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(2013-01-16 - 2013-01-17)
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Leida It has been several days since the massive Heartless incursion upon the City of Flowers and while many signs of the devastation unleashed in that grand battle can still be seen in the forms of shattered buildings and mangled sections of road trade has resumed in full swing. The spice must flow!

However, this does not mean that the road to recovery has been without its hang-ups. As if the Heartless were merely the advance guard for a tidal wave of disaster, countless monsters have begun to pop up with alarming frequency around and sometimes even within the city itself. The guards and those who have chosen to step up in the defense of Fluorgis have been hard pressed to meet the needs of the citizens and, to make matters worse, a criminal element has moved in from afar to take advantage of the situation, drawn like sharks to the scent of blood.

The sun hangs low on the horizon currently, its blazing golden disc shimmering from the haze of heat rising off the dunes. Even this late in the evening the heat is as oppressive as ever and even the local residents have retreated to the comfort of the shady interiors of their homes or the community fountains where the ever-cool waters can quench thirsts or douse dried skin.

Another option is available as well for what kind of a city dedicated to commerce would be without its fine alcohol serving establishments? Many pubs can be found lining the main thoroughfare, some fancy, many seedy. However, there is one particular establishment that stands out from the rest on this eve, a decent sort of place called The Desert Rose. What makes this pleasant but otherwise forgettable tavern stand out is that it is the largest of the public watering holes in the city and the fact that it is currently inhabited by a Hill Gigas.

Upon entering the Rose, customers are greeted with a sight of terrible carnage. A large portion of the furniture has been crushed underfoot by the careless giant, leaving little but splinters and footprints in the floorboards. At one time dozens of framed pictures, hunting trophies, and other assorted paraphernalia adorned the walls but the thunderous shaking of his entry has left most of them scattered and broken.

The perpetrator in question sits on the far side of the tavern, completely dominating the room by himself as he chugs mead directly from a barrel, noisily gulping down the amber liquid and managing to get a great deal of it on the floor rather than in his mouth. If the hazy look in his eyes and the dozen or so empty casks nearby is any indication the monster is already completely sloshed.

"Urrrrah... This bhooze ish terrible! I couldn't drink anosher drop!" The gigas tilts his head back moments after saying this and takes a long swig from his current barrel. "Hmm... I don't want anosher drop of this rubbish!"

A large portly man in nice clothes that are ruffled and ragged from stress approaches the beast, rubbing his hands together nervously. "Ah... yes... well if the drink is unsatisfactory, sir, perhaps you could take your business elsewhere?"

The gigas burps, "I will!" And continues to sit there.
Deelel Deelel has taken to traveling about this city given the Shard Seekers are based out of here even though it's technology levels kinda left her very uneasy she'd done a lot of things to her personal room. Ity's a thing of sicence and math, things that might make half the other shard seekers heads explode. However she is not there she's in the bar leaning on the wall lookin the huge humanoid over for a moment and stares at him some more. "Your words and actions are at cross purposes. he's asked you to leave."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr walks into the rose.

There was a monster...and a lot of property damage. He was drinking the place dry...and for a moment Angantyr reconsiders stopping here...and then Emi and Imi are seen approaching.

Alright, well, so much for that...

The Dark Knight, in his desert garb, walks towards the counter of the bar and looks down towards the keep. "Ale." he says, without skipping a beat, and looks back towards the Gigas. "Unless this fat<GOOSEHONK> drank it all."
Leida The gigas grunts and tilts his head to look over at the strange little woman with her glowing suit, blinking blearily at her. He shakes his head and shrugs, tossing back the rest of the barrel with a single loud glup.

"I am leaving!" There is a sharp crack of wood as the giant crumples the cask in his massively powerful fingers as easily as a beer can, tossing the wreckage over his shoulder where it slams into the wall and makes a huge mess. Another barrel is picked up from the pile of fresh ones stacked up at his side and a hole is punched in the top with a flick of its thumb. It immediately begins to make short work of this one as well.

The tubby man, probably the manager or proprietor backs away carefully and goes over to Deelel's side, whispering to her fiercely. "Don't provoke it! Just look around at the damage it's caused already and that was before it was drunk! Don't you know what hill giants can do if they get angry?!" He glances over one shoulder to keep an eye on the monster. "Just... just let him drink until he gets tired and leaves."

With that said, he waddles over to the bar and pours the rather brutish knight a mug of ale from the barrels still lining the wall at the back. "Don't worry, sir, we have plenty to go around. And please try not to--"

"Heeeey!" The giant lumbers to his feet suddenly and staggers over towards the center of the room, moving haphazardly in Angantyr's direction. "I think I heard you shay shomething really nice about me. You ssshould keep talking like that becaush I really like it."
Percival After awakening at twilight, Percival began his patrol about the city of Flowers, guiding in a circular motion as he turns and banks about to cover more ground. Eventually all appears calm, and his patrol takes on a sort of lazy quality to it, before he simply ceases altogether. Perhaps the rumors were wrong about the increase in Heartless attacks here as of late. After a time, he begins to walk the streets. It was becoming a favorite activity for him as of late, simply because it had a 'newness' to it.

He walked on for some time, the hustle and bustle of the twilight crowd abruptly ceasing as he passed by the Rose. In fact, the few who dared to even walk the streets gave it a wide berth. His curiosity got the better of him, and after questioning one of the passersby, he got his answer. It didn't really answer 'what' a Gigas is, but still it was worth investigating.

Percival walks into the Rose casually, and begins to size up the creature from a distance. It was drinking after all, it wasn't rampaging. Still the flustered nature of the bartender and the ruined state of the drinking hole was disquieting and he had a feeling it wouldn't be long before tragedy struck.

