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(2013-01-24 - 2013-07-19)
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Faruja Senra After his loss in the games, Faruja has smartly continued his training. Strength isn't exactly his forte, and so the ratling is hard at it! Out in the outskirts, in a clearing off the road, the Burmecian is having fisticuffs with gauntleted claws on wood. Whap, scratch, claw! In full armor, he's working up quite the sweat as he pounds away. Lazily, his loyal companion Arista sleeps beside him, tail wrapped around the rat's spear. Hisss, snore. Hisss, snore.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr walks in from beyond Traverse town. The desert garb is still apparent, which is really just a sandy colored cloak wrapped around his dark armor. The massive mace is always held with him, as he wonders from the outside world towards Traverse, and probably Valkyre HQ. A pauses, however, as he hears the nearby sounds of fist on wood, taking a moment to observe the rat and his idea of training.

There is an amused sound, as if made if someone found something /oh so cute/. "And what is that going to do, besides make your fists bloody and worthless. A inanimate opponet only serves to teach novices where to strike, not actually gain any battle knowledge..."
Faruja Senra Twitch. Twitch! Faruja's training abruptly halts, the ratling slowly turning to the sound of a voice. Sniff. Hmm. So familiar...

"I shall have you know, that reinforcement is key! And if you must know, I am doing this to strengthen my limbs for the upcoming..." Pause.

"YOU! Mercenary Angantyr, was it not? Still working at the behest of that abomination?" His single eye narrows, remembering the mercenary as that great demon all too well. The ratling inches towards his spear.

Unhelpfully, Arista snores all the harder.
Angantyr Vespar "When it suits me." Angantyr says simply, "Do you still cower in fear of him, like a child?" Angantyr says antagonistically.

"Reinforcement would come after you learn the basics by hunting opponets worthy. There is a world of Heartless and Monsters out there, and culling their numbers a bit would do the world a service, even in the short term." he pauses, "And do not be a fool, Rat. If I had wanted to ambush you, you wouldn't have even heard me coming, nevermind my direct inquire. If you fear me that much that you need a cruch, however, go ahead and grab your weapon."
Faruja Senra A fist clenches, claws scratching metal. The Templar is so easy to rile up! "Call me what you wish, Mercenary, however I know quite well when, and what, to fear. That you do /not/ fear such a specter of the Abyss is a tribute to how close you skirt that very pit. 'Tis a shame. If I hear it told properly, you have done Lady Avira many a service." Somewhere, amidst all of his distrust of the man, he can't help but respect her for /that/ at least.

"Take care to not drown her."

"...Fair enough point." Blame Hati, but the rat's at least willing to give up a point when it's thrown at him.

The Templar finds himself stopping his inching towards his spear. "My deepest apologies if I am a touch paranoid. I do seem to recall you attempting to consume my friends in your bestial form."
Angantyr Vespar "I owe the man my life. If not for his tutilage in the darkness, I'd have already consumed myself or worse. It is he who showed me how to master it. It is under his tutilage that I have learned to keep it in check as well. It is mine to command, instead of the reverse." He continues, with an annoyed sound.

"You give Avira too little credit, if you think I am capable of that. She's already stood up to the darkness inside me, twice. Twice she has won. And quite frankly? She need not protection from you, not now, not ever. I guage her skill and power far beyond what you can ever hope to obtain." Angantyr grunts. "Besides I have known her far longer than you."

"As for the temple...I am also the one that provided Reize and his little friends answers. Seriously, that boy is dense as hell. Reguardless, I was hired to defend the place, at the time I was infected with something thanks to LEXUS. As you see now, that is no longer the case, and I am certainly not moving to eat you."

"Besides, I'm afraid I might catch a disease."
Faruja Senra Faruja's jaw sets, teeth showing. "Then it shall be he whom consumes you. He is a devil made flesh! For your own damn off your debt, and leave. If I convince you to do naught else, but turn your skills to something better than that demon! It shall be all the better for everyone."

Snort. "...Then she respects you more than I realize. The girl is strong. Very strong. Mayhap you are correct, I cannot say. But be damned sure I shall try." Irritation turns inwards as he looks down to his own claws.

"For all of my training, 'tis never enough."

Ignoring the insult to Reize, the rat zeroes in on the point at hand. "Fine, then. Why /are/ you here? Mere ill luck on my part?"

Squeak! A claw slashes the air warningly. "I am quite tidy and free of illness, thank you, Ser."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs, "I am surprised you are not trying to get me to swear off the darkness again too while you are at it." Angantyr shakes his head.

