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(2013-01-20 - 2013-01-20)
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Emi Dennou Emi Dennou is sitting at the desk as she waits for Will to drop by. She is observing the phone. It is not ringing. Shida has recently brought Umi back to the office from a certain fiasco involving BOMB PEOPLE but she was able to bring her back in safe and soundish, she had to get some bandaging for her wounds but Umi will be fine, she's had worse. She and Shida are sitting in the rest area, nomming on some snacks. Or perhaps--snack/ies/. They seem to be doing pretty well.

It's been a long day already, but The Network has been desirous to help Will for some time. They sit around, at present, waiting.

Emi has not heard the phone ring all day. Emi generally has a bland expression on her face but this time it's a little extra bland.
Will Sherman Will makes it back to th office with a few scratches, looking like from thorns or brambles. Infact, there are a few still left on his coat...he walks up through the bar, and up the stairs slowly. Despite everything, getting somewhere in this investigation...he's...he's very tired. Exhausted even, as he holds not only the flash drive, but the book they got from Monstro under one arm. As he enters the office, he places the book and drive on the desk.

"Hey guys. Sorry for getting back so late, and...well going without you guys." he says...

He rubs his forehead, exhausted as hell, looking towards Emi, then at Shida and Umi, "You guys okay? Something happened?"
Emi Dennou "It's alright." Emi says, smiling faintly at Will. What would they have done against a Sorceress anyway? ... Besides shoot her? Really, pulling out the gun and shooting them is generally a pretty reliable strategy as far as Legion is concerned. But even so, for an instance such as visiting Mim, it may have been best for Will to fly solo on that one after all.

"We were waiting for you." She looks over to the other two over there in the rest area and indeed, as soon as Will makes himself known, Umi hops up and seems intent on rushing him, probably for... HUGZ???

But Shida snags her by the collar and holds her in place. "You shouldn't overexert yourself. He knows." Shida tells Umi. Umi, naturally, pouts--but complies and just waves an arm over to him, smiling. "Hey."

"There was another piece of trouble in Fluorgis." Shida says. "Umi and I helped, she got hit by one of the explosions...but isn't too bad off. You seem you want me to get you anything to eat?" She asks.
Will Sherman Will smiles at Umi, her exhuberance always manages to bring a smile to his face, and he waves at her as she is stopped from overexerting herself. He winces as he hears about their adventures, or missadeventures...

"More trouble huh...monters and heartless right? It seems to be something happening there lately...I wonder what they are after though? I mean, what is so important about a crystal made of fire?" he asks.

Turning to Emi, "Here's everything I got, by the way." And then to Shida, "Yes please...It's been..."

"It's been a trying day. Mim pulled out all the stops in messing with me. Though it looks like someone else was watching...but it looks like Puck was playing me for a fool."
Emi Dennou Umi can be a bit ... bombastic.

"Mm..." Emi nods slowly. "It seems like it could be that, or perhaps Zia really is the Princess of Heart. It's hard to say... Though honestly, all these events seem unrelated... And they weren't having these troubles before. Is someone behind it all? I wouldn't be able to say." But it makes her nervous, all these strange happenings with no clear solution as to who is behind it. It could be a rather clever opponent if they hadn't revealed themselves yet. "This time it was their airfields. Water supply, airfields. Infrastructure seems to be the target. So far we've been able to fend off these problems, but with all these missing adventurers, we can't be everywhere. And even if we could, we'd wear ourselves out quickly."

Emi takes the book and flash drive, focusing on the item that she is most adept at investigating--the drive. She is no hacker but she can shift through data as quick as, well, a human computer might. She rests her hand on the drive, small electric arcs rippling around her arms.

"This may take a moment." She tells Will. "Going to make sure there are no traps first."

