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(2013-01-22 - 2013-01-26)
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Faruja Senra After the recent attacks upon the city proper, Fluorgis is in a bit of a bind. The supplies of medicine, though not inconsiderable given it's status as a merchant city, has slowly been decreased to dangerous levels. Missing adventurers and the local militia's lack of thorough training (read: mookdom), has only exacerbated the problem. Many of the supplies have been stockpiled into a single warehouse, item stores giving rather generously in the effort to defend their homes and save lives. A call has been put out for any spare supplies from the other denizens of Fluorgis to be delivered as well to the brown, decidedly square building with its large wooden doors. A pair of local militia guard the entranceway.

On top of the city's medicinal problems, rumor has it that local animals have been going missing for the past two days roughly around the general neighborhood of the warehouse, much to the sorrow of pet owners in the city. Posters for dogs, cats, gimme cats, and the occasional chocobo are posted on walls and lamp posts.

Missing pets, however, sadly isn't on the list of one Faruja Senra's priorities. No, the recently returned Templar has in his arms a care package from the Church; more healing supplies of various sorts. Stopping before the doors, he sets down the crate, sighing in relief. That thing's heavy! The two militia toss a salute, which is swiftly returned. "Oi, guv, thanks fer tha supplies."

Off in the distance, one might spot a dust cloud in the general direction of the desert. Not unusual in and of itself, but there winds aren't exactly blowing hard today...
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has been in fluorgis quite a few times recently it seems. With all of the troubles, seems like this city is a disaster magnet.

Maybe because Reize's HQ is here? Who knows. Its a theory.

Either way, Tifa decided to stick around a bit more, and apparently was right, with the supplies and pets missing at the same time, something odd is going on quite obviously. She steps over to the small grouping around Faruja, tilting her head a bit as she wonders what's the plan... She doesn't know the city well, she doesn't think that just walking around at random would produce results. Maybe the others have better ideas.
Gesandte The all to common ground shakeningly sight of the giant man known as Gesandte is noticed again as he walks down the lane. The rumors and posters of missing animals has drawn him here to seek out perhaps why and to offer support. Even animals deserve peace of rests and prayer should they require it, so his job is as it always is to find and provide sollice for those that need it.

He spots some familiar face from his vantage point, so clearly something more is going on, cause surely people just don't randomly show up to places where nothings going on right? What kind of sillyness would that be. He moves closer, "Mr Faruja, a pleasure to meet you again. Though under less then simple or pleasant times."
Rinoa Heartilly Seeking to expand her horizons, and to help Tifa out with more mercenary jobs not to mention getting over her fear of fighting alone had brought Rinoa out to the desert city. Of course she is not alone, but has her faithful dog Angelo at her side and at the ready for whatever comes next.

Of course she'd heard of the recent troubles that had afflicted Fluorgis lately. She had a feeling it would be a while before things calmed down. Having heard of missing pets and supplies was a red flag, and she kept Angelo close, uncertain of why people were stealing pets..Would they come after Angelo next? Only time would tell!

She smiles and waves as she sees Tifa, quickenning her pace to meet her and the others, recognizing Faruja from the fiends' temple fiasco. "Tifa, Faruja! Hi!" She calls out brightly, Angelo yapping and wagging her tail.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and leans down to Angelo, taking out a treat from one of the front pockets of her apron.She always has a treat for a random Angelo appearance. "Hi Rinoa, nice of you to join in. The place been infested with troubles recently. Be glad you missed the frong king episode, ugh."
Faruja Senra The sight of familiar faces has Faruja smiling, the ratling bowing to the trio of Tifa, Gesandte, and Rinoa. Smile. Though loving animals as much as the next non-cold-hearted-person, the rat feels the weight of responsibility sinking in when he spies Angelo. Leaning down, he pets the dog on the ears. Well. Time to get to work.

"Lady Lockhart, Lady Heartilly, Ser Gesandte, 'tis an honor! Lord bless Dames and Ser! Quite, most terrible indeed. Supplies all but gone, and now the poor defenseless animals stolen from their beds? Horrible. I assume you all have come to investigate?"

Off in the distance, the dust cloud seems to be moving, growing bigger. Whatever's causing it is of decent size, and highly unusual. The rat doesn't seem to notice.

A claw goes to his own nose. "I imagine the culprit has stored the animals in one place...far too many to scatter about. Mayhap with my nose...and our dear canine friend's, we may be able to, ahh, sniff them out as it were. Would the three of you be willing to assist me in their arrest?"

