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Looking for something with a little more 'oomph'
(2013-01-17 - 2013-01-17)
ShinRa's got plans. Big plans. For this big plan, however, it looks like they're taking stock of every powersource they know of, but for what reason?
Sammy Colt Something has been abuzz about ShinRa HQ for the last couple of weeks. There have been meetings after meetings after boring as watching paint dry meetings. Finally, there was a decision and that decision had activated a few members of the Turks to go about certain facilities.

This brings us to Junon. Once a bustling fishing village, now the base for the Sister Ray, Junon is getting a special bit of attention as the figure of a well-dressed, if small, male walking out of the reactor room. He takes a moment to check the signal on his datapad before frowning. Being this close to the reactor is having all kinds of fun with his frequency. He'd need to get away from it.

The military base continues its common drills and motions as Sammy Colt makes his way to the lower sections, intent on keeping his discussion as private as possible.

The lift stops and the Turk gets out, checking his datapad again. Sure enough, his signal strength has returned. It was always weird at Junon. Making his way to one of the few cafes down here (Most of the time the water isn't discoloured), Sammy takes a seat and opens up his datapad into a display mode.

His sleeves begin moving over the datapad's light-array keyboard as he begins his work.
Emperor Kuzco Kuzsco... is wearing a jacket. Well, to be more accurate, he's wearing a /fancy/ jacket. Along with a /fancy/ hat. A hat that screams 'king'. A hat that is made of gold. Thing is... he's a Llama. Normally, that would be enough to disturb anyone. But in this World of Ruin, a world that is now connected, few things seem all that strange anymore.

It is this Llama, head held high, that prances into the very cafe Sammy is~

// Kuzco: WOOOAH, hold on there narator. Who is this guy?
// Camera aims to Sammy
// Kuzco: And why did he get the first pose anyhow? Don't you forget who this is about!
// Camera switches straight back to Kuzsco
// Kuzco: That's right! Me. Not him...
// Camera swings to Sammy, And Kuzco scratches Sammy out on the feed with a red marker.
// Kuzsco: Me!
// The Camera swings back to Kuzsco, and the human version of Kuzsco circles the Llama, then puts the cap back on.
// Kuzsco: Alright? Good? Carry on!

So Kuzsco enters the room, entirely oblivious of anyone who might even be remotely important. After all, Kuzsco IS the most important person in this room. And he goes through the room, as a Llama, trying to pin the 'Vote For Kuzsco' buttons on peoples' chests. That just would happen to include 'the small fry'.
Sammy Colt As the Llama man approaches, Sammy pays little attention and just requests a double caffinated soda with three cherries and a hint of lime beofre going back to work. Pie charts, graphs and whatever else you would have for his work fly up and dissappear into smaller boxes as he begins to work out the requirements for the project. So far, it seems like he's come up with nothing on his end.

There's a pause as Sammy glances down at the sudden appearance of a 'vote for Kuzsco' badge on his suit. A second later, it is flung over his head, landing coincidentally directly on Kuzsco's behind, pin-out.
Emperor Kuzco Kuzsco is already about to head on his way out when suddenly...

<< PRICK >>

One can see his eyes go wide, tears appearing at the edges of them. His lip turns to a bout, and he starts making this sad little 'mememememe' sound, before he suddenly darts into the air screaming 'OOOOUUUUCH' and darts up, hanging up on a slowly turnin fan.

There he hangs, the king Llama, tears in his eyes and with a pin in his ass. And for all his trying and grasping, he can't reach it! It's tought being a Llama.

So not moments later, Sammy suddenly has a Llama's ass hanging in his face. "Servant! Remove this button from my royal buttocks immediately! Your Emperor demands it!"
Sammy Colt Typing noises, screaming yelp, typing noises, the sound of a fan slowly losing its bearing, reaching noises and then, Llama ass.

Heammy takes a second to look at the pin in the Llama's behind, then to the Llama's face. There's a genuine look of 'I could not care less'. "I don't seem to remember us hiring livestock." Sammy retorts, taking a second to pinch the badge in between his fingers before removing it and tossing it. "Pretty sure I'd remember a face as... " How do you describe a Llama's face?... "/special/ as that." He says with little interest before going back to his typing.

