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(2013-01-17 - 2013-01-18)
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Priel Aylin SOME TIME AGO.

"Heh heh heh...this shrine looks like it would be a rather splendid place to find something of value." Came the voice of a short creature, floppy ears hanging down the sides of his head and a pink snout that separated him from most other Nu Mou. Those affiliated with the wrong side of the law in Ivalice likely would know this particular individual as Ezel Berbier; law breaker extraordinaire.

Now why was an upstanding individual such as this doing all the way out in the middle of a run down shrine in a dark corner of the Bare Desert? To find rare materials to make his law breaking cards with of course! And the rarer, the better!

"Now, now, my rare materials. Come out, come out wherever you are!" Ezel called, which only made himself look like a loony in the process as there was no one else here!

...Or rather, there should have been no one else here. But just up ahead, above a raised platform, a dark rift began to open up in the air...

"...Who dares?"


In the city of Fluorgis, the usual hustle and bustle of activity would be interrupted by the appearance of a blue light, telltale signs of a teleportation spell. There is a FLASH, throwing the city guard off as a rather diminuative Nu Mou stepped out in quite a bit of a hurry! "I-I require assistance! Adventurers! Mercenaries! Would-be Heroes! S-Someone hear me out!"

Oh look, it was Ezel Berbier. And he look a bit spooked today.

I wonder why.
Deelel Deelel had come across the situation from the Nu Mou. She'd listen to the tale and had been more than willing to offer her help in this affair. She'd come up to the being for a moment and looked at them. "Slow down what's wrong what do you need help with? You look like you seen a ghost..."
Oriane Guado A crowd is beginning to gather around where Mister Ezel Barbier made his rather flashy entrance. From out of the midst of the crowd, an open parasol seems to be navigating its way closer and closer to the epicenter. A few cries call out here and there as it unapologetically bumps into a few of the onlookers. Finally the parasol arrives to reveal it is being carried by an unnaturally pale skinned woman with green hair. She is garbed in a flowing dark purple short sleeved, belted dress that has black lace designs intricately sewn into it. What an odd choice of clothing for the current clime, but the pointy eared woman does not seem to be too visibly affected by the weather.

Oriane Guado shoots a cursory, investigative glance towards the one who first addressed this portal using anomaly. She sure seemed eager to help. Oriane was less so inclined. However, this curiosity has already delayed her from her immediate task. She might as well investigate this matter further. "Please, indulge us with the details of your probable tale of woe." The Priestess states simply and then idly twirls her parasol while she most patiently waits for Deelel's query to be answered.
Priel Aylin A priestess with truly unruly hair and a strange looking hume. Ah, what hopeful prospects!


But alas, if this was all he was going to get, then he would take it! Ezel smiled gratefully, though with what seemed to be naturally mischievous edge to it as he responded to the two women's inquiries.

"Ah, yes yes, of course! You see, I was visiting a shrine in the desert, hoping to get some...meditation in." Oh yes, he wasn't there to loot the place for materials to create law breaking magical cards! Nope! He was a Mendicant on a pilgrimage! Totally legit!

"...But as I was in the midsts of nearly attaining enlightenment, a dark rift opened before my eyes and out came a creature so horrifying, I dare not describe it! Ohhh!" Hugging himself, the Nu Mou shivered in fear. Likely an act. And a good one too, really.

"I would really love to continue my meditation unhindered, but you see, I am no combatant! I need some brave souls to clear away that menace!"
Dameon Ever since arriving in Traverse Town, Sage Rosemarie has "unleashed" Dameon on the wide world. Mostly to explore and gain a better insight of what they could acquire for their little shop in District 1. Unfortuantely, for Rosemarie, Dameon has severe attention deficit disorder, particularly when it comes to dance. Anywhere where there is dance, Dameon is immediately captivated and entranced by it, as though it were the best thing in the world. While in Flugoris, he heard of some of the 'belly' dancers in the desert and decided to pay them a visit.