The guards just yawn, and take the supplies in.

"Oi. Wunder wut's got tha' dust all up and about, eh, Jeeves?"

"Not a damn clue Mart. Don't care Mart."

She has dragged Emi over to Fluorgis to help investigate. She is staring at the poster as Emi, boredly, stares ahead as blankly as ever. When others arrive, they turn to look at them, simultaneously. Emi further turns to look off in the distance. There is a dust cloud? Emi isn't immediately alarmed, those things are common in the desert right? She isn't sure, having never lived in a desert properly until she assigned Imi to the Shard Seekers.

"...We have to help those animals." Ami says. She looks over to Faruja and gives him a firm nod
Minerva Minerva had head abotu the problem. She knew pets were but anaimals but they foten became friends, family to their owners. Also they were imporant vermin control things in her world. They would keep the plague rats and such away from the home. So here she was and she nods slightly to Faruja "Yes, I assme we take the brigands alive?" After all a lot of laws could end with exuction in Ivliance it's the way it was.
Gesandte The giant but nods as he listens, "Yes, the vanishing animals. I had come hoping to find them alive, or if not pray for their ascendence into the next life where they could find happyness once more." He doesn't notice the dust cloud as he's more busy talking to Faruja, and not paying attention to a conversation is clearly not a good thing to do.

"Though these lack of supplies does not bode well either. To many innocent people here, to not have the things required to aid them in their times of need, not good at all." He takes a glancing look over at the new arrival Rinoa and her puppy dog, giving them a curt nod of acknowledgement of their being there, as well as the others that arrive, always nice to have others around to help out in odd situations such as this.
Rinoa Heartilly "Frog king? What?" Rinoa blinks back at Tifa as Angelo gratefully accepts tasty treats, busily nibbling away on the cookie as Rinoa scratches her head. "Seriously? What happened?" She makes a face, "Did people get turned into frogs or something? Wow, this place sure attracts a lot of trouble.."

When Gesandte arrives, Rinoa peers waaay up at the giant of a man, quite startled at his massive size. Angelo however just moves over towards Gesandte and starts to sniff him curiously, tail wagging slowly - all of this after she's given Tifa and Faruja the usual friendly greeting given to those she is already familiar with of course! "Oh..Hi! My name is Rinoa.." She states to Gesandte, Ami and Minerva once they arrive. She doesn't recognize either of them, but it's good to be polite!

Rinoa nods back to Faruja, determined to help out! "Of course! I'll do anything I can to help! But I wonder, do you have anything belonging to the culprits, or the missing supplies or pets that we can use to track 'em down?" She smiles, "Angelo has been trained to sniff stuff out, but she will need a reference point..."

Wait a minute, what's that cloud of dust steadily moving towards them? "Oh! What's going on over there?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to the cloud of dust too, hmming "I have no idea... but I'm guessing its the trouble we talked about." She takes a step toward it too, looking over to Rinoa "You nailed it, Frog King, I got turned into one twice, and then kissed Reize to turned him back to normal too." She blehs a bit. Not at the kiss, but rather the slimy feeling of beign a frog. It still sticks to her.
Faruja Senra For once, Faruja doesn't have to guess at which Legion he's talking to, as Ami makes a firm nod. The rat returns it. "Indeed. 'Twould be a crime most dire to allow this horrid act to go unpunished! The animals of Fluorgis are as much its citizens as the humes, and Viera, and whathaveyou that live here!" Despite his initial reluctance, the rat's getting into the idea of finding the poor things.

Minerva gets a nod from the Templar. "Yes, I do believe the authorities would appreciate the culprits alive. Do not be afraid to defend yourselves, however."

A sad shake of his head in Gesandte's direction, and the rat is already putting his nose to work. Sniff! Sniff sniff! "Let us pray it does not come to that, Ser Gesandte...hmm?"

Faruja's in the middle of pulling out a collar, when Rinoa points out the growing dust cloud. Indeed, strangely enough, the dust cloud looks like it's moved into the city streets, and is growing larger by the minute.

Bark. Woof! Meow! Wark! Moments pass, and sounds filter out towards the group. Should Angelo sniff the collar? The scent points down the streets. Towards the dust cloud.

Faruja winces, rubbing his head at the memory of that debacle. "...A horrible encounter indeed."

