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(2013-01-16 - 2013-01-19)
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Avira One day later...

Successful or not, Avira survived the mission in the church as she is wont to do when it comes to existing in a post-Earth world.

After a nice long nap and a good round of self-applied first aid, Avira was taking it easy in the VALKYRI headquarters. In light of recent events, the place had become more of a permanent home to her since the incident in Rabanastre. Sure, she and the rest of her clan were not 'at fault', but the latter had left town anyway. Furthermore, because of that, Angantyr had moved into the VALKYRI headquarters.

This is represented by a corner of the formerlly fully-open guild hall now being walled off by tall walls-in-progress. They seem to be made of the same thing cubicles are made out of, only several layers stuck together. Beyond a large pile of matresses can be seen with blankets tossed on them haphazardly.

Avira is actually working on that wall, manuvering another one into place, giving the corner the appearance of a kind of cave.
Hati Of those who went down into the catacombs beneath the church, there is at least one that had remained unaccounted for. The wolf-girl had led off a group of Heartless into the maze, hoping to give the others a better chance at saving the children. With just a single wrong turn having nearly turned Katyna into a shishkabob, the move was risky at best. There hadn't been any sign of her after the fighting had stopped, and without a guide, it wasn't a good idea to go wandering into the depths of the dungeon.

While Avira works inside, there is a bit of commotion just outside of the guild hall. There is a shout, some loud voices, and then the scrambling of feet as something comes racing into the VALKYRI headquarters at top speed. It would take a quick eye to realize that the person racing in is none other than Hati, who dives towards that mountain of matresses and ducks behind it.

"Where is it? It must have gone this way!" Someone shouts, and then barges in, looking around. Spotting Avira. "Did you see a monster come this way?" The man asks, looking confused. He looks like one of the Manhattan refugees. "It just... popped out of nowhere, just like the Heartless do."

While he waits for an answer, it wouldn't be too hard for Avira to spot the wolf-girl now, her back pressed low behind the pile, panting for breath, still wearing Faruja's robes and looking... well, looking as if she might have just seen a ghost.
Avira Hati's disappearance, honestly, had worried Avira. She wasn't aware of the werewolf's ability to open the dark portals, even though her brother was capable of that. Come to think of it, she'd never really thought that hard about why Skoll could do it, other than that he was 'suspicious'. Maybe his Gaudium Lords granted him that power? Maybe it was the darkness in his heart?

Just as Avira manuvers another wall into place, she hears a commotion outside. Carefully, she leans the wall against the others and starts to turn around, witnessing Hati tearing through the door and diving into Angantyr's man-cave in the making.

Right away, little white lights start to appear in the rafters, followed by clicking noises. Dog-sized magitek automations built to look like large spiders and scorpions crawl into the light, ominous turrets and other suspiciously projectile-looking attachments clicking into place. All point at the second set of intruders. Avira folds her arms over her chest before calling out, "Stand down!" to the Valencia-built defense mechanisms. Her eyes flick backwards, spying Hati hiding behind the mattresses.

"'fraid I haven't seen any monsters in here today." she looks the guy in the eye. "There's nobody in here but us VALKYRI. If a monster or a Heartless invaded, those-" she gestures at the automations, "-would have taken care of it."
Hati Even before Avira has a chance to answer, those clicking sounds draw the attention of the man standing there. His face visibly pales, looking up with one of those expressions that reads as: 'Oh crap, what did I walk into?' "Uh." He takes a step back, obviously unsure what to make of the things. Then, his eyes snap to Avira. "Err... right. Sorry." He backpeddles, "It must have gone into the alley, search down that way!" More shouts fllow, and the man disappears to join a few others on the search.

Oblivious to the fact that she's invading someone's man-cave, Hati peeks out once her persuers are gone, still trying to catch her breath. The werewolf certainly looks a bit worse for wear, and there are a few scratches visible here and there from whatever she's been dealing with in the last twenty-four hours. "Thanks." She breathes out, but doesn't bother trying to get to her feet. The pile of blankets and matresses is comfortable enough as she tries to force air back into her lungs. "Probably wasn't smart to come out of a portal in broad daylight." She groans.

