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Trespassers Will Be Toad
(2013-01-19 - 2013-01-20)
A party of adventurers investigates mysterious disappearances and rumors of monsters in the Fluorgis Water Treatment plant. Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting. HAAAH. Caution: You May Get Wet.
Stormfall The natural scope of the Fluorgis Treatment Plant is that it actually doubles as sustainable wetlands even in the harsh desert environment. It is an oasis of greenery, a small self contained ecology through which wastewater is filtered through numerous mechanical and ecological methods.

The problems began when a technician discovered a strange marking on the bottom and sides of one of the great aeration vats in the center of the complex. At first it was seen only as a curiosity, a bit of petty and obscure vandalism done by another member of the staff.

When the disappearances began, they did so quickly and without warning. The fountains and surrounding area has been quarantined because of the rumors of monsters inhabiting the facility coming from the few treatment personnel who now remain in the city while investigations continue.

The plant stretches some distance, with the main plant being nestled around membranous filter tanks and subtanks and nearly an acre of carefully maintained wetlands. The plant life has obvious thrived in the absence of life, unnaturally so, as the main gates that shield the plant from the curious are overgrown by weeds and choking vines.

So much growth has happened suddenly and only within the last day or two.
Reize Seatlan Fluorgis has seen many events occur. Unfortunately, with the disappearance of the advenures and the barrage of Heartless attacks, it is slowly growing more apparent that the folks are on edge.

Nevertheless, the leader of the Shard Seekers is on the case!

When he arrives at the gate with his appropriate crew, Reize's eyes widen at the sight of the gate and the place overgrown by the weeds and vines.

"EH?!" Reize's antenna hair stands up and he stares in bewilderment, "This is horrible!"
Aerith And while it is horrible to look at, it's not unexpected. From what she'd heard, this place was cordoned off for quite some time. Of course it'd look like this. What she didn't like was the utter, dead silence... and the feeling that she was being watched.
Faruja Senra And right beside the Shard Seeker leader? Faruja is already attempting a bit of impromptu gardening with his spear and footclaws, scowling. The news of adventurers gone from Fluorgis, and now this doesn't sit well with the Burmecian.

"Indeed. It bodes ill." Kick! Kick goes the irritated ratling to the gate. Open you bloody vine-encrusted piece of metal junk!
Emi Dennou MO' MONEY. MO' PROBLEMS. Though for Legion, they kind of do want the MO' PROBLEMS since 'being able to have reliable meals' is a nice thing and since SOMEONE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED (ISAAC) ressurected one of them AND they no longer can rely on lab support to make usre they don't keel over (except when they wanted them to keel over), it actually takes a fair bit of moolah just to keep their head above the water known as BEING POOR AND/OR IRISH. Well actually they are pretty poor but at least they don't actually have to eat their own shoes like Will Sherman. Evne though Umi says you get used to them after a while. The Network does not believe Umi.

As is typical, you get Emi and Imi for Fluorgis missions. Imi's skills include support, being overly affectionate, and loving plants! Emi's skills are a bit more complex.

"Unusual." Emi says. "But luckily the pay is acceptable. Perhaps with this we can eat food that is prepared with time and leisure rather than the sort of food typically labeled as 'fast food' which, strangely, despite the speed often is not the food you ordered." She bows her head. "Let us pray for a good payout, The Network begs some God or another." She straightens. "Alright, that is done."

Imi gives Faruja an apologetic glance for Emi's misuse of random deities.

"A lot of water treatment personel seem to be missing." Emi tells Kim. "And something is off about the water. Be wary... it may turn you into a..."

Emi's eyes narrow.

"...Ferret." She nods firmly. "Or simply poison you and cause you to take lots of dumps."

"I do declare!" Imi fans herself with a hand.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart steps up behind the Shard Seekers, arms crossed "Well that is a really surprising sight, in the middle of the desert, so much green. None of this is natural, isn't it?" She sighs. It just sounds like more trouble brewing. But that's why she's here, right?

She glances to the others gathered here. Hmm, there's a few new faces. Must be newly spit out from the multiverse somehow. Well, let's hope the breaking in won't be too hard... and here's hoping there's not too many heartlness to handle doing so.
Kim Possible When there's trouble, Kim Possible's there on the double! How does she get there? That's a secret that only she knows, but what doesn't matter is how she gets there. What matters is that she's managed to get there quickly and in the right amount of time. She literally dashes into the area before skidding to a stop and looking around. "What's the sitch?" She asks to no one in particular.
Percival Fluorgis. Patrolling the city of Flowers had become routine to the Gargoyle, so much so that he almost instantly recognized that something was amiss with the plant. While he would have typically chalked it up to the chaos that this new world seems to attract, something about it stood out in his mind as being worth a closer look.

Noting the gathering by the gates, he lazily circles around for a time, taking in the features of the plant from above, before coming to a landing right beside the gate. Several of the individuals were familiar, and always seemed to be there when trouble was brewing.

"A fair evening to all of you. I'm going to presume that this overgrowth of foliage is not in typical." His wings wrap around him as if they were a cloak, as he places a hand over his chest, and tilts forward into bow as a way of greeting.
Dameon Plants, plants, and stuff. Dameon has been visiting Fluorgis off and on, learning the basic belly-dancing skills of the local performers. When TDA told him about something going down, he decided to tag along with Emi.

The dancer prances behind the pair, and he peers at the gate, "Sooooo, uh.. do we set it on fire?"

Avira says, "So I heard there was a rash of missing person cases in Fluorgis. In particular, near the water treatment plant. We should check it out!"

Sometime NOW:

"Sooooo I hiiiiighly suspect since this is Fluorgis, we might have to contend with the Shard Seekers showing up." She explains to Mercade, "Though this has nothing to do with Shards. They've been getting involved a lot in the stuff going on in these parts. Sounds like they're trying to get official clan status."

Avira heads right up to the overgrown gates, looking at the vegitation with suspicion. Very cautiously, she prods one of the vines with a finger, as if testing to see if it'll spring to life and attack. There are monsters in this area that can do that, after all.
Deelel Fluorgis had a water treatment plant. She understood the cocnept well enough. She'd thoguh everyone had been drinking energy much like she would back on the grid. Yet? WATER? That was madness touching water was lethal so far as she knows, and she wonders about this but if she'd been drinking water? Well she must not be harmed by it like she is now. She's come to help and starts to wonder just what has so much trouble befalling Fluorgis is it next on the heartless's hit list? It could very well be so. Still she seems a bit uneasy about the water. The plants are ided but her disk should make short work of that, if it comes down to it.
Lumeria Lumeria's heard that there's been Fluorgris been going on lately. Maybe she could find a way to make it work to her advantage. Of course, by the time the girl arrives it's already filled up with heroic types. Not to mention, that it seems no one's been doing any gardening recently.
Leida Leida has never actually been to this part of the city, her daily needs catered to by the market district. The small girl trudges along behind her friends, her footsteps slow and heavy from apprehension. Her attention is focused on the ground as she walks, her bare feet more susceptible to stubbed toes and the tripping hazards created by the unusual surge of plant life.

Even for a place called the City of Flowers, this level of wild vegetation was unnatural and out of place, like nature had rising up to reclaim the facility for its own except that such a thing would take years not days. It does not bode well. The princess lets out a soft gasp of awe at the sight of the entangled doors, quietly ignoring Emi's rather crude remarks.

"Oh... how strange... perhaps the spirits of this place have been angered...?" As more and more people file in to investigate, some she knows, many she does't, Leida scoots closer and closer to her friend until she is clinging to Imi's shirt and peering shyly around her shoulder at the newcomers. "Ah... is... is it normal for so many to be here...?"
Maira Maira has tagged along with Avira and Mercade, because apparently she is on a 'find missing persons' kick. She does seem to be fairly good at it, what with her connection to Uist, who is basically an amazing scout. Thus, she couldn't very well justify staying home! Why would she want to? Life is there to be lived, after all!

Maira looks toward Leida as she hears something about spirits, smiling and waving lightly to the Shard Seeker. She has the feeling the two would have a good bit to talk about, given the chance.

"Well, at least Ivo isn't here," she breathes so that only Avira and possibly Mercade could hear her.
Stormfall The gate creaks with the booted tread of an irritated burmecian. The sounds of animals, in particular the croaking of frogs can be heard beyond the gates of the treatment plant.

Thankfully these vines don't seem to be the 'eat you and all of your kinfolk' type vines although they look fragile and swollen.

Even the light jarring given to them by the kicking of the gate has caused a number of them to ooze clear watery fluid. They look like they would fall apart almost at the touch with just a little more effort.

These gates won't hold them back for very long at all with the application of a little brute force.
Faruja Senra "Good 'eve, Lady Avira! Do tell me you have some gardening experience, I fear we shall be doing much of it given how our luck has ran! Lady Lockhart has the right of it, 'tis unnatural indeed." And likely not a miracle!

As for the Ladies Dennou? They get a bow rather than any reproaches this day. Any irritation he might have for the women is gifted to the door instead. KICK! "Open, Faram smite you!" Pause. "I would so hate to be made into the form of a vermin." Sigh. Hazards of the job.

Perk. Faruja turns briefly from his gate-pounding to spy of all things, a Gargoyle. A /male/ gargoyle! It's the first of the masculine sort he's seen, and the rat takes a moment to survey the man. "And to you as well. You are certainly welcome to assist us, good Ser. Temple Knight Faruja Senra, of the Holy Church, at your service. But let us not stand on formalities, hmm? We've a mystery to solve!" Bow! Kick!

A creaking gate. "Ahh, Progress. And therapeutic." Someone's enjoying this whole 'kick in the door' thing. Maira gets a smile, and wave of his fuzzy-tipped tail back before he goes back to applying violence to inanimate objects.

"Lady Leida, I fear the only spirits we shall find are those of the, Lord make it otherwise, dearly departed and malignant ones."
Percival Percival watches the irritated Burmecian's kick reverberate throughout the gate, before he steps forward himself. "I doubt the proprietors would mind overmuch if we bring the gate low."

While not the strongest example of his kind, he proceeds to attempt to wraps his hands around the bars, and digging in his taloned heels, he pushes against it with all of his might. Not expecting the gate to fall on its own with just him pressing it, he motions to the others. "Come now, good sirs, ladies. Let's put our backs into it."
Mercade Alexander The Shard Seekers aren't the only ones on the scene. Mercade and a good chunk of the TDA are present as well. "This is a hell of a situation, really." Mercade says.

He looks over to Emi. "You know Celina is going to flip out when she hears you've been eating fast food again. Hell, I can barely say 'pizza' without her yelling."

Avira and Emi have things covered as to WHAT'S GOING ON, and he adjusts his paper-craft Fedora. It's like a regular Fedora, but it has the prefix Paper (-90% Pulchritude). "Anything we can do to help them is a benefit." He looks over the vines, and shrugs. "We need to go through that." Mercade says. "You guys have all the cutting objects, let's clear the foliage and move forward."

He glances over to Maira, but doesn't say anything.
Reize Seatlan A glance is given towards Tifa when she arrives behind them. The de facto leader waves a hand her way, "Ooii, Tifa!" He glances over towards Emi, who gives the theory of the situation, "Well..." Reize shakes his head. "... Maybe it will, but the water supply needs to be fixed."

Reize looks over towards Leida and the others with a frown, "...I tend to wander around and I've gotten lost once!"


Reize wounded up getting lost and he explored deep within the water plant. Moments later, Reize was carried off by the scruff of his neck. The workers promptly showed Reize the door.

"We know you get lost, but could you get lost somewhere ELSE, Seatlan?! We're busy!"%rPRESENTLY

"...Where are the workers?" And then, he looks over towards the toads. With the gate opening, Reize blinks, "oooh."

