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Theories of a Gargoyle
(2013-01-26 - 2013-02-04)
Faruja and Percival discuss theories related to a certain gargess...
Faruja Senra The sound of wood on stone heralds the arrival of Faruja. After the events of the colliseum, he's not exactly his usual graceful self. Between a slinged arm, and a broken leg, as well as several ribs with fractures in them the rat's in a bad way. Leaning on a crutch as he walks, he makes his way slowly into the Wildkat. Managing a smile despite the lingering pain of his injuries, he warmly greets the proprieter. As usual, he falls prey to the charisma of the very unique owner, the pair chatting a touch before he orders a drink.

One of the workers is kind enough to get it for him, and help him into a seat where he can prop up his busted leg. This level of service...and kindness...are well worth the high prices of the drinks.
Count Valos It is true that the dark one occasionally eats- though hardly on the same frequency that most other organic beings do, for his needs are minimal; he receives most of his nutrition from the minerals in the ground which he can readily absorb upon making contact with terran matter. Nevertheless, as a sort of means of recreation, Gidarch has taken it upon himself to visit one of the nearby cafes to procure some conventional food, which is also nourishing, but that is not his only reason.

He has been tracking Faruja, which is not hard to do for one who can feel the earth beneath his feet, and vibrations therein; each person had a different weight distribution, and thus when they touched the ground, he could feel the pressure, much like most people could visually see one of their friends in the crowd, and recognize said individual by analyzing the way in which the photons reflected off of a person's form. Gidarch also had a knack for hearing auditory cues that were more subtle than what most people could pick up on; all in all, this amounted to a man who could find what he was looking for, or who he was looking for, if they were not half a continent away. Ducking his head ever so slightly to avoid a collision, which would be more damaging to the threshold than the petrified nobleman himself, Count Valos penetrates the doorway and knows immediately where the Burmecian is without the prerequisite of visual confirmation- that's just icing on the cake.

Two birds with one stoned drow, Gidarch will consume some confections while conversing with Faruja, surmising that the Nezumi has no objections to the company of the taller man. "Mister Senra, I believe I have some business to conduct with you, if it would not be a terrible inconvenience...." Obviously, Count Valos convened on Faruja's proximity before addressing the rodent, so that he could use his indoor-voice; sensitive to sounds, the dark one didn't like to contribute to noise-pollution if there was any power vested in him to impact the hand of fate.
Faruja Senra Faruja looks up, having just been given his drink. Sip. Swallow. The Burmecian sticks on a welcoming smile, hand indicating the seat that isn't propping up his leg.

"Ahh, Lord bless Count Valos. Please, by all means. Business you say? What ever can a humble Templar such as myself do for you, good Count?" The ratling inquires, a look of curiousity on his features.

"You fought well during the competition. Tell me, why did you leave? 'Twas...unexpected." His voice isn't accusing, or even disapproving. After all, the rat himself doesn't think much of such competitions. Merely curious as to the man's motives.
Count Valos The Count observes as Faruja 'offers' him a seat, and Valos shakes his head, denoting something that should have been obvious already, "Do you honestly believe that chair can support seven hundred pounds? The moment I sit upon it, complaints will be made about the problems my weight has costed the establishment, and it shall be insisted I go on a diet immediately; the loss of poundage being requested to originate from my munny pouch." He flicks his wrist, "I suppose it is customary to thank you, all the same...."

He pulls out his axe in a slow, controlled motion, and props its posterior-end against the floor, and leans on the instrument for extra support. The floorboards creak a little as he does this, but the sound isn't much different from what was heard while he was strolling through the room. First, he decides to alleviate Faruja's curiosity by admitting his reasons for his 'premature' departure from the contest of recent, "My personal preferences demand a much more orderliness in how events transpire. The fact that the criteria for qualification was amended mid-way was the main cause for my forsaking of the competition. Append to this the contingent that the contestants became unruly and began to turn on each other.... and what we had was analogous to the contents of a three-ring circus condensed into an enclosure equalling the size of a one-ring circus."

