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Of (Wo)men and Mice
(2013-01-26 - 2013-01-27)
The Adjudicator Evja meets a recovering Faruja after the events of the Hades' Cup qualifying. They talk Jumping and world shards.
Faruja Senra One Templar Knight Faruja Senra, after his 'fun' time during last night's qualifying, is in a bad way. The Burmecian's sporting more than a few extra bandages today, as well as a splint upon his broken left leg. His right arm rests in a sling, the ratling forced to move with a crutch. Thanks to the paramedics and mages on hand, he'll likely recover in time for the start of the games. Right now, just outside the entrance to the colliseum, he's just trying to get some fresh air.

No armor today, merely dressed in his green robes, nor even carrying a weapon. It wouldn't do him any good right now! Leaning against one of those fancy pillars leading up to the great building, he sighs, wincing from the pain and effort it's required to even get over here.
Evja Entering through the gates comes a figure swathed from head to toe in a deep bluegreen robe. Much like what a White Mage would wear, it completely covers the body, removing any signs of gender and leading to an ambiguity. On their head is a simple enough turban of the same material, one strap of it extended around their face proper, covering anything except their eyes and forehead.
One could assume, however, that given a pair of bunnyears stick out of the top and the general size, it would be a female, and a Viera at that. She wandered into the area, arms crossed at midsection while looking at the various things within the coliseum, particularly the flaming cauldrons and scoreboard. Though seeing what looked like a wounded person eventually led Evja to take a quick leap, one normal Viera wouldn't do considering they don't tend to be of a Dragoons training, and kicked once-more midair before landing near Faruja.

"What has injured you? Those beasts of the shadows?" Her voice was soft, not too feminine, but still hardly deep.
Faruja Senra While certainly not the strangest thing Faruja has seen in the new mash-up of worlds, a leaping Viera White Mage who can Jump while /in the air/ has the rat's attention. Even more so when she lands and speaks. He'd studied enough of other peoples to know that Dragoon Viera are extremely rare, and in some places, nonexistant. Out of habit, the rat makes to offer a bow. His broken ribs immediately protest, causing a squeak of pain. Righting himself, and deciding to simply lean back on the pillar, he settles for a polite nod.

"If only, good..." Pause. Time to roll the gender dice. On heavily weighted at that.

"White Magess. The so-called 'Hades Cup' are not quite so benevolent and safe as was originally advertised." Contempt fills his voice. Oh, how he'd love to just quit this horrible bloodsport. Only the prize keeps him from calling up some Black Mage friends and having them Flare it out of existance.

But, introductions! A hand goes to his chest. "Temple Knight Faruja Senra, of the Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados. Well met, M'Lady, and Lord bless." That single red eye gazes over 'her' curiously, appraisingly.
Evja Well, poor thing was obviously hurt. But in some sporting event, perhaps a match of some kind. A pity, must not be adjudicated. Or perhaps the Adjudication laws do not extend to this place. Upon introduction, however, Evja stands up straight and Faruja gets a simple nod. "Evja, Inactive Adjudicator."
Introductions aside, she still seemed concerned, taking a moment to consider things before saying, "Be still." and reaching her hand out to grab a bag from the air that wasn't there before, searching through the collection of things inside before finally pulling out a clump of grass of some type and offering the dried, preserved leaves to Faruja, "Suck on it. It will dull any pain that lingers, though not rid you of the reminder of your exploits. I am no mage, so I cannot offer to heal you further."
Faruja Senra The title is new to the rat, and is shows by the slight raising of his brow, and curling of the end of his tail. It might look slightly like an upside down question mark.

"An honor. I am afraid my knowledge of your people is...sadly limited. 'Adjudicator'? A lawkeeper of some sort, then?"

At least this bunny's manner isn't aloof and cold. He takes the herbs with a smile. "Ahh, Lord bless the generous soul! You have my thanks." Pop! In goes the herbs, the ratling sucking on them slowly. His entire body, after a few minutes, relaxes.

"'Tis more than enough. Forgive me, the robes and all." Shrug.

"Come to watch the games? Participate, mayhap? Or merely traveling?" Curious thing, this rat.
Evja There was no immediate answer from the Viera, giving the bag a jerk via the ties to cinch it shut before giving it a quick spin and tossing it upwards, letting it vanish from sight back whence it came. It was only after he started to slump a little that she took the chance to respond and, in turn, begin to look around again.
"Inactive Adjudicator... yes, I am a lawkeeper. Or, rather, an observer who makes sure the laws are upheld and I reward those who do such. Bluntly, I am a Clanless Judge, though as it seems you are not from my world... perhaps if I described the position as a custodian of ordered conflict. As to your other question, I actually came to explore my surroundings. I have not actually been to this sector of this world yet, having wandered since the shadows consumed my world some time ago. You spoke of a 'Hades Cup'? What is this you speak of? An artifact?"
Faruja Senra Faruja listens intently, nodding politely at several points. Chew chew. Tiny, sharp teeth dig in.

"My, my, my what a concept. 'Orderly conflict'? Never have I once seen armed combat that is in any way orderly. Mostly controlled chaos, and a competition to see whom makes the least disastrous missteps." A shake of the head. Maybe if this Adjudicator had been in his own world, Burmecian would still be standing.