The boy waves towards Avira and Mercade, "Ooooiii! Mercade!"
Lumeria Lumeria's ears raise with the sounds of croaking. "Frogs?!" She hates that sound, it reminds her of the curse her sister placed on her. Was she going mad, or had the others heard it as well? "The form of a vermin?" Her heard turns towards Faruja before noticing the Burmecian. Great, one of the rats was here too. That's just what she needed tonight.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is actually glad they aren't the maneating kind... since apparently we're going to get in close contact to them shortly. "It'd be scary if they were the man-eating kind..." She pushes some leaves aside, fraying through the green toward the gates. "So anyone knows how these things appeared anyway, or is that the reason we're here?" Beside the missing people...

Its redundant, but she really hopes its not man-eating plants T_T
Aerith Aerith wouldn't say much in response, she'd just keep her eyes open.

Of course, there were a lot of frogs here... too many to be coincidence. No such thing as that, of course. Maybe the disappearances were easily explained after all. All they had to find was the reason behind the frogification.
Avira "Missing persons." Avira tells Kim, despite not recognizing her the least bit. She just assumes she's another one of those who have joined up with the Shard Seekers. She doesn't dress like any local that she's seen in Fluorgis, come to think of it...

"No gardening..." Avira says to Faruja, reaching behind her to pull out the Spine. The sword-like weapon is flipped upright in Avira's hand, then slowly brought in front of her.

With a flash, she swipes it upwards, then diagonally, then sideways, then downward, then diagonally again. After a second, freshly sliced vines slide to the ground, piling at the base of the gate. Sure, the vines weren't especially /tough/ or anything, but dispatching them this way looked undeniably cool and Avira had always wanted to do that.

"...but I do have weedwhacking experience." Avira says cooly as she returns her weapon back to its sheath. Fighting that awful Gaudium Lord that one time in the sewers did have some benefits!
Mercade Alexander "HEY REIZE!" Mercade calls back to Reize as he gets greeted in that... Uniquely Reizy way. He rubs his chin. "That's a lot of missing people. I wonder if it's some kind of plant monster? Maybe some kind of crazy nature-lover?" Mercade theorizes. He looks around as some toads hop past, and just shrugs. "I'm not sure, Tifa. I'm just wondering what the cause could be. It can't be this simple, or else the local defensive forces would have handled it."
Kim Possible "Missing persons? Glad I showed up," Kim replies to Avira, not knowing who she is either. Then she spots the frogs and she wrinkles her nose. "What are these frogs doing here? They're so totally gross!" She shakes her head as she heads towards the gate, not fazed by the vines much, although she's honestly glad they're not maneating ones either. "They won't be missing for much longer after I'm done here!"
Emi Dennou "Choice of meals is the privilege of those who neither have 6 mouths to feed or solidified pay which is not a request for increased funds but simply a stated fact of reality." While Emi would love to earn whatever is non newbie pay for the TDA she'd rather earn it first but, really, simply having rooms they don't have to pay for is a big enough boon from the TDA thank you very much. Emi like many people is not fond of receiving charity, they've already taken quite a bit of that lately.

"Why Ivo?" Emi asks of Maira.

Imi on the other hand examines the vines. "Something's strange about these vines..." She thinks it over and decides to stay clear of them. She may be fond of plants but that doesn't mean she rubs poison ivy all over herself. And this looks worse than poison ivy. "Do we have someone with an umbrella that can handle the opening of this door?" She steps back and away, though Emi is still perfectly in range of trouble.
Dameon "Ooh, I see now!" Dameon comments, "Gates are meant for kicking down. I'm going to try that when I go home!" He traipses in after people. He traipses around the vines.

"Ew. I hate plants," Dameon remarks.
Deelel Deelel there's a lot of people she knows of here, and some she does not. Well it's good many are here to help still right? She seems to find the vines don't try to eat them all that's good it's time to push past as they seem to be already working on the gates as a whiole.

"Hummm I wonder what could have caused this. I hope it has nothignt to do with that Nu again." She's still unhappy about the trouble that man caused.
Maira The young mage looks toward Mercade at his look, tilting her head slightly in askance before they all move on. Oh well, she supposes. Must not have been anything important? Still, suddenly she feels a little awkward.

About to get some magic brewing to bust through that gate, she stops as Avira does her thing with her sword, smiling widely. Indeed, she even claps!

Turning then, she greets Emi with a bright smile that quickly curdles at mention of Ivo. "O-oh, he just...always complicates things," she informs Emi, and hopes to leave it at that.
Stormfall The gate opens as the swollen vines shred apart, spraying liquidy juice and a fine mist that smells sugary sweet over those who are working on opening the path for them.

Inside the gates are walkways that quickly cut away into flooded terraces. There are three main parts of the water plant. There are the flooded terraces they are standing in now, at a junction that leads left towards waterfalls rising up into the sky towards magical gravity filters that have obviously gone awry-- giant bubbles of semi-pure liquid are floating over there like giant soap bubbles.

To the right are the aeration tanks that have become completely choked with giant vines, making the pathway around and between the large vats treacherous.

The way forwards towards the central wetland reclaimation areas and the main plant is blocked by giant swollen vines that are crushing a control box in their grip that has been wrenched halfway off the mounting. To the left and right are ways to get around the crushing vines, but again brute force is always an option.
Faruja Senra Faruja's smart enough to step back when Avira goes for the Spine. That thing, after all, looks decidedly painful. He's actually somewhat glad he's never ended up on the other side of it...and somewhat saddened by that very fact.

Ear-perk. Faruja pipes up to the odd man who's dancing around. He'll not judge. Maybe the man's some sort of fancy dancing-fighter? He's seen stranger. "Only in the case of overgrown foliage, or Heretics." Pause. "Or Alexandrians. Particularly Alexandrians." Too bad he doesn't know there's one in the party!

Earperk. He turns briefly to Kim. "More assistance is certainly welcome. If you've talent for such things, then by all means! Hardly /my/ forte."

Cough! Suddenly, he's sprayed by sugary sweet juice after their combined efforts pay off. Pause. Sniff. Lick. Hey, that's not bad. The rat was kinda thirsty anyway.

Ahem! Faruja takes a moment to survey the area. "Marvelous! Why...'tis not too far from Burmecia's architecture. Sans the machinery." Someone's in awe, give the Templar a second.
Dameon Dameon looks mildly confused. He sees some of the bubbles, and he immediately becomes suspicious. He points at those, "Keep away from those."

Then, Dameon seems to get an idea. He begins to tap his feet. His hair color fades away slightly, and he begins to do a little jig.. almost in a piper-like beat. Dameon tries to use his magic to take control of the vines and make them move away to clear a way through the walkway.

People who are not particularly strong-willed, might feel an urge to joint he dancer in a conga-line.
Leida Speaking of malignant spirits...

As if summoned out of thin air by the mere mention of such things, twin balls of eldritch green flame wink into existence, the spherical bodies spinning wildly as they emerge from some vortex in reality. A puff of flame and a bright flash later, the two flickering fireballs are hovering over the small princess, one a few inches above each shoulder.

'Nnnnnnrgh! Man, what a nap. How long have we been out?'

'Hard to say, my friend. Perhaps a better question is what sort of bothersome nonsense have we stepped into this time?'

Leida takes a step back away from Imi and glances up at them, not seeming particularly surprised at the spirit's arrival. They had a knack for showing up when it was most inconvenient. They weren't actually particularly evil, must... annoying mostly. Fortunately for everyone else, that annoyance was mostly confined to Leida.

"Oh... you two... Y-you really do not need to come out now... there is um... nothing particularly interesti--"

'WHAT IS THAT SMELL?' Lefty and glares accusingly at the girl. Fireballs don't actually have faces but she can practically feel his otherworldly stare.

"It... it is not /me/!"

'Egads, are we in a /swamp/? Young miss you should not be mucking about in such a place!'

The shredding of the vines and the subsequent spray of moisture as the doors burst open causes the girl to squeak in surprise and duck behind Imi again, shielding herself from the burst. "I-it is not by choice...!"
Reize Seatlan Reize's frown grows as he keeps looking around the garden. With Mercade noting about the situation, Reize grunts and he starts walking ahead. "No matter, let's go deal with this!" As the gate pens up, the liquid juice sprays from the vines...

Yet, he continues to wander ahead, looking over the flooded terraces. Reize tilts is head over eyeing the bubbles with curiosity, "Oooh.."

After a moment, Reize makes his way towards the tanks choked wth the giant vines. He decides to withdraw both of his boomerangs. He lunges the boomerang out, moving to hack it away, "Haaa!"

"...Leida? Are you alright?" He squints, as she is talking to----oooooh, right. Those. The spirits!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart coughs a bit when the weird mist seems to spread with the opening of the gates. "What's with the bubbles in here..." She follows through carefully, not wanting to risk unstable footing in here... She looks to the others behind her, covering her nose with her gloved hand, looking around the place... "Watch it."
Kim Possible "Hey, I can do anything," Kim says with a slight smirk to Faruja. "There's nothing I can't do!" It's a slight exaggeration, but it's just how Kim is. Then again, what do you expect from a girl who's name is a play on the word 'impossible?' Then she notices some strange, green fireball type things going around, and she drops into a crouch quickly. "Totally uncool! Whatever those things are, I don't like them!" She wrinkles her nose even more before looking to Tifa. "I intend to, definitely. This place is, like, not cool!"
Aerith Aerith decides of course to make her way around the vines. If slicing them open was not necessarily a good idea, she would simply move out of their way. "Good idea, that. I do not want to know what'd happen if I fell in there..."
Lumeria Lumeria glares at Faruja's comment resisting the urge to try and push him into the water. Of course with her lack of physical strength it would prove rather difficult for the elfin to do so. What was with the mist? It certainly wasn't the kind she was used to on Gaia. She steps carefully not wanting to fall into the water herself, that would be rather embarassing.
Emi Dennou Sadly Imi and Emi are not Emi. Imi has stayed back, so she's a good person to hide behind. She zaps some bubbles for the otherwise oblivious Emi. She certainly seems to think SOMETHING is up with these vines, but she doesn't know what. She just knows they LOOK unpleasant and that's enough to not get any of their juice on you. OR LICK IT, FARUJA.

Emi nods to Maira. "Mm...yes, we could see that." Though come to think of it, doesn't Avira also have some manner of issue with Ivo? Hmm.

Imi looks over to Leida and asks, lightly, " know, we have fire now? Perhaps we could use those green fireballs to help clean out the area, mm?" She is not being actually serious, she's just taunting those ghosts that she can't actually see a bit, more teasing really. But something occurs to her. "Oh Leida, were you that worried about getting splattered? Worry not, I'll carry you."


She crouches a bit and intends to, yes, 'princess carry' Leida into her arms. "Be careful Emi!"

Emi waves her off. To the beat. And even taps her foot a little, but she's not joining in.
Percival A face-full of liquid and mist hardly seems like the most dignified way to start this trek, but at least the gate opened as a result of their actions. Taking the back of his taloned hand, he brushes away as much of it as he can to dry off with a soft growl of irritation. While the vines seem thick around the area, he makes no move to draw his sword from his scabbard. He still takes a moment to survey the group. What a strange bunch.

He steps towards Leida, and leans over to speak with her. "Try to stay behind us Leida. And while I know its difficult, keep your jesters under control. I don't like the look of this."

Fighting the strange urge to Mambo behind Dameon, he eyes Mercade. "Do you have any clues as to what might be going on?"

He gives Faruja a suspicious look, as if not knowing what to make of the well-spoken rat, before he continues to walk with the group.
Avira "Eeew." Avira wipes the sweet vine juice off her face, vaugely glad that none of it managed to get into her mouth. "I too am glad Ivo is not here. I could use a break from his borish taunting!"

Stepping inside, Avira looks around thoughtfully, marvelling a little at even the incorrectly-functioning water plant. Magic could be such a wonderful thing when applied so practically. Spotting even MORE vines infesting the place, Avira withdraws her weapon again, ready to go to town once more.

