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(2013-01-17 - 2013-01-17)
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Angantyr Vespar With the Gigas defeated, and Ang back at the bar, and letting Perci off, he pours himself another drink and kicks back. The mace hits the ground next to him, proped up against the bar itself and manages to escape being asked questions by the authorities.

They were just going to let THAT one go. That and they had enough witnesses, including the keeper. Imi has managed to get a few drinks into the man, who seems to be taking them in stride, without very little indication of being intoxicated.

But what does Imi talk to Ang about, or does Emi get invoed?! WHAT DOES LEGION DO!?

Well first, Emi steps outside a bit to place a few phone calls and maybe get this guy some help with cleaning up his bar. Emi does not have much money but she does have SOME. She has a tendency to pick up part time jobs beyond just helping out with the detective agency--simply because that is something she enjoys and it also serves as a way to hear things.

For now though she hefts up a broom and starts sweeping. Do they even have anything to say to Ang?

"When you were fighting Riku," Emi says as Imi comforts the bartender. "why was that?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks towards Emi...

"Uh, nothing important. It wasn't a serious fight in reality. Neither of us was looking to kill the other, though I was going box his ears for what he DID do." Angantyr says, with a shrug. He finishes the glass, and pours himself yet another pitcher of Ale.

"Are you friends with Riku? I'd think that he wouldn't have many of those, given who he's with and what he did...but eh, who can tell these days?"
Emi Dennou "We never knew of Manhattan until after it fell, nor did we know of Riku before knowing what he did." Emi says. "The Network supposes that may mean we never felt betrayed and were able to start with a fresh and objective look at him. Of course, had he not made Manhattan fall, it could even be argued I would not have met certain individuals who proceeded to save our lives and rescue us from an untenable situation. If I were so selfish, I would actually have to thank him for what he had done."

Emi sweeps. "But nevertheless, whatever cruel acts he performed, he has been nothing but kind to us, if perhaps annoyed at times, and as such we are not the ones who should harass him for what he had done. We are not so innocent ourselves, this one would like to think."

Emi looks up and over to Ang. "If we are friends or not, that is likely up to him, however, The Network does not have a solid understanding of him."
Angantyr Vespar "Tell me, how much do you know about, the Darkness. The stuff that we both use..." Angantyr asks, calmly.

It is a simple enough question, but he does seem to be listening to her, perhaps there is a greater point here.

"There are about two million manhatteners, that'd probably disagree with you on that point, the blessing in disguise. I'd be careful who you say that too." he warns, as a curtosy. Angantyr, however, takes another sip... "Riku's a okay kid, but he's got problems...big problems, and I kinda know what he's going through right now. It's sad, that I am not the only person in the universe that has to deal with this stuff...but.." he shrugs, "I never knew the universe to be kind."
Emi Dennou "I did not say it was a blessing in disguise." Emi says simply enough. "I said that for ourselves it improved our situation. That is true." Indeed, a fact even. "Understanding that..." She glances over Ang. "Is partly why we will fight to help them regain their home. Repayment."

SHe doesn't seem to be too worried about Manhattanites hearing this, but then again she may think they'll understand.

She pauses in her sweeping to look over to Ang. "Could you explain to me, then? We do not know much about the Darkness either for that matter. If you explain, we will listen, The Network promises."
Angantyr Vespar "The darkness is a force like any other. The light is the source of order, the end, we all are creatures of light. However, Darkness is...I don't want to say the opposite of light, but it does mirror it in many ways. Darkness is chaos, destruction, in a lot of ways negitivity. However, like everything has a purpose, a point. Every heart has darkness, but also every heart has light."

"Some of us, however, are born with...higher levels of darkness than others. Sometimes it is in our hearts, sometimes we just have mastery over it...darkness can be connected to the heart...well, it is always connected. The will to master it, rather than let it corrupt you is a fine line that those who use it must walk...or in the case of some of us, jump right in without even giving a <GOOSEHONK>."

"Riku, I imagine, has a natural connection to the darkness like I do, we don't tap into a outside source, we draw it from ourselves. Many Dark Knights operate like this, they tap into the darkness between the stars, and weild it like a sword. They sacrifice to gain something strong...I? My sacrifice was decided for me before I was even born. But I digress, I do not know the source of Riku's darkness, so I can not speak on it's source...but there are a few universal truths."

