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Business Over Dinner
(2013-01-18 - 2013-01-19)
Rosemarie invites the TDA over for dinner and to discuss a mutially profitable business arrangement.
Rosemarie Rosemarie has set up a rather nice shop in District 1. The prime real-estate was, of course, already taken, so she's been relegated to a out-of-the-way corner in the west side of the district. Even so, she's managed to make it work. The store-front is covered with bright, decorative paints that are eye-catching without being disgustingly so. Glowing baubles filled with an unknown alchemical substance dot the front giving it colorful lightning to help contrast the paint. Provided it's not too cold, the door is usually left open during store hours. More welcoming that way. It is closed for a special meeting today, however.

The inside of the store is equally appealing, if even more cluttered. Various potions, alchemical ingredients, and other knick-kacks line the shelves--all neatly organized and conveniently labelled and sorted by function and price. You all, however, will be most interested in the dining room today. The dining room which, in the case of a larger group, makes a much better meeting room than Rosemarie's upstairs office. The table is neatly arranged with places for everyone. It smells wonderful. Did Dameon remember to tell Mercade that Rosemarie is also /feeding/ the TDA? Because she is.

"Sit wherever you like!" Rosemarie calls from the kitchen as people start to come in. You are expected, after all.
Mercade Alexander The TDA has just set up shop again on top of the new bar, Cloud Nine. Everything still has that 'new place' smell, and Mercade and Company now have to go negotiate a business deal with another new arrival to the scene.

And eat dinner. This is also important.

Mercade does take some effort to look over the stuf in the front of the shop. Most of this is way out of his depth. It's nice and shiny though. He files various facts way back into his head for various possible conversation topics later.

He looks over the dining room with an arched eyebrow. It's nice. Kind of homey in a grandmotherly kind of way.

This is either really good or really bad.

Mercade takes a place sitting down and smiling as he calls back to Rosemarie. "Hello there! Thank you for having us!" He calls.
Will Sherman In with Mercade is Will Sherman, king of the hobos.

Will wares a wide brimmed hat, with ratty if slightly outdated clothing. He smells of the street, even at his best, and walks with a strangely perceptive eye, looking at everything. Will's vision finally falls on Rosemarie as they enter...

Will's mystic eyes of fate perception kick in, like when he looks at basicly everything. Please refer to Will's wiki page for what he see's. However, his gaze passes before finally looking back to the Dark elf.

He wispers to Mercade, "She's the same race as that girl from Baron. Cept...rounder." he says, and picks a spot to sit.

"Yay free food! By the way, I'm Will Sherman. King of the Hobos. Nice to meet you! And thanks for feeding me!" he pauses, "Us." You totally won't be regreting this.
Emi Dennou Emi and Umi have naturally come along. Emi has not had good experiences with dark elves so far but this one is, at least, appears to be operating a legitimite(?) business(?) that does something(???). Okay so Emi has not really investigated this particular shop significantly, but now this is a good opportunity as any to learn about it! She looks over the storefront before stepping in, glancing at the knick knacks and the like. She does not steal anything, though Emi's eyes stare at a lot of the items, even when she doesn't actually know what they are. Emi is, in fact, a little bit afflicted with the sin of greed but it usually manifests as hoarding syndrome over anything else. She keeps very good track of her knicknacks, even if they are pointless and not worth anything at all!

"Hello!" Umi barges in a moment later. "Hello! Your shop is very pretty, The Network exclaims!" She waves an arm excitedly, she's a pretty loud one.

Emi however remains relatively quiet. She nods her head to Rosemarie and then glances over to Will. Free food! he says, and Emi admits a fondness for free food. Free food--it should be told--is a lot more delicious than food that costs money. She hmms faintly at the mention of the girl from Baron.

"Be cautious." She advises Rosemarie. "Will Sherman's stomach...has no bottom. Indeed, we have performed scientific analysis on it and it turns out that what we call his stomach is in fact a cooridor to another world. We dare not travel inside."

She says this with a very straight face.
Deidra The call of food, that was enough to rouse the Gargyole to join the others. She's got her wings about hweseld to not knock anything over. She doesn't want to make a mess here right? She notices some of LEgion is here, Will's here. She doubts there will be lefteovers due to this, and Mercade hs been waiting for some time it seems.