But then Dameon the dancer steps in and starts to shake what his mama gave him. "Wait, is that really going to..." She trails off. Those vines were definitely not natural, perhaps even adverserial. They may very well be working against a man-eating plant here! Horrifying. Something about that dancing though...

...Avira can't really help it. She's got the urge. The urge to sing.

"You've been to the dancing shows
You've seen how the rumba goes
What rhythm, fascinating rhythm~
Havana brings news to you!
They've just introduced a new sensation,
A dancing creation!"

It's a little bizzare. As if Avira's providing some musical accompaniment for the dancing.

"They call him Cuban Pete!
He's the king of the rumba beat!
When he plays the maracas he goes
Chick-chicky boom, chick-chicky boom!"
Deelel Deelel sees as the gates open and she flips back just intime getting uot fo the way of the trange fluit she doesn't like the smell of it for som reason. She doens't lik the feel of the whole situation to be honest. She really doesn't like it.

"Faruja Mercade? Anyone have you seen anything ,iike this ... before I not seen anything like this."

Reize is also on her rader as is Leida "Are you all right?" Then the music starts with Avira and she can't help but be suprised the idea of singing is still something very new to the basic.
Mercade Alexander "Wow, this is crazy." Mercade says as he walks in after the way is opened. He waves a hand as a faint sweet smell comes to his nostrils, and he frowns slightly. "Is it just me, or is there something odd..." He trails off. He just can't put his finger on it.

And then he notices the balls of flame that hang around Leida, pointing the small Princess out. Mercade's expression grows grim, and a hand moves towards one of his weapons... But he doesn't take actions against her. Instead he just remains there, tense, looking over the area. "It's like the entire area has been overgrown and choked to a halt." Mercade says. "These things need to be cleared out if we're going to avoid a slog through a ton of water... And I don't know about you guys, but I can't breathe water." He nods to Aerith. "You're right. Something strikes me as unhealthy about falling into water treatment areas in a purification plant."

He shakes his head to Percival. "Not enough so far, really. I can't tell what's going on there.

Mercade pauses, blinking as he thinks about what is going on here with Avira. "Oh God, she's gone Musical." He says, wondering how this... helps the situation, despite not minding doing so himself in other situations...
Stormfall The vines shudder and tremble to the force of some magical and mysterious /DANCE/ mojo. (Cuban Pete is irresistible) They begin to ooze watery sap as they tremble and slide to the beat of the conga out of the way, revealing the walkway that cuts through the turmoil towards the central reclaimation area.

About fifteen feet along that path, a busted pipe spews a torrent of water endlessly in a gurgling geyser. The geyser completely /soaks/ the waterway in a constant sheet of pressurized sludgewater. There is no way past the busted pipe except backtracking, slogging through the fens to either side or turning it off.

There is another control box half buried in the sludge filled overgrown fens to either side of the walkway. It possibly would have a way to turn off the geyser.

In another part of the plant The vines that Reize smashes into shred instantly, water and sap exploding out of them as the boomerangs puncture their thin skins.
Faruja Senra HE WAS POISON TASTING FOR YOU, LADY DENNOU(S)! And Faram-help him, it tasted good. The rat doesn't regret it, at least not yet.

Faruja feels something pulling on the edge of his consciousness, Dameon's magical dancing calling out to him. While lively, and a lover of dance, the rat is far too on edge and nostalgic to really get pulled into it. A brief flash of Light. He tries not to glance back at Leida. Busy inspecting various bubbles and Reize's fooling with the vines, the rat looks well and truly lost. He'll stick to being Guardian for the squishier party members. One of whom that /doesn't/ toss him into the bubbly mess. The elf's day shall come, no doubt! For now, the rat hovers by Maira, one ear perking.

"By the /Lord/, I never knew you could sing Lady Avira! What talent." Color him impressed! To Deelel, he shakes his head. "Nay, M'Lady. Not in my life."

Blink. It worked. It /worked/. "...Dancing does not cause vines to move." Sigh. "Mayhap /that/ is our problem?" Sludge-water does sound problematic. As for clearing vines?

Cue stabbing from as far away as possible. He's using all of his spear's leverage upon the nearest vine-set.
Aerith Of course, the simplest solution is to turn this thing off. The only question was how to do it? Had to be some valve or something around, and so she takes a look at where exactly... oh. There, what looks to be some kind of control box... in the midst of all that ick. "Oh you have got to be kidding me." She grimaced and headed toward it. "Tifa, help me out."
Reize Seatlan As Reize turns to see Avira singing and dancing, Reize tilts his head over and he blinks, "Eh?!" He peers at her, "Uhhh...." Though, the music is catchy.

However, when the boomerang strikes against the vines, they explode and the sap explodes out. "Ack!" Reize is caught in the explosion of the sap. "Uhhh..." Reize turns over to face the rat. "Well, I made a path!"

Never mind is face is full of----oooohhh..

Reize does have the urge to follow after Dameon, the music drawing him. So, he decides to join him and Avira in the conga line.
Avira "Yes sir, he's Cuban Pete!
He's the craze of the native street!
When he plays the maracas he goes
Chick-chicky boom, chick-chicky-boom~"

Strange part is...Avira's not all that bad. She's definitely having a lot of fun with it! And hey, why not, the dancing is certainly working as the vines slide away from the path they were blocking. Once this has done, she actually ceases her song and laughs nervously. "Well everyone one can sing..." she murmurs sheepishly, "If they put their heart into it."

As they move onward and come by the sludge geyser soaking the walkway, it really does seem like they'll have to find another way around. But Avira has other ideas. "...hmmm. Mercade! Get ready to make a break for it!" She lifts her hands and spreads her fingers out, murmuring something quietly to herself. Blue light gathers upon her fingers and her ice magic is loosed upon the pipe geyser. Given the water pressure, it probably isn't going to stop it for long, but if one person can get through...
Dameon Dameon leads the conga line of Avira and Reize. Dameon laughs at the confused looks people give him. He looks over to Faruja and winks, "Dancing is /always/ the solution. Never, ever doubt it!"

The beat suddenly shifts to a jazzy jilt as the vines move. Dameon starts to do a two-step, after Avira stops singing. Dameon starts to do a bid of skat.

"Hat-geedy-da, bip bop da bobbity-bibbity booba!" Dameon says while he does the two step in place. The magic shifts out and attempts to command the vines to simply /die/. You are no longer needed.

Dameon's body becomes paler by the second.
Percival Percival puzzles as to why the boy wields boomerangs in that way, and is inwardly glad it was not him that found himself soaked. He couldn't help but to chortle at Avira's song though. "My word, does she take requests?"

Percival looked upon the control box half-buried in the sludge with suspicion, while it is possible that he might be able to make the leap, or even a short glide to reach it, he didn't think the sludge looked particularly trustworthy. "It is possible that I might be able to reach that, but I'd prefer not to try if there are other avenues available to us. Does anyone have a suggestion?"
Lumeria Well, Lumeria's only physically squishy. She could likely tank a Nuke spell or two if she had to. Of course she's going to let the others do most of the work here. It's not like she can cast Float, though she really should get around to learning it one of these days.
Leida When it comes to weak wills, the little princess would probably right up on top of that list. She's got more footprints on her back than a doormat at a mud farm. So when the subtle music begins to play Leida's ears perk up and she feels the strange urge to dance overcome her body. However, before she can thoroughly embarass herself in such a manner, Imi provides a conveniently timed rescue... that is equally embarrassing.

But Leida does not complain when she is scooped up and even wraps her arms around her friend's neck to help support her weight. Her cheeks turn slightly scarlet by this strange offer but considering the look of the water and the fact that she isn't wearing any shoes, the princess is more than happy to accept this particular courtesy.

Overhead, the twin balls of fire are now behaving very erratically to those who cannot hear them, their heatless bodies bouncing back and forth in the air intermixed with the occasional spin.

'Iiiiiiii ain't got noboooody~ and no-body cares for meeeee...!' Lefty's voice is akin to a bag full of cats being thrown down a flight of stairs but he seems completely oblivious to this fact or simply doesn't care, his carefree soul enraptured by the magical dancing.

'That's whyyyyyy I'm sad and loooooonely, won't somebody some and take a chance with meeee~' Fortunately, Pochi is a great deal better, his voice a wonderful baritone that lilts perfectly incontrast to his singing partner. The two of them degenerate into soft 'bah bum bah bah bum' noises after this that are terribly off-beat and clash with each other constantly. Be glad you can't hear them.
Deelel Deelel sees the power of the music first hand and is flat out impressed she's going to ahce to try that at some point, however Reize is well exploding the vines and Deelel's got a bit of a bad feleing about it and can't shake why. Still there's nothing more she can do, they got to get going in further. She pauses at Avira's sining. "Singing that is not something I am used to and humm so it's strange even fo this world. We should be careful then."

The Basic is just starting to hit the point to throw up her hands into the air go user space and just not think on it too hard. "Prehaps later, I'd like to ask more about it..."
Dameon Dameon's magic lashes out violently. He seems to turn undead almost instantly before everyone's eyes. The vines curl around him, drawn in by the magic, but suddenly, they explode in a goop of mess that covers Dameon. He continues to dance despite it, and then he starts to twist and contort, almost sickeningly.

This continues until POOF!

A frog is now sitting where Dameon used to be. It is normal looking. It is green. It stares up at Avira.

Emi Dennou Emi sees a control box all the way over there. Emi doesn't usually worry about electrocution. She taps her chin lightly. Even if she's not terribly worried about the water, she doesn't want to get covered in the stuff. She breathes out and says, "Mercade. I'm going to try to short the control box to turn it off." She says. It's unfamiliar tech, though, so it may not work the way she'd like. She reaches out forward and sends a small spark over to the control panel. She doesn't want to trudge through that crap and she's quite capable of doing this.

She promptly gets distracted and sends a bit TOO MUCH electricity into the device. It starts smoking and, well, anybody nearby or touching the control panel might get SHOCKIFYED! This is not the same as becoming a toad but it probably hurts fair bit.

"...Woops, The Network hopes it was insured." She bows her head faintly.


"Leida..." Imi murmurs, holding her up. "...It seems like we're going to have to run it!

And so she does, intending to just flat out run through the water. Of course, instinctively she ends up raising Leida above her head as she runs through it.

"Imi..." Emi shakes her head.
Kim Possible Kim somehow spots the control box as well, and then rushes after it. She doesn't know who Tifa is yet, or even Aerith's name, but she figures there's no time like the present to get acquainted... in a sense. "Stay cool, I'll totally help you with this!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Kim's response. One of the few she doesn't know here. But then Aerith calls her over, nodding to her friend "Right. What do you think that's for?" She wonders, moving toward the control box to check on things there... "I wonder where those plants come form... must be from pretty deep if we don't see their roots yet.
Aerith Aerith turned toward the girl she'd never seen before and gave a nod. "Whatever help you can give, that's cool. Just need to find out if this is the thing that cuts that pipe off..." And the flowergirl obviously does not mind slogging through the muck. Good thing she's got boots on. Once she gets there, she takes a moment to examine the box, wondering how it works. "Gotta be a switch in here somewhere."
Stormfall Poke poke poke. Stabbity Stab.

The vines bleed profusely with that sugary sickly smell that they are swollen with. The sap bleeding out and the vines easy enough to clean away. However there are so many and so much vines that a more definite plan of action is probably required to make headway.

The control box halfway sunk in the sludge is populated by several frogs. Dameon's /command/ for the vines to die that began with dancing ends with mayhem as the vines comply all too willingly. They begin to explode one after another, soaking the master of the dance mojo with a torrent of sweet and sickly sap.

