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The Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames!
(2013-01-21 - 2013-01-21)
Hades Announces the Hades Cup, reveals the Manhattan Shard of Wind, and reveals TNT.
Hades No matter where you are in the universe. Those with TVs, have their normal programming slowly taken over, those without have their Ma Belle's automatically flip to the correct channel. Those who use magic mirrors, Scrying pools, or magic balls likewise get a...view of...


To the HADE-er wait, I mean OLYMPUS COLISEUM! Those of you at home can see various panning views of the entry way into the Coliseum. Pillars rise up, as heroes from long and far seem to arrive at this time. Something is going on...

Those in the Coliseum are able to get through the Lobby, and slowly are allowed to be seated in the stands surrounding the main arena area. Here is is filled with marble and stone, it is a spartan place compared to most places those here are used to.

In the center, in the arena itself, is a stand placed square in the middle. Everyone in the arena can see various floating Cameras...those who can look deeper see spectral camera men, moving in all various locations to get the best shots for those not actually home.

There is a blue gout of flame in the middle of the Arena! Right in front of the podium, and out from it is Hades! APPLAUSE SIGNS APPEAR TO CUE THE AUDIENCE!

"Hey hey, how you all doin' ladies and germs. My name is Hades, Lord of the Dead. But enough about me, lets talk about WHY we are here today! Today, we're here to kick off a special event here in the Coliseum! You see...with my own PERSONAL place locked away by Zeus, we'll have to hold it HERE..."

"IN THE OLYMPUS COLISEUM!" behind Hades gouts of flame explode again, getting cheers from the audience, who are prompted again. He holds his hands up, waiting for the cheers to die down.

"I know all of you here...and at home are wondering JUST how this will work, and of the SPECIAL prize for the winner. Well, this is e-"

Suddenly from the Lobby, a Satyr runs out, looking mildly miffed at all the commotion! "Listen here Hades! I didn't appro-"

"Details, Phil, details. Everyone give a cheer to our host, Philocrties." He pauses, looking towards Panic, "Did I get that right?"

The Camera pans back to Phil, who is looking more than a little Flustered, "THREE WORDS! THESE GUYS AIN'T HEROES!"

HERCULES! And Hercules is with Phil, smiling broadly and innocently, muscled arms in autoflex mode. Isn't he just so killable? Well, in any event, he follows behind Phil saying, "Hey now, Phil, lets not count them out just yet! We haven't even seen what they could do. Maybe they are heroes!"

A nearby lady swoons and Hercules quickly catches her. The lady lifts up a pen and asks him to sign her belly which Hercules awkwardly complies with. "Ha ha! Just be ah, more careful where you faint next time, madam! Ha...ha..." Hercules looks back to Phil. "Or well, a bit early to tell right? They seem nice enough!"


Emi and Shida Dennou, who have no doubt come out of curiousity...after all, Hades did casually bring back one of them from the dead before so they have a bit of an interest in the God. A healthy interest, not a dealmaking interest. Though really, maybe there is no 'health' interest when it comes to Hades after all, as Lord of the Dead, he might consider healthiness to be a bit of an insult!

Hearing Phil say they aren't heroes makes Shida sadly hug her assault rifle, patting it sadly. A camera focuses on her sad face for a moment. Emi just pinches the bridge of her nose as if anticipating a major headache.
Deelel The night before had left Deelel rattled it was her fault it was all her MACed up things she could have done. She'd really glitched the file but what can she do. She's trying to keep her focus, she did not rest well the night after the fight with CHIEF, yet here she is in the stange she'd signed up before hand. She loved games, at least so long as they were not lethal. She isn't sure how long that will last if MCP wins the eleciton how was she to explain things toe ht users here, how many would listen or think her mad? The basic is at a loss ofg how to deal with the situation but today she's just trying to get her mind off things and try to back burner it. SOP here she is in teh stands she's not alone no, she's here with some of her team for the event. It should be fun, but just what would all the events be? Also It was Hades backing these games? It seems a love of games is something comon to all the levels of existance she's aware of.
Isaac Hanlon Isaac has been convinced to drag his ass out of his room and get down here in time for the grand announcement, and in fact has done it /early/. He's been on standby around here both for technical support, and for his own viewing pleasure. While the whole event is televised, seeing it in person is generally better; after all, while he prefers radio to television, being on the scene is one step better.

