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(2013-01-20 - 2013-01-20)
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Ingrid Third Beneath the ever-present sky of star-spangled night, Traverse Town is bustling with unusual activity. The upcoming elections for mayor have got everyone busy preparing in one way or another. The usually gossip and idle chatter has been replaced with speculations and arguments over which candidate has been policies about what and the tension is generally high all throughout the town.

Such an environment is too chaotic and noisy for proper investigation which is why Ingrid is now making her way along the outskirts of the strange town away from all of the insanity. Even out here the faint din of voices and movement reaches but it is at a far more managable level.

The small girl walks slowly in a circular fashion about the edge of the outer reaches of the settlement, skirtish the beach and the train station as she watches for signs of anything out of the ordinary. Heartless are a common threat here, especially since the population swelled after the relocation.

A slender black tonfa twirls idly in her hand, the light of a few beads of Materia sending rainbow sparkles into the air as their polished surfaces reflect the ample moonlight.
Stitch "INCOMING!"

That voice belongs to none other than the blue alien creature that has come to be known as: Stitch. How he is managing to come into this particular area from above is anyone's guess but here he is, sailing down towards the ground at a pace that makes it look like he's been dropped from an airplane or something like that. His descent is not exactly that controlled, but he's at least got a gigantic smile on his face as he comes soaring downward like he's enjoying the holy heck out of this epic level entrance.

WHAM! The smashing of Stitch into the ground probably creates enough dust and debris that there's not really much to it. Except for maybe the slight shaking of the ground, since Stitch is a lot heavier than his body gives him credit for. He's completely unharmed, though, as he stands tall (as tall as he can, anyway) and raises his hands in applaud-seeking approval.

Should anything fall down or break or whatever because of his immediate and earth shattering entrance? Oh well. Collateral damage.
Ingrid Third Ingrid's head snaps up at the shout, eyes widening upon seeing her fuzzy and apparently insane new 'partner' falling like a meteorite out of the sky. The critter had managed to elude her some time ago and trying to find him to prevent any more damage to the city was one of the other reasons she was out here.

She hops back nimbly with ample time to avoid being anywhere near the impact point but a shower of dirt and grass still forces her to shield her face with both arms. When the dustcloud settles, the girl is glaring at Stitch with narrowed eyes, a very nonplussed expression on her face.

"Crackers, do you always have to make such a hug mess?" She casually dusts herself off, knocking several clods of dirt from her neat SeeD uniform. There is no applause for you.
Stitch "Ih!" Stitch says with a huge and firm nod to help solidify his statement and actions. After all, that's what he was designed to do. Making a mess is part of the package, baby! You wanted it, you got it! And that's pretty much going to be all Stitch has to say about that fact.

And suddenly, Stitch is leaping at Ingrid with the intentions of tackling and searching. Well, in much of the way that a huge dog would be trying to search such a SeeD cadet. There is a lot of sniffing and a lot of clawful grabby hands, as it seems that he is probably attempting to find something. "Hungry!" Stitch explains, kind of.

What? It's her fault for talking about crackers.
Sanel "Waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiittttt....!"

If the group were to look over, they would see a small little critter running away. It's a squirrel. The little squirrel is hauling it. It runs across the area and it climbs up along a tree until it twirls and hides into the bushes.

Through the city come a boy with an oversized coat and his bangs over his eye. The boy looks pretty much... frantic.

"Mr. Squirrel! Where is Mr. Squirrel! Sanel is looking for Mr. Squ---" ...Suddenly, his eyes fall on Stitch.

ZOOM! Sanel is quickly reaching over to scoop the creature from Ingrid into a hug. "Strange Cute Animal Creature!"
Ingrid Third "Wha-hey?!" Ingrid holds her hands up to stop the sudden application of flying Stitch but she is sorely outclassed in size and arm count here. His weight alone is more than enough to send her tumbling backwards into the grass, feebling pushing at his body to try and keep him back.

