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(2013-01-22 - 2013-01-28)
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Deelel It's the evening the sun has set and most of the Seekers have gone about their business. Deelel was always a strange one. The way she talked, never refered to self as a hume or a human. Not to mention the talk that would make Reize's eyes glaze over in cofusion. There was strange sounds coming from the garden it was clearly music but it was alien. To this world it was not done by voice oe any insturment many would know what it sounded like. There was a pulsing beat to it but the music uitself seemed almost sad after a fashion and very haunting from the sound of it. Just what was going on out there?
Lily The sun's set and it's supposed to be dark. But here in the garden, it's not yet dark enough. Torchlight suddenly illuminates the garden... or at least any passerby would think that. A closer inspiration reveals that the ball of light simply hangs in the air, flickering and crackling, its source of fuel seemingly just the faint aura of light given off by the girl in white who just headed outside from HQ to tend to the garden.

Vegetables and flowers abound, but over in one corner is a bunch of... weeds. Lots and lots of weeds. Some of them blooming. There is a clear delineation between the weeds, and flat, unsown soil, and the rows of growing other things.

And yet the moment Lily's outside, that flame ignited to light the area up above her, she starts glancing around for the source of the music and tromping about for the source....
Deelel Deelel is sitting on the edge of a fountain holding a strnge chess board like device and pressing pannels on it amnd the strange music contiuens in the low light something might be strange about the strange tattoos on deelel's arms they are glowing a faint blue. he seems lost in what she's doing as she doesn't notice that Lilly is there and her strange song contiunes.
Lily Lily's approach is very quiet. It will be incredibly hard to hear her walking up behind Deelel, eyes full of curiosity and childish wonder as she gets up on her tippytoes and tries to look over Deelel's shoulder from a few feet back, the orb of fire swinging further back.

There is someone behind you Deelel, and they're all kinds of lit up!
Deelel Deelel prehaps she's better aware of her surrodings than she seems to be as as someone comes up behind her and peers over her shoulder she pauyses her preformace and hlooks over at her. "Greetings, didn't think I'd have much of an audiance tonight."
Lily "That was really different music! Nobody makes noises like that like that!" Lily chimes out merrily, leaning back now that Deelel's taken notice of her, as if self-conscious about the personal space issue.
Deelel Deelel doesn't seem to have any issues with personal space, she's a program after all. "It's perfectly normal to me and I noticed it's just a strnge int his world. I'm glad you liked it though some find it not to their liking or even call it just noise." She seems offended by that. "It's hard to take someone insulting what you were made to do. So your ID's lily right?" She smiles a bit. "I don't think we ever really met for long with how busy around here things seem to be I'm Deelel."
Lily "I-... ID? My name's that.. What's an Eye Dee?" Lily scratches her cheek confoundedly, but this perplexion doesn't slow her down at all. "And we haven't spoken much at all! I've seen you about sometimes though. Welcome to my garden!"

This is probably the only time she's called ANYTHING hers. She's not even called her clothes hers much.
Deelel Deelel says "Sorry your name. ID is what's normally used for the term where I'm from." She pauses for a moment seemingly very impressed. "You were able to bring this order out of the natural chaos of this world call me impressed." She grins widely at Lily and seems to be in a good mood. "ID is short for idenifcation. " Her exposed arm's tattoos are clearly glowing faintly if Lily is paying attention. "You have a lot to be proud of here."
Lily "O-ohhh... and yes, it wasn't easy either. There's all these weeds, or so Ivo calls them." Lily gestures broadly at the corner of the garden where she has... meticulously replanted pretty much everything that would normally be tossed out, burned, or otherwise disposed of. Weeds of all kinds. They're thriving for now, but also choking each other out.