The sorcerer (or maybe sourcerer, depending on if you want the cheap computing joke) hangs out in one of the better seats in the stands, relaxing and taking notes on his tablet. He'll have a good show tonight, after this is all over. Hades doesn't seem to need him around for tech stuff right this second, so he'll just... watch.

He feels awfully lethargic lately. Maybe he's still kind of burned out from that last fight. Or maybe he just needs a new puzzle to tackle.
Tom Magnusson If it helps Phil's heart condition there is at least one competitor who definitely happens to be some kind of Hero- even if he might only be a hero within the confines (the horribly tight confines) of his own mind. Standing taller than most ordinary men, Tom Magnusson is in the Arena, his arms crossed powerfully over his chest. The shadow he casts is as long as he is tall.

Of course, Tom Magnusson has no clue what he's even going to be competing for, but the point still stands, and so does Tom.

Curiously, he appears to be wearing gloves today. Fancy that.
Faruja Senra Fun Fact: Faruja Senra absolutely /loathes/ the Colliseum. Staging fights against animals and other people for entertainment has never completely sat well with the ratling. Blades should be used to defend, purge Heretics and Witches, and to strengthen mind and body. Turning the warrior arts to mere profit smells of something nobility would pursue. Combined with rumors that they allow fights against Heartless? If the rat had his way, he'd be here with a team of demolitions-oriented Black Mages to turn the place into rubble. Unfortunately, not all in the Church share his views.

Thus, sitting beside Deel, the rat is sipping one of the overpriced stadium drinks with a look towards Hades that's nothing short of a death glare. 'Lord of the Dead'. Faruja's teeth grid in barely contained rage, spear leaned beside him glowing hot and white with his righteous indignation. "I was correct after all. Truly, this place is ran by naught but a pack of filthy Heretics." Pounding down the urge to Warp up and strangle the oddly-charming-yet-utterly-enraging Death God, he's forced to shake his head. It affords him a glance at his companion.

"Are you quite alright, Lady Deel?" He manages to stow away the venom for a moment, concern peeking through.

Nor is the rat alone! Beside him, oddly silent, is the red-robed Inquisitor Sarah Diamonde; the reason he's here in the first place. Reaching over, the older woman pats her right-hand-nezumi on the shoulder before returning to taking notes.

One rat-ear perks. "Heroes? I do so wonder by what standard one measures a 'Hero'. Mere martial strength? The butcher and the true Knight both may yet have them." Faruja muses.
Shego Getting fabulous prizes, and all she had to do was beat people up? Yes please.

But Shego wasn't going to arrive early, nope. Sauntering in /just in time/, the woman was wearing her usual outfit - as she wasn't sure whether or not to expect a fight or no - her dark green eyes searching the Colliseum proper as she is funnelled to a seat proper. Of course, she ends up nearish Isaac's seat. "Here for the ~fabulous prizes~ yourself, huh?" she says, putting just a bit of snark into her tone as her eyes turn from the Colliseum itself to the competitors, sizing up each in turn.

She manages to only snerk a /little/ when referred to as a hero. Hey, it all depends on perspective, right?
Cirra Constantine Sitting in the stands is one Judge of Wrath, unlike her usual outings, she seems a lot less bored, interested even in the proceedigns. Well less in hades entrance and more in what is /going/ to happen. Watching other people fight gives her the oportunity to guage them without giving away her own fighting style.

The hil storms out and proclaims no one present is a hero. This seems to irritate Cirra and she growls. She stands up pointing out one hand at Phil. "As a Judge of Arcadia I object!" her voice carrier across the arena and she stands there for a long moment in the following silence.

"I'm sure someone here is a hero." and sits back down, crossing her legs.
Hades Hades says, "Phil...Phil.." Hades chides to Phil, as he stares up at Hercules. Hades does not hide the glare, but FOR ONCE wonderboy is on HIS side...well, he can work with that, heh heh...

"Yeah, listen to your boy here, Phil. He's a great judge of character," he says, the crowd loves this sort of drama, casting Phil as the heel here will be great! "Anyway, Phil, you can't deny them their chance to participate...many of them have a PERSONAL stake in the grand prize."

Hades' snaps his hand up, holding something in his hands. Various screens zoom in on the strange crystal. There is little doubt what Hades holds in his hand. It is a World Shard, specifically, the World Shard of Wind that belongs to Manhattan.

"A nice treasure my boys recovered recently, seems very valuable...and of course people will want to reclaim this little beauty," Hades continues, with a bit of a smile.

