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(2013-01-18 - 2013-01-19)
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Morrighan Alazne Ah, Traverse Town.

As usual, the place was stuck in perpetual darkness with a mulitude of lights to brighten up what would otherwise be an incredibly dreary atmosphere. But hey, wait. Why were we at Traverse Town again anyway? Well, if you pan the camera over to VALKRI, further inside! Yes, there!

Right at this moment, within the general quiet of HQ as most of it's members were out, a dark portal opened right there in the air. Why in the world was there even a dark portal here? Are the Shadow Lords making a preemptive strike!? Well...



Out came a certain dark elf, falling through the portal rather unceremoniously and faceplanting on the floor. "...Ugh..." It was Morrighan, grumbling as she slowly sat up from the floor, rubbing her cheek and taking a look about.

"Where did I end up now?"

Indeed. And why did this place look so...familiar?
Avira Most of the members were out! Not unusual as they all had their jobs or marks or whatever it was that kept them busy! One of the main tenants of VALKYRI was that all of the members were supposed to be willing to travel! The guild house was intended to just be a place of temporary residence at most. Since then, it's purpose had drifted, just like the initial aimelessness of the group.

That aside, not ALL of the members are out right now. There is one here but that one just happens to be VALKYRI Prime herself. She sits upon a bed, feet dangling over the end, a strange-looking cube held in her hand. She's prodding and pushing at it.

Thanks to the likes of Angantyr, Dark Portals weren't that odd an occurance to Avira. Upon seeing one, her first thought is that Angantyr has returned.

What comes out of that portal instead draws a frown of anger to the (now human!) face of Avira. "You're in my house." Avira says flatly, standing and tossing the cube thing onto the bed. It's probably some consolation that Avira hasn't pulled her weapon yet-where is it anyway-oh yes, there it is, propped up against her bed. "How unfortunate for you."
Morrighan Alazne "Hah?"

Morrighan intoned incredulously, turning her head at the sound of that infuriatingly familiar voice. This was impossible! Surely she did not just land directly into the middle of...

"Oh. You."

...Yep. She had. Fate had one terrible sense of humor now, didn't it? Morrighan chuckled lightly at this more than likely a predicament, scratching a cheek with a finger as she did so. "I certainly did not expect to see your face any time soon."

And then without regard for her own life, she smiled a rather wide smile, making an additional snide comment. "And I see you are no longer a mangy, flea bitten, dog either." The healer brought a hand to her cheek, tilting her head aside a bit in amusement. "A shame, I cannot decide which look suited you best now~"
Avira As if Morrighan had any right to call someone infuriating!!

The interior of the VALKYRI headquarters looks a bit different than Morrighan might remember it. There's certainly a lot more stuff in it and it looks like the space is slowly morphing into actual living spaces. "I certainly did not want to see your face anytime soon."

Especially not after that...was it a dream? Avira isn't sure. She's sure she woke up but it all felt so real.

Avira lifts her hands and starts making flicking motion with her fingers. "Ha ha, very funny." Naturally, Avira looks rather peeved by this comment, "You should probably be /leaving now/. We both know you don't want to be here."
Morrighan Alazne By this point, Morrighan had finally gotten back up to her feet, brushing herself off. Because obviously the floor had to be filthy! Ergh, just thinking about it inspired feelings of disgust! "Well, let us hold off on that for a moment now." She replied, tapping her cheek with a finger and taking in her surroundings again.

This place certainly did look a bit different than before. Okay, try a lot different. There was more space being taken up for one. And secondly... Hey, was that a basement? THAT wasn't there before! "Ohooooo?" And without asking for permission, the dark elf began to make her way over. "And just what do we have here? I know this was not here during my previous little bout of incarceration!"
Avira Nonsense. If the rumors were to be true, this place had a whole team of maids keeping it clean! Then again, just looking at it in here suggests that it...might not actually be true at all. Yeah, they clean, but this was clearly a previously delapidated building. It certainly looks the part.

"No, let's not." Avira swiftly advances on Morrighan, apparently not deterred by previous interactions at all! This was her house, she had nothing to fear and nothing to hold her back except her own politeness.

"Actually it was, but it was closed off." Avira snorts, following after the mage. "And furthermore-!" Avira reaches out to grab the elf's wrist and pull her away from the stairs. "You were not /incarcerated/. I do not keep /prisoners/. You were our guest."

She keeps pulling. "Gosh, why are you so annoying! I'm not letting you down there!"
Morrighan Alazne "Guest? ...Pffft! Ahahahaha!" Repeating Avira, Morrighan then burst out into laughter at the very notion. "A guest? Really? Seriously? Oh dear, you have some very funny ideas about that then!"

