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A Court of Bombs
(2013-01-20 - 2013-01-20)
Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb...
Mirage Mist, missing persons, Heartless assaults. Fluorgis has had absolutely no peace during these recent times. Even with the timely intervention of the Shard Seekers and many others that had ridden to the rescue of the fire crystal-baring city, the unease of the whole drama had driven many people to their wits end. Quite recently, airships heading out of Fluorgis have been packed with people fleeing or planning to take long vacations. Delays were inevitable and there was even talk of altering the great airship timetable to accomodate the increased demand.

Perhaps this outcome was inevitable.

Early morning, the grand airship Cocoon was supposed to depart for Costa Del Sol. This being a super popular tourist destination, ever single seat and hold was packed to the gills with people. Only the airship hadn't left. Minutes after it was supposed to leave, travelers burst from the airship port, screaming in terror about a bomb on the airship. No, several bombs on the airship! All flights were halted and further entrance to the airship port was strictly forbidden.

The Cocoon remains grounded, its great doors shut. Through the windows, terrified people peer outwards, unsure of their fate. Within the airship terminal themselves, the halls are abandoned and quiet. What few people that hadn't fled were cowering behind counters and chairs.

From somewhere in the facility came the ominous smell of...something burning.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr has been staying around the city more as of late. Part of the reason is because...

Cut back to a week ago, Angantyr running from a litteral army of Arcadian troops.

Yeah...maybe picking that fight with Gabranth then and there wasn't the /smart/ thing to do. OH WELL! That smug <GOOSEHONK> judge had it coming.

However, as it is now, with everything going on in this city, Angantyr has been making a /killing/ in the mercinary market lately. Litterally, every day something seemed to be happening, and he's been getting some good money from the marks, helping the city defenses, and all that jazz. The only draw back was...


"Wait what?" he looks up, as people run from the ports screaming about bombs. "Well that's not good." Angantyr says, and starts fighting traffic, aiming to push TOWARDS the danger. "Freekin' Bomb cores! Those go for some GREAT money right now...and probably get paid for the marks too! That's like getting paid twice!"
Shiki Misaki And where there's burning, you know there has to be fiendish fire!

Lamp oil? Rope? Bombs? You want it? Well, even if you don't, it's yours, my friend. Those dangerous dirigibles are here today, in all shapes and sizes. And as any adventurer knows, when you get Bombs in different sizes, that's a baaaad sign!

Thing is, though, these Bombs seem to be a little more... organized than usual? And why could that be?

Well, you've heard of octopus royalty, haven't you? Today, you're in the presence of explosive royalty! And an honor guard!

One of the biggest and baddest Bombs here today is a metallic polyhedron, made of multiple triangular faces. Parts of his body are metal, others fire-yellow, with one eye staring out at the front. His mouth underneath looks stitched up, and on the 'top' of his head there's a crest, like... well, a knight.

It's the Knight... of Bomb!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart just wanted to leave this city to get back home -.-

There must be something about this city that attracts troubles. It wasn't the first time she came here, and here she was again to try to help out the TDA and Shard Seekers and VALKIRI whenever they needed a hand with something. Last time it was frogs. Turning everyone into frogs and having to kiss to cure them. She spent at least an hour in the shower to try to remove the smily feeling of having being turned into one as well. And then kissing them for cures.

And now, airship's on fire. What else could go wrong, really?

Probably lots of things, but one thing at a time, please! ~_~

"Why aren't went moving yet?" She smelled the fire... but that could just be the engines, right? Well, she still went to check, only to find... terrified people. "... it can never be something as simple as 'the pilot overslept', can it?" She sighs a bit. Well, let's see what's going on...

Aaaand that's when people are screaming about bombs. She slides a hand through her hair, shaking her head, and then tightens her gloves. No way around it. When it comes to monsters... no talking your way out. Especially not bombs, which answers just about everything with 'boom'.
Reize Seatlan The news reaching the Shard Seekers have been inevitable. At the time of the panic, someone had gotten word out and told the Shard Seekers and the other adventurers of the impending danger. The leader of the Shard Seekers, Reize, was ready to respond. Although his time as a frog was an enlightneing experience, he knows that he the city needs their help.

Reize is running towards the path of the ship.

However, the Cacoon is grounded and the doors are shut. Reize can see the alls are abandoned and quiet. "This is gettin ridiculous?!" Reize snaps out. And then, he sniffs the air.


He sucks in a breath, withdrawing both of his boomerangs.

His eyes drift over towards Tifa and Angantyr, "Ooooii! Tifa! --uhh.. guy in dark armor!"
Gesandte Well the Giant was now in the city, having heard far and wide about bad things that had been going on in the city. So for a few days he used his magical moving powers to get here in untraditional ways.. ok he ran, but he's good at that and can get across large areas quickly if need be, but as to why he ran such a great distance well thats clearely his own secret.

He was out enjoying the day, trying to learn about the city and the troubles it had been having, and perhaps what it may have or any other such fun things. But then he gets distracted by screaming and other such things from people running from the ship area, he began heading his way there to find out what was going on. Luckily for him the surge and crowd of people wasn't that bad he could easily over step them to get closer to danger zone.