"Hey good to see all of you."
Rosemarie Rosemarie slips in from the kitchen properly, pushing the door the rest of the way open with her hip due to the fact her hands are full with several platters. The plates were set out beforehand, but now there's...actually food to put on them. At least two baskets of rolls and biscuits is the first round, and by her second trip she's already got a pretty good spread laid out. Assorted vegetables, a few meats--a good, all-around meal. It's oddly Southern, the Manhattan-ites might realize. It's also practically covering the whole table. There's barely enough room to fit plates and silverware on there.

"Not to hold y'all up from digging in," Rosemarie says, "It'd be nice if y'all would introduce yourselves. Dameon calls me Mama, usually, and y'all are equally welcome to do so. Rosemarie is also fine, or Rose." Rosemarie smiles pleasantly--even cheerfully. It's downright bizarre, for a dark elf. "Some people prefer ma'am or madame. Whatever suits your fancy."
Mercade Alexander "Of course." It's only polite, but he couldn't very well introduce himself when Rosemarie was in the kitchen. He stands and gives a short bow. "I'm Mercade Alexander. A pleasure to meet you, Rosemarie." He sits down again. He folds his hands, politely waiting. He's not Will, after all. He actually has some self-control.
Will Sherman "It's like I can see the future...Melody would be proud." Will says, oddly, and looks back towards the Dark Elf. Will seems to be...following stuff that comes from her, looking at random people in the building, before coming back to her. Huh...

"Well, like I said, I am Will Sherman, King of the Hobos. Nice to meet you..." he says, and bows. Standing up, and then back down after the bow. Looking at the food he just smiles, and starts piling his plate.

"This looks delicious...if I can ask, how did you learn to cook food from out world?"
Emi Dennou This food is too good looking to not eat. However, Emi's not going to get to eat much. She only brought along Umi and the others will EXPECT that she brings home equivalent dietary additions for them, especially BECAUSE the food looks so good. "...This was not a good idea..." Emi murmurs to herself. She should not have come to a dinner, makes things too complicated. She holds off on 'digging in' to make her introductions, as requested. Never be rude to an elven godmother is a good strategy for anybody.

"We are The Network." Emi says. "Individually, my name is Emi Dennou." She nods to Umi. "That is Umi." She looks back to Rosemarie. "We will call you Rosemarie, if that is acceptable. Good meeting you. This may seem like a strange request..."

She sighs faintly. "We will not eat much but do you mind if we take some back to the others?, The Network anticipates the drama."

Umi is holding her arm and trying to physically restrain herself from leaping on the food like a... well like a Will Sherman.
Deidra Deidra pauses for a moemnt not having met Daemon uetr herself.

"Oh I'm Deidra good to meet you."

She's not at all like the other Dark Elf she's known it's like night and day between them. She goes to make herselc comfortabler in a chair as she fits her wait through the hole in the back, she seems to be comfortable. "I'm just a Gargyole if your wondering. As for the food it looks to be amazing."

Best hurry Will may eat EVERYTHING
Rosemarie Rosemarie smiles and nods at each person in turn. She might even curtsy a little. "It's nice to meet all of you," she says, before turning to answer Will's question. "Is it that similar? I'll admit that part of it I picked up from customers and travelers, but a lot of its based on recipes from my world, sweetheart." She seems to be thinking about Will's title. "Now where, praytell, did you get a title like that? I imagine you must have picked it up someplace."

Her attention shifts to Emi and Umi. "Oh, don't worry about that. Take as much as you like home. Eat as much as you like. You've gotta be hospitable if you're going to run a business, am I right?" she says with a smile.

Rosemarie moves to the end of the table and takes a particularly large chair there. "Go ahead and dig in!" she says as she gets settled. She's a bit slow assembling her own plate, but she's certainly eating it. That would just be horribly suspicious, otherwise.

Rosemarie lets people eat in peace for a while before she starts talking again. "So Mister Alexander--can you tell me a little more about the Twilight Detective Agency? All I've heard is rumors, and those can just be dreadful."
Mercade Alexander Mercade smiles despire the odd appearance of the chipper, almost matronly Dark Elf. One doesn't normally... expect such a thing from these types, and at the apparent permission acquires a selection of delicious Southern food. He takes a selection of a little of everything on the table, and drinks some water.

