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A Penitent Sinner
(2013-01-27 - 2013-03-07)
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Percival The garden of the Shard Seeker's headquarters had become his official roost in Fluorgis. To any in the Shard Seekers that didn't know the purpose for his stay, they might swear that he was imposing upon their generous hospitality. And yet he kept to himself, he stayed in the garden during the day, and might have been mistaken for a vivid piece of statuary.

At night, when he made use of their kitchens, everything was cleaned and put back in its proper place; and their larders were restocked with everything that he consumed. Even during the evening hours, he was more often 'out' than not, as he'd found solace in patrolling the city of flowers and making certain that the peace wasn't broken. The twilight hours of this eve though found him in the garden, kneeling in front of the broken fountain. It was as humble a shrine as there might exist, however it seemed to serve Percival quite well His wings were furled about his shoulders in a manner that reminded most races of a cloak. His sword, sheathed within its scabbard, was off his back, and his meaty, taloned hands were clasped around its hilt, as the tip of the scabbard rested upon the ground. His eyes remained closed, as he speaks the words of a prayer in a soft yet somber tone of voice. His accent and words would be considered archaic, even in the world he was from, a far sight different from his typical accent. "...have mercy upon me, a humble squire in thy divine service. Oh lord, I pray for thy indulgence and blessings. Forget not thine servant in his trials. I pray that thy will be done in all things, both great and small."

"Let me always be worthy of thee, armor me with the armor of thy righteousness, give me the sword of truth that I shall confound thine enemies."

"Let me always be a beacon to those in distress, never allow me to forget my obligation to the homeless nor the poor: let me serve thee and thine eternal throne all the days of my life. Let me always remember the obligations that I have taken upon me..."

His private litany seems to go on like this for some time. Though it does not seem droning, nor repetitious. There is definite purpose in his voice.
Faruja Senra The Shard Seeker's Headquarters wasn't exactly a bastion of security. It bothered the rat, who was used to a good round of defense in any building given his military background. Yet so too does he understand it; not only did they have little of value to others, but it would dampen the free spirit the group as a whole tends to exude. Coupling that along with Reize's generosity in allowing so many people, members or not, bunk here means that the appearance of the noble statue within the garden surprises the rat not at all. The presence of such a quality Squire, eclipsing that of many knights, actually has the Burmecian's spirits uplifted. A second night guardian was always welcome!

Healing well, Faruja is already off of his sling, though he's forced to use a cane to get around on his half-healed leg. Not able to sleep upon this night, and after a good swallow of drink, he finds himself entering the gardens.

Using a cane means he can only be so stealthy, but he does his level best to not interrupt. Glancing at the shrine, he nods approvingly. Though utterly faithful, and a zealot besides at times, the upside of the Ajoran religion is in its pragmatism. Being a vehicle for its own power, anything even remotely like itself tends to get drawn into the 'potential allies and targets for conversion' box. Perci is firmly in that one, as far as the rat's concerned.

Kneeling, though with a touch of a grunt, Faruja crosses his chest with his tail. Letting Percival do the talking, he silently prays for his friends, countrymen, and for victory in the Games that they might restore Manhattan. All the while, he listens to the squire's prayer. Truly, this gargoyle has the soul of a Templar.
Percival Stealthy? Well the Gargoyle certainly appreciated the attempt, despite the telltale signs of someone's approach. The clack of wood upon stone that marked his cane, he mistook for Leida. Was she dragging her training sword again? He'd have to rectify that. He didn't interrupt himself to spare a look though. Nothing about the sound necessitated urgency, and he saw no signs of an imminent ambush. However, as a matter of courtesy for his regal guest, he skipped to the final verse. Princesses shouldn't be waiting on squires after all.

"...power beyond power, pillar of strength, refuge of the homeless, let me serve thee for all the days of my life. Amen."

After languishing on his knees for a time, he rose stiffly. And not to his full height. After all he fully expected to kneel once more once he turned around. Suprise flickered briefly across his features once he did, before his expression returned to stoicism.

"Ah, Ser Senra. Forgive me, I wasn't anticipating such lofty company this eve."

