Pete says, "I HEARD THAT, PIPSQUEAK!" He hops a few times angrilly. "Rgggh!! You won't be so cocky when the alarm bell sounds and I'm throwing all sorts of barrels at you! Don't think I won't aim for you, y'little brat!! Take a shower, yer scaring the audience away!"

Though really he's pretty happy an audience isn't seeing him dressed up as a monkey, but he leaves that aside for the moment. He crosses his arms grumpily.


Pete starts suddenly and stands himself up again.


He picks up a barrel?!!?


He starts throwing barrels. "GET DUNKED!" Pete yells. "GET DUNKED, GET DUUUUNKED! PETE ANGRY!!!" He beats his fists against his chest.

He really is a good replacement gorrilla.
Will Sherman "Wowwy, look at-em go!" Hades says, leaning back, "That's one angry authentic Gorrilla! Look at all those barrels! I didn't know they could throw that fast! Or that hard!" he pauses, "Hey boys, see about getting us one for the Underworld, yeah?"

"On it boss!"

Will starts ready to run forward, before Pete's ANGER catches him off guard, a barrel shattering right into The Hobo lad's noogen and knocking him flat on his back. The Hobo looks dazed for a moment, looking up as Duck shaped birds fly around his head, "Did...anyone get the name of that streetcar named desire?"
Evja And so the games begin. Evja pushes away from the wall and begins to wander towards the field with a heavy step. Ducking and turning his head a bit, he slipped through the doorway with those wide horizontal horns of his clearing it and made his way towards where all the rest were. This is when he got a good look at Pete the Gorilla and the course and had to stifle a laugh.
A proper Judge does not laugh.
That aside, though, the games begin and he pulls out his large, translucent 'Pizza Cutter' sword. And upon taking a running start, Evja manages to smack one of the barrels back at the source by giving a deft backflip and whacking it upwards with his sword before landing and continuing along in a steady pace, not going out of his way to cause any others problems at the moment.
Mercade Alexander Mercade begins running forward, making his way through the obstacles. The agile Detective quickly threads his way through the sandbags, looking up and waiting for it. WAIIIIIIIIIIIITING FOR IT...

And then comes a barrel. "YOUR SKILLS ARE INFERIOR!" Mercade yells, as he leaps up, kicking a rolling barrel into the air and launching it back up at Pete! /taunt /dance RUN RUN RUN
Cirra Constantine Cirra takes off at the word 'Go'. She's plenty fast, but the erratic bouncing Pete Barrels defeat her Law Senses, and one comes barrel-ing for her. With no where to run on the steel girders, and no where to jump to, Cirra takes the only available option: Go through.

Cirra lowers her shoulder and body checks her way right through the barrel. Still costs her a point though.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart was cheering on Mercade from the stands, leaning against the railing and shouting out her encouragements...

When suddenly, BARREL!

A loud crashing sound in the stand, with several spectators feeling the immediate area, as the barmaid gets crushed underneath it and the barrel breaks in a hundred wood pieces.

A moment goes pass, before the broken woodpile starts shaking and in a mighty "RAAAAH" Tifa emerges tossing the wood in every direction like an explosion.

She leans over the railing again "PETE, WATCH WHERE YOU TOSS YOUR DAMN BARRELS!"
Avira "YESSSS! GO MERCADE!" Avira calls out from the stands. Of course she wants him to win! Even if it means having to fight against him in the tournament later.

In fact....she especially wants him to win so she can fight him for some mysterious reason.

Not just Evja pummels a barrel back at Pete, but so does Mercade! Pete is caught by both barrels and he dizzily falls over onto his but. He recovers too quickly to be properly stunned though, perhaps he needs three barrels to be properly stunned, like a true mid-boss. "Tch...!" He says. "You did that on purpose I--"

Tifa complains about his mistake. Woop!

"...Oops. I am very sorry." He bows his head towards Tifa. His tone of voice makes it clear that not only is he not sorry he thinks it's kind of awesome and he's just apologizing in this overthetop way to mock her.