Phil sputters, "Ugh! Fine! They want to compete, then they have to qualify like everyone else!" he turns to the Audience, "YOU ALL HEAR ME?! IF YOU WANA PARTICIPATE IN THE GAAAAAAAAAAAMES, YOU GOTA QUALIFY! I'LL HOLD THREE, READ IT, THREE EVENTS! A FOOT RACE, A TEST OF STRENGTH, AND A OBSTACLE COURSE! IF YOU SUCCEED, THEN YOU GET TO PARTICIPATE IN THREE MAN TEAMS!" Phil snaps a foot down, and turns away.

"FOUR WORDS! NO EXCEPTIONS!" Phil finally completes the thought and stamps off.

"Well, you heard the man guys. I guess you can't fight DIRECTLY for this shard..." he says, and as soon as it was brought out, is gone to wherever Hades sends things. Probably the Underworld, where dead people go.

Phil sticks his head out finally, "OH YEAH! IF YOU SLAY A LEGENDARY MONSTER, YOU GET MADE A HERO!" he pauses, looking at Cirra, Suddenly, Phil is gone, in Cirra's lap, "So...maybe I might make an exception for you, Pretty lady."

Hades sighs, rubbing his forehead, "Yeah, well, good luck finding one of those, right? I think Wonderboy here killed the last qualifying one!"

Doctor Drakken "Hi there." A blue-skinned man with a scar on his face, in a nice (obvious rental) tuxedo walks onscreen. It's a little too big for him, but he's doing his best to work for it. "Heroes got you down? Doing hard time every time? Well don't worry."

"I'm Doctor Drakken, and I'm here to tell you about a wonderful new experience. Crime Incorporated; your one-stop shop for mooks, henchmen, schemes and plots. Here at Crime Inc, our expert criminolologists are working round the clock to make a /better/ crime...and a better criminal."

The screen switches over to some animations of generic robbers getting caught. Then, all of a sudden, a man with an exoskeleton shows up, punches the bank open, and runs off! Drakken's voice-over continues. "Remember. They'll tell you that crime doesn't pay...but I'm here to tell you that it does."

"1-800-CRI-MEME. Call today, and let's see if we can't put /you/ behind bars...bars of gold, that is!"
Isaac Hanlon Isaac glances up from deftly entering notes onto his tablet when Shego sits down nearby. He gives her the brief once-over in the span of a glance, and smiles lopsidedly. "Something like that, yeah. I did the work on the back-end to get the TV network running. I figure I should be around in case something goes horribly wrong, y'know?"

There's a second where he smirks at the Judge's outburst, and then his expression briefly shifts to shock when Hades reveals the grand prize: Manhattan's World Shard of Wind. He stares at it for a long moment. "Yeah," he adds. "And definitely the fabulous prizes."
Faruja Senra Faruja briefly turns to his fellow contestants. Many familiar faces! A small smile comes to his muzzle. The two Ladies Dennou get a half-bow from the ratling, as well as the more manly member of the TDA. A Judge of Arcadia makes herself known loudly as they're so inclined to do, which earns a chuckle from the rat. He can't fault her logic.

As for Shego? "I suppose it entirely depends on the prize. Certainly not to consume /this/ swill M'Lady." The beer is promptly tossed into the trash. Someone should try basketball.

And then, Hades shows off the Shard of Wind. Faruja bolts up, spear's butt slamming into the ground. "How in the Lord's name did he obtain that!?" To say Faruja is shocked is an understatement. Deel might want to grab him before he does something silly.

As for the Inquisitor? She continues to take notes, and briefly looks to a viewscreen showing the commercial. The number is written down under the category 'Expendable Asset' with the note 'investigate for future use'.
Emi Dennou Hercules says, "Well geeze, that sure does seem like something worth fighting for!" He feels bad having to come down on his trainer but he quirks a small smile as Phil sets down the limits. What a guy, that fellow! What a goat that fellow too!

He pauses as a Crime Inc commercial comes onto the big screen. He frowns faintly, peering at the big screen. "--well I wish you luck, Hades." He grins. "But I gotta fly for now, I'll be back though, for sure, gotta see how these new heroes are turning out!"

He steps away and flies off on a Pegasus.


Emi and Shida don't actually see themselves as heroes. They've done some jobs, yes, and they were nice jobs--but they were for munny! They're pretty sure that's not what makes a hero.

