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(2013-01-21 - 2013-01-22)
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Emi Dennou has a part time job at the WILDKAT CAFE where she is, presently, largely just standing behind the counter and staring ahead listlessly. It's a nonbusy day and, indeed, nobody's even at the counter that Emi has to deal with at present time. So she's just sort of...there.

Someone who is perhaps a bit less busy is another Dennou, this one is sitting at a table, fidgeting with what appears to be a sniper rifle. She has it opened up and he appears to be cleaning it. Leida has not met this one yet...maybe? Maybe she has! It's a mystery. (She hasn't). The two aren't talking to each other--that is to say, they are not engaged in communication that can be heard. Emi, it seems, has stopped blinking.
Leida What with all of the madness plaguing the City of Flowers of late, the once peaceful city has become something of a hot spot for trouble. Heartless invasions, roaming beasts, cursed mirrors, corrupted shrines, not to mention a tainted water supply that was turning people into toads of all things! Itfs like fate itself is at war with the place.

The princess, being the delicate sort that she is, has reached the end of her rope for dealing with this bombardment of the weird and dangerous. Though Flourgis is the only real place that she has to stay at the moment the Shard Seekers have built up enough spare cash from dealing with this array of disasters that she was able to use some to get a room here in Traverse Town away from all the excitement.

The constant overwhelming heat of the desert never sat well with her weak constitution either; she was more of a cold weather girl, having spent most of her life on and around the mountains of her home-world. Thankfully, the eternal night that blankets this strange confluence of worlds provides to it a pleasant atmosphere far more to the girlfs liking. Also, the TDA is here! Which means she has a good opportunity to properly meet the rest of Imifs sisters.

The doors to the cafe swing open to admit Leida and she steps tentatively through the archway, peering around for signs of the people in question. Seeing the entire establishment practically empty is something of a surprise, but then it was rather late so perhaps not that unusual. She takes a few steps inside and glances back and forth between the two Legion, a faint smile crossing her childish features.

"Oh... I found you! Good evening to you both."
Emi Dennou The Dennous don't immediately notice Leida, not until she speaks up. They were deep in 'conversation', you see, where 'conversation' is more or less conversation minus the talking. Emi bobs her head to Leida and says, "Leida-Chan." to her. "Welcome to Wildkat Cafe. Are you here to order? We have many varieties of coffee, The Network says, as well as alcoholic beverages that we cannot sell to you, wink." She stares ahead before adding, "Do you like pastries?"

The other Legion looks over to Leida, clucks her tongue lightly and sets the weapon aside. "Heard about you from Imi, The Network grudgingly uses an identifier. Doesn't really understand you two." Which is something she says even more grudgingly, despite not saying so.
Leida Leida blinks a moment then bows to both of them politely in turn. "Ah... well... I suppose this is something like a tea house... right?"

A finger goes to her chin as she ponders this question. She has no idea what coffee is and misses the subtle undertone of Emi's playful jest at her age since /everyone/ drinks in her world from a very young age. What is this age of maturity nonsense? But atleast she can find something from the pastries suggestion that should fulfill her obligation as a customer.

"Um... well how about something sweet?"

The princess wanders in further and heads towards the unidentified Legion, stopping a respectable distance away from her and giving another quick bow. "Allow me to formally introduce myself. I am Leida. It is a pleasure to meet you."
Emi Dennou Emi listens to the TDA Cell Network.

"Mm." She says and turns her head a bit to focus on something else for the moment. She'll be a moment.

Omi meanwhile keeps her focus on Leida. "She'll be a moment. Something has come up. It is involving incorrigibility. Nevertheless, this node is able to assist you." Omi pauses for a moment, bowing her head politely. "This one can be referred to as Omi, if you'd like, however The Network only uses identification for the ease of others." She shrugs her shoulder lightly. "In any event... While you are here, were you still interested in what you, Imi, and Shida had referred to before, The Network uses their individual designations again against their will."

Maybe an answer had been found?! Or not. Either way, she seems to be curious about this.
Deelel Deelel has need to get some energy, well food. Whatever really she's needing fuel in one form or another so she's making her way into the Cafe and finding herself a table. It may not be long before she'll vanish from town in it's entiry given if SARGON wins the election...
Leida The princess gazes at Emi and makes a soft noise of acceptance, quietly wondering what it could be about. She was a terrible gossip, it was one of her secret failings that stemmed from spending most of her life around royal court. Oh the things you can hear.

However, she turns back to Omi and smiles again, offering another bow. "Ah... well, pleased to meet you Omi-chan. I have been looking forward to meeting all of Imi-chan's sisters."

Leida takes a seat across from the other girl, being very careful not to bump the table and rattle the gun. She isn't really familiar with these weapons but she knows they are dangerous and isn't taking any chances. A hand goes up to smooth her hair nervously at the mention of that subject, self-consciousness at her hagard appearance manifesting in her embarrassment.