"Perfectly understandable. Do you provide this kind of service to your clients?" He asks, but she asks about the Agency itself. Mercade holds up his hands, using them to illustrate in gestures as he begins to explain. "The Agency is dedicated towards solving mysteries on hire. The recent events with our world have caused us to focus on the mystery of the Heartless, seeking out ways to counter the threat they represent towards the worlds, as well as the Shadow Lords that control them. We find people, resolve disputes, basically anything our various specialties can help with. In another world, we probably would be called a mercenary organaztion, but mostly we focus on investigation."
Emi Dennou "We help those that can't get help from anywhere else." Emi says. "We won't take much, thank you." She gives Umi a look to suggest that she intends to keep her to that. Rosemarie is She isn't inclined to taking advantage of her hospitality especially much. She makes her way to the table and divies a small selection of food for six which, ultimately, might a single solid meal on its own but divied up it's not all that much. This takes a solid part of her attention as she focuses on keeping things properly proportioned. This does mean she's not eating immediately but once she's done she and Umi will in fact dig in... AT THEIR PERIL. Aside from that one sentence about what the TDA does, she is content to let the boss handle it. It's no knight's vow, but Emi does have two 'vows' she intends to live by.
Will Sherman "From home huh? Interesting." Will says, meaning her home not his. "But really, this is so familar of home cookin' from that southern style resturant on.." he thinks... "Where was it at again Mercade? It was a good place.." Will says, a bit sad. It reminded him of home, but in a good way.

"Not that we could eat there often." he says, slightly accusingly on Mr. Never splurges! "And I got the title after completely several hobo challenges, including navigating the laybrinth. Also, a box house contest." Will grins, "It also came at the hands of defeating the previous king, not one has managed to claim the title from me yet."

Will piles his plate and starts eating. Alot. Litterally. You might start fearing if he will ever stop. Hint: No. But to be fair, he DOES look like a street rat.

"The Agency has been around a while, in one form or another. Also, this is really good." he compliments, "If I can take a deal in magic. Alot of it."
Deidra Deidra is jsut happy to late for whatever share she gets of the fooo as Mercade gets quizzed she'll focus a bit more on the food than talking. It's his place to talk about it more than her's right? Still she listrns as the others talk abotu the group. They can be called mercs sure but they ain't nothing like well what she'd htink of them really. She digs in for a moment longer "This food is great, thank you for sharing it!" She tilts her head a bit at tthe mention of magic. "Likely better than me at it, I'd wager too."
Rosemarie Rosemarie listens closely to Mercade explain the TDA for her. She nods as he goes along, smiling a little. "Splendid!" she says, when he's done. "That was exactly what was I hoping to hear. I could make good use of y'all sometimes. I do a lot of different work--like this, for example," she says with a smile, "for my clients. Sometimes I could use a little more manpower for their requests though. Or a little more information."

"That sounds like you've had quite an adventurer. I think you've definitely earned that title." Rosemarie says, cheerily. "And mostly. It's a means to an end, sugar, but sometimes and end in itself. I help people change their lives for the better." Rosemarie adjusts her glasses slightly.

"See, when I was younger, nobody would help me get what I wanted. There were young ladies and young men out there gettin' help from fairies and everything else in my world, but I couldn't find someone who'd give me the time of day. So I thought to myself, 'why not be that person to somebody else'?" Rosemarie takes a bite out of a roll. "Of course, I have to make a livin' too, though. Alchemy don't come cheap. Selling potions and tomes and all that is really a side business to helpin' folks out."
Mercade Alexander "That seems very reasonable, Ma'am." Mercade replies as he munches on some food. Between bites, he gestures with a fork. "So you went and got into the business of Fairy Grandmothering?" He waves the fork like a wand. "Just like in the stories, huh? How does that work? What kind of things have you done for people, if you can tell, of course. You've probably had a lot of amazing stories to tell about that, given you seem the be in the business of providing these things."
Will Sherman "Huh." Will thinks about this, "So much for fairy tail book story godmothers." he says, with a slight grin. He continues to eat, taking thirds and maybe even FOURTHS at this point.