Unfortunately, she might as well have been trying to push a small furry car away. He's lucky he's so cute or she'd probably be whacking him in the head right now. "Look--wait a se--would you--ahahaha stop I'm ticklish there!" She rolls back and forth trying to avoid his inquisitive claws but without much success.

Stitch's questing hands do not find much her in uniform, as it is lacking for pocket space, but he does manage to knock the shiny Safety Patrol badge loose. When the strange boy shows up, she sees her chance and quickly scoots backwards a few feet to give herself some space. Taking a moment to recover her breath, Ingrid smooth her hair down and then glances back over at the new arrival.

"That is an... apt description."
Stitch The Mighty Stitch can do nothing but blink at this moment. It is one of those long and slow and very annoyed blinks that make him look like he's more apt to destroy whatever it is that just picked him up than actually be okay with it. In fact, he's looking like he's about to switch into a much more angry version of himself at this exact moment.
The Safety Patrol Badge is firmly within Stitch's grasp. And it takes him a moment to hoist it up as he tries to shove it in Sanel's face. His mind recalls Ingrid's words from the other time they were together and he tries to handle this himself. "Safely Patroll." He nods his head once as if sure that he's got it straight. "Stitch."

Will you put him down?! He's on a case!
Sanel WONK!

The badges shoved onto his face, Sanel's good eye peers closely to the badgein frontof him. He squints, trying to look into it,but the boy frowns as the creature shows signs of wanting to be put down.

Sanel, however, well... SQUEEZES the creature into a tight, asphyxiating hug. It doesn't look like he will put Stitch down.

"Sanel does not understand. What is Safety Patrol?"
Ingrid Third The forgotten girl just rolls her eyes and pushes back to her feet. Oh boy, another weird one. Another round of dusting herself off is followed by approaching the two of them and snatching her badge back from Stitch before he smooshes it or tries to eat it.

"Safety Patrol is a group of students dedicated to keeping trouble makers in line." She tucks the badge back into her jacket. "This 'strange cute animal creature' that you have accosted is Stitch and I suggest putting him down. He gets quite excitable."

Unlimbering her backpack, Ingrid digs through some of the pockets until she produces a plastic-wrapped sandwich from within, ready to offer it to Stitch when he manages to wiggle free of Elmira's death hug.
Stitch Stitch frowns. Mostly at the fact that he is not put down. And then at the fact that the badge has been taken from him. This is not exactly going to be the best case scenario for the boy that's holding onto the little creature.

Stitch breathes. As if trying to keep his calm but it is not working as well as he would like it to be. In fact, the only thing that happens next is the sprouting of Stitch's second set of arms which are used to start pushing and at Sanel's grip. Stitch can lift up to 3000 times his size and thus almost all of that strength is put into trying to get free of Sanel's Hug.

But. Just in case, one of Stitch's other arms pops up and it is holding what appears to be a Plasma Cannon. And it is aimed at Sanel's head.

Sanel "Safety Patrol... keeps trouble makers in line! Like police?" The boy tilts his head over, then he hears her recommendation. However, the second set of arms start tugging. Unfortunately, Stitch is going to have a REALLY difficult time getting out of Sanel's grip.

Nevertheless, the plasma cannon is pointed at his head. He tilts his head over at the device, giggling. "Stitch has a cute toy. Sanel is happy to meet Stitch." But then, Ingrid mke her recommendation.

"Okay! Sanel let go of Stitch."

The boy immediately releases the creature, letting him drop to the ground.
Ingrid Third The police comparison is pretty much spot on, especially now that they have moved from dealing with stolen lunch money and vandalized bathrooms to real world problems. The Heartless have a way of making things get serious. "Yeah, that's a good way to think of us. We work for Garden now as a part of their mercenary force. I'm not an actual SeeD yet, still in training, but getting some actual field experience is important to my job."

An eyebrow is raised at Stitch as he sprouts fresh arms and manages to produce some sort of a gun. She really doesn't want to know where he was hiding that. However, things could get ugly really fast here. Thankfully, Sanel seems inclined to listen which defuses the situation -- she hopes.