But upon seeing that large ship, he was amazed perhaps because he just was, but hearing that people are strill trapped inside along with bombs, make him remember why he was coming over here in the first place to rescue those people and if need be, offer up prayers for their souls as they move on to the next life.
Priel Aylin At this time, Priel was arriving at the city of Fluorgis herself, wings flapping as she sailed through the skies. It didn't take her any time at all to notice the commotion going on at the airship port below. "Oh? Now that's curious. I wonder why the port's on fire? They must be having one hell of a party down there~"

Of course that was not true at all. At least, judging from the flow of panicking people rushing back into the city. She only grinned in amusement at the situation below, looking to be totally uncaring of the people's plight. But nevertheless, maybe a front row seat would prove to be...entertaining. "Let's have ourselves a little look then~"

That said, Priel lurched downwards, cutting through the air as she aimed to land nearby. Her wings retracted into her back once they were no longer needed. "Wow. It's even more impressive up close." She mumbled to herself, smiling gleefully at the smell of smoke and fire. Her eyes eventually spot Tifa, Reize, and Angantyr and she casually turned, making her way over with her arms crossed.

"Well! I see you guys are still doing a /wonderful/ job of keeping this city safe! How does it feel, being big heroes~?"

Of course, that snide comment was directed mostly at Reize. Never mind the fact that she was also a part of that group of 'big damn heroes'. ...Even if she was never there when it counted.
Reize Seatlan "Shut up, Priel!" Reize snaps towards her, already seething. And she hasn't been around during the mess. What's next, her roasting marshmellows on him when he is on fire?!
Angantyr Vespar "Angantyr." The dark Knight helps Reize, and looks towards Priel, "It looks like I am going to get paid, and collect the bomb cores for extra money. So, if you kindly stand asside and let the real mercinaries do their job, little lady. I wouldn't want you to get hurt."
Shiki Misaki "You oughtta try it yourself some time! Maybe you'd be surprised!"

Shiki is of course there by Reize's side, although she's still kind of sore from the incident with the mirrors. Also, she's not going to mock Gilgamesh ever, ever again. Someone has to watch the kid's back when Priel's around, though, and so long as she has someone to watch HER back when Priel's around, she can do that. And if she can't, Mr. Mew can!

"Now would be a great time to start..."
Katyna Katyna had lingered in Fluorgis a little while longer after recovering from her wounds back in Shard Seekers HQ. She had to leave sooner or later however, and so she'd headed to the nearby airship station..However, she wasn't really expecting..Mass panic! People running around like crazy, and a bomb on the ship!

Well darnit, she'll never get home at this rate, but maybe with some luck she'll find some munny if she beats those bombs. "Alright!" She grins as she moves towards the airship..Then shrinks back a bit as she spies Angantyr nearby..Erk...This is gonna get akward..Better keep a low profile. Good thing she's not here as Ember. Reize is also spotted amid the chaos and she smiles a little, relaxing. Maybe it wont be a total waste.
Priel Aylin Priel just shrugged at Angantyr's comment. "Oh yes, by all means, go charging in! Saves everyone else the trouble of being blown up." Her reply was accompanied by a wry smile. If she was supposed to be insulted, then it didn't work. At all. In fact, she only looked entertained really.

Priel then glanced towards Shiki, eyes narrowing and her smile widening into a grin. "Ah? But being a 'hero' sounds like such a waste of effort. It's not profitable at all, you know~?" A clawed finger is brought to her lips as she made a point of looking Shiki up and down.

"Mhmhmhm, well it's good that you're keeping in shape. I'd hate to lose my food so soon, you know?" And then she laughs, eyes flashing dangerously. "But then, if you do plan on charging in with Mr. Idiot Hero here, I guess I can look forward to some grilled meat after all! Ahahahaha~!"
Shiki Misaki "Oh, Ivo's totally on the level, you said!" Shiki grumps at Reize. "Let's give him and Priel a chance, you said!"
Reize Seatlan What is Reize's response to the words being thrown back at him?

Reize's response: T_T
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart pats Reize's head c.c; "Don't be too hard to Reize Shiki, you know he's doing his best.
Angantyr Vespar "Like I told you. If she's a threat, I can take care of her. Lightweights like here won't cost you much." Angantyr says.
Gesandte Ges spots Reize and moves towards him, shacking the ground as he comes, not really knowing the rest of the people around him, "Mr. Reize, so good to see you again and safe, for the most part." he comes up behind the man and stops, looking over the other individuals there, also noting Miss Tifa is there as well. Well, he wasn't about to question things, stuff just happens as it does.

but he goes back to scaning around, ensureing things are atleast being evacuated and done right.
Priel Aylin "Weeeeeeell, in any case..." Priel intones lightly, ignoring the discussion from this point on. "...I guess this would be the point where moronic heroes and genius mercenaries frothing at the mouth for a bit of coin go running headfirst into the fray, yes?"

She then waved her hands ahead of herself, making shooing motions to the others. "Go on then! Save this city! Save the world! Save the universe~! Ahahahaha!" The way she said that implied that no, she was not going in there herself.

Par for the course with Priel really.
Mirage The interior of the port does seem "empty" at first. But once the heroes enter, shortly after smelling that firey smell...

...bombs just come floating out of the woodwork! Cackling and giggling as they pop up from behind chairs and poke their way out of luggage. They're all rather tiny, but they're still bombs, which were notorious for one certain attack, whispered about amongst adventurers and hunters alike.

Self destruct.

Even though they may be tiny, if enough of these got together and exploded, the results could be catastrophic for the airship port. Let's not think about what may happen to the poor people hiding and cowering from the monsters.

"HAVE YOU FOUND HIM YET?" A loud voice bombs from across the hall. It is a voice that the Knight of Bombs would know all too well.