"Sorry to hear that people wouldn't give you the time of day, though I know how that feels." he says, shruging, "It's kindof a shame, really, because people go through life with their blinders on, some people don't even consider others, especially if they find them below them." plops in another bite.

"And yeah, it was good times. The old King was a good man, but he was...well...he really needed to be convinced to get a shelter." he nods, "A halfway home...and the poor guy was like sixty." he says, "Though, eventually he was found by some of his nephews that had lost contact with him, put him at a nice retirement home." he says, a bit sadly, "Always asked after that how things were."

"Yeah, I know a few practicioners. It's like any other power...good or evil, or for it's own end. I've just commenting that you've got a lot of it...and it's finely written into...everyone around you. It's interesting."
Emi Dennou Emi glances over to Mercade as he asks questions. Emi is slower at eating her meal than Umi who, as usual, behaves with GUSTO---though notably, Umi only has one shoe one because SOMEONE told her about boiling shoes and Emi later told her to eat one. This is a bit obvious now because she's kicking her feet up on the table. Emi thwaps her lightly up the head until she puts her feet back down.

"Real gumshoes put their feet up on the table all the time..." Umi mutters.

Emi pauses, thinks about that, and then looks at the table. "..." It's tempting, it really is. But -- but not the dinner table, she tells herself. Anyway, Emi eats quickly too, as if she's accustomed to her food 'vanishing'. Getting a job with the tDA has, strangely, not stopped her from having this habit.


Still, Emi looks over to Rosemarie and says, "You did not get help? Then you did all this work on your own?, The Network inquires."
Deidra Deidra listens and seems a bit suprised at the woman's tale and she nods a little bit. "Tomes you say that does intrest me I'm curious to learn more about what I can do but my one tome has proven dangerous at times to work with." She seeits back from eating for the moment "Just troding over others, it's a trait that seems saldy comon to self aware life, Will."
Dameon Mercade Alexander asks the question, "What kind of things have you done for people?" It hangs in the air a few moments. The room is still warm and nice, filled with food. Outside, things seem to fade away. Usually District 1 in Traverse town is pretty busy, but slowly, but surely, all of the white noise that would normally come from outside begins to fade away from the background. Someone may or may not notice it, depending on how observant they are.

After a few more moments, the lights flicker. Rosemarie should know what this means. Someone might hear a drum beat start to beat in the background, in a steady, round beat. It turns into a hip-hop kind of rhythm after a few seconds.

What is going on?
Emi Dennou Umi IMMEDIATELY starts boogieing in her chair. Emi is alarmed, and reaches a hand out to stop her, but she's already snapping her fingers to fill in the drum beat.

"Oh no." Emi says.
Rosemarie Rosemarie almost seems to be expecting a lot of questions. She bides her time as people ask her this and that, working her answers in as appropriate. "Oh, honey, I've got a good one for you, but it'll take a bit to tell." she says to Mercade turning her attention to Will as he talks about being ignored, and then about the Hobo King. But then--a new challenger appears! "Actually...let's wait on that question. I think it'll answer itself in just a bit. Sounds like Dameon's been busy. He's as good an example as any."

"I know, sweetheart, it's awful isn't it? It sounds like he got a happy ending though. That's wonderful." In regards to the magic, well....

"I'm glad you think so, honey. It takes a lot of work and attention to detail to get everything just right." Emi asks an equally important question. "I did, sweetie," Rosemarie says pleasantly. "It took a lot of time and work, but if there's one thing that I reckon I've learned to appreciate it's hard work." Her long ears perk up in response to Deidra. "Well I could take a look at it, if you'd like, sugar. I've probably got something a little safer around here too--somewhere."

Rosemarie taps the table along to the beat slightly--no, she's slightly off. How odd.
Mercade Alexander Mercade glances over to the Dennous and blinks at how Umi is seized by the need to jive with the sudden beat. The flickering lights help to point out what's about to come. Mercade's expression grows slightly amused as he listens. One foot might be tapping along with the beat. "You're right. It looks like a living example of your work is about to show up." He chuckles. "This is going to be interesting."
Will Sherman Wait those beats!?