"W-well... yes... I am." She had not found a satisfying method of achieving the self appreciation that they had encouraged. If anything, the last couple of weeks had been filled with more people trying to mold her into a shape of their own desire. But there was little she could do, she wasn't the kind of person to stand up for herself or she wouldn't have even considered such a thing.

Leida hunkers down instinctively when another person walks in, her timid nature amplified by the sensitive topic and the fact that Omi is a new face to her in the collective... and seems to be a bit more gruff and intimidating than her sisters.
Emi Dennou Emi recovers quickly from whatever THAT was but doesn't give any explanations. She says, however, "This one will get you something sweet, then, however as this is a job and not pleasure or hobby, The Network must request that you pay for services."
She then ducks down--pauses as she sees Deelel enter--and stands herself up. "Apologies, this will be a moment. Feel free to wait in the line."

There is, really, no 'line'. Even Leida, who ordered, is kind of off over to Omi right now.

Omi nods. She's very serious, it seems, and indeed maybe a bit standoffish. And perhaps even ironically a fair bit more proper and in line of 'proper behavior' than the others. Even Emi enjoys a good joke. So, strangely in a way, she may have been the best one in terms of 'comfort zone' but at this point it might make her the least friendly just by comparision. She doesn't seem to have anything AGAINST Leida at least.

"The Network understands." She seems to totally not care that Deelel can hear all of this but, then again, such embarrassment could be seen as not truly wanting what is offered since to be embarrassed by it is to set oneself apart from it. But even so, she doesn't remark on it.

"This one may understand better than the others, as loathsome as it is to engage in seperate identity differentials it is also impossible to avoid. The Network has gained individual characteristics between nodes. To a certain extent, it is more efficient this way."

She glances over to Emi who is pulling out a nice pink gooey sweet pastry and setting it on top of the bar counter.

Omi looks, and then turns back to Leida. "Individuality is often considered a blessing by most cultures and people. It is considered to be what seperates you from the other and as a sign of one's worth. The Network all understands to a certain extent how illusory this conception is. Individuality is not any superior to a lack of individuality. They both have their benefits and flaws. Any entity has a mix of both. For us, we are just a bit more in one direction than most are used to."

"...That you seem interested in such a state, in spite of culture, tihs one cannot deny a certain relief. Many say that individuality is what we should be striving for, after all."

You can practically eat the 'but' that's about to come out.
Deelel Deelel is looking for what to get she's got an idea of what she'd like to get at least she's looking over Leida who seems to be doing well enough she gets a bit of a wave from the basic. Deelel can wait after all she knows how servives wortyh. She is listening and would be lying to say if she wasn't intereting. Basics are sometimes used to seeing someone who looks like them but network like this. It's strange but it's also interesting.
Leida "O-oh, yes... I have some munny with me." Leida reaches to the collar of her shirt and fishes a small pouch from within, pulling on the string that has it secured to her neck. She works at the small knot that keeps it tied into a loop, quietly considering her response to Omi's viewpoint of the interesting possibility that lies before them.

Despite her personal adherence to tradition, the princess herself was very impressionable and the constant bombardment of affections from Imi and the others who frequented the Shard Seekers' home had started to aclimate her to and even enjoy having such outgoing personalities around. Being introduced to someone who was so similar to the calm and proper diplomats and scholars she grew up around was like being thrown into a cold lake after getting warm by the campfire.

Still, she adjusts quickly, sinking back into the old mindsets after the initial shock wears off. "Where I am from, we believe in working for the greater good of our society. Each person is born and given a role to play, be it that of a farmer or a warrior or a ruler. Even if two people never meet, their actions can influence the well-being of the other."

The princess pauses and sets the bag of currency on the table infront of her ready to provide the necessary payment for the food. "Individuality is not a bad thing but it need not be the sole focus of one's existence. I would rather know that my efforts are meaningful and understood than merely try to stand out for the sake of attention."

Leida sees the wave but not recosnising this person she merely gives her a polite nod, leaning forward in her chair a little to give is a sort of half-bow motion.
Emi Dennou Emi takes the money when it is proffered and in exchange provides the pastry. She sets the money quietly into their respective bins in the register. She is just a temp, it seems, for the time being. She closest the register, snaps a receipt off, and offers it to Leida. If Leida doesn't take it, she throws it out.

Emi then looks towards Deelel and nods to her. Her eyes are half-lidded but she says, "Is there anything you would like?, The Network expresses her experience in certain kinds of work."


Omi, strangely in her attemps to be the least unique can sometimes end up as the most unique.

"We looked into the matter. We talked with Dr. Chambers and inquired about our condition. There was much that he did not know, but he told us enough." She looks up. "Unfortunately, our feelings on the matter are immaterial. We cannot let you on the Network."