A Nu Mou suddenly appears about six and a half feet away from the dancer, but he didn't stop. The bone fetishes and charms keeping on clanging away when everyone is all more concerned about the Nu Mou crying for help than watching Dameon dance! He slowly stops, and peers at the Nu Mou balefully.

"If I help you with this thing, will you stop stealing my audience?" Dameon asks, being a man of simple pleasures.
Deelel Deelel is looking at the distressed person for a moment and she tilts her head a little bit at the Nu Mou for a moment trying to udnerstand just what hre was talling about. So he was going to meditate, she gets that. She has no idea about law cards honestly, and she doesn't see value in leaving resources to rot is not a good thing she also knows though somethings are not worth it. She listens to his tale and nods. "Then we need to do something about it..." Regardless if she's fallen for him or not the rift has to be handled. "The Rift is a ... problem no matter how you look at it." She's not quite got this whole currnty thing as the users do it yet... Daemon gets an suprised eyebrow raise as he makes himself known. Oriane gets a nod as she's seen her about Tranverse town before and has good encounters with her before. "Well we can't be idle about this, we should get moving once you give us the directions."
Oriane Guado A heretic. How quaint. Ezel might really have offended the Priestess if she was a religious person at all.

Oriane Guado looks down at Ezel with an uninterested or perhaps indifferent look on her face. Maybe she was just a cold person? That might explain her clothing despite the heat as well as her chilly demeanor towards the Nu Mou. A hand is raised casually towards Ezel when he starts to shiver. "You need not continue on with a description of your heretical activities. I am more interested in this rift and the creature which was bequeathed from it. "

The so far unsmiling Guado now flashes a perfectly white pair of teeth at the heretical anomaly. "I," A hand is now placed over her own black heart. " something of an expert on this matter and would gladly....exorcise...such a creature." Or bend the creature to her own will. Whichever, really. It seems that she is not alone in offering her assistance as Deelel....and....a dancing vagabond also seem willing to help. The priestess takes a deep breath as she prepares herself for the shenanigans that will surely ensue. An unlikely group of allies, but it will have to suffice for now.
Priel Aylin "Oh, well you have my full apologies, sir!" Ezel responded to the man whose performance he just totally stole the limelight from. Despite his words though, he didn't seem sorry at all. Ah, what a character this one was. "But certainly, I would appreciate your no doubt valuable assistance in this grave matter."

He then glances over at Oriane and Deelel, smiling still, he may or may not have realized that this was not helping his case. Knowing how his mind worked however, it was likely the latter. No, definitely the latter.

"Oho! We have an accomplished exorcist in our midst! I feel at ease now!" Clapping his hands together lightly, the lawbreaker looked highly pleased as he nodded his approval. "Well then! Let us not waste any more time! Gather around everyone, I will teleport us all there in little time at all!"

For having been scared just moments ago, he certainly seemed mighty pleased now. Regardless, the Nu Mou pulled out a strange looking card from his robes, apparently preparing a spell.
Dameon Dameon squints his eyes for a moment. A ripple of magic rolls off his fingers as he crosses his arms. Then, he suddenly brightens, "Ooooh! Grave matter! I like the word 'grave'. It sounds sooo..." Dameon widens his eyes slightly, "... SERIOUS! Yes, this will be good. Good, good."

The Dancer looks over to the Priestess. He raises an eyebrow. He sees right through you. Acting all suspicious and such, he believes. She's up to something. "Yes, I'm sure you'd exorcise all sorts of things." He winks at Oriane seductively.
Deelel Deelel is listening to Ezel she looks lik she wants to get going she looks over at Oriane and raises an eyebrow for a moment. She's more concerned abotu the rifle being a threat to the local settlements than anything else. She looks at the card for a moment pausing and staring at it. "Very well." She seems hestant after all her history with being teleported...has lead to her life getting flipped turned upside down.
Oriane Guado Oriane Guado wears many hats: Heartless summoner, Necromancer, Priestess of Yevon, but today she was an exorcist apparently. The parasol equipped priestess leisurely steps forward towards where Ezel says to gather around. She was never a fan of parlor tricks; however, this nu mou's magical card might be more powerful than she would lend credit to it. He did appear rather spectacularly afterall. Perhaps this creature that she now seeks to either capture or destroy will be as equally entertaining.

