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(2013-01-19 - 2013-01-19)
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Leida Flowers. City. Fountains. The scenery doesn't change much from place to place inside Fluorgis, only the view. Here and there the odd landmark stands out to distinguish one street from another but to anyone unfamiliar with the rather sizable trade city getting lost is a real hazard.

Fortunately, Leida has a fair bit more direction sense than her guardian. Not that this is holding her to very high standards. Her duties as the Shard Seeker's maid and errand girl has required enough trips into the bustling marketplace that she knows her way around the stalls and kiosks quite well at this point. Infact, her face is becoming common enough that a few of the shopkeepers have started to recognize her and some of them wave her over to hawk their wares or engage in the idle chatter that is second nature to shopkeeper.

At the moment the princess stands before one of these stall, eyeing some fruit to stock up the pantries. Because their finances are often in a constant state of flux this sort of shopping is almost a daily chore. "Um... well, I rather liked the oranges last time but the prices seem to have gone up..."

A slender woman, darkly tanned from spending her days in the desert sun gives a bright customer-service smile to the small girl. "Well I am afraid that cannot be helped my dear. The recent troubles have made merchants wary of making the trip here and airship fees are expensive. It is the nature of the market."
Reize Seatlan Life for the leader of the Shard Seekers is not always fun and games. As part of his life, he also doubles as a pack mule. Because why not? Reize often tends to be the pack mule for pretty faces.

The boy had decided to follow Leida this time, given that he was unable to bring back groceries last time. Sadface. This time, with following Leida, they will not get lost! However, the boy is covered with bags after bags and after bags.

The burly shopkeeper looks over towards the young lad, "Heyo, kiddo! If you keep that up, you'll be a big man like me these days."

"Eh heh heh.. th-thanks, Jacob." Reize winces, pulling himself up to keep the bags from troppling him down. The recent news has been troubling. He went to the pub earlier, but the other adventurers that he chatted with were not around.

The Network has good direction sense. Emi in particular tends to think about economics as well quite frequently as the one who has to typically deal with the Network's finances and ensure people get what they need, that some is saved up, and so on. It's a complicated task for The Network which is, in essence, not too unlike controlling a small business. One that doesn't make much money and has 5 other people at 'top' and no employees. So yes, difficult. Recently they had to fihgt Gilgamesh, and today they have another job, so Emi and Imi are here intent on getting food.

Unfortunately prices have gone up, so they're starting to think of maybe getting nothing. They see Leida over there, but mostly notice Reize because he's carrying a whole bunch of bags. The two approach.

"Reize..." Emi is saying as Imi tries to sneak up on Leida. "Do you need help carrying those bags?, The Network inquires." AT A COST? Well maybe not, they are letting Imi spy on them for free so it pays, in essence, to not charge.
Leida "Oh... ofcourse..." Leida idly runs her fingers over the tops of the fruit on the display stall. The troubles of this city seemed to be piling up lately almost as if the Heartless attack had painted a bullseye on the entire area somehow. What was worse was there seemed to be no real source of their woes. Bad luck perhaps? What was that saying she heard: It never rains but it pours?

After a few moments of deliberation, the princess scoops up a few of the citrus fruits and places them in her basket while elicits a smile from the vendor. "Ah, I knew I could count on you, little one!"

One of the side-effects of there being more troubles about was that there was more work to be done and therefore more money to be spent. There was a strange and unfortunate partnership between a mercenary's livlihood and the misery of others. They could afford to spend a few extra coins on some fruit. If the state of Reize's burden was any indication, she had made this same determination many times today.

Still distracted as she persues further purchases from the shop, Leida is as usual, completely oblivious to her surroundings and the impending Legion related doom that lurks just behind.
Reize Seatlan "Heh... The boy is looking a completely out of it. Nevertheless, he looks pretty pleased overall. His attention turns towards the approach of Emi, who is inquiring if she can help with the bags. This would, thankfully, alleviate some of the weight. Not only that, but Emi offered to help!

"Y--yeah! Thanks, Emi."

The boy brings the bag over towards her, allowing her to take a set. However, he still has his set of bags. He is not going to dump all of the responsibility of her. Of course, Reize is unaware of Imi spying and sneaking on Leida.

