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(2013-01-24 - 2013-01-28)
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Zeke Hey surprisingly been a quiet week for Ezekiel Fawkes. Trouble is 'quiet' also extended to having no jobs and a crew with no work was a restless crew. While most of them he trusted would stay out of trouble Zeke knew a few would end up having to get bailed out of whatever lockup they got in when he found work, which is what he was trying to do now. After all everyone needed things to go somewehre, or failing that his crew knew how to fish, could do a little salvage work if they had a few specialists on hand, but he really hoped for a simple 'get thing from A to B' That would do quite nicely.
Deelel Deelel is just a bit aimless she's managed to get a slot for the next part of the hades cup, but her teamates have not done so yet she's likely going to have to help them when it comes down to it but the strange woman is just drifitng about the district almost aimless prehaps seeking a new place to paint something new. no Basic had ever knowingly done art of the sun, and that thought played about her mind.
Zeke Well. What have we here? That lady with the curious tatoos looking hither and Yon? Zeke was a man of the sea. Unlike what some might think this meant having to spider one's way up the rigging now and again even if you were ship's master. This translated to him managing to out-parkour a lot of veterines and following Deelel wasn't all that hard. Not now that he'd set his mind to finding her. After a time though he whistled. "Something going on lass you wouldn't mind an audiance for?" Cheery voice. Smile. His coat looked freshly mended, or possibly replaced. No... that was the same coat. It just had a better patch job done.
Deelel Deelel pauses as the strange user she keeps encounteing in town from time to time has appeared once more. She realises she's being followed and looks at tghe man for a moment "Oh I was just looking thinking, pondering what I should paint. What brings you this way?"
Zeke Zeke looked from Deelel to where they were standing and shrugged. "Hrm. Paint?" He thought of a few things he'd seen here and there that brought to mind those strange tatoos. "So... DLL I presume?"
Deelel Deelel says "Yes paint, humm saw the painting I did on the building id you saw the tag. I am deelel yes, so what has your intrest I'm curious."
Zeke Zeke handwobbled. " I've seen all manner of strange and unusual even before the worlds got all smashed together. Your art is good. I do not know what it is. A place. A fever dream... I would've written it off as madness til now but." He looked Deelel over carefully. "Home I take it?"
Deelel Deelel says "It is a place it is my home yes." She grins a little bit "Strange things in strange lands. Balls of fire in the sky, worls of chaos." She nots tiling her head a little bit. "It's what I was made to do, honestly, if I wasn't good at it I'd be worried."
Zeke Zeke quirked an eyebrow. "Made? I... apologize miss." His head tilted this way then that as he considered the mural depicting a world of light and strange geometric shapes. "I... What is your home? It's creed, people... If it is anything like what your mural depicts it is an alien place I would feel ill at ease in."
Deelel Deelel says "Yes made." she shugs not bothered bty this fact in the slightest at all. "My home it's known as Encom server. It's people are like me eceryone made for a purpose." she tilts her head for a moment "unlike this place where chaos seems to have much more rule here."
Zeke Zeke seemed to lapse into thought over this revelation and when he spoke it was more thinking outloud than intentional convrosation. "A world so close to that of it's Creator that everything and everyone therein has a purpose and is bound by it." This thought caused him to frown. "A world newly touched by God then?"
Deelel Deelel says "A world older than me at the very least I'd been too busy to look too deeply as for always touched bout our creators." she tilts her head her voice does have this /odd/ warble to it, it's not natural really. "I heard og the concept it somehow makes sense the ones who made us were made by someone else."
Zeke Zeke hmmed. "A pleasent mystery I suspect, or at least hope." Very least it /HAS to have some sort of pleasing aspect as the merger of worlds cannot be all terrible. "At least unless the answer is already known and I do not have an ear to hear it." A shrug then. "Painter. Artisan?" He fished out a coin purse and tossed it at Deelel. "For your trouble. We need more beuty spread around." That was enough for him to live comfortably off of for a week. Money he shouldn't be throwing around. However that really was interesting art depicting a world so unlike his it.... would enter his mind as he lay awake at night.
Deelel Deelel says "The only mysteruy to me is the nature of my user, I encounted others." She tilts her head "It may be a bit beyond you. I have found those from worlds lacking a certain level of technology understanding find my existance hard to understand if at all. No insult intended. Painter? You could say that ... there's no need. This is what I was made for, I enjoy it." Still she looks down at the coin, there were supplies she'd need. She nods "WAit I understand thank you sorry somethings are still strange to me.
Zeke Zeke waved a hand dismissivly about technology. "None taken lass. None at all. I find some concepts best handled by others. Hard enough to deal with moterized shipping and advances in medicine, food, and such. These... Computers." There was a tone that suggested bafflement at the word. "They confuse me more than I like since the idea of having whole libraries of information at a desk would be a fine thing."
Deelel Deelel says "Interesting you have a appicationf or what many take for granted and have seeminly no intrest in the weapons that your spcies can develop. We are not blamless for our own actions but. The concept of an Libary as you know it is ... strange to me. Not being able to carry that much data on you if needed is honestly strange."
Zeke Zeke pulled at a gun dangling from a line tied 'round his neck. "I've an appreciation for weapons lass." He held it by the barrel and was careful not to appear overly hostile when showing it off. He's seen what that disc frisbee saw thing do and would rather prefer not to have it aimed at his head. "These tend to be good enough for my needs. Granted Ive an appreciation for some of the other more... modern... pieces, but this is what I know." He let the gun drop back to his chest. "Information? That I value more than any way of killing men. Can always get further exploring and learning than you can just by murdering the problem."
Deelel Deelel looks at the weapon for a moment curious about it. "Humm a very early firearm I think? User weapons are not my area of skill even remotely." She nods a bit "If you know how to fight with thsoe best to go with your skills and yes, your right. If you wish such a unit that could carry information I could help you get a simple storage unit."
Zeke Zeke shook his head slow. "It isn't a matter of want lass it's a matter of learning how to use and hope it's not some fool box that'll break easy. I've seen these computer gizmos. They break far too fast and don't last long in rough weather. Jerry tried bringing a.... Laptop I believe it was called on ship when he signed up." Sad shake of his head was the captain's thoughts on /that/ attempt at modernizing.