As it enters the city proper, dust slowly gives way. A little merchant woman yells out "Stampede!". The dust cloud had been concealing a large gaggle of animals! Cats, dogs, and even a couple of chocobos are racing towards the supplies warehouse! On top, strange little orange-cover beings ride them, some having put saddles upon poor innocent kitties and bounce along on the backs of rather frightened looking doggies! Heartless are using pets as mounts!

Worst of all, one of the chocobos is piled on with several Bouncywilds, all sitting on the bird's back in a circle. Unlike the others, they're not looking where they're stampeding even as the chocobo tramples a jewelry stand. No, one bouncywild puts down a card from its hands in a game of triple triad.

Today, Fluorgis must weather the horror of Cardgames on Chocobos.
Minerva Minerva says "Tis a minor crime but a heartless one." She looks about for a moment "I never would do anything else but.." he looks aabout as she readies herseldf she hears the creature and pauses as she moves in but then there's a Stampede? Oh dear s the chocobos are coming in she sees the creatures of the darkness. "DAMEONS!" She calls out a warning

She's then breaking into an attack she's already going to try to do a flying kick and kock some o the heartless down. She's got no tolerance for card games on chocobos unless your name is gilgamesh.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart might be interested in play Triple Triad, but not on top of a chocobo, and not against heartless. She blinks though, clearly not up to speed on how that's even possible. She scratches her cheek with a finger pensively. Nope, still doesn't make any sense.

"Well, looks like we won' thave to search too far for the missing pets..." But right now, there's a need to stop them, or intercept them.

She brings two fingers to her mouth, whislting loudly. It only takes a moment for a bright red chocobo to appear behind Tifa, its neck stretching down as Tifa jumps up. The chocobo catches the barmaid, and craning its neck back up, slides Tifa into the seat comfortably with a happy 'wark~' "Let's do this Premium." She pats her chocobo's mane, as she springs toward the dust cloud.

A quick turn, and she's right beside the group of heartless, matching the speed. She stands up on top of her chocobo... and then leaps right at the stampede, using the other chocobos as footing to unleash her fistful fury.

No, you didn't trigger a trap card, you just found a barmaid.
Gesandte Ges look down at the girl, he offers a smile, "Hello there Miss Rinoa, it is an honor to meet you. You may call me Gesandte." Then being notified of the sand storm he turns just intime to see the crazay stampeded of animals with odd little creatures on their backs, well surely thats no good at all.

He turns fully around, "It seems, we have an answer, and even more questions." Well even if those are or are not the missing animals, they are surely innocent creatures that deserve no harm, thus making this a bit difficult and odd to deal with to say the least.

He was about to do something, when one of the other new people decided to do something instead, and welp an attack is on, surely thats not gonna end up well, plus them being attached to those animals is going to make his job a lot harder. But perhaps he'll let the others attack first, to gauge how best he should handle it.
Emi Dennou Dameons? What? Emi quirks an yeebrow at the unexpected term. Ami smiles faintly at Faruja's enthusiasm that he didn't have before but apparently now does?! Indeed. But the two at least don't bring up that one time with Hades right now.

As the stamped moves closer and cloooser, Emi squints. They're not desirous to harass chocobos, naturally and so after some thought, the two glance at each other and decide to fight carefully.

Which is why they both draw out rifles and start firing, intending to plug Heartless off of pets. This is, of course, totally reasonable to them.
Rinoa Heartilly Angelo does indeed sniff the collar..But it doesn't take long for her to find the trail of the culprits..She barks and rushes at the cloud of dust. Rinoa blinks..Then sweatdrops as she sees what is coming. "what..On earth are those!?" but, it seems they've already solved the problem of the missing pets..And their captors. How very strange!

"Be careful not to hurt the animals!" It hardly has to be said, but Rinoa says it anyways, as she leaps onto Tifa's chocobo behind her, and launches her blaster edge at the approaching group, aiming for the heartless cards on top of the creatures. Good thing her weapon's perfect for such precise work! She follows with a blast of wind, trying to knock the critters off the animals' backs!
Faruja Senra Minerva's flying kick strikes true, flying over a trio of kitties and their riders to smack right into one of the Triple Triad playing Bouncywilds! The little heartless is sent flying away, landing in a heap before poofing into little whisps of darkness. The chocobo warks in protest, wildly veering off course, knocking into several of its companions. Three chocobo-shaped holes are now in the front doors of a few shopkeepers, whereupon their riders are ejected as the smelly birds come to a halt. Poof! More heartless gone, and three animals rescued. Triple triad cards float in the air, kicked up by the continuing stampede!