While his eyes drift towards the area, scanning to see that it feels relatively empty of the usual adventurers.

"...Many of the guys have disappeared. Reinholt and the others would usually be at the pub by now... I wonder if the rumors are true.."
Emi Dennou Nin nin.

"It is no problem." Emi says, taking a couple bags to help carry. She's not especially strong in the physical strength department, relying on her electric blasts more than anything, and she can't really use that to help with shopping at least not without making a scene, so she is just going to carry them normally.

"Taking away the adventurers... that was the goal, it seems, The Network deduces." Emi looks around a bit before adding, "All these problems Fluorgis is dealing with right now..." She frowns. "It is unnatural for it to be happening this way. We would assume it was the fire crystal, but it has only started up recently." That doesn't really preclude the fire crystal but it does suggest it might be something else. "Nevertheless, with so many adventurers missing, the bulk of Fluorgis's defense is gone. From the Heartless attack, whomever is behind this trouble knew they would have to disable the adventurer contingent here, or at least weaken it. We suspect there will be more problems throughout and out of the city to run us ragged and then, perhaps then, the real attack will happen."

"This is all supposition, of course." Emi adds.


Imi sneaks up behind Leida and then... HUGS HER FROM BEHIND OH NOOOOO!

"Leeeidaaa--chaaaan!" She says.
Leida Imi's surprise attack is met with a shrill squeak of surprise from her victim as Leida practically jumps out of her skin. Fortunately, the hug manages to hold her firmly to the ground. The oranges and other things in her basket do not fare as well.

A shower of soft fruit rains down on the two of them as the smaller girl flails weakly against her captor for a few moments out of skittish instinct but it doesn't take long for her to realize that she's being hugged not assaulted and there's only one person who can be responsible for such devious and indecent displays of public affection. The princess exhales her tension heavily and slumps back against her friend.

"O-oh... it is you, Imi-chan."

The realization that the shopkeepers nearby are all staring and grinning at the two of them makes Leida color up instantly and she worms her way out of the hug to start collecting the scattered produce and return it to the basket. Turning around also reveals her friend's partner for the day and she gives a shy smile up at the other Legion as well. "Ah... Emi-chan, it is good to see you again."
Reize Seatlan "Eh?" Reize turns his head towards Emi's deduction, "...So the rumors are true..." He frowns, "I was off searching for Skoll at the time. ...I did not find him." The expression turns pretty serious for a moment, his gaze falls on Emi, "Nggh..." The mention of the fire crystal has Reize wincing. He furrows his eyebrows, wondering. "..Yeah. We are limited on defenses against another attack if the Heartless invade. It was thanks to the group that we were able to repel the large Heartless portal at the northern part of the city."

"...Although this is a suppo--suppo... uhh whatever you said, it sounds likely." Reize glances back at Imi with a bit of a sweatdrop. The interaction between Leida and Imi is often one of strange affections. Nevertheless, it is something that Leida needs.

"Good to see you again, Imi."

It's an affectionate smile directed her way, but then Reize looks at Emi, "I'll have to let the Shard Seekers know. ...It will only get worse from here, but..." His eyes glance over to the people enjoying their daily lives. A little girl walking with her mom, a vendor selling his wares, and a group of adventurers chatting.

"...We won't lose another home."
Emi Dennou Emi gives Reize a look that suggests that she is not responsible for Imi's interactions with LEida and that she cannot be held responsible even if they are the same (but also not the same). In short, this is one of those 'not the sames', naturally speaking. Emi's beliefs are only theories otherwise--regarding Fluorgis and its latest troubles, naturally--her eyes half lidding blankly as Reize fails to say the word supposition. "Supposition." She informs him. Those mirrors... It is true that adventurers tend to have strange lives, maybe getting rid of the stronghearted wasn't the goal. Even failing to be oblivious to that sort of thing...then that would mean it was just a way to strike at the other adventurers, ones who might be a problem in a straight up fight but not against their own insecurities. Mm... Then what would be the next way that they would try to strike?, Emi considers the strategies they might use. They've rested up from the Heartless so...something to sap at their strength? Tampering with the water supply would certainly do that, but...