Avira's ice magic stops up the works. The geyser halts with an ominous rumble, shards of sludge fall into the fens at either side but the pressure is just too great for it to be completely frozen. There is a confluence of factors here. The Shockifying control box is toasted by a surge too great. Avira's ice weakening the pipe even further--- and

/KASPLOOOOOOSH/ Something in the already busted pipeway gives even further, causing a stream of pressurized sludge to pour out of the pipe spitting icy sludge shards and water everywhere. Anybody who is anywhere close may get wet pretty thoroughly.
Percival Percival winces despite himself. A frog? Could it be the man was using dark magic? Was it just like the fairy tales? He didn't have any experience in this realm and didn't suspect the vines or the sludge to be capable of this act for even a single moment. Perhaps the man's dancing was evil in and of itself. An evil mambo, there's a thought.

It distracted him so much that he didn't note what Imi and Leida were doing in time. He calls out to stop them "Wait, don't Imi! Stop!" Realizing that ill might happen to her and Leida, he attempted to at the very least get to them first as he took a running leap with wings outspread, with an attempt to catch them at the last moment and shield them, which would most likely send him careening into the sludge pipe and now the sludge explosion.
Faruja Senra Faruja just stares a moment as a Dennou holds up poor Leida, then runs, using her as a water shield. Sigh. "I shall keep you in my prayers, M'Lady." Leida shall need them.

Oh, Faram. Just as he's heading after Leida and Imi, the pipes bust, and Faruja is struggling to not get pulled under in a torrent of water! "I must say that I find this place most irritating!"
Mercade Alexander Mercade preps himself for when Avira calls out for it. He nods. "Got it!" He crounches... And then she tries to freeze the water. It's not quite enough. "Damn. There has to be another way..." He says, looking over the area. Emi comes up with the idea to overload the control box. IT's as good an idea as any!

And then the pipe explodes. "WHOOOOOOOA!" Mercade yells, leaping backwards. Hopefully he can find a way to avoid the water! That stuff could be contaminated, since this place isn't working right!
Avira "Oh <FROG CROAK>, I made it worse!" Avira shouts and grabs for Mercade, dragging him back so he doesn't wind up running into the sludge and water! ...even though he's jumping back himself!

Avira's stumbling backwards to and falls over onto her butt. Sitting there, she hears something and slowly looks over to see Dameon frog staring up at her.
Dameon Avira's staring is met in turn by the staring frog. It ribbits one more time, before suddenly, it blinks at Avira.

It leaps up to its feet, pulls out a top hat and cane (???). The frog shoves the hat on his head and holds the cane in the crook of his froggy elbow. He starts to kick his feet out, singing in a deep baritone voice.

"Hello, my honey! Hello, my darling! Hello, my rag-time galllll~!"
Lumeria Lumeria watches as Dameon turns into a frog, and the notices the other frogs. Were those also people? She feels the sudden urge to try and help out more. She knows how horrible it can be turned into a frog is. She wonders if her magic can revert the effect, it doesn't work on her own curse after all. Why did they have to make her feel guilty. Of course than the frog has to start singing and she freaks out, falling into the water.
Leida "R-run for... what do you me--eek!"

Leida does the only thing that she can when her benevolent friend suddenly turns out to have hidden sinister intentions?! Which is to hold on for dear life as the crazy girl takes off running towards what appears to be the main source of this strangely sweet water. Her eyes go wide in surprise for a moment then clamp shut when the pipe bursts, filling the air with deadly ice shards.


Ofcourse, with her eyes closed Leida can't see the heroic sacrifice that poor Percival makes on their behalf. But she does notice that they aren't wet or skewered yet after a few moments and peeks out through one half-closed eye.
Percival And so Percival reached the two of them. And wrapping his extensive wingspan around them, shielded them from harm. And then he felt himself splattered, followed by the strangest sensation of falling, and landing on his back. Hrm. Why exactly couldn't he get up? Perhaps if he twitched got a good grip with his hands. Except his new webbed feet didn't seem to work quite right. He puzzles at it for a time before attempting to simply hop up, righting himself. A moment later, an awful strangled croaking warble escaped his mouth, as he finds himself a miserable sludged toad. He gave both Imi and Leida a forlorn look, but didn't quite know what to do except to hop to the side to prevent being crushed by anyone else who comes there way.
Avira Avira scrambles to her feet and grabs for Mercade, a look of abject terror forming upon her face, "Mercade!" she hisses, pointing frantically at Dameon and his performance, "Dameon turned into a frog! A singing and dancing frog!!! Look!"

She stares back at Mercade, realization dawning upon her, "This must be magic. I've heard talk of a spell out here, in these worlds, that can turn a person into a frog!" she looks away, "Fortunately it's reversable. By...something. I forget what."
Aerith Ah, there it is. And it's... stuck in the muck or something. Fortunately there's no real chance for a short, so she might as well give it her best shot. "Hey you guys, help me open this thing. Just need to find something to shut that thing..." She gets a glimpse at what was going on with that pipe and grimace. " Okay, I knew that wasn't a good idea." Suddenly glad she was over here, she began to work on getting that box open.
Reize Seatlan There are the bleeding vines givin off the sickly, smelling sugarness. Reize grimaces as he steps away from the path of the vines exploding out. And yet, he looks over to the other side, "I wonder how the others are managing..."

And ten, when Avira manages to uses the ice magic...

Well, the explosion of ice magic spreads across and Reize yelps in surprise, "Whoa!" Then, he looks over towards where Avira should be, "...Looks like we avoided that, right Avira?"



He looks down and he witnesses the singing frog that was formerly Dameon. "....!!!" He sweatdrops. "Uhhhh...."
The music is catchy and the boy can't help but join.

Thinking back, Reize eyes Dameon.

Reize is getting a bit hungry.

No! Must not think of that. "Oh! Wasn't there a prince of the frogs? Naveen, wasn't it?!"
Mercade Alexander "What?!" Mercade blinks as he gets showered with water. He growns, shaking himself off. "What do you mean Dameon turned into a singing and dancing frog!?"

He looks over at the frog Avira is pointing at.
Dameon "Ribbit." The frog is sitting on the ground, certainly not singing. Nor is he dancing.

Not hat or cane either.
Reize Seatlan Okay, so the frog was not singing or dancing. Reize could had SWORN he heard something.

This leaves Reize scratching his head.
Emi Dennou Emi marvels at Dameon's singing frog powers. She applauds politely.

Imi runs, "eeeeee!!!, The Network cries." They run a bit farther and then past the deluge of water and horror only to turn back and then looks towards Leida, hwo isn't wet at all. Imi frowns faintly. Now how is she going to see Leida all wet? Oh well. "It looks like a miracle saved us, Leida-Chan." She nods firmly, looking back. "We salute you, Water Treatment Plant Gods." She bows her head but keeps Leida in her arms. "I'm so glad we made out of that okay. I was a bit worried my run and pray solution would nto work."

Emi decides to move closer to Mercade, observing Percival...who is now a toad. She approaches him and ducks down to try and carry him up. She looks forlornly into toad Percival's eyes. Shoujo bubbles appear the two of them.... and then....

"...It is said that to kiss a frog is to break them from any curse." She looks down at Percytoad. "...But you are not a frog, you are a toad. They are actually two different species." She turns to the others and says, "Remember that. One should not confuse frogs with toads. IT is disrespectful and innacurate. And now you all know so there is no need for further confusion on the subject." She nods a few more times.
Faruja Senra Normally, Faruja would be applauding Percival's efforts. But he's too busy trying to /not/ drown. Swimming in platemail is kind of hard.

Eventually, he manages to get out of the way of so much water, laying on the ground in a muddy, jumbled heap. Suddenly...poof!

Where once there was rat, there is now a toad. In one little toady limb, is a tiny stick of sharpened wood. On his neck is a tiny cross necklace. Ribbit! Leap! Ribbit ribbit!

Pause. The little amphibian turns to Emi. Somehow, it looks vaguely dissappointed and saddened by Emi's proclaimation. Sigh. Toads get all the bad luck.
Avira Avira stares at the notably not singing nor dancing frog. "...he was just singing a second ago!" she claims, reaching down and scooping up the Dameon frog.

"But I thought it had to be a kiss from a princess?" Well, that was the case for Naveen at least. And the Twilight Detective Agency is pretty short on princesses. "Or, wait, hmmm." Holding Dameon in one hand, Avira scratches her chin. There was something else for it. If only she could remember- "That's right. A kiss from a maiden."

Avira pauses, then looks to the frog in her hand. "...."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart feels weird. Something's not right with this place. From Aerith and Kim's point of view, she disapeared. But from her point of view, everything's suddenly... tall. "Ribbit." Blink. Wait, that's not what she wanted to say at all!


Oh dear. How is she supposed to serve drinks like this now? T_T
Stormfall With the control box probably fried by the electricity, it's going to be difficult if not impossible to shut down the geyser from this control box. Several of the lights are blinking erratically and most of the mechanical switches do nothing at all.

However there have to be other backup controls and on this other side of the sludge fens, the way is relatively clear.

A series of waterfalls box in two sides of the main plant, the hightly bleachy smell of chemicals. There seems to be gravity errors here as well because ominiously, several bleachy smelling soap bubbles of liquid are hovering listlessly in the air over the main plant area which must have at least two entrances. The front stairs here, and another around the side, perilously underneath more of those bubbles.

There is a control panel set into the metal walkways that lead up to the main plant and it might be possible to turn off the water from there.

There are surely no singing and or dancing frogs here. No sirreee. That would be silly.
Kim Possible One moment, Kim is talking to Tifa and Aerith about how to handle things, then suddenly Tifa vanishes. "Hey, where did she-" Kim hears the croaking and looks down, seeing yet another frog. "Oh, this is even more gross than before." She steps back only to realize something as she puts two and two together. "I don't believe it, they turned her into a frog!" She looks to Aerith and then says, "I'll try to help, but what do we do about her?"
Lumeria Lumeria pulls herself slowly out of the sludgy water, too bad there's no way to clean herself off. "A kiss from a maiden doesn't always work." Of course she's not going to say how she knows that. Plus, she doesn't really feel like having to kiss any frogs. Of course she doesn't know a whole lot about machines, so it might be best for someone else to turn the water off.
Aerith A cold shiver washes over Aerith, as if something horrible just happened, and she glances back at Tifa... "Hey did you feel tha-" ...Only to find she was no longer there. "Tifa?!" She took a good look around, wondering where she could have gone off too, only to hear a ribbit below her. Flowergirl looks down and sees a frog where her friend used to be. "Great... So what now?" She looked ahead and noted the way was clear. "We have to look for more of these. Has to be something to cut that off and get the rest of them clear." With that, she marched onward...
Dameon Avira picks up the frog. It dangles its legs uselessly. Avira and Mercade are staring at it. He stares back at Avira with his deep... froggy eyes.

Someone suggests that kissing the frog would be a good idea.

Reize Seatlan "Well, if it's a toad, maybe it doesn't have to be a maiden? Or maybe it is from a maiden still?"

Reize is getting kind of hungry.

r Reize is walking over towards one of the frogs, likely the Faruja. His eyes shift towards Lumeria, "Who knows?! It never hurts to try!" Should the Faruja-frog not get away, Reize is going to lean close.

"This has to work!"

...And Faruja frog is going to get a kiss.
...Is Reize's bain turned off?
Mercade Alexander Mercade Alexander looks at the frog, scratching his head as he sees it is neither singing nor dancing, nor showing any sign of being Dameon. "Are you... All right, Avira?" He asks. "But that's a terrible spell, if that is the case. I mean, Emi's got the whole legend right... And why are you carrying a toad, Emi? Are you going to give it to Ami?" Mercade asks.

He looks in the direction of the backup controls, and he appeoaches the bubbly path. "Okay, stand back, I'm going to try SCIENCE."

Mercade, with a flourish, producies a gun and shoots the bubbles.