They do, however, make their way over to Isaac, hoping to sit down next them.

"Isaac, The Network inquires as to how you are feeling." Emi says. Shida just gives him a big smile :D. Wasn't it worth dealing with gods for that smile, Isaac? Wasn't it? :D
Deelel Deelel looks over at Faruja as he's about to go a bit well off the handle over Faruja as he's about to do something rash. She'll grab the paladin and just physically restrain him. She's far stronger than she looks really as she says "Be calm, he may have just found it, is it not better than him just sitting on it?" She looks right at the knight "He's a Users user, I'd be wary to fight him we'll just have to win it! Don't think we can do it?" Tron had given her the run down. "We won't be the only ones seeking to restore the city going after it." She knows other forces will be trying to stop it but what can you do right? If it comes down to it they might just need to enlist some talented Thieves to get it.

"So be calm, we can and will win this." She also pauses at the ad, she's beyond words.
Cirra Constantine Cirra has sat backdown, only to have a tiny goatman appear in her lap. She closes her eyes as her hands grip her forearms tightly and she grimeces.

"Do not..." she picks Phil up by the scruff of his neck and holds him overhead as if abotu to throw him across the arena.

Then Hades shows what the prize is. The Judge blinks her eyes open and lowers Phil back down, gently to the seat next to her.

"How does one sign up?"
Shego "Sooooo, you're not fighting?" asks Shego of Isaac. And with another brief glance, she turns her eyes away from him and focuses in on the shard. She wasn't /entirely/ sure what one could use a shard like that for, but one imagines that it was worth quite a bit of money. Or Doctor D could use it to try to take over the universe or whatever.

When Faruja says what he does, her eyes flicker over to him, and for a moment, her eyes narrow on him, before a confident, wicked little smile touches her features. "I take it you want a shard of wind? Whatever would you do with something like /that/?" she asks Faruja, jerking a thumb over towards the displayed shard. He looked... a bit more formidable than Isaac, so she was watching him not unlike an owl would watch a mouse.

And ignoring the commerical. Oh god.
Tom Magnusson Tom would have gladly fought for gold, for riches, for treasure, for the lives of innocents-- but there's only one thing that Tom would never be able to turn down. That something is a World Shard. A World Shard belonging to /his/ world.

Tom narrows his eyes. He unfolds his arms, then folds them again, but more forcefully this time. "Well," he grunts, "Guess I'm going to need to go whale hunting."

Or he could just win an event, or something.

That'd do too.

It'd be so very uncool, though
Isaac Hanlon "I never said that," Isaac asides, looking back to Shego with a look in his eye best described as 'mysterious.' He gives off that cryptic wizard sort of vibe. It's uncanny. He doesn't /look/ like the cryptic wizard sort -- he looks like the fairly well-dressed tech guy sort. Those don't usually go together. "Looks like it isn't much of a fighting event, though, at least at first."

The two Legionaires make their way over. There's space around Isaac. "Almost a hundred percent," he replies, shooting Emi a thumbs-up while he's looking at his tablet's display. He rearranges some things and looks up. "I think I need to do some trial runs before I know if I'm fully charged or not..." Isaac trails off, shrugging, and looking over at Shida. He flushes very, very slightly, almost imperceptibly, and smiles back.

Yeah; totally worth it.
Hades It cuts back in after the commercial, right in time to see Phil put right down.

"Ooooh. Feisty." Hades says, mirrored seconds later by Phil. Hades looks back towards Hercules, "Oh have fun Wonderboy. Good luck..." he mutters, "Don't have an accident or anything.."

The camera is on him, and Hades looks surprised for a moment. "Well! I guess we'll cut to PHIL about to explain how to sign up!"

Phil, floating off the ground next to Cirra supported by hearts, holds up a large piece of stone, with the contract and several various bits. "Just sign on the dotted line.." There is a chizle in Cirra's hands.

"Oh and, make sure to leave your uh, know for emergencies." he says, attempting to be sly. "Oh and uh, yeah, the rest of you shlubs can go sign your names on the leader board outside that's being posted. OR whatever."

Cuts back to Hades, "Well there you have it folks, come on down! Pack the house down...but if fighting isn't your thing, stay tune to TNT, That's Tartarus Network Television for all the latest matches and events...and of course the GREAT TV that We'll be hosting now.."