"It takes great will to channel the darkness and hold on to yourself. Darkness by it's very nature is grows more power on extreme emotions. Though intense negitive emotions work more effectively, any intense emotion feeds it. Darkness can only be used destructively...though you can use that destruction for whatever ends you's power is not defensive, or creative. It is pure destruction. It is VERY GOOD at this is pure entropy."

"One other thing...always remember this. The brighest light, casts the deepest shadow."
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou's eyes seem as blank as ever as she listens to the explanawtion, perhaps even blanker, but she does listen. Natural connections to darkness. Line to walk lest it corrupt you. Emi, being not very corrupt and not at all corrupt from outside sources, can't say she understands the idea of darkness being a corruptive force, though she supposes she does understand power as a general concept being corruptive. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's not JUST a cute phrase.

But luckily Ang explains just HOW the darkness does this. "Is that so...Only destructive..." She says. "Mm...then other powers are not corruptive? Just darkness? That does not seem fair, The Network analyzes simply."

No wonder darkness people are so upset/annoyed/angry/insane all the time.

"Still, that would mean you and Riku both have light in your heart as well? If you are especially strong with darkness, does that not mean you could be also especially strong with light? Judging from your earlier metaphor which The Network is not sure is entirely metaphor in nature?"

Emi uses lightning not light so who knows.
Angantyr Vespar "It's...different for me, yes I do have light in my heart..."

Angantyr takes a long drink.

"Years, when my family's house was founded...or perhaps before, the founder bargined with what is best described with otherworldly beings. You see he was a paladin, in a time where there were few...and more then that, a great plague was infecting the homeland. Terrible thing, so terrible it is never fully described. However, he made a bargin. He asked that he and his decendants would weild the greatest light, to drive back evil and keep our homeland safe forever."

"The creature granted him such a deal, but at a price. Because one thing can not exist without the other...every generation would be born a soul with no light, only the darkness that is shunted by the others." he takes a drink. "And I am this generations lamb."
Emi Dennou Emi is quiet at hearing that. She starts sweeping again. And keeps on sweeping. It makes her think, not about the darkness persay, but about other stuff entirely. She thinks about that one member of her family that is not a clone, the one she knows nothing about. Not even if she's alive or dead or Heartless or, really, what she looks like though she could probably guess on that to some extent.

"But your homeland was not safe forever." She says. "Those beings violated the terms of agreement." She stops sweeping again and looks through the broom at Ang.

"It could be said that our creator cursed us as well. But I suppose we would have never been created otherwise. And we are glad that we have been created, The Network explains succinctly."

She pushes some dust away again. "It's strange, including one's descendents in a bargain."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs, "And it's a story. God only knows if it was made like that, or if the beings were otherworldly or anything like that. All I know it could have been made with a demon." He shrugs.

"Eh. Cursed, blessed, who cares about that stuff. I got what I have, ain't nothing going to change that. I learned to cope...I got power, I got the means to do what I want without being tied down." Angantyr takes another long drink, before setting it down.

"Sorry to hear about what you went through though. I have to say, humans can be the crulest thing to each other...more than any monster or demon."
Emi Dennou "We aren't unhappy about it." Emi says, concerned her use of the word 'cursed' may have given off the wrong impression. "Though we thought you might be. At the very least because the deal had not been honored." Of course if it's just a story then there might not even be a deal. BUT THAT IS KIND OF BORING YOU KNOW? Just being a story. Then again it's also kind of a mean story, maybe it's best that it's not a for sure thing. "Since our conception our purpose was to ultimately be destroyed. The same could be said for most living beings. The Network was simply a bit more official and considerably shorter than most."

She smiles briefly. "Or at least, that was the case. But presuming great light casts great shadows, then it stands to reason that the reason humans can be cruel is because of their great capacity for kindness. Is that not so?, The Network interrogates."
Angantyr Vespar "Yup." Angantyr answers simply. "I have been through many battles, many fights...human stupidity...human's out there. But there is...kindness, generosity. I've recieved it, and benifited from it."

