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(2013-01-27 - 2013-01-28)
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Red lights flashed in the cockpit of a vessel falling through a vortex. The pilot within out cold from the sheer force that has been applied upon their ship. Instruments going crazy, the sheer pressure causing gaskets to blow and slowly pulling the small space-craft apart bit by bit. It wasn't pretty.


In Traverse Town things probably were quiet somewhere, maybe busy elsewhere. People going about their lives with all the toon types, people, and many strange beings. The spaceport however suddenly picks up something.

They try to hail whatever it was as they pick it up, but there was no response. As they try to get any tag information, one of the operators eyes go wide, "...Its.." He does finish at first. His superior steps over and stares at the information, zooming in before his eyes narrow. "..Its a Saurian ship!! Why would those tyrants even come here?!" The superior glances to the side, muttering something to himself, about there is still a job to do. He then smacks the back of the chair to snap the youth out of it. "Get me the coordinates of where it goes to crash!"

"Yes sir!"


The Ship enters into Traverse space, at first it may be seen far off in the distance, like a shooting star, but soon it comes in closer, and even closer. Soon the blazing metal fireball flies right over the city. Going right over the church causing the bell to go off due to the sheer windspeed, before heading over to the distance.

Soon there was an explosion sound off in the distance, as light of the impact rises in the horizon, with shortly the plum of smoke that starts to rise. It looked like it crashed out somewhere on the outskirts of the city near the beach...
Emi Dennou The Network is not from a world that has space aliens, to their knowledge. At least not of the space lizard variety. They think. In any event, Emi has seen a lot of strange creatures in her time in Traverse Town but being able to look up one night and see a ship fly past the church or, more accurately, a shooting star. She doesn't even realize it's a space ship at first, she just assumes it's a comet. Her eyes widen becuase she knows that technically speaking, a comet would probably release a shockwave and--


There is probably some rocking about but not nearly enough for it to be a comet...right? Emi's specialty is not in astronomy or anything, but there is smoke flitting off into the air. She considers calling her friends to help investigate... but what she remembers is that when you see something spooky and possibly life threatening, the best thing you can do is not wake your friends and investigate alone.

She makes her way to the smoke, no doubt changing her mind regarding that last sentence within moments, should Leida...need an in! The beach, she's been there before, so she can make her way over no sweat.
Zargabaath Judge Magisters are a rare sight in Traverse Town, apparently having more important things to do than to linger around a neutral zone. But one of the Judge Magisters, Zargabaath, happens to be visiting the area. Judge Magister Gabranth may not be overly concerned about finding Angantyr Vespar, but Zargabaath is concerned about the next time they meet. Better to find the errant Dark Knight and put him into custody before then... but Angantyr is proving very difficult to find.

In fact, Zargabaath is about ready to call off the search for the day when a screaming metal fireball streaks past overhead, leaving ringing bells and eardrums in its wake.

"Sir, was that--?" One of Zargabaath's guards begins to ask.

"--An Airship?" The Judge Magister cants his head slightly at the echoing sound of distant impact. "Possibly." He swings his arms out to his men. "Leave this to me. Return to our Valfarre and wait for futher orders."

Many variations of "Aye, Your Honor" echo from the soldiers and Zargabaath heads out of Traverse Town. He does not run, nor does he pull off Gabranth's Vader Walk--but he comes close with long strides crossing ground very quickly and his cape barely rustling behind him.
Leida As she has been living in the desert for the last couple of months, Leida has become accustomed to sleeping through most of the day to avoid the merciless heat of the blazing Fluorgis sun. Though the city was bright and beautiful during the day, its streets filled with verdant growth and sparkling waters, the oppressive atmosphere was slowly but surely leeching away the small girl's willpower with each passing day.

Even waking up in the evening, it took several hours for the worst of the temperature to fade only to be replaced by the opposite extreme. While she was perfectly content with the cold, constantly going back and forth was playing hell on her constitution which was why the princess found herself currently wrapped in the fluffy blankets of bed in the sole hotel of the town.