"Ugh, my time sense is screwed up." The wolf draws the robes closer about her, ducking into them. She still looks... cold. "How long has it been?" She asks, shivering and rubbing her arms beneath the layers of clothing. Outside, the mob that was trying to hunt her down has clearly moved on.
Avira A laugh escapes Avira once the man has fled the mighty house of VALKYRI. She'll have to share this little incident with Valencia later, she'll probably be very amused. "Good luck~" she calls out ebfore he disappears completely.

Turning away, Avira puts a hand against the portable wall she was trying to set and peers in. "So you made it out alive after all. Good!" She seems rather curious, especially when Hati mentions arriving via portal, just as that person had said earlier. "Yeah, unfortunately, it's a very suspicious thing to do. How'd you learn how to do that?"

Posed a question, Avira abandons the wall and follows into the sort-of room intended for Angantyr. "I'd say it's been about a day. We sorted everything out."
Hati "Yep. Still alive." Hati replies letting out a breath which blows a few strands of her dyed hair out of her eyes. "Got myself pretty lost, though." She admits with a rueful sort of smile. It's not hard to imagine in a place like that. Even if you ignore the ghosts and Heartless, there's still miles of tunnels, possibly filled with the dead worshipers of whatever god had once inhabitted the run down church.

"Tied to open a portal out, but for some reason it wouldn't work." A flash of confusion shows, but it's replaced quickly as she runs a hand through her hair, leaning forward to rub at her legs. The wolf does not look like she's had much sleep, either. Could she have been running all night and into the day? "Thank the Golden wolf that it's warm up here..." Working the knots out of stiff muscles, Hati glances over, following Avira's approach. "Comfy place. This for that guy you were complaining about?"

Like most canines, the wolf doesn't have any issues with taking over the space that was meant for someone else. Sure, she'll give it back eventually, but right now, it seems as good a place as any to catch her breath. Those expressive ears twitch, laying back slightly. "Can't help it being suspicious, though. I didn't have the strength to go further, and I figured maybe someone would be kind enough to let a lone wolf crash here for the day." The question of where she learned it is another one entirely.

Drawing up one leg close to her, Hati starts to work at her calf, "I learned it from Serrak. He is... was one of the Shadow Lords." Unlike many who serve darkness, Hati has never seen much point in lying about it. It would only prove to make matters worse in the long run, especially if she ever does want to earn the trust of these heroes. "I wouldn't suggest trying it. It's a kind of magic that requires... a dark heart."
Avira A frown slowly forms on her face. They, fortunately, had not gotten lost because there were people there, such as Maira, that could see the ghosts. Those ghosts guided them around safely and correctly! Hati didn't have such an advantage, obviously. "Really? There are places one of those portals don't work? Interesting, I wonder if Angantyr knows about that."

Avira sits down on the other side of the bed and listens as Hati thanks the Golden Wolf of theirs. A faint laugh escapes her, "Yes, this is going to be Angantyr's room. I need to contract someone to get something permanent but for now...this'll have to do. It'd be awkward if he uh...slept around the rest of us." Hati then proceeds to make herself at home and she adds, "Though if he comes back tonight, he'll probably kick you out of his bed. He won't sleep with just anyone."

Interesting that Hati came back here though-a sign of trust from the werewolf, maybe? Though the words from Kat do make her wonder. "...wait, what?" Avira stiffens immediately at the mention of a Shadow Lord. Albiet one she's never heard of before (not unusual, Avira can name only two Shadow Lords for certain), their group had certainly left their mark. "You worked for a Shadow Lord?"