"It's one thing to say that and another to put it in action." Emi says. "The Network is glad to see you resolved, however." She nods over to Leida. She doesn't smile, but it isn't a troubled look. An acknowledgement.

Imi is all grins though. " was so horrible, Leida-Chan." She says. "The horrible mirrors made me see all sorts of things~~ I do not think I would have been able to get out without Emi-Chan's reassurances."

"Please do not use -chan for me Imi. Leida can, however." Emi says. This doesn't mean she doesn't see Imi as a friend but it's just weird to have that language directed at her by family.
Leida "Mirrors?"

Leida looks back at Imi with a quizzical expression. Clearly she has not be informed of the previous day's events. The long training session with Percival kept her up until early morning and she slept right through the whole thing.

The last of the wayward fruit is returned to the basket which she sets down at her feet. The girl offers a concerned smile back to her friend. "Um... well I do not know of any mirrors that make you see things besides yourself but that does sound rather scary. I am glad you are alright." A gentle bow is given to Emi.

"Thank you very much, Emi-chan. I am glad Imi-chan has such supportive sisters. I hope you are both alright?" She stays out of the conversation between Reize and Emi for the moment. Planning against the machinations of evil was not one of her skills.
Reize Seatlan A mirthful smile is given towards Emi who show signs of cutting off responsibility for Imi's actions. Reize can't help but to give her a chuckle, then he places a hand over her shoulder to give her a pat.

"...Supposition." Pause. "Got it!"

However, Emi's word is challenging. It is one that asks him how does he plan to do so. How does Reize plan to put it into action. The boy brightens a smile. "You'll see, Emi! We will prove to you."

Nevertheless, Reize considers, "We just have to prepare for the worst. I am sure Ivo's handling things on his end. He has been talking to the council a lot."
Emi Dennou "It was also fog!! I half expected to see a Disco Eyeball that shot lasers!" Imi's eyes are wide as she holds up an index finger, though she's staying close.

Emi nods to Leida and adds, "That is the purpose of siblings, is it not? Well, perhaps not, but supporting one another comes naturally. You do not have to worry." wobbles slightly in the direction of Reize's hand, as if that tiny extra bit of weight was threatening to bring down the whole Emi. She doesn't, however, instead her eyes maintain that half lidded expression. She has a natural poker face.

"Nevertheless, we will be providing our assistance as well. Imi is insistent. And besides, we could use the extra cash." Suddenly she grins widely. "...We used a gigas glove as bait... Tom Magnusson shall likely be coming to help. Heh heh...he needs the money, The Network marvels at Mercade's management responsibilities and skill. The horse shall follow the carrot."

It's gone instantly as she looks up again. "Ivo...Has he...?"

Imi says, "It made me think of you, I'm so glad you're okay~. It's your responsibility now to make sure I don't freak out, okay?" Imi continues to smile brightly. "I'm counting on you."
Leida Leida stares at her friend for several seconds, a blank look completely devoid of understanding in her eyes. "A disco... eyeball...? Lasers...?" She blinks a few times, tilting her head up towards the sky as if the Heavens might help shed some light on these words but alas they leave her cloaked in a cloud of confusion as usual.

Instead she turns to Emi and nods at her with a faint smile. "Ofcourse, Emi-chan." A lot of what this Legion sister says is gibberish to her as well but she is used to them not making very much sense. The part about needing money is clear, however. She glances at the pile of groceries distributed among them and sweatdrops. Perhaps she went abit overboard?

And then there's more Imi talking at her and the princess blinks again. "Eh? W-why would I be otherwise?" The thought of having to be someone else's pillar of support almost makes her go pale. She jumps at her own shadow half the time. But she can't refuse that smile. It might not be a Shida-level smile but it's good enough for her. "Oh... ah... I will try my best, Imi-chan," she says with a warm smile of her own.
Reize Seatlan "A fog...?" Reize turns to face Imi, then he frowns. A lot had hapened in Fluorgis when he wasn't around. This strange event has him give a frown, turning to face Imi and Leida. "It looks like things will be getting even more hectic from here.."