He throws more barrels. The people who actually got knocked away from the starting line have a far easier time to avoid the barrels since they're techncially not even on the track, but Mercade and Evja--as they are making their way up the first girder to the first ladder--will have the biggest issue of avoiding barrels and timing it so they can climb up to the next level.
Will Sherman Hobolad flips to his feet, and ready to get this thing started again! He runs forward, suddenly reaching up and catching the Barrel Pete throws at him.

"HA! HEY PETE! YOU'RE LOOKING LIKE YOU'RE..." he throws a Barrel at Pete, "ON A ROLL!"


"And that YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ladies and germs is brought to you by! Need hilarious sounds to entertain your friends? Awesomesounds is where it's at! They even have my personal favorite.."

Pushes a button and plays Malificent Cackling, "Man, isn't that a beaut."

Will moves up the cargo net, "Man, who even DESIGNED these things?!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't think that Pete is really that sorry... and then another barrell tumbles her way, and crashes into the stands.

Know what, she's going to stay there for a while. Pete can get the buttkicking he deserves after the event.
Mercade Alexander Mercade makes his way forward, climbing up the structure to try to get ahead, but then SMASH! A barrel impacts him and sends him flying backwards. "ARGH! BARRELED!" He yells as he falls back, landing amidst a pile of broken wood.
Cirra Constantine Cirra runs forward and sees another barrel coming as she runs up the girder. She hunches down a little and grasps the barrel as it reaches her. She spins around and tosses the barrel into the air - this time it's not at Pete, unlike everyone else so far. Instead, it drops down towards Evja!
Evja Likewise, this time, Evja finds himself caught with the end of a barrel and knocked backwards, whacked pretty bluntly by Pete when he attempted to shortcut and simply jump the distance between the rungs of the challenge. But before he had a chance to fully recover, he was smacked again, grunting as it caught the spike on his helmet just right to tilt him backwards and topple him over again.
"Gah, this is the damndest challenge!" But despite that, all in all, he didn't seem upset so much as amused.
If this was all the Hades cup was? It'd be quite fun! Even a change of pace! It took him a moment, but a good punch dislodged the barrel before he stood back up and attempted to start following the course again. But who hit him with that second barrel?
Pumpkinhead "Ha ha!! Serves you right!" Pete hops around excitedly. "That's what you get for throwing it back at me, ya jerk!!" Pete then throws one at Tifa again saying, "WOOPS!" as it flies out of his hands. "BUTTER FINGERS!!"

But as it stands, it seems Will is having better luck this time. He manages to clobber Pete in the head with one more barrel and he flops over dizzily. Stars spin around his head. "Oggggg." He groans, shaking his head quickly.

Looks like everybody has managed to make it ... to the starting line! Except for Evja, who got double barreled so hard he actually flew from the lead to behind everyone else! Woops!!

Pete dizzily throws more barrels down. Since everybody's pretty close together and near the start, AND because Pete is stunned--everybody gets a +5 chance to their rolls again. Darn it all!!
Will Sherman Will shoots ahead, getting up the net and looking up at...

"HA! GET DUNKED GET DUNKED GET DUNKED!" Will shouts back at Pete, laughing as he walks carefully over the beam! He doesn't wana fall down and have to climb back up! Not to mention there could be Greecian gladiators waiting for him!

"Yeesh...look at Pe-Er, The Gorilla get thumped! I sure hope PETE-A hears about this!" a rimshot plays!
Pumpkinhead The entire audience groans at the joke. Every single last member.
Tifa Lockhart From the stack of wood from the crashed barrells in the stands, a groan is heard. From Hades' joke, obviously.
Mercade Alexander Mercade keeps rolling ahead, not being one to let himself get taken out by a mere single barrel! He clambers up, making his way forward and launching another barrel at Pete in retaliation for his PETE-LY WAYS. Maybe they'll knock him off his perch if he gets enough of them!
Cirra Constantine Unfortunatly, another barrel smashes against Cirra's head, just before she can reach the cargo net, and she falls down, grasping one rope in her hand as she attempts to blink away the double vision.