"So until the question of ruggedness can be answered proper I'd have t'pass I'm afraid."
Deelel Deelel says "There are models that are rugged I could be willing to helo teach you if you like. It was merely an offer to help someone seeking to keep inforamtion alive. Parts have been hard to come by since the fall of Manhattan only easy access is to Shinra Produced hardware I have found."
Zeke Zeke frowned at this revelation. "I've little love for Shinra, but I'd be willin' o see what wares they have. It isn't like I'd be selli m'soul to 'em as balance." There was a hint of humor in his face. Granted the inquisition thought his soul /WAS/ theirs and he was trying to untangle himself from their grip but one works with givens and tries hard to not lament the rest. Everything else brings pain if you try to think too hard on the matter.
Deelel Deelel says "Then your fornatel things have made me make an arragment with them over certain things. They perfer mummy really. It's strange it has it's uses, even wher I'm from but the obession with ... it in this world is disturbing and alien to me. It has no value of it self. Raw materials, information? Finished items those have value. You can't build with it, you can't even use it for fuel."
Zeke Zeke noded slowly. "It's mroe a representation of either miniral wealth or of a person's other assets. Shorthand really so you don't always have to trade a block of salt for bags of grain." There was a lame shrug as he pulled a whiskey flask from his coat. "Granted I make it my business in tradegoods, so I've often taken... interesting payments for stores of goods that are just cluttering my hold and the original buyer not wanting, but money itself has uses... even above and beyond what you can do with the metal it's made from."
Deelel Deelel says "By the time of the creation of my world? Metal was on the way out it's only used for small change in Manhattan or was." She seems to be enjoying the converstion for the moment "So a merchantile captain humm, interesting. Do you operate out of this city or are just here on leave?"
Zeke Zeke shook his head. "Typically Luca miss, and I would love to operate out of here but the portals... theyre too small for m'ship to travel through so we manhaul things in and out. Traverse being a travel hub makes for good opprotunities all 'round." Indeed it's how he got most of his crew. Offered good health benefits and a fair wage. Didn't hurt that most other worlds they came from seemed to value gold as much as England does. "I might want to take you sailing sometime mayhap. See how the open sea agrees with your sense of balance."
Deelel Deelel says "To technophobic for my tastes to be honest. Still a large port I see why you make use of it. It is a good hub for trade and information." She pauses looking at him. "Wait ... what... sea? As in water?! Are you glitched?!"
Zeke Zeke laughed soft. "Wha'ts the matter lass, canna swim? It's not hard, and even if not it's not like y'can't be fished out b'fore y'drown." What. Someone /AFRAID/ of water just hadn't entered into his thought processes. Zeke loved the ocean. Swam in it often. Sure the seas could get rough and if you were in salt water needed to scrub it off before it Did Things to you but eh. It was what he considered natural.
Deelel Deelel views water like a human would molten magma or powerful acid. Don't touch, don't touch, see before do not not touch.