Hades An elderly, balding, white-haired man in Priestly robes bearing an Ajoran cross sits behind a desk. Beside him, dressed similarly, is a robed Viera woman, her ears flopping slightly to one side. A kind, yet oddly creepy smile sits on the old man's face.

"Are you missing something in your life? Does every day come and go, without purpose, only mere survival? Do you have difficulties with family, friends, invading heartless-using armies, or Dark sorcery-using rebel factions?" The man inquires, arms folded before him. The cross of the Church of Glabados appears, and slowly words fade in. They read, in gold '600 Club'.

"Then tune in to the 600 Club, the only Church-approved, non-Heretical media outlet. Hear devotions to Holy Faram and His Son, local and worlds-wide news, and other oddities as well as tips for destroying unholy abominations. Tune in, and may the Lord come into your life!" The Viera finishes. They fade out, passages from the Church's Holy Text flashing by briefly, with the subtext 'This broadcast certified non-Heretical by Inquisitor Sarah Diamonde.'
Maira Maira, who has totally been here the whole time with various flags with her friends faces on them and pompoms, gasps!
Faruja Senra The strength that Deel possesses is indeed surprising, and the rat finds himself effectively held back. "If there were the case, he would have done far better to hand it over to a /worthy/ organization rather than hold this loathsome contest as if it were a prize coin purse!" He responds to Deel, before hers and his own words catch up with him. Slowly, he sits down. Leaning in, he nods to the basic. "...Yes. You are corre...OW!" Whack! The butt of the Inquisitor's pistol smacks the rat in the back of the head.

"In Ajora's name, Child, calm down." The Inquisitor chides before going back to her notes.

Grumbling, Faruja continues. "As I was saying, quite. If not us, then at least someone we can trust with the matter." His head motions to the TDA members in the crowd.

Then, the rat turns his attention fully to Shego. Looking her over with an equally appraising, though less owl-like and more like prey that knows its being watched and is leaning to the 'fight' response, he manages a smile that's polite at least.

"Surely you jest, M'Lady. I am a Templar of the Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados...Faruja Senra, at your service. A world drowning in Darkness is a den ripe for Heresy and Lord knows what else. Nevermind the fact that it is the key to restoring people's homes. Such a thing must be corrected. If participating in this farce is what it takes, then I suppose I have little choice."

A fuzzy brow rises. "May I ask of what value the Shard may have to yourself, M'Lady...?"

The rat's briefly distracted by a certain woman with pom pom's. His smile grows more genuine as he looks to Maira, facetailing discretely. Oh, never change, you silly fire mage. Never change.

A slow turn as the commercial comes on, Faruja giving his own Inquisitor a rather displeased look. She simply smiles, and pokes the rat on the nose. "Never underestimate the power of the media, Ser Senra~"
Cirra Constantine Cirra just keeps giving Phil this incredulous look, leaning away slightly. "Shouldn't I just...." she points to here everyone else is going to chisle their names on the leader board?"

She looks at the stone contract regardless.
Emi Dennou The Dennous look towards Shego, realizing they have may have barged in a little there. They try, but fail, to make their faces look apologetic. They do manage to at least get to friendly. "Hello there," Emi says. "Are you a friend of Isaac's?" She has to admit that Isaac doesn't LOOK formidable--but she knows damn well that he is /very/ formidable. Really it's kind of mean, Isaac not looking formidable. It's just going to encourage people to try and poke the wizard and then they'll be all 'oh no we shouldn't have poked the wizard!'.

Shida, still smiling says, "Hi." to Isaac and for a moment it looks like that might just be it, swinging her hands behind her awkwardly. "Shida of the Network is glad to hear that." Regarding him being almost 100 percent.
Shego Shego's face was not impressed when Faruja starts listing off his titles, the woman staring at him blankly as he does so. "So, what all those fancy titles basically mean is that I know where to find you on Sunday morning, right? Good?" she says, turning her eyes from him back to the shard, bringing up a gloved hand to point at it. "You mean, if that shard gets into the right hands, an entire world would be restored? So, basically, this is /invaluable/ to the right people?" she says then, that wicked grin of hers spreading across her lips again. "/Niiiiiice./ Tell you what, Saint Ajora, we can make a deal. You can watch my back, I'll... 'watch' yours, and we can save that shard for all humankind or whatever," she says then, turning her eyes back to him. "Sound good?"