Leida stirs softly in her sleep, still gripped in the lingering haze of alcohol assisted slumber, quite content to sleep the day away it seems. That is until her room is rocked by the twin assault of screaming engines and deep hollow bell tones. Bolting upright in her bed, the girl practically launches to her feet, holding both hands over her ears to try and silence the evil noise. Her head throbs with a painful reminder of her overindulgence the night before and that /noise/ isn't helping!

Staggering over to her balcony, Leida yanks the shutters open just in time to see the tail end of the 'comet' slam into the ground in the distance with a starling crash and a flash of light that makes her wince again. For a few moments she considers merely crawling back into bed but falling stars were said to be ill omens. Better to find out what is going on, lest she suffer the consequences of a fool.

A few minutes later the princess arrives at the edge of the beach, having wormed her way through the gathering crowds after having apologized to perhaps every living resident in the entire city along the way as she slipped past them. Her bare toes wiggle at the touch of the cool sand and she lingers here for a few moments, praying to every spirit of good fortune, alcohol, and mercy to make her splitting headache lessen if only just a little.

That is the last time she goes drinking with Ivo. Probably. Maybe. Unless he asks nicely.
There was a trail on the beach, a trail leading across it that was rather wide across. The trail went right over the train tracks, broke those up a bit, and then went into the forest, where trees had been completely knocked over. However not further ahead of that was the sight of something in the distance with smoke rising from that location.

Once and awhile also a spark of light.

If approached by those interested, they will find the wreckage in the wake of the massive impact. Parts of metal that have been scorched by the flames of entry. Some trees knocked over at bits of flames on them that were starting to die down. The craft that had crashed was probably large enough for maybe a few passengers, like maybe seven, and had been extremely damaged. The red armor was scorched badly and it was rather out of this world in the context of the curvatures and designs.

Was probably larger then a gummy ship, that was for sure.

Also was most likely no longer operational in such a state that it had crashed in.

More sparks fluttered off the craft from broken panels and where the wings had been snapped off. Even the tail rotter was torn right off. It was laying elsewhere it would seem. In further investigation closer, for those willing to move around it. The armor of the ship had strange scorch hole marks across the surface near the front. There was also a windows along the side that had been scorch marks, but had yet been broken.

However the main cockpit window was something else entirely. It had been almost shattered on impact, splints along the windshield. Someone was inside; or something. The sparks from inside would light it up once and awhile, along with the broken strobing red light that would start up and fade. From what could be caught, it looked like a 'person', but the helmet was much longer than a human's face. This 'person' had a long muzzle to be correct, but any further details beyond this were lost due to the suit they wore that covered their entire body.
Emi Dennou ALIENS! FROM SPACE! Emi is so excited she actually takes out her magnifying glass. She does not, however, bring out a medkit because she did not have one. Jinkies, Emi thinks as she spots some debris, a clue! She follows the trail, picking up random scraps of the most interesting looking debris as she does so, sometimes exchanging one piece for another. She has no idea what she's nabbing at but she likes hording junk. It's a thing she does. Of course particularly large objects she can't carry, she doesn't!

She did also bring a flashlight however, which she shines towards the craft upon getting near it. The light fans a few times and then she spots someone in the cockpit, moving? Alive? She can't be sure just yet, being as dark as it is.

She turns her head about to see who else has made it over. Leida she recognizes easily, Zargabaath--if he's made it--she does not. Either way, she says, "Leida-Chan, going to try and break that window. Someone may be inside."

She jogs up towards the ship, sand drifting underneath her feet. She fans an electrical charge underneath her and then reverses it sharply, sending her catapulting to the air. She lands at the nose of the ship--and she attempts to break the windshield with the back of her flashlight. Someone might need help!
Zargabaath Zargabaath follows Emi along the trail of damage and devestation, his pace unyeilding to the altering terrain. He remains unarmed but wary for the time being, offering no greetings to Emi or Leida.

