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(2013-01-14 - 2013-02-15)
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Zeke Port Royal. Harbor town and shipping hub for the british empire in the carribian, and in all truth now probably the largest bit of british owned land left out of the heartless's... hands? Naw they don't tend to have hands... Jaws? Fine they all tend to have mouths of one sort or another. True things had gotten Stranger than normal and Cutler was even more of a boor than he used to be but this was Home for one Ezekiel Fawkes. Sure he was a wanted man here, but he is a man of the sea and so he feels that he can no more be barred from this place than the oceans barred from the beach.
Avira TECHNICALLY, Avira was no longer on the run. She had been clear of her "crimes" with Archadia. In theory. If they wanted a scapegoat for the damage done to the Rabanastre marketplace, she'd be an easy culprit.

Although not 'wanted', she doesn't mind still pretending she is and keeping on the move. The true purpose leans more towards exploration.

So here she is! Exploring! Thankfully it's not dark yet so things haven't become DANGEROUS in Port Royal.
Zeke Danger is, however, very reletive. If you're like Zeke and a known face with friends here and there that you occasionally got things for it was actually quite homey even and especially in the seedier part of town. Nevermind the fact he was an honest trader rather than cut throat pirate (ahem... priveteer.) He liked the rough wool and cotten and smoke and drink more than the gilded finery of the lordly manors.
5rPlus there was this place that had /THE/ best fish. It has since updated it's menue a bit offering 'chips' along with... basically fried potato wedges mixed with onion and peppers. He ordered for himself and a few other people seated with him. Yet while he ate he saw Avria wandering around. He also saw the other person eying her.... said person did not look at all reputable or like he had the lass's wellbeing in mind. Still. Everything was very public. Very chummy still. Too much light out for the truely foolhearty to make such a bold move. We're in Port Royal not Tortouga after all!
Avira Avira's definition of danger falls into being followed or attacked or both. Since neither has happened as of yet, she seems to find this particular town alright. Pretty gritty and filled with people that gave each other suspicious looks a little often, but...otherwise alright.

Something delicious-smelling catches her attention and like a magnet, she's drawn to that restaurant. She smells fish and...french fries? An attempt at french fries? She slows outside the same place that Zeke is patronizing right now and looks thoughtful.

As she seems to be considering, her eyes narrow. For a few seconds, it felt like someone was walking over her grave there. Perhaps instinctively, she looks behind her.
Jihl Nabaat Jihl likes fish. She likes eating fish, she even likes fishing, but we won't go there. Instead, the long-haired blonde lady, who is very ... clearly not quite from this world, based on her jacket, slightly-glowing choker gemstone, and her general attitude of 'walking around Port Royal without a care' might just get her killed.

Or not.

She draws up behind Avira, humming slightly as her nose twitches in the air. "Ah, fish. And chips, if I'm not mistaken."
Avira Looking behind her, Avira spots Jihl coming up from behind. OH NO! This must've been what set her off. This woman is clearly not a native, dressed far too fancily to be one of these grittily-clothed riffraffs.

"...yes." Avira says with a slight hint of wariness. "Fish and chips. They smell delicious, actually." Avira shifts her position now so she can get a better look at Jihl. She's not being stealthy in the fact that she's eying the woman up.
Jihl Nabaat Jihl -also- eyes Avira up and down - she makes no comment about the other woman - girl, really, at least compared to Jihl herself, before she gestures in towards the shop. She then smiles, one that doesn't seem to quite hit her eyes.

"Not from around here either, are you?" She asks, adjusting her glasses with one gloved hand.
Avira Avira was a FULL GROWN adult!! Just very petite, really. This wouldn't be the first time Avira has been mistaken for a child due to her diminutive stature. Why was THIS woman setting her off, though? Aside from being out of place.

"No, I am not." Avira shakes her head, "Just a traveller, passing through." Calmly, she rests her hands on her hips. Just beyond her right hip the unusual-looking hilt of the Spine can be seen. "If I'm not mistaken, I'd say you were doing the same. You definitely don't look like you're from around here."
Jihl Nabaat Come talk to Jihl when you hit your mid-thirties, young'n. Jihl continues eyeing her thoughtfully, before she finally smiles again, a bit more brightly. She has her own weapon, although the spiral-wood carved handle of her baton is well, less impressive than Avira's Spine.

"So nice to meet a fellow wanderer, then, madamosielle. Do you walk around these other cities and worlds frequently?"
Avira Twenties is still an adult!! Avira had been through some pretty adult things, after all!

Well that's interesting. Avira recognized that French word. "Yes, you could say that." She looks back to the restaurant thoughtfully, "I think I might grab a bite to eat. Care to join me?"
Jihl Nabaat "Certainly, thank you!" Jihl responds. "Nothing like a good bite to eat where I don't have to cook." She then promptly opens the door, allowing Avira to lead the way inside.

"Now, pardon me if this is too forward, but I am curious, since you said you wander - do you know a man, by the name of 'Max'?"
Avira Avira bades Jihl a 'thank you' before stepping inside. Within, the restaurant is a little grimy, but very full and clearly quite popular. It still smells delicious! Pushing her way through the crowd, Avira claims a pair of seats near some thickly-glassed windows.

"What a curious question." Avira frowns a little, half expecting to be asked her name first of all things. "Well, I do know a man named Max, in fact. He's mostly just an acquaintance."
Jihl Nabaat "Oh, dear, listen to me, forgetting my manners. I am Jihl Nabaat, of Cocoon; forgive me for forgetting to introduce myself." Once again, there's that almost false cheerfulness that comes with how she is currently, taking the other seat smoothly.