Uhg, two Petes.
Avira "BOOOO!" Avira calls out from the stands, "THAT JOKE WAS AWFUL AND YOU SHOULD FEEL AWFUL!"
Evja Now that he had a chance to right himself, Evja started running at a steady pace to try and make up for lost time. Then suddenly, yet another barrel came at him. He was prepared this time, though. Flicking his sword onto his back, the Judge pulled out a Spear instead, lancing it up through the barrel and jumping straight up into the air. Not once, but twice, actually kicking off the air itself before spinning forward and launching the barrel at Pete like a meteor, saying on the way down, "Quit aiming at the audience, we are your targets." then WHAM, the armor-suited Viera lands and goes back to running as fast as he can. Sure, he could likely hop his way to the top, but that would be cheating in his view. Run the course for what he can, and enjoy it too.
Pumpkinhead Both Mercade and Will hit Pete with barrels and send him reeling, but the moment he thinks he's safe, Evja snapkicks a METEOR BARREL at him. Indeed, it's flying so quick it's trailing flames and when it hits Pete, it explodes into tar and feathers, literally tar and feathering pete as he flops back once again.

"Urgghghghghhgh...." Pete groans. "Not...not cool.. I...I want my mommy."

He stumbles around and then flops into the barrels, sending them tumbling down again. Of course everyone gets that +5 again thanks to all that painful meteoring! Maybe with this people will actualyl manage to get to the second level where GREATER CHALLENGES(?) AWAIT?!

Will Sherman Will leaps on ahead, but THEN SUDDENLY!

A barrel crashes next to him! Will looks at it and then back at Pete! "HA! YOU TOTALLY! MISSED ME!" and then a Barrel falls RIGHT ON WILL.

t"...Run first, taunt second.." Will mutters, falling on his side and slowly rolls forward before the barrel flips...


And breaks free when the Barrel hits the Cargo net again. Groaning, he stands up and makes his way back towards the beam...

"HEY THAT'S CHEATING PETE! YOU CA-Oh wait that's from Bunny Jud-" he smacks the barrel anyway, punching it right towards Pete.

"HA! SUCK IT!" he shouts towards both the Judge and Pete!

Hades crosses his arms over his chest, "Everyone's a critic! Lets see YOU come up with some humor?! HUH?! Yeah, I thought so!" he says, chilling out. "Ooooh....looks like the Barrels keep /BARRELING/ towards The Gorilla!"
Evja In an attempt to get ahead in the race, Evja turns slightly and bats one of the barrels towards the loudest one of the bunch, hoping it might cause some distraction enough for him to get by. Otherwise, though, nothing of note with him besides that.
Mercade Alexander Mercade is rollin', they barrelin', they keep on trying to catch him runnin' dirty. Mercade leaps onto the cargo net and swings around, making his way upwards towards the next tier. At least there's no fireballs or anything that's going to cause him trouble! JUST MORE BARRELS, which continue getting kicked back up at Pete with explosions of awesome.
Cirra Constantine Cirra pulls herself slowly up the cargo net, reachign for the next rung. Only to have another barrel smash against her head. She slumps down. This is starting to get frustrating. If the other get a much bigger lead she'll have no way to recover.
Pumpkinhead Gurghgrghrghrghrgh!!


OKay actually it is pretty hilarious. Considering this guy helped Manhattan fall, this is probably at least cathartic for some of you. He's tarred, feathered, and wobbling from all these barrels. HE's starting to reconsider throwing barrels and--

--nahh just kidding. Pete's learned nothing! He roars angrilly and throws more barrels. Cirra is far enough behind that she doesn't even have to worry about the barrels at all, but the others may have to react--and quickly!

Especially those two in the lead. They're on the second level now. Mercade and Evja both have to contend with swinging punching bags that may threaten to knock them back--on top of the barrels too! Looks like this course gets tougher as the race goes on! Can the Detective slip through? Can the bunny hop hop hop to victory?!
Will Sherman Will runs forward trying to get over that beam...

And then a barrel falls on his head.