His fears seemed entirely warranted though as the giant saunters up to Angantyr. He had a feeling that the warrior would brook no nonsense from it. Sighing, he walked up to the Gigas, trying to defuse the situation. "Ah no, good sir. The gentleman had nothing complimentary to say, but 'I' on the other hand could be persuaded to buy you several drinks. If you'd be willing to depart shortly after, that is. The hour is late as is." While those aren't his 'exact' feelings on the situation, he would at least like to try to get the ill-tempered and inebriated giant away from the civilians before it erupted.
Emi Dennou Legion isn't really old enough to go drinking...if one is to care about drinking laws... but they have never seen a Gigas before--after all!--and now's a good time as any to start. They step into the Rose and sees a lot of smashed up furniture. They are not here to remove the Gigas really--they wouldn't really even know where to begin--but they do want to chat him up and see what he's like. Giga Giga Time.

Two Legions, Imi and Emi, step inside the Rose and take a look around the building--they don't have long to look before they notice the Gigas talking to the proprieter.

Really he looks like kind of a mess, but they do stare all the same, shuffling out of the entrance to avoid blocking the way in.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr, holds a hand on his mace, under the cloak that covers his body. He takes the ale in the visible hand, and takes a swig as he turns back towards the giant that is towering over him. He looks at it for a long moment of time before turning back to the Bar Keep.

"This is good." he compliments, before downing the rest of the mug and putting it back on the counter. "More." he says and looks towards Percival, who decides that he's going to say something about him. Angantyr shakes his head, with a grin, "Oh this'll be good." he says with a snicker, "I do hope you can by barrels, because this fat tub of lard only drinks his booze out of the barrel."

"Oh didn't you know? Ale straight out of the barrel is bad for you. Makes you fat."
Emi Dennou Hey Hey! That Giga isn't fat! He's bigboned!

Emi has little interest in fighting a hill giant over a bar. Unless of course it's a job. Percival tries his hand at engaging in diplomacy with the hill giant, but Imi turns a bit, nodding to Emi before making her way over to Ang. "It's you again," Imi says, smiling at him. "We haven't seen you since that little event in Rabanastre. Are you going to be alright?" Of course, they forced themselves to get involved that time and it wasn't Imi who was there, but Ang might not be able to tell them apart that easily? IT's hard to say.

What isn't hard to say is that Emi looks over to the Gigas and says, "Nice things...?" That didn't sound like a nice thing from Ang's mouth. But she doesn't know about Zozo and says, "Ah. Well, in any event, hello there. You are a Gigas right? You should be careful of how you treat this person's property. If you break everything, it will be harder to get drinks here in the future."

BUT REALLY, Emi taps the side of her cheek--thinking. Isn't this just treating the symptom? NO! She must treat the disease.

"Why are you so thirsty to drink, sir? Is there something troubling you? The Network inquires."
Deelel Deelel notice another being has arrive she's a bit suprised she's seen Zia before and knows there'as a few others of her kind about but this one's a new one. She tilts her head curiously at Percivial but the giant well seems to be saying one thing and doing another. What's the deal here? She is no longer leaing on the wall as she heads towards the huge being. "So your looking to get some game hummm? Let's do this inside." She's edging for the door and experimenting to see how the giant reacts this could...backfire terribly.
Leida The gigas' scrunched up eyes drift from person to person. First to Percival when he steps up to try and defuse the situation, though the response he gets from the towering giant is probably not quite what he expects. "What?! Are you shaying this man is inshulting me? That sssits rather well with me, rather well indeed!" Despite the approving nature of his commentary, the gigas is glowering quite angrily, his empty fist tigthening up into a frighteningly large ball of muscle and bone.

"I most shertainly will depart shoon, shince it is rather early." He glances back to the dark knight, glowering even harder. "And you! How can you not like thish mead? It is shome of the worst grog I have ever had! Your inshults notwithshtanding, I'm very pleased with you and think we should be friends!"

To facilitate this blossoming friendship, the gigas lifts his hand in the air and prepares to smash it down on Angantyr's body. But then there's a little girl talking at him! "I am being careful! And I completely intend to return to this fine establishment in the future!" Her question causes him to pause and he lowers the offending fist to scratch the back of his neck.

"I'm not thirty! Who told you that I was? I have no interest whatsoever in drinking because I am certainly not lost in this wonderful desert!" He pauses. "Why are there only one of you? I must be seeing normally..."

Finally Deelel draws the lumbering creature's attention and he squints at her neon glowy outfit through bloodshot eyes. "Hmph! I am most certainly interested in this game and would be delighted to go outside." And more standing around.
Percival Percival clears his throat. "Ah no, not precisely. I'm saying that the man had nothing to say at all until..." And then Angantyr says it, and the Gargoyle groans audibly.

After listening to everything the creature has to say, two things are obvious. It was actually quite intelligent, and it was toying with them. Despite the slurred speech, he wasn't even quite certain this was a result of the inebriation. "...until now that is. No accounting for propriety or taste in drink of questionable quality I suppose, good sir."

As the Gigas continues to speak, Percival gently reminds him. "I would note that you say you'd be delighted to leave this establishment, but you haven't yet. Are you waiting for your promised drink first, or is there another reason?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks towards Imi, and because his spot check isn't naturally HIGH AS BALLS, he assumes she was the one he met in Rabanastre.