"No I can not and why would I learn to, the sea of simulation is one of the most lethal places on my home world. You will be killed if you touch it."
Zeke Zeke blinked. "The... Water kills you in your home world?"

Error! Error! Does not compute! DOES NOT COMPU_ This application has crashed. Press any key to continue.

Zeke stood there staring slack jawed. The mere /concept/ of water that was lethal and non-swimmable made his brain break. Thank you Deelel.
Deelel Deelel says "Yes, it is lethal to an unprotected person." She looks at Zeke for a moment as he seems to be blue screneing. "Are you all right... I didn't think you could blue screen." She sets a hand on the man's shoulder and starts looking very concerned.
Zeke Zeke twitched at Deelel's touch then blinked slow mutering low. "What kind of sick deseased mind would /DO/ that to someone."

Then with a loud grunt he smiled warmly. "Well needless to say /THAT'S/ a first for me... and thankfully other than a bad case of drownd. Y'know accidentilly inhaling water instead of air, y'can get along just fine in the stuff. Take baths with it, cook. Drink it if you make sure it's boiled first. Though if it's salt water y'hav to do a bit of work to make it drinkable otherwise drinking dries you out. One of life's little cruel jokes. Water Water everywhere and it all can make you thirsty if you drink."
Deelel Deelel says "That is the way the grid works. It's like questioning the sun giving off light on most worlds." She seems rather suprised about things she had been miss understandin the stuff coming out of the taps etc was /energy/ and not water. SO she's rather suprised.
Zeke Zeke frowned. "So... guess this is what happens when people end up getting big enough breeches to try making a new world. They end up doing things so different you kinda can't just go from one to the otherwithout having to learn a few new things." This made him unhappy sounding. "So... Your User huh.... Why do you speak of us like we're Gods of some sort? I don't care what technology is made, or what your purpose in life is.... Humans... Are Not. Gods. I'd say if anything we just found your world and exploited the hell out of it. Much like every other time we've run on a native population."

Bitter? NAW. Just because he thought slavery was an evil thing and the subjegation of native peoples 'for their own good and enlightenment' made him ill didn't mean he was bitter.
Deelel Deelel says "I do not think most of our users are fully aware of our existance." She shrugs for a moment and she looks at Zeke "Becsue your kind direcly coded us. There was nothing before you started creating your computers." She shakes her head a little bit looking at Zeke find ing it somewhat hard to stand she understood the concept of freedom but also she aws made for a purpose. MCP wasn't letting basics do what they were made for or wanted to do after all.
Zeke Zeke shook his head. "There was nothing til people started.... coding?" It didn't click. Not enough knowledge for it to sink in that people litterally had made the basics. "This MCP? What is he... it... Something like yourself" NO that couldn't be right. If he was disrupting the 'natural' order. "Some agent of these heartless then?"
Deelel Deelel says "Yes they coded every one of us." She sighs a little frustated but as he brings up the MCP "The Master Control Program. They were once, they are something esle now and honestly no. We had problems long before the heartless."
Zeke "Some Imperialistic <goosehonk> that wants to be King of Everything and make you bow and Dance to its whims then?" Xeke didn't sound happy. He hoped he was wrong. "Some would-be God-King?"
Deelel Deelel says "Not quite he really is a god-king as you'd see it. He's aware of this world." She doesn't say more for nore. "I am easy enough to find i'm often here the cafe is a regular hang out of mine. I'm afraid I have to depart Zeke, i have matters I have to tend to." Also she's sure she saw someone from Datapoint Security...and that makes her edgy
Zeke Zeke nodded. "If you've need seek out myself or the werewolf lady answers to Miri... or just ask after the crew of the CSAH Reliant. If you've need of help we're at your disposal." She's from a world being opressed and she's fought side by side with him against darker threats. That in his mind earned her whatever aid he could give.
Deelel Deelel says "Werewolf? I do not think I shall ask, I will keep such things in mind." With that she'll gives Zeke a nod and is on her way.

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