Will doesn't even give a shit. Without skippig a beat, he continues to eat, piling food onto his plate.

However, because it's a good beat, he does eventually tap his foot, but oddly.

"Work? What is this?" he asks Mercade. Will looks back at Rose, "Yeah, he died very peacefully and happy, surrounded by his remaining family. As best of an ending as one can get, in the very end."
Deidra Deidra feels the beat and something happens, she's not a very good dancer at least by human standars given the diffence in how her legs are put together compaired to a human's still she feels the urge to she gets up from where she's sitting and noe starts to attempt to ... tango of all things.
Dameon The beat continues, eventually, shifting into a three-four beat, that goes very nice with a tango or a waltz. Those who are matching the beat with their hands or feet might find themselves feeling rather satisfied and find that the beat goes a little deeper than the ear, but that is where they stay. For Deidra, the beat penetrates and moves, making her limbs jump up into a dance. Eventually, her moves become smoother and more graceful for the first couple seconds.

Sage Rosemarie, however, seems to know how to avoid .... whatever is happening. Her counter beat makes her feel just like she did before, but eventually, the unseen drum beat seems to work around this odd counterbeat. It almost makes it sound like Ska, in a way. Rosemarie's beat becomes part of the up-beat. Deidra's dancing eventually leads her to leap upon the table, where something completely (more) out of ordinary occurs.

A whirl of darkness spirals directly in front of Deidra, and then suddenly, a young man with pale white skin, and white hair appears taking Deidra's left hand in his right hand, and puts his left hand on her waist. They begin to tango across the table.

Dameon, the Dark Dancer, tangos across the table with Deidra in tow. Bone charms and fetishes jangle, almost leading the beat. Neither of the dancer's feet touch any of the food, each foot-fall lands nimbly between each dish. Their dancing goes up into a feverish pitch, before suddenly, the beat cuts and Dameon dips Deidra in a deep finishing move.

Dameon wiggles his eyebrows, and grins. His has even whiter teeth than his teeth, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. You asked for an example. Thank you, for providing the beat I asked for."
Rosemarie Rosemarie applauds Dameon graciously. "Thank you, dumpling. I think that works just fine." The dark elf smiles, maybe just a little toothily due to the pointiness of her teeth. "Sorry if he inconvenienced you, honey," Rosemarie says to Deidra. "Why don't you have a seat, Dameon, and join us for a bit?"

Regardless of whether he does, Rosemarie turns her attention back to her guests. "I helped pull Dameon out of a bad situation and put his talents to use for his sake instead of everyone else's," Rosemarie says, "He was bein' worked like a slave and we just couldn't have that, could we, Dameon?"
Will Sherman Will stares up at Daemon...

He looks, staring at the things around him...his eyes narrow though. A chill...he knows the power when he sees it, and even though he's being generally amusing with Deidra...this is something that puts him on edge. It's easily visible as he eats slower, and is pointedly more wary.

Strings go to Rose...but there are others...severed strings, strings that did not end well. He takes a breath, dark may not be evil, bu-...A green line? What?

He blinks, giving the man a odd stare. Then back to Rose, "Sorry to hear that, Dameon."
Deidra Deidra is very suprised at the dancer as she's pulled into the dance and is left at a loss for words as they finish up the dance. She's looking suprised and heds something that suprised her but she says nothing she looks a littl embrassed as she moves to sit down. Will's reaction is puzzling. "That was... unexpected I'm suprised I didn't trip over my feet."
Dameon Dameon lifts Deidra back up to a standing position. His eyes twinkle with pure amusement, "You know, you should dance more! You're actually pretty good. If you ever want lessons, let me know!" He helps Deidra back down to the ground, and then he hops off the table. He winks at the woman, "You never know what kinda skills you have until you try..!"

The Dancer's eyes flash over to Will. They take on a curious look, "How did you do that?" He points at himself to Will. He cannot actually see the string, but coincidentally, his finger traces along the line of the green string. Dameon looks mildly confused, "Unlike the others here, you didn't consider, even subconsciously, of dancing with me," The boy narrows his eyes, but not threatentingly, "You are different." A pause.