Seeing him on his knees, he found his way to his once more. After all, it wouldn't do for him to remain standing while a knighted individual had not yet risen.
Faruja Senra As he's referred to as 'lofty', the Burmecian chuckles good naturedly. "Dear Squire Percival, 'lofty' is a term utterly inappropriate for myself. Barely am I above your own rank. However, I do believe my words shan't convince you of that, and thus I shall simply compliment you upon your manners and bearing. You've the soul of a knight, 'tis written all over you. In every action that I have seen you take, even in folly, you live and breathe honor." With a bit of effort, he's on his feet after saying his own 'amens'.

He flicks his muzzle upwards. "Now up with you, hmm? In the house of adventurers, you and I are a strange and ill-placed pair. We must seem positively /ancient/ to young Reize and the others. Let us not stand overmuch on ceremony. Tell me, what brings you here, good Squire? Mayhap here to see a certain fellow member of your kind that oft resides here, hmm?" The opportunity's there as he looks over the stoic Squire's face searchingly. Strangely, so too might there be a bit of nervousness that Percival wouldn't have seen before in the rat.
Percival Percival remains on his knees for a moment longer than was perhaps necessary. His gaze kept dutifully low as it seems to search the garden ground for a proper answer "I beg to differ, Ser Senra. My flaws are many, my sins are great, and I am anything but worthy of the honor." The subject seems to be an uncomfortable one for him, but still he rises shortly after the Burmecian bids him to. The scabbard of his sword finds its way to his back, suspended by a baldric across his torso.

"That was originally why I came, yes. I was sent by my allies to make introductions to the Lady Zia, and to question her upon a theory that they had. I have stayed far longer than I was bidden to, as duty demands it of me for Lady Leida's sake."

His gaze finally meets Faruja's, since he doesn't desire to stand upon formalities.
Faruja Senra Faruja tilts his head slightly at Percival's response, then shakes his head. "My, my, my dear Squire. You think so low of yourself. Humility is one thing, I shall not ask you the nature of why you believe yourself to be so devoid of honor. Your actions speak for themselves, however, for good or ill. Learn, grow, and keep your Faith. The Lord shall surely sustain you. 'Tis truly refreshing to see a good, faithful Squire who so tries to walk the path to knighthood so strictly."

Turning, the Burmecian cane-thumps over to a bench, and sits down, sighing in relief as he removes some pressure from his leg. The rat's eye narrows just slightly, suspicion creeping into his features, warmth dimming somewhat.

"Have, they now? Do forgive me, however, the Shard Seekers are something of a...charge, of mine, in a way. Or allies. Regardless, I must ask, whom do you serve that are so interested in Lady Zia, and would see to Lady Leida's affairs? You mention a...'theory'. Zi..ahem. Lady Zia." Correcting himself quickly, he can't quite squash a hint of familiarity in his voice with the garess. Beyond that, something more than respect, or even friendship.

"Lady Zia is important to me. As are all of the Shard Seekers."
Percival Percival might have smiled, if the matter were not one that was so serious to him. "I am glad that one of us belives this is so. Some of my fellows believe that I am simply trying too hard to strive for an ideal that is unattainable. While that may be so, to a degree, it is not simple humility which causes me to depreciate my worthiness, but self-awareness. Wrath is my sin. And while I hope that prayer and discipline will divest me of it in time, I'm ever-conscious of the fact that at times I suffer from a lack of control. Sins have been committed as a result that while the Lord himself may find it within his infinite mercy to forgive, they are not something which I may forget." Percival stares up at the night sky briefly. It always seemed darker, the stars dimmer, than he was used to from his world. As is typical, he found no answers there. While he noted Faruja's anxiety, he thought it best not to call attention to it. "...I am associated with the Twilight Detective Agency. While I do not always agree with their methods, their end is a noble one, and may lead to the restoration of my world. As to their theory in regards to the Lady Zia..." He gives Faruja a pained look. "If I tell you this, I must unfortunately swear you to secrecy. While the Lady Zia made it clear that she did not want any of the Shard Seekers to know, I cannot in good conscience, let the issue drop entirely as she desires. I swore no oath to her, but I still feel as if I am breaking her trust."