Umi stuffs her hands in her pocket. "So..." She looks up at Will. "Well Puck messing with you is probably a good sign, cause that's what he does. It'd be weird if he wasn't." Pause. " this mean you are closer, or...farther...from what you're trying to do?" She glances over to the drive and book. "Mim was messing with you too?"
Will Sherman Will nods to Emi, "I'll come and help when I can...but..." he shrugs, "I'll be honest, I'm afraid what will happen if things get too...tense again. I really don't wana be a liability to the city, if the Shadow Lords are moving against them." He says, and looks back towards her. "And take your time Emi...just be careful alright?" he warns her and looks towards Umi. "I guess? I don't know what the deal with him is...or why Mim was necissary...but she kept saying something. Something about that she wasn't poking the bee's hive...but that I was. I...don't get what she was driving at." he pauses, taking a steat and rubbing his forehead.

"Yeah...Mim...when I first got there...took the form of my wife. It was.."

He rubs his face in his hands.
Emi Dennou It was...what? Well, it seems to be that it was 'pretty shitty' judging from Will's reaction. Umi bites at her lip as Emi works. Emi is so focused it's hard to tell that she entirely hears what Wil is saying, she gives a small nod, apparently to everything Will said. She allows the others to handle the talking but she may be borrowing from them, computationally speaking, as Shida leans against the wall and closes her eyes. Umi still seems okay, though.

"Mm...well, the hero has to poke the beehive." Umi nods firmly. "SOmetimes that makes things worse for a little while, but then they make up for it by solving the problems with their newfound wisdom." She nods a few more times.

"But..." She frowns after a moment, thinking this over, and then says, "...How does she know what your wife looked like?"
Will Sherman Will shakes his head..

"Maybe...I dunno though..." he mutters. "I also dunno how she did...or how she knew...Puck maybe. But I can't figure out WHY he would do that...or how HE would know.." Will frowns...were they looking at him after all? This is a bad thing, he was sure if the Fae knew where he was...they'd come after him, try and finish what they started. His frown deepens...but the man who turned into a Coyote...

"I don't know what is going on, hard to focus. Seeing her the flesh after this long."
Emi Dennou Emi continues to work on this matter for some time before she ultimately opens her eyes, pulls her hand free, and fishes in the desk drawer. She pulls out a piece of paper and pen and scribbles down some numbes on it.She looks over to Will and adds, "Before, with Monstro--you seemed to have a dislike of water." She thinks it over. "Maybe these 'pranks' are Puck's way of preparing you. The issue of Loki is ultimately a matter of control, and you are being forced in situations in which you are mentally thrown off guard, you are put in stressful situations. This one's suggestion is to turn the taunt into strength. There are likely painful memories, but The Network imagines the happier ones outweigh the bad. This weakens the taunt."

"Aw Emi, you're being way too clinical." Umi complains, wrapping an arm around Will in a semi-hug.

Emi smiles faintly. "Maybe. Nevertheless, you mentioned Coyote, correct? The Network notes that Coyote is considered a Trickster God but from the Native Americans. There is a lot of misinformation, of course, and I am overgeneralizing tribal beliefs that may have varied wildly, but as Loki is also seen as a Trickster God in the Norse Mythos...and just as Puck is a Trickster figure himself--even Mim could be seen as a trickster sorceress...there is a common bond and thread with your experiences and who you're running into." Except maybe Monstro, but facing your fear counts as a lesson of control, doesn't it?

"There was not much on the flash drive." Emi continues. "The Network will hand over its contents now." She hands the small slip of paper over to Will.
Will Sherman Will smiles a bit, at Umi and gives her a hug. "Thanks." he says to her, it was defintely heartening to have friends...people to help him through this stuff. He takes a moment to breath and nod...rubbing his face again and manages a weak smile.

"Another trickster god huh? That is...defintely a theme...and with Monstro being the odd one out, but...yeah." he considers this all... "Face your..." he pauses. Was he facing an outside threat? He taps his fingers...

" I facing a outside threat...or am I facing something else?" Will considers things said... "It's all in the wrist...and who you mend." Will mutters, "This is what was said to me by Puck. Madam Mim said that I was poking the bee's nest..."
Emi Dennou Something else?