"And it will never be enough, there is always something to learn, some new obstacle to overcome. There will always be someone stronger and better than you out there." Angantyr comments, "Of course, I guess that makes the challenge worth it in the end."

"Ill luck, I was on my way back to my new home. Things went south in Rabanastre after an incident happened with Avira and the Arcadians...and then I got involved. Incidently, a personal matter sprung up during the incident..." he shrugs, "and so you say, rat, so you say. Though to hear the things the Alexandrian's say..." he leaves it open.
Faruja Senra "You have made your feelings on the matter quite clear. I do so try to work on that which can be changed. However, it seems you stubbornly refuse to see sense, once more. A pity, but hardly surprising." The rat tilts his head. One rat can only do so much.

Ear-tilt. At least he seems to be listening, somewhat. "I hardly took you for a battlefield philosopher, mercenary. Mayhap there is more to you than coin and rebellion after all."

The rat finds himself rubbing the back of his head. "Mmm. The rumors were true, then. At least she is no longer in danger."

The mere name of Alexandria is enough to get the rat's fur up. "Those pack of murdering, lying, filthy Heretics and witches are not to be trusted! They would swallow this world in darkness, just as they did my home!" Pause.

"...And why /ever/ are you talking with Alexandrians?"
Angantyr Vespar "Look, Faruja. Seriously." Angantyr says, a bit annoyed, and regretting he mentioned it. "I can not be healed of the Darkness. I can not stop using it. Let my put this as simple terms as I possibly can. I am /litterally/ incapable of not using darkness. It is intertwined into the very nature of who I am, and you can thank my anchient ancestors for that bullcrap. They wanted to be paladins, so they threw up their sons and grandsons, and decendents on the altar, so that everyone else in their line could be fused with the light. I am a Dark Knight by birth, not by choice. The darkness in my body is natural, but as someone said...the brightest light casts the deepest shadow. So take that as you will." He finishes.

"And yes, the rumors are true." he pauses... "I see, we have a common dislike of overpowering militaristic <GOOSEHONK>s." Angantyr says, "You with Alexandria and myself with Arcadia. The Arcadians are responsible for the destruction of my homeland. Am I to guess that you have a similar experience with Alexandria? Rumor has it that they were expansionalist before they merged with the other worlds." Angantyr says, "And I talk with them because..." He gasps, "/I am a mercinary/! Imagine that. They have need of a sell sword from time to time! Anyway...they didn't have anything I was interested in. I don't feel like taking extended contracts...especially when I might have to break them."
Faruja Senra Faruja's muzzle opens, then swiftly shuts at Angantyr's explaination. For a good long minute, the talkative, loud, and at times obnoxious Templar is silent. It may be music to Angantyr's ears. He has to lean on Arista for support, the enormity of such Heresy striking him hard.

"You were not being...I..." Pause. Deep breath.

"A paladin does not sacrifice their kin." The thought of using one's entire descendants for power is incomprehensible for the rat who's still reeling from losing his own family.

Faruja's given up trying to stand, sitting down on Arista's flank. He deftly ducks a tail-swat from behind. "Quite. They called upon Heartless, and their own mage-demons. Set them upon my country, killing soldier, civilian, friend, family, adversary alike without a hint of regret. Truly, Baron and Alexandria make good bedfellows. I know little of Arcadia's past, however, I will say this. They certainly greet my nose much the same as Alexandria."

Angantyr's explaination seems to mollify the rat somewhat. "Alright, I should have seen that coming. Do be careful to not be dragged into the abyss along with...pardon?" The rat glances around. They're definitely alone.

"Do ignore me. 'Tis truly unfortunate, that the Church remains so...passive at times. No doubt due to greater wisdom than I possess, however..." Ahem.

"For a user of darkness, you have honor. I respect that. Should the time arise, I may have need of your blade towards certain endeavors." No doubt aimed in Alexandria's general direction.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses at his words.. 'A paladin does not sacrifce their kin'.

Angantyr just is a bitter laugh, but a laugh none-the-less. "Ha ha...Paladins not sacrificing. Oh man. And here I thought you didn't have a sense of humor." Angantyr says, a touch of the bitterness in his voice.

"Reguardless, what I am and what has forged me is no more than what you speak of...on multiple occasions the light has spurned me, much in the way you have when we first met. Fear, perhaps, or something else...whatever it is, I will not make any appolgies for who I am."