He clasps his hands behind his back. His tail twitching as a sort of nervous habit. "As for the Lady Leida, it is because I found her in the desert being harassed by a man of foul temperament known as Angantyr. Perhaps his aims were not so foul as I believed, but his means certainly were. He wants to draw the darkness out of her, in order that she might learn control. I cannot help but feel that such would be disastrous. After the Lady Leida explained her past to me, I felt obligated to show her a different path. Angantyr wished to teach her to use a sword, so that she might have the 'skill' to slay the Shadow Lords when they come for her. I am teaching her to use one, so that she might learn an 'artform' that will teach her discipline, and mercy. It is a slower path, but one which I pray might give her half a chance if the demon within her attempts to wrest control once more."

Percival sighs. "My order would consider me a terrible coward for doing so. It dodges the issue, and places the blame for any that the demon might slay in the future squarely upon my shoulders. My duty was clear from the start, that it is too dangerous to allow her to live. And yet my hand has been stayed, because I cannot send a penitent young woman to face a early judgement. I wonder if by befriending her, has damned me to the pit already. If so, it is a fate I face without hesitation."
Faruja Senra The paralels /almost/ have the Burmecian laughing. At worst, he ends up looking darkly amused. His single eye turns to his clawed hand.

"You and I, it seems, good Squire are very much the same. I know well of what you speak. Does not your soul blaze, claw within your chest to let loose thy strength upon those whom would harm the innocent? My fair Squire, I am afraid that Knighthood will not solve /that/ little problem. It has not solved mine. Most like, you shall struggle against it your entire life. The path of knighthood is life-long, and rare is it that a person achieves what I would consider true knighthood. Martial strength, diplomacy, honor...learn them as best you can. Do not become arrogance when you are granted knighthood. And look to the Lord in all things." When, not if. Faruja clearly has confidence in the Gargoyle.

The Templar breaks into a real smile, however, when the TDA is mentioned. "Ahh, well then, it seems I feared wrongly. They are good humans, and certainly mean well. Many are Manhattanites, no less. Allow me to impart a lesson upon you, if you would listen. Never forgot that one's allies shall not always hold to the standards of a Knight. While you are well within your rights to advise them of honor, so too must you show good judgement. Do not dishonor them, merely because they walk a different path than yours." The rat then shrugs, tail flicking and wrapping about his non-broken leg.

"Ahh, but I lecture and preach. Something of a habit amongst we Temple Knights of the Church, pay it no mind." Pausing, he offers Percival a slightly disapproving stare.

"Only in times of great necessity must one share the secrets of others, Squire Percival. Nor do I wish to impede upon the heart of one so radiant and beaut..." Faruja cuts himself off, briefly looking away.

"Is Lady Zia in danger? Shall sharing her secret, this theory, to me grant some boon to the wider world before 'tis proven? You are a Gargoyle of honor. Give me your word that the TDA's suspicions lead her naught to harm, and I shall be satisfied. Ser Alexander is a man I trust with...certain matters."

Faruja scowls at the mention of Angantyr and Leida, squeak-growling. "/That/ is a name I know well. He is an unfortunate case of a noble, well-meaning man...ahh. Nevermind. I know not how much he has said to you. He has his circumstances."

A shake of the head. "Regardless, I do not believe the Lady will prosper under his tutelage. Continue, with my blessings, as well as my thanks. The Lady, for some reason, is utterly terrified of me. You see, Ser Seatlan managed to seal the demon within the girl. Worry not, you hardly are destined for the pit. Your actions give the girl a chance at salvation. I am beholden to certain persons that know well the dangers of possession. So far, it appears that the seal holds well. Enough so that I do believe the Lord has had His Hand in its doing. I assure you, had I thought her such a threat, I would have given her over to the Office of Holy Inquisition already."
Percival The gargoyle mulls over his words for a time. And finds that he can offer no rebuttal to his statement without context. "I'm not certain you understand Ser Senra. The denouement of the tale is quite dull, and makes it hardly worth telling, but it is by choice that I am not yet a knight, and until I believe myself worthy of the honor, that will not change. Not that it matters. My knightly master is gone. My Lord in chivalry fallen to the darkness. There are none left within my Order that could knight me."