"OH GOD THE LIGHTS!" and then he falls off the balancing beam again.
Cirra Constantine Cirra grimeces and hooks her arm around a rung of the net and pulls herself upright, pulling herself along one rung at a time, extremely weary of any more falling barrels.
Mercade Alexander "JUST KEEP THROWING THOSE BARRELS!" Mercade yells. "I'M GOING TO KEEP KNOCKING THEM BACK!" With an epic stunt, Mercade leaps through the swinging punching bags and DOES A BARREL ROLL, dropping down to do a Slide Kick and sending YET ANOTHER barrel flying towards Pete! "YOUR BARRELS ARE USELESS TO YOU, PETE! SURRENDER AND NO ONE HAS TO GET BARRELED!"
Pumpkinhead mean!

Evja and Will get hit by another pair of barrels. Perhaps the barrels are just attracted to Will's hoboness. Either way, though, this keeps him in a solid third and flat out knocks Evja to the prior girder. Maybe it just gets easier the farther up you are, however, since Mercade manages to smash another barrel right at the end there right back to Pete!

--And hits! Pete is clobbered upside the head, making this his THIRD stun. He flops back on his ass dizzily, throwing more barrels.

"n--never..." He says. "I will never give up...!" Mercade makes it the second girder ladder, this could be a tough climb for him?!

Well at least Pete is stunned making his throws pretty inaccurate!
Cirra Constantine Another barrel comes crashing down at Cirra, ashe swings to the side of the cargo net and holds out one hand, chantign under her breath as little whisps of black and purple gather at her hand, aimed at the barrel.

"Not this time, Ape."


THE sudden reversion of gravity slingshots the barrel right back the way it came, for Pete.
Will Sherman "...I think Cirra is <GOOSEHONK>ed off!" Will observes!

Will Catches the barrel! ONCE MORE WALKING OVER THE BEAM AREA! Will, SICK OF THESE BARRELS, throws his right at Judge bunny!

"GET DUNKED!" Will screams again!
Mercade Alexander Mercade leaps up to the next level, looking up at Pete with narrowed eyes. "YOU!" He yells, as another barrel bounces towards him. "I will not let you get away with this any longer!"

Mercade leaps onto the barrel, bouncing it past and flipping, using the barrels as moving platforms as he rebounds up through a spiky death path and up through the area. Finally, he plunges high in to the air, kicking one barrel with him as he hangs there, arms outstretched and trenchcoat flying open dramatically to reveal his rumpled shirt and pants...

"NOW, COUNT UP YOUR CRIMES!" He yells, as he spins, roundhouse kicking the barrl for Pete!
Evja Finally, he broke through! Just as Evja was about to get ahead, he gets blindsided by the barrel from Will, followed by the sandbag slapping him hard enough to knock him right back towards the beginning of the course. Hard enough, in fact, that the helmet pops off when he hits the ground, leaving the Judge's face exposed... a Viera? Well, 'she' had a black cloth wrapped atop her head and a cloth wrapped around the face, so it's only like one would assume it's a female. "Mm... damn that hurt."
Pumpkinhead Pete's beliefs regarding women are pretty modern. He hates all people who throw barrels back at him and make him feel ouches! As such, he really just says, "Hot tamale! That rabbit lady is a rabbit lady...wait...all rabbit ladies are rabbit ladies aren't they?" He strokes his chin as if in deep thought. "Well, there goes that revelation!! I mean it's not like I was excepting Bu<censored due to being a property of Warner Bros>."

BUT THEN... THEN Mercade rides up a barrel and snap kicks it right into Pete, sending him flat on his ass once more.

"Ugghhh...Ouch...ouch...I think I lost a tooth, darn tootin'..." He looks towards Mercade. "Heh heh... But little did you realize... THERE WAS A TRAP!"

He pulls on a convenient cord that wasn't visible before, releasing a cage that drops on Mercade!

Looks like it'll require at least two more people up there to lift it off Mercade (and drop it on Pete).

"MY PLAN IS FULL PROOF! GA HA HA! OOF DIZZY..." He throws more barrels!



EVJA: 0 (bunny!)
Will Sherman Will FINALLY grabs onto the second level...and pulls himself up...

