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Hades Cup: Qualifying Event - THE RACE
(2013-01-23 - 2013-01-23)
The first qualifying event of the Hades Cup Tournament, in which the Junior Heros race each other to get qualified in the Hades Cup Tournament!
Hades Welcome to...


Cameras wielded by spectral camera men hover around the Arena, waiting and ready to get all the very important details of the foot race. The Arena has been modified, a large track built around the main arena area, long enough to accommodate every number of would be hero.

Various people already line up, ready for their shot at qualifying...but in this event, a lot of big names are showing up. In fact, it's a wonder how this arena somehow got /larger/ for this event...

Somewhere Hercules, flexes.

"Laaaaaaadies and gentlemen!" a figure says, appearing in a puff of brimstone in the center of the Arena! "Welcome to the first qualifying event of the HADES CUP, the foot race! Now I know you have a lot of questions about the rules."

Hades smiles, letting people get the joke and laugh, "Ha ha I kill me! Anyway, Everyone get up to the line, and get ready to RUN!"

He pauses, "Oh, as a note, it's not against the rules...if you were to, I don't know, HINDER your opponents. After all, you'll be fighting with WEAPONS in the arena, so if you can't handle the heat.."

Hades points to the exit.
Avira Avira is HERE. Of course Avira is here, given the stakes of this whole Hades Cup. In spite of that, she nonetheless seems pretty excited by this whole thing.

There were cameras. That meant good press! Assuming she did well. For the purpose of this race, Avira's actually gone through the motions of removing as much excess equipment as possible. Her breastplate and hip "armors" have been removed. Her buckler shield (so rarely used!) and her Spine are still on her person. As she taps her toes to the ground, she looks around.

"This place looks bigger." she comments, confused. Every now and then she pauses to give Hades suspicious look.
Faruja Senra Faruja finds himself unusually nervous. He was never one for the limelight. Attention was never what he wanted. And yet, here he is, one of the stars of a footrace that may just lead to him or his friends obtaining the world shard of Manhattan. Notably, as he awaits the event to start in the mysteriously larger arena, he's bowed and praying. Faram grant him speed.

One ear perks. While he's forgone his armor in favor of being able to run unrestricted, wearing a tank top and black running pants, the Burmecian /has/ kept his spear given the rules. Nor is he necessarily against using it if it kept the Shard outside of the hands of certain persons.

Finally, he turns, looking away from the not-God Hades to his fellow competitors. Mmm.

"Mayhap the weapon was unnecessary." He muses, knowing quite a few of those participating!

"May the Lord grant victory to he...or she whom deserves it most." The other competitors get a bow from the Templar.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has been in the coliseum before, but not as a participant... although she did fight in it, different reason back then anyway. She hmms as she looks around. The place has changed for the race, indeed. She notices the other participants. Well, qualification event, might as well give it a shot anyway. She's pretty fast, she might do well. She moves over to the starting line along with the others. She doesn't have weapons, only her fists. Might not have any advantage on the reach, but can still do well if smart.
Reize Seatlan Mini Game time!

What type of adventurer would not be likely to join in the mini-games?! That is almost like abandonin SIDE QUESTS! That is something that Reize would not do at all! Abandoning side quests and minigames is breaking the Knight's Vow #72.

Nevertheless, Reize is getting lined up to qualify in the race.

It is the foot race! So, Reize is moving over towards to race line, "Alright! It's been a while since I've done a foot race!" He stretches both arms into the air, humming.
"Ooooiii, Faruja, Tifa!" The boy brightens, "Let's have a great race!"

The Dennous have largely piled themselves into the stands. All, in fact, except for four. Because they think and indeed are pretty sure that having multiple yous in a race is basically tantamount to cheating. Frankly, just being present to watch could be considered 'cheating'. Ami Dennou is wearing a pink top and black running shorts, sneakers. She is stretching out on the field. She's the fastest pure runner out of the Dennous--Umi might be more energetic and a better brawler, but Ami has the highest base speed. They are pretty excited about this race, in fact, because they've never been in a proper race before. And they might get a cup! And perhaps most importantly, maybe they'll be able to get that shard for the TDA...and help save their home, just like they helped save the Dennous.

" to be expected..?" She glances over to Faruja, waving over to him shyly, before turning her gaze to Avira, who gets a small smile as well.

The other Legions--indeed all of them--are in the stands. They have settled near Maira and, in fact, basically surround her.

"Hello friend, The Network ensures there is no escape." Emi says, smiling at her.
Deelel Deelel is ready for ther ace, she knows games, while weapons are premitted thes are not intended to be leathal and the basic is going to have a field day with that little fact. She grins over at Faruja and says "Let's see how much game you got today Faruja hummm?" She seems to be focued and ready as she prepares for a crazy battle race.
Maira In the midst of her wild cheering (mostly for Avira, but also for Faruja, Mercade, Tifa, Emi, Etc.) she is surrounded by the other Legion-types. Well, alright! "Hello! Here I have extra pompoms! You wave them around and jump a lot and say encouraging things! The jumping a lot is especially important I'm told."

...Probably by Ivo.
Aerith Aerith sighed as she entered the arena, wondering how she'd gotten here in the first place. No, wait... she was more than understanding of how. What she didn't understand was why. Why had she come here? Boredom? Curiosity? Maybe there was some sort or prize a the end? Whatever the reason, she was here, and she had her best smile on.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis Trepe has never been here before, but she's heard stories. She has on an athletic uniform of tight, form fitting shorts and a slightly looser shirt, and is foregoing, for now, the glasses. She DOES have her whip at her side, because it's dangerous to come unprepared.

She reaches up to adjust her glasses, saying as her hand raises (and largely to herself), "We'll see what's behind these so called 'games'..." Then her hand kind of hovers, and then she realizes, perhaps, that she has no glasses on, and simply frowns.

Mercade is here! If competing for the Manhattan World Shard is what he's got to do, he's going to do it. Mercade is hanging out with Avira, and grinning as he gives her a highfive. "We're going to make this happen, Avira. This is going to be awesome."

He does some leg stretches, but he's pretty limber in general, so he should be in good shape. The Detective looks over the 'competition' and smiles. The field is looking pretty solid today. He's got a good feeling. "All right everyone! Let's make this a good race!" He lines up at the line at his spot. He smiles pleasantly at Hades, wondering how many of the people here are actually going to try to compete in that way. SUPER FRIENDSHIP POWER might just defeat Hades' quest for ratings!
Lenn Lenn is in the stands, having made a little banner with the Shard Seekers' logo on it. She smiles. "Go, Reize!"
Aerith Right, so it's a race. And a race that involved beating people up. Well, whatever.

She figured the first thing she'd do was interrupt whoever was closest, and sadly that was Mercade. She gave him a quick, apologetic glance before poking him in the side of his head with her staff in an attempt to disorient him just for a bit. Pokie.
Faruja Senra Faruja glances to the crowd, spying a certain Fire Magess in the audience surrounded by several Ladies Dennou. Faram bless that woman, she's cheering...well, for practically everyone. And it makes him want to hug her for it all the more. Really, given the lineup, the odds are almost utterly stacked in favor of 'the Templar knows these folks'. He finds himself cheering his competition inwardly, before he snaps out of it.

"Mmm, how confident Lady Deel! I shall be most interested to see how you perform. Let us not lose, hmm?" Faruja responds to Deel, competitive adrenaline starting to pump through him.

The little wave from Ami is returned with a similar, if awkward one. He's not good at human greetings!

"Indeed, M'Lady Ami! However, as Ser Alexander states, let us race honorably! There is no victory without honor!"

And, the race is on! Faruja finds himself considering abusing his Dragoon training, but tosses away the thought neatly. It's a footrace, not a long jump! Even without it, now devoid of his armor, Faruja is /very/ fast like many of his kind, powerful legs propelling him forward as his ponytail whips behind him.
Mercade Alexander As soon as the signal is given, Mercade sets off in a bolting run. He COULD work to sabotage the others, but he doesn't seem to be going for his gun or anything yet. He's keeping it clean for now!