Percival begins to pace, a habit which he would not normally have dared allow another knight to see, but this was a more informal meeting, and his mannerisms fell lax as a result. "As for the TDA. I understood the point already when I joined them, and I placed myself on....a 'need to know' basis. It is perhaps the best way for me to learn my limits and to be less judgmental. I trust their motives are fair, but I am seen as a sort of stiff relic, amongst their ranks. It makes our relationship strained at times. But I am, trying. That is something I suppose."

Again, a glance to the stars. "If our theory is true then she is in grave danger, especially if she remains in denial. We believe that she may be the 'Princess of the Heart' for my world. A title given unto those chosen by their respective worlds for women with the purest of hearts. So long as they walk in the light, then their world falling to darkness becomes an impermanent event. Yet if they are lost, then their world is truly gone forever. a candidate for that. An educated guess on our pars. The Princesses attract trouble and the heartless wherever they go, and Heartless attacks within Fluorgis have been on the rise. I offered her my service, and my sword, which I was bereft of at the time. She gifted me with her father's sword, a family heirloom of hers, but asked that I not tell the other Shard Seekers, as she does not desire to be coddled and protected, but to fight. She also believes that if you thought her the sole candidate for the title, that the Shard Seeker's and the detective agency might stop searching for other candidates."

He clucks his tongue briefly at Faruja's statement in regards to Angantyr. "He is an amoral mercenary with little regard for charity or mercy. I could perhaps make allowances for his tale of woe if he did not seek to drag others down with him."

He then nods at his evaluation of Leida. "Perhaps you are right. Though sometimes I worry that I'm a sentimental old relic that is making excuses due to her regal bloodline. The divine right may not be a popular idea in my world at the moment, but it is something I was taught to believe in. It is powerful enough to consider that I might stay my hand, regardless of any sins she might commit. It is....a disquieting thought. I would like to think that I would do the same for anyone, be they peasant, knight, or king, but I'm not so sure. The salvation of all is a noble pursuit, and one which I welcome, I would just like to believe that I don't discriminate because the girl is of highborn and of gentle disposition."
Faruja Senra Faruja tilts his head in thought, frowning lightly. "Mmm. That /does/ change matters. Unfortunately, I cannot counsel you on that point, dear Squire. Unless of course, with your Order shattered, you pledged your blade to the service of another. Depending on the nature of your oath, you may well be released from service. I cannot say."

The Templar doesn't seem to be bothered by the pacing. The informal nature of the Shard Seeker's Headquarters makes Percival the picture of manners.

"A learning experience, then. You will learn from them, and no doubt teach them much." A knight amongst the TDA? The thought is deeply amusing to the rat, having met the odd men and women that make up the group.

Listening quietly, Faruja instantly calls to mind Jasmine. He sighs. "My, my, my. Lady Zia? A Princess of Heart? 'Tis...difficult to believe that Lady Zia may be such a person. However, I suppose one should not so easily dismiss it. Lord bless her, but it would be an ill fitting thing for such a fiery, ill-fated young Gargoyle."

Nor has she shown any of the powers he saw at Jasmine's disposal. He keeps that bit to himself. "Keep me informed, if you would be so kind. If she truly /is/ such a person, then 'tis even more reason that she need fight. I shall do what I can to see her kept safe. Discretely, of course."

Faruja's eye widens a touch. "...She is of...ROYAL blood!?" For a moment, the rat looks like he's choking on something extremely unpleasant. It takes him a few seconds to master himself.

"All beings are equal before the Lord." He quotes, scowling at the mention of 'divine right'. Seems someone has a problem with monarchies.

"Her bloodline means little. Save her because she is a good girl. Not due to her parentage."
Percival "It is not so much that I cannot pledge to another. I have sworn no vows except to my master, and could always pledge to another. Until I state my vows, they are simply a 'code', guidelines by which I might find the ideal of chivalrous behavior that I seek. Part of that code is that I must fear God, and keep his church. And in this world, it is maddening not to have that guidance any longer. All the disparate faiths may indeed lead to God, or they may be churches of pagans and heathens. Or worse yet, heretics operating under the illusion of orthodoxy. I know not what, or whom to trust until Manhatten is restored. And even if it were? There are no priests in Manhatten that know of my kind, and think of me as anything other than a demon if I revealed myself. No, restoring Manhatten wouldn't be enough, it need be our world as a whole, so that I might travel to the seat of my Order. And...I do not see that happening in the near future. I know not what to do, other than to continue on my quest. And the fact remains that I already have their guidance on the matter of my Knighthood. Their consensus is that I am ready and worthy enough to be affirmed and say my vows. That my sin was not, a sin. And yet I know in my heart that it was."

