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(2013-01-19 - 2013-02-15)
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Rhiannon Zellen It had been about a day since Megavolt's initial capture in Shinra HQ's reception area by the likes of one Sammy Colt. Rhia had been there ti witness the shenanigans, of course doing nothing to help as usual. After all, combat was not her focus! Leave that to the Turks and soldiers!

Right about this time however, Megavolt would find himself in the upper levels of Shinra HQ, in a particular laboratory belonging to Rhia. In order to ensure that his electric powers didn't suddenly flare up, he had been connected to a series of conductors on a testing table to absorb the power, should he attempt it.

"Well, my dear. Are you prepared for what will no doubt be a lovely round of experiments~?" The scientist asked, smiling gleefully as she indicated an empty syringe raised in one hand to the giant rat. "Ah, but it would be rude of me to just go and do it now! Do you have any questions~? Any at all?"

She asked this, but it was more likely that she did not really care about his answers one way or the other...
Megavolt Megavolt lays stretched out on the table, tied down and hooked up to machines to mute his voltage. Still dressed in his rubber suit, he pulls at his bonds, before he looks sidelong at Rhiannon. "Can I have something to eat? I'm thirsty too. Where'd you get your degree? What's the flight speed of an African swallow? Do you have a boyfriend?" he asks, maybe joking or maybe serious. With Megavolt, it's hard to tell. There's a mild humming as he attempts to summon his powers, his body writhing, before he falls limply backwards, realizing he can't get out of this situation that easily.
Rhiannon Zellen Without hesitating, Rhia smiled and answered all of his questions. "You can eat later. Midgar University. Twenty four miles per hour. No." Seeing him struggle against his bonds only made her smile even more. What a sadist. "Now then, I am going to require a bit of your internal DNA. Or rather...your blood~"

With that said, she began to lower the syringe to an open portion of his body, with the intent to draw blood into the medical tool. While she did this, she continued to make casual conversation as if she wasn't just experimenting on someone without their consent.

"Well now, do tell me. How did a creature such as yourself come upon such intriguing powers, hm?"
Megavolt "It all goes back to highschool," Megavolt explains, also not as disturbed by this situation as he could be. Flinching a bit as the needle pricks him, he soliloquies, "Those were days. The harassment, the bullying, the constant degradation. Oh, it was so fun! I just happened to be in the science lab, working on a science projecct. Summoning static charge! The science club said it was impossible! They called me mad! But I showed them! Anyways, due to the interference of that rotten bully Hamm String, the experiment went horribly awry! And that's how I got my powers."
Rhiannon Zellen "Ah, how moving. Your passion for science along with an untimely interference led to you obtaining such a gift. How inspiring!" Nodding along to Megavolt's story, Rhia withdrew the needle, now filled with an adequate sampling of blood, and placed it aside on a small rack with other vials of substances.

"What I am curious about now however is; just what is the true extent of your power?" Asking that, the scientist moved over to a console located near the testing table. A couple seconds tapping away on the keyboard and her captive's bonds changed.

The insulators were let up, allowing his powers to be transferred through.

"Now be a dear and do what you did yesterday~"
Megavolt "It depends on how much of a charge I have!" Megavolt explains, pumping some voltage into the conductors, although it's nowhere near his full power level. "I'm feeling pretty under the weather right now, not enough juice! You should see me after they gave me the chair! WHIZZ BANG POW, I was /full/ of zap!"
Rhiannon Zellen "Ohhh...So you need to be charged first." Rhia mused, staring down at the console's power readings. "Hmn, 340...432...497....510...Yes, this is rather low compared to what I saw you do before."

Nodding in confirmation at that, using his 'chair' story as further proof, she began to tap away on the keyboard once more. "So then, how do you 'charge' yourself typically? Do you just drain electricity from whatever you can? Or perhaps there is a specific source?"
Megavolt "Anything, it all has different flavors!" Megavolt exclaims, his mouth salivating as he continues. "There's smooth, powerful white lightning, fizzy static electricity, spicy electrical fires, chewy power lines, and dirty, nasty EMP." He gazes up at the ceiling from behind his goggles with mismatched eyes, and states, "As you can see, I'm a bit of a connossieur."
Rhiannon Zellen "I see, I see..." She replied, tapping her cheek with a finger lightly in thought and ceasing her data recording. It was then that she raised a hand, which began to crackle with barely contained lightning. A magic spell.

"If I were to strike you with would absorb it and add it to your own power reserves?" An intriguing thought; If the source was magic, would it provide the same energy as an appliance would? If so then technically, his power could be unlimited! ...But of that, that depended on whether or not it was actually true now.
Megavolt "Yes, most definitely!" Megavolt agrees, staring hungrily at the hand. "I've never tasted magic electricity before! I am intrigued, dear lady!" His eyes follow the hand, as he points his bound hands towards himself and demands, "Hit me!"
Rhiannon Zellen "Interesting...Well then, just a moment." At that point, white glyphs began to appear all over Rhia's skin. Her clothes obscured most of it, but there were enough to be seen on her face to suggest that it extended to all over. She then pointed at Megavolt, firing off a powerful, continuous blast of lightning directly at his body.

Not unlike his 'chair' experience no doubt. All the while, she watched with with an expression of clear interest. Curious to see just where this was headed. "I wonder, how much can you absorb though?" The scientist asked as she continued to channel the voltage at her test subject.
Megavolt The lightning strikes Megavolt, and he practically bounces off the table, only stopped by the bonds keeping him strapped down. His body undulates as he's electrocuted, emitting a high-pitched, "WHEEEEEE!" He absorbs and continues to absorb, not showing any discomfort, apparently able to hold an incredible charge. The readings on the console shoots through the roof, as he begins to overload the conductors.
Rhiannon Zellen "Ohoooo~" Rhia intoned, watching as the reading rapidly climb with no intention of stopping any time soon. "647...839...1098...1234...1535...1802...2129. My, my, my! This is certainly more than I expected. And it's still climbing!"

At that point, the conductors and the console itself before to crackle with electricity before promptly shorting out. The final reading before that happened was somewhere around three thousand. Rhia eventually ceased the magic spell, and sighed at the state of the computer. It could be easily repaired though.

But nevermind that. Suppose the more pressing matter now was that Megavolt's bonds were no longer functional. Which meant that he was free to break out again.

Rhia didn't look all that worried despite having to know this however.
Megavolt Megavolt's body spasms so fast it blurs a little as the bonds break, before he explodes off the table and back to his feet. "Wowzer, that was a rush! Really cleans the sinuses out!" His body surrounded by a corona of bright white electricity, he points at a wall, and blasts it to pieces. "I'm sorry, honey, but I have people to electrocute! Buh-bye!" He jumps through the hole and out of the ShinRa building, bouncing off a canopy of a nearby cafe and landing on the sidewalk.
Rhiannon Zellen "Aha, look at him go~" She spoke in a cheery tone, despite the destruction of the lab wall. That was going to take some time repairing. "I suppose he has never heard of the front door though? Hmn, that is something to add in the report..."

Giving Megavolt's escape and the gaping hole in her lab wall not a second glance, she moved on to begin compiling the data. It was no a total failure though. She had a blood sample and some power output data. This was more than enough of a starting point!

Maybe she'd thank him later once the army of Robo-Megavolts were rolled out!

Scary thought.

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