"A wise choice."

The sandwich is tossed over to the alien dropbear, hopefully distracting his annoyance at being picked up with food. "My name is Ingrid, by the way. Ingrid Third."
Stitch The Plasma Cannon stays pointed at Sanel even as Stitch grumbles his way over to the sandwich and scoops it up. It is eaten, wrapping and all, without so much as a bite. He's really still annoyed, such is the look on his face, but he's starting to calm down since he's managed to acquire and swallow a sandwich with ease. He's not too sure about this whole Hugging Human thing, but that's why he's still got a Plasma Cannon aimed at him with one of his four arms.

"Lilo." Stitch reminds Ingrid, as if just trying to get her away from the Hugging Human Creature of Doom. Frown.
Sanel "Garden? Seed?" Sanel squints in regards to the organization of SeeD. His fingers rest along his chin, now...

Sanel's Imagination!

> Chibi Ingrid plants a seed on the ground in a garden.
> A man vandalizes garden.
> Chibi Ingrid beats the man and handcuffs him to jail.

With the imagination done, Sanel squints and he tilts his head over. "Okay! Gardeners!!!" The boy frowns, "...Sanel is confused, now." Nevertheless, Sanel tilts his head over towards the alien, who still has his cannon pointed at the boy.

Sanel waves at Stitch. "Stitch is a cute creature! Sanel wants to be friends with Stitch!"
Ingrid Third "Hmm? Oh right, your friend." Ingrid glances back at Sanel, crossing her arms. "Sorry, kid, we're--/I/ am on official business and don't really have time to stop and chat right now."

The backpack is re-equipped, the girl struggling slightly with its bulk but she manages to get it situated on her shoulders without too much trouble. A quick look around the area confirms a lack of anything of note, no Heartless sightings yet -- which is rather odd now that she thinks of it. This was a prime spawning ground for the little critters.

"If you're interested in learning more about SeeD, you can visit Balamb Garden or check with any of our local information brokers," she offers to Sanel. "Have a nice day."

The girl turns away and starts to trek along the border of town again, motioning Stitch to follow. She highly doubts that wandering around in the wilderness will turn up any real leads but this keeps him away from anything breakable while the elections are going on. She can do some real work when things calm down a bit.
Stitch Stitch gives the Plasma Cannon a twirl and then it gets disappeared back into wherever it was hiding. It's probably not a good idea to wonder these things, because, ew. Anyway, both arms get sucked back into his body and he turns around with some sort of stylish swagger and neener-filled strut, as he starts heading off after Ingrid.

Uh Huh. That's Right. Safety Patrol. One The Case.

A quick glance back over his little shoulder and Stitch has one elongated and choice word for the Evil Hugging Human of Doom.


Somewhere near the end of that, though, Stitch stops and pops up in a very Meerkat manner (get it?). His nostrils flare and he looks off into the distance... in the direction of where Ingrid is headed. His head tilts and then tilts back up, his eyes shifting into an entirely different mode. Another sniff and his eyes seem to be peering off into an extremely far distance.

"... Lilo!"

Stitch leaps into the air and is off like a racing chocobo with nitrous wings.

"Maka maka!"
Sanel Annd.... Ingrid and Stitch are leaving.

Sanel lift a hand up, "W-wait..." And then, the creature turns to face the boy with his elongated, choice words. The boy frowns and droops. "Sanel wanted a friend..."

It is suddenly that a swirling pool of darkness manifests from the ground. That essence of darkness forms into a small Shadow. It lifts its head up, staring at the boy with the beady eyes.

Sanel scoops the Shadow into his arms with a very tightenig hug. "Strange Creature will be Sanel's friend, right?" It looks like it is ready to burst, given that its yellow eyes are popping out an the feelers are wiggling all over the place. It has the look of 'ohgodwhy'.

...It poofs into munny.

"..Strange Creature?"


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