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(2013-01-14 - 2013-04-15)
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Faruja Senra It's just a half hour or so past dinner time, or what passes for it in the Shard Seeker's headquarters. With so many people keeping odd schedules, more often than not there's food left out in the kitchen for those who need a bite to eat. Faruja seems to be one of those, as he exits the kitchen with two plates. One contains a small tea set, while the other has a nice sub sandwich packed with cheese and meat. For a short rat, he's hungry it seems!

Walking over to the central table, he pauses, setting his two plates away from the object that takes up some amount of space: a large map of the city. Little tokens are strewn about it in an orderly fashion. As he pours himself some tea, the Burmecian looks over the map, occasionally shifting a group to different positions before stopping to pace and ponder.
Faruja Senra Faruja is mid sip as the Dennou walks in. Swallowing, he smiles lightly upon seeing the girl, even as he tries to figure out which one she is. Sniff sniff. Peer! Thankfully, the woman herself clears the question from his mind. Setting down his tea, he offers her a bow, then a crossing of the chest.

"Ahh, good 'eve, Lady Ami! Quite, M'Lady, from the meeting with the eccentric Mage. You and your, ahh...sisters have been through much. It is a joy to see one of your number without some great trouble plaguing you and yours." He's still not sure on this whole 'Network' thing. He chalks it up to some human technology that flies over his head. Ignorant rat is ignorant.

Reaching over, he pulls out a chair. "Come, M'Lady, sit if it pleases you. Do you like tea? Shall I fetch you something to eat? A pleasure to finally, properly meet you M'Lady Ami." All manners, this rat, today!

A pause, and he tilts his head. "How fares Lady Emi? Her wounds seemed rather serious during her conflict with the Time Mage."
Faruja Senra It /is/ so hard to learn about a person when one is trying to keep sharp pointy objects, or bits of train, or Time itself from being thrust into their bodies. A cup is taken up, poured, hot steam rolling off of the dark liquid. A small bowl of sugar and cream is set out on the table near Ami. "Hardly! A Knight does not abandon his comrades. Lady Imi and the rest of her family are well worth every drop of blood spilled. Yourself included, Lady Ami."

Seems she had the rat pegged! The news that their (assumed) leader is alright gets the animal-loving Dennou a nod and smile.

"Excellent, I had my worries. White Magic or not, infection is a nasty thing to treat. Ahh, but enough of such morbid talk, I shall spoil thy meal." The rat's sandwich is pushed her way.

A pause, and his otherwise warm demeanor falters slightly. " you have been observing the news? My people, already a divided one, are even now growing moreso over the issue of war. I fear that they shall be evicted from their current home, with nowhere left to go, and naught else to put their efforts towards than going to war." Beneath the feigned warms for the woman's sake, fatigue and worry persists over the fate of his homeland. His tail grips the wooden leg of the table, squeezing it.
Faruja Senra This is what the Legions gets for hanging around the 'good guys'. Particularly ones like the Shard Seekers, with their leader's knightly vows, that may or may not be utter hogwash. For the rat, the jury's still out on that one.

"Mayhap for small wounds, but I do so find poles, and bits of vehicles to be rather more troublesome than most to properly clean." The rat sighs. Since when did such things stop phasing him? What a strange world they're in, with train-crushing mages!

Siiip. Faruja savors the tea, enjoying it properly, occasionally nodding to Ami in approval. A fellow tea lover! Soon enough, Faruja goes for the hip-flask, adding some to his tea. Swirl swirl. Siip. Ahh, even better. The flask is left on the table. To not offer the guest some would be rude, after all!

"Mmm. That is certainly an option, however, 'tis difficult for any city to accept refugees. Look at Traverse Town. 'Twas a nightmare to find something to do with so many. No, my people would be forced to split even further in multiple cities, if we could even convince governments to take us in. Many do not take kindly to displaced royalty in particular."

The notion of acting as a group seems to be the heart of the matter, and the Burmecian nods. "Allow me to explain. At one time, my people, collectively known as the nezumi were a single people. However, we were divided on the issue of taking up arms against threats against us. Some preached hiding themselves away, to not dirty their hands with blood. These would be soon known as the Cleyrans. Those who wished to learn to fight, Burmecians, did so and remained in our ancestral homelands whereas the Cleyrans moved to the mystical tree within the nearby desert, and through powerful magics, obscured themselves from our world."