He gives Faruja a strange look. Perhaps he senses on some level his fondness for Zia. Perhaps not though. He wasn't sure. A bit of probing might be in order. "Of course Ser Senra, though I was led to believe the other eve that you desired to know more of our kind...and yet here we stand with me blathering on about a circumstantial theory for which there is little basis. Your inquisitive nature is understandable, given your role within your faith, but still I wonder if perhaps the subject of the fair maiden interests you more." The corner of his mouth twitch slightly into only the barest hint of a smile. He may have a tendency towards naivete, but he certainly wasn't oblivious.

"And yes, she's of royal blood. It was.....a ill-begotten theory of mine that perhaps she was intended to be the Princess of the Heart for her world, but that the nature of her corruption may prevent her world's recovery. A shame. Still I will work towards her salvation. I simply find that I cannot ignore that she is of royal blood in my treatment of her."
Faruja Senra Faruja listens, and finally nods after taking in the Gargoyle's code. "Ahh, my my. So similar to my own. Unfortunately, the circumstances of your world makes your oath all the more important. It will guide you well. I suppose I shan't be able to convince you, then, to take up service within the Church of Ajora? Or even consider the matter?" The rat finally lays his cards on the table.

"Someone of your values and strength would be of great use to the Holy Church. /This/ Church, I assure you, is as free of Heresy as any institution ran by mortals can be. Moreso, it even has a branch dedicated to eraticating such Heresy, and correcting those whom are in danger of falling. We could do much good together, Squire Percival. Nor would you be considered a demon. They have accepted me after all."

His tail sways dismissively. "Even in such dark times, there is opportunity. Consider my words, my offer. I shall certainly put in a good word for you regardless. Ahh, and..." He pauses, smiling. "The 'Church' of Yevon. If you desire a pack of Heretics, look no further."

A blush slowly grows on his features beneath the fur. Cough! Someone's right on the money. "..." Silence. He stares at Percival. Sigh. "...Am I truly so transparent?" He may as well be honest with such a good squire. "Fine, fine. Yes, much so. I am certainly curious about your kind, however matters of the heart truly motivated my asking. To put it bluntly, I desire to court her. I have begun to do so in the manner of my people. Yet, I fear my kind's ways may prove too...subtle for the dear Lady's understanding of my desires." Frown. Even the love letter hadn't worked!

The rat slowly nods. "Mmm. And mayhap that is for the best, if it eases her training. Treat her well. I fear my own skills will be of little use until some way to rid her of the daemon can be found."
Percival An offer of conversion? Or was this church of St. Ajora simply a reflection of his own faith in another world? He had no idea. "I cannot say, due to ignorance on the matter. I would have to study the tenets of your faith and decide on my own if they are compatible with mine. I admit though, to curiosity at the very least. Others have already tried to bias me against it. Though....they have done so indirectly. Angantyr for example states that your faith is his own. We nearly came to blows over his rude suggestion that I pray within 'his' church, of the faith of Ajora, when he stopped me from performing a charitable act. It is an unfair bias, as I understand that he is not the best example amongst your faithful. I should think that I would have to be careful though, lest I be considered a heretic at the very least, or a heathen at the worst by your church."

Percival gives him a bemused look. "Transparent? No, not at all. But I've danced the same dance before. I've come to recognize when others make the same steps. And I think you underestimate Lady Zia. She is almost certainly aware of your affection, but a maid's heart is not so easily won over. In my Order, it is sometimes the opposite, and the Knightly dames are the ones who initiate the courtship. Not so with her I think, though I believe she has difficulty deciding her own heart. As for 'my' role in the dance, I think you need not worry. She is certainly special, beautiful, and possesses a nobility that I find entrancing. There are few enough of my kind left that you might feel that I am competition, but my kind understand that matters of the heart are just that. I certainly won't be trying to pressure her based on her heritage, nor do I know her well enough to seek courtship at this time. Nor will I take advantage of your trust. Seek to win her heart. I wouldn't dream of interfering unless she, herself, decided to initiate something."