"It's fine. I really hated that place anyway...Rabanastre is a hole, and I was only there because it was farthering my goals, and of course because of the clan. With that monster back, my time there was short anyway," Angantyr grunts, and takes another drink. However, as the Gigas raises it's hand...Angantyr smiles. Do it, you fat ba-Whaaaat?!

Angantyr frowns as Emi successfully speach checks it. Which causes his eyes to narrow slightly...but he doesn't say anything. Not yet...he looks back towards the Giga, moving his face just right...just DARING it to swing at him. He takes another long drink.

"What about you? The judges didn't give you a hard time did they? They're not known for their kindness."
Emi Dennou Some of these things are blatant lies and some of them aren't blatant lies? What's going on? Does he just lie randomly? Emi has heard about compulsive liars. Does this mean he 'is not being careful' and 'he doesn't intend to return to this fine establishment'--and was he... definitely not lost? Or is he lost?

Emi feels a bit dizzy.
%rPercival seems to be trying to help the owner of this place. She's not sure it'll be easy to extricate a drunk Gigas--even if it wants to leave it may be abit tricky to get him out.

"Where are you from, sir?" Emi asks. "This one could ask directions, or not, if you'd like...or not? The Network throws out options wildly without concern." She glances over to Ang but lets Imi handle talking to him.

"Ah...The Network convinced him to forget the incident on our behalf." Imi says, smiling broadly. "That is to say Emi did."
Morrighan Alazne And then from above a dark rift suuddenly opened in mid air. It looked like one of those dark portals that those evil shadow lords and other darkly inclined people loved to use to get around. Who was coming? Why was it in the air even?



Down came Morrighan, faceplanting onto the floor of the bar rather gloriously, ridiculously long hair tumbling down after her. "......Buh-!" She raised her head after a moment of just twitching on the floor. "I will never get the hang of this dark non..."

Give it a couple seconds for her to realize she's not where she intended to go. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1....There. "...Sense?"


"Where exactly did I land? This is not Baron!"

How astute.
Deelel Deelel is starting ti get the idea he says one thing but will do the the mirror image of what he's saying. That's itneresting it's like he's glitched in a way but he's not a basic so what does she know about user mental wiring. She staresd him down a moment longer. "So you wish to come out side and game? That would be a smart idea on your part." She tilts her head again keeping near the door. She's not yet thrown a punch she's not about to start this brawl at least in here.

Then suddenly dark elf white mage from above.

"...No this is not baron. This is Flurogis."
Leida "There schertainly ish no question about the quality of the drinksh here." The gigas grumbles loudly and resumes frowning deeply, turning back to the crowd at the bar. Once more its eyes drag slowly across those assembled, clearly upset with their continued presence and blathering in his direction. "And I never shaid any shuch thing. I am schertainly not waiting for any drinksh and have plenty of other reashons to be here! Now please continue talking to me, I rather enjoy your company."

A thick finger is leveled at Angantyr, the gigas clearly intending to say something further to him but the cute little girl interrupts again and the finger shifts towards her. "I have no idea where I am from, nor do I have any deshire for you to find out how to get there! Your opshuns make complete shense as doesh the fact that you are announshing that you have given them!"

The sudden thud catches the titan by surprise and he whirls around, fists coming up to fend off this sudden threat and sloshes mead from the barrel in his hand all over the place, including a great deal on Morrighan. "Ah, you will get the better of me you wonderful..! Hmm?" His eyes go down to the elf, squinting past the boozy haze obscuring them. "You look familiar."

But then the program continues to push his buttons which causes the hill gigas to find lose his cool. Whirling around, he flings the half-empty booze barrel at her shouting, "I SHAID I'D GO OUT-BLAAAAAGH!!!!" This sudden outburst causes a chain reaction within the beast's gut and he makes a twisted face as a massive blech escapes his mouth mid-sentence, covering the entire room in noxious alcohol fumes that are thick enough to get the less harder tipsy from that alone.
Angantyr Vespar And then the thing belches all over Angantyr.

He'll TAKE IT!

The coat goes off, even as Morrighan is spotted...he squints at her, feeling the darkness and snorting a bit. Someone made a deal with the Shadow Lords...and the Dark Knight only glowers at her for a moment.

Then the wicked looking mace moves, aiming to smash into the side of the Gigas, before he pulls it back. Angantyr was no normal human, as he once more uses the mace, which looked more like a weapon for the Gigas itself, and swings it upwards, aiming to try and knock him flat before aiming to repeatedly punch him right in the stomach.

"So, Elf. I see you've aquired some new powers, shame you can't use them with a damn."
Deelel Chemicals in combat is an alien thing to her she pauses not sure what the huge humanoid is about to do but it's too late. There's a bit of creeping horrosd as the foul gas is ejected from his body. She's not feeling too good as her own body in this world is somewhat alien to her still. She does't feel good she's trying to focus and get ready for the fight which she may have started. It could have been a forgone conclution really given the cross wired nature of the giant's brain. She steadies herself and tries to get ready but hasn't gone for her disk just yet.

"Fine...your just utterly glitched out!"
Percival Percival doesn't bare naked steel without reason, and these circumstances are no exception. It was a only a belch after all. A slight shifting of his cloaked wings fans the fumes away with only the slightest of whiffs reaching his nostrils. Furthermore, the creature is unarmed. There was absolutely no reason to go overreact. It was merely a rowdy brawl, and the creature, while intimidating and uncouth, wasn't a monster that was worthy of death, yet at least. Still its massive size was intimidating, and he believed it needed to be taken down quickly.