PUNCHINGS BAGS! "Crap! Well good thing I'm good at punching!" Will says, getting onto his feet and proceeds to try and run through the Punching Bag Field! However, Pete's plan to try and BARREL him backfires. "OH no you don't Pete!" Will says, grabbing the barrel. "I've caught on to your trick!" he says, lifting the barrel up. "DO A BARREL ROLL!" he throws the barrel right towards Pete's head!
Cirra Constantine And here Cirra thought she could catch back up. Just as she starts to pull over the edge to the second level, a barrel smashes into her side making her lose her grip and fall. She manages to catch herself about half way down by hooking her arm arond a rung in the cargo net.

She'll just hang out here for a sec, friggen Pete.
Evja Perhaps taking the righteous route and attempting to make the monkey stop throwing barrels was a bad idea, given it's come back to bite the rabbit in the butt. Or, rather, hit her in the head. Just as Evja goes to stand, SMACK, another barrel right to the head, knocking the Judge down once again.
Mercade Alexander Mercade is caught in a cage! OH NO! "YOU FIEND!" Mercade yells. "Just you wait until I get some help! This thing is heavy." He struggles with the bars, trying to escape and finding that his STR score just isn't high enough. He does not, however, wish Tom were here. Only a madman does that.
Pumpkinhead "HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAW!!" Pete cackles and slaps his belly like three times. "That's what you get for being so quick!" He has not thought about the inevitable, like when other people get up here, or the fact that this really doesn't change the fact that Mercade won, and for the fact that he doesn't actually know what he'd do if nobody managed to get up here which, for a moment, it seems like might be the case!

At least until a barrel flies right into Pete's face! "ARGH!" He yells, trying to lift it off. "Dagnabbit!!" He stomps his foot a few times, and tries to pry the barrel off his face! Eventually he manages it, but everybody manages to get a bit farther in the race before he starts chucking barrels again.

"Rgghh!!!! I HAVE SO MANY BARRELS!!" He yells. "I AM GONNA GET /SOMEONE/ WITH IT!" He jabs a finger at Will. "YOU FOR INSTANCE! NYAAAAHH!! I AM MAD!"
Evja By this point, Evja simply seems to have been knocked silly. Not getting knocked back any further, it's possible she's simply been knocked out, really.
Will Sherman Will dives through the Punching bags, finally coming up to the final stretch!


"To me," Hades says, "They're non-leathal to /me/!"

"...Wow. That's just wrong." Will says... okay...all he has to do is NOT FALL TO HIS DEATH!


"DANG IT PETE!" he says, throwing the Barrel RIGHT BACK AT HIM! This time, aiming to send it at a random comedic location!

"Okay...just gota cross..."

Cirra Constantine Cirra is nearly winged by another barrel. She's starting to get it into her ehad to stuff Pete in a barrel and throw /him/ somewhere. She struggles up over the edge of the beam and fights to maintain her unsteady balance.
Pumpkinhead "HAW HAW HAW!" Pete laughs, kicking down some more barrels. Will clobbers him in the chest once more but it's not enough to make him tumble. He takes a moment to taunt Will specifically.

"CAN YOU GET THROUGH IT? ARE YOU LUCKY ENOUGH? Don't think I've forgotten about your little secret! Hardy har har har! I'm not afraid of you or your 'Loki'!"

He pauses and then looks around quickly. "Er...he ain't here is he?" Suddenly he's nervous.
Will Sherman Will is nearly to the end...


"Oh Pete...didn't you hear? He's always with me."

He says it in that CREEPY way, that only a sixteen year old looking hobo with weird powers over fate has.

"CIRRA! HEADS UP! PUT IT IN THE HOLE!" he say, as he jumps over the last spike, and grabs teh Barrel...his mastery over fate moves from him...INTO THE BARREL, which he bounces off the obstacle course, to fly right INFRONT of Cirra.

To which she is about to do something /increadibly mean/ with. Will, however, Flips up, aiming to try and catch Pete from behind! "HEY PETE!" he wiggles his fingers, "Looooooooooki!"
Cirra Constantine "Don't yell about that!" Cirra shouts back, god it's like everyone not from Arcadia has no class. Except Mercade, and Mercade is just kind of weird when he does that narrating thing.