All the while however, she kept pulling back away from Avira, still attempting to go for the stairs. "Why am /I/ annoying? Why are /you/ annoying!" She keeps pulling away. "It is not as if you people actually have anything of real value! What sort of dirty little secret do you not want me to see so badly, hmm?"

And the pulling contest continued without much of an end in sight. "Are you building a weapon of mass destruction? Or perhaps you are keeping a secret slave down there!" A mischievous smile crossed the elf's face then as she made one last suggestion. "...Or is this where you keep all your maid outfits?"
Avira "Did I throw you in a prison? Chain you to the wall? Keep you tied up? No! All I had was someone to watch you!" Avira's fist ball up at her sides, "I gave you a chance. You didn't take it." She sniffs angrily, "We would have given you the respect you don't get from Baron once you had /earned/ it no less."

For a few seconds there's a hurt look on her face, "We don't have anything of value to /you/. But anyway, I guess I understand if you want to stay with Baron and not part from your beloved Baigan."

Avira pulls! She probably wins because she's a barbarian midget. "What's down there is none of your business!!" Avira abruptly lets go when she mentions maid outfits. "I DO NOT HAVE MAID OUTFITS! You terrible harpy! Get OUT!"
Morrighan Alazne And win she does! Morrighan stumbles towards Avira and away from the stairs. "EXCUSE ME? Just who is the harpy here!?" Pulling her arm away from Avira, she then crossed them and glared.

"Do you think I LIKE being with Baron? No! They are the worst!" She all but shouted, growling in anger at the accusation. "Furthermore than that, There is NOTHING going on between me and that fool Baigan! NOTHING!"

And she really had to stress that point. Why did people keep pushing them together? She didn't like him at all! And there was absolutely no way that she would ever concede on that point!

Morrighan didn't leave though and stared at Avira with a frown. "...Would this really have worked? At all?"
Avira Thankfully, Avira's all too glad to release Morrighan! Seems she has no interest in physically 'punishing' Morrighan for past transgressions. Maybe she had her fill in her last encounter. "Oh maybe you should prove it then~" Avira taunts, "Oterhwise you look perfectly happy with them!"

Unable to help herself, she giggles. "Oh. Oh, those flashing eyes, that denial. I know enough to know that such things mean you do have some feelings for the man. The more you struggle, the more it must be so!"

Now it is Avira's turn to laugh. Perhaps obnoxiously! But after that round of laughter, she slows. "I think it might have. I think it might have taken a lot of time to get there. Anything /worthwhile/ takes time." Slowly, she shrugs, "But a choice is a choice."

Avira starts making the 'shoo' gesture again, "The basement is where we're keeping the computers now. You're right, there's nothing of value to you down there."
Morrighan Alazne "Happy? Happy!? Are you kidding me!?" And now she was stomping her foot on the floor like an angry child, despite the fact that she was likely far older than she looked. "Stop laughing! This is not funny! I have no feelings for that fool! I mean it!"

Oh she was not going to waste her time arguing here! Though Avira's answer regarding that second chance caused her to calm down just a bit. "...Well, whatever you say then." And of course, she wasn't interested in computers after all. Hell, she barely used her cell phone as it was.

Turning way, Morrighan held out a hand, another attempt to open a dark portal.

Nothing happened.

"Oh come on! This cannot possibly be so--"

Almost as if trolling then, a portal opened up at the last second, cutting off the white mage's complaints. "-- ...Oh. Well then." She began to approach the portal then, intending to disappear off to where she meant to go in the first place. But before she stepped in, she glanced back at Avira, pausing.

"...It is good that you are back to normal. --Not that I cared all that much, mind you!"

And then she quickly entered, the portal closing behind her.
Avira "Oh, it reaaaally bothers you that much, hmm~" Avira teases, "Are you sure you are not inflamed with passion for him? I bet his snake arms can be quite romantic~" Honestly, Avira believes her. Avira believes the elf does not have any interest in Baigan.

Will she let this cease her torment? Nope. This is a chance to be on the other side of the teasing spectrum and Avira's going to take it!

Watching Morrighans reaction to her words seems to bring Avira' back down to earth. She's no longer giggling at the thought of those Baronian lovebirds. "It's a shame you don't see it the same way I do." She seems...sad. Disappointed.

Shock overcomes her when she witnesses Morrighan open her own portal. "Wait, you made that yourself? You..." Avira takes a step backwards. She's definitely not going to stop Morrighan from leaving and she seems almost a little fearful now. What was Morrighan doing with THAT power?

Those last words shock her. "You mean it-" she starts to ask, but all too quickly, she's gone. In the elf's wake, the huntress looks confused and a little distressed.

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