Allowing himself to come fully in view of the creature, he salutes it casually with an arm, allowing it to know he intended to engage it in honorable combat and would not attempt to ambush it from behind. Perhaps he'd be able to distract it away from the civilians at the very least. Glowering at Angantyr's 'overkill', he charges the Gigas with a yell intended to distract its attention towards him. However, once his charge comes close, he stops short of trying to tackle the creature, which would be foolhardy, and aims a blow at the creature's right knee with a left hook, before twisting to the side to attempt to smash his elbow into the side of the same leg. Onlookers might note that while he has sharp talons which would do far more damage, he seems to make the attempt to never use them in unarmed combat.

"Do try to keep it sporting, Angantyr. Its only a tavern brawl after all. Do you bare steel and paint the streets crimson for the common thugs as well, or only the uncommon ones?"
Emi Dennou BURP ATTACK! Emi knows well this could be truly a dangerous attack and leaps backwards, avoiding the fumes dynamically as she pinches her nose closed with her index fingers. She says somethiing but with her nose pinched, it comes out as a garbled mess! Unfortunately Emi is not really good at fighting in a way that is very...well...non destructive. She thinks about this, though, for a few moments and decides that--technically speaking--it's a Gigas and can probably take more or less what she deals out.

"We seem to have in common parlance 'a failure in communication'." Emi says quietly before she reaches out with her hand, intending to touch the Gigas lightly on the back--

--and send a chunk full of electrical energy into the Gigas in an attempt to pacify him. "You are being asked to stay which is, in other words, asking you to leave, The Network guesses maybe?" She says.
Morrighan Alazne "Excuse me?" Morrighan grumbled, returning to her feet and rubbing her head. She gave Angantyr a withering look for a moment, trying to discern if she even knew who he was. It took a few seconds but eventually her eyes widened in recognition.

"AHA! YOU!" She pointed directly at him indignantly. "You are that insufferable barbarian that stormed the castle with those other apes!" But before the dark elf can continue to rattle off in anger, there came that splash of alcohol, getting her clothes quite soaked in the substance.

"Guh! You!" She shouted at the Gigas, clearly having no sense of self preservation. "These clothes are expensive! How dare you just--" And came that foul smell. "....Ergh! Disgusting!" She stumbled back waving the air away from her nose, face wrinkling up in disgust. "Utter nonsense! That is exactly what I landed in on here!"

Without further ado, Morrighan took several steps back away from this scene, ignoring Angantyr's assault on the giant. "I simply must get out of here!" She groused, holding a hand out in an attempt to open a dark portal.

...No response.


Great! Now she was stuck here!

"...Well this is just peachy..." The healer sighed and looked about, crossing her arms. It didn't look like she had any intention of fighting herself. "Hey you! Take care of this quickly, Barbarian!" She called out to Angantyr, casting several enhancing spells on him. As much as she would have liked not to.
Leida The dark knight's massive mace impacts the gigas' body with a solid thud but seems to do little more than cause the bulging muscles to ripple slightly from the impact. The gut punches fare no better and the large creatuer bellows with annoyance, swinging its heavy foot out to kick at him but merely succeeds in driving him away for the moment.

"Ow, that hurt!" The distraction is enough that Percival and Emi get a couple of free shots in at the ponderous creature, though whether it is slow due to natural bulk or its inebriated state is difficult to tell. The gargoyle's one-two combo on the knee joint causes it to buckle and creature tips over backwards from the sudden loss of balance, even as the gentle jolt sends shivers all through its back, causing it to tumble over into a twitching messy heap on the tavern floor.

The sheer weight of the creature causes a massive shockwave of force to erupt out in all directions when it hits the ground and the floorboards dent ominiously downwards under the impact. Its massive arms flail about as it struggles to stand, the thick chain attached to its manacle whipping across the room dangerously, marring the walls and what little decorative furnishings had managed to survive thus far, much to the distressed wailing of the owner.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks towards Imi for a moment, "You talked your way out? Huh. I'll have to buy Emi a drink." he doesn't even ask if she's old enough! Percival gets a stare immediately after, "Yes. A fist fight with a giant, who's fists are actually larger than your chest. This isn't a fist fight, this is a monster. This is a monster, who is drunk, and doesn't give any <GOOSEHONK>s about what he smashes as long as he's abusing this poor keep." he says, "For a guy who claims to have honor, you seem to be either stupid, or fail at practicing it." he says to him.

Morrighan gets a stare... "Can't get back huh? I got rates, if you need me to HELP you back to Baron, we can talk buisness. Once this thing is stopped." he says, "And the Name is Angantyr, I suggest you memorize it. If you're not too busy trying to get your maid fetish on." he chides.

The monster comes down, so FAT that it cracks the earth and sends everyone flying. Angantyr stops himself, before unleashing an assault from the mace once more. This time, focusing on trying to break through the fat thing's defenses... The mace was a nasty piece of work, tearing through armor and flesh as if they were nothing to it.
Emi Dennou "Talking to authority..." Imi laughs faintly. "It could be seen as something of a skill. One, ah, that Umi does not seem to have but perhaps in a way that is her way of following a different authority." Ang has a point, it's a bit silly to engage in a fist fight with someone whose fist is the size of your body. The trouble is more whether they can get him out and make him stay out without causing more damage than there would be until he inevitably passed out. But, "Relax, relax, there's no need to vye for the--ah--..." She pauses. "(Moral) high ground here, mm? This is clearly a misunderstanding, not a matter of honor, but with him so hard to communicate with..."


"Speaking of maid fetishes...there's that calender..." She coughs lightly into her hand. "But who is this person you know, Angantyr, The Network memorizes incidentally?"