Ballistics is science, right?
Percival Percival listens to Emi's explanation with an unceasingly forlorn expression. But what choices does he have? He wasn't exactly going to even ask someone to attempt to kiss him anyhow. It'd be too indecent. Okay scratch that, it'd only be indecent if it were someone of a masculine persuasion doing that, but noone would be foolish enough to try that, right? He sits in her hand, his little toad head tilting, before the tongue whips out to catch a fly buzzing around Emi's head. W--What? WHY DID HE DO THAT!?
Aerith Unfortunately that cold shudder is not the only one she has, as another one comes over here a few moments after. Aerith stares at the bubbles for a few moments as the room blurs around her. "Oh, you little..."

It's the last thing she is able to say as the world suddenly increases in size, and she finds out what it feels like to be Tifa at that moment. Because flowergirl is now flowergirl frog.
Leida Leida glances around a little to make sure that the threat of being deluged is gone before she exhales deeply, sinking into Imi's cradled arms. "W-while your respect for the spirits is admirable, Imi-chan..." She starts, looking back at her friend with a faint smile. "I wish you would warn me before throwing our lives to the mercy of the Heavens..."

Now that they seem to be past the immediate dangers, the princess takes a better look around at the ruined water plant, noting the advanced state of decay thanks to the vines and roots bursting from the walls and floor. Despite the strange crazed attempt to use her as a shield, the girl decides to remain in her friend's arms for the time being, especially considering that those who get wet seem to be suffering from a bad case of frogitus.

The two spirit flames float into view a few moments later, drifting from place to place as they inspect the facility. Fortunately, they have stopped singing.

'Woah, this place looks like something out of a bad horror film.'

'I certainly do not envy anyone the task of trying to clean up this muck.'
Avira "It was!" Avira says defensively to Mercade. She looks back at the frog. A maiden's kiss...

Avira sucks in a breath and lifts the frog to her face. "Oh gosh I can't believe I'm trying this..." she murmurs and quickly pushes the frog to her puckered lips. MUCOUS MAKE-OUT 1X.

Once she pulls away, she looks to Mercade, who shoots one of those bubbles. "Wait, I don't think we should-" oh no, too late. At least it didn't explode on her! But once it does, and Aerith turns into a frog after getting splashed, "Oh my gosh, it's contaminated with the magic! This is...if this gets into the town.." she looks around, then points down past the walkways to the control panel that they didn't completely fry. "There. We gotta shut this water off before it spreads."
Emi Dennou "Yes. Ami could use a pet." Emi says. She has no idea it's Percy.

She stands back and observes Mercade's science with respect...but still gets splattered by water. "...The Network isn't sure of the validity of your science,." She says, holding onto Percytoad. Though hse does pet him lightly for protecting her from evil flies.


"Are you sure?" Imi asks. "Hmm... But I wonder how... perhaps we should wait for the others before moving on... Let me ask Umi what she thinks over the Network."


It does not help, Imi thinks. She instead turns and gets back to the stairs she just went up with Leida to get inside and notes the presence of the control box.

She decides to not use electricity and instead tries to shut it off normally. Considering how it went last time? Yep.
Dameon What frog, Avira?

Dameon suddenly appears, in place of the frog in a puff of green smoke. His hands immediately come up and he attempts to grab Avira's head to give her the sloppiest, and most engrossing kiss seen this side of Fluorgis.

Dameon even makes a big kissing noise.
Percival And then Emi finds a full grown Percival on top of her, literally on top of her. It'd seem entirely indecent if it weren't unintentional. He hastily rises, and offers Emi a hand to help her up. He had hands again! Hands! Oh there was a sweet and merciful God after all! "Uh, you have my apologies Madame Emi. I didn't think that this witchcraft would fade of its own accord and it was not my intention to place you in a compromising position."
Stormfall The soap bubbles explode from the power, the sheer power of SCIENCE. They rain down in thick streams of syrupy water that smells of chemicals and that sickly sweet sap.

The water splatters everywhere.

Meanwhile the geyser still flows, gurgling merrily until Imi finally by process of elimination and SCIENCE the geyser goes still. The walkway is now open for all of your travel needs.

There are two entrances to the main plant. Through the main doors or there is another entrance up and around a metal catwalk to another door to the left side looking out at the bleach smelling waterfalls.
Faruja Senra 'It never hurts to try!' No words ever spoken have driven more fear into faruja's heart. Slowly, slowly he's brought closer to Reize. All that the toadmecian can see is those lips drawing nearer to his impending doom. The little toad quivers and shakes, fear gnawing into the depths of his soul.

Little arms clasp together in prayer. Oh Faram, what has he done to deserve this horrible fate? What evil had he performed to come to this ignoble end? The line of Senra ends here in disgrace!

Smooooch! The toad's trembling stops. Heartbeat. Oh Ajora make it end! Heartbeat. Nooooo! Heartbeat. Why isn't this a certain Gargess!?

A second later, Reize still has a toad. A very angry, trembling, Light-bleeding toad. Up goes the stic, and...

POKE! Right in the nose. "Ribbit!? Ribbit ribbit ribbit!? Ribbit Faram ribbit! Ribbit Ajora's ribbit ribbit ribbit!"

Leap! Mid-hop after yanking out the tiny wood shard from Reize's nose, the rat Poofs back.

"In conclusion, Ser Seatlan, as much as a maid's dress fits you, you are not a maiden. Do remember, hmm, my friend?" Faruja pats the young man on the head before heading off towards Mercade. Faruja nods to the pair. "Excellent work." Leap! He'll start towards the now clear entrance of the plant, front door.
Lumeria Lumeria puts a hand to her face as she watches Reize kiss Faruja, what exactly was he thinking? Even if kissing does work, he's certainly not a maiden. Not unless he's hiding something from them. If the transformation is magical, more magic should be able to remove it right? Green lights begin to fill the air, it was a wide area for the mage to cover, but it still beats having to kiss any frogs or toads.

She looks towards the main doors upon hearing Faruja's comment. She didn't want to agree with the rat, but getting close to the waterfalls strikes her as a bad idea. Especially if a pipe burst or something. "Let's get this over with already."
Deelel Deelel is noticing that things are just getting bad her comrades are being crroupted by something and turned into water relatd grid bugs? What the heck is going on around here. She's really on ege but well Faruja has a point. She looks at the massive soap butbbles just start getting to work seeming to clean things but as the Gwyser flos she's looking about for another source of the prioblem she's going to try not to laugh as she could very well be the next victem of the effect here after a all she's going to main doors as well she's nodding in agreement as she follows up Lumeria "Nothing ventured nothing gained..."
Reize Seatlan After the kiss...

Blink. "It didn't work!" Not noticing the angry look of the toad, "Well, I guess it doesn't work----" Poke.

"OOOOOWWWW!!!" He holds his nose, whimpering in pain. After getting cursed out by Toaduga, the boy has comical tears rolling along his eyes.

After the tiny shard is removed, Reize looks over to the normal Faruja.

"That hurt..." T_T


"Eh?! So the magic here is what has turned the workers into frogs?!" Reize turns his head over, then he glances back down to the walk way. "... We better move on." The boy turns a bit more serious, finally getting himself ready to explore deeper within the depths.


There is a path with two entrances!

One is through the main doors an the other is to the other entrance up and around the metl catwalk to the left side.

Reize's natural sense of directions send him to...

The catwalk!

Struck by curiosity, Reize is proceeding towards that left side up and around the metal catwalk.
Avira Avira's planning on which way to go is ABRUPTLY INTERRUPTED. She thought it would be a kiss, poof, and that's it, right? But at this point, she actually can't tell if the kiss worked or Dameon changed back seconds before and thoroughly capitalized on the opportunity. "MMPH!!!" %rStartled, Avira flails for a few seconds before she pries Dameon off of her, a thoroughly embarassed look upon her face. Damn, why couldn't it have been /Mercade/ that got changed?! "Well I guess it worked." she glares at Dameon archly and draws the back of her arm across her mouth to wipe away the dancer's extra sloppiness.

Avira spies Reize going for the catwalks and elects to go in the opposite direction to the main door.
Leida Fortunately, there are no incidents this time as Imi and Leida ascend up to the control area. Technology is not her strong point so the princess remains passive in this situation, simply watching the rest of the group from their high vantage point.

Upon sweeping her gaze over to Reize, the girl's eyes widen and her face scruntches up at the sight of him putting his lips all over a toad! Gross! No more kisses for you, Reize!

'...huh. Never figured the kid for a frog kisser.'

'The current generation of youths is delightfully... deviant...'
Aerith And Aerith is still flowergirl frog as she attempts to hop her way out of the muck and mud, trying to keep up with everyone else. Here's hoping Tifa changed back before she did, otherwise she'd be in a world of trouble!
Dameon Dameon is peeled away from Avira's face. He leaps back and rolls in a back flip before landing on his feet, nimbly twiddling on them. He cackles and spins in place, before thrusting his hand in the work. He hip-thrusts, winking at Avira, "Ow! It certainly worked, baby!"

Dameon stops his air-humping to finally focus on the situation. He raises his eyebrow, and then considers, "You know, folks, if I were a plant, my roots would not be up in the air like a lady's dress at one of my concerts, but I'd go down, like so many things in this world."

Augh, won't they stop!?
Tifa Lockhart The barmaid is very confused as to what's going on... before she can be picked up by anyone, she's suddenly back to human. She blinks as everything seems to come back to normal size suddenly "Cro--- I mean, what's going on here?" >_< What's with this weird place, and people turning into frogs and back to normal at random like this... She looks at Aerith, picking her up so she doesn't get squashed unti lshe's back to normal too "... how about we take care of that control box before it gets any worse..."
Emi Dennou Imi isn't exactly a technomaster either, but she at least understands modern tech on a basic level. Modern being OUR modern so, well, there it goes.

"Glad you could all make it." Imi smiles, waving to the others as they come by before turning to walk back to Leida and lift her up again unless she otherwise tries to stop her. WHY DOES SHE KEEP DOING THIS? "This is not very convenient." She admits to her. "How do princes do this anyway for so long?"


As Emi arrives, Percival regargoyles and splats right on top of her.

Emi says, "..."
Aerith Aerith looks up at Tifa gratefully. "Ribbit." And that of course translates as 'thank you' in English.
Kim Possible "I'm with you two," Kim comments to Tifa and Frog-Aerith. "Let's take care of this and get outta here! I'm totally getting grossed out by the minute the more we stay here." She pauses. "But, then again, I don't want to get home too soon, since Cousin Larry is coming over tonight."
Mercade Alexander Oh snap! The bubbles have magic toad water! Mercade gasps as he accidentally gets a bunch of his friends splashed with the water. "I'm sorry!" Mercade says, exclaiming as he winces. "Wow, this is getting really complicated really fast." He says, looking at Dameon and giving him an Evil Eye as he goes and sloppily kisses Avira. And then hits on her. "Let's focus on the job, Dameon. I don't think Rosemarie would be happy if you got too distracted."

He looks over the two entrances. "This is going to be complicated either way." He says. "Given what we've experienced so far, we need to avoid the water at all costs. And the doors are probably trapped. I'd recommend opening them at a distance."
Percival Percival still stays behind to help Emi up, before he faces the same decision himself. He tries not to mutter too much about the comment she made of him being 'Ami's new pet.' Once he continues onward, he takes a moment to listen to Mercade before he considers the problem. Percival sighs at the very thought of doing this, as such objects were certainly NOT meant for throwing despite fictional evidence to the contrary, but he slides the dented heater shield off his back, and holds it in both hands almost like a discus. He then throws it with all of his might at the front doors from a healthy distance away to see if it would set off anything.
Stormfall Front doors.

Boy somebody did a number on this place. The inside of the main plant is riddled with broken pipes and the stench of bisulfite and other chemicals.

There are many smaller tanks in here and more equipment for the monitoring of the water. However-- it might as well be an aquarium because most of the main plant below a certain level is flooded.

Sitting in front of the main doors is a large pipe that has been jury rigged into a water cannon, complete with debris being used as wobbly legs. Several black frogs with heartless symbols etched on their backs on sitting on top of the water cannon.

