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(2013-01-16 - Now)
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Isaac Hanlon The center of District Three in Traverse Town possesses a large open plaza, perfect for lots of foot traffic and large crowds. There aren't so many of either, at this time of night; it's after most places of business have closed and most residences have turned in. Early yet for a night owl, but late enough for sensible, civilized people.

'Perfect,' Isaac thinks.

Having officially snuck out of his temporary residence while the TDA's HQ is finished being renovated when he's technically still needing some bed rest, Isaac has made his way here. The plaza is big and open, but it also possesses a beautiful golden fountain spewing crystal-clear water at all hours of the day. He sits on the edge of it, half-turned to look into the surface and at the gently-falling water. He wonders if it's from the same source Merlin's pond is.

Isaac hums a little tune to himself, hardly thinking about it as he does it. His coat rests across his lap, his tablet in sleep mode atop it. It's a little too heavy for his still-aching self to want to deal with at the moment. Instead, he's wearing a short-sleeved white tee-shirt with a stencil outline of a digital clock that reads '0hr' on the front, a pair of jeans, and worn-out sneakers. He seems content to just be out and about. The potential threat of Heartless roaming at night doesn't appear to bother him.
Isaac Hanlon It is not often that young women in ball gowns stroll across the middle of Traverse Town. It is in fact an occurrance that has happened so many times that Isaac can count it on one hand.

One /closed/ hand.

Still, the woman catches his eye because of the motion and the color, certainly, but also because she's absolutely stunning. There might be a few people with a 'most beautiful woman in the world' title, but Isaac has never laid eyes on one. It takes him a moment to actually stop outright staring -- he's from a place where beauty is secondary to utility, form taking a back-seat to function. He's seen beautiful women, certainly, but this one...

That isn't actually what draws his attention firstly, though. What first catches his eye -- or, in this case, his ear -- is the tune she's humming. Isaac suddenly finds himself on his feet, his tablet sliding easily into the pocket beneath it and his coat loosely held in one hand. He blinks a couple of times, and his brain runs directly ahead of his mouth.

"Are you alright?" he blurts. He immediately wonders how someone like him, who relies almost entirely on wordplay and expression, can be so dumb and so blunt. The wince barely keeps off his face. "I mean -- that is --" Guh. COME ON, ISAAC. "-- you sound... sad."
Isaac Hanlon Isaac feels like a moron. He really hopes nobody he knows is secretly lurking and watching him make a fool out of himself. It would be just like Legion to be stalking him right about now.

"Oh." Dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. Ugh. Isaac glances briefly at the small woodland creatures following in her wake, but her presence arrests his attention. "Yeah, I... understand that." He sounds like he really does. A frown briefly crosses his face, but the very formal curtsey and the title of 'princess' reminds him that he should /definitely/ be less of a moron.

Isaac bends at the waist, his right leg scraping along the stones in the square. His left hand is pressed across his midsection, coat draped over his forearm, and his right sweeps outward while he performs a surprisingly formal court bow. He's taken theatrical classes before; they've been useful in a number of ways. They get another silent tallymark from him.

"My name is Isaac Hanlon. I'm no lord, but I... suppose I'm the Twilight Detective Agency's resident wizard." He straightens, wincing slightly. Probably shouldn't do that again, he thinks. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Princess. You aren't disturbing anything but late night reminiscing."
Isaac Hanlon Songbirds. Of /course/ they are.

"I haven't had much of an opportunity to practice them," he admits. "I learned a year or two ago, but they weren't ever really necessary." Until now, apparently. Isaac is gradually becoming more comfortable with being the ugly one in the room, and he's a fairly good-looking guy, he thinks. "We're recently out of Manhattan," Isaac explains, which means they're from the most recent world to fall to the Heartless. "I don't expect our fame to have reached you yet, Your... Highness?" he tests, unsure of the proper title.

"Do? Me?" he echoes. "Utilitarian things. Transport, research, advising, that sort of thing. I can fight, too, I suppose, but I don't like to." Isaac shrugs a shoulder. "The TDA helps people who need to be helped. It's... part of what being a detective means, to us."

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