"The Network functions because our brains have been modified through scientific techniques that we--nor he--know. It may have been lost with the fall of our world. To add you to The Network, you would also require heavy neural surgery which at this stage of your life may be impossible, may kill you, or may simply dissolve your identiy of Leida. We know it is important to you that you are not made to be someone you are not. Truth be told, this one found the idea intriguing. But it is not within our capability. The Network apologizes if we had gotten your hopes up."
Deelel Deelel is listening and her order is forgotton for the moment, users that were copied almost like basics could be from time to time. It's still somewhat off putting for a basic but it's something they prehaps can accept better than with a user. She's already got some mummy out to pay for her owder when she gets down to it. she doesn't seem to be looking for much and well they seem to. They are talking abotu networking users but she looks over to Emi as she speaks to her. "Oh yes I'd like the special and one of the pastries."
Leida The news is disheartening but not unexpected. Leida merely nods softly, casting a crestfallen gaze down at the table which now contains her requested pastry. Life, it seemed, was not so kind as to offer easy escapes from the troubles that it cast upon her.

"I see..." Leaning back in her seat, she goes quiet for a few long moments. The threat of emergent darkness within her own soul was ever present and now that she thought of it restrospectively, subjecting her friends to that danger was not only selfish but careless as well. She herself did not know what would come of it. Feeling very foolish all of the sudden, the girl gives a weak smile back at Omi.

"W-well... I am deeply honored that... that you even considered such a thing." Leida stands up and gives her a deep bow, keeping her head lowered as she talks. "I ask that you forgive my selfishness for making such a request. I... I hope that you are still willing to be my friends." She addresses the Network as a whole through Omi, knowing that they can all communicate and find their consensus.
Emi Dennou Emi nods to DEelel and gets to work getting her stuff. She doesn't know what Deelel is thinking, naturally, but she also says, "If you wish conversation, we would not be adverse to that." to Deelel.

Who knows what would happen? Perhaps it WOULD rescue you. Or it might just doom the entire Network. This is not something they have mentioned out loud and, indeed, it turns out it doesn't even really matter.

"Selfish?" Omi moves her mouth like she's tasting the word. "You could say that." She is not really a diplomat, she's a soldier. "There is nothing to forgive. Friends, comrades, lean on one another, The Network advises."

Besides if they were no longer friends, Imi wouldn't be able to do this and that! Though is she still going to do 'this and that'? Well, trying to lure Leida out of her shell seems successful, maybe she'll calm down a bit. Maybe.

Omi returns to her rifle. "Bonds can be formed without being part of a Network. Such bonds can, sometimes, be stronger than that of Sisters. Having so many looking after your well being can be a double edged sword, mm? So many options, what can really be you? And as such this one apologizes if this gives off a similar impression. However."

She looks up and over to Leida. "This one's advice to help you with your troubles is to have faith in your identity. Whatever training methods you elect to employ, whatever sacrifices you have to make--And whatever corruption the demon tries to inflict on long as you have faith in your identity, you will be able to persevere and adjust according to your situation."

"Our level of understanding between ourselves may never be entirely complete. However, this has its own value. The Network suspects you get along with Imi better than you would get along with Omi, despite me being, perhaps, a touch more similar than Imi is. Of course, The Network also must advise that Imi--"

She pauses at that, and cups her chin--as if reconsidering continuing that thought. "...In any event. This one understands that telling you may not be as effective, but we have no intent on abandoning you."
Deelel Deelel tries to not easdrop she wasn't intending to but the topic caught her intrest she manages to pull herself away from doing as such and she nods to Emi as she's got the money is handed over. As Emi brings up she might be able to join in this gets a suprised look. "I admit I would be interested I didn't know users could be networked or seemingly copied. And thank you I admit it's a curious topic to me given my nature and where I'm from." She'll move to join the group talking at this point.
Leida "But, I..." Leida cuts herself off, letting out a soft sigh. It doesn't matter what she thinks if they are willing to move on. She bows a little deeper once Omi finishes speaking. "Thank you, Omi-chan..."

The princess takes her seat again and goes quiet again, thinking. Having faith in herself seemed like something she might have read in one of the old books of proverbs and writings of sages. It certainly made sense on a basic level, the problem came in the practice. There had never been any reason to believe in her own capabilities because she had so few of them, unless you counted making a mess of everything and being a general disappointment to her family.

As always, she had turned to others for guidance, and in this case, that helping hand could have become a part of her. The attraction to such a thing was natural for someone like her. With that possibility gone, a faint sense of hopelessness settles in again.