"The church being passive? Parish the thought. They do not want to get involve in a war between powers...not when it would benifit them." Angantyr says, a bit...evenly, "Reguardless of their statement, they are still a power that desires control over the worlds, and to that end they will do what they can to do so...and they are lacking the military force to do so overtly...for now."

Angatyr continues on, "...A few moments ago you were of the opnion that I should forsake the darkness, now you speak of using it against your enemies. Not that I dislike being paid, but it's awfully hypocritical." he observes. "You will find I am all full of suprises."
Faruja Senra Glare! Faruja reaches for his spear...then stops. No. He's not going to prove Angantyr /right/. His soul rages, and the rat claws the ground with his feet.

"Ahem! Nay, I suppose you need not apologize for that which is not under your control."

Right in the heart. Angantyr neatly prods at his dreams unknowingly. Unity, faith, and light, a bulwark against the Heartless and the Dark.

"Feh. You speak nonsense." A shake of the head. Jerk. Stop being right!

Hmph. The rat tilts his head upwards, in a manner that would be looking down his nose at Angantyr...if he wasn't so darn short. "I am entirely capable of reassessing my opinions. Particularly given your circumstances. Besides, priorities. I am willing to put aside my personal feelings for the good of my people."
Angantyr Vespar "It is my job to read my opponets well. Mercinaries don't live long if they only collect money from the highest payer...sometimes you gota learn to look deeper, and know when to throw in with the right side...or at least known when to cut your losses and run. Understanding what you will be facing...and what could happen in a region are important things to have. Strategy benfits all who are willingly to listen." Angantyr says, turning away from Faruja as he turns. "Anyway, I spent too long here chatting. If you have the money, and have a target for me...then we can talk buisness. For now, I am going to continue on with my evening."

"Just...a note. Darkness is not unnatrual, no more so than Light. Both are capable of great good, or great ill. In the end, it is all in the heart of the user." And with that Angantyr starts walking.
Faruja Senra Angantyr is far too keen for Faruja's liking. It makes him dangerous...and useful. Sigh. "..Hanging around Inquisition too long." He mutters to himself.

The ratling takes in Angantyr's advice, ears perked. He at least knows good knowledge when he gets it.

"Mmm. Understand the terrain, your opponent, and the strength of your own forces. Understood." A pause. He /almost/ salutes the man.

"Well, hardly let me hold you up. Do not die, please. You...are interesting. And try to not drag Lady Avira into any more trouble. Lord knows she does that enough."

Slowly, the rat smiles. His head turns to the sky. A certain wolfess lingers in his mind. "...A truth, Ser Angantyr, that I am slowly learning."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr had come into the city a day ago, but with his run into with Judge Bunny trying to take Sora's keyblade, and the subsiquent fight that errupted because A) Evja is a dumb<GOOSEHONK> and B) A Judge, left the Rabbit eating sand, and Ang needing some medical attention. Angantyr finally, however, was back on his feet at full capasity, and has been following Leida for a little more time. For someone in dark armor and large as Ang, he's fairly good about using shadows to conseal himself. But lets see if Leida was too self absorbed to notice..

Angantyr finally breaks from his watch point, drawing a wooden sword which causes some people to initially start scattering...then realizing it was only a wooden sword...then realizing it was ANGANTYR with a wooden sword. He approaches Leida, standing over her with the weapon drawn, and if she doesn't turn around, it lightly (though light for Ang is enough to leave a bump) moves to tap her on the top of the head.

Angantyr, luckily, was not Garland Leida. He would have struck to kill.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr gets a face full of water, he wasn't terrible worried by this. Instead of reacting, he instead takes a moment to wipe his face and drink a bit of the water that flows over his smooth face. Water was /delicious/, especially out here in the desert. Slowly he looks towards Leida, who is already moving, avoiding the blade and he raises an eyebrow. "Now when did the little Princess start getting some spine?" he asks, curiously. The look does not escape him, the blade coming down and around again as he points it back towards her. Well, wooden blade. Yeah, scary.

"So what has happened to you lately, not already starting to fall to the darkness in you? While I think the reaction is a good step..." he looks at her, trying to sense out the darkness for a moment, "You have to be vigilant against it." he comments as the blade is held even. "Good improv though, I'm impressed...but well, I would have moved for the sand. It would have blinded me." he says, with a grin.