From dock one's terminal to the airship departing platforms floats out the largest bomb ever encountered in person. He is magnificent in stature with striking red and orange 'plumage' (that's really just FIRE, let's face it) and floating around his head like a halo is a spectacular crown of green and blue flames.



0BATTLE MASTERY CONDITIONS: Kill King Bomb. King Bomb self-destructs at under 20% HP!
Shiki Misaki Shiki digs her hands into her pockets and stomps off in the direction of the trouble. Rassen frassen stupid Priel.

The Knight of Bomb is a-searchin'! He's only got one eye, your majesty, go easy on him!


Sadly, this one doesn't have arms, or even a crank. That crest looks valuable, though, if you're so inclined.

Unfortunately, getting it might be difficult! The Knight of Bomb is going to try and breeze (or is that blast?) past the defenders so that it can rise into the sky, and set all of Fluorgis on fire!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr walks into the deck of the ship, for his large size, large armor, and MASSIVE weapon, he's fairly fast on his feet. The giant man finally looks up, spotting the Bomb King...

"An intelligent Bomb? ...Seriously? Whoever made these things seriously...very seriously, needs help." Angantyr mutters, The massive mace comes to bare, as he throws off the desert cloak so that he can fight unrestricted. The mace being held with a single hand...a mace as large as most people, held in one hand.

"Hey! Someone get on that other Bomb. I'll take care of this one!" he says, and starts to approach the king...

Approach is the wrong word, run RIGHT at is a better word. His hand reaches out as he rushes, as darkness flies from his palm, aiming to try and grip the Bomb king, aiming to drag it down to the ground, while at the same time coating it with dark flame. The dark flames burn when he strikes, adding insult to injury...before...

Angantyr swings the mace down, aiming to tear away whatever defenses he has, repeatedly swinging the massive weapon into the monster.

"Uh yeah, I know a airship captain. His name is PAIN. Let me introduce you."
Reize Seatlan "Oh wow, Lily can fly!" Reize cannot help but see the young girl take flight, even if she is completely angry.
As the tiny bombs manifest out of every single corner, Reizes body tenses. "What?!" The boy turns his head over, looking out to see every single bomb about. He is ready to deal with them all. However, things grow worse as the biggest bomb emerges into their sight.
And then the one-eyed bomb.
A frown is given, then he runs towards the King, glancing back to the group, "Guys! I'll join Angantyr with the king! Guys keep the knight off!"
Maybe he can talk to the king. "Oooi! Your highness! I am afraid that we will have to ask you to lea----..." And Angantyr begins the charge. Welp. Reize shifts into his fighting stance, already moving into the charge with the launching of his hookshot. Should the hookshot make contact, Reize is going to coil closer to the Bomb King with a flying kick from the other side of Anantyr.

Oh, and something is flying from Reize's bag of tricks to the bomb's eyes.
Katyna Katyna sweatdrops as the bombs start talking, asking about an airship captain. "Wuht? they can talk?" She grins, "Cool! But..Sorry, I cant fly a ship. Of course I'd love to give it a try..After I kick yer butt!" And with that, Kat charges towards the other group of bombs on the other side, swinging her flaming sword at them with a war cry. "Yaaah!"
Tifa Lockhart Honestly... talking frogs and not bombs. Why ist here so many talking monsters around recently? She might prefer the heartless at this rate, at least they don't try to be witty with her ~_~

She turns toward the clumb of smaller bombs "Leave those to me, take care of the big one." She can handle the small fry. Better take out the bigger one before it explodes. That would be very messy.

She charges up, first raised, bringing it down on the smaller bombs, sending them flying into each other before they can explode on her. If she can wipe many of them at the same time, would probably be helpful.
Priel Aylin Priel poked her head in, watching the others. She still wasn't going to help, but then, something glinting in the light caught her attention. It was coming from that other talking bomb! And it looked valuable. "Ohoooo~" Welp, it looked like she found something worth fighting for. Without further ado, she stepped in fully, a red blade manifesting into her hand.

"I see something valuable~" She spoke in a singsong tone, casually taking several steps before charging at the knight. She girl leapt into the air after, aiming an uppercut slash at it, followed by a downwards strike that released a flaming projectile.

She followed it up by thrusting her other hand outwards. A red aura surrounded the knightly bomb, attempting to cause some sort of debilitating effect.
Gesandte Well Ges is as giant as well, and just as fast. upon seeing the bomb knight moving he targets him and charges him, "I am afraid I cannot allow you to leave this area if you intend ill will against the people of this city, for doing suuch would be a sin." he jumps straight at the Bomb Knight, his left feet shooting out and the same time his left fist arches out and begins energizing the air flowing around it wiggling as it charges up.

His attack goes through, and surely he's already thinking of a great speech to deliver to the monster as soon as he has time from this attack to do such. One that will surely make the monster rethink it's evil plans and beg forgivness of its sins.
Reize Seatlan "Oooiii! Lily! Use ice magic!" Reize calls out towards his resident blazingly angry magic-user.
Shiki Misaki A flaming sword plus a Bomb?! Are you sure that's such a good idea?!

Thankfully, it works for now! Katyna and Tifa take their swings at the smaller Bombs, scattering them around the airport where they bounce into one another, popping and going off like fireworks. The Knight of Bomb takes a surprised look at his comrades exploding so suddenly--

And Gesandte and Priel launch themselves at him! The former throws his foot and fist right in the Knight's face, and the latter drives it down onto the ground with a clang. The Knight bounces away!