"So you do know a 'Max'. Does he work for anyone? If you don't mind my ... curiosity."
Avira "Cocoon?" Avira murmurs to herself. That name sounded familiar as a location for some reason, though she couldn't specifically place where. Though something about this woman's questions about Max really set her on edge now. "I'm Avira, formerlly of Rabanastre." Formerly of Manhattan, but she didn't need to go spread around her doomed world origins.

Leaning back in her chair, she folds her arms over her chest and grins a little, "Well I honestly think he works mostly for himself. Why, did you happen to meet someone named Max?"
Jihl Nabaat Jihl smiles at the questioning tone. "Cocoon is our planet; our two big cities are Eden and Palumpolum." She supplies the information, mostly because it is a well known thing that that is the world those two cities came from.

She leans back in her chair, raising an eyebrow at the grin. "I did." She confirms. "A thief, a very good one, in his own right."
Avira "Ahhh, I see. Not a name I'd expect for a place." Except Avira was totally expecting it as a place name. "Interesting, this is a world I've never visited before." She smiles in a disarming fashion.

The grin disappears. Everything clicks into place in her mind. "...this must be a different Max I know, then, because to my knowledge he is not a thief."
Jihl Nabaat "We do believe our ... creation, the mythology behind the planet is the reason why it got the name cocoon - for the very gods and goddesses that built it wanted to see us flourish into something stronger." Jihl says this as casually as possible, looking down at the table, but peeking up subtly through the bottom rims of her glasses to judge Avira.

"I see. I must have the completely wrong red-haired frenchman, then."
Avira "Really?" Now Avira sounds interested, attention grabbed by the promise of mythology being involved. "Was there a legend? How did it go?" There's a clear bit of excitement in her since she apparently LOVES hearing stories about this. The judging glance doesn't get much thought.

Not until Jihl steers the topic back to Max again. "Perhaps you do. I wouldn't know anything about red-haired thieving Frenchmen named Max." It's technically not a lie either. Avira knew very little about Max. "Did this Frenchman try to steal from you?"
Jihl Nabaat "fal'Cie - known as eidolons, as well - many years ago, created the 'blue moon', the planet known as Cocoon. These fal'cie run everything - from Phoenix, who provides us with our sun and warmth, our wind and rain - Carbuncle, who gives us our power, Leviathan, the fal'Cie of the sea, and Kujata, the one who gives us our powers."

"They have maintained our world for a very long time." Jihl smiles, half-fondly, half-strangely - she has lasped into a moment of thoughtful silence.
Avira "...wha.." Slowly, Avira frowns. She recognizes some of those names since they were famous espers in Ivalice. Not the fallen gods, no, but a different 'kind' of esper, so to speak, whom were also quite important. "Interesting, most of those names are recognizable. Except for Kujata."

She allows this silence to persist, silently congratulating herself for evading the topic of her 'friend' Max. Seems this lady is buying it!
Jihl Nabaat "fal'Cie also had another planet - the one beneath us, known as Gran Pulse. The fal'Cie of Gran Pulse, and the humans that lived there, instigated a incident known as the 'War of Trangression'. Why, we are not sure - we suspect that maybe, they thought we were evil."

Jihl sighs.

"For months, the war raged on, until some l'Cie - humans chosen by the fal'Cie to fulfil a purpose - tried to transform into Rangarok, the Destroyer. They managed to crack Cocoon, and injure many; it was only Barthandalus, and the rest of Cocoon's fal'cie that managed to help us survive."

"That is the story, of my Cocoon - which soon fell to something I suspect you are familiar with - the Heartless."
Avira "Such things are usually far more complicated than that, aren't they?" Avira prompts, encouraging Jihl to go on and further describe this mysterious-sounding world of hers. She wanted to bring up the advanced technology that Max alluded to but does not. Until- "Ragnarok?"

Even more curious. That legend gets around. "Oh yes."

There's a sober look on her face, "I know about the Heartless quite a bit by now. I know they can tear worlds apart."
Jihl Nabaat "Probably, yes."

Jihl sighs at the question, yet again. "The thing is, no one of anyone knows how, what, or why anything happened for Cocoon, or Pulse - all that information has been stored away for so long, it has disappeared into the very ether, something that we can no longer access."

She spreads her hands out, shrugging. "Ragnarok. With Pulse-born smite and savage might, the fal'Cie and his l'Cie companion wished to destroy Cocoon..."
Avira The explanation becomes confusing and after a moment she realizes that Jihl was likely from a fututr version of Cocoon. "But...why? Why did they want to destroy Cocoon?"

She payses, " apologies though. On my world, there was a legend called 'Ragnarok' that told the story of the end of the world. Wwhere a bunch of gods fighting a bunch of giants wrecked the planet and it had to be reborn and stuff."
Zeke "Ah..." Zeke was... Well where the frak did he come from? Hard to say in this mess of a town he could've been hanging around the whole time and nobod'd pay him much mind. "I know that one. An entire pantheon fated to die killing the collective mistakes they made leaving four survivors plus a handfull of people." He was genuinely proud to have this knowledge. "I'd argue a lot of it was tacked on and reshaped in the face of christian missionaries and monks trying to adapt local traditions to convert the natives"
Zeke "Interesting. Apologies miss just.... different worlds and the word here is an event rather than a Name." Zeke was eating something else imported to POrt Royal cuisine; a taco. "Anywhere in particular you're looking for?"

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