"I like that!" Dameon says, with sudden vigor. He turns to Rosemarie and bows to the Sage, "You are too kind, Mama. Thank you, thank you. And don't mind if I do!" He looks at Rosemarie pointedly, "I'm starving!"

Dameon plops down next to Will, and reaching for a huge amount of food. Before everyone's eyes, his color starts to return to his skin and hair. His hair turns salt and pepper (getting darker), and his once pale skin goes a deep tan. He is woofing down sweet rolls like he hadn't eaten in a week.
Mercade Alexander Mercade watches the performance with glinting eyes. He grins as he sees the strangely Gothic-Hop production as it proceeds, chowing down while he has a chance to do so. It looks like he wants to laugh, but he doesn't, instead sticking with his amused look.

After it finishes, Mercade claps. "That was pretty impressive. I never knew you could dance like that, Deidra." He looks to Rosemarie. "So that's the kind of thing you do? That's pretty impressive. I'm glad he seems to be much more happy in his current endeavors."

Mercade folds his arms. "So what do you exactly want from us, Miss Rosemarie?" Mercade asks. He should get down to business here. "We've seen a lot of examples of your work, but I'm sure you're not just making an advertisement effort. What can we do for you?"
Dameon "We're only two people, mrf mrf mrf," Dameon says in between bites. "We need more people to help -other- people, I think." Dameon pauses, and then goes back to eating. Maybe Rosemarie should have said that.
Rosemarie "Back to business. I like that. It takes focus to get what your want," Rosemarie says with a smile. "Well to be quite frank, sweetie, I don't have many clients here yet. There's a lot of places out and about that I'm not terribly familiar with--and if I want to be successful, I need to be. I need information. People who can find me good clients and help me get the information I need to fulfill their contracts."

"That," Rosemarie eats another roll. She's been too busy talking to really dig in. This is probably a good thing. "and I'm looking to move into a procurement business just a smidge more. That's a lot of interesting items floating around, and I've found that here there's a lot more desire for that sorta thing. Odd stuff that tickles someone's fancy. I get out as much as I can, but even then there's only so much we can do by ourselves."
Dameon "And only so many people want to dance!" Dameon interjects inbetween snarfs of rolls. Snarf, snarf, snarf.
Will Sherman Will continues to eat as Dameon sits next to him...he's a bit weary, but he's mostly over it.

As Dameon stuffs his face, he continues to stuff his face /more/. Will can NOT be beaten in the art of eating.

"Oh I don't know, Dameon. I am just like any guy who is king of the hobos. I pay my taxes one leg at a time. Also, I don't know what you are talking about, it's not like you have any super natural power to make people dance when you want to." he says, with a slight smile. "That'd be silly."

"As for being different...maybe. But that is a story in itself that we're not here to talk about."

" you guys want clients, to help them...and to bring you items? Hm..."

"And you'll keep making food for us right?"
Mercade Alexander "Will, you are not making deals of service for food." Mercade interrupts, before something horrible happens. He looks over to Rosemarie. "So you want information on potential clients, you want to engage our services to help you with your work, and possibly procure useful items for your business." He repeats, tapping his fingertips together. "We can help you with all of this, sure. That's not a problem at all. But as much as I'd like to help you out pro bono, that doesn't pay the rent. You know how it is." He shrugs. "So I'm just wondering what you're offering in exchange for our services."
Dameon Dameon pauses in between bites. He eyeballs Will's increased woofing down. He gets slightly more jealous, and starts to take bigger bites. This is perhaps the most Rosemarie has ever seen Dameon eat. Most of the time, he knows to avoid these things. He eats several muffins in one bite.

"Ooh, a story!? I -love- stories," Dameon chatters at Will, while Mercade continues to make business talks with Mama. He pauses and seems to think, "Yeah, I guess you can say what I do is really silly. The silliest thing you can imagine." Dameon leans in closer to Will, and stagewhispers.

"She makes the best dumplings in the whoooooole wide world," Nodnodnodnodnodnodnod.
Will Sherman Will has sparkles in his eyes, "I /love/ Dumplings."

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Will's favorite food get.

Will increases his pace. There might not be a table soon, the crazy thing...where does it /go/!?