Like just now, when Aerith forces him to stumble with a prod of her staff! "Hey!" Mercade says, and tries to get some distance from her. HE doesn't respond immediately...
Reize Seatlan Looking up, Reize tilts his head over to see his fiancee cheering him on. He can see the Shard Seeker banner, the flush on his face forming. "Eh heh heh heh... Ooiiiii! Lenn!" The boy waves a hand towards her.

Soon, his attention faces Faruja and the others. "Faruja, here we go!" The boy begins running, laughing a bit while moving onward. He can't help but to glance over the others nearby. With the other Legion at the stands, well, he can't help but notice Ami for a moment. Nevertheless, he decides to continue his run.

And Reize is definitely going to beat Faruja!
Avira Avira thinks she's going to start out running because, being tiny, she's actually pretty quick. Max would know this well thanks to the chocobo stampede incident. It looks like she's off to a good start!

Until a seemingly random PILLAR OF FIRE shoots up underneath her, as if she was randomly being smote by God. A surprised shriek escapes Avira and she stumbles foward, blackened and burned. She falls down onto her stomach and stares blearily as just about everyone pulls ahead. As she picks herself up, she gives Hades a nasty look before springing back up to her feet and attempting to make up for lost ground.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart figured it was a race as well, so she decided to go for a run to start with.

Which apparently went unnoticed, like all of those around her from the looks of it, as her trot brings her to the same level as many others. She blinks a bit as Aerith goes for the offense right off. That doesn't seem like her... but on the other hand, its going to happen even if she doesn't. Might as well be ready for it.
Emi Dennou Emi and the others are provided with pom poms. They look at the pom poms, confused with what to do with them, but then Maira explains the situation to her and what the purpose of the pom poms are.

Umi seems the most pleased about this, Omi the least. "Yes!!! Lets do it Maira!! The Network will pom pom with all their might! A!" She and Imi chant togehter, wagging their Pompoms in the air. "M!" more pom pom waving. "I!"

Ami covers her hands with her face, horrified. She's so embarrassed!!

She runs with her hands over her face. Who knows what might happen?!

"GO AMI!" Umi shouts.

"This seems fun." Emi says thoughtfully. "Thank you, Maira. I'll cheer for Avira with you."
Quistis Trepe
Quistis leans forwards, on her mark, set - and going!

She just keeps running forwards rather than attempting anything fancy as of yet. She does glance to the side of the broad front forming up, however. Tifa (who stands out), some small girl, a mouse-man, somebody, somebody else -

She reaches up to adjust her glasses, but once more they aren't there. 'Well,' she thinks to herself, 'at least I'll soon leave behind that heavy-set wo-'

Tifa continues to stay abreast of Quistis's flat-out distance run.

Grimacing, she restrains the urge to grab for the whip. Her hand just /rests/ on the handle, holding it for a moment before she suddenly glances behind herself. "What the He- Oh, right..."
Maira Maira gasps and drops a pompom when Avira is smote by a random pillar of fire. Oh no! She should have given her a potion for that! But how was she to know? But, being a trooper, Avira gets right up and keeps running. "YES!! YOU CAN DO IT AVIRA! WOOOOHOOO!"

Resume bouncing.
Lenn Lenn calls out to the runner she's cheering for. Time for a bit of inspiration. "REIZE! If you win, I'll give you a big kiss!" She blows a kiss to the young adventuerer.
Deelel Deelel is not attsacked for now that's fine with her, she's got a plan, sure she's planning to fight but not just yet he's got an idea in mind. For now she's going to try and put some distance between her and the otehrs. She's runing fairly fast almost mechanically so, she seems to be very precise in her movesments. Her disk is out as she prepares however to strike, soon.
Hades Hades comes up to the starting line.

Instead of a gun, he points his finger into the air.

"On your mark..." he says, "GET SET!"

BAM! Pillar of flame appears...under Avira. "Whoops," he says slightly apologetic...mostly because he isn't SECRETELY wanting Avira to win or anything.

Hades, suddenly back in the announcer booth takes the microphone from the other announcers, "And there off! And a DREADFULLY boring start to this race. Look at all these sissies just running forw-WHOA look at that! That little girl in the pink dress.."

Repeats of Aerith braining the crap out of Mercade, before running off head after the rest of the group! "Now THAT is what I want to see!" Hades turns, seeing a device used to measure ratings. "YES! Keep that up little lady.."

Hades cackles a bit, turning around and watching the race, "Ooo...and poor Avira, that random fire pillar was real tragic start to the race! Lets hope no other TERRIBLE accidents happen!"

Suddenly the Camera turns to the jumping Maira. "Just a reminder for those of you at home, today's race is brought to by Skywalker Trampolines. Official trampoline company of the Man Show. Season three starting on TNT this summer!"

"Now back to the race!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't really want to be attacking people either, but it is going to happen eventually. But how to attack while running?

Well there is a way of course, using those limbs in the right way. A quick sweepkick toward her closest follower... which happens to be the blonde professor. She's a little sorry about it, but she does have a competitive streak at times. If you're not going to try your best, why compete in the first place?
Mercade Alexander Mercade continues to run on, trying to keep himself on a defensive stance while running along. He's falling behind, but the Prisoner's Dilemma is in full effect here. How is he going to manage to get ahead if he doesn't do something to make sure he gets ahead? Mercade sighs to himself, considering his options...
Aerith With Mercade sufficiently distracted by watching out for any future attacks, Aerith continues to move forward, taking a quick glance at the other competitors. Apparently they are moving at a good clip, and she does her best to keep up. This is actually pretty fun... but it could turn nasty for anyone at any time. She had to be careful as for how and who she struck at...
Faruja Senra Faruja chuckles, his tail flicking in a 'bring it' motion playfully, a wink added to the young adventurer. "Race well, Ser Seatlan! Take care to not dissappoint Lady Lenn, hmm? You have a prize on the line, it seems." Grin! That'll motivate the young man!

Fire! Freaking fire! That isn't on him for once. Faruja is only mildly ok with this, because otherwise it's on Avira. "Damn! Be careful Lady Avira!" He starts to mutter a cure spell, then stops himself. Competition, rat!

Faruja does his level best to continue ignoring the announcer. Which is a darn good thing, as...


Faruja leaps into the air reflexively, coughing and cursing as he rips away the now burning bandages on his already-burnt arm. Thankfully, he manages to get rid of the bandages and not become a crispy-critter, all the while leaping forward. Moreso than he already is a crispy critter.

What goes up, must come down, and of course the rat didn't exactly have time to spot his landing...
Emi Dennou Ami runs with her hands over her eyes. Contrary to popular opinion, this is not the best way to run a race. She ends up running right through Reize Seatlan.

"AMI! UNCOVER YOUR EYES!" Omi shouts down at her. "Ugh!" Imi just cringes. Poor Reize. Ami is a rather fast runner but as she inds herself running OVER someone, she lowers her hands and sees she trampled Reize. "Oh nooo..." She says. "I'm sorry Reize, The Network admits bashfully."

"You can do it, Avira." Emi speaks quietly, wagging pompoms and jumping with a deadpan expression on herself. They haven't cheered for Mercade yet, but don't worry he's on the docket. Will Avira show Mercade how to be a MAN!? Will Avira show Mercade how to be as swift as the coarsing river?!?!

Imi huffs up her shoulders IN TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT, as she runs forward.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis keeps on running forwards, taking her mind off the problem. So she's tough, Quistis thinks. That doesn't -

She hits Tifa's shin and goes stumbling forwards with a look of classical surprise on her face for a moment, even as she hits on one elbow, rolling forwards. For a normal person that might have taken them out of the race. But not a member of SeeD!! Rolling once, she bounces back up to her feet, losing a few steps on the stumble but regaining her pace rapidly, letting out a huff as she reaches up to touch her face -

A scratch on her cheek?