"Alexandria pillaged my country, and through their summoning of Heartless, caused the fall of our world and my home. What few Burmecians remained were sheltered by our long-lost cousins, the Cleyrans. However, as of late, a man offering weapons and magical training has appeared, and with him, the means to strike back at those who harmed us. Due to their pacifism, this is forcing the Cleyran High Priest to threaten us with eviction. We should indeed act as one. However, Cleyran disgust for violence is absolute."

A shake of the head. More drink is added to his tea. Siiip.

"There is little, I think, that can be done by you, dear Lady Ami. That you would listen to this Knight's story is enough, along with any insight you may be able to bring with your...nuanced...perspective."
Emi Dennou Imi is around the Shard Seeker HQ a lot as she is spying on them though, at the moment, she's more spying on the garden which has her interest a lot of the time. Ami, however, is more or less allowed to go where she pleases and today she has decided to pay a visit to Faruja by her lonesome. She is, of course, shy but she is not so shy that she is crippled by it. She steps in without invitation, failing to knock on the door because Imi informed her that 'nobody really cares about that sort of thing' here.

She looks around the lobby and notices Faruja setting down some plates. She waggles her hands together and says, "H--hey," to Faruja. "Um... I am wearing my hair a bit differently...but you might remember me? I'm..ah...Ami? Ami Dennou of, ah, The Network--The Network explains."

She looks over to the map but doesn't give it much attention.
Emi Dennou Maybe with more experience around them it'd be more obvious. Ami is generally around animals a bit more than the other Legions and as such may be identifiable by those means once Faruja understands that as something unique to her. Some of it may just be getting to know her!

Ami looks around and then over to Faruja. She is the least chatty of the Network, really, but in this situation she has no choice but to talk. "Thank you." She says, pauses, and then adds, "For helping us. You did not have to."

She approaches, figuring Faruja will protest over that but that's just how rat knights are right? Well, Burmecian as she now understands the term.

"Thank you." She repeats, bobbing her head to Faruja. "If it isn't too much much trouble." She pauses. "She is doing well. She has recovered from the ordeal. The others have as well I hope by now. Luckily your work and that of the others--we didn't get hurt much, it's a bit ironic."

She manages a small smile. "How about yourself?"
Emi Dennou It's almost as if The Network got that sort of response every single time they thanked someone for their help. If it's not 100 percent accuracy it's certainly in the 90 percentiles.

"Cleaning wounds isn't too difficult," Ami says as if there is some experience on the subject. Though really cleaning wounds properly is kind of tough. But she says it like this anyway.

Ami understands tea time. She sits down and crosses her legs, avoiding looking at Faruja directly but keeping him within sight, a sort of constance sideglance. Her head turns about frequently from side to side.

"We have heard of the tensions. And of Reize's concerns regarding it. The Network is not sure of how to be of assistance." Or, admittedly, if it's really their responsibility. Civil wars don't happen easily. Regardless of the circumstances, there must have been prevalent tensions already. And while it could be seen as foolish, what could the Legion do to stop it? They may not be Alexandrians but they have no experience with these people. They'd rightly ask 'what do you know?'.

"Could they come here?" Ami asks, though even if this is accurate it's hardly ideal. She tries to sip some tea and squints, lowering the cup.

"We do not understand...that is to say, The Network--it does not understand. We comprehend individuality, but ttttin such circumstances isn't it much more logical to not be individual, but to be a like group?"

She looks up at that. "Though, ah, this one apologizes if we are...being ignorant..?"
Katyna A few days after the Shard and Valk teams had gone head to head for a desert rose, Kat had found herself in another difficult predicament that had nearly cost her life, were it not for the quick intervention of Reize. The boy had brought her here again, ironically, after finding her half dead in the desert just like the last time.

She had not yet recovered from her severe wounds enough to leave this place on her own, and so she had wandered anxiously throughout the building, peering in here and there, exploring the place and trying to recuperate so she could get on with her life.

Reize had encouraged her to eat to get stronger and so she had searched for the kitchen. On her way there, she hears a familiar voice coming from the lobby and so she veers that way instead, poking her head in as she searches for the source of that voice.

Should anyone look her way, they might recognize a familiar face, although she seems pretty weak and tired, and is limping a bit, a good deal of her body covered in bandages and cuts. Yeah, she looks pretty beat up.
Emi Dennou Ami listens to Faruja's tale. Indeed, it is a very important tale to listen to if one is to care about the Nezumi and the Burmecians. Ami seems to accept tea, she is not actually a teatoler as it were. But she listens, even as she takes small sips. It's a painful tale to listen to, in fact, and it digs at Ami's heart and digs until she brings her hands down to avoid shaking the tea. She grabs at her legs and her fingers dig into her skin and, slowly, a small scowl appears on her face. She kicks her legs back and forth and then sets her feet on the ground, taking in a small breath.