Percival shakes his head. "I think you underestimate yourself, but Lady Leida requires a....delicate approach. Your manner, while emminently suitable for a knight, will not win over her gentle disposition. I think she is constantly frightened that you will find some evidence of the demon's return, and run her through. But even so she seems less frightened of you than another woman in the Shard Seeker's. I can't say that I remember her name. Anyhow, perhaps the two of us should try speaking with her together, during one of her lessons."
Faruja Senra Reaching into his robes, the Burmecian pulls out a text. It's held out for the Gargoyle to take. Should Perci look, it will turn out to be the Holy Text of the Ajorans.

Slowly, a brow rises. Angantyr, a man of faith? "I...was unaware he worshipped Holy Faram and the Saint." Indeed, Faruja looks a touch stunned at the news.

"...No. Definitely not. As I said before, visit Mullonde. If you do so openly, you shall come to no harm. Just do not do something foolish such as attempt to fly over the walls."

The rat looks visibly relieved at the news that Percival isn't after the gargess. He has enough competition in a certain wolf, there! "Ahh, Lord bless you, Percival. A tangled web of the heart made doubly so is the last sort of thing I need. Yes, then I simply must not lose hope! If the Lord means for her heart to belong to myself, then so be it." He pauses, and nods, remembering his words to Skoll.

"So long as she finds happiness."

The rat rubs the bandaged side of his head. "Admittedly, she fears rightly. Should it come to the point of her posing a great danger, I would...have little choice." Even the thought seems to disturb the rat greatly, however. Someone so young having to be slain seems unjust, even if the more pragmatic side of him knows the necessity.

He nods. "Yes. Regardless, she must learn to at least not faint away in terror every time I am about. I desire to help her. Let us do so."
Percival The Gargoyle stares at the book for some time, before eventually gingerly placing his taloned hands around it. He was careful as could he could be not to scratch the binding. His talons could cut into stone after all, and many faiths were rather prickly about inadvertent mutilation of their holy book. "I will at the very least give your faith the introspection that it deserves. I cannot guarantee however, that even if I find it to the same as mine, that I could ever officially join it."

He would not use the word convert. That would imply that he would consider joining a different faith, and that.....that was unthinkable. "I would however, like to learn from you in pursuits which of a martial nature. It has not escaped my notice that in this world magic is prevalent, whereas in mine, it is a rare gift, and rarely do such miracles come from faith, but from darker pursuits. I would like to learn of it from a proper teacher that I believe would not lead me astray. There are too many in this world which display talents far too similar to what my world would consider witchcraft. I will understand of course if you refuse, and bear no grudge against you for it."

He gives Faruja a briefly critical look. Even though Zia had refused his service, it didn't matter to him. Anyone that broke her heart, he would probably end up trying to break himself. Well, after she'd burned them thrice at least. She had powerful magic after all! "Indeed, so long as she is happy."

Percival's expression blanches briefly as Faruja discusses Leida. "Let us not dwell on what might be necessary in the future."

The mere thought of running the girl through was enough to break his heart. Whether she deserved it or not. "I will see what I can do. We may encounter her yet this eve. She's uh...late for her lessons." He scratches the back of his neck. It was difficult enough to enforce discipline on so timid a girl, especially when she was royalty.
Faruja Senra The book is lovingly cared for, though when Percival eventually opens it, he'd find it well marked and dotted with handwritten notes on various personal theological theories. If nothing else, it might be a curious read to get into the mind of a Templar.

"'Tis all that I would ask of you." He assures.

At the mention of martial and magical learning, the Burmecian nods. "By all means, I would be delighted. White Magic would be no trouble at all. As for the techniques of a Holy Knight, I must decline until you have made yourself more comfortable with the Holy Church, and it you. To teach such things to one whom is not trusted by the Church would a rather swift way to have a noose tied about my neck."