Although Dennous was speaking to her now, and that predatory little smile that was starting to come onto her lips fades. "Huh?" she says, looking from Emi to Isaac to back again. "Me? Friends with him?" she says, sounding incredulous. "Nope! How about you, huh?"
Deelel Deelel says "He's bored, he asked for help to prevent a creature that was devouring souls of the departed a they tried to cross over. I think he just gets bored." She looks at him for a moment then Faruja gets hit over the head she sighs and calms a little herself as she lets him go. "He kept his word, when I encounted him last." She doens't know Hades very well but all she's got is her encounter with him before and she departed before Reize made his deal.

"So you in win this or not?" She looks over at Shego for a moment gives the woman a slight nod for a moment and nothing more.
Hades Hades is back on the Camera, "Well folks, there you have it. I have the world shard of Manhattan, you want it...either to restore Manhattan, or as a friend put it 'sell it for 'phat loots'," Hades does the air quotes.

"Fame, Glory, or power whatever it is...tune in to watch the series premiere of.."


Flames erupt along the stage again, as Hades puts on a show for everyone. "So just come on down to the Coliseum, sign your name on the dotted line in the main court area, and get ready to participate in in a grueling tough battle for this amazing once in a life time prize!"

The Camera Pans on Phil again, "Huh? Oh yeah, that too." he says, still offering the large slab of stone and the Chisel. Certainly he's not just trying to get her number.

"Oh Yeesh, I hate to see what she does to him.." Hades, of course, doesn't take the Camera off of Phil.

Hades An image flares up of a hidden ARCTIC BASE, following Hercules on his Pegasus as he suddenly leaps from his steed and crashes down through the ceiling, spinning his body in a roof destroying cannonball!

"HERO ENERGY DRINK!" A voice that sounds awfully like Phil's says. "WHEN YOU NEED STRENGTH AND YOU NEED IT QUICK!"

Hercules punches through goons all wearing CRIME INC uniforms with his fists. He juggles one in one hand while someone off camera throws him an energy drink which he headbutts open and then guzzles down. A few of the goons pause fighting to applaud politely and Hercules chucks the goon into them bowling them over.


Suddenly a giant robot piloted by one Dr. Drakken busts in and grabs Hercules with a GIANT RED PINCHER ARM! Hercules struggles to resist with JUST ONE ARM but he soon finishes off his energy drink and flings it hard into the cockpit glass, shattering it.


Hercules then flexes his body, ripping the arm off its socket. He stumbles back a bit before charging forward and swinging the arm back at the robot it came from.

"AND REMEMBER!" Hercules shouts. "CRIME DOESN'T PAY!"

Drakken stumbles over the wire, grabbing one of the cameras. "SHEGO! STOP LOLLYGAGGING WITH THE HIRED HELP AND GET YOUR GREEN PATOOTIE OVER HERE RIGHT AWAY! THIS MUSCULAR BRONZE-SKINNED GREEK...grecian? Greco...THIS BRONZE-SKINNED DO-GOODER IS WRECKING ONE OF MY TIMESHARES! Oh, I just made the deposit! And got the /mystery box!/ And it was *mayonnaise!* It's always mayo- H-HEY, THAT'S EXPENSIVE, YOU CAN'T JUST-" Click.

Faruja Senra Faruja finds himself chuckling at Shego's rather cheeky comment. Blame it on the Shard Seeker's and a certain wolfess' influence that he hasn't slapped her for it.

"Quite, quite M'Lady."

The offer is made, and Faruja finds himself briefly glancing to the Inquisitor. She nods slightly, and the rat takes leave to handle this himself. A book, his Church's Holy Text, is placed on the chair arm nearest Shego. She practically screams mercenary to the young knight.

"I am...hardly against 'stacking the odds' as they say, in this situation. An...acquaintance of mine shall be joining me for this endeavor as well as Lady Deel. Should you and yours win, however, we of the Church would be more than willing to compensate you quite tidily should you win the Shard. I shall 'watch your back', as they say, and gain what I desire. And you shall not only serve a pious and righteous cause, but you shall gain that which may motivate you more than the shard itself. These terms shall be equitable to both parties, yes?" the Burmecian counter-offers in response. He finds mercenaries work best for money.

Turning to Deel, the rat frowns. "I would be loathe to trust anyone whom claims to be a deity falsely."

Pause. "...I truly pity this 'Shego'."

Like a boss.

Hades appears right behind Faruja, "So hi. Hades, LORD of the dead. Nice to meet you, how ya doin'? So I hear you just said something, just a moment ago...what was it..."