And ultimately she says, "Beatrix is the Alexandrian General. She is not someone who loves war for the sake of war or for the sake of vengeance. She may have other flaws, but we understand this much about her from our small time with her."

She looks up slowly. "If you fight Alexandria, the best result is that many of you will die. The worst is that all of you will die. These are not acceptable alternatives. Weapons are not power. You may be able to hurt them, but you will not defeat them. Heroes--your Shard Seeker friends, perhaps--will fight for you, perhaps. And maybe they would fend off the Alexandrian armies for you. But many of you would still be dead. Your biggest issue is not the lack of weapons but the fact that some of you are capable of fighting and your hosts are not. However well trained they may be in their own home they have not fought wars. They are pacifists. It is hard to blame them for not wanting to join the fighting and even harder for them wanting to evict those who insist on taking weapons. If nothing else, there is a threat that the Burmecians could take over their home for themselves--whether or not they would or not is immaterial when it comes to such decisions."

Ami continues her analysis. "However even if you all united and fought with new powerful weapons, The Network believes you would still lose. It is dubious that someone would offer you weapons when Alexandria can pay better and is more inclined to use them. While you could prepare yourselves properly with time, it is unlikely that Alexandria would wait for you to master your new weapons."

"The Network further believes that both paths are ultimately foolish. Pacifism has not protected your people and has put them in a state where even the best scenario is wraught with a great deal of suffering. Your first priority should be to discourage Alexandrian aggression. That you have protection that hides you from them is a good start, but ultimately only a temporary measure as any spell can ultimately be broken. We presume that making diplomatic overtures to Alexandria will not work nor their Baron allies. They are both aggressive, militaristic empires--noted for their expansionist nature."

She looks up and taps her chin lightly. "But there is another kingdom that may be of assistance that is not allied to either Alexandria or Baron. This is, of course, the Archadian Empire. If you make overtures to them that you wish to become a part of their Empire--which means becoming subject to its rules--then you can have them be your military and your strength. This is not ideal and you would not be free, but from our understanding they are a just kingdom that believes in laws. Over a long period of time your people may be able to flourish even if they never achieve the strength of an empire themselves--but this is not your goal as we understand it. Sovereignty is a resource that can be traded as any other, albeit one that is difficult to get back. The Cleyra will be able to stick to their beliefs, and those of you that wish to fight can fight alongside the Archadian Army. The issue with this option is, of course, that that they could find you 'not worth it'--but we find this to be unlikely. The Archadian Empire is also aggressively Expansionist but not, as we understand it, notably racist. Even if they do not send their full force, the people of Alexandria and Baron would be forced to examine their willingness to enter such an engagement--for it would be a 'black eye' for the Archadian Empire to let you be destroyed. At the very least, you'll have more people to defend you, even if the number is not stritly ideal. You'll lose less people and what you lose is sovereignty. This plan does have risks of its own but we do not find it inherently more risky than your present situation. The Network apologizes if we are operating off incomplete information."

Ami takes in a long breath after that and says, "Emi wished for me to offer that advice to you. She requests you be not content to be 'animals stuck in their nature, but a people who allows for a multiplistic society where one can be true to themselves--and also be true to their people. We are I, she says, I are We. That is the advice she provides."

Katyna drops by. Ami looks over and says, "Oh no! Are you alright?"
Faruja Senra One part of the rat regrets telling Ami the story. Indeed, she seemed to empathize so much with his people; rare in a human, in his experience. But the advice that follows is well worth it.

Faruja listens, assuming what is meant to be a respectful, thoughtful look. He is silent as the girl speaks so thoroughly of nations, war, and strategy. The logical part of his brain makes a mental note to lure some or all of the Legion to the Church. They could use a mind like that.

The other part of his mind is more apparent. His tail grips his seat, squeezing particularly hard as the name of Alexandria's general is dropped. In his hand, the teacup trembles, ear folding back in all of those little animal-signs of hate and rage, of a trapped and wounded, desperate beast. Perhaps Ami, with her knowledge of animals, may well be able to read him like a book. Emi's words, though sensible in a manner worthy of the greatest military minds, strike at the gaping wound the conflict had left upon the Burmecian.

A full minute passes before Faruja's trembling passes and he manages to speak. A small, bitter smile sits on his muzzle. That single red eye might seem slightly moist.

"My, my, my, your dear sister is truly amazing. Indeed, I had not even thought of making overtures to the Empire. Nay, I very much believe we would be accepted. I cannot fully reveal the details, of course, of the situation. However you are truly right to be wary of this man whom would give us weapons. I have spoken with both the ruler of Burmecia and Cleyra as well. They too have their individual doubts, and moreso since my last meeting with them." A shake of the head.