The blade swings out in a few more swipes, aiming to test her defenses and put her on the defenses.
Angantyr Vespar "It's almost like I never lived in a destert for years or anything." Angantyr says, just as sarcastically back to his student. He notices the change in demeanor...and while he can appreciate the backbone...

The attitude is not something he likes. He moves in this time, stronger, the blade no longer probing, but instead attempting to strike the blade HARD. Not enough to crack the wood, though he certain could if he wanted too. The point was to try and force the blade from her hand. Today's lesson, apparently, was going to be about control...though he was expecting it to be about willpower. BOY, was this surprising.

"People who have no choice, or born here. I would imagine that where you want to go is bad for them." he says, as he finishes the strike.

"So what brought this on? Your change, your sudden haughtyness."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr smirks a alittle.

He kicks the sword back to her, allowing her to pick it up...or seemingly so.

"There is a fine line between having a spine and being haughty. Having delt with royalty in the past..." Angantyr shrugs. "Looking down on others and how they live is a first step. However, I won't say that some people you hang with don't deserve it." Angantyr says with a slightly bigger grin. He waits, as she moves to pick up the sword, he comes in, aiming to aim to bonk the sword against the back of her head. This time, lightly...assuming she falls for it.

"Our lesson today is going to be about control and vigilence. It is not enough to know what is there...but to understand how it can strike at you. Darkness is a foe that does not fight straight if it does not have to. It will fight with any advantage it can take...even if it has the advantage. It will try to make it's power absolute...because why crush your opponet when it can crush it completely."

"Ever heard the phrase Good looses, because Good is dumb? Darkness often looses because it is arrogant. Learn the weakness...learn to anticipate it, and you'll be able to bend it to your will, and not have it make you think you are."
Angantyr Vespar "It comes with time." Angantyr says, a bit more seriously. He doesn't regret his actions, she needs to grow, and sometimes a bit of pain will help this along...again, he wasn't his master. Oh boy, he sure wasn't. "You have to always watch, screwtanize everything." he says, with a sigh, "There is a balance, in it that you can only learn...that I can never teach, because it is not the same for everyone, nor is everyone's darkness the same. But you have to watch, you have to listen...understand the darkness in yourself, know it...know it's tricks...the better you know it, the better you can shield your light form it."

"That is what I failed to mention too. Light and darkness, there is both in everything, even us." he points that sword at her heart, "That is all there is of yourself. It is the most precious thing you have, more than anything else. You need to master it, as well as the darkness. But that...that is something I can not teach. I will be honest, even I am learning to do that."

This time, he lets her compose herself, and the sword is back up.

"This training really isn't about sword play. It's a metaphor, I am teaching you in a way you can understand physical. You need a reference, to understand the next step. You will need to learn how to control your own mind, to make the battleground you can control. But for right now, learning this will help you focus. Watch for the unexpected, Leida." he says, and as he says that, he moves forward, aiming to take her next strike, and this time aims to grab her by the front of the shirt. "Sometimes darkness gets desperate when pushed too far. It'll try anything and everything to get at you." he says, attempting to use his strength and leverage to push her back, right into the water.
Angantyr Vespar "Would you rather I just thrown you into the ground like a sack of potatoes?" Angantyr counters. "There are a number of things I could have done from where I was, I chose the one that would bestow humility into my young charge, instead of breaking all of the bones in her body."

" looked a little hot, Leida. I was thinking you needed a dip to cool off and keep your head." Angantyr says, with a grin, and then he starts laughing. "Like a cat, you look like right now..." he laughs again, He says and offers a hand out of the basin. Angantyr looks infinately amused by this whole situation, showing that there was a little kindness in the dark knight. "And yes, it is a life that can by lonely, Leida. I won't lie to you...but I have to ask, is it lonelier than what you were before? I can only give you the tools, what you do with them is up to you. Can you find a way better than I have carved? Please, show me wrong."
Angantyr Vespar "People fear what they do not understand, Leida. People sometimes hate what they fear. You can hate them, for being afraid of you...or you can show strength and greater character by shrugging it off and accepting that you're showing signs of what they fear. Scorn them not, but instead power on through their fears. Show them that you are still the person you were...or perhaps a different person who is...still a person." Angantyr says.

t"Hating them is the trap of darkness. It too is how it lures you tells you want you want to hear, that it's THEIR fault, not yours. Maybe it isn't your fault, but it IS what you look like what puts fear into their hearts. People are creatures of light, we are not. You have to understand that." he continues, "It's a fine line to walk."

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