"I wana say that everyone has the capacity for that, but at the same time...I don't expect it. Do I think the average person is awful? No, I think they want...a simple life. They want to have their basic needs fulfilled...they want to live comfortably, they want to be happy. Some people get that happyness in different ways."

"I used to think the light forsaken me, Who knows. I think it's there, in my heart still, but..."
Emi Dennou Human ugliness is not something that The Network typically concerns itself with. It has, in a sense, been victim to some of its ugliest elements but it seems so apathetic to it that it's hard to tell if she even has anybody she considers morally decrepit. Maybe she doesn't. Maybe she just doesn't like judging. She's not a judge, after all, she's a detective. But perhaps most likely is that she just doesn't care. Ugliness does not have to affect her if she is unwilling to let it affect her. She grumped at Percival, yes, but it wasn't because he was an example of ugliness but rather because she had expected better from him--as he preached better. Though, of course, Percival is a noble gargoyle so the situation could be said to not really pertain to humanity.

"Living simply is not bad. Going out of your way to be kind is not any better than wishing to not bother anybody, this one thinks."

She thinks it over and adds, "You do not seem like someone without light in their heart, The Network admits."
Angantyr Vespar "...Thanks." Ang says with another long drink. "It actually his heartening to hear that. Maybe once I wouldn't give a crap...or even ignore you. But..." he shrugs.

"Well, lets just say, spending time as a monster gave me a really strange perception on myself." Angantyr considers for a moment. "And your right...wanting just to be happy isn't wrong." he takes a breath, "Tell me. I'm curious. you want out of life and everything? I come to understand you finally have time to consider this."
Emi Dennou "A 'monster'?" Emi asks. "Like Avira?" Though she wouldn't say at all that she was a monster, but she is aware that many people CONSIDER that sort of thing to be monstrous. She knows, of course, that Avira isn't a monster NOW and neither is Ang, so she reasons that there's something involved there that included the two of them even if she never saw MONSTAR ANG.

But Ang, when you really just shoot the shit with him, doesn't seem to really be a guy covered in Z DARKNESS. Really, it makes her think of... well not Will, but perhaps ... perhaps Bill Derman? Yeah maybe that guy. Well Bill Derman seems to have more angst about it than Ang does. More... ANG-ST than ANG in fact.

"Mm... Well, that is a big question isn't it?" Emi asks. "The Network has many desires. But for this one, I think... I am happy being a detective. A detective helps those who can get help from nowhere else!" She says. "Those words mean a lot to me. Because those words helped me, which The NEtwork supposes it is selfish? But..." She smiles again. "We like that idea. There are always people who can get help from nowhere, it is very reassuring to think that there are people whose duty is to help those very people. Even if not everybody is helped, there are those doing their best to look out for them. We do not need much from life. For the longest time, simply 'living' could have been considered a goal of ours. Now that we have achieved that goal, the situation seems a bit...unlimited." Not with a capital U at least.
Angantyr Vespar "Life is ment to be lived...time is made to be spent, after all." Angantyr says. "And yes, Like was a complicated situation." he admits. He is totally nothing LIKE Will, you take that back. He has money, good smelling clothes, and very little emotional problems.

"Well, it's a good goal, but eventually you're gona wana find something that you strictly wana do. Maybe this is it, maybe not...who knows. But I guess you got your whole life to decide that, sense you're free from that <GOOSEHONK> that traped you before." He thinks about this for a moment, "You're all good kids."
Emi Dennou Emi nods slowly, sweeping more gunk off to the side. This is a long job and she's been stopping periodically. I DIDN'T SAY WILL I SAID BILL. BILL DERMAN. TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON.

Imi taps the side of her head, drawing Emi's attention to her. She nods to her and moves to set aside the broom. IT seems like they have to get going shortly. Maybe something else is up.

"That's kind of you to say. We hope you've found something similar for yourself. We should get going, Ang."

She lowers her head, thinking about how to articulate this next bit before adding, "Destruction...and creation are not so different this one thinks." She lowers her head further. "Please take care of yourself."

The two head on out.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods, and waves to the two as they finally head out.

"You think? Who knows, maybe when I get older and wiser." he says, and nods to the pair. "You as well. But if you need a hired muscle, I know a guy who might give you guys a deal." Angantyr says.

He stands up, taking the mace. Perhaps it was time to get sober.

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