Avira lets out a long breath. "So that confirms it. I always assumed that knowing some kind of darkness enabled people to use that ability. Angantyr and Skoll can do it, both have darkness within them. Not me...the darkness I have in me now is too little to be any use at all. I'm not all that interested in trying to manipulate it anymore either." Not after dealing with it as a mutate at least.
Hati "Not sure." Hati shrugs her shoulders, "Something wasn't right about that place. I don't know if it was just what we found, or if there's something else." Now that some of the warmth has returned to her, the wolf is starting to regain some color - well, at least some color that isn't blue. "Maybe some sort of protective spell to keep darkness out of the crypts." She smirks then, showing a hint of white, fanged teeth. "Fat lot of good it did."

The smirk changes into a laugh as the wolf looks over the pile, then back at Avira. She raises her hands, "I don't think you have to worry about that." The idea of 'sleeping' with one of the rare males who seem to hang around these ladies seems somewhat bemusing. "I generally figure other people's males are off limits. It keeps me from having fangs at my throat." Then again, she had kissed a certain mouse templar recently, even after he had been writing love-letters to another. Thank goodness for moral gray areas.

The shock that comes from her explination is no great surprise, but Hati nods her head. "Yes." Normally, she might leave it at that, but it seems to require some sort of explination. "The alpha of a wolf pack doesn't often tolerate a runt girl standing up to him. I was just a child, but our father had no qualms about beating me and leaving me for dead." Her mouth quirks into a grimace, partially due to a stitch in her side, but also from the memory of it. "I doubt Skoll shared that little tidbit." She growls under her breath, but not at Avira. Just thinking about Odin tended to raise her heckles.

"Serrak found me. Saved me. Helped me forget." The wolf runs a hand through her hair again, "That reminds me." Unconcerned about Avira's own darkness, Hati turns her eyes on the VALKYRI leader, "Have you seen Skoll? He was supposed to meet me..." Reminding herself that she'd lost a day, the wolf recalculates. "Four days ago. It isn't like him to just disappear and not tell anyone. Reize and Faruja haven't seen him, either."
Avira "It clearly didn't work. Heartless were able to get in, after all." Avira looks thoughtful, "There has to be some kind of explanation. I'd almost suggest some experimentation but going down there isn't something that should be done frequently. Not with all the dead resting and stuff..."

Avira looks shocked for a few moments. "Er...ah...I uh, didn't mean sleep like that..." Even though that subject has come up with Angantyr before, this very conversation reminding her of that incident. Ahem. "I meant like actual sleeping since that's his bed and..uh...yeah, I'm just going to stop there." The scarred hume looks a little flustered at this topic now, it seems. Good reason, too, since where she's from, a guy moving in with a girl usually...meant certain things.

This is soon traded for tenseness. Shadow Lords! Really! "He /what/?" The tone of Avira's voice quickly veers towards incredulousness. No, Skoll never did share this with her. Nor did the memories she saw accurately convey this level of abuse towards the young Hati. "No...Skoll never did say anything about that. He didn't talk very much about his family." Maybe that was how she got those cuts across her face?

" you still serve this Serrak?" She assumes it's servitude. 'Helped me forget' seems to suggest more memory alteration...Hati and Skoll had quite a lot in common, come to think of it, didn't they?

Thought about the Shadow Lord is set aside when the conversation turns to Skoll. ", not since we went on the adventure to retrieve the Desert Rose. Have you checked the-"

Of course. Hati has already checked the Shard Seekers. "...hmmm. Well..." Reaching into one of her leather pouches, Avira gets out her Ma Belle.
Hati The prospect of going back down into those catacombs gets a shiver from the wolf-girl. The enclosed spaces are bad enough, but the fact that it's underground, a place of the dead, and /cold/ makes it pretty much the worst place she can imagine. "I don't know. I think I'll stay clear of those tunnels for a good long time. At least until I thaw out completely." Unlike some of those who came with them, the wolf can't just summon up fire to keep herself warm. Then again, all of this is just excuses to avoid going back into that place if she can help it.