"SHELL I NEVER! WHAT A RUDE BUNCH!" it shouts, wobbling back upwards as smaller Bombs cluster around it. "IF YOU THINK YOU'RE ALL SUCH HOT STUFF, WHY NOT LOOK THE PART?"

Cannon ports begin to pop out of the mechanical hide of the Knight in all directions, launching mortars and explosives, which go randomly in arcs, straight, and even roll around on the ground! Various unpleasant effects could result from this, from a terrible burning sensation to being shocked by brain-bursting noise, or just being blown across the room!

Meanwhile, Shiki has got Reize and Lily's back. "Ice, huh? Well, I can help with that. Reize, if you would?" she asks, holding up her Player Pin.

Once that's done, she's got her Frostbite pin to start putting the chill on these Bombs and their King so that Mr. Mew can wallop 'em!
Katyna Katyna grins and nods. "Of course! Fight fire with fire! What better way than that?" They aren't normal bombs at any rate. Even so, she'd better be careful. Flaming swords arent unique, but she still doesn't want Angan to suspect too much.

The bombs explode in her face and she darts back, getting hurled and bruised a bit by their attack. "Ow..Guess i'm no immune to fire, but.." Gritting her teeth she launches forward, attempting to siphon some energy out of them. "Take this!" Another might swing or two of her flaming sword as tendrils of dark energy shoot out from the blade, attempting to draw energy from the bombs.

"PEASANT. WHAT ARE YOU DOING PEASANT." The King booms as Angantyr approaches him. Sure, Angantyr isn't really a peasant but the King hardly knows any better. He couldn't tell one human between the other anyway, those blasted hairless monkeys all looked the same to him.


Reize hookshots the bomb...and thus goes clear through him. Believe it or not, the bomb is actually quite solid and feels like a rock when colided with. How such a thing manages to actually float is a mystery of the ages. Something flies out of Reize's bag of tricks at the King Bomb's face! It's...

...a giant pair of sunglasses that seem to fit perfectly on the monster's face. Deal with it.



All the little bombs that had been bouncing around and cackling suddenly turn and look inward all at once. Silence hangs in the air as they await orders from their king.


All the lesser bombs HURL themselves at those that have dared to raise their hand against the mighty King Bomb!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks as the ice rains from above. Well its good to know there's someone watching over them right now, ballistic weaponry against bombs is always a good idea.


In fact, what is she doing punching those things? o_O

Oh well, she doesn't have any alternate ways to attack either way, she doesn't have the materias for magic attacks. "I rather not be hot stuff, but we can be cool as can be." She jumps up, reaching for the first bomb she can grab and tossing it into the rest like a bowling alley. Its always fun to shoot monsters with their own kin. The commotion it creates is a good distraction.

... No, she's not that sadistics, but small pleasures when you're fighting monsters that want to eat you alive T_T

Emi and Imi are too Toaded out to lend a hand to another fight. What's next? Enemies that turn them into bombs? Yeah they're taking a breather for today. However, Emi still wants money from jobs and as such has sent Shida and Umi along to lend a hand to this particular trouble. They weren't especially close, hench the delay, and also why Shida is out of breath by hte time they actually make it there. Umi is never out of breath, however, so she keeps on running forward.


"A--ahh Umi, be careful, they're bombs. Bombs explode, Shida of the Network reminds." Shida laughs nervously maybe this wasn't a good idea after all.

"I know bombs explode! But.... cool people don't look at explosions." She pauses, thinking this over as she lowers her rifle. "Mm...but...Mm...Hmm. Maybe I can wait until they explode, and then...then turn around?" She taps her foot with a bit of frustration and then says, "aw screw it!" She drops down in a crouch and aims up her rifle, intending to pop down the smaller bombs with her super secret 'gun' technique as Shida sends small electric sparks that don't hurt them persay, but may help them be finished off before they explode by people with more firepower. MAYBE.

"I wonder if I can say hello to Lily later...Shida of the Network wonders aloud..." Maybe that'll be dependent on if the airport explodes.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr hated bombs.

He loved their loot, but he /ABSOLUTELY HATED/ Bombs.

Explosions consume the area the Dark Knight was at, and for a moment only smoke rises from the spot he was at, before a mace tears through the Bombs all around him, aiming to try and either hit or drive them back. The armor was already smoking, shattered in places and bleeding in others. Angantyr looks pretty worn, but he advances.

He dives right back towards the bomb king, mace held high as he tries to drag the mace through it, trying to try and grip it with the very wicked looking spikes, before trying to SLAM it right into the ground, viciously.

Then, without warning, he swings the mace down again a trail of darkness wafting off the mace as he litterally tries to smash the head of the Bomb king in.

Gesandte The Giant makes his attack, showing that bomb one for! He does a kind of akward flip around and lands on his feet. But apperntly not fast enough to defend against the bombs attack and takes some blastys to the chest and face, while not hurting him much he coughs and doesn't feel so hot anymore oh great indeed. He drops to one knee, coughing and looks up at the knight, ugg. He reaches up for the book and opens it.

"Thou shalt not bring harm and destruction amongst those that seek no ill against you. You are to leave those that wish no violence against you alone and fight only those that wish to fight, those that wish to bring violence shall thou fight against."

The bomb may have sickened him, but he is still more then capable of preaching at him. Perhaps if he is truly sentient, he will refrain from his actions and leave the city be.
Reize Seatlan Reize cannot help but toss a grin at Shiki as she comes for the assist.
The Bomb King has a pair of sunglasses.