Meanwhile the Gigas falls over and sends Emi crashing into a wall with a faint CRACK. Sliding down it, she rubs at her face lightly before standing up, dusting herself off, and then notes the manacle. Easy target, will conduct. Fanning her hand forward, she sends a bolt of electricity at it, intending to use it as a conductor for a heftier burst of electrical power. Gotta keep him from moving too much so they can get him outta here properly.
Percival Percival, anticipating what is coming, takes a hop into the air, aided by a flap of his wings. Despite there being no air currents, it at least allows him to slow his descent enough that he steel himself, crossing his arms and putting his head down. The sheer force of the creature's fall still takes him off guard, knocking him backwards, but he still lands on his feet, aided by an arm which is extended to cushion his fall. Noting that the brute is on the floor, he remains in his current position.

"Oho! If you took a moment to consider the situation, you'd realize that he hasn't actually attacked us, nor is he the usual mindless rampaging monster. A churlish creature? Certainly. Deserving of a thrashing for ruining this establishment? Most definitely. But death? Ah. Now that's a different matter entirely. But if his size intimidates you, then by all means, continue to call me the fool. Better to be thought a fool and maintain one's honor, than to be considered a sage without. I hardly see any failure of honor on my part." He looks upon the downed giant. "I suggest you stay down. But if you wish to arise, then by all means." And then, he just stands there, at the ready. He simply refuses to attack the creature while its on the ground.
Deelel Deelel is not doing so well fighting at close qurters like they have here. She's getting postively knocked about like hell. She's hurt pretty badly bty that last attack. She's trying to get back up, she really is. She manages to get back on her feet and has about enough of this she's got hte disk out and launches at the hostile giant she's not tryhing to kill him but she is trying to disable him however.
Morrighan Alazne "As if I would accept assistance from you!" Morrighan grumbled, ignoring the banter between the others with a huff. She wasn't in a good mood right now. And lord knew she saw enough nonsense from Baron. This was just an additional headache. Why couldn't she get a break!?

"And whatever your name is; you certainly are not going to hear it from my mouth!" Guh, the stench of alcohol was all over her! It was revolting! "I can hardly even begin to fathom why anyone would partake in such disgusting drinks..."

Imi is given a brief look, but it's at that point that our rather large friend decides to... make a splash.

Morrighan is thrown back, falling to the floor from the force of the shockwave. "Argh!" Crying out in pain, she sat up slowly, sighing to herself. "...Stupid monsters, stupid world, stupid darkness not working, stupid, stupid, stupid..." Grumbling to herself in a low tone, the healer rose back up to her feet, beginning to cast healing magic on the others.
Leida Powerful weapon of darkness that it may be, the gigas was a supernatural creature of incredible fortitude and the mace seems to again do little but leave bruises and scratches as it slam down on the giant's body. The wild flailing does little to aid in this regards as the chain whipping through the air like a metal lizard's tail fends off the worst of his blows and manages to score a grazing hit in return.

"I am shtaying down!" the gigas bellows as he pushes to his feet. "And I'm going to leave now without any more booshe or fighting!"

His fists both come up, raising together over the shaggy mane of hair on his head just as the crackle of electricity crashes into the manacle on his wrist with astonishing force. Magnified and drawn to the metal conductor, the static burst sends spiderwebs across the creature's body, causing it to shudder and shake for a few moments while growling in a warbling roar of pain and surprise.

The powerful techno light disc sears into his chest in quick succession and staggers the beast, knocking it free of the electric shock. Shaking his head, the titan blinks to clear spots from his eyes. "That felt pretty good, I have to shay... now where whas I... oh yes... BLAARGH!"

Getting thoroughly upset by the continued pummeling and shocking and what not, the gigas begins stomping about, shaking the very building itself as it rampaging back and forth, laying into each of them with powerful swings and kicks. Its antics send ruined furniture and broken glass in all directions, turning the entire brawl into a regular pit fight.

"I schertainly appreciate your continued inshistence on calling me a monster like I can't hear you!"
Emi Dennou Imi waggles a hand at Morrighan in a friendly manner, all smiles. She helps -><- much in the fight. In other words, she isn't helping the fight at all. Then again, Emi seems to have it well in hand. Morrighan's EVIL DARK WHITE MAGIC is certainly helpful in fixing up Emi's injuries though the healing is largely dissipitated by the Gigas trying ot break the building EVEN MORE. Glass flies everywhere! Emi gets a chunk in her arm and Imi's left index finger is lightly cut by a piece that flies out of control. Really.

"Ouch!" Imi says, tears appearing in her eyes as she brings her hurt finger to her mouth and sucks on it lightly as the pain flits through her. "Snff! Snff!" She says. And then adds, "The Network tries blatant manipulation to encourage their allies to finish this quickly."


Emi sighs deeply, ducking down and picking up some fallen change from the floor--She pockets some of it, and holds one out in front of her, shifting her body in one direction to put the Gigas in between the door and herself.

"U--um Emi, I'm not sure that'll be non-destructive...!" Imi laughs nervously suddenly, inching towards the bar. "I mean ah--it tends to release a shockwave--"

Emi isn't listening apparently, she flicks the coin into the air. It spins around and as it comes down--

Emi unleashes a massive electro magnetic blast against the coin, propelling it forward at supersonic speeds into the Gigas--intending to just blast him right out the door with the hyper-accelerated projectile!

"Foolishness can only be tolerated for so long, destruction is destruction...A Gigas should know that better than anyone."