However, when he accidentally causes Emi to nearly wobble over, Reize yelps and he reaches a hand over to prevent Emi from falling. His hand moves over to her stomach.

...Thankfully, he managed to not accidentally grope her. As Emi notes her assistance, Reize blinks, "Eh?" Suddenly, that wide grin has Reize... disturbed? It's kinda difficult to see Emi with a smile like that. "Well, we'll try to make sure that you are able to make some money at the process! There are many jobs that people will have up that will help you guys make money as well!"
Emi Dennou Luckily Imi misses Reize's attempts to get engaged with Emi. Emi also misses Reize's attempts to become engaged with Emi because Emi does not actually grope her. Instead he actually helps her stay up! As such the following happens.

NARROWLY AVOIDED: IMI RESPECT -1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000


Emi probably wouldn't have cared herself though. She doesn't have enough personal Shard Seeker experience to understand the implications of an accidental groping. So instead she says, "Thank you." to Reize and it seems to end there. And she also continues to hold her two bags. She is pretty lightweight.

Imi bobs her head, smiling broadly. "I knew it was just a formality. Thank you, Leida-Chan." She reaches up and intends to ruffle her hair lightly. The Network is aware that hair ruffling is a sign of affection and perhaps also a bit of respect, even if it seems to primarily be the former.

"This one is used to performing part time jobs. I enjoy them." Emi continues. "Nevertheless, they are not typically suitable for managing six individuals. I had thought I would only have to do five but we appear to have gotten much luckier ever since our world fair. It is unfortunate, it should have happened earlier." She sighs lightly, and then adds, "But you are not yet recognized as a clan, correct?"
Leida Leida doesn't see Reize's dangerous flirtation with his bad luck either, which is good because she probably would have made that situation worse. Instead, her hair gets ruffled. The princess closes her eyes and lets it happen. Her unusually short stature has made her more prone to head patting, it is just another thing she has learned to deal with.

"Ofcourse, Imi-chan, I will always be available to help you or your sisters." She leaves the discussion of clan business to Reize as she doesn't know very much about the details of that. Instead, she picks up the basket and moves out of the main road so as not to block the stalls, taking a seat on the edge of one of the city's many fountains.

She sighs upon sitting down and taking the weight off her feet. Walking around the dusty city in the heat was taxing on her constitution. A little water is splashed on her face to help alleivate the dryness.
Reize Seatlan Reize's loving tryst with his bad luck is a dangerous one. It is one that brings tears, pain, and laughter. Nevertheless, Reize does manage to help Emi become upright, letting her hold onto the bags. He feels bad about the near topple situation. He has half-a-mind to offer to take the bags from her, but she did ask, so...

"Ah hahahaa, hope you can manage." He sighs, "I am honestly not managing material." He gives a sheepish rub of the back of his head. Despite the fact that Reize is the de facto leader, he doesn't /like/ managing things at all.

He just wants to be an adventurer.

Nevertheless, the Shard Seeker leader has a frown at the lack of clan recognition, "...Ivo has mentioned to us about the situation. The council said that the Shard Seekers will have to do something extraordinary to be recognized as a clan." He huffs a sigh. Though, he gives a glance towards Leida, "Ooi, Leida! Should we head back to the headquarters to put the groceries up?"
Emi Dennou Some people lead by managing. Others lead by having everybody fall in love with them until they get this weird super relationship cartel. Er, that is to say, charisma. Emi doesn't seem like she can really do the charisma thing. Sure, she may be able to be adorable when it calls for it, but that's not precisely /charisma/. Still, she's also not actually the leader of the TDA at all. Quite hte opposite actually. It's Mercade who saw the opportunity to take advantage of Tom! Ho ho ho!!

But Emi is still pretty proud of her contribution to that end.

"Hm..." Emi says, thinking about that. This situation is awfully convenient for the Shard Seekers then. If they save the city then... COULD THEY BE BEHIND THIS?!?!?!?!


"...Althou this is a suppo--suppo... uhh whatever you said, it sounds likely." Reize had said.