There's a sudden resounding crack of a whip. The target: the back of Tifa's legs.
Avira Avira manages to get up and running, bolstered a little by the cheering she hears from Maira in the stands. It's pretty clear that she has a lot of ground to make up for, no thanks to Hades interferring with her right out of the gate. It's some solace to see that his interference has been spread out to others now!

Though Avira can't help herself. She snickers a little as she sees Reize splattered to the ground by Ami. Fortunately for Avira, she's not in front, so hopefully she wouldn't incur any aggro.

Giving some, on the other hand...
Maira "Eee! Faruja! You can do it! It's just a little fire! I'll heal you after! Run run run!" she cries, cupping her hands around her mouth to project her voice a little farther.

Oh hey, she's on TV suddenly! Maira grins and waves enthusiastically. And yes, she is still bouncing.

A lot of people are resorting to hitting others to make them slow down. That just...doesn't seem right! Maira purses her lips, and somehow manages to wave her pompoms thoughtfully
Reize Seatlan Worst. Day. Ever.

Reize looks over towards Faruja with a grin. There is that friendly rivalry in such a race that he will try to stay ahead of his friend. "You too, Faruja! I won't disappoint her at al----FARUJA?!" The boy stares with worry.

He continues to run until...


Ami trips over him and brings him face first onto the ground. "...Ooof..." Ow. Ow. Ow. "...It's... it's alright." He grimaces, and then he starts peeling himself up to is feet.

Deelel Deelel is running pretty fast now she's got a bit of a lead, she's not looking to win persay, no she's looking to make it to the main event. She's got her eyes on the shard as for Quistis she's not sure who they are but hey in the spirits of the games, there's to be a little havoc right? So she launches her disk at the Seed operative, thankfully it's not powered, even if it misses it will return to Deelel shortly after.
Hades "Oh MAN! Look at the HUMANITY out there ladies and gentlemen!" Hades says, getting excited! "And the race gets a WHOLE lot more deadly!"

"A little girl crashes into a kid with a unruly strand of hair! Look at her go! She's going to be a star someday! The owner of a bar and a school teacher get into fisticuffs!" Hades looks at the Camera, "I know what your thinking ladies and gentlemen, but PLEASE, this is KID FRIENDLY."

"And as you all know, violence is KID FRIENDLY!" Especially if done by heroes. Heh heh...

"Oh would you look at that! The god fearing rat is suddenly assailed by a fireball! I guess.."

Hades puts on a pair of sunglasses.

"He can only blame himself or god!" Cue Laugh track!

Hades hides his smoking hand, grinning at the camera, "And remember folks.." The Camera pans on the Burning Faruja, "This race is brought to you by Icy Hot, now garunteed to remove the worst status effects! Icy to dull the status effect, hot to relax it away! Warning, not suitable for use in battle."

"Now BACK to the action!"
Faruja Senra Those long ears aren't just for show! He actually gives Maira a little salute mid-uncontrollable fall. It's rather embarrassing really.

"'Twould be most appreciated, M'Lady Maira! And a few drinks as well, if you please!" Faruja can also yell when he has the mind to.

"...Oh Lord in heaven, M'Lady Ami, LOOK OUT!" The Burmecian is poised to land right on top of the poor woman.

"Oh, Lord in heaven, what am I, some sort of advertisement now?" He mutters as he hears the Icy Hot advertisement. Lord help him, he could use it right now.

Remembering his own words, the rat stops, helping up Ami should he have managed to knock her down in his leap. He's a /GENTLERAT/, blast it! She even gets a peck on the hand should she not pull away!

"My deepest apologies, M'Lady! 'Twas entirely unintentional. Are you quite alright?" Then, when she's up, he's off and running again!
Tifa Lockhart With that many people, the attacks will be going many directions. And this is one case. Anticipating a counter attack... although she didn't think it would be from a whip, she took a defensive stance. She catches the whip before it lashes at her, her gloved hands allowing her to do so without too much pain.

That was before a pillar of fire just pops up underneath her and surprises her, the gust of fire and hot air sending her reeling back, slowing down her progress majorly. Well that certainly wasn't nice! She picks herself back up to get back into the race.
Reize Seatlan "I won't give up yet!" Reize is gathering his determination. That determination. People are counting on him. The prize is a world shard. They have so much on the line here...

The group is called the Shard Seekers. They have to reach this Shard!

But there is also...

Reize turns to see his fiancee cheering him on.

...Lower. Just a tad lower. The eyes are locked lower towards Lenn.

Cheeks are burning with crimson.

Poofing over his shoulder is a chibified Ivo with devil horns. "Excelllent. You're slowly becoming a man. Look at that. That is the sign of becoming a man, fight! Fight! Don't let us down, chief."

Poofing on the other shoulder is a chibified Priel with devil horns, "Don't let us down, boy blunder~!"

After both bad influences poof, Reize makes a mad sprint!
Emi Dennou Ami is landed on. THOOMP.

She lies on the ground and blushes deeply. She twiddles her fingers together and stammers awkwardly at Faruja pointlessly and seems to forget about the race entirely for a few desperate moments.

"Um..." She says. "It''s okay. Are you okay? I hope... I hope your landing was comfortable." She'll take his hand and stands up, looking away from him. "Um... I wanted to ask you... ask you something, um..."

She looks up again and sees Faruja has already started running on ahead ages ago.


Biting at her lip, Ami continues her run.

"Oh dear." Emi says.
Avira As she runs, Avira reaches behind her and pulls her buckler shield off her back. In a move that would probably be all too familiar to the various programs of the world, Avira flings her shield ahead of her like a discus, aimed at Aerith's back.

Unfortunately, this doesn't really seem to work and her shield pings away off at a ninety degree angle. Going to retrieve it would cost her even more time, and she'd already fallen behind due to slowing down to throw. Snorting angrily, Avira presses on, aiming to cover some more of her lost ground.
Quistis Trepe
"What the hell!" Quistis says in disbelief as her whip is CAUGHT. Her eyebrows twitch. "What ARE you, woman!?" And then she's erupted beneath by a pillar of fire.

Quistis whistles innocently, cracking her whip back up and coiling it loosely around her arm as she picks up her pace, moving back ahead. Perhaps while Tifa is on fire she can regain ground!?
Mercade Alexander Mercade rushes ahead as he focuses on getting caught back up with the others. This is actually proving successful, as he makes his way forward. He smiles. "All right, I'mm back in the game! Come on Avira! We need to win this! Get up and keep running, Ami! You can do it! Don't let how awesome Faruja is keep you distracted!"
Aerith Aerith of course doesn't bother with the shield, she just keeps on moving toward the eventual goal. If she gets there unscathed, good. If she gets there first, all the better. She does however spare Tifa a glance, just as she gets burned. Her eyes widen for a moment as a jolt of concern lances through her, but focuses her concentration back on the task at hand. There were always potions to give out later!
Deelel Deelel catches the disk as it returns to her and she laughs a bit. "Come now this is a bit of fun for everyone isn't it? It's just a game." It's not GAMES as in SARK barking at you to kill the people your playing against. So really he's just having a blast no matter what hapepsna nd now she speeds away again trying to put on a bit more speed.
Hades "Oooo! Avira attempts to smack the flower girl, but she's waiting for it! Look at that staff block!" he assides, "Get her information, I think she'll go places!" Panic salutes, as he moves off to do some digging!

"The humanity! Where do these pillars keep coming from?! When will they stop breaking up cat fights?! Me-ow!" he pistols the camera. "But seriously ladies and gentlem-OH wowza! A disk flying out from the leader right at the school teacher! Bet she didn't see /that/ coming! This is getting brutal!"