Delivery Man One says, "So we just put this giant inflatable pool filled with water right outside the Tavern here?"
"Yep, that's what was asked for, beats my why! Doesn't make any sense." Delivery Man Two says. "Maybe we got the wrong address?"
Percival The force of the blow knocked Percival aloft. The blow forces the wind out of him for a moment, as he sets his wings to slow his flight. Catching ahold of the wall of the bar, he uses his talons to hang there briefly. Then in an attempt to maintain his dignity, and make it look entirely like he planned it this way, he kicks off the wall, spinning around with his wings to glide in the direction of the Gigas with great speed, right towards the creature's head. Aiming to impact the Gigas' skull with his shoulder, he then tries to land two savage clouts to its temples with both his hands locked together in a hammerfist. Kicking off of its shoulder, he would then glide to the opposite wall to catch hold of it with his talons, readying himself for the next strike.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr DOES NOT LIKE RAMPAGES!

Unless they are his.

The monster beats into the man, even as Morrighan sends her curitive magics through his body to keep him on his feet.

"God, what the hell is wrong with you woman? You SERIOUSLY have issues. Look, seriously, manipulating the darkness into portals TAKES TIME and EFFORT to learn. Nobody gets it right on their first few times, EVEN YOU. Deal with it." he rolls his eyes, as the mace continues to pummel the giant in response to being pummeled in the first place.

However, the dark energy is flowing around Angantyr now. It's a healthy build up now, as he considers the Gargoyle. "Yeah...Shut up." he says, and then...

The mace swings, repeatedly aiming to strike the Gigas, each swing is powerful, potient, and trailing the space between the stars in EVERY swing.

Before the mace comes up...and you swear for just a moment you see Angantyr shift into something a bit more...beastial, dark...painfully so. The mace draws the life from the Gigas, aiming to try and leave it a husk...before the mace dives right down, aiming to litterally try and shatter the beast with the power of darkness.
Deelel Deelel is now getting a feel for the huge backwards talking giant, she really got to wonder what this guy is one. Still she's got a plan she's got an idea and she launches hers self at him she's going to smack him in the chest flip kick him and then smack him up side the head with the non lethal flat side of her disk.

Morrighan Alazne Imi's cheerful waving is met with a frown. Morrighan isn't in the mood to entertain children today.

And then came the giant's next attack. This time she was prepared, erecting a light barrier to deflect the shards of glass. That would have been ugly. The force of the attack was still enough to launch her into the air even then however.

"As if I even want to hear that from someone like you!" She shot back to Angantyr as she landed to the ground, dispelling the barrier and watching as the others finished off the Gigas. "Hmn...Is it finally over now?" The healer asked, bringing a hand to her mouth and yawning rather openly.
Percival Percival lets go of the wall, allowing himself to land. Without breaking his stride, he walks outside to examine the unconscious giant. Grabbing the Gigas' pouch of Munny, he would toss it back inside the tavern towards the terrified owner, calling out to the man. "That should help to cover the damages."

He then scans the onlookers, in particular the delivery men, giving them all a vexed look. "Kind sirs, I don't suppose you would mind fetching the authorities so they can clean up this mess?" He then stands patiently near the creature's body, guarding it to make certain it doesn't awaken from its unconscious state and begin to rampage once more.
Emi Dennou "You fight a lot, Angantyr." Imi says. "I'm sure you have good reason, but it's not healthy, you know?"


Emi dusts herself off. "That's why they call him ... Ang-rytyr." She says this with a blank face devoid entirely of emotion. As a comedian, she'd make an amazing straight man, but she seems to prefer a darkly quiet sort of humor that isn't afraid to use silly puns. It doesn't match on her face well.

And Imi could certainly be seen as a child, she looks about 16 years old, maybe even 15, and she smiles a lot which is a sure sign of childlike wonder and glee. Drawing a knife that looks sharp enough to carve through wood, which she holds between her fingers, she asks of Emi, "Shall I finish him off?" with the same friendly smile she used to wave over to Morrighan.

"Don't say stuff like that." Emi tells her. "There's no need, we saved the tavern from suffering needless damage."

"Ah..." Imi looks over through the hole in the tavern wall. And the door that is no longer there. And the two terrified deliverymen hugging one another while being totally drenched by water. "Well... perhaps it could serve as a draw in to the bar?" She laughs faintly, secreting the knife away quickly.


"WAaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!" The delivery men run away. To get the authorities? Maybe?

BACK TO EMI who gives Morrighan a long look that is in many ways the opposite of Imi's, totally devoid of smiles. instead she ducks down and picks up the gauntlet, examining it for a moment before adding, "Nothing is leveled, it seems, The Network says and asks for the knife so she can pry the gem free."

Her eyes alight. With a small touch of greed. Hey, it's free elaborate gems she could sell for money to buy food or clothing or maybe more helpful bullets since they have used a fair number lately. "Oh, and make sure Angantyr has not been swallowed up by the darkness, corrupting his personality and twisting him into a horrifying monster subsumed by rage and violence, The Network summarizes the concern."

"Would you like another drink, Ang?" Imi asks, smiling.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr grabs the Gargoyl's hand. "Oh no." he says, with a sneer, "That money is divied up, NOT decided on who to be given by YOU." Seriously.

"You feel guilty about the Tavern, well go say some prayers at the local Glabados chuch and make your peace with god that way, but /I/ am taking my share." Angantyr doesn't do <GOOSEHONK> for free.

"And you WILL hear it from me, Witch. So I suggest you get used to it!"

To Imi, he gets two options.