Cirra runs ahead, one foot in front of the other across the beam. As the barrel comes towards her she jumps, flips over the barrel, grasping it in both hands and throws it straight back at Pete, using all that built up momentuem to sling it as hard as possible as she lands perfectly on hte beam again.

She doesn't expect it to last, she's too punch drunk.
Pumpkinhead "AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" Pete shrieks like a little girl.


At which point Cirra flings a barrel so hard that it flies into Pete's wide open mouth, throwing him back and to the ground. Yes, the whole barrel fit inside his mouth somehow. He's a Disney Character. It's how they roll.

Pete, at this point, is effectively doublestunned. In other words, he's knocked out. He's not going to give anybody any trouble--which lets everybody advance for free for a round and...

...wait--he's still not getting up? Well, in any event, Cirra is at the spike section now which is tough enough that she'll still need a roll of 11 or higher to get past! The spikes speed up once you get to the end, you know.
Cirra Constantine Cirra pauses for a split second as she sees the spikes, the punching bags were no problem, she just jumped right over them when she threw that barrel.

Now she turns back towards the bags, what?

A few quick steps into a run, the Judge leaps, ands on a punching bag and uses her weight and momentuem to swing it back and forther, steadily picking up speed.

At the right moemnt Cirra jumps off the punching bag, granted enough extra speed from the swinging to sail over the spikes and come down at the finish line in a three point stance.
Evja Evja finally starts to come around, going to stand up in the process. When he reaches his head, Evja goes to hold his head out of habit only to realize - no helmet! Looking at the other entrants and realizing they were already quite far ahead, or finished, Evja goes to save on his pride and simply walks over to his helmet after finding it. He puts it on slowly then wanders off towards the exit of the contest grounds, admitting defeat silently by simply leaving.
Pumpkinhead "Bluhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Pete says.

This might be Hades's cue to point out the victors. But Mercade is still caged?! It looks like it'd take THREE people to lift it off him. Of course there happen to be three people up there right now and PEte's pretty uh...

..."Bluhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Yeah.
Will Sherman "Hey Cirra? Help me?" he asks, pointing at the Cage.

The hobo king flips up to Mercade, aiming to help him lift the cage.

HUUUUUUUUUUURK! "This thing weighs alot!"
Cirra Constantine Cirra stands back up and looks over at the cage. She walks over and grabs a cross bar and lifts! She's strong, a lot stronger then Will, but the cage is awkward. Maybe if Mercade helps it'll be easier to get it off.
Pumpkinhead The cage is ultimately overturned on Pete, TRAPPING HIM with his barreled mouth. Looks like he can't talk much now!

Why did he ever take this job anyway????





Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart moves out of the rubble of the broken barrell finally,a s she hears the winners "Can I kick that monkey's butt now?" She grumbles, hopping down into the arena to check on the results.
Will Sherman Hades, appearing out of nowhere snaps his fingers...

Mercade gets a Gold metal, Will a Silver, and Cirra a Bronze! "Good sporting folks!"

Will looks at Caged Pete. "So...I'm taking him to jail!" Will pauses...

"No no Tifa! No violence. more violence. Lets take him to jail! He won't escape from behind bars!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart pouts a bit "Are you sure? He tossed barrells at me and he's not sorry about it!
Will Sherman Will crosses his arms, "No Fighting." he says towards Tifa.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart puts her hands on her hips "How about a shake his cage a bit then?"
Will Sherman Will nods, "That's acceptable. And poking him with sticks!"

Will isn't a cruel man!
Mercade Alexander Mercade sighs, finally free of that FIENDISH CAGE. "Don't poke him with sticks. That's just mean. Let's just get him into jail, where there is certainly no way he will ever escape."

Mercade looks at the camera with a 'yeahhhhh right' expression on his face. Yeah, that camera. The one filming the event, silly.

This scene contained 67 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Mercade Alexander, Tifa Lockhart, Avira, Pumpkinhead, Cirra Constantine, Evja