Hades flares red, "THAT I'M A FALSE GOD?!" he calms down immediately, staring Faruja in the eye, "Is that what I heard?"
Emi Dennou Emi slinks a bit away from Faruja.

Shida slinks EVEN FURTHER away, towards Isaac of course.
Cirra Constantine Cirra glances over the stone tablet, "This isn't a contract for the games at all." she frowns at Phil, and lifts the tablet over the little satyr's head and lets go of it, letting it fall.

The Judge stands up in a huff and vaults over the railing to walk across the arena and uses the chisel to sign her name on the leaderboard.
Maira Uh oh, there goes Faruja, getting himself into trouble! Hades hmm? She likes his hair! Totally awesome! And! And he lights himself on fire just like she does!

Deelel BSOD That is what Deelel about does her eyes seem to be blue for a moment, if you look deeply you will see little white letters about some error or another. She just looks at hades and Faruja kinda frozen there like deer in head lights one might say she's crashed.
Faruja Senra Faruja /really/ hates it when people teleport behind him. The rat spins around, spear gripped...but not yet leveled. He's not here to cause a scene. One red eye narrows, holy Light bleeding off of the Paladin as he sends a death glare right back at the much taller being. Being so short has never sucked more. Deel's crash is ignored for the moment, as is the fact people are now slinking away from him. Scowl!

"Well met, Ser. Faram bless." Said, of course, out of politeness rather than actually meaning it.

Fire. The Templar winces, but manages to stand his ground. Why is it /always/ fire?

"Yes, Ser, that is /exactly/ what I said. There is no deity beyond Holy Faram, all else are naught but false idols and deceptive fallen spirits, demons, or abominations." It's not like he can say anything other than that with an Inquisitor beside him. The great part is, he sounds like he means it.

Speaking of the Inquisitor, she doesn't bother to look up, keeping her pistol trained on Hades' back discretely within her robes. Her quill doesn't stop moving the entire time.

Reaching over, Faruja taps Deel. "Do not be afraid, Lady Deel."
Shego Shego smirks at Faruja, bringing up a hand to 'fingergun' him with a wink, before saying with an encouraging sort of voice. "Right, right. All in the service of saving lives! I..." This is the point where Hades appears, and Shego's eyes widen. "...I... am going to be right over there as you talk with that guy."

Exit stage left for Shego - meaning, a handful of steps are taken to one side. And, although Shego found herself a bit fascinated with watching Hades - a god of hellfire was entirely attention-grabbing in her eyes, that... commerical plays. Rolling her eyes, Shego releases a world-weary sigh as her attention is drawn to the commerical playing on the screen. Closing her eyes, she kinda dips her face forward into her palm.

Soon enough, she was stepping towards the exit of the arena with a quickened step, although she'd take a moment to stop by the leaderboards - get her name in and everything. Another pause, and she walks towards one of the television cameras tracking her, to quickly grab it and pull it to her face. "Yeah, yeah, another misled do-gooder type. I'll be right there. But /not/ until the words 'I need you here for the swimsuit spot' are NEVER spoken again, alright?"
Maira "....I'm going to be treating a lot of burn wounds today, aren't I?" she asks no one in particular, lowering her head and covering it with her hands. She can't watch!
Hades Hades smiles is like a shark.

There is a brief flicker of flame, in the pistol trained on him, Hades doesn't even turn around to look at her.

That Pistol becomes /red hot/ and impossible to handle...unless you can touch really REALLY hot things.

"OH right...I remember now. You're one of Ajora's boys, right? I gotcha..." Hades says, wrapping a arm around Faruja's shoulders. "Alright. I gotcha. You're cute. That's real cute." he says, patting his shoulder before walking back down. Those flames just got VERY CLOSE...but nothing burns. "Good luck, kid, I'm rootin' for ya." And then BAM back on stage. "And this concludes this! Remember, TNT, tune in for more amazing programing!"
Isaac Hanlon Isaac makes a pantomimed gesture of intense pain in his heart when Shego dismisses him so casually. He smirks behind her for a second after, and then turns back to Shida. He senses... awkwardness. He isn't used to awkwardness. He doesn't often have problems talking to people, but when you do something to sort of casually resurrect one... "How's life treating you, Shida?" He smiles again.