With a smirk, Hati chuckles to herself, stretching her legs out. With a hop, she pulls herself to her feet. "You get flustered pretty easily, don't you?" She asks, seeming more bemused than anything else. "Tell you what. Point me at any corner where I can get a blanket and a pillow and I'll curl up neat as you please. Wolves aren't too picky about where we lay our heads." She does tilt her head though, trying to make sense of the response. At first, she had thought this girl had a thing for her brother, but now... hrm.

As the topic turns back to darker things, Hati takes a moment to lift some of her bangs out of her face, revealing her own set of scars. Usually, the dark strands keep them fairly invisible. "Skoll wasn't there when it happened. He... never saw anything. Father made sure of it." Funny, how a few weeks ago she'd been yelling at him for not caring - for not noticing what went on every day behind his back. Even with everything else that's happened, he is still her brother, and right now, he's missing and she's worried.

Luckily, the question that Avira poses isn't the more difficult one to answer. She doesn't ask if she still serves the Shadow Lords, just if she still serve Serrak. "No." Hati shakes her head. "He disappeared a few months ago. Off to find his real daughter in the land of the dead, I suspect. I was never really a good surrogate." Her ears stay tucked back then, as if talking about such things is harder for her. Unlike Skoll, though, Hati is fairly open about her past... at least what bits she remembers.

With Avira reaching for her own phone, Hati frowns slightly, brows drawn with worry. "He hasn't returned my calls. They just go to voice-mail." Maybe this girl will have better luck?
Avira At that point she realizes how lucky she was to have Maira around while in the catacombs. "Would it have been any warmer if you transformed?" she asks, thinking that a coat of fur could do good down there. At the same time, that would also mean less clothes.

Hati's words manage to embarass her a little bit more. She doesn't answer that playful question, choosing to move right on to the other one about picking a corner and sleeping. "You can go just about anywhere except for this area for Angantyr. We've not really had seperate beds or rooms for each other here before, though Maira likes to sleep in the same area. Seems that much change soon."

No further comments on Angantyr though. What WAS going on? Multiple crushes maybe? Favoring someone else that had actually showed affection? A private matter that Avira will not discuss!

For now, though, she listens to Hati speak aabout her family and the horrible thing that he father did in the past. "So this whole time he didn't know. When I told him about you being around, he wouldn't believe me at first. He told me that you ran away sometime before your world was destroyed." A lie fed by his father. It is some relief to hear that Hati is no longer working for that Shadow Lord. Still, there's a new layer of wariness in the back of her mind because of this.

Dailing the number, Avira waits for a few seconds, then a sad expression settles on her face, "Same for me. Goes right to voice mail." She puts her phone down, a look of horror slowly dawning on her face, "...oh no. The Gaudium lords might have taken him."
Hati "Probably." Hati shrugs her shoulders, moving the robes slightly in the process. They don't look quite natural on her, but she hasn't taken them off since Faruja gave them to her the other day. "But I couldn't risk losing these, or damaging them." She lifts one arm, then tugs at the fabric. Strange girl, who would sacrifice her own warmth in order to keep something offered out in a moment of chivalry from being lost. Then again, it may very well be the first gift of it's kind that she's gotten in recent memory - other than the necklace Skoll gave her for the Solstice.

As if to show that she has no plans on taking over the dark knight's bedspace, Hati moves towards the exit of the man-cave, comfortable with the fact that her persuers are now long gone. "Then maybe I'll just borrow a bit of space and sack out for a few hours." Without the cold or adrenaline of being on the run, she is starting to feel a bit drowsy, regardless of the fact that it's still daytime. The wolf stretches her arms out over her head and does a wide-mouthed yawn that looks distinctly inhuman, making no attempt to cover the gesture. She is wolf, even in those simple movements.

There are no further questions about her relationship, whatever it might be, to Argantyr, or to her brother for that matter. Hati had already had her words with him on the matter. For all that she searches for her own wolf, the girl doesn't have the chains around her heart that her brother bears. "I didn't run away." She lowers her arms, letting them swing at her side. "I was exiled, and left for dead on the snow." Which probably explains her reaction to the cold down in those tunnels. It can't be a fond memory for her.