"The phrase 'poking the bee's nest', to me that would suggest the fey, the very people responsible for your predicament. But at the same time...what you wish is to secure control over Loki. Why would they be against that, if imprisonment was the goal? It's hard to say... from this one's understanding of the classics, they follow strange rules--but they do follow rules. Stringently, you could even say." She looks up. "but they're just stories. We do not know their workings for certain. Puck's words, as you have said them, also seem to suggest an external issue you may have to deal with. Perhaps the fey have some problems that require your assistance and, in return, they can help you. Or perhaps something involving Loki himself."

She shakes her head slowly. It's all rather complicated with the lack of information she has. Perhaps she should ask something.

"Do you know why Loki was imprisoned?" She asks.
Will Sherman "Vaguely..." Will says, "Apparently, a incident happened between him and Odin...some got very heated, very heated it turned in a full fledged civil war in the Aesir. All I know of the particulars is that it got so bad that Oberon got involved, and that Loki was punished for it. Bound originally by the body of his own dead son, and then later in a ritual that created me when the Fae were apparently leaving a place called Avalon."

Will thinks long and hard on this...and shakes his head..

"If the fae knew about me...besides the ones that do, I think I'd be in more trouble by now. The Aesir tried to kill me once, when I was newly created, as I was handed to them...and they threw me into the ocean."
Emi Dennou "Then what do you think it refers to?" Emi asks. Will seemed to have some manner of idea. She shakes her head again, though, and adds, "In any event, that paper seems to be a set of coordinates and times. Do they mean anything to you?" This is chiefly to make sure Will understands the information. "Other than that the drive seems safe, we can put it to a proper computer too, The Network supposes."

Umi says, "If it's just cause he lost, why's he so mean to us?" She rubs the back of her neck. "What'd we ever do to him?" We of course doesn't mean Legion but probably more the danger Loki being released would do to just about anybody.
Will Sherman Will looks at the paper for a moment, reading over it for a moment...

"Nothing...really? Nothing profound, I guess?" He shakes his head, "I guess We'll just have to go there at the right time, and find out what this is all about. I don't have any other leads, right?" he says, with a small smile. Trying to be reassuring to them both.

"The reason he is so mean, is because he's mad. They used his son to bind him, they set him under a serpent to drip venom into his eyes and was there for...hundreds of years? He was driven completely mad with rage over the experience...and on top of that sealed away to sleep forever. Loki, from what I felt...only wants to destroy everything."
Emi Dennou Hundreds of years of having poison poured into your eyes. And for what! Well, okay, getting someone to kill their own family member through the power of mistletoe is probably reasonable for severe punishment but even then it seems a bit much to The Network. The numbers don't seem to mean much to Will offhand, so it seems that going there is the only answer.

"Mm... They have strange ideas on what makes a just punishment, this one supposes." Emi sighs. "The Network wishes they were more practical and less poetic with their justice system. It seems as far as mysteries go, however, that it is now the time for patience rather than questions. Thank you for talking with us, Will, I hope this helps you."

Umi grins. "Of course, you did so much for us, you gotta let us help you when you can!"
Will Sherman Will nods, and sits up. He ruffles Umi's hair after a moment. "Alright alright. You girls win. Thanks...I guess I'd be rather silly for me to refuse your help after everything I said about helping you." he laughs, and scratches the back of his head. "Anyway...I think I am going to go downstairs and grab a bite to eat, and probably go sleep this off."

" girls get some rest too okay? Don't go waiting up on my account."
Emi Dennou "Sure," Umi says. She wrings her hands together, she can't really help but be worried but, well, it's not as if there isn't ANY progress. However confusing this adventure is for Will, he seems to be getting challenged and going through them. Hopefully he's headed in the right direction. And maybe next time they can help! With zappings! Or in Umi's mind, a complex action sequence that ends with Loki exploding in Will Sherman's mind and him absorbing his power Mega Man Style before punching Oberon in the balls for being sucha tool.

Emi smiles indulgently and leads her upstairs. "Good night, Will."

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