Unfortunately, Minerva's right in the way of the stampede, and so is our party!

Faruja smiles as Tifa gets up on her own chocobo, turning back to the militia. "YOU TWO! Bar the gates and get inside! Move as many empty crates as you can to strengthen it should we be unable to contain them! 'Tis no doubt their target!"

Salute! "Whuteva you say guv!" The doors to the warehouse open, and the pair get to work on just that.

"Do what you can, but do not harm the animals if it can be avoided!" he calls out to the others, before he too whistles. Flapping wings herald Arista's arrival, the white scaled wyvern snorting in irritation. Leaping atop her, he takes to the sky. After ascending a bit, the wyvern and her rider swoop down, buzzing the stampeding animals as Arista roars. Several doggies and kitties yelp and hiss at the edges of the large pack of animals, ducking off into alleyways, their riders slipping off only to be trampled by more animals.

Tifa's charging attack upon her mighty steed bears fruit, catching one chocobo's monkey-like tormenter right in the face! Smash! The little bird goes warking off into a side street, only to eventually calm down. A stall with a lot of pillows is claimed, whereupon the chocobo curls up to sleep. Wark! Stampeding is tough work. But the heartless don't take kindly to Tifa, and charging dogs seek to tangle up Premium Heart's legs and other chocobos stamped right for her!

The two gun-wielding Dennous find less success, a flurry of pellets shot at their bullets from the Heartless' little slingshots that they pull out from collars and feathery necks! No heartless are hit, but thankfully nothing feathery or fluffy are harmed either. Those pellets might not feel good should the ladies not be able to evade them! Several pellets are sent Faruja and Arista's way as well!

Overall, the pack of animals is thinning, but the joyriding bouncywilds grow more angered, as they turn their wrath upon the party!
Faruja Senra Thankfully, Rinoa's precise shots with her unique weapon too bear fruit, knocking off a fluffy persian's rider, as well as a tiny corgy puppy's demon! Progress is being made!
Tifa Lockhart Even being in the middle of the stampede doesn't daunt the barmaid. She hops off the chocobo that she just knocked out the rider, and unto the next one, using her athletics to move from one chocobo to another.

And then, Choco Meteor? Oh dear. Well, she can use that!

As the meteor falls down toward her, she jumps up, bouncing off the rooftop, and catching the giant ball of fiery stone. Well, not quite catching, that would hurt, but using her strength and speed, she literally kicks it straight toward another group of heartless riding chcoobos that were playing cards. "How's this for a trap card, ah!"
Gesandte The giant man is not really not made for such precision work, and his best offense would surely hurt those animals far worse then it would their annoying little riders, but such is life sometimes. He hunches down and prepares to fight. He still has a few things he can do that can lessen the blow against the animals and still save them.

He groans and brings his fists up and holds them back as they power up the air getting all wiggly and woggle around them as he takes careful aim at a few close by enemies and then launches a few shockwaves at them powerful enough to tople them, yet still weak enough that the most they'd do is knock the animals over and leave them relatively unharmed.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa sweatdrops as the heartless pelt them with choco pellets! Aaah! It'd almost be funny if they werent coming with such deadly speed and force! She ducks down, veering the chocobo to the right to avoid the pellets. Meanwhile, Angelo attempts to jump at the cards, to try and wrestle them to the ground, careful not to hurt the animals too much. But she's learned from the best afterall!
Minerva Minerva doesn't even seem to have to worry about the heartless as she just knocks the suffing out of some of them. However she's got the enemy commign right for her. She'll move suprisingly fast and start stepping of the creatures that are charging htem, without hurting them mind you, as stepping stones. She's going to be a moment before she can do anything of note...
Emi Dennou Guns! They're not working! This is horrible. They're terribly super accurate guns have failed them! To make matters worse they get pelleted in the chest, sending a small spark flittering between the various bouncywilds, little voltage tendrils crackling between them.

"Careful..." Ami says.

"Understood, The Network communicates amongst themselves." Emi says, wincing from all the pelleting she just endured. She slides back and then throws out her hand, flinging a hefty burst of electronic power towards the Heartless, taking CARE to not hurt the innocent animals. Hopefully they won't miss and fry them to ash, that would be so very awkward.