The green-haired priestess prepares herself for their magical voyage when the dancing vagabond opens his mouth. What he has to say draws an icy glare from Oriane. A well-manicured handle is lifted up and her palm displayed openly towards creature known as Dameon. Effortlessly, tendrils of black magic form and flay outwards until they form an orb of malevolent energy. "I can exorcise the life from an uncouth cretin as easily as a freed dark spirit," she deadpans before quirking the edges of her mouth upwards slightly. Oriane Guado would not terribly mind if Dameon met his timely demise in the moments to come it the creatures means or by her own hand it seems.
Dameon Dameon raises his eyebrow faintly, and then bows his head, "No offense meant, ma'am. Have you ever danced before, by the way?"
Priel Aylin "Now, now! We cannot have you all killing each other! I need you to take care of the rift first!" Because that was all he cared about really. Whether or not they killed each other afterward was no concern of his! "Well now. No more dallying. We're off!"

That same blue light that caused Ezel's appearance flared up again, enveloping himself and the entire group, morphing them into a ball of light before it shot upwards, veering off into the desert. There was a rush of wind for a moment and then the light faded away, revealing a rather dilpiated desert shrine.

"And we have arrived!" The Nu Mou announced, spreading his arms wide as if he were making a grand proclamation. ...But what they saw were thick roots and vines spreading through the architectural structure and a dark aura billowing out from deeper inside...
Dameon Dameon watches Oriane for a few moments, before he decides it isn't worth his time to make her dance. His eyes snap over to the surrounding area, when the light fades away. He breathes in deeply, taking in the ... jungle air? Dameon scampers over some roots towards the temple entrance. He perches trying to peer at the dark aura.
Deelel Deelel sense the tension with Daemon for a moment and pauses looking at the green-haird priestess. She will not kill anyone here but she notes after they well are teleported to the mission site. "Focus on the matter at hand save personal issues for later. We should focus on the matter at hand." With that out o the way she looks abotu at the plat life gone wild.

"Those tendrils might lead back to the source." She notes to the mass of roots and such.
Oriane Guado Oriane upturns her nose slightly as she quite literally tries to look down on Dameon. But this is no easy feat for her to do as even this particular dancer was taller than she was. The sentiment might still go noticed. "Such frivolities are not worth the time and energy that are necessary to partake in them." She explains to the Dancer before they are whisked away to the shrine.

In the defiance of gravity, her hair does not even sway slightly in the transportation here and Oriane makes sure that the skirts of her dress do neither as well. Oriane looks around her new surroundings before pursing her lips together. She is calculating her plan of action when Dameon begins to scamper of. Tch. Should she really have expected anything else from such a person?

Deelel now gets a look from Oriane. Personal issues? She was merely skewering someone's playful banter afterall. It looks like Deelel is not much of a conversationlist as she now gets straight to business. That suites Oriane just fine.

Green eyes move over towards the nearest group of roots which she now walks towards. The hand which is encased in the dark orb from before is pressed against the root of the...tree? Plant? Malboro? The priestess frowns slightly. It seems more investation is required. "Then let use follow them to the source. I am quite inclined to discover the source of this most intriguing aura that fills the very air around us." Deelel might just be able to detect some...excitement(?) in the priestess' voice.
Priel Aylin "...Oh dear. Those vines were not there when I had left." Ezel mumbled, tapping his chin thoughtfully. Dameon's departure did not faze the nu mou all that much. In fact, he hadn't even offered a word of response on the matter.

"Y-Yes, indeed. Let us proceed inside to the source. Surely that /thing/ couldn't have..." He continued mumbling as he proceeded onwards, but making a good point to still remain behind Oriane and Deelel for safety.

Because he wasn't going to be fighting. No way!

As they made their way into the shrine, they would be able to feel a rather ominous presence in the air, the roots and vines extended all the way in, never once stopping. In fact, were they moving? ...They were?