With this, the dark one flips his bangs out of his face, to give Faruja an intense stare, displaying the gravity of his feelings towards such charades, which.... coming from a man who doesn't feel that much, is quite a bit, even if it amounts to but a minor frown. "That said.... You performed for me a service by proposing that child stay his hand as far as it pertained to me." With that, he nods to the server who approaches, and Gidarch simply says, "Mineral Water, if you would be so kind.... Orange, if it comes in that variety."
Faruja Senra Faruja merely shrugs. "Quite, quite. Nevermind. Once again, I stand on formality. Or sit, as it were." Sip.

Faruja listens intently, an ear or tail twitching every now and then, subtle cues to his own emotions. Right now, they're mostly pain, mixed with interest. "Then, dear Count, I would suggest not participating in the future. These 'Games' are as lawless and disorderly as they come. Truly, were it not for the prize, 'twould be little reason for myself to participate. Bloodsports are a sinful, horrific past time. This town would be better off without that arena."

The waitress quickly sets about getting Valos' order. Seems the place has just about everything!

The intense stare is met with as impassive a face as the honest and often transparent ratling can give. "I merely spoke the truth as I knew it. From what I could tell, you were merely thrown in my direction by the beast. Hardly something to resort to vengeance over. Nor do you seem the sort to attack a person during a competition."
Count Valos Unconcerned over the minor error of Faruja's regarding the calculations of weight versus stability, now that the matter has been dispensed with, Gidarch moves on to the next issue to be tended to, in spite of being a rather stagnant unit. The Count then listens to Faruja's observation on the validity of the tournaments that are held at the arena, and he scoffs, "Heh. I am far from a prognosticator; knowing ahead of time that every single one of the games is destined for chaos would be an unfair conclusion on my part. Admittedly, my excuse for bearing a role in the tourney was similar to yours.... there was rumored to be some kind of special stone at stake. Nobody gave me extensive data on the object, and as a man who takes some interest in geology, I sought to secure it, and examine it myself."

The dark one shrugs his shoulders a little, then looks off to the side, his attention caught by a passing thought, "....In any case, every enterprise in this world involves risk of either time or energy. My health was scarcely impaired as yours during the test, and my deduction does include the electrical blast I suffered." The Count adorns a mild grin, as if boasting on his own mettle, "I entered the tournament. I found it unsatisfactory. I left. That is all there is to the matter. I exhibited no spectacle over it, Mister Senra; you asked me a question, and I gave a reply. I was not seeking a method by which to rectify my protocols regarding potential misadventures in the future..... But it is transparent to me now that you hold high contempt for this little institution." He raises a brow; questioningly, for this is the second time the Nezumi has denounced the place, with the total of their encounters adding up to a meager three, notwithstanding.

Gidarch reaches the glass of water as it's handed to him, and then he makes a second announcement to the server, "Ribs. The chef may prepare them how he sees fit.... if you do not have ribs, then fetch me something protein-copious, but be certain it has bones." Returning his gaze to Faruja, the dark one proceeds by raising a finger, pointedly, "Regardless of the circumstances whereby you felt compelled to intercede, this does not change the matter that you voluntarily spoke on my behalf.... This classifies you as an ally, and that prepubescent as an adversary, if I were to take an even-handed approach to the situation. I do not like having allies or enemies, so the only way to expunge the attributes defining various persons as such is to repay them in turn." He pauses, and takes a sip of his beverage, "I have a list of media through which I am willing to compensate you, or you can..... try to conceive of a method of your own design, but I can not promise I will accommodate, if the price is too high; my debt is but a petty one."
Faruja Senra The Burmecian shakes his head, smiling in mild amusement. "Nor I. However, after my experience in the first qualifying event...let us simply say that the contest organizer, Hades, is rather fond of chaos it seems. Popular, this little stone, however with good reason. Academic interest in the stone, then? Admittedly, I find myself curious as to its properties. However, using it to restore the lost city of Manhattan is high on my priorities."

A slow nod. "My companions say I oft preach about the place. It 'boils my blood' to use the human expression. Pay no heed, at times my emotions carry along my tongue far too much."

The waitress returns with a burger. It's the best they can do. A really big burger. Faruja peers at it, wondering how anyone could possible eat something that big.

A claws raises. "...I shan't turn down such a generous offer. However, if I may suggest...a sparring match. Test our skills, learn. Good for the both of us. What say you?"

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