"Agreed." Faruja comments on Leida. Shiver. "I...imagine she is still sleeping off her night of drinking." Sigh. Oh, Ivo.
Percival Percival gives him a strange look as he opens the book, and scans the first few pages, a bony protrusion above his eyebrow lifting. "I wasn't even aware that there were techniques beyond curative magic. I...well I thought that was all there was to it, since most of the miracles in my world were ones of healing."

Percival lets out something of a frustrated sigh, which in the case of a Gargoyle sounds sort of like a half-snarl. "I know you were trying to defend your comrade, but obviously he does take to his vows very seriously. I don't think he would care at all, if not for how seriously his younger brother takes it. Do you understand now, why I am protective of her at least? not in my nature to allow such improprieties to occur in public, especially around royal princesses."
Faruja Senra A small shake of his head. "Mmm. In some ways, I think the world would be better if that were the case. However, there are many kinds of magic. Black Magic, the magic of destruction. Time Magic, manipulation of time and space. Holy Magic, that of channeling the Lord's wrath in magical form. And that is just within my own world. The TDA's Ser Isaac seems to be an extremely powerful mage of unorthodox methods."

A clawed hand goes to his chin, tapping thoughtfully. "Think you so? Ser Galvan is...a highly flawed individual. However, no less than myself. Merely in different ways. He is not what one would think of in a knight. However, never has he abandoned his comrades when they have been in need. He has shown kindness to those whom even Ser Seatlan would have turned away. Admittedly, I know little of the man. Something I fully intend to correct. But he will not, for all of his appearances, lead her astray I think. Quite the opposite. Ser Galvan is an errant knight of the world, and he does not pretend to be anything more, or less. Exposure to him will teach her of the world. Royalty, I have found, oft either care naught one wit for those outside their grand palaces, or are simply blinded to that which lies outside of their experience."
Percival There is a soft rumbling in his throat. How very frustrating. "What I would not give for the magic of this world to make sense, or it to be more easily discernible which one is wielded for evil purposes. But no, instead I must decide what the motive for using such magic might be. I've even been lectured...with some severity, for presuming that the magic of 'darkness' is evil."

A contemplative look appears upon his visage. "Perhaps I misjudge him as a 'person' Ser Senra. There is virtue in his actions, if what you say is true. I have been merely trained to hold those who would call themselves knights to a higher standard. And yet he casts aspersions upon Knighthood as merely being a rank given unto aristocratic nobles. I recognize that it may be that way within his world, but that certainly doesn't stop his younger brother from choosing to regard it as a higher calling."
Faruja Senra Faruja tilts his head. "Be prepared to constantly be befuddled by the oddities of these many worlds. While you marvel at the magic of the World of Ruin, I stare upon the technological might of cities such as Manhattan in awe. 'Tis as unknowable to me as the many varieties of magic must be to yourself. Worry not, you shall learn, to cope if nothing else. Magic is a gift from the Lord, meant to be harnessed for our own benefit, that of others, to safeguard us. Like so many of His gifts, it can easily be turned to evil." As for darkness not being evil?

"/That/, Squire, is a lesson even I struggle with. A certain maiden has shown that 'tis not always the case. It /is/, however, dangerous. There is darkness, and then there is the Abyss. One can easily lead to the other."

A small smirk from the rat, as he slowly stands. "I have seen those whom are named knights leave good people dying on the streets, to be consumed by monsters while they fled for their lives. So too have I seen raw recruits, barely the lowest rank of soldier, sell their lives for the most lowly and misfortunate of citizens. In some ways, he is correct. In my own country, rare is it for a commoner to receive the title of 'Knight' as well." AS for the boy?

"Ser Seatlan's ideals of knighthood are...unique, and a touch out of reality with the duties the name carries. They are worlds apart, yet, each have their validity in some ways. If you intend to spend time around either, or both, I suggest learning more of what a knight means. Even if you do not agree, you may yet find valuable things in their own thoughts on the subject."

The rat gives a nod, and a salute. He still can't really bow.

"Now if you will excuse me, dear Squire, I should lay my head to rest before Lady Misaki yells at me for not healing. Lord bless, Squire Percival."

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