"...The damage is much worse than I had anticipated..."

And it was then that a disembodied voice echoed through the air in a whisper.

"...Who dares...?"
Deelel Deelel is from the grid, she's seen theing get leathal far faster than they might in this world. She's never fully adapted to some things after all. She seems to be very focused on the mission at hand really. "I'm curious I must admit but given what little experiance I have it will likely try to eat us." With that she heads on in to keep with the group. She goes give the man an bit of an eye she looks about at all the roots and she replies.

"Identify yourself."
Oriane Guado Oriane continues to pick up her skirts as she traverses through the area after Deelel. It would be most unbecoming of her to trip and fall foolishly on the many roots that line the shrine. Appearances had to be kept even if she was spelunking through an unknown area. "Given the violent tendencies of most creatures which live in places such as this, I find that I will have to agree with you." She says to the once Grid bound girl.

The disembodied voice causes Oriane to aim her parasol straight towards the darkness pointedly. "The habitation you have chosen and the lack of any sort of signs of civility thus far has led me to assume you are a creature of the most mundane and boring sort." The priestess says haughtily before adding, "Should you wish to prove me wrong or attempt to eat me, please do identify yourself first so that you may be slain in a prompt and orderly fashion."
Priel Aylin "Eep!" The voice caused Ezel to jump in fear. He knew that voice! He heard it before! And he was not about to stay around to bear witness to that terror again! "Well then, I do with you two all the best! Good luck exorcising the darkness and all that!"

And with that, the nu mou turned tail; literally, and ran off to a safe place.

They were on their on.

Meanwhile, at the behest of the two women, a wind current began to pick up, rolling the dark mist outwards and bringing visibility to the inside of the shrine. What was revealed to them was...

...A tall, tall woman with long, blue hair. Her skin was a lighter shade of blue as well. She held on to a large green crystal ball, hugging it to herself as she floated in the air. "...Why...?"

Her bright red eyes flashed dangerously as she glared at the two women. "...Why am I here?"

The vines and roots all around began to violently shift about, cracking the ground apart.

"Answer me!"
Deelel Deelel is a bit more focused on the thing ahead she watches as the guy turns tail to find somewhere to hide. She's not suprised the thing is looked over it's woman her hairs kinda like Deelels own for a moment she blinks but doesn't move to attack. "Someone claimed the rift opened here here and you came out." She doesn't make a hostile move just yet but she prepares for the worse running a few commands.
Oriane Guado Surprise, surprise. The flaky one who led them all here has turned out to be a coward. Oriane gives the fleeing nu mou a look of disdain before turning to see who or what has inhabited the shrine before them. Her green eyes eventually make out a shape in the mist. Hmmm. A spirit perhaps? Perhaps she should attempt to perform a the sending ritual that summoners of he faith often perform and be done with this. But then again, perhaps this ghost is not an Unsent which would make that action quite useless.

"How rude to be demanding answers of us without even properly introducing yourself!" The priestess chastieses the spirit with before displaying a mocking smile. "Shall we try this again? Please introduce yourself and let see if we can be at least..." Oriane covers her mouth in a mock gasp. "....civilized for once. But if not, I am quite prepared to teach you a lesson that you will not enjoy." The orb like wisp around her left hand is soon joined by a number of wisps. They all swirl together and dance through the air before the priestess. She too makes no opening assault, but is now prepared for such a thing if that should be what must be done.
Priel Aylin "...A rift..." The floating figure mumbled, repeating Deelel's words. "...Utterly troublesome!" She then growled angrily, magic energies in the form of flames, ice, and then thunder beginning to radiate from the crystal ball. Her eyes began to glow in addition.

" Calofisteri. Keeper of the Forest..." Her gaze switched between Oriane and Deelel slowly, looking none too amused with her current predicament. "This is not my forest...Are you the ones who summoned me?" She asked, a growl in her voice.

"If not, then...Begone!"

