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(2013-01-27 - 2013-01-27)
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Evja It was still several hours until the start of the final qualifying rounds and as of yet, the coliseum bleachers had not buzzed to capacity yet. A tall, imposing figure in polished silver armor with a large billowy blue cloak on stands in the center of the plaza, a large translucent odd-shaped sword impaled in the dirt of the ground at the edge of the steps that lead into the coliseum.
It would be rude, after all, to call someone to a meeting while keeping your weapon within reach.

Taking a deep breath, the Judge finally speaks aloud, voice echoing slightly through a magic insulated into the mask to give it a deeper, reverby feeling, "Hades, I seek an audience. I assume you can hear me, as I am told you are... a deity." he leaves out the 'false' part that a certain Burmecian tacked into the front of it. "I wish to speak to you regarding your upcoming spectacle."
Hades Typically, Hades can't answer EVERY call he gets...

However, the here and now of this one, go this attention. He was paying very close attention to the Coliseum right now, and when the beseeching goes out...

Nothing happens immediately. However, behind Evja, a hand is placed on his shoulder, "Hey, how ya doin', Hades. Lord of the Dead. Not used to being called out so formally, so what's the deal? You lookin' to get a spot in the GAAAAAAMES? Well, you gota qualify...the old goats rules."

He does however have a qualifying pass in his hands, "So what's your deal then? Looking to find a way to get in, or what?"
Evja Suddenly, a blue hand. Evja goes to step forward and vanishes briefly before reappearing a few steps away, turning to look at Hades proper. Not quite teleportation so much as when he walked, he seemed to simply blink to another area. "I would appreciate it if you did not take my stepping away as an insult. It is a bit hard to turn to one behind me with... these." He reaches up to point a hand towards the large, ornate horns on the side of his helmet.
After all... nothing more embarrassing than hitting someone with those things. "But yes, Lord of the Dead, I did desire to participate in the qualifying rounds. My knowledge of your event is limited to one Faruja Senra's description of it, so pardon if I speak wrong of a point, my sources are but one. There is still time that I may qualify, were I not already requested to do so before today?"
Hades Hades doesn't look too bothered by this, though he looks more amused by scaring the crap out of the guy, no matter how he said things.

"Huh? Didn't you watch the broadcast? Geeze, do I have to reexplain everything, I have MINIONS for that. Seriously, you could have just gone to the counter at the bottom there and asked the information lady." Hades rolls his eyes, "There's one more event tonight, you qualify, you get in. If not, then your hope is to find a legendary monster and best it. GOOD luck with that, because Jerkules has pretty much ran them all out of town." he pauses...

"Unless of course, you wana skip all that nonsense and just go right to qualifying." he says, holding up the pass. "With this the old goat has to let you in, no questions asked...proof that you're a hero. However..."

"I scratch your back, you scratch mine."
Evja The mention of minions does get a recognition from Evja. However, he says nothing, at all, and does not move save to cross his arms while the god says his piece. Then the proposition. "Very well then, I shall hear your itch. I would be a fool to turn down a guarantee without at least hearing what you would ask of me."
With the mask on, it might be hard to see the Viera's face, though he does shift finally to hold out his right hand. In the background, Hades could likely see, far behind him, someone having just reached to grab the odd-shaped sword. It vanishes and Evja grabs it out of the air, stabbing it into the ground next to him before crossing his arms again. Which leaves one kid with wet pants and an annoyed father looking at him clinging to him briefly.
"What could the Lord of the Dead possibly desire of a Judge?"
Hades Hades doesn't even acknowledge anything happened.

"Simple. You get the pass now, and...oh lets say, in the future, I'll call in a favor as I see fit. One single favor, no strings attatched. You get the pass, I get a favor in the future...nice and clean." He says, and a contract appears right in the Judges hands. A scroll that can be rolled out, and with the terms of the contract in his native language.

A pen appears in the other hand, "All you have to do is sign."
Evja "I cannot." Comes a simple, and unhesitant response when the pen appears. "By a magic setupon me when I became a Judge, I cannot make an open-ended oath. However, my word is stone, and my oath is a decree. I shall do you any one request, within the laws of where I am at the time of the request, that you desire... so long as you state it before the oath is made. By the same magic, I cannot break my oath, or word, spoken in such a manner."
Evja reaches aside and puts his hand on his sword's hilt, not drawing it so much as one might do when swearing by something. "So long as I am not forced to break the laws of where I am, or tasked to go."
Hades "Are you in or are you out?" Hades says, a bit of annoyance in his tone. He looks increadibly bored, "I got places to be, events to run, souls to guide to the underworld. You takin' the deal or are you takin' the chance that you won't participate?"
Evja "..."
There is a long pause in that before Evja says, "I am unable to accept an agreement with no conditions. It is bound into me by magic. Any condition is enough, but there must be a condition. I understand, however, that in this wager I have no chips to bet. So let me add a chip from my own roll."
Thinking briefly, Evja finally states, I agree... so long as what you ask me to do, when you ask me to do it, does not break the laws of the soil upon which I stand at the time. And I will still compete in this qualifier, pending I am guaranteed admittance, in order to try and disqualify any you wish to see not in your tournament."
Hades Hades pauses for a moment...

"Suuuure. Alright." And then the scroll lists those very SPECIFIC conditions. Again, in his own native language, including the part he just added in himself. "There ya go, sign it and we'll be done."
Evja Taking his right gauntlet off, Evja reveals a strangely feminine hand given the forboding... and male appearance of the armor. Reaching out, he takes the pen in hand and signs the contract, 'Evja, Inactive Adjudicator and Judge of Jylland.' followed by a twirl of the quill, puncturing the palm of his hand just enough to draw blood and returning it to the paper and sealing it with something no magic can claim otherwise.
"Let it be law." he says, and his armor shins briefly, setting the oath to himself. One he cannot break, willingly or otherwise.
Hades The contract immediately, combusts into fire and brimestone, before appearing on Hades' hands.

"Quite the complicated way to say 'yes' but sure. Whatever floats your boat. Anyway, I expect you to uphold your part of the bargin tonight." The pass appears in Evja's hand as promised.

"I'm pullin' for you little shorty...knock 'em dead."
Evja "It is a pleasure doing business with you, Lord Hades." Giving a nod of his head, Evja places the gauntlet back onto his hand, lifts his sword to slip it over his back, then turns to walk towards the entrance to the coliseum proper. Time to register to qualify with a guaranteed entrance into it. Hm... could he actually qualify twice? Well, he would see. Still, it gave him a better chance than others, to his knowledge, of obtaining the World Shard.
Hades With that...

Hades was gone, a bit of pyrotechnics, and brimestone, and nothing was left of Hades.

This scene contained 14 poses. The players who were present were: Hades, Evja