The doors were in fact. Trapped. A stream of water pounds out of the pipe towards anybody who tried to get in through the main doors.

Side door:

The inside of the main plant is riddled with broken pipes and chemicals. A waterfall splashes less than a foot from the doors from busting piping, requiring some agility and caution to slip past without being splashed. A catwalk curls around the side down into-- water. Except for several large floating mats of vegetation already crawling with heartless frogs, the entire basement level and ground of the main plant is flooded by water.
Dameon Dameon walks through the main doors. He raises his eyebrow. "Oh. These things don't like to --"


Faruja Senra Ear-perk. Faruja nods vaguely to Mercade. "Mmm. Quite. One befrogging is enough for a lifetime, much less twice in the same day." He comments, before turning to Lumeria. "Stand back if you please, M'Lady." The rat takes his onw advice, then...

WHAP. The end of his spear slams into the door as he tries to open it from some distance away, hopefully helping Perci's efforts.

Inside, there is a massive water cannon and frog heartless. Grr! Clearly this is the source of the problem. There is also a falling flood of water. Again.

Poof! Oh Faram, not again. At least Reize isn't around to kiss him this time.

The tiny little froggy thrusts his spear at the frog heartless, hoping to apply Holy Ice to them! "Stasis Croak!" A little frog of holy ice falls upon the Heartless Frogs, bouncing up and down a few times. New spear skill get!
Avira A growl escapes Avira, aimed at Dameon for his behavior. "Yeah well you didn't have to enjoy it so much!!" Well, that's not /quite/ what she meant, but the warrior's a little flustered right now so her words aren't exactly coming out so great right now.

Her strategy to get as far away as possible from Reize doesn't work. At all.

Steping through the doors, Avira's nose immediately takes in the chemical smell and a wince forms on Avira's face. Just as she's looking around, though, she looks straight ahead and sees the large pipe...and the heartless frogs. "HEARTLESS!" Avira calls out, tearing the Spine free. She charges, only to be blown backwards by a stream of water which washes her clear out the door. In the process though...

...a tiny green frog washes up onto the floor. Avira croaks forlornly.
Emi Dennou SUDDENLY, Imi and Emi are both frogs. This is entirely Mercade's fault for dousing Emi earlier but that's okay, the Legion isn't terribly troubled by being electrotoads. Being covered in horrible chemical sludge is how they entered this world and by god it'll be how they leave it.

Still, Imi licks Leida toad once. "Ribbit??" before pulling her tongue back. That's horrible. But Emi, despite also being toad, bounds forward. and jumps on Imi.

THEY WILL USE THIS TOAD TO THEIR ADVANTAGE. Imi bounces along and then hops into the air...!!

Allowing Emitoad to doublejump and fling herself towards those Heartless Toads, intending to knock at least one off its perch. Electrotoad electricity flies everywhere. It's terrifying! But she can't help herself. It's the TOAD you see. Hopefully nothing terrible will happen as a result. Nonetheless...


Omi, Umi, Ami, and Shida play Monopoly, pause, and then look up.

"...Did you feel that?, The Network wonders if we all suddenly had the urge to eat bugs."

The four look at each other and shake their heads. No, of course not.
Reize Seatlan As Reize steps through the side entrance, his eyes drift up towards the ceiling, looking around to see the broken pipes and chemicals. A frown has formed as he steps along the hall. As a waterfall splashes less than the foot away, Reize yelps and he springs onto the catwalk.

He made it to a safe side. While the maze is rather confusing, this does give him a chance to save his friends. They are being assaulted by the Heartless.

Clenching his teeth, "Don't worry guys! I got you!"

Though quick thinking, Reize manages to withdraw...

The hookshot.

Reize gives a careful aim and he whips and arm outward, releasing the chained hook to strike the cannon to redirect it from his friends.
Lumeria Trying to fight magic with magic wasn't the best idea, as Lumeria finds out first hand. She doesn't need to get near the water again to find herself transforming "Nooooo...!" She finds herself cut off mid-cry as she finds herself replaced by a silver frog. She's somewhat used to this by now, but that doesn't mean she enjoys it. She tries to hop pass the water cannon before she gets hit by more sludge.
Deelel Deelel is looking ahead at how much of a mess the place is. She's looking about plant at how flooded it is. She's pretty sure this place is a huge mess and she stares for a moment looking at the froggy heartless somehow she's not suprised they have something to do this. However she's been very very lucky and managed to not become a frog but many of her comrades have not been so lucky. The heartless seem to be the root of the problem in all likely hood and she just manages to avoid getting caught up in the burst of corrouptive water. She then attemps to get into the main room, the second there's a lull in the fire.
Leida Leida puts up no more fuss this time than the last as she is artfully gathered up into Imi's arms, answering her question with, "Um... I... I did not know princes were supposed to carry people around..." That certainly does sound like a chore and not something royalty would normally strain themselves with. Must be another one of those odds foreign customs.

Her attention snaps back to the tunnel as the doors burst open, revealing the devious ambush of Heartless frog lying in wait for just such a foolish 'kick down the front door' approach. Somehow... SOMEHOW... Reize has managed to ruin everyone else just by being here. Again.

The princess doesn't have time to react in this instance and the powerful water cannon blasts through the assembled group, drenching many of them thoroughly as it forces its way to the back of the line. Her world turns murky and wet as the pressurized torrent washes over her entirely, Leida's body shielding her friend from the worst of the magical water.

After a few moments she feels the stinging touch of the cannon shot die out and blinks for several seconds, trying to clear her vision. It looks like she's fallen out of Imi's grasp because the floor is very close to her face now. She rolls over and stands up... to her full height of two inches.

Large bulbous red and yellow eyes shutter closed a few times as she peers around, seeing only a sea of ankles and shoes. Looking down at her hands, the princess finds that she doesn't have them any more! She's a toad!


'Ribbit ribbi ribbit?'


Two tiny puffs of green flame float out of the water, their forms equally diminuative. The tapering wisp of fire that usually flows upwards from their firey bodies has instead turned downwards, giving them the distinctive look of flaming tadpoles.
Dameon This is turning unfortunate. Damebit, suddenly leaps up, and puts on his hat and cane again. Look, Avira, you -weren't- crazy. Or it could be everyone else is a frog.

Damebit starts to sing and dance, lashing out with froggy-magic. Water starts to freeze around the frog, lift up, and hurl at the heartless with wreckless abandon!

"Hello, my buddies! Hello, dear pals! Hello, my felllooooow frooooogs~! You're being really du-umb, I do-on't like it, pleaa-aaaaaseee stoooo-oooooop."
Mercade Alexander "OH SNAP! HEARTLESS FROC WATER CANNON!" Mercade cries.

And then he sees Avira pop right back out, befrogged. He rushes to her side, and carefully gathers her up. "Avira? Are you okay? Is that you?"

Meanwhile, Emi and Imi take it to the hoop with Team Toad Power. Mercade approaces as they TOADally whoop ass in the background. Or electrocute themselves. Something or other.
Reize Seatlan Cannon fires... BAMF! Instant Frog.

Sigh. With all of the Heartless frogs out there... there is only one thing to do.

Suddenly... a song changes.

o/` Everybody was kung fu fighting! o/`

"RIBBITTTT!!" There goes Reize, diving down from the catwalk towards those Heartless from the catwalk. That's right, he's coming down with a diving kick.

o/` Those kicks were fast as lightning! o/` (RIBBIT!)

Toad Reize descends with starting chops, punches, kicks and other kung-fu-esque moves on the creatures.

o/` In fact, it was a little bit frightening! o/` (RIBBIT!)

And... aiming to back frog-fist a Heartless. "RIBBIT!!!"

o/` But they fought with expert timing. o/`
Percival bounds up towards the door on all fours. An ambush! He should have known the Heartless were behind this. In one motion he picks up the shield, and without even hesitating, withdraws his sword from its scabbard. He doesn't really have much in the way of attacking them from range, unless he threw his shield again, and that'd just be ridiculous. He was entirely British after all. So instead, without even a thought in regards to the consequences, he yells out a battle cry "Nemo me impune lacessit!"

Okay maybe he wasn't entirely British. Trying to direct the attention of the cannon, he still varies the direction of his charge to attempt to make himself a harder target, before bounding in the air and aiming to skewer one of the amphibian heartless.
Avira Mercade carefully scoops up the tiny green tree frog that is Avira into his hands. If he looks closely enough, even the frog Avira seems to have lighter patches of skin in the shapes of the scars seen on her face and body. In fact, froggy Avira has two strange circular 'scars' on her back.

The little frog nods forlornly at Mercade. She definitely couldn't kiss herself! And it seems she wasn't the only maiden trapped in a froggy form.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't get to hold on to Aerith for very long before she's turned back into a forg again -.- Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

She quickly hops away, going to join up with the other froggy... which is apparently Reize. Hey, if Reize can fight, maybe she can too! Let's see how this works.

First she drops from above on the heartless frog. FROGGY SQUASH!

Then a series of extending kicks with those long limbs. Hey this isn't so bad.

Attempts to call up any sort of hidden frog magic... maybe a giant glowing frog will fall from the sky and squish what's left of them?

Probably not.
Aerith Of course, Tifa gets the bad end of it. Twice. Aerith lands right on top of frogmaid with a flop and a plop, legs squirming in an attempt to get off of her best friend before they end up changing back in a compromising position. Eventually it works, just long enough for Tifa to actually start doing something.
Stormfall The Ribbity Justice of the FROG KING descends on the unbelievers. The heartless minions are attacked by ice frogs and some of them are knocked off the vegetation platforms like so many bowling pins.

The water cannon is WRENCHED away from it's firing position in front of the main doors but one of the debris 'tripods' comes loose and aims the geyser of sludge towards Reize on the side catwalks. The heartless minions are no match for FROGGY STYLE Magic-fu. Shards of frozen water spear the minions causing them to explode in poofs of dark vapor.

And.. The Frog King is /NOT amused/ -- He is in fact disappoint in the low quality of heartless mooks you see nowadays. All of them getting squashed, speared, kicked or squished by rainbow frogs out of nowhere. Then the music starts and the challenge must be taken up. He was not going to be upstaged by a Kung-Fu Frog!

The Frog King raises slowly up, looming over even the humans let alone the other frogs and bellows something incomprehensible. To everybody who is a frog, they can hear him-- to every else, you have to read the fiery subtitles that appear out of synchronization with the movement of the frog's mouth.

"...What is this?! WHO DARES challenge.. the emperor of TAI KWON LEAP?! You are fools and I shall show you no mercy. Face my ribbity wrath, fools!"
Mercade Alexander Mercade grins. "You know, you're kind of cute like this. Maybe I should take you home? We have a nice terrarium and I can pick you up some crickets." He says, teasingly.

And then he sighs. "Welp, it worked one way, right?" Worst case scenario... who knows? He closes his eyes, puckers up, and gives the Toadvira a kiss.

He blinks and looks to one side, yelling. "OH CRAP, HE KNOWS TAI KWON LEAP!?"
Faruja Senra First, there is a singing, dancing frog where Dameon once stood. Faroga turns away, minds reeling from the thought of such things existing. His gaze lands on Toad Reize. A song changes. Little kung-fu frog goes at it with his frog-fu. Poof!

Faruja is normal again. Reaching into his damp, muddy clothes, he pulls out his hip flask.

Item _--> Whiskey.

Action --> Drink Heavily --> Jump

Now with just enough intoxication to not have his mind snap like a twig, Faruja leaps into the air, before descending upon the King Frog!
Percival On any other day, Percival would at least get a chuckle out of the sight of the frog king and his fiery subtitles. But by God, he'd been a toad today, and he was NOT amused. Not amused in the least. As the Frog King leaps high into the air to dodge Faruja's attack, he snarls before climbing a nearby pipe, and kicking off. With his full wingspan open he glides towards the frog king at high speed. Leading with his sword he aims a strike towards the King's bulbous midsection, and follows up with a shield slam as he finishes the pass.
Avira To display her disapproval with being kept in a terrarium, Avira croaks, inflating her throat in irritation at Mercade! Sure, he's just teasing, but still! Eating crickets!!!