Concerned about the hazardous nature of the crash to their surroundings, the Judge Magister circles around the craft at a safe distance. He does not recognize this design of ship, nor does he recognize anything else about it.

With Emi focusing on breaking the windshield glass, Zargabaath takes a moment to note the holes burnt into the craft's nose. "Was this craft attacked?" His open-ended but ultimately rhetorical question is left hanging in the air as he moves to the side, searching for a possible alternate entrance into the ship. Damaged beyond repair it may be, but to damage it still further just to force one's way inside does not quite sit well with him.
Leida The wide trail of still smoldering debris and burning embers isn't too hard to pick out in the dark of the city's eternal night, even through the hazy fog that muddles Leida's vision. She squints at the deep groove carved into the sand and dirt, her gaze following it across the beach and into the edge of the forest. Well, it's a good thing the train doesn't run right now.

The girl sighs and makes her way towards the source of the destruction, having come this far already. Unlike Emi, she shows little interest in the flaming wreckage other than making sure to avoid stepping on it with her bare feet. Her progress is languid and much slower than the others and she arrives at the edge of what remains of the main craft last.

A hand comes up to shield her face from the probing beam of the flashlight as it sweeps around to illuminate her presence, filling the princess' vision with white spots. The voice she recognizes almost instantly but without an visual cues to go on, she has no idea which of the Legion sisters is addressing her.

"Wha... window...?" The combination of darkness and temporary blindess has prevented her from getting a good look at the fallen object, which she had assumed to be a comet. Did falling star have windows in this strange world? She also has not noticed the presence of the imposing Judge yet.

But wait, breaking windows make noise! Noise bad right now! "Ah...! W-wait!", she protests just a little too late.
The Judge Magister was correct, the ship was attacked, though that may have to brought up with the owner who is alas, still out cold. So stay tuned for that answer!

Emi starts to bang on the glass, which at first doesn't do much, but soon the impact starts to spider web more. This causes a strange stir from who-ever was inside, perhaps even the voices around the ship. There was a movement down low; was that a tail?

With another bang, most likely does indeed break the windshield and the air compressed inside, releases with a light blast outward. Now they could indeed hear the sounds of a computer female voice that was very weak and sputtering: "Wa-- waaar---warrrnnnn-- wwaaarrnnning.." Was all it seem to be saying, before it just sputter all over again.

There was indeed a person sitting in the cockpit chair, out cold. Their armor was dark in color and it seem to be made of metal with sharp razors on both arms that reared back toward the upper arm. It was hard to make out who they were, but they /did/ indeed have a tail.

The ship inside was also in horrible shape. Wires hanged down, lines were broken that would huff out steam-like smoke once and awhile. It looked like there was a hall behind the cockpit area with a door half cracked open that slid into spot. A place a bit behind that into who knows what.

As for an alternate entrance, it was hard to really see one. This ship was pretty sealed and almost seemed to be designed to be seamless.
Emi Dennou "Someone may be injured," Emi calls down to Leida. Between 'window' and 'letting someone die slowly', she's willing to sacrifice the former. OF course, she can't be sure the alien is in such a position to need help that quickly, but even if it's just a risk--the choice is clear to her.

Of course that's easier said than done. The window is clearly set to withstand impacts. If it hadn't already been damaged this would be impossible, but Emi doesn't want to accidentally injure the alien by smashing it TOO HARD.

"Unknown, but likely." Emi says over her shoulder to Zargabaath. "--You .... are a Judge, yes?" She turns her head and aims to smash the window again with the flashlight.

Warning? She's not sure she likes the sound of that, better get this person out quick. TAIL!!


Ami squees faintly in her sleep.


"Your Honor, may you help carry the pilot out?, The Network notes you are the best suited once the window is shattered." He is in armor, so he won't be hurt by glass, and what's more he probably has more pure physical strength than Legion. That alien does not look light.
Zargabaath The sound of shattering glass back towards the front caused Judge Magister Zargabaath to abandon his fruitless search. He climbs up the side of the ship, using missing armor plates and holes as holds to pull himself up by, and strides on the top of the ship to the nose.