"Yes. A story. A very long, complicated, slightly sad and horrible story." he pauses between bites, "You shouldn't think it's silly anyway, you should be happy with what you are and what you do. If you wana improve yourself, that's cool, but you gota be happy with /who you are/ and /what you do/. The green eye given towards others only makes for bad blood."

"Unless it's for Rosemarie's cooking." munch munch munch.
Emi Dennou Umi doesn't quite jump up onto the table but that's probably only because Dameon already dragged someone onto it. She chairboogies though. She chairboogies hard.

Emi nods to Rosemarie's response but otherwise is not trying to draw too much attention to herself. She does note the weird bone items and unusually white hair but seems otherwise relieved when Dameon stops with the dance number which seems to have the side effect of calming Umi down. Whew.

It's a strange job offer, as far as she understands it. Instead she draws out a small paper bag that she seems to have always had on her, and slides the food she had previously set aside inside. She can bring this back to the others later.
Rosemarie "That and other forms of compensation," Rosemarie laughs. It's only slightly cackle-like. "I figured that food alone wouldn't be proper compensation. Even if feeding the Will properly /is/ quite an investment." Rosemarie smiles. "I can pay you with money or in services as you like. We can work out payment from job-to-job, I reckon."

"But I'm sure you'd like specifics. I could help Miss Deidra, for example, in trying to get that tome of hers tamed. Or replaced, if need be." Rosemarie gestures at Dameon. "Or things more akin to Dameon. He was a very good dancer--there's no doubt about that--but I nudged his talent into something a little more--magical. That's a good word for it, isn't it dumpling?" she says to Dameon.
Dameon Dameon pauses his eating, just to think about Will's words. He plucks a roll off a plate and woofs it down in another bite. He grins at Will, full of muffin, at the mention of loving dumplings. He swallows and then tilts his head to the side, "Mmmm. I guess I'm not really jealous, but definitely intrigued and kinda wondering how you did it, more for my own sake." Dameon opens his mouth to say something else, but then Rosemarie speaks to him.

The Dancer is snapped out of his conversation immediately. When Mama speaks, Dameon pays attention. He actually always has half an ear trained on her voice, making sure everything goes fine; usually, they always do, but sometimes these business meetings require a certain ... conga line, with Mama as the destination.

"Magical is a good word for it, yes, Mama," Dameon responds to the dark elf, "Before people had a very difficult time keeping up with me, but now... if they let me, we can dance the night away."
Mercade Alexander Mercade nods. "All right. This sounds like a good start. Did you have any specific things you wanted us to look into right now?" He thinks for a moment, and gestures. "We've just opened our new office over above the Cloud Nine bar. It's basically right down the street. Feel free to come by anytime either of you need help... Or if you just want to visit. Either is fine."
Deidra Deidra looks over to Mercade as she sits back down and looks a little sheepish. "I really have no idea but it was fun, I got to admit it was fun." She'll turn to her meal now and aim to finish it off at this point, it's been an elightening evening.
Will Sherman Will calms down the feeding frenzy, for now.

"Fate, is a domain I have a limited amount over. Luck, fate, interchanable things." Will says. Will will no doubt also take a few plates home.

"It is not a matter of do nor not, what I did is...what I am." he shrugs.

"You can't really prepare for me, because where there is a Will, there is a way." he says, NOW HE GETS TO MAKE THAT JOKE AT HIS EXPENSE! HA HA RIKU HA HA!

"If you don't believe me...pull out a coin. Flip it."
Rosemarie "Not particularly, honey," Rosemarie says. "Though if you run into anyone who might could use my help, I'll trust you'll point them in the direction of my shop." She adjusts her glasses again. "Otherwise...I'll let you know if something comes to mind. We'll be in touch."

Rosemarie's attention drifts over to Will as he explains a few things. She tries to look like she's not paying it /too/ much attention.
Dameon "No, I trust that you're special," Dameon replies to Will, smiling. He stretches his arms over his head, and then pats his flat stomach. The way he was eating, there can be no way that could have happened. He stands up from the table, "Please, pardon me, sirs and ladies, this little entertainer needs to sleep."

Dameon wiggles his fingers, "You guys keep on dancing!"

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