"And they grow without being planted here, and keep coming back. Ivo says they should be thrown out, but I don't really understand it. They don't give us anything useful, but throwing them out seems mean... so I moved them over there... and now there's not much room and there's always more weeds. I don't know what to DOOOOOooo...."
Deelel Deelel says "No it wouldn't b4e caving out such a system out here." She looks about for a moment nodding "Sounds like grid bugs honestly to me." She admits thinking about the lethal pests from back hom. "Some things are stubborn, every part of a systerm has a place so long as it's doing it's proper job. I'm afraid I know little about plants, I didn't know such things existed till a few months ago."
Lily "System... bugs?" Lily once again scratches her cheek at these unfamiliar words, but eventually jst sprouts a huge, silly grin. "Don't feel too bad! I didn't know about anything either until about the same."
Deelel Deelel says "The cloest thing you might understand to them are like the wild anirmals out beyond the city. Things of no purpose that can cause problems. Humm more like what you'd consider a rat really. THen an proper animal, as for plant I mean I couldn't even envusion them as a concept existing."
Lily "They do do useful things though. They provide food, I hear... it's where meat comes from sometimes. I don't get it though. Meat looks nothing like a rabbit or chicken." Yup, she is baffled about a lot of things too indeed.

"I think I understand though. Wild, sometimes dangerous things that come out of nowhere and might bite you and it hurts."
Deelel Deelel says "Because it's redice to it's base parts." She shrugs a little bit she doesn't quite get it either really herself. "Honestly before I came to this world I only needed to drink energy and that was it honestly. Yes grid bugs are dangeorus like that if not more so."
Lily "I thought Priel was like that earlier!" Lily announces matter-of-factly, only to add a few moments later, with a bit of regret, "But I was wrong. She's not quite that. A lot of things aren't what they seem." The girl in white adjusts her robe then gazes up at Deelel a bit more carefully. "... So what brings you here? It seems I fell out of the sky."
Deelel Deelel says "Well I come from another world it's been taken over by a tyrant I came here hoping to find help but he followed me here. He's not putting this world at risk." She frowns "And it's had to explain why he's such a threat to many of you. I ... won't lie this is an world beyond descruption but I miss my home..."
Lily Very quickly Deelel would find her hands grabbed and squeezed comfortingly by Lily for a good several seconds. But then... "Another world...? Ah, everyone seems to be from different ones. I've never seen the one I'm from. I'm not sure if I am even am!" Lily states worriedly, then seats herself on a chair that's pressed against the HQ's outer walls, hands on her knees! "What's a tyrant?"
Deelel Deelel seems to accept the comfort well enough from the young uster. "Very diferent my world is very alien to this one or any of the other ones." she frowns "You have to be from somewhere right everying has to be created. As for ... a Tyrant a ... ruler who does not act out of any concern for their subjects. So long as the system ran he did not care, and any who belived in our creators and refused to recant were rounded up to save the games untill we were drezzed."
Lily "I never saw it." Lily answers somewhat sadly, shaking her head, then focuses her whole attention on listening.

Which she does.

Until it's finally over.