Ami looks at Emi with her arms crossed tso she knows she's being watched.
Faruja Senra THE HEARTLESS TRIGGERED TIFA'S TRAP CARD! One Bouncywild, so close to victory against his fellows as a Freakin' Meteor descends upon them, looks up. Slowly, the little creature frowns, and throws down his cards in a tantrum. He'd almost won his first game! Bob the bouncywild will never know what sweet, delicious victory is like in children's card games as they're meteor'd. Luckily, the chocobo trips, sending Bouncywilds flying , whereas the chocobo simply eats dirt. Wark! It walks off in a huff, towards Shard Seeker headquarters. It smells ahoge~

Cards flying in the air, Bob aims a torrent of pellets at Tifa in revenge, while ook'ing in rage! A banana is thrown her way as well!

Gesandte's wobbly air-strikes prove effective, sending a gaggle of doggies and kitties into the air, smashing heartless into walls. Poof!

Angelo's brave wrestling stops a few charging doggies, looking to be of the dog's own breed. Puppies, they look like they're having fun being wrestled, but their riders aren't happy! Angelo will find Heartless trying to smack him with their fists, tails, and slingshots! ANIMAL RIGHTS ABUSE!

Faruja is pelted by pellets, the little objects managing to pierce his armor. Ow! Arista spins away, nearly dumping her rider to the ground, before she recovers. Swoop! This time, the pair charge, lancing several Heartless from their mounts with great sweeping turns.

Electric sparks settle upon the Heartless, though at first they hardly notice. No doubt driven by the power of Ami Stare, Emi's electrical attack follows up nicely, frying nearly half of the remaining bouncywilds. She even saves poor Angelo a beating by the monkey-heartless!

They don't rest easy, however, the heartless relentless. Instead of simply continuing to charge and be picked off, the few remaining mounted abominations turn upon the party, encircling and charging in one grand stampede!

Those who aren't stampeded, are instead punched and shot pellets at by the rude monkies! What jerks!
Rinoa Heartilly Ow, that hurt! Rinoa flinches, falling back, pulling up a shield around herself. Better play this safe!
Tifa Lockhart Being on the rooftop it was easy to get out of range of the pelting. A simple dive for cover and she's shielding. Easy stuff. But she can't let the stampede run away either.

She speeds over the rooftops, attempting to cut them off by using the shortcut over the roofs, moving toward the dustcloud, to jump back into the fray, landing on the front chocobo, driving a hard kick into the monkey to send it flying backward into the following troops. She's trying not to hurt the chocobos.

Meanwhile, Premium Heart has been following the troupe, with Rinoa on her back. She seems to understand what's going on enough to follow at least, her mistress is not far in front. Premium kwehs~ as Rinoa get pelted, and disapears off to a side alley, giving Rinoa enough time to buff up out of sight.
Gesandte Gen is surrounded and pelted at, perhaps to a smaller person they would hurt far more and be fare more dangerous. While they do hurt, and cause some damage they aren't nearly as bad as the damage looks and nothing some walking wont shake off. He looks down at the small creatures, "You have commmited a most gravest sin. Stealing, slavery. All horrible crimes and sins thou must take reptence from. I will not allow you to continue your crimes without seeking reptence for your deeds!"

He backs his fists up and goes all shockwavy again on them, it's the least he can do and the most he can do without making animals go splat and causing unneeded pain and suffering for thos that are innocent and deserve no such feats. And away he goes, firing his shockwaves, he'll teach these little demons to repent their sins or destroy them in the process, cause thats just how a monk priest works!
Emi Dennou "But they're Heartless." Emi says to Gesandte. In other words, she's not certain that talking about their 'sin' when they don't even seem to be sapient is something that's especially worthwhile. Ami places another mini spark between the Heartless, stepping back a bit even as she steps forward, taking another set of pellets for Emi, effectively protecting her from pain. AND PELLETS. She stumbles back, bowling over Emi comically as she is surprised by the level of pain the pellets inflict upon her.

But they recover quickly--Fanning out their arms and unleashing another wave of electrical might--before following through with some rifle shots, trying to clean up quick
Minerva Minerva is a monk a fairly skilled and powerful one all things considered, she's got a plan it may very well make a heck of a mess. The heartless re going everywhere but she's got a plan and she's going to do something that is going to try to diverst the passage of the aniams. She slams her fists into the ground cuaing a fissure to form almost like a lowered road hopefully it will funnel the animals into and hopefully away from harm . If it works she'll be on the heartless and start just aming to rip them apart. it's actualyl kinda brutal she'll drive her fist through their heads or other parts just going to rip them apart.