"Hell yes." he says to her.
Percival Percival's hand is still clutched fast on the pouch. He gives Angantyr an even look, staring him down, then after a moment snarls out. His grey irises disappearing as his eyes begin to glow brightly with the rage that his race is known for. "LET-GO-OF-MY-HAND. If you wish to lay claim to it, then we'll discuss your avarice forthwith, but you will not, touch me with your tainted hands, or suggest that I pray in a heathen church again! IS THAT CLEAR?"
Deelel Deelel sees the fight is finally over she looks at the big guy as he foes down hard hopefully they can drag him off somewhere. She looks at him as he gets up and staggers off he seems to be done however ther's no more drink. She goes to grab her share of the cash at the very least and knows whst she's going to do with her cute. She looks for a moment. "humm that was almost a fun brawl." She doesn't mind games where no one dies right? they can handle the clean up one way or another the basics looks to the Gargyole, then back to Ang gor a moment. Morri gets a look forr a moment for a moment.

"Let him have his cut, this is him being charitable. All right boot those drives down let him have his cut we can do whatever we want with ours. Don't glitch out over this it's not worth it."
Emi Dennou "Ang seems to be precisely as greedy and self serving as before, The Network faithfully reports." Imi says to Emi.

Emi nods. "Good. Knife?"

Imi hands Emi a knife, but Emi doesn't get to work on the glove just yet since she has to add, about here, "Percival," She says, looking up. "Give him a fair share, you may donate your own proceeds and assist with reconstruction. We will help as well, naturally, but there is no reason to encourage further trouble in this place that has already seen its fair share of trouble. Irregardless of who is correct, encouraging more violent activity here over pride is not acceptable. We are detectives, ethics are not our concern, helping those who have nowhere else to go is. Ang," She looks over to the dark knight. "I request you leave the words be in exchange for the drink we will be purchasing for you."
Morrighan Alazne "You insufferable jerk! What makes you think you can talk to me that way!?" Morrighan shot back, stomping a foot angrily in protest. The Gigas was mostly forgotten at this point. Along with the items dropped from his person. She had no interest in money, having had more than enough of it herself, and the gauntlet was not something she had any need of.

"I have had more than enough of this foolishless! Hmph!" She turned away from the sight, thrusting a hand outwards again in an attempt to open a dark portal...

...And again, nothing.

Oh wait, delayed reaction, a dark portal opened itself up in the space ahead of Morrighan. "Aha! There we go!" She smiled at her own success and glanced over at the others. "Ah, how pathetic really. Arguing over money. Mhmhmhm~"
Emi Dennou "Is that more or less pathetic than arguing over one's own level of incompetence?" Emi asks of Morrighan.
Morrighan Alazne Emi's question is met with Morrighan looking about in mock confusion, not directly looking at her. "Oh? I could almost swear I heard some annoying background noise, but...ah, I suppose it must be my imagination!"
Angantyr Vespar "I'll do whatever the <GOOSEHONK> I want to." Angantyr isn't afraid of Perci. Not even a little bit.

"There is no discussion. You drop the money, we divi it up, and I go on my marry way. You shout at me, or you HIT me...well, I am not going to feel bad about what I am going to /DO/ to you. You. DO. NOT. GIVE. AWAY. OTHERS. MONEY." Angantyr says, very VERY clearly.

Angantyr simply stares back right at Perci.

"You call it Avarice, or greedy and self serving...I call it how I eat." Angantyr does however, let go of the hand, provided that the Gargoyle doesn't throw it at the patron again.
Percival Snarling at his response, the glow lingers in his eyes for a moment before fading. "Actually I call you a heathen and amoral mercenary that is so immersed in darkness and witchcraft that he has no concept of honor. Avarice is the least of your sins."

Doing a quick count of the coins within the bag, he scatters an amount roughly equal to Angantyr's share, minus Morrighan who has left, at his feet. "There, take it and be done with it, beggar. After all, you're too poor to afford missing a single meal."

His gaze then scans the others present. "Is there anyone else that cannot afford to miss a single meal?" He makes no move to throw the rest to the tavernkeeper.
Emi Dennou "It must be," Emi says agreeably. "Take care to not lose track of your opals, tear your rich silk, or tarnish your bronze gear."

She is ignored by Ang who seems intent on still carrying on his argument with Percival. And of course Percival also seems to be ignoring her. Being ''ignored'' by Morrighan isn't really as annoying as being ignored by a TDA ally and someone that they had stood in defense foro and--more importantly--offered to buy a drink.

"Perhaps I had not made myself clear, The Network pretends to consider this responsibility." She slides on the Gigas Glove (which probably really is worth more than the sack of munny) and examines it for a few moments as if to check its level of gaudiness. She approaches the two older men and takes in a long, slow breath before coughing, twice, loudly--into her fist.

"The Network is not an entity that allows much pride in its behavior. After all, The Network has been in situations where singular mistakes would mean their demise which, while quick, we know quite well from experience that death is very, very painful. Of course at some point the physical pain goes away, but that is just the start. It is when you are a mere spirit that the agony truly begins. Nevertheless, I digress."

"We are dissapointed in you, Percival. To expect a mercenary to not be a mercenary is strange indeed, but to expect an associate of the TWilight Detective Association to know proper behavior is not, let alone one who is also a squire. Is judgementalism what it is to be a knight, Percival? Is it to try and challenge the beliefs of another simply because you believe to find them wrong? The Network is frustrated that you seem to only respect us when we are being nice, and smiling, and perhaps being cute for you. The Network is not stupid or foolish, nor are they incapable of imagining complex scenarios in which discretion is, as is said, the better part of valor."