At those words, her crystal ball immediately burst with energies, several spells arcing outwards towards the two women.
Deelel Deelel says "The one who summoned you thought you'd come to destroy him. But I wonder." She's cut fof however as she attacks her Deelel flips through the air as the fire, ice and lighting comes for her and she's well not going to hold still.

"Fine if that's your choice. I'll have to see if you will see reason after some knocks what the saying? To the head!" She throws her disk before she bounds away before catching it and launching it once more.
Oriane Guado What troublesome times we now live in where civility is a thing of the past? The apparition before them is apparently Calofisteri which is at first a step in the right direction. But then she attacks them both with a powerful swath of magic. And now Cal is taking two steps back by acting in such a brutesque manner. Oriane sighs to herself as she raises a magical barrier in front of her, prepared to take the blow.

Calofisteri's magic is quite a bit more powerful than Oriane had anticpated. The barrier holds...mostly....but Oriane herself looks drained from having to exert such magic in forming a shield against this attack. "I see that you have made your decision. Very well, I shall not hold back. Prepare yourself."

The wisps gathered around Oriane now fly straight towards her foe. In the midst of their flight, the priestess summons two magical attacks of her own. One is a pulsating fireball while the second is a beam of dark energy that shoots out towards the enemy spellcaster. Oriane absolutely agrees with Deelel. It is about time to knock some sense into this being.
Priel Aylin Orian's spells strike Calofisteri, knocking her down to the ground briefly. Deelel's followup then forced her back up to the air where she stayed. Her crystal keeping her suspended.


Despite the pair of attacks from the women, the spirit looked none too fazed. She definitely took damage, didn't show. "Out of my sight, worthless mortals!" She growled, her crystal ball beginning to crack in multiple places. It then broke apart, several shards of darkness flying towards her opponents, aiming to knock them away from her.
Deelel The time for talk is over, fine she can deal with that.

"If that's how you feel lets see how your game is."

She's still got some need to prepare it semes she's got a plan to be sure and she's still tossing her disk again even as the latest spells come at her. She's not there, she makes uses of the terrain about her. She's in the air and catches her disk on the pass back then launches it again. While she keeps an eye on her companion, she's a caster herself from the looks of one and a skilled one.
Oriane Guado Once more a powerful attack comes, but this time it was different. It is stronger, much stronger than before. Oriane was never much of one to dodge things and this was not going to be the time to start. This is was the inherit problem in wearing a dress that has multiple layered skirts underneath. You were not going to go anywhere in a hurry. To defend herself, Oriane summons an even more powerful barrier than before. It absorbs a good portion of the attack that could have been very, very bad for the Priestess.

The use of such a self-draining barrier leaves Oriane quite weakened. She is panting now, exhausted from the use of her barriers against these attacks so far. But the idea of being even near death was exciting for Oriane as she was someone who studied death and the various forms of it to an unhealthy extent.

The priestess begins laughing quietly as she kneels down and places two hands, palm down on the ground of the shrine. A dark aura washes over the Guado as black tendrils reach out from her while a large green orb materializes lazily in front of her. Oriane then takes her hands off the ground and gestures towards the enemy mage. The tendrils suddenly strike out like a torrent of spears and the orb zooms off in attempt to make impact with Calofisteri as well. Her laughter increases as she lets forth this great attack towards her pesky foe.
Priel Aylin With her crystal ball temporarily gone, the keeper of the forest is left wide open to attack. And attack they do. Pelted by Oriane's spells and Deelel's identity disk throws. "...Troublesome." She grumbled, stepping back and wincing in pain.

It was at that moment however, that her crystal ball fragments returned to her, reforming back to normal and returning the spirit to the air. "...Is there no way back?" She asks randomly. "Am I stuck within this wretched world!?" Came another angry question.

That anger then manifested itself in another display of destructive magic, silvery streaks of elementless energy lancing out at them.


"Hmhmhm~ Yes, yes! This is quite a nice find!" Ezel mused, holding up a rather sizable cut diamond to the air, turning it over and over in observation. The sounds of battle from nearby caused him to smile gleefully.