Reize looks at his bag of tricks for just one moment, and then he scratches his head, "... So /that/ is where it was." He frowns. Ah well, they did not serve him well when he was at the Mythril Mines. The boy does, however, squint.

"Wait... so you're just trying to take a vacation?"

And then, all of the bombs come. As all of the lesser bombs are hurling towards the boy....?


The explosion of the lesser bombs leave Reize stumbling in pain. He lands against a railing, falling pretty hard. "Nngghghhh.." Ow. Ow. Ow.

However, Lily's magic of the wind and the water flow around him, giving him that refreshing an focused look. A glance is given towards Lily, "Thanks!"
However, he grips onto his boomerangs, stepping into an aggressive stance, and then he begins the charge.

As he springs forth, he launches out a swing of the boomerangs at the Bomb King from the back, striking out with a foot before he spins around for a hook kick. Then, he springs off of the ground, releasing multiple spinnning kicks at the King. "Sparrondo!!!"
Priel Aylin The bomb's response her attack is met with a swift leap to the side followed by a hand thrust out, aiming several fireballs at it. "Nice try~" She says, mocking the knightly bomb in a singsong tone yet again. It was like this was a game to her.

Landing back to the ground, there was a ringing sound as phone clearly went off. "Hm?" Apparently it was coming from Priel, she took it out of her pack, casually answering it right there, as if there wasn't all this trouble happening. "Yeah? ...Wait, what? Are you sure? Seriously?"

Her grin widened at whatever was being said on the other side. "Inteeeeeeeeeresting. Alright then, leave it to me! I'll be there before you can blink!" With that, the phone was flipped shut and she tucked it away. The others, who were struggling valiantly against the bombs threatening to destroy the city.

"Sorry guys, but something more...profitable just came up! Bye~" And with the flutter of her hand, she simply turned tail. Literally. And walked out.

Truly an inspiring example of heroism and bravery.
Shiki Misaki Keep it cool, boy, real cool. Got a rocket in your pocket? Keep cooly cool, boy.

Shiki, all of a sudden, feels like she's sipping from the iced latte of sheer hipsterness, you could just put a scarf on her and call her fashionable. Things are exploding left, right and centre, but she's cool, dancing through life.

In fact, she's practically waltzing, tiptoeing light as a dancer through the explosions, everything feeling like it's moving in slow motion. So whimsical. So serene.

So very, very determined to destroy anything that would hurt Reize.

Shiki whips a binding cord around, summoning ribbons and thread to surround the King of Bombs, with a needle-sharp lance in her hand. She combines that lunging charge with a massive ice spear, rushing at the King!

As for the Knight... and his Bombs... there's plenty of them, which is good, because the heroes seem to be targetting them instead of him. It's mayhem out there, and there's so many bombs that no matter how much care and precision the Network girls use, they can't seem to draw a bead on them, their shots bouncing here and there off terrain features. Getting up close and personal works much better, as Katyna and Tifa slash and punch the smaller ones, and Gestande... denounces the Knight? He harrumphs!


Priel probably got away at the best time. See, when there's a lot of Bombs around, well, sometimes something unfortunate tends to happen if one of them explodes, say, from being hit too hard by someone's fist or sword. Bombs explode, and if a dying Bomb hits another dying Bomb, it might hit another, and another, and if there happens to be a lot of fire being spread around as it is by an angry Knight spewing flames from its crest, as the Knight of Bomb is doing, well, it's called a...

Chain Reaction.

The airport may well be engulfed in a sea of flames before long...
Katyna "Ooh!" Kat tumbles back as the bombs explode into each other, spewing flames everywhere and blasting her into a nearby wall. Ugh. She's really wishing she'd saved some of Maira's potion about now. She could really use it. Twitching slightly from the scathing burns and bruises that cover her body, Kat just grins, climbing shakily to her feet. "Heh, it'll take a bit more than that to do me in!" She launches herself at the heartless again, attempting to drain more energy from it as dark tendrils extend from her flaming sword with each slash.
Tifa Lockhart Potato mash? Tifa feels hungry suddenly :/

But no time for that right now, not with the looming danger of exploding bombs that could turn them into crispy treats instead.

The flames that were sent her way were dangerous, but a quick reflex had her grab the nearest bomb to use as a shield... Which sounds like a terrible idea at first, but as soon as the bomb was set on fire, she kicked it back at the offending flamethrowers, the explosion pushing the flames back and shielding her. Quite lucky, really! If she was Xanatos, she'd sai 'all according to plan', but really she hadn't planned that far either. Honest!

What she did plan on though was the charge up of her chi through her hand, her right fist glowing as it readies up. But that's desert, first she opens with a kick, sending a bomb flying upward. She jumps up to it before it can regain control of its flight, and punches it with the glowing fist. A delayed attack there, as her left hand grabs the bomb and tosses back down, aiming for a clump of them, crashing down into the ground with her Meteor Strike attack. And as it touches down, the released energy from her Final Heaven detonates, spreading to all of the nearby bombs into a chain reaction.

While she's staying quite a bit away, safely out of range of the explosions.

Or so she hopes. She's not good at that Xanatos Gambit either way.
Mirage "YOUR LOSS IS NOT IN VAIN, MY SUBJECTS! YOU WILL LIVE ON IN MY MEMORIES!" The King Bomb sheds a single blue fire tear from behind his awesome shades. A big blue fire tear of manliness. At least as manly as one who throws babies can really get! His sorrow turns to shock as Angantyr advances on him, smoking and furious. "WHAT! HOW CAN YOU STILL BE STANDING! IMPOSSIBLE!"