"However, you underestimate the pride and hatred of a wounded nation. Vengeance consumes many, and his Highness cannot deny them. How could he? His own son, lost during our world's fall, all due to Alexandria's greed! Families, friends, comrades all torn away in but a night and by the claws, and flames, and teeth of abominations!" His voice rises, trembling with long suppressed fury. Snarling, he shakes his head.

It's followed by a bitter chuckle. "...Even I cannot help but desire recompense for those stolen from me. And /I/ am supposed to be an envoy working for peace. For those whom the memory is so very fresh, and with little else to turn their minds to? His Highness would never accept such terms. And were he to do so, my countrymen would hang him as a traitor. I fear our pride shall be the death of us. However, I shall pray upon the words you would give me, and draw what wisdom I can from them. Arcadia is not the only nation that may yet hold a solution for us as a people." Frown.

"...It is all too terribly well timed for my tastes." A pause. "...Mmm. That would be a dream, Lady Ami, to show such acceptance. But I fear I shall be as dust before that day comes. My people have many, many flaws as much as we like to hold ourselves above humans at times."

A bandaged, battered Katyna entering with one heck of a limp gets Faruja's attention, enough to wake him from Ami's words. Bolting up, nearly spilling his tea, his eye is wide. "Lord in /heaven/ Lady Redsvaren! What dragon did you decide to enrage!?"

Over to the woman he goes, already looking her over with a healer's eye. Immediately, he starts to apply Cures to the worst of the wounds. His seat is given to the woman. "Sit!" Point! He puts on his healer voice.

"Lady Ami, please make Lady Redsvaren a cup of tea, plain, and slice up that sandwich. I do believe she is in need of it far more than either of us."
Katyna Kat blinks as she peers in and is noticed by the strange green haired girl. "Oh!" She grins and shrugs, looking like her usual cheerful self, such a change from when she was first dragged in here. "Nothing to worry about, just a few minor cuts and scrapes!"

Pay no mind to the limp or the bandages! Kat laughs a little nervously as she steps in, smiling and nodding to Faruja. "Faru..Good to see you again! I guess there's still that relic you said you had found for me?" But she nods, not having the energy to protest when he tells her to sit and starts healing her.

"Oh I'm alright, Reize already tended to me. Just been too bored to rest. So what's up with you two, sound like you're talking strategy or something...With Archades?" She tries to remember what Faru might have told her of his background. She's never paid much attention to the history of the Burmecian race honestly.
Emi Dennou The Network, being at one point named after a biblical demon, have kept silent regarding their opinions of the Church, Churches, and Religion in general. This is assuming, dangerously, that they do have opinions. They know next to nothing about this 'man with weapons' but what they do know is that something that seems too good to be true often is. Sometimes, rarely, something that seems too good to be true is actually entirely true too but Emi would not bet a race of people on it.

It seems Faruja, while liking the idea, is not going to commit to it. He may pray on them, but without commitment it is unlikely that he will go along with it.

Ami closes her eyes for a moment, mulling over the words. Pride, pride, and more pride.

"Pride is a sin in most religions, we do not know if that is the case in yours, but whatever way you choose--please do not allow your pride to doom your people. If not for your own sake, then for those who come after." Ami smiles faintly. "Your people, after all, are important to me too."

She stands up when Faruja makes a fair request. She has no idea who Katya is but is willing to be helpful. She walks on over to get to work on that.

"Theorizing." Ami admits. "Not from me, but from my sister, who passed it on to me. I am not very good at that sort of thing. Ultimately: Advice. Whether it can be of use is not up to us."
Faruja Senra Kat may just pick up on a few mumblings from the Holy Knight, about the quality of the bandaging! Someone's nitpicky today. "Ahh, yes!" Cura! Cure! No, Katyna, you're not getting away from having your wounds eased.

To Ami, her own words make him smile. Reaching over, he can't quite stop himself from ruffling the Legion's hair. Not a gesture he gives to many, to be sure! "Ami...thank you. I shall do what I can to be sure, 'twould be a true tragedy if you were unable to go to Cleyra and not appreciate it's beauty for one so appreciative and caring for my people, dear Lady." Faram help it, he could hug the girl!

Blink. Reaching into his robes, he pulls out a cross! "Here you are. I thought I might run into you at some point." It's offered over, reverently.