"Could you hurry up on that order, waiter-Llama-king-thing? I'm getting pretty thirsty." Sammy says, obviously mistaking the Llama for some sort of jive new schtick the cafe has going on.
Emperor Kuzco "YYOOOOOOOOWWW!" The Llama calls out, before making a bit of a whimpering noise again. But then Sammy has to go so far as to not recognize the brilliant Emperor. The Llama quickly paddles about in order to shift around. With his head now facing Sammy, he quickly places his both hooves onto the table Sammy is working on, and sits across from him. That's right, a sitting Llama.

"How could you not recognize me? It's me! Kuzsco! Your glorious Emperor!" He states, tilting his head up a little to look all important. "You see? Crown? Mantle?" He points out the items in question one at a time. "KUZSCO!" Does he really have to get the Themesong guy for this?
Sammy Colt Sammy pauses his typing to look up, past the datapad's illuminated screen - directly at the taling llama. There's a half-open eyed glance upwards at the crown, then mantle before his eyes lower themselves to Kuzsco's face. Obviously he wasn't getting it.

"Last I checked, my emperor was Rufus and he most definitely is not a llama." Sammy says, looking back down at his laptop and frowning expressively at the incredible lack of power Sister Ray had for their needs.

"Listen, Costco - if you're not actually going to get me a drink, could I ask you to get me someone who could?" He says not paying the crazed talking llama much thought.
Emperor Kuzco Kuzsco's right eye twitches. "Rufus you say? A fake Emperor trying to take over what is rightfully mine?" Kuzsco actually goes so far as thoughtfully rubbing his chin, before pointing at Sammy. "Very well. I! /KUUUUZZZCOOOO/, Will show you my power!" He then raises his hoof and tries to snap his fingers.




// Kuzsco: Oh right. No fingers. This sucks.

Suddenly, a servant appears out of nowhere. Just... out of nowhere, and coming to a /very/ sudden stop suddenly right besides Kuzsco. It is this man who then snaps his fingers for Kuzsco. This gets the waiter of the place to actually approach him. "Waiter! Whatever this man is having for a drink, and I'll have the same!"
Sammy Colt Well. The llama's got servants or something. Sammy's not exactly sure how in the worlds the llama was able to silently summon this lackey, but it does gather some of his attention. The waiter runs off and comes back post-haste, if not almost comically zipping by with the two drinks.

The turk takes a second to withdraw a long, long, loooooong curly straw from his sleeve before placing it into his drink. It even has a little roller-coster on it that moves as you sip.

"Impressive. For a llama." Sammy says with a pause as he looks down at his datapad, smiles and closes it. "Tell me, Mr. Llama, if you're such a great 'emperor', do you know a lot about your 'kingdom'?" he asks, leaning his elbows on the table and sipping on the straw.
Emperor Kuzco The Llama looks up at his own servant, who neatly places a 'slip-and-slide' version of a curly straw into his glass. It has a mini Theme-song guy sing the Kuzco song as he sips from the drink.

// Kuzsco shrugs, "What can I say? I like the sound of my own name. Quick! SAY IT AGAIN!
// Themesong Guy: K-U-Z-C-O... KUUUUZCOOOOOOOO!

"My kingdom? My kingdom is great and all-powerful. You know, there's the farmers, and the civilians, and the soldiers, and all that stuff. Golden throne, golden palace. Oh, ever gone for Kuzsco-Nachos? They're great!" The Llama nods, moving his right arm about as he tries to describe his kingdom.

"Other than that... you know... I have servants for that!"
Sammy Colt Sammy watches the llama, or rather, the llama's straw. Say what you will, Sammy's still a sucker for kiddy-things. The impressive Kuzsco straw aside, Sammy takes a moment to re-focus on his work. "And... your servants do whatever you say?" He asks, withdrawing a folded piece of paper from his breast pocket with a slow, purposeful motion.