The wariness isn't something that surprises Hati in the least bit. She certainly wouldn't react any different were she in their shoes. It's hard, though, trying to give these heroes a chance to prove wrong everything that Serrak has taught her, when most of them shut her out for what she is. Still, Hati watches and waits for the other girl to dial the number and get the same response she had expected. "Gaudium lords..." The wolf repeats the words, her ears tucking own into her multi-colored hair. "Do you know where to find them?" She's on alert, and there is that fire in her eyes that suggests a wolf about to head off on the hunt.
Avira Faruja's robes-Avira recognizes them as well. It's heartwarming to see Hati treating the kind gift so gently. Sadly, she knew nothing of Faruja's previous zealotous hatred towards the werewolf so she cannot really fully appreciate the gesture of his gift.

Since the Angantyr man-cave is no longer being occupied by Hati, Avira leaves it as well. It was important to keep the conversation in sight since that was the polite thing to do, especially when guests in what had become her house were concerned. "Feel free. We've got plenty of extra blankets lying around so just grab what you need." Avira can tell Hati is tired in spite of the time. It doesn't surprise her in the least since she knows the girl has been running for hours, trying to escape the freezing depths.

Avira's frown deepens as Hati expands on the truth of her "disappearance." "Why?" she asks, quite bluntly. Sure, from the memories she could tell that Odin hadn't cared very much for the girl, but enough so to throw her out of the pack? There had to be a reason.

Avira's distress over Skoll's disappearance merely intensifies. "No. I have no idea where to find them. Skoll never told me where...and I don't know where the ones I've seen come from."
Hati Alas, the moment that Avira mentioned someone who might be responsible for her brother's disapperance, all chance of her actually getting some well needed sleep goes out the window. The wolf's tail tucks, and she begins to pace in the open space, mind already trying to whirr back to life. Unfortuantely, it does make her not the easiest person to be around, since the wolf's motion probably wouldn't set anyone at ease. She ticks something off on her fingers, not lifting her head until Avira asks that one question: Why?

Blink. Hati looks up, her brows coming together in a look of confusion. Brain-redirect. Oh, the woman is asking about her exile. Right. Being sleep deprived wolf doesn't work well for following trains of thought. "Because I bit him and broke his hand." Self control is also not easy when she's particularly anxious. "He was going to hit my mother and I couldn't let him keep hurting her." Her ears fold down, and a distracted whimper comes out of her that sounds distinctly inhuman. "Skoll never saw what he did. Not to either of us."

Trying to shake off the feeling of it, Hati begins to walk again, making long paths across the hall and back again. It's dizzying to watch, but it's tough for her brain to try and handle two parallel processes. She somewhat expects there to be more questions, but for the moment, she lets her brain go down the path towards her brother. "The library. Maybe there's something there about them. Maybe Seith would know." She growls to herself. "No, better not to owe him anything." She starts to mumble under her breath, still trying to think through things when every part of the wolf inside her wanted her to run, chase, hunt, find...
Avira So much for getting rest...except. "Hey, hold up." Avira says, following after the agitated werewolf. Cautiously, she reaches out to grasp one of Hati's shoulders from behind. "Sit, get some rest. You need it after all that running around in the catacombs." Yes, she recognizes Hati's aggressive body language thanks to her time with the pack. Despite this, she's still reaching out.

Her blunt question receives an answer, much to Avira's own surprise. But it was a good sign, she realize, to hear this and not have Hati blow her off and tell her that it was 'none of her business.' "So your father abused you and your mother." she concludes, "That's really awful, I'm sorry to hear that, Hati." Wasn't the Odin of legend not such a stand-up guy either? Interesting...