"Things are... so strange here. I hardly know where to look for advice or... or a touch of familiarity. My life is rapidly spinning out of my control and I do not know how to stop it..."
Emi Dennou "Hm...? But you..?" Omi does not wish to be offensive. Indeed, she's probably showing Leida a bit more care than she generally would to other people. Omi generally speaking prefers to not associate with people outside of the Sisters. Maybe she's kind of flattered someone actually wished to join them. Maybe she feared--

--well maybe it oesn't matter. Omi can certainly understand that saying and doing are too far apart. Too far apart indeed. Omi does not see herself as cruel, and seeing hopelessness etched on Leida, she frowns--out of concern.

"Perhaps then... do you wish to talk about your past with us? You know a lot about us, yet we still have much to learn about you. Certainly, we know about the demon, but much we can only surmise and guess on." She is quiet for a few moments before adding, "But you are our comrade. While words have low value, we hope our actions have proven this to you beyond doubt."


Emi says, "Cloned, you mean? The Network notes that humans can be clones naturally, though personality wise that is of course a bit more tricky." She taps her chin lightly and adds, "But much of how we function is not neccessarily within our understanding. The Network functions, however, that is what is important."
Deelel Deelel gives Leida a sympathuic look. "All the worlds are very alien to me I have some diea of how you might feel." Her life kinda has gone mad she wonders what would have happened had Yurita not sprung her mid transit? She's not sure she wants to know, she's likely be derezzed. She was good but given what she'd overheard the guards talking about, she'd not have lasted long.

"Still your not alone in this Leida, right?."

Emi gives interesting reply. "Not ther term I'm used to and I didn't realise that. Organic life is not something I'm well versed in. Still it's not something I'd expect to see in this world. It's more something I'd expect in my own."
Leida A look of surprise quickly fades back into one of melancholy. "My past," she murmurs. It was a difficult topic filled with a few cherished memories and years of sorrow and fear, each vying for supremacy as the crucial defining factors of her life. She rarely spoke of it to anyone, though that was partially because no one ever asked. Who would be interested in someone like her, afterall?

With the question posed and the gentle reminder given that the scales were tipped in her favor when it came to such knowledge, Leida can not help but feel honor-bound to balance that out. Besides, if she truly wished them to be her friends then how could she not trust them to know all about her.

But then she is reminded that there is another present as the program speaks up, directly at her this time. The girl gives a weak smile back at Deelel, not intending for strangers to overhear her emotional display. "A-ah... I suppose not..."

Leida glances back at Omi for a moment, inclining her head to whisper towards her. "I... I will speak more of this later. Please feel free to visit me when you have time." Instead, she picks up a fork and begins to delicately carve into the pastry with the thin edge, having learned this trick by watching others eat. The general lack of chopsticks in these other worlds is somewhat distressing but she cannot help but admit that the silverware, as it was called, was rather practical.
Emi Dennou "We like programs. Their data is interesting." Emi says, as if she has somehow taken a direct look at such 'data'. "Though we are concerned about viral transmissions and potential compatability." She nods slowly. "Do not worry, however, we are not certain that we are especially well versed in it either. There are a lot of strange people, we have learned to accept this as a boon rather than an issue. There is more to this world than we could have dreamed before coming here, The Network admits."

Omi was not anticipating Leida to be super smiley about her past. But really, how can the demon be faced without talking about it? That very past is what led Leida to do something that, The Network believes, was not especially Leidalike. People who do not wish to hurt people can be forced to do so through creative application and encouragement of despair.

Omi is momentarily confused but a glance and nod from Emi seems to explain matters.

"Alright." Omi says, offering a hand.

It seems she wishes to shake hands. She is not the overly affectionate Imi, but she seems to desire showing something sort of like affection. Respect? Acknowledgement? Hope?

Either way, will Leida shake?


Deelel Deelel is a shardseeker at the very least so it's not like she's a total stranger she however leaves Leida to her food and she wonders had she done something wrong. She nods to Emi for a moment "It's understandable about viral transmissions. Given several have escaped here but your world is not without viri really. The Heartless behave like one far as I'm able to understand them." She'l try some of her food and wait to finish consuming the bite before adding. "Or things such as consuming your worlds equivlant of grid bugs for food. Then again if you saw the grid you'd likely find it just as strange." She looks again at Leida but doesn't say anything prehaps she's made things worse by her presence for the young woman?
Leida The girl hesitates for a moment at the offer of a handshake. It seemed like a strange gesture between friends. She had assumed it was a formal greeting among strangers but the intricacies of foreign culture were not hers to know. Setting down her fork, Leida extends her own small hand and grasps Omi's, though being the passive sort, she allows the other girl to do the shaking.

"Thank you."

Leida goes back to her own food, consuming it in small delicate bites, glancing over at Deelel and Emi's conversation. The mention of Heartless catches her attention but this talk of grids and viruses is beyond her, so she just stays quiet.

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