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So A Pirate walks into a bar...
(2013-01-21 - 2013-01-22)
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Zeke Funtimes ahoy!

After getting thrown out of memory lane a few days back work had taken one Merchant Captain Ezekiel Fawkes decided he needed a freakin' drink. It could've gone worse. His crew was alive and unhurt. He was able to walk away from the misadventure, but seeing the loveable goof that is Gilgamesh flip out so completely unnerved him.

So enter a bar to see what fine intoxicants could be found to make his head stop hurting.
Tifa Lockhart Owning two bars in two different areas is quite a bit of work. But Tifa always seems to be ina good mood no matter what. She's hmming behind the counter, taking care of some cleaning. It's a bit off to have a bar in a town that is always night though, it feels like it should never close. But even a barmaid needs to sleep, so it does happen.

Cleaning dishes, the counter, the cooking plate, everything that is bound to be used, so everything is sparkling and nice looking. The place is brand new, so its a good idea to upkeep it.
Minerva Booze, she likes her booze she enjoys it, she even makes it and there's why the busty battle monk is here. She's in a good mood from the looks of her as she carries in a wooden keg with her. Why is she bringing in a keg to a bar? She's going to try to sell Tifa on it. "Has anyone seen the ownere I wish to speak to her." Well she assume Tifa owns the palce at the very least.
Zeke Zeke looked over at Minerva and shook his head at the lady. Though he recognized the keg for what it was and had a bit of respect for someone able to one arm the thing he was a bit mentally preoccupied and his costomary cheer gone. Still. No need to be rude so he'd wait for Tifa to get done with her other duties before ordering.

"Ale? Lager?" As mentally cluttered as he was Zeke was interested in the keg's contents. "I'd ask if it was spirits but most seem to prefer beer. I"m more of a whiskey sort m'self, but I'll not turn up a good pint."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waves to Minerva from behind the counter. She points at herself "I'm right here?" She has been standing there within sight the entire time after all. She moves over to get Zeke his beer, even if he didn't ask for one, he just voiced that he prefered that, so might as well get one ready from the tap. "What's up?"
Minerva Minerva says "Beer just normal beer." She ntoes "I can brew others mind you upon request." She looks at Tifa "I seen your ability with your fist and I have been curious. If you might be interested in a new brew for sale here?"
Zeke Zeke tossed a few coins on the table for the beer. "My thanks miss." He tipped his hat to Tifa then took a drink. Whatever was in said beer was apparently good because the Pira-er merchant captain smiled broadly and added a few more coins to the pile. "Pretzels I suppose would be appropriate, but if you've anything more substantial back there and the cook's willin' fried potatoes and steak." What, no fish? "Otherwise just w'ever be on hand lass. h not picky." Easy manner to his delivery and a soft voice. Nevermind he sounded older than he looked "Jus trying to take a small dive between disasters." What? Pouring your troubles out to the barmaid was traditional. "Few days back on a relief mission. Nah seriously there be more t'my heart than the clink of gold. Only charged cost of goods and repairs. S'not right to take 'vantage 've a town cut off and havin eldritch beasties attackin from within. Ah ended up with a band of sorts gettin confronted by twisted dopplegangers of ourselves. An this one guy big fella... Twelve feet if he was an inch an had this great green hound with 'em. Some twisted foul magic got worked 'pon him and he was turned on us. I knownot how the battle ended. Just that I live when I shouldnt be and now I worry for the man. Hope he's regained himself, or iffin otherwise that we can bring him to his senses."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart tilts her head to Minerva "What does having a strong fist have to do with drinks?" She smiles though, curious about what the monk-girl is carrying with her for it.

And yes, barmaids are there to listen, and sometimes to counsel. She picks up the few coins, pocketing them away as she turns around to get something to eat ready "Potatoes and steak I can manage if you want to wait a few minutes, I got everything here for that." She hmms as she goes to the fridge to get the meat and potatoes, ready them up. A bit of cut, a bit of trim, and soon the steak is on the cooking plate roasting away, while she readiies the potatoes.

"Tall man with a rock hound? That sounds like Gilgamesh. What kind of troubles did he get you into this time?"
Zeke ""Nothing he did miss. Just something... Monsters in the fog. Dark whisperings trying to bring out our own inner hurts and aches. Where the rest've us managed to best ours he..." Sigh from the Ship's Captain. "He seems to have fallen. Whether this be temporary or permenent I dunna know. He's an odd one, but it would sadden me if he fell. The worlds need someone as generally upbeat as he tends to carry himself. Plus in spite of everything else he /is/ good with a blade."

then his attention turned to the monk. "Monks traditionally have knowledge of distilling and brewing drink. However that doens't mix with the sorts of monks and monestaries I know of lass." His attention now fully on Minerva. "Apologies ma'am but the monks i know of do not fight. Wouldn't know how to fight. Spend their days in prayer, study, copying texts along with brewing, baking, and the other nessecities of livin."
Minerva Minerva :She looks over at Tifa "I got ahead of my self I'm afraid. I was hoping to speak to you about sparing at some point, your style is interesting from what I have seen of it but as for the main reason I am here. I was hoping to give you a sample of one of my better brews to see if you might be interested in selling it here." She grins, she needs a way to make money right? Leigtly was the best way anyway right? AS for Zeke he gets a look back from the british sounding woman. "...sounds like dark magicks to me."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "Monk is just a catchall name for martial artists in some worlds. I heard about it when I came here myself. I think its because many masters, like mine, live like wandering monks." She flips the steak over for even cooking.