Avira's back to chasing Hati, trying to get her to calm down and sit. "Seith...?" Fortunately for Hati, that is a name she does not yet know. Their only meeting thus far, while memorable, wasn't exactly that frought with introductions. "Come on, there'll be time for that later. You really need to rest."
Hati Luckily, for all the anger and rage that Hati usually deals with on a daily basis, she isn't the sort to lash out at anyone touching her. Her head snaps in Avira's direction though, ears perking and head tilting in that quizzical, confused wolf sort of way. Weariness wars with pack loyalty. At first, she doesn't seem to be able to formulate a real response, although her eyes keep moving, looking at the other woman and then away again.

"My father hated us." That topic is easier for now. There is no confusion there. Taking a single step back, Hati looks across at her. The two aren't so different in height, but there is a big difference between either of them and someone like Skoll. "You know how the pack works, don't you?" She asks, remembering that wolfish quality that she felt in this woman from before - something that had nothing to do with her mutate form. "The small and weak are left to die for the good of the pack. I was born small, and weak." There is no self-pity in her words, simply the truth. While she still is quite small for her kind, weak is not a word anyone could use to describe her. Not unless they wanted to be shown the measure of her strength.

"Mother refused to let Odin set me out to die. So he denied I was his. Too shamed by having a runt of a daughter after having some illustrious fated wolf as his son." Hati scoffs, and some hint of her jealousy for her brother comes out with the rage. It's well contained anger, though, not aimed at Avira, although it's possible that the tension radiates off of her regardless. "He made my mother an omega. Declared that she was unfaithful and not worthy of a mate. Declared me not even worthy of a name, because I should be dead." With a snort, the small wolf breathes, trying to slow her own emotions. The anger only makes the darkness worse.

Then, she's back to pacing, even if Avira does manage to catch her quickly enough. Hati makes a dismissive motion at the question of Seith. "Meddling elf in armor. He's the keeper of the library. He knows a lot, but I don't trust him." She's already dismissing the idea, although it's possible that it gets stored away for later. "Maybe if I go back to the Shard Seekers... I could follow his scent. Figure out where it went."

And then there is that notion of rest again. For all her anger, Hati looks towards the other girl, letting out a low whimper. "What if he's hurt, Avira? What if they've done something to him?" For all her words a moment earlier may have had that jealousy in them, Skoll is /still/ her brother, and the worry in her eyes is not an act. He had managed to reach her, to try to pull her back from the darkness, and now he's gone. She'd already lost Serrak, she couldn't lose SKoll as well. "I can't. I need to do something."
Avira Good thing Hati doesn't snap too! Avira's not actually the type to dole out physical contact very freely. She's always reacted oddly to being touched in a friendly fashion. Aside from her parents, it's just not something she's encountered other people doing. For her to go out and do it herself actually took some courage on Avira's part.

It's surprising to hear Hati describe her family even further but as she does she realizes...Skoll didn't know about it. Her mother likely didn't talk about it either, especially following the shaming from Odin. Hati was an omega. She had no friends, she had no pack, she had nobody to share the truth with. In fact, Avira may as well be the first person outside of the pack that's been told. Well, unless Katyna knew as well. It hadn't gone unnoticed by Avira that Kat and Hati knew each other and she had even asked Kat a little bit about Hati during the church investigation.

"Actually..." Avira admits, "That's a behavior I've not yet witnessed." Such jealousy aimed at Skoll was completely understandable. Hati's whole life was spent in the shadow of her Unlimited brother. "I know it's not my place to judge how your pack worked, but that's an unfair and monsterous thing to do to you and your mother."

Avira gives Hati's shoulder a concerned squeeze, the obvious anger of the wolf doing little to repel the scarred woman's contact.

Hati brings up a good point, but- "They can't hurt him too much. They want him alive. They want to /control/ him. You need to rest, Hati. What if you go find him and the Gaudium Lords are waiting? How are you supposed to defend yourself if you're too tired?" Avira walks around so she's in front of Hati and puts her hands on her shoulders, looking into her eyes, "I had an encounter with one of the Gaudium Lords weeks ago. They /know/ about you, Hati, and they will use your brother to kill you if you get the chance. She said exactly that to me. I know you want to go find your brother. I want to find him too, but if we rush off unprepared, we're going to die."