Thank the gods he didn't have to fight now!
Deelel Whatever the creature drained from Deelel would feel strange, not quite right, like she's not quite what she seems to be. That being a human. Still Deelel is letting ou a pained cry at the hit it's drainking from her. it's trying to drain her. She now is about to attack again and looks at her. As the thing talks about wanting to go home. Deelel is hurt, she realises now for a moment.

"Wait you were directly summoned here? You didn't arrive on your own accord as the man said?"

Her eyes narrow a bit and he starts to wonder about Ezel, oh something totally is fishy at this point. She's going to fall into a guard stance, as she recovers and hopes prehaps with this new information another soultion can be found... This could also end up backfiring horribly for her.
Oriane Guado Again her enemy tried to poison her. But for poison to effect one such as Oriane, it would have to be quite potent indeed. Because of her resistance to this sort of thing or perhaps the already high concentration of poisons in her blood already, the Priestess remains unpoisoned. Oriane is not immune from damage as she gets battered...or atleast her magical barrier does.

The weakened Priestess shoots a look towards Deelel when she attempts to find a different solution. A perhaps foolish move, but maybe this will grant Oriane some time to catch her breath and ready a more devastating attack to use against their mutual foe.

The green-haired, green-eyed woman bides her time for now.
Priel Aylin "If you believe for a second that I willingly came to this world, then you are a fool indeed." Calostiferi answered angrily, eyes flashing dangerously again. Considering how angry she was, it couldn't have been a lie anyway.

"Unless you have some sort of method to return me to where I came from... then talking is useless!" Growling again, her crystal ball began to emanate magic, but she did not attack.

Instead, the energies swirled around the spirit's form, empowering her as she awaited an answer...
Deelel Deelel sees the other has stopped attacking and she takles a deep breah she calls out to man whop brought them here. "Hey! She didn't come here of her own will, get your bitmap down here you got some explaining to do old man! Like where you were going with this. Get down here we need to talk. There's no need to fight I think I have an idea of what happened." If he makes signs of running Deelel's going to chase him down.
Oriane Guado If Deelel was only a little more blood-thirsty, then Oriane would have relaunched her own offensive. Sure the priestess was weakened, but so was her opponent. This led them to be arriving to something of a stalemate. Her opponent did raise some barriers to protect herself. However, Oriane knew how to dispel such things if need be.

When her peace-loving ally goes to seek the one that brought them there, the Guado necromaner finds herself relatively alone with Calostiferi. "The entropy magic which you used against me was imperfect. Although, I will admit that it was of a form that I am unfamiliar with." Her long forgotten parasol, which was blown away during the battle, is now reclaimed. "It was quite entertaining to behold. Pray tell me, 'Keeper of the Forest', how did a noble protector such as yourself aquire such malingering magics?"
Priel Aylin "......" Calostiferi remained silent at Deelel's calling of Ezel. Did that fool midget summon her here? Oriane's statement regarding her magic is met with similar silence.

How did she acquire such magics? The answer was simple. "I am not like you. ...I was not born a child. I My magic is much the same." That sounded like a rather convenient way of saying 'there is no answer'. Regardless, this 'conversation' was doing it's job, whether they intended or not. She wasn't attacking again yet.


"Eep!" Ezel jumped in surprise at the calling clearly meant for him. He WAS the only guy around after all. But hey! He was not THAT old now! ...Or so he thought anyhow.

"W-Well..." He got a nice material! Now it was time to be out of here! And so the nu mou turned tail, beginning to hightail it out of there regardless of what was being said to him.
Deelel Deelel bobs her head for a moment "If you will excuse me." She chases after Ezel inteninf oto run him down she can hear him and well she's tracling him. She's able to use her natural agility to give chase.

"End of line, Ezel! You got some explaining to do!" She's not about to go away and she will get out the light cycle if she has to.
Oriane Guado A being born from magic? Oriane Guado was unfamiliar with such creatures. The research opportunities from capturing such a spirit would be amazing. But this particular necromancer is more concerned of those of a mortal nature. There was no priority in capturing such a being now. Although her Shadow Lord friends might want to know allll about a being such as this.