Mercade leans in and, though no maiden, does give froggy Avira a kiss. A moment passes and a poof of green surrounds the tree frog. The human Avira is left behind, though now it seems she's going to take advantage of the situation and prolong their contact just a little bit longer.

But then the horrible frog king makes his appearance and Avira grows angry very very quickly! "Tai Kwon Leap?!" Avira says, her eyes twinkling. "Fortunately, I know a very effective technique for countering JUST THAT!" Spinning away from Mercade, she dashes at the Frog King, leaps into the air, and swings a foot out.
Aerith Her newly-trained evasive skills would not help her here as she got hit full on with the... attempt to make her croak. It was more than effective, knocking her diminutive form backward quite a ways. She wasn't exactly all that effective in this state, so she had to wait for herself to get back to normal. If she ever would, that was.
Dameon *POOF*

Dameon is back, flipping in the air. He lands on the balls of his feet, and hangs there for a moment. He tilts his head, "TAI KWON LEAP!?" Dameon leaps into the air again, when the RIBITITY BITTY comes after him. He avoids it, and then slides his foot up. He deliberately slows things down, and sends a wave of slow-magic hurling at the Frog King.

Dameon jumps back. He begins to breakdance, whirling around with his hands, arms, legs, and head. Jumping out of the water, glowing, yet frozen, zombies in onesies, start to break dance next to Dameon. His skin is now brittle, and frozen over slightly, and his hair is completely white.

Dameon's laugh is a rattle-like cackle and he hops back up to his feet, "Dance, my friends! Let's show this freak who's really king of the dance floor!"

The frozen break-dancing zombies go after the Frog King, and CHALLENGE HIM TO A DANCE-OFF!!
Emi Dennou Emi, who is in melee, is frog slapped by the Hypnotoad. She flops onto her back and her tongue dangles out grossly.


"Why are Imi and Emi--" Umi asks.

"Stop." Omi says.

"But why do they keep saying 'ribbit' over the Network?" Umi asks.

"We are not to talk about it."


Rolling onto her webbed feet, Emi crackles with electricity and sends an arc crashing down upon the mighty user... OF FROG BASED MARTIAL ARTISTRY!

Imi, meanwhile, is hoping for some smooches. She hops on over to Mercade and looks at him hopefully.

Leida Princess Toada is still freaking out about her new status as a slimy amphibian when a sticky tongue whacks her right in the side of the head.


"Eeeee...?!" Whirling around to see the source of this disgusting offense brings her face to face with Imi-toad. Leida blinks again, her large sticky eyes making audible clicking sounds as their membranes slide shut. Did she just get licked by a frog?! Well, yes, that's pretty obvious but the fact that she's a frog also kind of makes it less weird. Sort of.

It takes a moment but the girl manages to puzzle out the identity of her licker, if only because she was with Imi just a few moments before and that is something Imi would totally do in this situation.

"I-Imi-chan is that you? We have been horrible cursed! What shall we do...?" Her little froggy arms wave around histerically as she speaks. And then there is giant frog king! The ground rumbles and shakes as the massive monster crashes down onto the floor and Leida scrambles quickly out of the way, barely managing to avoid being flattened. She hops quickly after Imi and rest at her side, looking around warily. "W-we have to change back somehow!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is getting attacked as a frog! Fortunatly, she has enough jumping power to get out of the way, so it only glances her. That could have been bad, she's a small thing after all!

And then she's back to normal again ~_~ "This flip flopping is getting annoying, and what's with that big ugly frog with the twirly e- ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD!

She blinks. Where did that come from? ~_~

Nevermind that, punchy time. Its a heartless, and its obviously up to not good.
Reize Seatlan Tai Kwon Leap?! Reize has heard tales of that style from places afar! The toad with the antenna hair rises in surprise. Then, the toad turns to face the Tifa-toad. With a ribbit, he tries to communicate for Toadifa to join him.

And then the Emperor of Tai Kwon Leap makes his presence known.


Toad Reize attempts to avoid the incoming descent, but the toad dude comes forth to strike him down. "RIBBIIIIIIITTTT!!!" Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.


Nevertheless, Reize calls for Tifa.

[Subtitle: Tifa! Let's kick this Emperor's butt!]

The Toad Reize is hopping straight towards. ----

*Record scratch*

Dameon calls forth the frozen-break dancing zombies to dance. And with that, Reize is starting to hop towards the toad king.

The music is pumping. Toad boy dances. His little toad-legs sweeping long the ground with a side step before he springs off of the ground with a winding kick.

Right on the nose.
Lumeria Of course Lumeria's not happy about being turned into a frog, "You'll play for that." She wonders if the Frog King's massive size is the result of magic as well. There was one way to find. She seemingly can still talk and cast spells in this form, so the change is only cosmetic it seems. She attempts to shrink the Frog King to normal frog size, along with a few other debuffs to try and even the fight.
Stormfall Ah. Avira. Did you not learn that it is folly to turn the technique of the master against the master? For the Boot to the Head and your kung fu is not strong enough.

But as powerful as the frog king is, they are no match for the dancing dead or the power of Emi and the legionettes to make everything taste Lighting-y. The Giant brilliantly colored frog whose fiery subtitles continue to hang in the air expands their massive airsack, a gutteral chuckle escaping them as they are battered about but seem generally unphased, although embarrassed and upstaged by Dameon as his dancers.

"CHALLENGE me will you?" croaks the frog king. It swells and swells with pride and rage (always a bad combination in Kung Fu movies) The heartless frogs explode from all corners of the flooded water plant and join in the dance, turning it from a Dance off to a West Side Story-esque FULL ON Dance Battle as the Heartles attempt to outdance and then Outgnaw the zombies.

The ones that have turned against the rest of the party are wearing sodden cloaks and wielding vicious knives so-- you know. This part is all very Croak and Dagger.
Faruja Senra SUDDENLY FROGS. Faruja leaps into the air, already trying again with his usual tactics of 'fall down upon the enemy really fast with a sharp pointy stick.' Unfortunately, today that strategy doesn't work as he's suddenly covered in frogs. Down the rat goes, back onto the railing! Too covered in frogs to do much else, even correct his landing, all he can do is cast a few protective spells at his friends.

There's a loud 'metal on skull' and 'Burmecian on frog' sound as the rat's head impacts the railing. The Burmecian goes limp, knocked out cold under a pile of Heartless-frogs. How embarrassing. Hopefully he squished a few in the process.
Deelel Well the Frogs just keep comming, the Frog King is proving to not be a laughing matter, not a laughing matter at all. She evades some of the incoming spells however? She doesn't surive the ext volley of spells upon her. She doesn't quite get Croaked but she's not to well off eithere fromt hat hit. She manages to keep her footing and it's time to play pinball, with her Disc she laucnehs it attemping to bounce it off the king and his minions before attemping to flank them and capture the weapon upon it's return.
Percival While in the air, he manages to deflect the frog king' moves. But still finds himself knocked into a rapid descent. His talons can no longer find purchase, and he's having trouble gliding in cramped quarters.

Eventually he lands on the ground near Leida the frog. While he doesn't recognize who it is, he realizes that they need everyone back in the fight as quickly as possible. Lifting up the frog, he places a quick peck on the Frog's lips without giving it a second or glance at whom he even kissed, before he leaps back into the fight against the King of Frogs. He swears this reminds him of a 80's music video in some way.

Charging at the frog king, he lets out a challenging roar once again, before the hilt of his blade attempts to find purpose at the bottom of the giant amphibian's chin, he then follows up with a backwards overhand swing to buffet the creature upside its swollen head.
Mercade Alexander Mercade has no problems sticking around for a bit to make sure Avira is thoroughly... uncursed! Yes, that's it. Uncursed. The Detective looks on the hooded frogs as they come striking with deadly force towards them all. However, the Detective flips, somersaulting through the air as he flips, catching up Imi as he does so in a display of agility! The Detective holds up Imi, and looks at her for a moment, before just giving her a little smooch. Since she's asking so nicely.
Dameon The Frog King perhaps one of the most fatal mistakes of his life.

Heartless pour out from all the crevices within the complex. They join in the dance of the Frog King's jubiltation. Frozen zombies are nearly eaten (not)-alive by the Heartless. Several of them slam into Dameon and start to crowd him. He yelps in pain and tries to shake a few of them off. Frog King unleashes a second critical hit. The Frog King challenges Dameon to a dance-battle.

A whiplash of magic from the Frog King knocks Dameon off his feet.

Dameon crashes into the ground, knocked totally off his groove. All of the zombies fall apart in a clatter of ice. Dameon lays there for a few moments, and then he begins to quiver. Is.. is he angry?

Slowly, Dameon starts to get louder. No. He is laughing. His laugh starts to fill the room with a terrible joy, as he begins to stand uYou're going to challenge, /me/!? He simply says, but his words are so infused with magic, it's not even funny.

Dameon begins to dance, it's a slow start. His legs sweep in and out of a sway. Even in the background, a slow music beat starts to play. Dameon's dancing starts to pick up. He claps and claps with the beat. Each clap echoes in the chamber (even though nothing really echoed before). Dameon's dancing gets faster and faster, and with each clap, the music adds another instrument. Dameon finishes this out with a spin, and then grabs his crotch, shoving his fist into the air! "WOW!" His voice is really high pitched.

With that, a sudden influx of magic rushes into the room. Zombies. Ghouls. Skeletons. They all start to materialize in the air. Dameon cackles, and they begin to dance battle with the heartless. An endless score of undead all matched up with the beat.

The Frog King suddenly gets to urge to simply .... die.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart focusing on the fight is apparently a good thing for the barmaid, since she manages to resist the frogification this time. Yes, frogification. She borrowed that from Aerith.

She's actually surprised that the froggy king can talk... That's a bit unsettling.

Either way, the barmaid bounces over the vegetation around, using it as a springboard to bring herself up to level with the crowned frog, attempting to bring it back down to level with her piledriver. Well, its similar, but since those frogs are a bit slippery, she doesn't attempt to go for a body grip, instead she aims for the limps, holding them as she brings it down to the ground with her own weight.
Avira Yes. Thoroughly uncursed indeed. "Not bad..." No, she's not freaking out like she did with Dameon at all.

Boot to the head...unsuccessful. "Grr!" Avira lands not so far away from the Frog king, crouched. Before she stands fully, Avira arms herself again since being turned into a frog put her weapon away somehow. It's magic, DON'T QUESTION IT!!!

Standing, Avira waves the Spine as she does, sending out a large shockwave of power that blows away any of the approaching knife-wielding Heartless. Another shockwave pushes them out further and the final sends them flying into walls, the floor, and the frog king.
Emi Dennou Imi is rescued by Mercade. She beams at him and then rushes over to Leida and picks her up in her arms. "Leida-Chan... even as a toad..." She stares soulfully in her toad eyes. "I can't resist your beauty. Oh!" She brings a hand up to her forehead and cries out, "How could a slimy creature be so cute?? Is it because I know, deep inside, there is a Leida in there? Or is it because Leida's cuteness got transferred to the toad? I don't know...But there is only one way... to find out."

She leans in, intent on giving Leida an actual smooch.

"Ribbit ribbit." Emi complains at Imi who can't understand the complaint anymore but it's probably, translated, somewhere along the lines of 'stop playing around! This is serious ribbit!'.

She sticks her tongue out as the Toad King attacks! She catches a heartles and swings her body around until the Heartless collides into the Frog King.