And then a child is smashed by a rat, "Oh man!" The crowd boos at Faruja, "Hear that crowd! Apparently that girl is a fan favorite! But the rat mercilessly lands on her! The /HUMANITY/! The Horror! THE /RATINGS!" the machine behind Hades BINGS again, as more and more ratings pour in!

"And for those of you at home who might need a little help, this year use Western Union, with branches in every world now..." a picture of Dr. Drakken, behind bars, "Money, for birthdays, Christmas...or when you hosted your evil plan on live television and just got busted by Jerkules! That's right, Western Union, where you need it!"

"But seriously, Lades and Germs, the race continues!"
Reize Seatlan Reize has hit the after burner. With the speed he is running, he should have no problem getting to the finish line.

0Final Kingdom attempts a 1d20 and gets 1 on Reize's behalf.

Suddenly, fly by squirrel.

...Wait. Flying squirrel?

It is suddenly latching onto the boy's face. Tightly.

"Mmmmphhhh!!Ghhhhhhnnnuhhhhhhhhhh!!!" The boy is running around in the midst of the race, flailing his hands in the air. He whimpers, trying to get free from the creature. And suddenly, a fireball strikes him down, setting himn FIRE! "MMMMFFFPPHHHHH!!!!!"

Unfortunately, Mercade will see the boy with a furry rodent on his face.


And will likely land on Mercade.

Peeling the creature off of his face, Reize gives off a river of comical tear before tossing the flying squirrel off of him.

Oh hey, Mercade.

"Oiii! Mercade! What are you doing down there?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart wasn't going to let Deel get too far ahead. Nothing against the girl either, but its each their own in a race like this. Being quite a few staps behind, she reaches into her apron's pockets and pulls out something she had kept side, a coaster from the Seventh Heaven. She tosses it at Deel's feet, aiming to disrupt her runnibg by having the slippery thing move under her foot as she stomps down. That should unbalance her off a bit if it works at least.
Faruja Senra Truly, this is all getting dangerous. Less due to his opponents, and more due to the battlefield itself, Faruja takes out his spear to keep it nice and handy. His pace slows just a bit, being more watchful of dangers. One ear perks.

"Quite fine, M'Lady Ami! As far as landings go in a pinch, you catch an errant Dragoon quite well! Soft indeed! As Ser Mercade says, do not...wha...what?" His encouragements to poor, flustered Ami are lost. The rat's not used to being called 'awesome'.

The crowd boo's him. Grr! The rat picks up the pace, starting to give little mini-leaps. Must. Not. Holy Explode. Hades. The not-Death-God's commentary only makes the ratling that much reckless in his racing.

Sigh. "Ser Seatlan, please give tiny furry animals rides /after/ the race!" Such a silly adventurer, that one. It's part of why Faruja loves the Shard Seeker's Glorious Leader.
Deelel Deelel has got Tifa's attention it see but the basics takes it in struide though oh hey a coaster she slips and lands hard. She's suprisingly fast to get back up though as she attemps to blize ahead she's worried about qualifying and that's about it she's tempted but no she'll wait for the right time to strike at Tifa. She may even check out one of her bars later for utterly unrelated things.
Maira Does not want to see so many of her friends beating up on each other. "Hey! Stop hitting each other and just RUN! Come ooooon!" she cheers, pompoms waving and swishing.

And anyone who boos Faruja gets a LOOK.
Mercade Alexander Mercade suddenly picks up a fallen shield as he passes by, and he he offers Reize a piece of advice as he hurls it at Reize like a frisbee. "HEADS UP, REIZE!" But suddenly there Reize gets squirreled.

No one expects the black swan. Or perhaps in this case, the black squirrel. "BLARGH!" Mercade yells, as he gets countered by squirrel, the shieldfrisbee going flying wildly. "SQUIRREL! ARGH!"
Emi Dennou Don't let yourself get distracted by how awesome Faruja is, Mercade has informed her. Ami calms her heart and inquires of the Network on her next move. She just tried to run ahead normally and got landed on, perhaps she should be more careful. Ami is a teenager, she only feels worse when the crowd starts booing at him. Then again it's probably HAdes just manipulating events so that there's a story behind it. Hopefully Faruja won't be too bothered.

"Assault is not part of the games? But the King of the Underworld said it was a reasonable component." Plus people keep falling over each other.

"...Ami can race, however. She can get a bit competetive..." Emi frowns. "And protective..."

And as if on cue, Ami simply gestures with a hand, sending a wave of electricity crashing into Aerith before continuing on her run.

"Sorry, The Network apologizes, but he is our boss." She continues her run.

"...IS that Sanel?" Umi wonders aloud.
Avira At last! Progress! Avira does manage to pull ahead, now neck and neck with a few other people. She looks over to Mercade and frowns a little as Reize flies overhead and LANDS ON MERCADE. "Reize!" Avira calls out to him, "Mercade is too old and male for you!" But man, poor Faruja, he's definitely getting the full brunt of Hades's taunting.

Unsurprising, really, since he is of Faram and Hades is clearly a Pagan god! But still, the booing was a little much! Avira feels kind of sorry for him.

"Yeah well." Avira calls back to Aerith, "I've gotta qualify. I've gotta win this tournament! -oh, hey."

Avira manages to catch Mercade's shieldfrizbee, which has failed to hit Reize. It wasn't her shield, but it'll do. For later.

Fortunately it only stopped her for a brief moment, but it still stung like nothing else. She'd forgive that later, for the moment it was time to get back on track. And so flowergirl continued to run, hoping to gain back her five seconds of lost ground!
Quistis Trepe
A disk bounces past Quistis a bit belatedly, sending her momentarily stumbling. Her plan to fight defensively, or at least focus on something other than the immediate environs and/or punishing that woman with the big butt for getting in her way, is faltering. "Come on come on come -"

She pauses for a moment as she sees Reize, or more accurately, that dang hair thing of his. "Hey!" she shouts at him, even as she keeps running. Her voice is a word of command. "Do you happen to know -- a man named Ivo??" A moment later, she mutters, "Damn, I shouldn't shout during a race!"
Hades Hades looks...

"Seriously? A Squirrel?" he looks back at the Ratings boards, it goes UP! "Huh. OH! Attacks by a rabid character on a kick able guy! Right!" He laughs, Laughing even harder as Reize is set on FIRE, followed by the flaming Squirrel being HADOKENED right at Mercade.

"Oh man!" he says, "And the Bartender using a COASTER to keep the program on her feet! Or rather, I guess, OFF her feet! Remember gentlemen, hell hath no furry like a bartender with a damaged bar! Use coasters, or /get dunked/." Hades says, looking at Panic, who gives him a thumbs up.

And then Ami goes all dark Jedi on Aerith. "Wowza! Look at that! The little lady proves that..."

Sunglasses, "Even the darkest heart has LIGHT-ning." Panic plays a rimshot for the listening audience.

"Speaking of which! This race is brought to you by The Faith of Yevon. Repent now, and give up all technology, or a giant space whale named Sin will destroy everything you know and love!" Hades taps his cue cards on the desk, "Yup. That's all it says folks."

He taps his cards again, "AND NOW BACK TO THE RACE!"
Reize Seatlan Too old? Too male? Unfortunately, those words were lost on Reize due to the fact that he is recovering from a rabid creature on his face. Oh, and the fact that he was set on fire. That was not one of this better moments. He pats down the burning flames on him, then he blinks.

His attention is suddenly caught through Quistis's voice of command.

"ACK!" He then he tilts his head over, "Ooooii! Yeah! He's the co-leader of the Shard Seekers and my friend! Uhh, if you want, we can talk about him later! But for now..."

His face becomes filled with determination, "We have a shard to seek."


"Ooii! I am not a kickable person!" The boy sticks his tongue out: *TTHHHHHHPPT!*
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart decides to take this time to dash on ahead... Looks like she's in the clear too. It allows her to catch up with many of the leaders in the race at least, but anything can happen still, really. Those random fireballs are weird after all...