"I am a Judge Magister, aye." He kneels at the upper edge of the windshield, resting one arm on his knee while staring down into the cockpit--or as much as he can see from his vantage point. It isn't much, but enough to confirm the fact that the ship will never fly again. What seems to be the sound of hissing escapes from the cracks and the Judge Magister emits a low hum. A pressurized cabin? How intriguing. "A pity. This seemed to be a fine ship once."

He carefully vaults down onto the nose itself, an arm swiping his cape behind himself to keep it out of the way, then he ducks his helm in an implied nod to Emi. "Of course, young lady. I would be glad to." He would help break the glass, but Emi seems to be dealing with the situation a specific way and he would only interfere.

He cants his helm to regard Leida on the ground. "Do you have healing magicks or medical supplies?" He would call her by name, but nobody (not even him) have introduced themselves.
Leida While she is certainly willing to allow for some concern for their mystery guest, the sound of the cracking glass sends icy daggers into her head that fills the girl with an unprecedented desire to injure her friend. Just a little. It is a fleeting thought, however.

Leida covers her ears for all the good that it will do, whimpering softly as she sinks to the ground. The thick mass of her hair adds a little extra protection but it's not enough to completely shut out the noise. Nor can she claim to have not heard the Judge's request, much as she would like to just lie back down in the grass and go to sleep.

While she knows nothing of the Arcadian Empire or the reputation of the Judges, the princess knows a big scary suit of armor when she sees one, even if it is a little blurry thanks to her lingering hang over. Her eyes widen upon first drifting up to answer his query, her timid nature immediately coming to the fore as she stutters for the words to respond.

"A-ah... well... no, I... I am not... I mean I do not... have either of those..." She stares down at the ground, biting at her lower lip. Clearly Emi, whom she can indentify now that she can see again, is not afraid of this man but without knowing anything about him, she's at a loss for how to address him, so Leida goes quiet after that.
The glass was being cracked at a very slow pace, but it was starting to break down on its own now. Not in a very nasty way by the time Emi makes the next impact, as the pressure was now equal and the shards were coming down like cubes, instead of sharp-pointy objects; thank the maker.

Soon the glass is easy to peel away, or just break down with bare hands; or however Emi would like to make away in. The pilot seemed to be probably about six foot five. Though from all the voices, and sounds. The tail twitches again, and the pilot did seem to be breathing. There was no sign of blood or injury at this current venture.

However if one could listen closely there was a minor rumble from the pilot. Not a threatening one, but a sound of perhaps the pilot was trying to come around? Or they were just having a nasty dream from their cold knock out?
Emi Dennou Emi remains oblivious to Leida's hangovered state. It's like she's shouting even louder than normal, in fact. Emi remains also oblivious to Leida's violent tendencies. Well, at least THESE violent tendencies.

"Thank you." Emi says. She doesn't know much about Judge Magisters, or even Archades--except that they're an expansionist empire, but she has little desire to challenge that nature right now. It'd be inappropriate. Nevertheless, as the window starts breaking on its own, into cubes nonetheless, Emi breaks the rest of the window--enough that she can get inside without fear of cutting herself. She looks over to Zargabaath and nods gratefully to him. "We will be right down, Leida-Chan." She calls down to Leida who seems intent on staying on the beach like anybody with a hangover properly should. After all, it's probably not a good idea to go climbing spaceships when you have a huge headache.

Once inside, she takes a moment to check the pilot out, make sure he--or she!--is safe to move.

"They may be waking up..." Emi murmurs, bracing herself--she's not sure what she should be ready for, but she remains on her guard nonetheless.
Zargabaath Zargabaath nods once to Leida. "I understand. Thank you." His voice is suprisingly warm--he can tell Leida is not well and intimidated of him to boot, so he does not press further.