"To have such powers naturally is quite a gift. Your potential would be limitless if you actually applied your powers and forged them into something greater. Think of what possibilites would lay before if you could be even more powerful than you already are." Oriane says in a quiet voice as Deelel continues to chase after Ezel. This was a perfect time for her to do a little recruitment drive of her own.
Priel Aylin "Ahahahaha..." Ezel laughed nervously at Deelel's demands. "Sorry my dear, but...!" The lawbreaker pulled out a card from his robes, another anti-law. "I have other business to attend to! Tata~"

And with that, a blue light began to flare back up again turning the nu mou into a ball of light before bursting off and out of the shrine at impossible speeds.

The trickster had made his escape again.

As expected. But this likely would not be the last they hear of Ezel Berbier!


Calostiferi stared down at Oriane with an impassive gaze. "...What are you suggesting?" She asked, her frown deepening. "...That I stay in this world? For what manner of purpose?" Well, at least she seemed curious enough.

Maybe a little more and they would be able to talk this angry spirit down.

Deelel The one thing that could get away from her bike, teleportation. She makes an unhappy noise and sighs, as she turns away she'll make note of Ezel, she gets around. His life's about to become very, very bad for him. She turns back heading to rejoin the others.
Oriane Guado "If our positions were reversed, I am sure of what decision I would make," intones Oriane simply as she brushes some dirt off of her mostly ruined dress. "This world is interconnected with many others, it has become a crossroads of powers...of knowledge. One could do very well in the pursuit of such things." The Necromancer goes on to say simply. "And in this new world of ours, the exchange of knowledge can lead to wondrous new advances." Oriane display an open palm and a black orb materializes once more.

It is a similar action to what the Priestess used to attack, but her body language is much more at peace. "Learn what you can, let others learn from you, and then return your own world stronger than ever." The Guado snaps her fingers now and the orb disappears. "You would be ready to face whatever ills threaten your world." A knowing smirk is now displayed on Oriane's face. "And there are quite a large number which threaten countless worlds even now."
Priel Aylin "...Knowledge..." The spirit mumbled in consideration. It was true, this world was new and strange. There was much to be learned from it. But simply waltzing about the worlds alone was not something she had in mind.

"...Very well." She replied finally after several moments of thought. The dark rift that brought her to this world had since closed. She had no idea how to open it back. No idea how to return. Thus...

"I will accompany you for a obtain this 'knowledge'."

A decision was made. With that, Calofisteri's eyes slowly closed and she hugged her crystal ball tightly around herself. It was then that something rather interesting began to happen. Her form began to morph. It shrunk down and down and down until she was merely an unevenly cut crystal, about the size of one's hand.

An Esper Magicite.

The Magicite in question then floated over to Oriane, apparently intending to join her.
Deelel Deelel returns for the moment and she seem suprised as Oriane has and the esper has made a deal with eachother she watches for a moment suprised but it ended peacefully right no ill can come of this? Well maybe there is. "Seems he was a Trojan all along." She frowns a little bit, she does see the deal being made. "It seems a agreement has been made that's suitable, i'm gong to hunt that little fink down and make his life mirsable..."
Oriane Guado My, my. Perhaps civility is not gone from this world afterall. A reasonable agreement has been made that could be very beneficial to them both as long as neither one of them attempts to backstab the other (which one of them perhaps may be more inclined to do so then the other). Whatever the end outcome may be, it seems this day is a victory for the pursuit of knowledge and greedy nu mou alike.

A floating crystal may be an unusual travelling companion, but these are unusual times and Calofisteri would quite easily be able to escape detection if she wanted to. Oriane welcomes the floating crystal to her side. "A most wise decision." The Priestess smiles demurely now as Deelel rejoins them.

Her smile fades when Deelel breaks the news about the nu mou. "Yes, a treacherous one he was. And he was crass enough to leave us without a clear way to return." Barring shadow corridors that is. "I think that he has much explaining to do. Let us find him, shall And with that, Oriane goes to join Deelel in their pursuit of Nu Mou and maybe even a way out of there.

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