The mace swings downward and, while it passes through the crown of fire undeterred, the mace slaps down onto the rocky shell of the King Bomb. There is a loud, unpleasant cracking noise and through the meteor-like shell, Angantyr can see the oozing of what looks like magma. Or, technically, lava now that it's escaping the bomb's crust. The King Bomb howls in dismay and floats backwards to escape the reach of Angantyr and his terrifying hungry mace.


A huff of anger and gas-smelling breath escapes the king. "FOR THIS BLATANT RACISM, YOU SHALL ALL PAY! I WILL BURN THIS MISERABLE PLACE TO THE GROUND!!!"

With each kick that Reize executes, the monster spins around, sending sparks and chips flying everywhere. Fortunately, none are large enough to start even more fires. The spinning stops, suddenly, as an ice spear slams up beneath the king and he actually ceases floating for a moment, dropping to the ground. Rather than resume floating, he roals backwards, trying to put space between himself and these fierce and brutal warriors! His rolling is halted for a few seconds by a giant shattering iceberg that earns a wail of pain from the Bomb Royalty.

Small bursts of flames are exhaled from its mouth as he tries to keep the attackers at a distance!

The bomb also seems 0slightly larger. Angantyr, due to his exself destruct!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr does not brace himself against the flames.

Angantyr's defense, is SWINGING HARDER!

Litterally, Angantyr does not EAT NACHOS!

Somewhere, in time, Angantyr is eating a plate of nachos. POSSIBLY WITH AVIRA.

Wait what just happened? Oh wait, that was probably blood loss from the earlier explosion. "Wait racism? Seriously? You're a monster. Your soul PURPOSE is to get big and explode!" he looks just...absolutely flaborgasted that he heard this! And then he is covered in flame.

Angantyr swings the mace again, aiming to smack the Bomb back to the ground before he decides that he has had enough of this /bull<GOOSEHONK>/. Darkness tears out of his body, like liquid shadow, and wraps around his body. Armor takes shape around him, encapsulating his body completely. Dark chain, with whips of shadow rising off of it like a heat haze form completely around the dark knight, before the helmet snaps on. A crimson glow is the only thing visible behind the visor, where presumably his eyes are as he considers the bomb.

"Well, I can't be racist against a race about to /not exist/," the distorted dark voice says.
Gesandte Through the denouncing and preaching to the Bomb Knight, Ges doesn't move as the attack from the knigh engulfs him. He seems more energetic then anything, as he folds the book and lets it drop back to his chest then looks up at the Knight with his grin.

"You have proven, to be quite a fighter, but it takes more then that to drop a messenger of the gods. I have been sent to stop you, and ensure the peacefullness of this city."

He takes a deep breath, then growls out at the sky. His whole body shimmering and shaking, then he bolts for the Knight, his right hand coming up and it begins to explode out with a holy light air traveling behind it cinging the air, rippling and swirling around it as the fist flies along with its owner, "But thy time is ended, for thou has come before thy messenger, for now thou shalt FEEL THE GIGAS FIST!" and he lunges straight for the knight with all his righteous fury.

Umi being up front tends to take the brunt of the fire. She is flung back and crashes against the ground somewhere behind Shida. She has to roll against the ground in an attempt to snuff out the flames around her, electricity crackling around her body in an attempt to snuff out the oxygen around the flame via ionization.

Shida looks over her shoulder at Umi and observes this process. She bites at her lip. Hmm... Could it be? Could she... try something like that?

She turns towards the bombs and hrms to herself, considering.

"Ah!" She says. punching her fist into her palm. "Maybe...we can try something like that! Be careful everyone, Shida of the Network warns!" She jogs forward, leaving Umi to be in horrible pain as electricity crackles across her body. She fans out her hands and sends electricity crackling all around the bombs! But the purpose isn't really to strike them directly, though this does happen, so much as it's intending to ionize the oxygen around them, give them less to work with so that if they DO explode they'll have less materials with which t o spread their flames. They're not sure if Bomb fire works the same as fire fire, but it's worth a shot.
Shiki Misaki "Oh, spare me," Shiki snaps.

This is bad, she thinks, trying to block out the sound of her friends and allies screaming. Mr. Mew is slightly less composed, and runs around in a panic, covering his ears, with his tail on fire. Thankfully, he's doused in slush by Lily.

She takes a breath, popping open a glass bottle from her tote bag to swig a Hi-Ether. It helps her! It makes her full of ideas.

Gotta have imagination to execute those funky pin attacks. Like this one!

Another pin. Shiki swings both of her arms way way up, generating a pair of piercing pillars to pin the powerful projectile, and then once each of them rise up they'll pin him in an X formation!

As shrapnel, Bombs and more go raining and flying through the air, Tifa is more than happy to add to the aerial mayhem. She knocks a Puroboros into the sky, pummeling it on the way up and down to add to the chain reaction and kill off as many Bombs as possible.

Meanwhile, Gestande punches the Knight of Bomb in the face.

I mean he REALLY punches him in the face. That's some punch! Stitches and metal triangles fly everywhere and the Knight's entire body distorts like a beach ball. It bounces and skitters across the floor, its crest wobbling and almost broken off.


All of the remaining panels on the Knight of Bomb's body open, and nasty orange spikes begin to bristle all over its body! It begins to glow and swell--!