He reaches over and starts brushing aside the rest of the glass hanging to the frame. Gauntlets and lack of sharp jagged edges make for an easy opening in or out without getting cut. This provides a better view into the ruined cockpit and he can't help but rumble slightly at the damage. What a pity, indeed.

He slides into the cockpit after Emi's lead and immediately hesitates upon seeing the pilot. "A Bangaa? No, they've never had a craft like this..." He approaches the pilot as well, keeping an eye on what may be a door leading further into the ship. He has to agree, it appears that the pilot may be at least trying to wake. Good and bad in equal measures, but hopefully more the former than the latter.
Leida That went... surprisingly well. Grateful for the terse reply, especially considering Emi's inexplicable increase in volume, Leida merely nods back up at the Judge. Her head tilts slightly as both of the rescuers disappear into the freshly created opening but she's not in any condition to feel particularly curious about what they've found.

Instead she flops over on one side and allows the cool grass to caress her face, closing her eyes gratefully at the sensation. It may not be a warm bed but she'll take anything she can get at the moment. Fortunately, most of the citizens of the town have refrained from intruding upon the crash themselves, content to oogle from a distance or keep their nose out of it entirely.

"No need to rush..." she mutters with a yawn.
The ship was dark, beyond the flickers of sparks and the warning strobe that was not stable at all. The computer was still trying to say whatever it was say. The cockpit area had several electronics, from monitors that were shattered, and all types of high tech things that probably may or may not have ever been seen.

Zargabaath may not see past the door, but there was a corridor down that way that was just as equally; if not more; as dark has the rest of the ship.

As for the pilot, they were indeed starting to stir. The tail went from one resting position and then slowly moved the other way. The helm hiding their face, as they gently started to move slightly, before a rumbling, almost raspy female voice spoke out, ""


Back at Traverse Town...

There was some crews starting to /now/ make their way to the sight, mostly the guys who work at the space-port. They are a little late, but here they come. There also was some people with some things more then tools, such as defense measures.

Why would they need to defend against anything?

I guess that explains why most people haven't come out this way. Some professionals were keeping them all back!
Emi Dennou Emi just wants to make sure there aren't broken bones. There should be, right? Well, she isn't going to worry too much about it--she doesn't even seem super injured. Or...really all that injured at all. Hmm. Emi quickly hides the flash light, flicking broken glass away from it. If anybody asks, the window was broken when she got here.

She looks towards the judge. And thinks, that's a judge. And then--yeah, okay, maybe she isn't going to be able to come up with a cover story but surely it's understandable, one doesn't expect people in a crash landed spaceship to be 'okay'.

"The computer said warning, miss." Emi looks back down to the pilot. "Can you move? WE should get you out of here. We don't know the ship's status." Like if it's going to explode or whatnot. A thought occurs to her and she adds, "I am Emi Dennou, The Network advises and notes her--" well, what would be the term. "--Acquaintance here is a Judge. You are in good hands, for The Network is Detectives."

Do aliens know about detectives? It's a great mystery.
Zargabaath Computer? Oh, is that the origin of that nagging, barely-functional 'warning' voice?

Judge Magister Zargabaath shifts to the side slightly to get a better look at the pilot. No, definitely not Bangaa, but certainly a reptilian race of some kind simply judging by the tail alone. The pilot's helm blocks certain identification. "Young lady--Emi, I mean--would you mind pointing your light past the door," he motions briefly towards the door behind the pilot's chair, "to ensure no surprises are lying in wait beyond it?" Also to make sure there isn't impending danger.

He shifts closer to the pilot, but makes no move as if to assist unless requested--or needed. "My name is Judge Magister Zargabaath. We saw your ship crash and came to see what had happened. I can assist you out if you need it, but we will need to exit through the windshield as quickly as possible." Yes, the windshield was /completely/ broken out on impact. Really. He really doesn't want to raise her ire for damaging her ship, even by being 'good samaritans'.
Leida Meanwhile, the princess is valiantly guarding the... uh... grass, yes, that's it. She keeps a sharp lookout with eyes wide shut for any would be salvagers or other hooligans who might want to do something terrible like key the ship. Clearly the worst of its owner's worries at the moment.