Hades pops up. Isaac double-takes, then shifts slightly in his seat away from ground zero. He clears his throat and calls, "You should maybe be more respectful to the local lords of cycles involving universal events, even if his job clashes with your particular view on the universe. Your world is only one of the ones out there; might be a good plan to try to broaden your horizons before passing judgement that'll get you killed."

Isaac finds himself glancing in the opposite direction when Shego takes off, wondering if she actually has a green patootie.
Emi Dennou Despite Shego going 'nope', Shida still smiles at her--if a bit nervously because there's an irate Hades nearby. She seems terribly relieved when Hades laughs it off. Emi manages to maintain a blank expression but her body shifts mildly, a quiet exhalation of breath. "Oh yes, I'd like to think so." Shida says.

But it seems Shego has to depart quickly due to Herculean problems. Shego watches after her for a few moments hwen Isaac asks a question that probably has a bit more meaning for Shida than it does for most.

Emi tilts her head, wondering about Shego's 'green patootie' as well, but quickly straightens up in case someone's watching.

"This one thinks she has a far greater appreciation of life, having experienced the lack of it. Shida of the Network has been spending a lot of time in Fluorgis lately." She admits. "It's a very pretty city. Um. I'm sorry if at first I seemed ungrateful. We were just rather stunned. Nobody had ever quite done anything like that for us before and, honestly, we did not think something like that was possible."

She needles her fingers together.

"Isaac is correct," Emi tells Faruja. "To prosletyze is fine, but the forceful direct method is not always the proper one."
Faruja Senra Shego gets a smile in return, and a nod. Plan in motion!

There's an arm about his small shoulders. No doubt the Lord of the Dead has to stoop a touch to get 'round him! The fact that Hades is so blasted charming and likable, yet clearly against everything his religion teaches only infuriates him more. It might be hard to tell whether his trembling is in nigh-unquenchable rage or fear of being light on fire for about the fourth time in two weeks. Those with sensitive noses might realize it's roughly fifty fifty.

The pistol clatters to the ground, the older woman cursing under her breath and holding her now burnt hand. She manages to keep her poise, but now her red robes are marked up with spilled ink. Another name is written down. No doubt Hades is going to get her dry cleaning bill.

Those patronizing words have the rat's muzzle flapping wordlessly. He simply has no words, what little sound his makes being angry squeaking sounds like a rabid rat. The Templar has descended into the Angrish language. Give him a moment.

When he finally calms down to speak properly, Hades is Poof'd away. "...And be /GONE/ you mocking, honey-tongued knave!" Grrr!

Isaac and Shida both are swiftly turned to. The Templar has to bite down on his gauntlet to keep himself from saying anything rude to unofficial allies. At least he knows when his temper's getting the better of him. A good thirty seconds later, his knee-jerk initial thoughts are long gone.

"I stand by my words, dear Ser, Lady Emi. 'Twould be unbecoming to do otherwise." Frown.

"However, 'tis a folly to enrage a powerful creature in the presence of innocents. For that, you have my apologies." He gives the pair a bow. Maybe not quite what they wanted, but it's all they'll get for the moment.

Poke! "Come, Lady Deel! Let us sign up for this horrible comedy-play, and let it be done with. Mmm. I know exactly whom to call upon for this."
Deelel Deelel is recovering from her suprise. She's looking at Faruja for a moment she looks at him and just sighs as she shakes her head. "Faruja you must learn better control. I don't wish to ruin our chances at the shard. But ... are you all right?"
Faruja Senra Sigh. The rat's temper isn't doing him any favors today. "...Quite, quite. The Abomi.../gentleman/ has not harmed me." Bows and blessings all around, and he leaps off towards the signup area!
Isaac Hanlon Isaac tends to ask questions that have actual relevence /and/ double as bad jokes.

This is also why he's listening instead of just kind of blowing her off. She's come back from the dead -- something most people cannot claim to have done, or will ever do. It's got to be something a little bit unnerving. "It's alright. It's just my firm belief that 'impossible' is just a word people use to make themselves feel better about themselves when they fail. I'm glad you're doing well after all of that, is all. It's gotta be rough to go through."

Isaac frowns at Faruja. He watches him leap off, sighs a little to himself, and stands up. Isaac slips his tablet into his coat pocket. "C'mon. Let's go make sure we're on that list. We'd better get that shard before someone else does something crazy with it."

This scene contained 44 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Deelel, Maira, Cirra Constantine, Tom Magnusson, Hades, Emi Dennou, Isaac Hanlon, Shego, Doctor Drakken