"There is no salvatation for things like you. BE GONE FROM THIS WORLD!"
Faruja Senra Faruja flies upwards to avoid being trampled, the ratling muttering prayers and incantations. A curaga spell flashes over Ami the Emi and Animal Protector and Rinoa as she's bravely led off by Premium Heart. Someone give that chocobo a medal! More roaring and warning-swoops as the rat picks up on Tifa's idea.

Tifa's tactic works well as she jumps back in, kicking monkeys into monkeys. All of the chocobos are free! Those that are generally disperse in different directions. It'll be a task to round them all up!

Cats and dogs and monkies fly through the air, little repenting going from Gesandte's attack. Kitties land on their feet, and several dogs fly into windows. Out of one such window comes a shrill cry! "Diggly Doodle! You're back! Oh mommy, Diggly's back!" Comes the happy voice of a small child. Another dog lands in a butcher's shop, and happily begins to munch of sausages and ham. Nom!

Minerva rends the earth, forming a fissure, into which many animals find their way into. Kitties and doggies can do little more than cuddle up. Most fall asleep, warm and snuggly and comfy, tired after their long exercise. The Heartless are torn apart. Faruja smiles as he works on healing his companions. "Well said, M'Lady. Well said."

Mini sparks, and bullets, and electricity further help thin the ranks, the animals slowly coming out of their terror induced stampede and simply destroying most of the Heartless. Only one remains. A large Powerwild, all grey and mean and scarred atop a fat pit bull. It charges towards Emi and Ami, slobbering all the way! Leap!
Emi Dennou Dennous are being pretty destructive today. It's actually a bit unusual that their electric powers work so well. Faruja's healing spell is certainly welcome but Ami is basically traumatized by seeing dogs, cats, and monkeys flying everywhere. Everywhere! Ami rushes forward and catches a flying kitton into her arms.

The cat looks at Ami. Ami looks at the cat. And then the cat seems to unhinge its jaw and just CHOMP her hand.

"..." Ami looks down at the cat and then, slowly, sets the cat down and pries her hand free. "..."

And then a puppy flies into her face. She falls over, a stray electrobolt threatening to crash into the Powerwild!

But that probably won't be as troublesome as the last Powerwild. Emi backs up quickly, eyes wide. She swings up her hands, tunrs her head away and blasts with the remaining juice she's got! And she's running pretty low! But will it be enough?
Faruja Senra And what horrible, ignoble fate does Ami suffer as she's doggied? Lick. Lick lick slobber slobber lick! She'll need to wash her face after this as the fat pit bull starts to show his affection through slobbery licks. Whap! Electricity slams into the last Powerwild, which twitches and dies. Faruja leaps from the back of his wyvern, landing beside Ami. "Are you quite alright, Ladies?"

Pause. The rat looks out to the various animals, and the ones scattered on rooftops and street corners. He rubs his head.

"...My, my, reuniting all of these little ones with their owners shall be a task indeed."

Creeeak. Open goes the doors to the warehouse. The two militiamen peek out. "...It over, guvs?"
Minerva Minerva looks about as things seem to have settled down now at this point. "'s going to be quite the task. I start to see why more adfanced worlds keep a registy of pets." Given how big some places re she looks at the militiamen are infact all right "Yes. It's over, Faruja there are some things we need to speak of later."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews as the final monkey gets slain down. She jumps off the roof with a smile, moving to catch Premium Heart as she comes out of the alley with Rinoa, with a 'kweh' sound "You did good Premium, good work." She takes a clumb of greens for her chocobo, who eats it happily. She holds the reins of the chocobo as she walks toward the others "Well, most of them will probably find their way back home, alot of animals go back to where they were being fed." She looks at all of the pets "... but it is daunting when you look at all of them gathered in the same spot..."
Emi Dennou Ami is being assaulted by a pit bull. She laughs and tries to calm the dog down via pettings. She is having the time of her life.

Emi gives her a look before adding, "Seems to be over. So much trouble here lately." And again something that doesn't seem especially related to the other incidents. Sure, it involved the Heartless too, but why go after pets?


This scene contained 36 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Tifa Lockhart, Rinoa Heartilly, Minerva, Emi Dennou, Gesandte