The sound of approaching footsteps does manage to reach her ears but she ignores them for now. These are friendly footsteps, naturally, so she doesn't need to worry. Or sit up or greet them or anything.
The pilot rumbles a little, before she goes to move her head back very slowly. There is then a slow glance over with the helm to be looking directly at Emi at this point, before the the lizard pilot seems to sit forward and slams her hand on the console, which apparently shuts up the computer. Or at least causes it to stop talking. "...great.." her voice sounded a bit more clear. It had a tenner, alto type pitch to it.

At least her smacking the computer was evidence that she could indeed move, even if it was sluggish.

The lizard pilot slowly goes to rise up on her own, though she almost falls over as she does. Her tail whipping the air for the needed balance; duck or avoid if you are to near! Before her hands extend out to rest on the console. Those massive big toe claws click against the ground, causing a metal to metal sound impact thanks to the armor. "...exit through... my windshield..?" She rumbles lowly. "..augh.." She almost collapses back down, before she is able to stabilize herself with a minor shake of her head.

She then raises up her hand, before rumbling something. " the overlords.. even my armor is shot.." Her hands then reach up, and she clicks on a few parts of the helm before it hisses, then unlocks itself. It then pulls off from the front, before she rips off the back. There was that reptilian face at last. The long raptor like muzzle, from a feathery hair like mohawk of blue on top of her head. The scales over her face were smooth forest green with minor dark gold stripes along her snout and going down the back of her now exposed neck.

Her eyes were closed as she drops the helm to the ground. Before those eyes at last snap open. First the reptilian pupil was exposed wide in those red, gold eyes. Before it went down to narrow slits as she looked directly at the two on her ship. "... Where..." Her eyes then slowly peel over the inside of her ship. "..what.."

She then shakes her head again. " hard to think.. but get out... right..."


People start to approach and several of the security see Leida down on the ground. One of them gently lean down and place their hand on her shoulder. "Ma'am? Are you alright?" They say gently, before another hisses. "Great, we may have been to late! The Saurian may have escaped and ...."

The other one looks at him. "Dude, that ship is toast and probably the pilot with it."

Several others starts to carefully walk around the ship, keeping a /very/ wide berth.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou ducks somewhat. She doesn't have a Dennou outside to inform her of what's going on back there and she can't get a look out there from within. Normally she'd have one stationed but, well, she was in a rush to get here quickly. She also has no reason to be upset at a Saurian, having no idea what one is, and as such is quite content to be helpful and encouraging. When Zargabaath 'covers' for her, she seems a bit relieved. REPUTATION EMI +1?

In any event, Zargabaath does give some good advice. Nodding, she guides the flashlight towards the designated door, looking around a bit.

"We can escort you out. Just take it easy, The Network advises that even if you feel like you are okay, you might not be."

It's true, sometimes there is no pain to remind you that something is wrong. That's why pain exists, after all, but some things manage to sneak past pain right and proper.
Zargabaath Zargabaath shifts as if ready to help keep the pilot on her feet, but she seems to recover well enough on her own for the time being. The helmet comes off, confirming her reptilian nature, but also proving she is certainly not a Bangaa. So more non-Ivalice strangeness... the universe never ceases to amaze.

The Judge Magister offers an arm to the Saurian to use for support if she wishes. "Come with me, pilot. I will assist you out." Regardless of her response, Zargabaath would then lead her to the windshield and slip back out onto the nose first before offering help to pull her out as well.
Leida At the touch on her shoulder, Leida merely lifts her arm and lazily waves it at the person responisible. "Mrph... go away...", the girl mumbles at him. Clearly, she is not injured or the victim of these supposedly dreaded saurians. Her arm flops back down across her head, the girl trying to cut down on the noise everyone seems to be making all of the sudden. Clearly, there was no danger so she intended to go back to sleep right here in the grass and hopefully wake up with less of a killer headache.
The pilot took the aid of Zargabaath, no fuss. No muss. She seemed very cooperative for now, even if a little off balance; but that was to be expected from shock.