"De...rezzed? I don't like the sound of it, whatever it is... "
Deelel Deelel says "Well you have a home now, right here. As for what it means I'm sorry for of habit it means killed. My world is nothing like this, there's not even a sun there. Buildings, vechiles, people all generate their own light."
Lily Lily immediately winces, shoulders bunching up and a shudder passing through her. "... mrgh... why would anyone be like that?! So many are like that..." She just shakes her head rapidly in clear denial of this news! "But that world... sounds pretty! Everyone glowing... heehee..."
Deelel Deelel says "You have to understand every one of my kind are created for a purpose or task. We are born knowing what we're to do. The MCP as he's known was the admin for the system and it gets from there more control. Still it's a long story. I was forced into death games, I had to fight to stay alive but you know it is. I done a few paintints of it one in Tranverse town and there's one here in the city."
Lily "Death... games?! GAMES? What... WHY? I don't understand..." LIly is understandably HORRIFIED at this news, she all but jumps out of her seat with anger on her face! "... this world... life... I don't know what it is, there's so many horrible things with all the good ones..."
Deelel Deelel says "It wasn't always like this, it really wasn't it used to be a free system. Some of us are old enough to remeber I barely do. Others remeber it well when our users would still be able to talk to us. This world isn't perfect but it created mine I can't really complain."
Lily Lily shakes her head after a few moments of confused staring. "I don't really understand half the words you use... but it sounds like things there aren't a lot better than here."
Deelel Deelel says "I'm sorry I'm trying to confusing it's just not the easist thing to explain to someone from a world that doesn't have computers." She frowns a little bit still kicking herself. How does she explain what she is, she may need to drag people to the gird to just flat out /show/ them rather than tell them. "Hope isn't lost but it's not looking good, no."
Lily "Computers... even that word means nothing to me! Sorry, Dee.. deelel!" Lily for a moment looked like she wasn't going to be able to remember or pronounce the name but after a moment of headscratching gets it out triumphantly. "Mm.. how do we make things better though? The darkness keeps coming from nowhere!"
Deelel Deelel says "I'll have to show you at some point I think. "Not all darkness comes like the heartless some of it is from ourselves and our own errors. However humm let me show you something." She gets up sets her instrumebt down and pulls a stange glowing rod off her leg a moment later it rezzes a wire frame of what looks like a motor cycle about her and then fully fills in conealing Deelel inside it for the moment.
Lily "Wha... what's this?!" Lily backs away quickly, startled by this strange appearance. "Be careful not to crush the plants, they're fragile!" IN fact they're the first thing she glances... to make sure Deelel's on normal soil, not the garden's precious vegetable supply. But she's quickly looking over this new thing... leaning in to examine it. "Huh... it's not magic.... "
Deelel She has been careful in how she placed the cycle on the ground. She's letting Lily jus5 look it over. She grins a little moment as the cover derezzes for the moment. She seems to basically be huging the frame of the bike. "No it is not magic, I still don't understnad magic much myself. To put it simply the rod is able to build this on command so long as I have power for it."
Lily "But what does it DO? I see the wheels, but it's not like any wagon I've ever seen!" Lily looks up now from her leaning-over peering, right up into Deelel's eyes, grinning playfully!
Deelel Deelel seems amuse at how intereted Lily is. "It's how to put it a very distant decentand of the wagon. It's self powered it can move on it's own so long as it's got power. I didn't think it would be a good idea to do so, in the garden. It's knowna s a light cycle because of the jet wall it can leave in it's wake. Though it tend to be used as a means of combat. Still it's more fun to just take the thing out for a ride. We could go... go for a ride. I can derezz it here and we can go out into town. Trust me it will be fun! I'll bet you never gone so fast before."
Lily "O-oh... that does sound good! If it's faster than that one time I flew around... that wasn't easy. I haven't gotten airborn since..." Lily seems a bit regretful at that, too. She reaches out to tap the Light Cycle though, curious about just what it's MADE OUT OF.
Deelel IT sounds odd like metal for the most part ot some sort of other similar material. Deelel hits a button on the control bars and the craft vanishes in a burst of light as it derezzes. She takes hold of the rod and starts for the exit to the gardens. "Come on, lets get to it and you can fly? Users keep suprising me every day. Let alone there being several species of them."
Lily "whoooah..." The Cycle that was there, it's GONE now. Lily blinks at this. "Where do you get these things? There's nothing like that around here-- oh... is flying unusual? I'm still not sure what made it happen. The wind was really worked up and it carried me easily but... it hasn't been that way since... users?"
Deelel Deelel is now heading out and she says "I got it from the gaming grid. Recall the forced fights, I stole it during my escape. As for flying yes, most people even basics tend to walk under their own powere. ERr humans, people whatever you wish to call yourselves."
Lily "... Your guess is good as mine. Ivo had to explain what races were to me. I wondered if people weree wearing masks after someone explained those to me." LIly scratches a cheek. "Life is really... com... complicated." She takes time to articulate the word, then follows along with Deelel.
Deelel Deelel says "It's rife with chaos, so much chaos in this world it scares me some times to be honest now hang on to me." She'll make sure Lily is hanging on before she activess the bike. It forms about the two, it's a bit snug but not uncomfortable at all. "hang on cause here we go!" With a strange noise the engine powers off and the two head off for a somewhat wild ride.

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