She glances toward the others as she sprints ahead. Lots of things going on at the same time. Reize getting roasted, squirrels being tossed... How's Aerith faring? Looks like she's a bit behind, must be getting trouble. Well, let's keep on moving!
Faruja Senra All of those people out there in tv land. Watching a race sponsored by /Yevon/. Faruja's brow twitches, and he turns around mid-run-leap, /glaring/ at Hades.


"AND WHALES EAT VERY TINY PLANTS! THE LIBRARY IN MANHATTAN SAID SO! NOT PEOPLE!" The Templar's stretching even his lung capacity now. Land! Then, he's running along again, spear still beside him just in case.
Mercade Alexander Mercade throws the flaming squirrel aside, and gets back to running. No special tricks, no craziness, nothing that makes Hades even happier. However, THAT COULD CHANGE AT ANY MOMENT. SQUIRRELS ARE NEVER SAFE.
Avira "Actually I met a whale that swallowed a whole bunch of people! Including me! But I think that was a special whale, Farujaaaaack-" Avira tries to call out, though the exertion of talking and running at breakneck speed is just a little too much for Avira.

As she runs, she grips the edge of the shield she's claimed through some sweet mid-air catching, and glances over at those keeping pace with her.

A small grin creeps up on her face.
Emi Dennou "Tactically speaking..." Emi says as Ami continues to light up Aerith like a Christmas Tree. "Aerith would not have anticipated two strikes like that in a row, thus making it the most prudent act of revenge against tripping up our boss." She smiles faintly. "heh heh heh... And while Ami does not enjoy fighting..she takes protection very seriously. And as an athlete, she will take whatever rules to be proven acceptable...and would expect others to do the same, The Network explains."

Ami naturally cuts off on attacking furhter at this point in time and goes back to running. Sticking on Aerith THE WHOLE FIGHT would just be mean and she has more than paid back for her transgression against Aerith. She moves forward, with confidence!!!
Deelel Deelel has managed to catch up a bit on the lead as she notices Tifa is ahead of her. She's actualyl lauching she's having fun and managing to get her mind off the mess with the MCP, so RUN RUN RUN or she could be well done.
Aerith Fizzzzrt. Again. Well then wasn't that just cheeky?

No, no revenge. Nothing that would hurt her, yet. For the moment, she'd have to keep pressing on, trying her best to arrange some sort of catch-up. She does however set herself in a more... passive stance. Just in case.
Quistis Trepe
"I can't believe your entire theory is being validated, even this far!" Quistis says to Reize, even as she keeps going forwards, and then sees a single blue... turtle shell? run towards her. She hops over it, smugly.

Then a sense up the back of her neck. She looks over her shoulder, and when she sees it coming back, reasons astutely, that must mean that it got aimed at me by someone else -- stomping it, she kicks it in another direction, before bearing back ahead, putting on some real new effort.

... Even as the shell comes from behind her and smashes into her back. "What!!"
Hades Quistis uses the VOICE OF COMMAND. "Wowza. No wonder she's a school teacher ladies and gentlemen!" Hades says, winking at the camera. This is before a blue shell flies at her. Panic mysteriously missing from this frame...for legitimate reasons. Totally not actually BEING said shell. Stupid shapeshifter demons.

"Wow it looks like everyone else is just trying to race ahead! Now it is a battle of speed, skill.." he pauses, "And how long we can all stay awake before we fall asleep? Am I right, or am I right?"

Then Faruja yells at Hades, "Wow! Look at this guy. A real hater. This is the apex of the Church of Glabados! Do as we say or.. YOU ARE WRONG! Doesn't it make you wana join a chapter right now? I mean, come on, what REASON would you do that for?"

"Maybe to beat people in the head. I mean, there is that. Don't like people? Join the Church of Glabados! KILL ANYONE YOU DON'T LIKE AND CALL THEM A HERETIC!" he laughs, "But I kid! I am sure he's just..." Hades bursts into laughter, "Nope, I couldn't say it."

The Camera pans over Avira. The words SWEET AIR CATCH appear over here for the people at home. However, the attention is stolen once more by Ami, who proceeds to inform Aerith that KINGDOM HEARTS IS LIGHTNING! "Again! That little girl is full of SOMETHING. And I just don't mean LIGHTNING! It seems she has a grudge! Things are looking dangerous for the flower girl, but the FANS LOVE IT!"

The machine behind Hades bings again, "Oh baby! We might get a second season at this rate!" Hades' grin turns sharkish.

"The following has been brought to you by Shinra INC. Shinra, from electricity to consumer products, we make the power of life work for YOU!" he taps his notes, "And remember, the new Shinra Cell Phone. If you can't be a bad<GOOSEHONK> look like a bad<GOOSEHONK>. Don't use those french named phones, use a phone that screams style."

"And back to the action..." Hades says, pulling out a banana and starting to eat it.
Mercade Alexander Mercade is runnin, they hatin', always tring to catch him racin' dirty. Actually, he can't possibly hate like Hades does, even if it does make him chuckle. A little bit.

He's not really in a position to get in on the banter that's going on right now. Maybe he SHOULD get involved. IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart thought she'd be some retaliation by now, so she went more defensive... But apparently it never came. And Deelel is going on ahead unhindered some more! Guess everyone is busy with their own fights. And Aerith is lagging behind more. Hmm, well can't do much to help her friend now. This is a competition.

Keeping the pace for now, the race is getting to the halfway point already.
Aerith Kersplat.

That was the sound of Aerith landing face-first on the ground after being tripped up by... a banana peel of all things. It's so ridiculous, so random, so out-of-place that those nearby could hear her giggle, both at her own embarrassment and at the silly nature of this whole thing! She gets to her feet, sees the others pull ahead, and shrugs as she picks up the pace, trying to get back in the game!
Avira Avira braces herself, half expecting a fireball or SOMETHING to come flying at her. Nothing does. Shrugging, she takes off again only to find her joined by a familiar face.

"Hey Mercade." Avira grins as she sees him catch up. "Glad to see you made it~" It takes her a few seconds, but she's soon running at full speed again.

Hades gets a wary look from Avira!
Emi Dennou Ami draws out a lasso and swings it around her head, flinging it around her head a few times in an attempt to catch Faruja with it so she can just ... you know ... ride him? This doesn't work out and indeed, Ami starts falling behind. She better heft it up.

"hmm... it seems Faruja had anticipated that." Emi says. "Alright Ami... use the backup plan!!"


A flashing arrow points towars the banana Hades is eating as if this were some sort of Ouran High Host Club.
Reize Seatlan The group have fooled around long enough. Reize knows that the Shard is on the line. Sure, it is fun for a big of competition, but Reize can't forget about the goal. He sucks in a breath, liftng his hands up.

The boy... sings?

o/` Seein' the go~ld, so far away o/`
o/` Pressing on, so I~ can't stay o/`
o/` Past the horizon, I will sail farther o/`
o/` Through the treacherous storms that strikes harder o/`
o/` I will preservere! o/`

The speed gahers as the boy sprints ahead.

o/` Gotta get the gold, or I will just fold o/`
o/` It's so close that I'll sail the coasts~ o/`
Faruja Senra As Faruja runs, he's a glowing ball of Holy Dragoon hatred. Up in the stands, a certain Inquisitor is facepalming right now in between sipping her stadium beer. "...I really need to teach that Child to recognize when he's being trolled."

Suddenly lasso! "Ahh!" After fireballs, turtle shells, and bananas, rope is practically mundane. Besides, Reize's chibi-Faruja-angel warned his larger half about women with ropes.