"At any rate, I suppose I should welcome you to Traverse Town, city of eternal night and crossroads of worlds. Many whom are lost end up here. Very, very useful spot for information." A few traveler's tips to the lawkeeper.

"Merely the name of the competition, ran by a false deity known as Hades. The prize is the world shard of the recently consumed city of Manhattan. It seems when Darkness overtakes a world, or a fragment of one, it is reduced to a shard. One that, in theory at least, can be restored." Quite the prize indeed!
Evja "Indeed." Though the tale that followed, of a shard of a world to be used to restore a consumed world... it sounded too good to be true. Was this what became of her own home? Could it be restored? "And who would restore it should they obtain it? Or, rather, would all who would obtain such restore it?" When Evja asks the question, she turns her cloth-covered visage towards Faruja more, staring at him quite intently.
The false deity comment was ignored in favor of the idea that a world could be restored. "I suppose the more pertinant question is... is it possible for any in the event to actually obtain it? If not, then your earlier question I should now answer with I would compete, yes. And attempt to win."
Faruja Senra The bunny-Judge's question earns a smile from the rat; one of hope, and confidence. "The majority of those competing in the Games are those whom were either inhabitants of Manhattan, or assisted in its doomed defense. There are, of course, a few whom wish to make certain amounts of personal gain from the competition. They are easily dealt with, however." His mind flits back to Shego. Greed is easily bought.

"Yes, so far as I understand it. It shall be a team based competition, post qualifying, I suppose the exact mechanics of whom receives the Shard shall be worked out amongst the winning team. Or, given how this 'Hades' has shown himself to be, mayhap a competition amongst the winning three to decide whom actually gets the thing. I would not put it past him."
Evja "One has to qualify?" Damn. That wasn't expected, but now it makes sense. No point having an entire event full of half-assed competitors. "I do hope there is still time left to qualify, otherwise I will attempt to seek out this Hades and see what can be done about entering. The chance to return someone elses world to them is too great an opportunity to pass. Lest we do not, likely none will do the same for us, hm"
Faruja Senra "Quite! Those whom have yet to succumb to temptation of power offered by those who rule the Abyssal beasts that plague worlds must band together. No world should remain so shrouded in darkness." Self righteous, but the rat seems to believe what he's saying. Evja gets a smile and respectful nod to her sentiments.

"The last qualifying event is this eve. I shall pray for your victory. More souls such as yours are needed in these dark times. And 'stacking the odds' as the humans say is hardly dishonorable given the enormity of what is at stake."

The ratling moves on to other curiousities, though. "You are a Dragon Knight, yes? That was a most curious technique you have. Never have I seen such. Magic?"
Evja "Mmph... something of the sort." The last question is answered first, Evja raising a foot and kicking it hard at the air in front of her, a small whoosh of air platforming out beneath her foot. "Not quite magic, no. A Technique of the Bangaa that I found myself adept at. I am no mage, nor am I meant to be. Many years of training as a Dragoon beneath a Bangaa has left me with their manner of combat, in addition, a few tricks of my own. You seem knowledgable about it. I am curious how you, yourself, know them so well?"
Faruja Senra Faruja watches, looking visibly surprised at the little air-woosh, then staring in fascination at her feet. Truthfully, the rat isn't even sure if he's capable of it. But Faram help him, when he's healed, he's going to try.

"Amazing! The...Bangaa you say." From the look on his face, he has a little trouble imagining such heavy, large beings leaping about. Then, he shrugs.

"Curious. I am a Holy Dragon Knight, by trade. Something of a mixture of a Paladin, Holy Knight, and Dragon Knight. While normally I would love to demonstrate my own techniques, well..." He gestures with his tail to the leg.

"Mayhap we should train together some time, dear Dame Evja, if you would bless this humble Templar with your skill?"
Evja "Perhaps I can offer that courtesy to you. However, at the moment, I have no plans to stay in one place. Perhaps should the time come that I settle, or if I finally obtain a clan to Adjudicate, you are welcome to join and I can train you there." The Viera stretches and looks up at the sky, contemplating things before simply closing her eyes and relaxing. It was peaceful, all considered.
"I find myself just a bit peckish. I should eat something and stretch before the qualifying event. You mentioned it was... tonight?"
Faruja Senra Finally, it all clicks into place. "Are you familiar with Fluorgis? I am not certain if you are of that city's world, but it has quite the large amount of clans. I myself am in...well, an organization that seeks to become a Clan. They are known as the Shard Seekers. If you so desire, speak with Reize Seatlan or Ivo Galvan. They are as much of the 'leaders' of the group as it has, at any rate. Tell them I sent you." The rat counter-offers, smiling. Having their own Adjudicator would be quite useful.

A flick of the tail, and a nod. "Yes, tonight." He pulls out a pocketwatch. "Seven past the noon, I believe. Do not allow me to stall you. Thank you for your herbs. May we meet again, fair Adjudicator! In the Games, preferably."
Evja "Very well then." And with that, Evja leans forward and stands, only to give a simple kick to jump up, then kick against the pillar Faruja was against, launching herself out and over the gates with a second kick of a foot, apparently planning on landing on the other side and going to get something to eat.

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