"Lord grant us the wisdom to see past our pride." He adds piously to the end of Ami's statement.
Katyna Kat smiles at Faru, taking the rosary and it seems to lighten her mood somewhat "Thanks! It's very precious to me. I cant believe I lost it so easily the other day.." she arches a brow at Emi when she theorizes. "Heh, that just went way over my head. Trying to form allies eh?" She just smirks at Faru as he fusses over her.
Emi Dennou Ami says, "It is one option they could try." She thankfully does not go into the sociopolitical theory again but then if Emi passed it on through her she might not be in any position to really say anything herself. She doesn't, herself, really seem to be the strategic type.

Especially since she blushes like a fire hydrant when her hair gets ruffled. Strategists don't usualyl do that.

Granted she's also a bit embarrassed because the fact they're walking mouse people sort of is what endears her to them even if they'd probably be bothered by the comparision?? THEY ARE ADORABLE OKAY??? Of course being adorable doesn't mean unworthy of respect but some shameful thoughts should be kept private. And by private one naturally means on the network where five other people can recognize it just fine.

Ami pours tea for Kat.

"I am Ami." She tells Kat. "Of The Network. It's nice to meet you. Are you a Shard Seeker too?"
Faruja Senra "Or at least head off my own countrymen's overeagerness. Not an insignificant amount of my homeland's displaced people wish a war that will likely end in our destruction. Allies would do much to avoid such a fate." A smile finally graces his muzzle again.

"But I speak overmuch of unpleasant things, and before a wounded woman? Forgive me. I could hardly allow something precious to a fallen Templar to go without being cared for by one who knew its owner."

Adorable indeed! Particularly when riverdancing. Or wearing maid dresses. Hopefully Ami hasn't seen that calendar yet! Knowing Priel, she's already been mailed a copy.

Faruja chuckles. "My, my, red does suit you well, dear Lady Ami." The Burmecian teases, before standing. He bows.

"If you both will excuse me, I must prepare enough supplies to see Lady Redsvaren /properly/ healed. Lord bless you both. Lady Ami? Let us speak more in the future, hmm? I am...curious regarding your rather interesting family." Indeed, he'd simply not had the time to broach the subject of the Network!

Then, the rat is off, to make ready for the healz.
Katyna kat hmms and nods slowly. "Heh, I suppose allies are helpful..If you can trust 'em. Otherwise, they're just an added burden.." She smiles and nods to Faru as he heads off. "See ya later, Faru!"

Glancing back at Ami, she shakes her head slowly, "Nah, I'm not one of them, actually, I'm a member of VALKYRIE, but I'm friends with Reize. He found me all beaten up in the desert after a run in with a...Err, heartless. And he brought me here to recuperate. And what about you?" She grins, "There seem to be so many shard seekers. VALKYRIE can hardly keep up!" she pauses, "What's the network?"
Emi Dennou Ami struggles to blush harder at Faruja's comment but fails because there's only so much blood that can be in that blood ocean.

She turns her head to watch Faruja depart and then sinks down in one of the chairs again, twiddling her feet.

She turns her head and looks across the wokrshop with a quiet gaze before she says, to Kat, "We are not Shard Seekers either." She admits. "WE are the Network and work primarily with the Twilight Detective Agency."

She has no comment on the conflict between VALKYRI and the Shard Seekers. She doesn't really understand it, even. Why? Just...why?

But she does answer Katy's question. "The Network--is the six of us, Ami, Emi, Imi, Omi, and Umi--as well as Shida--" The naming scheme is obvious except for Shida. "We share memories and experiences." She taps the side of her head lightly. "We are individuals but also not indivduals, The Network explains vaguely (as usual)."
Katyna "Ooh, is that a blush?" Katyna grins as she peers intently at Ami. "Whatcha blushing at? do you have a crush on Faru or something?"

But this 'we' stuff has her frowning and scratching her head in confusion. "Oh, you mean there's a group of you working for TDA?" oh, but then she names them all and it makes her even more confused. "Err, what do you mean? You sisters or something then? Are they all here as well?>"
Emi Dennou "Imi is here the others are elsewh..ere..."


She stands up quickly. "Ah--um--well--um--This one should get gooing, pleased to make your acquaintance." She bows her head, turns, trips over the chair, turns it into a cartwheel to avoid landing on her flace, and then she dashes out the door like some kind of ninja wannabe. Of course any cool factor is really totally lost by the fact that she's running away from a talk about crushes.

It's pretty terrible.
Katyna Katyna peeeers some more at her as she stutters and blushes more. "Oooh, well isn't that cute?" she grins as the girl rushes off, pondering whether or not she should tell Faru or let her continue this amusing little game...!

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