She smiles to Minerva "Well, I don't see why. If you don't mind, I'll buy off this barrel and make a sampling event with the customers. Its the best way to test it out, see how people like it. Its a brand of beer then?"
Zeke Zeke quirked an eyebrow at the explaination. "I see. Makes sense I suppose. Then again I've read that many of the martial forms started as meditative aids to help center and focus the mind. No idea the trueth of the matter, but a sampling of a new brew is something I wouldn't mind takin' part in." He smiled warmly at Minerva. "I have had a few skunkers in my time and I doubt a woman such as yourself would attempt to sell a barrel if they thought it was a poor batch."
Minerva Minerva sets the keg down and nods "I'm afraid I never really thought of a good name for it." She looks rather sheepish at that realisation. She nods ot Tifa and Zekek "Tis what it's knownas in my world. Nay, it would ne insulting and I can confirm it's better than the brews some of the more 'advanced worlds' seem to produce they produce it in such large scale it's tastes horrible." There are words she'd used to descibe the various corp beers but well, she's being polite.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "Well, think of a name, I'll make a tasting event for it. Its the best way to sell out a beer, and we can even make a contest to find the name while at it. Its not as uncommon as you'd think really.
Zeke Zeke made a face. "Aye. I've had some of these heartless souless brews." Memory tickled at him watching Frank dismantle a pub that claimed 'authentic old world charm' and completely ruined an otherwise enjoyable evening by serving this.... mess.

"Aye! I knoew a few crews that'd be glad for the distraction lass. Just... don't expect the most family friendly of names ta happen'"
Minerva Minerva says "Though non magical means to keep the drinks cold is something to be said as a postive thing for those orlds. It tends to gain me extra coin at times." She forms ice about her hand for a moment "I know of a few wizards who make their living off doing souly that. I can not produce it large scane but humm I'll think of an a costest sounds like a smashing idea."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart slides the steak into a plate, along with the fried potatoes that she readied up, sliding the plate to Zeke with a smile. "I like holding many kinds of drinks anyway, for all kinds of tastes. I can mix the rest, but the basic liquids are important to keep around.
Minerva Minerva looks back to Tifa for a moment as the cpatain gets busy. "Aye, it seems one thing is comon to all the worlds. Everyone loves a good drink." She sets the keg down on the floor and sits down at the bar. "So this is quite the place here, made an arrangement with Mercade nd his private lawmen?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods, leaning on the counter top on her elbows with a smile "Yup, since he got booted out of Manhattan with what happened there, he needed a new HQ. We talked about him making temp office in my bar in Goug, but decided to open a new one here instead. I still had some backing from Xanatos, who offeredme a good amount of munny to open new branches of the Seventh Heaven, so our interests met in between.
Minerva Minerva says "Xanatos is indeed one powerful merchant prince to be sure." She looks about the bar for a moment taking the place in. "You have a good location with how much travel goes through here. You should do well."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "I'm not too worried about the running, mostly about the people's needing this, the smiles and all. Even a bar in Goug works wel because people always need someplace to relax and drink."
Minerva Minerva says "I was suprisesd to hear Goug had surived the fall of my world. I should see it." Sadly it's not her Goug at least time line wise by her time the Moogles are but story given they are all long dead. She's in for a nasty shock. "Though a good roaring party is a fun thing as well."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "Well, in my world it was Midgar. It got fused with Goug apparently, they are similar cities, but its missign the overhead pizza plate among other things. Still, its a tiny bit better than Midgar."
Minerva Minerva says "Tch, Goug was ruled by trade princes. Prehaps but I suspect your city had far better sanitation though."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hms "I doubt that." She shakes her head "Under the plate, there was no sunlight, it was always dark and dirty, not for nothing it was called the slums, it was like building a city in the middle of a garbage dump really. Plus the mako reactors were draining the life, so there was no flowers or life, it was barren.
Minerva Minerva says "You have indoor pumbing so I suspect better." She seems suprised and says "Tis sounds to be nonese no offence a world is not a living things. Tis but rock the creator laid down onw hich to build." She shrugs. She's not being insulting it just sounds like just really out there. She's not seen mako reactors in action after all.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "But it is a living thing. You just need to look at it differently really. Its the LifeStream. I know someone that knows lots about it. Basically, when you die, what happens to your life energy, your soul if you want? Its energy, so it returns to the planet. From there, the energy forms a river, and when new life is born, it picks some energy from that river to be born. Its a cycle. Mako reactors suck that energy for electrcity though, so disrupts the cycle. What happens if the planet runs dry? It dies.
Minerva Minerva expression is mute on Minerva's face. It's a bit steange as she listens for a moment. It's madness, it's insanity It's down right Hersay, there was no signs of her world working as such nothing akin to mako after all. She shakes her head though such a dangerous way of thinking a risk to the souls of the faithful in Goug. "Prehaps it is the way your world work, tis not the way. I best be returning to VALKYRIE HQ, I have some things to take care of."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods and waves "Alright. I'll let you know how the beer tasting goes, alright?" She smiles.

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