And then Shida comes in with a last second save! Killing the oxygen around the Knight and the remaining Bombs, it makes an unpleasant BLAT sound and rather than a horrible flesh-searing explosion, it simply bursts like a water balloon!

And that delightful Knight's Crest goes to Shida.
Reize Seatlan "W--wait! Your majesty!" Reize calls out as he lands on the groud. The small burst of flames exhale from the Bomb King. When the plumes spray towards the boy, Reize is springing up into the air.

And then, his yes drift over to see that the Bomb Royalty is growing bigger. His eyes widen completely as it is going to explode.

"WAIT! YOUR MAJESTY! YOU CAN'T WE CAN---" There is no talking now. No. This guy is approaching the all or nothing point. Not quite yet.... but he can at least try to reason with the king. "Your highness! We can try to talk this over!" Not good! Not good! "....EVERYONE! THIS PLACE IS GOING TO BLOW IF WE DO NOT STOP HIM!" He shifts his haed to the monster, then he sucks in a breath.

He takes out a couple of things from his bag of tricks. Oh, lei! Reize tosses that from the bag over to the king!

And of course, Reize has a lasso in hand. He winds it over his head to wrap around the King.

"YOUR MAJESTY!" The boy calls out, "If you can calm down, we can escort you to Costa Del Sol ourselves! With refreshments! ...Anything!"

Just don't blow up!
Emi Dennou A knight's crest flies into Shida's face and she falls over.


She plucks the crest off her face and looks at it for a few moments. Four more of these, and she could become a true knight! That's right Shida, you can be a knight if you collect five of these things! And to help get you started, here's some knight's vows we'd like you to memorize!

1)Always help a person in need!
2) Let's all work together for a peaceful world!

Shida nods to herself. So far these seem pretty good and--and wait, while she was distracted somehow the vows got to #32?!?!?!

32) Cross even a stone bridge after you've tested it.
49) Sharpen your mind just as you would sharpen your sword!

Wait a minute, Shida thinks. She looks back. Wasn't there a vow that said...ahh there it is!

19) Not all right choices are the smart one.
20) Sometimes, the right choice is what hurts you the most.

Shida rubs at her forehead. Ughh this is getting complicated.

43) Never forget the basics.
47) Mistrust breeds nothing good.
50) One bad egg can spoil the batch.

Shida looks down at the crest in her hands. Maybe... Maybe she should just give this to Reize.
Mirage "THIS RACISM FROM YOU IS LIMITLESS, DARK KNIGHT! AS LIMITLESS AS THE DARKNESS I SEE IN YOUR SOUL!" The King Bomb suddenly tilts his head downwards so he can peer over his sunglasses with slitted eyes, "WHY IS IT THAT SOMEONE LIKE YOU FIGHTS FOR THIS DOOMED CITY?"

The King Bomb vibrates in anger, "I DO NOT UNDERSTAAAAAAND!"

Alas his MIGHTY KNIGHT has fallen in battle, "MY CHAMPION! OH I MOURN YOU SO, ESPECIALLY TO DIE SUCH AN IGNOBLE AND NON-EXPLOSIVE DEATH!" Lily and Shiki's ice magic slam into it, tossing the bomb utwice his size, surely he will explode soon!


His size increases even further! The heat coming off of the monster starts to melt things in its immediate vinicity. SURELY THIS IS IT! SURELY THE AIRSHIP PORT WILL BE LEVELED!!! His mouth opens and...

Great big bomb tears of blue fire come from his eyes, the King moved to tears by the sacrifice of his people today. "FAREWELL MY COUNTRYMEN! I SHALL BE JOINING YOU TOO IN THE GREAT SHRAPNEL HEAP ON THE GLORIUS SUN!"

He hasn't exploded....yet.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart helped finish off the bomb knight... that's when she notices the king.

O_O How big can that thing become anyway?

"Why do you need an airship when you could just float over there, and this big you could have just taken all of the smaller bombs with you too!"

Silly monsters ~_~

Well, a bit too late for that now... let's see what punching and kicking will do to it before it explodes :/
Angantyr Vespar "YOU'RE NOT EXPLODED YET!" Angantyr shouts, as he brings his mace down, and grins...

The darkness that wraps around him also seems to grin, in a melevolant light as he takes a massive step towards the beast...

"You want to see just how deep the darkness goes, monster?" he continues to advance, before...

The shadow armor changes again...something...feral and beast long swims beneath the surface. It is horrible to look directly upon. Pure entropy is released all around the dark knight, dark flames burning where he once stood...

Before the mace swings, aiming to try and shatter the face of the bomb, before again and again, it swings, and swings. The mace is held upwards, attempting to suck the life out of the bomb, draining it into the Dark Knight, using it to not only fuel his attack, but to heal his own injuries.

Then the mace dives forward, in one massive swing, aiming to litterally impale the bomb. "Pop goes the bomb." he mutters, aiming to drive that pure entropy into the bomb, aiming to consume it from the inside out in one fell swoop...aiming to consume the monster from the inside out.
Gesandte Ges is a bit worn out from that massive blow, plus all the damage from that thing. Other then that large king bomb most of it seems to be taken care of. He turns to face the others and then sits down, crosses his legs and just goes into a peacefull siting mood, breathing and meditating to help him get back some energy and power incase it's needed, ya never know those heroes up there might to a good job and win the day, yay!
Shiki Misaki "Well, nothing for it," Shiki says.