Okay that's really super ridiculous, Emi thinks, to have a theory like that. There's just no way. But even so, she thinks she should add, "If you find out the root of all this and stop it," She tells Reize. "They'd have no choice but to respect you as a clan. Even so..." She frowns. "It's strange they'd make a request like that. The Network suspects that someone on the council likely has a very poor opinion of you otherwise you would not need to have such high requirements for entry."


Reize accidentally gropes a councilman's daughter or something.


"'s almost time for that job..." Imi admits, though she's sticking close to Leida. "You know, I'm not helping yet myself. I can hold something if you'd like, Leida-Chan." She smiles.
Leida Even before she even finishes properly settling down against the smooth surface of the fountain, Reize calls out and suggests they head back. Leida makes a disappointed noise and pouts for a moment but Imi interrupts her with an offer of assistance. "Oh... well... I think Reize-chan and Emi-chan have everything..."

The girl looks around before her eyes go down to the basket in her hands and her face lights up. Aha, perfect. "Um... here you go, Imi-chan." The container is offered up to Imi with both hands and a smile. She wouldn't want her friend to feel left out, now would she?

"We should hurry back, I suppose, if you have work to do..."
Reize Seatlan "...Well, I guess." Reize grumbles, "However, the Desert Rose thing was supposed to be the idea that would had gotten the group recognized." He huffs a sigh, then he lifts his shoulders with a shrug.

"...At this point, I don't particularly care." His eyes narrow, "Ivo got what he needed. We can do some shard seeking with the Shard Seeker mk I thanks to Luso's help." He beams, "We don't need to be an official clan now."

tTwich. Emi's theory has a bit of substantial evidence, but Reize frowns. "...I don't know why. The Shard Seekers have proven themselves many times." He shakes his head. "Oh well. This is our home. And I want to find my friends." He grits his teeth.

"Nevertheless, once we get the groceries up, we can relax!" He gives a beaming smile. He feels a bit bad for making Leida have to get up after sitting down, but they probably shouldn't dwell too much longer.
Emi Dennou "Can you think of any reason why they might not approve of your activities here, in spite of your achievements?" Emi asks. Leida having to get up soon after sitting down is partly why Imi offered to take her bag. Notably, she didn't sit down at the fountain. THere is SOMETHING suspicious about the water, so they heard, after all. Wouldn't want to get toadbutt.

REize says it doesn't matter and Emi would have to admit she's not certain what differentiates an official clan from an unofficial clan. There's gotta be some benefits. Maybe they get easier access to jobs...

"It wouldn't hurt you though." She says. "I intend to talk to the officials here ourselves. Perhaps we will ask about it as well."
Leida Leida isn't the kind of person to listen to gossip or rumors or to really pay attention to her surroundings for that matter. When she sits down near the water she is entirely unaware of the threat of toadbutt, which sounds like a very disturbing status condition! Does it still require a maiden's kiss to cure...?

Handing the basket over to Imi, the princess begings to walk down the street back towards their home. The trip is a good twenty minutes from here and she's eager to be able to sit down properly and rest at this point. Hopefully, Percival won't be waiting to ambush her again with more sword training.

"Um... I am going to go on ahead. I will see you when you get back Reize-chan... Ah, try not to get lost!"
Reize Seatlan Any reason?

"Uhh..." Reize lifts a finger up, trying to figure out how to answer her question. /Has/ there been any sort of situation that has happend to preclude the Shard Seekers from getting recognized as an offical clan?

"...Not sure!"

As Reize is walking with the Legion, the boy grins, "Thanks, Emi! You're a big help."


As the group start to leave off, a blond-haired girl with two ponytails and a long dress is looking out towards the boy, giving a giggle. She'll get a chance to talk to him soon! At least, once he's separated from his friends. She has a letter in her hand.
Reize Seatlan Fluorgis has seen many events occur. Unfortunately, with the disappearance of the advenures and the barrage of Heartless attacks, it is slowly growing more apparent that the folks are on edge.

Nevertheless, the leader of the Shard Seekers is on the case!

When he arrives at the gate with his appropriate crew, Reize's eyes widen at the sight of the gate and the place overgrown by the weeds and vines.

"EH?!" Reize's antenna hair stands up and he stares in bewilderment, "This is horrible!"

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