His spear lashes out! Slash! The lasso is cut apart. "I am afraid you shan't be roping me in, as it were, this day dear Lady Ami! Come! Show us all your speed and skill!"
Deelel Deelel sees the battles are raging between some people as they seem to be going on From Emi and Faruja to other and more accidents keep happening. She's sure it's just a part of the show but Hades isn't trying to kill them right? It's not like he won't GET MOST of the people here someday right? So she breaks into a run if suprising speed and she calls otu to Faruja

"Can you keep up with me Faruja!"
Quistis Trepe
After being shelled brutally, Quistis skids on the front of her shirt for a moment, letting out a groan of pain. After a full halt, though... she pauses.

And then throws herself back up with what looks like the world's most energetic pushup. "I won't lose!" she declares, even as she resumes running forwards, steering as best as she can away from others. (Inwardly she muses: 'How do these people get so strong so quickly... or is it just that everyone weaker got killed by the Heartless? Evolution in action!?')
Hades Hades gona hade.

Hades, finishes the banana, throwing it to Pain, who tosses it behind him. The banana hits a ghost, and is ejected from there into the sky...which then lands right in front of the flower girl.

SLIP! Suddenly the entire audience roars with laughter, Hades slaps the desk a few times! "What are the odds! Ha ha ha!" Hades says, "Glad I thought of it." he asides to Pain, who groans and lowers his head, "Yeah..."

Lightning is thrown, but Faruja is one step ahead of it! The crowd boos again, because that Rat isn't making any friends today! Call it Karma! "Well! It looks like everyone's favorite rat is not out of this one yet, despite the crowds disapproval!"

"But really! Snoreville here! If things don't get exciting here soon, I think that the crowd might tear this place apart! I fear for the future of sports entertainment!" Hades loves goading the pupe-er racers.

"And this race is brought to you by Rosemaire! Do you have dreams? A fairy tail ending you want? Then come to your local fairy god mother! And if you don't behave, you will be forced to dance in bad eighties style!" Hades taps the cards again.

"Now back to the gaaaaaaaames!"
Aerith For the first time since... well a few minutes ago, Aerith is back in the race, and she's moving at a good clip! It won't be long before someone takes it, but she'll do her best regardless. After all, she's starting to enjoy herself!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart didn't want deelel to take too much of a lead, she's been running the entire time it seems, other people too busy to pay attention to the program. Well she's not about to let her get too far ahead if she can help it at least. She keeps running toward the goal line. Shard of Manhattan... well whoever can win it here, she's okay with it at least. Noone would use it for bad things, likely.

At least, if its true its a shard of manhattan... its Hades we're talking about.

As for Deelel, the crowd apparently has been getting into the game and tossing miscellaneous stuff at the racers to help them. Not quite "?" blocks, but still lots of items to use as potential weapons. Hey look, a red sheel, perfect. Aim and fire at Deelel.
Avira Ah good! Avira has a pretty good lead now. Though she can see that could change any second if she got tripped up or set on fire again.

Stooping down, Avira uses the fact that she's really darn short to her advantage. Ice magic spreads from her fingertips, then down to the ground next to her, coating it in a thin sheen of ice.

Whoever manages to hit that ice had better watch out! Traction upon it is kind of hard!
Reize Seatlan As the boy continued to run as fast as he can.

It is the matter of getting to the next part of the race. However.....

Wait, who put a skateboard up?

"WHOOAAA!!!" Reize's foot plants against the skateboard, already moving ad he starts spinning around, "Gaaaaaccckkkkk!!!"
Emi Dennou The Legions in the Stand continue to cheer for their respective favorites. Umi, at one point, cheers for Will Sherman even though he's not in the race. For a moment, Ami just focuses on running. The road up ahead is covered in ice but she'll attempt to dash around it rather than take it head on. She is still behind for the moment. Will an opportunity present itself!? Who can say? But there is a delicate balance here. If the crowd gets too angry...they might elect to be particularly problematic.

She facepalms a bit as someone trips over the banana peel. And as Reize has a cow dude.
Mercade Alexander WELCOME TO ZOOM.

Mercade laugh to Avira as she calls out. "I'm glad to be here! Be careful, the competition is fierce today!" He looks around at the other competitors, and whistles. "Look at Reize go! I never thought he could run that fast!" Maybe he could even save a world in 30 seconds?

Mercade glances over at Hades as he taunts, but Mercade doesn't taunt back. Don't taunt the happy fun death god. Yet.
Deelel Bees, bees are nothing but trouble no matter the world your from these bees are thankfully normal bees and not darky at all. The creatures are aline to Deelel the near as she can understand them is they are grid bugs, very angry grid bugs and she l4ts out cry of suprise, then one of pain as well BEES! She starts running, runing as fast as she can to try to get out there and is no condtion to act upon what just happend to Reize.
Quistis Trepe
"Wait, I remember you now!" Quistis says as she keeps on running, drawing back into another loose forward line. This is aimed at Tifa. "You were at Costa del Sol. You didn't want to fight Sabin!"

She snaps her fingers and points. "... And you were - Wait - Rinoa knows you, right?? This is so weird! I feel a little bad about whipping you earlier - friends?" She extends a hand forwards towards the woman.
Faruja Senra "Quite, M'Lady Deel! I shan't be outran by a human!" No doubt, more ammo for hate from the crowd. Faruja sure is making this /easy/ for people to see him as the heel.

The rat continues running, doing his darndest to make headway, even as he watches out for bees. Because seriously. Bees.
Hades "And the race goes on! Everyone is running! How /boring/! Come on people! Lets see some ACTION! Fight fight fight! None of this the best man wins stuff! The crowd wants to see some more of that FIGHTING SPIRIT!"

The Crowd cheers, they want to see some more lightning! Some more ice! And someone calls out... BEES!

"Did someone say BEES?!" Hades wiggles his fingers, before he points up with his index finger, and pushes a giant red button. A fire hose, comes out of nowhere, spraying a wave of BEES into the raceway, specifically into Deelel.

"And there goes the barmaid! Taking advantage of her BEE-ed opponet! /That's/ what I am talking about!" Hades says with a grin.

"This race brought to you by SeeD! When you need the best Mercenaries! Our mercenaries are raised from a young age on how to kill, murder, and perform any actions your organization and/or country needs done! Act now and get our special After Christmas special rates!"

"Now back to the Snorefe-" Boos poor from the crowd again. "Oh wow! And he's a /racist/ too!" The Crowd REALLY hates Faruja!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart was a bit careful of being offered a handshake in the middle of a race, but apparently that wasn't enough, Quistis had something planned. (to be continued in her pose). Either way, it makes the barmaid skid back in surprise "Grrr, if you want to be friends, I'll be glad to do it after the race, but right now that's playing dirty." She keeps running on ahead, trying to catch up after that surprise attack.
Quistis Trepe
'How did she figure that out,' Quistis thinks with a frown. 'Am I that untrustworthy...?'

A flashback goes here but we don't have time for that mid-race.

Besides which, it took mere seconds. "Well, then!" she says brightly, "if you're committed to victory, we have at least one key thing in common. I'm glad to run alongside you! Or better -" And HERE she slides partway in front, sweeping one leg behind her to scoop one of Tifa's ankles out from beneath her for a moment before prancing further and merrily ahead.

"A little bit ahead of you!"

She keeps one hand on her whip while continuing forth. "... Must have been Nida's idea," she remarks upon hearing the ad.
Reize Seatlan Reize is on a skateboard.

He is flailing.

And oh god is Reize flailing.

That skateboard that he ran onto out of nowhere had put him in a position to where he is going the opposite way that he intended to go. The board sends him running around in circles, or gliding in circles.

He is skateboarding towards Avira to crash onto her.

Even worse that the skateboard slips against the ice, sending him flying AND crashing down on her.

...Similar to Charlie Brown kicking football.
Mercade Alexander Mercade gives Avira a wave as he launches past her, taking aim at the lead runner, Deelel! "Sorry about this!" Mercade says, as he leaps up and DOES THE MARIO, leaping up to bounce off of Deelel's head! a '100' might appear in the air, considering her nature.