"...if this doesn't work, then thanks, guys," she says to Reize and Lily. "For everything."

The white fusion pin gleams...

And Shiki's eyes shine just as brightly. Mr. Mew joins by her side, and she synchronises her spirit with the young knight, aligning their spirit and imaginations as one...

Cue the gigantic plush cat. Mr Mew, jumbo sized! The mighty cat aims to do nothing less than smash this gigantic Bomb out into the bare deserts surrounding Fluorgis! MAYBE IF WE'RE LUCKY, IT'LL HIT THE WILD SAURIAN.
Reize Seatlan This is time to end it.

...Reize knows that the fight is going to get messy from here. Reize is looking towards Shiki, "Oooiiii! Shiki! Let's do this!" It's time for a Fusion Attack. The boy springs over towards Shiki's path, already moving on to join with the Player.

As Shiki activates the Fusion Pin....

Reize is leaping onto Mr. Mew. "Gooooooooo!!!" And as the Fusion Attack activates, Reize is riding on Mr. Mew.

...Until he disappears. The boy comes from one side with a boomerang strike rfom behind. This is in conjunction of Angantyr's first mace strike. Then, the boy starts to disappear once more, striking from the other direction. As Angantyr continues to swing at the crueature, Reize keeps appearing and reappearing to strike from each side.

----Only to disappear and reappear on Mr. Mew by the time he arrives.

He cheers on Mr. Mew's back.
Emi Dennou Shida takes a moment to check up on Umi who is solidly burnt, but not in immediate danger. She says, "I'm sorry, are you alright?" Sadly using electricity healing on explosion burns is probably not the best methodology here so she just drags Umi off to the side a bit and then says, "I'll be right back. I wish to check up on Lily, Shida of the Network says."

She dusts herself off and jogs off in her direction. Will she be overly affectionate?? OR WORSE?? Or maybe she just wants to say hi as a non spooky ghost person.
Mirage Bravely, Tifa leaps up and punches and kicks the King Bomb, engaging it dangerously in close combat! Were there any witnesses left (as they all had fled at the frist chance many rounds ago), they would find this bravery commendable.

But it doesn't seem like it's enough! The bomb's size increases, the heat becoming sweltering and unbarable! The floor begins to ignite and smoke! WILL ANYONE STOP THIS MADNESS?!

The beastly-looking Agantyr leaps upward and brandishes the life-draining mace. Fire is sucked away and the bomb actually begins to shrink in size. "WHAT'S THIS? MY POWER...IT'S-" The mace finally slams through the creature, leaving a perfectly formed hole through it. The king floats there in shock, the sunglasses sliding off his face and shattering on the floor. "I...IMPOSSIBLE...I LOST TO...INFERIOR...BEINGS?!"

Mr. Mew crashes into the remains of the creature, with Reize riding atop of it, and the King Bomb crumbles into a dozen pieces of hot and blackened bombshell.

In fact, the floor is absolutely littered with bombshells, with the falling of the Bomb Kingdom.

Shiki Misaki What /is/ a battle mastery, anyway? Is it like erasing a blue noise? Do I get a secret report now?! WILL MR. H BE MAD AT ME IF I READ ANYTHING?!

Shiki Misaki doesn't think any of these things. She's just too busy hugging Reize, after their giant magic catpet ride comes to a conclusion.

Angantyr Vespar Angantyr turns, the armor shattering as the darkness fades from him. He takes a long deep breath...

And starts collecting bomb cores...

"Hey is this a Bomb Crown? SCORE!" though he'd kill for those awesome BOMB SHADES.
Gesandte See, the giant knew they could beat up the monster no problem, he has trust in people to get things done. None the less he keeps watching to make sure nothing suddenly bad happens, as that just wouldn't be very nice or fun in all their current situations.

5tHe groans from his injuries and slowly stands back up and begins moving towards the other heroes, to make sure they're ok and not in need of any right of passages that he would be honor bound to perform for them. Cause that's just how he is, a nice guy.
Reize Seatlan "WAAAAHOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Reize thrusts a hand into the air. The boy waves his hand around before he lands. The young adventurer brightens to a smile. The Bomb King crumble into those dozen of pieces of the bombshell.

Bombshells are all about.

A breath is sucked in after the landing, then he smiles, patting Shiki while giving her a hug. He looks over towards Lily, extending his arm out.

However, things are not over yet.

"Everyone, we need to start letting the people know that things are alright so that they can fly again." A glance is given towards the mercenary who assisted him. "Ooiii!" A hand waves towards Angantyr, "Thanks... we appreciate the help."

And then, the giant does not escape his attention, "Ooooiiiiii!!! I remember you! You helped out at the Phantom Train! Thanks---" His eyes then directs to Tifa and Emi.

"Let's make sure everyone is safe."

...Deep down, Reize is growing more and more worried. These are constant cases going on. ...Who is behind this?

...Could Emi be right about the Fire Crystal being the target?
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews, taking a deep breath. She managed to get through without getting too hurt. And no turning into frogs either. And no getting exploded at point blank range. Yup, things are looking good.

She turns around to look toward the others, noone seems to be too seriously hurt either, so its all good. She walks closer to the group "So, can we get back to Costa now?" She shakes her head. "No more bombs, I hope."
Angantyr Vespar "Yeah, sure whatever...I can't go back to Costa Del Sol anyway." Angantyr says. He has a sack full of bomb, a hand full of crown, and a head full of money.

Today was a good day!

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