As for anything else in the ship, the corridor showed not much of anything, outside what looked like a 'cell' of some kinda, though it lacked any bars, so maybe it was something else?

As they got outside, the reptilian pilot, at last took in a breath of fresh air, picking up the smell and sound of the sea not far from them. Her eyes tried to focus on the things around her. "You said.." She glanced at the strange man in armor. "Your name is Zargabaath?" She says softly, before her eyes glance over to Emi. "..and Your Emi?" She shakes her head. "..what strange.. na.." This is when she realizes. When it dawns on her. She was standing on her ship. She was on a planet with strange people. That meant...

"...My..." Her eyes slowly gazed back at the window she came out of. They slowly went wide, the pupils going to extremely thin slits. "My ship!" She roared out. "That blasted pirate!!!" Her free hand clenched into a fist, before she broke her other free, including her arm from Zargabaath as she started to rip off what armor she could being it was little good to her. "When I get may hands on that little--"

"Freeze there Saurian!" A male voice came from the shadows as several of the security people came out. "We know what your people are capable of and we will not tolerate any hostile actions taking place in Traverse Town." or at least try not too, since they did have issues with people causing trouble anyhow.

The 'Saurian' glances over before she growls lowly, showing off those rather impressive sharp teeth of hers. "Back off, softie! You got me mixed up with the wrong ancestral race!" She then places her hands on her hips as her tail twitches gently in frustration. She then glances at the two that helped her, "You know these..." Her claw finger then points out at them, she seems to try and search for a proper word to use, and thinks she finds it. "people...?"

"We are from the spaceport security. Due to the Saurians being Galactic tyrants, we were sent you to place you under custody." Another of the guys states, though seeming a bit nervous to press to much. She was a big gal.
Emi Dennou There are two ways Emi could go about this. Three if you count the 'take the third option' that is always present.

Emi cups her chin lightly. That interior seems like it may be hiding CLUES. She has to do something about that. She can't just assume that this pilot is not a tyrant race like the people outside are saying. Of course, she's not the sort of person to just let them take someone into custody who just experienced a plane crash. Galactic tyrant she may be, but this isn't really a good time by her own reckoning.

"Your Honor," Emi looks towards Zargabaath. "This one has a request."

She looks over to the Judge and says, "You are a figure of authority, perhaps not here, but I imagine you can act the part. The people outside likely do not want a fight, but there is no reason to suspect this person is a criminal. Yet. And even if she were, she's in no condition to be manhandled by a security force. This one requests that you take her to the TDA Offices nearby so we can talk to her about what happened. I have called my sisters over, one should be present shortly to help."

She goes quiet for a moment and then adds, "There we can properly tend to her and ask her for details, once she's recovered. Is this acceptable to you, Judge Zargabaath?"

She turns to Rage and nods to her to indicate yes, her name is Emi. She offers her a reassuring smile that is probably calculated to be a reassuring smile, but she doesn't seem like a bad lady so far and maybe if she's nice and she IS a bad lady, she'll reconsider being a bad lady in the future. A detective helps those that can't be helped by anyone else, and Rage seems to be nearing that sort of position what with Traverse Town being out for her.
Zargabaath Zargabaath does not offer any further assistance than already given, only staying nearby to make sure she doesn't fall over. The fresh air seems to do her a lot of good, though, so there is that. "Correct."

He sees realization dawn on her face and waits for it...

Yes, there it is.

He takes a step back away from her as she fumes, crossing his arms over his chestplate once more. Pirates, eh? That is a problem he is familiar with.

He's about to offer his condolences for her ship when the conversation is interrupted. Spaceport Security? Not a bad group, but understandably quite jumpy as of late. "Not personally, but I have docked my own ship under their care before."