"Woobwoobwoobwoobwoob!" He says, using the bounce for more speed!
Faruja Senra "I AM NOT RACI...OH FARAM IT BURNS!" To perhaps no one's surprise who's been paying attention to the rat's encounters, there is sudden FIRE from beneath the ratling. Hot feet! Faruja gives everyone a lovely little jump and riverdancing session as he tries to cool his feet.

The rat, amidst his dancing peers up at the crowd. Lord in heaven, Maira's cheering everyone on! And he's bouncing about like an over-excited ratkit. Faruja steels himself, taking in Maira's enthusiastic, cheering visage into his mind, using his friend's warmth and constant friendliness as motivation. He must not lose, must not give i...

Bounce. Nosebleed. The ratling trips, tumbling about in a ball, a white round blurr! Spin dash go!
Emi Dennou Judo flips are the ancient custom of SeeD introductory behavior.

Ami runs. And it seems like for a moment that she might just keep on running. But then...

A cat with sharp teeth jumps from the stands and into her arms. Ami looks down at it and then at her hand, and then she has a flashback that doesn't take very long. For the moment, her focus is on the cat. For the moment, as it smiles her.

"...Mm..." She says, pausing for a moment as Faruja trips and nosebleeds.

"......Mmm." She adds. :|
Aerith Just in case something interesting happens, Aerith stays wary for yet another attack. It seems her plan to keep at least one person on the defensive has gone backwards! But never mind that, the end is in sight...
Deelel Deelel hs finally managed to get away from the bees when suddenly mercade comes. "Hey! If that's how you want to play!" She's managed to get away from te bees finally thank the users for that. Mercade would find a low disk shot coming at him which might just make him lose his step.
Avira "Augh watch out you-!" Okay so Avira had deliberately put the ice down in front of Reize to trip him up. She didn't expect it to backfire this badly! His skateboarding slides him right into Avira, though she doesn't fall over and winds up clinging to him for a few moments.

This is uncomfortably awkward, clearly reflected upon the short woman's face. Quickly, Avira elbows Reize in the gut before leaping off and using her own ice to slide ahead.

"Ha ha! Reversal of fortun-" Wait, did Mercade just Mario Jump? Avira's actually a little distracted by this! "Hehehe."
Hades "Oh wow! Look at that! The school teacher takes down the Barmaid! This is getting HOT in here ladies and germs!" Hades winks towards the Camera, and for everyone at home, the camera moves over Maira jumping up and down again.

"Look at that ladies and gentlemen! The Program tries to get ahead, but the DETECTIVE isn't having any of that! It looks like he was a sleeper! Waiting for the right moment to bust a cap! Or in this case, a program!" The crowd cheers! "Lets see if Mercade can get that one up!"

Faruja tries to move ahead, but suddenly PILLAR OF FLAME! "Ouch! I guess the pillars aren't gone yet!" there is a massive cheer from the audience! "But it seems the fans think that he got what he deserved! I like to call that...just deserts!"

"Geeze, this kid with the hair is just some sort of bad luck black hole! Luck goes in, but never escapes!" Hades comments, before he goes flying at Avira, but Avira isn't having ANY OF THAT!

"And by the way, this race is brought to you by the END OF LINE, located in some place called The Grid!" Hades taps his cards, as a image of the grid appears, the building...looking a LOT like the Empire state bui-oh wait. "A hot new hip club for the hip program or lucky user! Become a member today! The uncool, need not apply!" Hades says, brushing his 'hair' back.

"I think they'll make an exception, because I am /too hot/ to handle." Hades pauses, "Oh right, the race."
Mercade Alexander Mercade bounces from Deelel, flying through the air and coming straight down on Faruja as he attempts to attack Mercade! Unfortunately for Faruja, Mario won the console war against Sonic, so BOOP! 200! Mercade flies on, just in time for Deelel to bean him in the back of the head with a Disc! Mercade flails as he hits the ground, stumbling and losing valuable speed. He looks at the others, and frowns, considering his next move...
Aerith Okay, so. Avira is in front. Well in front, in fact. Aerith has a big red sign that says NOPE in her head, so she decides to use her staff in an attempt to trip her up! Hopefully it works and she gets somewhat ahead, because it's just about over... no hard feelings, right Avira?
Faruja Senra Faruja isn't in much of a position to really appreciate anyone's hatred or displeasure at the moment, stuck in his spin dash. He's also rather glad he hasn't eaten in a while, as the Burmecian otherwise would have emptied his stomach. Thank Faram for small miracles.

Eventually, however, the ratling rolls back onto his feet, a detective-sized shoeprint on the back of his head. Augh! Spin dash, you fail him!

The end is in sight! Ruuuun rat, run! "Come now, Faruja, you can do this! No falling behind!" He can't lose! For Manhattan! Urrrrgh!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart manages to catch up after her bad fall from Quistis. Well, everything goes in a race like this, she can't blame her. She's done a few dirty attacks of her own, really, especially knocking down Deelel like she's been doing so she doesn't get ahead of the rest too far.

But this round she decided to simply run, the others taking care of those ahead apparently, leaving her enough leniance to be undisturbed during this lenght. The goal is getting so much closer, its going to be a close call at this rate!
Avira Avira pulls ahead a little farther and, after glancing over her shoulder to see if Reize has been left behind, she notices that she's actually managed to take the lead. Not only that, but the finish line was SO CLOSE. Only a few more feet and she'd make it! With just one more burst of speed...!

All she had to do was not get distracted, especially by hilarious Mercade antics. Still, Avira grips her shield just a little bit harder as she runs.
Emi Dennou The cat, predictably, CHOMPS into Ami's hand. She flings it away from her body with a shriek and it flies towards QUISTIS but suddenly, it veers off course, and spins in a circular manner towards the back of Reize's head where it will sink its claws. Reize has really bad luck.

Ami sniffs lightly and starts wrapping a bandage around her hand. She is pretty hurt by that, you see!

She glances about after finishing her work, shaking out her hand.
Deelel There is no more time for gamees at this pioing she's nearing the end, she's almost there but things are just getting crazy really. he does notice Reize isn't doing well and grimaces for her friend but she's got to rpess on for now. as she recovers her disk.
Quistis Trepe
"Don't store fish or fish-based dishes in your hair!" Quistis advises Reize.

She keeps on truckin' and/or eating pizza in real life, glancing back - and the ahead - "What - Tifa got ahead of me again!?"
Reize Seatlan Wait, what?


The cat has bit him. The cat has its claws sunk onto him. The boy twitches so many times.


Reize is running. He's running. He is flailing, "OWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!" The advice by Quistis will be noted AFTER he finishes dealing with the pain of the cat clinging onto him.
Hades "200 folks! Mercade is goin-" DISK TO THE HEAD! "Well. Today is a sad day in sports entertainment! The chain was broken, by a Disc to the head." There is a low murmur across the ground, as Sad Violin plays for Mercade's dead jump streak.

However, the crowd cheers for Mercade anyway, for he GOOMBA stomped the rat regardless. "The detective just took the rat out back with the shotgun, just like Sega did with the Sonic series! HIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Avira pulls ahead of the pack... "And here they come! The final stretch of the race is at hand! It's still ANYONE'S GAME!"

Reize is catted! Hades looks horrified, "Yzma?! Er I mean.." "But where is the flower girl? In the dust of her opponents, it looks like!" he pauses, "Is using a cat allowed? Even I'm not that evil. I have standards man."

"This race brought to you by Dovahclean. When your armor is tarnished by the weathers and tries of adventuring, DOVAHCLEAN shines it right up, making it look like the day you picked it off the dead bandits you brutally murdered! Remember, it's not clean, unless it's DOVAHCLEAN!"

"And now the final streeeetch!"
Emi Dennou Ami shakes her hand out, her run slowing down somewhat. She stops near the finish line and then spins on a heel to look towards Faruja.