"Simply because we do not voice every thought or disagreement does not mean we are, as one might say, 'children'. That we seek amiable conclusions that are amenable to all parties present in negotiations, does not make us foolish or naive. That we do not fight over every insult does not mean we are weak. Is this understood, Percival who claims to only be a squire?"

"the word for having behavior such as this is called maturity." Emi says. "And while The Network does not always behave maturely, it will remind that there is nothing holy, sacred, or noble in starting a fight in a tavern that has already suffered greatly from the patron we just forcefully evicted. Nor is there anything great in mocking hunger. You are a noble gargoyle, Percival, your people are great, wise, and are those one can depend on. To say I am dissapointed is a gross understatement. Ang is Ang. He may be far crueler than you and more selfish. That is immaterial for he is not trying to be an example to aspire to."

She jabs Percival in the chest with a finger with the hand now presently covered in Gigas Glove. It likely leaves a sore spot, because it IS a Gigas Glove. Emi doesn't seem to realize just what it is.

"Your instinct in being charitable, we do not take issue with that. But engaging in behavior to purposefully antagonize Ang after he expressed his issues, however rudely, is something we do take issue with. We are not your superiors, naturally, but if you respect us you will be polite, you will apologize, and you will strive to be the better man you preach to be rather than one controlled by pride. Is this understood, Percival, The Network inquires. Our respect is all you have to lose by disagreeing. Do you consider your pride to be greater than that?"
Deelel Deelel says "I was going to throw my cut in." She shrugs a bit, "I'm gong to go need to reacharge." she looks at the owner and honestly looks sorry. "Sorry about the mess. i'll bring some help tommrow." She'll drag the shard seekers and put them to work that's for sure what her plan is. She's getting ready to head out and pauses "Seriously, think about what you are doing do you want to fight and make things worse for this place?" She notes in Percival's direction before she starts to head off. She's just had a long fight.
Angantyr Vespar The darkness around Ang for a moment rises...

He is no doubt about to smash the head in of Perci. His intent is very clear, because of the repeated disrespect and infractions on his person. Angantyr's rage is not of a berserker, it is a focused thing, a blade tempered by Garland over years of hard training to control the innate darkness that is part of his soul. Angantyr was not trained to be a dark knight, he was /born/ one. The power he controls is too easily focused, too intertwined with his person to be anything than this.

Insults he can weather. Calling the religion of his home heathen is something he can tolerate...but the pure disrespect that Perci is dishing out...

Is abruptly stopped by Emi completely laying into him. Angantyr pauses, looking at her for a long moment, and then simply bends over, gather's his coins and walks to the bar. "Three please. One for me, two for the girls." he says, and lays his money on the counter. "I ain't got nothing to say to that, chump. The girls pretty much did it better than I could ever. I'd suggest you scram, cuz you've been embarrased enough to night."
Emi Dennou "Not helping Ang." Emi says. "But please take care of yourself and have a relaxing evening."

Imi meanwhile uses this moment to pour the proprieter the drink that Ang bought for her, which she promptly hands to him.
Percival Percival steadies himself, his eyes close, and he breathes in and out deeply through his nose. He then turns to face Emi. "I do apologize to you and the network, Emi. It was not my intent to show disrespect to you in any way. However it is in my nature to expect better of humanity than what he represents. Am I disappointed that a mercenary acts mercenary? I suppose I am, and if that makes me the naive idealist, so be it. Am I angered by being grabbed and to pray in a church that's not my own? I am. I will not apologize to him. For a while, I had a sort of grudging respect for the man, if only as a sort of rivalry born out of opposing points of view. Now there is not even that. And even the 'ideal' of what I strive to become would not apologize to him. I feel no shame for that. If he had showed one iota of respect and charity, then I would have given of him my 'own' coin, from my 'own' purse, and not given it a second thought."

He turns away, obviously too embarassed to look her in the eye any longer. "Now you know why I am not worthy of Knighthood Emi. I am sorry to have disappointed you. I am not an example worth following. I never have been, and likely never will be." He adds a a handful of coins from his own purse to the pouch, then walks over to the tavernkeep, and places it in front of him. "I am sorry for any extra damage incurred as a result of our brawl." Turning, without waiting for a response, he walks out of the tavern, and begins to walk away at a deliberate pace.
Angantyr Vespar "I seriously can not wait for that guy to meet Faruja. That'll be /amazingly hilarious/." he pauses. "Hm...if only I could sell tickets to that." he says, half joking.

"Thanks..." he pauses, and looks at Emi, "...Umi?" WRONG.

He looks at Imi...she wasn't Emi, because she referenced Emi. Which one was she..?

Emi Dennou "To be a knight," Emi says. "Does seem difficult. If you see what seperates you from being one, then I do believe one day you will be worthy." This may be something that seperates her from Umi. She isn't a barrel of pure optimism and gung ho attitude.

She lets him go. He seems like he could use some alone time. If Emi feels sorrow or guilt over being brutally honest, she does not show it. But perhaps, really, showing that sort of thing after giving a lecture is a good way to undermine your own words and disrespect whom you gave it to. Instead she simply hopes he takes the words to heart and one day is worthy in his own eyes.

"It was for the tavern owner." She claims. "We could not prevent significant damage to his establishment. This one feels guilty, though is glad the building still exists."

She shakes her head. "I am Emi." She nods to Imi. "That is Imi." She pauses. "But ultimately we are one, it does not matter." She doesn't seem offended.

Racist. She doesn't extrapolate her feelings regarding Ang's behavior since really that should be clear enough from her grumping at Percival.

"We did not wish further violence to occur here. The job of a detective is to help those who can get help from nowhere else. It was my duty to speak up, The Network says."

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