He merely gives Emi a nod at her suggestion and turns, cape barely swishing behind him and standing at his full height. He keeps his arms folded over his chestplate as he regards the guards gathering on the ground. Fortunately, Judge Magisters do not need to do much to pull off 'imposing'.

His voice rises, amplified by his helm. "Good sirs, I am Judge Magister Zargabaath, Captain of the Alexander and Commander of the 12th Archades Imperial Fleet. Allow me to offer an alternative." He unfolds his arms, sweeping one back to Rage. "This pilot has done no wrong to Traverse Town, thus there is no reason to arrest her at this time. May I propose that the Twilight Detective Agency take her into protective custody until she recovers from her crash-landing, while in the meantime you guard her ship to ensure none steal what is rightfully hers?"

His helm cants downwards, the long downswept horns clinking on his chestplate. "It is hardly justice to imprison someone without due cause. Would you not agree?"
Rage looks down at Emi, then at Zargabaath. She then snorts out a huff of air from her nostrils, crossing her arms under her own chest with a minor growl of agitation. Those eyes narrowing down to almost fine slits as she stares at the guards. Her tail low, is also moving side to side in that same annoyance.

The guards look at one another, then up at the Judge Magister, "Very well.. but if she /causes/ any trouble, then we have the rights to do what we need to do." There was a part of him that didn't look to happy about this. "Just becareful around her, they are a race to not be trusted lightly."

As the guards move away, Rage watches them closely, before gathering up what armor she removed. Then looking at the gauntlets that once rested over her clawed hands. "Equipment shot.." She rumbles to herself, before then looking at the two before her. "..I owe you both.. seems some places in these forsaken galaxies still remember the other side of my kind." She then peers back in her ship.

"Now, if you two do not mind, before I join you both to this.. whatever its called.. I need to gather a few things." She then moves to go back into the ship, wincing a little as some pain hits her as she rubs the back of her neck. "It wont take me long and then I will be /glad/ to answer your questions."
Emi Dennou Emi smiles at Zargabaath faintly. Another +1 to Rep? Yeah Zargabaath is possibly her favorite Judge Magister now. Hooray! Zargabaath naturally commands more authority than Emi does, Emi can only offer good ideas--nobody listens to 16 year old girls who look like they've come in from straight off the street. They aren't exquisitely dressed nor do they carry that sense of authority around them that would be rather useful if they could put it out all the same.

"I would not say that we do," Emi says. "At least, The Network has never heard of your people before. We are helping you because we are detectives. It is what we do." She nods once to her. "Thank you for cooperating, however."

She checks the ship out, if there's anything that looks like it can be jumpstarted with an electrical burst, she'll do that and try to get it humming so she can check it out. If she gets the opportunity, she'll 'download' what she can from the computer. But it's off? Doesn't really matter, she's using some strange electromagic--to transmit the data to The Network's mind. Even if it's untranslated it may come in useful later, presuming it's feasible.

The Network has strange brains.
Zargabaath Zargabaath inclines his helm in a semi-bow to the guards, indicating deferrence to their authority without compromising his own display of authority. "Your warnings are well-noted. Should such an event occur, I will not obstruct you nor your duties." Considering neither he nor Emi have ever seen a Saurian before, the advice is taken with a grain of salt. After all, there are those who believe that Judge Magisters are demons in plate mail, of all things.

He semi-turns back to Rage and nods once. "Very well." He rests his hands on his hips and surveys the surrounding area, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. Leida seems to have fallen asleep in the grass, but the guards have already tended to her. Hopefully she will feel better once she awakens.
Emi will find out on the ships computer a ton of data entries regarded wanting criminals for a form of odd currency, civil records, and flight navigation charts - ala star map. A few electronics still work, the the lights, though a few blow out. The back up generator for a bit, before it whines back down, and the holding cell, which seems to use some type of energy bars, but that doesn't last long either before it too shorts out.

As for the Saurian, she is gathering her things, unlayering and wearing her normal gear by the time its time to go. This is gonna be a fun Q/A.

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