She stuffs her hands in her pockets, looks from side to side awkwardly, and then reaches forward towards Faruja....and scuffs her foot across the ground and--


--ends up kicking the banana peel from earlier in Faruja's way.

"Ah--nevermind!!!" She says and turns and runs all the way across the finish line sob sob why can't she just be honest about how she wants to pet his nose???
Aerith It's close... Too close for comfort. Somehow almost everyone crosses the line all at once, but she seems to be the last one. Not like she minds any, flowergirl had fun! Aerith jogged over toward Tifa, seemingly uninjured and only slightly short of breath with a grin. "Hey, way to go Tifa~"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews as the last dash ahead manages to bring her into the lead spot! Right through the finish line! Actually her stride was like an inch behind Avira, but the photo finish that they took *unexplicably* says that they crossed at the same time.
Faruja Senra Banana peel! Trip! Faruja goes tumbling tail over head, in a far less graceful spindash. The rat lands in a little dizzy pile of Burmecian. /.@

"...Lord forgive me my sins! And stop the room from spinning!" Oh, Karma, you are a jerk. At least the rat's nose is at nice petting level for a certain devious Dennou.
Reize Seatlan Reize is moving along!

However, that is not all! Reize is getting assaulted by the flying squirrel! So now Reize has a vicious cat clinging on one side of the face, a flying squirrel on th other side of his face...

And why not?

A giant snake is slithering around the boy.


By the time the boy crosses he finish line, he is rolling along.

"Ffftt," hisses the cat.
"EEE EEEK!" cries the squirrel.
"Hssssssss," hisses the snake.

Idly, a honey badger with a mushroom on its back is approaching.
Deelel Deelel just about stumbles across the fisnish line just having barely made it and she is breathing hard, it's soemthing suprising but something she's had to get used to being like she is now. She looks back to see Faruja "Are you all right and Reize?! Are you all right?!"
Quistis Trepe
Quistis is about two paces behind Tifa, which is certainly creditable. For some reason, she's grimacing in the photo finish.
Reize Seatlan "...If someone can get the snake, the cat, and a squirrel off of me... I think so..."

Reize answers Deelel.
Avira Being in the lead lends itself well to wariness. Since it was acceptable to attack other people, being in front technically puts a target on her back. At what is perhaps the exact time needed, Avira whirls around with her shield lifted and manages to deflect Aerith's attack with enough force that both go flying in opposite directions.

Avira's own momentum is hijacked to send her sliding over the finish line backwards. She grinds to a stop on the other side of the line, which she sees at her feet.

"...woohoo!" Avira straightens and pumps a fist. Qualified hero! But at the same time...

Hades is given a wary glance.
Mercade Alexander Mercade needs speed, and he needs it now. He pours it on in an attempt to get to the finish line, watching for counter attacks.

No one can, however, prepare for a massive and heavy and improperly-cooked egg smashing into him. Mercade is bowled over, ending up in a goopy mess as he staggers across the finish line and flops onto his face, oozing eggy badness.

He's going to remember this one.
Avira After Mercade has a gigantic egg thrown at him, that wary gaze at Hades turns into something else. Why, it very much looks like a disapproving frown in Hades' direction instead.
Hades "It's a PHOTO FINISH!" Hades says, standing up from his seat. The rating machine BINGS once, and then promptly explodes! "YES! Season two!" he exclaims!

Tifa and Avira photo finish! They crossed exactly at the same time! They both claim first place!

Second is claimed by Quistis Trepe. Third is claimed by Emi Dennou, and fourth by Deelel!

These are your qualifiers. They are gathered up, and placed on the stand as Hades walks over to them. "Congratulations!" he says, pointing at them...

Avira and Tifa get half of a gold metal, but each has their own ribbon to wrap around their necks. Quistis gets a silver, and Emi gets a bronze.

Deelel gets nothing, except the ability to participate in the gaaaaaames!

"Well congrats! You girls can rest, and make sure to be here for the start of the game ceremony! All our winners and heroes will be honored in a special will die for!"

With that Hades walks away, before disappearing into a puff of brimstone! Hades gives absolutely no <GOOSEHONKS>!
Lenn Lenn hops down from the stands, and hurries to Reize's side, worriedly.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart moves up to the podium, smiling and waving to the crowd (for the required picture taking), holding her medal up. She puts an arm around Avira too, since they are kinda bumping into each other on the single podium step. Apparently they didn't think about ties!
Emi Dennou It will be to die for?

Emi wonders at this point why again they were so determined to win in the first place.
Quistis Trepe
"I always thought silver was more my color," Quistis says to the cameras when they come by (after a brief look at this OTHER person who's all pals with Tifa, and a somewhat more dubious one at the unsettling face of Dennou).
Avira Grinning, Avira slips her nearest arm around Tifa's shoulders too. "Woohoo!" She, of course, does the whole waving thing with the other hand for the sake of the cameras.

She had to wonder about Hades' words though. To die for? He couldn't mean that literally. If he killed all his contestants, there'd be nothing to film. Or maybe, like the random fireballs and pillars of fire in the race, he was going to make it 'interesting.'

After podium time is done, Avira hops down and heads for the slimed Mercade.
Emi Dennou Ami looks over to Quistis, perplexed. She has a bronze shiny that Emi will probably steal for her horde later. "Hello." She tells Quistis, bowing her head. "Congratulations on silver, this one says." She looks over to Mercade and seems rather worried since, well, Mercade has egg on his face. She'll go on the podium but will keep her head down.
Faruja Senra Faruja slowly gets himself onto his feet. Sigh. "Humility is a virtue, Faruja." He mutters to himself, before making his way over, smiling.

"Congratulations, all of you! Well raced!" Cura's all around! No one's walking away with burns or shell-bumps today. The egg might have to stay, though.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to Quistis as well, and offers her a hand "No hard feelings, it was a game." She fought with Quistis once, she knows she's good. Tifa isn't one to hold any bad feelings toward those that don't deserve it really.

She looks over to everyone "I'm inviting all of the participants for a drink at the Cloud Nine, my treat today~"
Maira Maira goes absolutely wild, leaping and spinning and running out onto the field (if allowed) to hug the heck out of Avira. "YOU DID IT! YAAAAY!" she says, then goes to hug Tifa as well. "Congrats! Eee!"

Then, over to Faruja, who she casts a little water spell on before hugging him as well. "You did great! That was...kinda wacky..."

She turns then and waves to everyone. "You all did awesome! Wooohoo! OU! DRINKY TIME!" Maira then exclaims as she hears Tifa's offer.

Faruja Senra A water spell. A blessed, wonderful water spell. "Maira. My friend. You are a Faram-send." If he weren't on tv, he'd hug her. Pom poms!

And drinks. Suddenly, the day just got better. What could possibly go wrong from here?
Reize Seatlan While Lenn is dealing with Reize to get him untangled from the snake, squirrel, and the badger leaping at him...

Faruja will have the mix of a visitor. There is a flash of blue passing by, likely scooping the poor mouse.

"Yaaaaayyyy! Snow Mouse King is the winner!"

Ahoy, Faruja's kidnapped by a small child in blue!
Faruja Senra Faruja's been RATNAPPED!

"Oh, Faram help me, unhand me! Why did I have to think that!? My free driiiiiinks!" Then it got /worse/.
Emi Dennou "I knew Sanel was here!" Umi shouts.

Ami frowns and watches after them.
Aerith Aerith put a hand on Tifa's shoulder. "That was amazing. I didn't think you could run that fast!" She gave the blonde nearby a glance. "Didn't know you'd made a new friend while I was over there trying to beat Mercade."

This scene contained 132 poses. The players who were present were: Reize Seatlan, Faruja Senra, Mercade Alexander, Tifa Lockhart, Quistis Trepe, Avira, Deelel, Maira, Lenn, Aerith, Hades, Emi Dennou