She ribbits out and then hops a few times, sending another wave of electricity crashing down for the toad! She can't use the Super High Speed Electromagnetically Charged Projectile in this form!
Mercade Alexander "Jesus Christ." Mercade says as he obeserves Dameons horrifying dance. "It's like I'm back to the 80s." He looks over to Imi. "Are you... How does this even work?" MErcade looks up at the sky and shakes his head. "GOD DAMN IT, MAGIC! MAKE SENSE!"
Reize Seatlan The Frog King has made his defiance to the challenge. Reize, unfortunately, is no match for the master. And yet...

Frog Reize is springing away from the kin.

The Heartless frogs are jumping in, springing out to start assaulting the frogboy. That young frog is dead on through the crowd of frogs. As they amass the group, the frog charges in place and he starts springing forward with a spinning double kick.


The frog lands on the ground, then he charges straight towards the frog king once more. "RIBBIT!" The young frog springs up, moving outward to disappear and reappear behind him, then he moves upward to strike down the Frog King, and he springs forth with another kick towards the head!
Leida Leida croaks in a delicate fashion as she is suddenly lifted up and finds herself being kissed by a giant gargoyle! She struggles weakly when she realizes what is about to happen but Percival is too quick and the manuever too unexpected for her to stop it from happening.

He turns quickly back into the fight and the frog hops out of his open hand, to land roughly on the wet floor. She blinks. Nothing happened. Weren't there rules to this curse? Perhaps Percival was just taking advantage of her weakened state to steal a kiss?!

And speaking of people who take advantage of her, Imi's hands suddenly wrap about her body and heft her back into the air, earning a timid, "R-ribbit...?" The clearly over stated drama of the girl's lines are lost on the poor princess and she actually manages to blush as a frog at the compliments.

This smooch is far less sudden and terrifying and Leida-toad doesn't resist when Imi plants one on her. Whether or not the magic counts the Legion as maidens or the curse simply happens to expire at this point is a matter for debate. Either way, however, there is a soft poof of white smoke and suddenly the princess is standing there before Imi, lips pressed together.

She pulls back quickly, her blush more pronounced now but focusing on the troubles at hand. This is no time for social awkwardness, there's a battle afoot! As if to emphasize that point, one of the cloaked frogs takes a swipe at her leg, causing her to shriek and hop away as a thin line of black blood appears from the wound.

Of all the times to have forgotten her bow! Leida quickly ducks behind her friend, clinging to Imi's shoulder. "Ah... t-thank you Imi-chan but..."
Lumeria Lumeria's surprisingly mobile as a frog, maybe being a small target helped. Of course then the magic wears off and the girl's back to normal. "Silence, I hate being a frog!" She sounds rather displeased and about ready to splatter the Frog King all over. That's not really her fighting style though so settles for sending several spheres of light at him.
Stormfall Counter attack. Double damage!

The Emperor Hypnotoad gets battered by his own ribbity minions. But that is just the warm up number. Percival CLOBBERS the frog king about the head, causing it to stagger and fall over the side into the water. When it explodes out of the water again to land next to Dameon, the music track changes.

As the 80's Kung Fu fighting is needle scratched into 'THRILLER' The frog king and emperor of Tai-Kwon Leap simply..keels over and dies.

THe creature's eyes bulge and turn red, the heartless symbol etched on their back flashing as they slowly collapse with infinite gravitas down onto the squishy mats of vegetation being swarmed by zombies, ghouls and other forms of the undead.

Excellent job. Well done. Game over.

Time for Chinese ghost magic!

Green flames ignite in the eyes of the Frog King, the polymorph glyph that can be found everywhere pulsing on it's chest to the rhythm of a heartbeat. Dark vapor curls up and around the Frog King as it bellows. "EGGPLANTS. PAPER ROLLS. ELBOW before my rankled mushroom! I AM DISAPPOINT." --- Apparantly, Dameon hit so hard he broke the subtitles.

Green flames try to consume the undead as the heartless pushes everything into one last strike.

It opens it's mouth.. wider.. and wider-- until there is nothing but a great cavernous space. As spheres of light pierce the undead frog and begin to unravel it's existance, a great black tongue unfurls from that cavernous otherspace and-- the Emperor begins to tear into Dameon and anyone around him with--

a last, and terribly severe tongue lashing.
Percival Percival hits the ground, hard and ends up as a toad again. A very pathetic looking toad, and not at all like the heroic dancing and fighting frogs. He hops repeatedly towards those in the group of a more feminine persuasion, and while he certainly doesn't beg. He stands there completely humiliated and awaits either someone taking pity on him, or for the humiliation to remain until the witchcraft wears off.
Dameon Dameon's zombies, ghouls, and skeletons all beatbox and slam dance the life out of the Heartless. Dameon, on the other hand, is cackling madly. The frog died. His magic lashes out and tries to claim the frog's body as his own, to see its form and then later, when everyone is done sack-beating it, taking it to the place where Dameon stores these ... these things.

This happens however, not without a severe tongue-lashing, which turns Dameon into a frog again.

Leida Leida feels safe behind her friend shield but that feeling of security is completely destroyed by the devious application of an incredibly flexible tongue. The Frog King's deadly licker lashes out, whipping from side to side in his death throes at the fools who had dared to challenge his power without knowing the full extend of deadly magic at his beck and call.

The princess doesn't even notice the danger until it is already upon her, her eyes focused on what she thought was the more immediately threat of angry frogs with knives. There is a loud wet smack as the fleshy bludgeon slams into her body. And suddenly the world is very large again.


Leida-toad looks up... and up... at Imi with big watery eyes. "R-ribbit..."
Mercade Alexander Mercade is about to engage in DYNAMIC AWESOME to fight against the Frog King after Imi saved from her terrible froggy fate, when he is struck by the powerful, ghostly blows of the risen Frog King! There is an explosion of green smoke...

Plop. A toad hits the floor. It's wearing a tiny paper fedora and leather trenchcoat. It sort of stares, confused and glassy-eyed, into the distance. "Ribbit."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews as the frog king goes down... but acks as she gets toungue lashed! That wasn't nice at all! She really needs a shower after this T_T After being toungued and turned into a froggy, she's feeling slimy all over...

She blinks as several people get turned into frogs around her "... uhm..."

She picks a few of them up in her arms "... Does frog kissing really work here?" c.c
Reize Seatlan "Ribbit..."

That serious tongue lashing is coming out.... As the wider mouth of the undead frog comes forth, the boy lunges forth towards the Emperor, the frog leaaaaapps over the tongue that belts its way.

Then, he dashes away from the incoming tongue that swings to him.

With the right timing...

He manages to spring through the opening.


The frog spins around, forming a corkscrew.


(Subtitle: You are no longer the Emperor of Tai Kwon Leap)

The technique used: Boot to the Head.
Mercade Alexander "Ribbit. Ribbit ribbit croak ribbit." Toadcade states eloquently. He blinks, and looks around a bit before experimentally shooting his tongue.

He goes crosseyed. "Riiiibbit." He says after he snaps his tongue back in.
Emi Dennou Imi ducks, only making it easier for Leida to get tongue clobbered.

Emi, already being a toad is able to bounce out of the way, remetamorphacizing back into Emi as she hits the ground. She looks around. Where did Mercade go? HE must have ducked to the side. She starts a-looking for him, or his toad version, though it'll be a bit.

Imi looks around and sees Leida has been toaded again.

She frowns at Leida. "Clearly I did not kiss hard enough. OKay. But I'm warning you, Leida, this is the last one." Liar.

She picks up Leida again and, yes, kisses again but this time she's going to keep at it well after she has transformed back because if you can't embarrass Leida enough the first time, try try again.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart watches emi distributing kisses... well, here goes nothing. @_@

She tentively tries to kiss the first frog she has in hand...


Such a terrible experience. Kissing those slimy things... but she doesn't have any remedies, and her healing friend, the flower girl, disapeared...

Pucker up, have coruage Tifa! *smooch*
Reize Seatlan
And.... Tifa ends up kissing...


Ohhey, Reize is back to normal.


...Antenna hair goes..

Avira AHH TONGUE LASHING. That long tongue licks up and down Avira, leaving her shaking and shuddering, "Eeeeew!!!!" Avira doesn't move, remaining shivering for a few seconds before...


Back to little green tree frog Avira. At least she's got some company this time.

"Ribbit." There's the distinct sense that Avira is pouting a little. Probably because Mercade has met the same fate right now! Who is going to change them back?!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks, and pats Reize on the head "Welcome back Reize." Well, Reize been lucky enough to get the first kiss.

Don't mind the spitting the barmaid does, its not because of Reize specifically. Ick, frogs.
Mercade Alexander Mercade hops over to Avira. "Ribbit ribhbit." Mercade says, eloquently to Avira. "Ribbit." Sad frog is sad.
Dameon Toadmeon sits there, looking absolutely bored out of its mind.
Leida "R-ribbit..."

Leida is lifted and she fidgits abit, knowing what is coming next, but she doesn't try to escape. Being embarrassed is far preferrable to being a slimey toad. Her eyes close and froggy lips pucker up slightly as Imi leans in, probably getting one of the weirdest sensations in kissing history. Yuck.

However, it doesn't take but a moment for the magics to kick in and Leida transmogrifies back to normal. Slowly she opens her eyes and tries to step back, only to find that Imi has wrapped an arm about her waist to prevent a repeat of her earlier escape! The princess' eyes widen a little but her surprise quickly dies out, replaced with giant heaps of embarrassment. She should have expected this.

The kiss lingers for several seconds, Leida's cheeks going red again but she fianlly manages to pull away and quickly buries her face in her hands, looking around through the gaps in her fingers to make sure no one noticed the impromptu make out session. "Imi-chaaaan..." she whines.
Deelel Deelel looks at Mercade with a bit of strange look Dameon for a moment, there's something ab0out the music or is it danging? Something feels right but she is a media program from the 80s techinally so who the heck knows right? She's got her disc back but she's goin g to take a moment to prepare herself self as best she cna before she was planing to leap at the king like this plumber she saw on one of the arcade games at Flynn's but the game ahs changed. She's forced to leap for everything she's worth as the tongue of doom comes for her She's just gone there's this look of abject horror. She's surived and she's looking about she's seen kisses have worked to cure the other so she heads for one of the stricken members of the party who happens to be Damien she'll attempt to pick him up and kiss him. Hopefully nothing goes wrong but the feeling of kissing a toad may be something she doesn't ever want to do again unless it's needed. User space has reached a new level of insanity for the basi to be sure.
Dameon Toadmeon is picked up. "Ribbit?" It looks confused.

Now, it starts to look scared. "Ribbit! Ribbit!" Programs kissing is not a normal experience!

Then, there is Dameon, who hangs in the program's arms, much like the frog did before in Avira's arms. ".. can you put me down?"
Lumeria Lumeria's not kissing anyone, having been turned into a frog was bad enough. Besides she wanted out of her way to help her anyways. At least she managed to avoid get turned back into one again. "That was digusting..." She could only imagine her sister would be laughing right now if she had heard about this.
Percival Percival hops closer to Leida, Imi, Deelel, and Tifa. He remains there in a stoic silence. He refuses to beg. He refuses, despite the incredible humiliation he's suffering right now.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart sighs a bit "It doesn't really please me either, but there's no other way to bring them back." She was turned intoa frog twice over! Enough to make you swear off eating frog legs forever, honestly.

So who's the next lucky frog? ~_~ Might as well get it out of the way. She's going to need a mouthrinse after that.
Emi Dennou Imi doesn't help Percival. At least not yet.

What she does do, however, is swing one hand up and count down from five to zero with it. Percival, at least, probably saw. /then/ she pulls away.

Emi ducks down in the muck near Avira and Mercade. As if it were no thang, she intends to give both a quick peck. They are her seniors after all, it is only proper. Very professional toadsmooching.

This scene contained 169 poses. The players who were present were: Reize Seatlan, Faruja Senra, Mercade Alexander, Tifa Lockhart, Avira, Deelel, Maira, Stormfall, Lumeria, Aerith, Leida, Emi Dennou, Kim Possible, Percival, Dameon