Avira's eyes narrow a little and she focuses away from Hati's face, "And I have no intention of dying anytime soon."
Hati While physical contact of any sort hasn't been commonplace for Hati over the past few years, she is a wolf. So much of the way that wolves interact is all about touch. It's how they greet, how they bond, how reaffirm their place amongst others. In her mind, Avira is a wolf, maybe not exactly like herself and her brother, but close enough that the same sort of instincts work in her mind.

Without saying a word, Hati leans her head towards Avira's arm, closing her eyes for just a short moment, ears laid back. "What makes a person strong is not their origins, not how they begin in this world, but what they do with it." Her head lifts and her mismatched eyes look across towards the other scarred girl. Without meaning to, she's likely hit a bit close to home with that statement. It had been meant to speak for herself, and the strength that she'd found within herself, but she isn't the only one that has risen up in recent months.

Appealing to her sense of logic doesn't always work, especially when her mind is addled by sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and worry. Maybe it's the fact that she respects this woman as an alpha in her own right that makes it get through. Growling under her breath, the girl reluctantly accepts these words. She could leave, head out the moment Avira turns her back, but... she won't. There is truth in it, and even if there are times that death felt like it was knocking on her doorstep... Skoll had been the one to be there, willing to help her fight it back.

The growl turns into a whimper, but it doesn't linger. "So be it." A warm hand is laid onto one of Avira's arms, and then the wolf nods. "I'll rest... but as soon as night falls, I'm heading back to Fluorgis to track his scent. I can track him through the portals where you can't. Maybe I can find the way he took back to them." With that, Hati breaks the contact, however brief it might have been.

Walking away a few steps, she eases herself out of Faruja's robes, and then her jacket, giving a frustrated growl before letting the urge to transform take her. It happens so quickly, one moment she is human, the next her form buckles and changes into that of a far larger creature. The wolf reaches with one hand to pick up the remains of her clothing, then turns back. "Until nightfall." She growls in a deeper voice. Hati is nowhere near as large as Skoll in wolf form, but she is still a fearsome looking creature, the scars visible down her arms and side. Without saying anything more, she finds a corner of the hall, curls into it, lays her head onto her paws, lets out a huff of air... and settles in to sleep.
Avira Wolves were definitely very physical creatures-that was something Avira had certainly learned from her "pack." Since they were wolves, it'd been something she'd much more readily accepted, especially since she discovered that it was another way to communicate with them. Simple touches and nudges, conveying trust, sympathy, all sorts of things that were not just reserved for intimacy.

Then Avira falls silent. Since the fall of her world (the first time, though the second as well) she certainly has learned a lot about and aspired to strength. Avira's own past was something unnotable and embarassing-something she thought to bury completely by starting anew. It had worked to an extent-there was no denying where she came from and how weak she had been her whole life, not just physically, but mentally as well. "...yes." she says quietly, "That is very true."

There is a sense of relief from Avira when she does seem to get through to Hati and prevent her from running off immediately in her current state. Her words and concern had been genuine, despite this girl's avowed association with the Shadow Lords. She was the sister of a friend that had been through a lot of pain and was definitely a target of those who would exploit Skoll. In a way, Skoll's disappearance was her fault since she had warned Zia.

"Good." Avira pulls her hands back. "Hold up." Avira digs around in one of the pouches on her belts and pulls out her Ma Belle. A few button-presses later, she displays her phone number to Hati. "If you find anything, let me know immediately. If I learn anything, I'll let you know too."

As this is definitely not the first time Avira's witnessed Hati's full wolf form, she's certainly not startled by it. She waits until Hati has finished curling up in the corner before moving, pulling a blanket off one of the beds and nudging it next to Hati's head.

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