The turk unfolds the paper and places it in front of the llama-emperor. "Have any of them ever seen one of these?" He asks, sliding the paper forward with a still-shot of one of Xanatos Industries' amazingly powerful generators.
Emperor Kuzco "Of course they do! What else are servants for!" The big guy, one side of his body red, the other side blue, grumps and looks over Kuzco's shoulder, staring at the piece of paper as it come out. The Llama-emperor takes the piece of paper with his hoof and shoves it towards himself. "No. I don't think I've seen any of them." Kuzco answers. He then looks up at his servant, who looks down at the piece of paper only for a moment more, before looking up and staring off into space. They don't move, nor say anything.

"He says he's not seen it. But he can ask the others." Kuzco points out.
Sammy Colt "Oh. Well. I thought a 'mighty emperor', such as yourself ~" Sammy says, pointedly pointing to Kuzsco while speaking, "would have a dozen of these, or at the very least 'ONE'."

The waiter comes by and drops a basket of complimentary 'fishbread'. It's not actually fish, it's not actually bread. It's more like cheese and potatoes mixed together into some sort of batter.

Stealing one of the fries, Sammy looks to Kuzsco's moon-bound compatriot before shaking his head and re-focusing on the llama at hand.

"I mean, if you had one of those, you'd be the most bad-ass emperor ever. It's a shame."
Emperor Kuzco Kuzco raises his head again, proudly. "I will have you know, I probably /have/ one of those! Certainly in my kingdom. Because if this thing /exists/..." He plants his hoof on it. "Then it is /in my Kingdom/." The Llama then stares straight at Sammy. "But more importantly. I /AM/ /THE/..." He stands up. "/BADASS/ Emperor Ever!" And out of nowhere, a disco ball descends within the bar.

And then, a guy suddenly slides in. A guy with a brown afro, with a microphone... who begins to sing. This man begins to sing about just how awesome Kuzco is. And the bar practically comes to life as the Llama begins to dance to his own tune.
Sammy Colt Looks like the entire bar is taken in by Kuzco's prancing. The waiter's doing the high-shimmy, the cook is tap-dancing, even the burger paddies are doing the old can-can on the grill. Everyone except Sammy, who just remains leaned over, looking at the picture.

"I'm betting you don't have one. More over, I'm betting you don't even know what it does." Sammy says, crossing his arm as confetti rains down on him from Kuzco's backup dancers.
Emperor Kuzco The dance kind of gets halted, and there's even the sound of an alt record-player getting its pin dragged across and then off of the plate. Kuzco kind of just /stares/ at Sammy. The entire bar just ends up looking Sammy's way, frozen mid-dance, and watch as Kuzco sits back down.

"Sure I do!" Kuzco declares. "Tell you what, I can PROVE it! This is..." He grabs the piece of paper between his two hooves somehow. "This is..." He turns it around. "A high-tech thingimigy-jiggy! Yeah. And it... provides for my people!" He nods his head - feeling all important. "Just you wait. I can show it to you! I just need to find the servant who is in charge of this.... thingimigy-jiggy!"
Sammy Colt Sammy seems un-impressed, even as the 'Kuzco rules' banner slowly flutters to the floor behind him while the elephant on the balloon stays perfectly still while balancing a monkey.

"Un-hunh. Sure." He states, standing up and putting a card down on the table, right in front of the llama. "Tell you what." He says as he adjusts his vestements and picks up the bucket of fries, munching on one. "You give me a call when you find this servant who's in charge of this 'thingimigy-jiggy'." He says with a smile. "Until then, you're just a lying llama who's not an emperor of the best co-ordinated dance group this side of Midgar." He says, complimenting all of Kuzco's serfs, but not the awesome emperor llama.
Emperor Kuzco The man /doesn't believe him/. The Llama dramatically squints his eyes, and then puts the picture into his pocket. "I WILL!" The Emperor answers him, accepting this challenge. "You will know me as, EMPEROR KUZCO, not as a 'lying llama'." He doesn't care about the dance-group, obviously. The llama then gets up from hsi seat again, and proudly starts walking away, even doing the pidgeon-head walk as he moves slowly out of the bar. And people come to following as the Themesong Guy continues...


This scene contained 18 poses. The players who were present were: Sammy Colt, Emperor Kuzco