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(2013-01-14 - Now)
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Percival Twilight fell once again over the land, and a short time later Percival found himself gliding back from the desert to the city of Fluorgis. Apparently Leida had found her own way back from the oasis on her own. He was glad in a sense. The young lady potentially had talent for swordsmanship after all. As for her sins.. Well best not to dwell on that. So long as she maintained control and sought repentance.

Banking around, he skimmed the city's skyline for a time before losing enough altitude that he might watch the street level. It was a patrol for the heartless and whomever they might be after. The city was plagued with them as of late, and it was a potential sign that the Princess of the Heart was near.

He continued his lazy manuevers, glad that his wing did not ache any longer. For a while he was afraid that his injuries might be permanent. He continued lazy circles around the city, stopping short of the airship port as he didn't yet want to contend with 'traffic', and made another round about the city.
Deidra Deidra had made her way to the city today, just to explore get out maybe pick up a few things for her magical resarch also prehaps to sniff around for Heartless prehaps he was right about Zia but who knows. Either way this city, was intereting anfd had heartless problem she'd be spotted down on the ground esily enough given she had her wings out and was talking to some merchant or another.
Percival Lazily gliding over the marketplace, he still shows some caution, he's almost afraid that the residents might still misinterpret him as a monster and begin shooting. That just wouldn't do at all. After all they had airships, and firearms.

It wasn't long before he spotted Deidra in the stalls below. Lazily banking around, he comes down upon a nearby rooftop, and climbs into the alleyway before emerging in the marketplace. An outright landing in the middle of it might startle the locals after all. Approaching her, he stops a short distance away, his wings furled about him like a cloak. He places his hand over his chest, and bows. "Madame Deidra. I could not help but notice you amongst the bustle of the marketplace. It is a great pleasure to see you again. What brings you to Fluorgis?" His tail moves from side to side, a terrible nervous habit of his, as he scans the marketplace continually for possible threats.
Deidra Deidra says "I do kinda stand out in most places honestly? Looking for some Reagents for some resarch s also seeing ig there's been more heartless skulking about." there's a tail swish as she seems to be thinking about something. "Seems you been out this way? Looking up on Zia? It seems she's starting to trust people a little more than when we first met..."
Percival Percival nods at her statement. "Stand out? Madame, I doubt any mob in the world could conceal a vision such as yourself." There still does not appear to be a flirtatious quality to his words. He just always appears to be truthful about his observations, and sincere in his compliments. "And yes, I located Madame Zia. She is, skeptical about our theory but she's at least agreed to entertain the idea." A pause. "Was there something you desired in the marketplace? Or would you prefer to go elsewhere?" She would also perhaps notice that behind the shield strapped upon his back, the hilt and pommel of a fine blade peeked out of a scabbard, which was secured around his chest.
Deidra Deidra says "Oh now your flirting hummm well seriously there's not that many winged races out there far as I can tell." She bobs her head once looking prehaps a little flustered. "She notices the shield on his back and a sword "i see you found a weapon like you were hoping too. I don't blame her to be honest but at least she's not discounted it. If only for her own safety. Hummm so how much contact did your clan have with humans and honestly what is clan life like?"
Percival Percival chortles good-naturedly. "Madame, while I understand why you might feel that way, I only speak the truth. You're a beautiful young lady, and I do not see why I ought to pretend otherwise. Your company and friendship are all I desire though."

Courtly etiquette seemed lost in this modern era. Not that he minded, it wouldn't change him. Her question takes him briefly offguard, but he recovers enough to answer it in short order. "There were five or so, who rotated throughout shifts in our aerie. Some were became good friends of the clan, others simply considered it their job to be there. And as for clan life, well..."

He looks up to the night sky briefly, smiling. "How can I put this? It was as if I had thirty fine brothers and sisters, and almost that many parents. Imagine if you lived amongst four to five other generations. Your rookery brothers and sisters, then the younglings and hatchlings, then your trainers, and the elders of course. We all cared for each other. We all loved each other. We had rivals, we had disputes. We trained hard, fought hard and lived life to the fullest. I can imagine no other life I can consider more ideal, save one."

He gestures around the marketplace with a sorrowful look upon his expression. "I find myself in a world where we are accepted, where we are hardly the strangest individuals who dwell here. Where we do not have to fear being instantly slain as monsters. And yet all of my clan has fallen into darkness. The same darkness which pervades this land. If this land were without the darkness, and my clan were here, then I think this would be the idyllic life, don't you, Madame Deidra? But no, I find myself here alone, without my family. Instead of it being idyllic, I rather consider it a strange sort of hell, from which I must make the best of the circumstances."
Deidra Deidra says "Thank you for the compliment then." She doesn't hate it she finds it interesting it's just not what she's used to really. She's more of a child of the modern era than anything from her still it's not that bad for her. "So like humans might see the sterotype of a large Irish family about 50 years ago or so. Still sounds like a pretty tight knit group. I wonder how rogues come about then barring being a soul surivor of a clan." She understood pretty early on what happened to most Gargyoles and that's a story for another time.

"Look if we can get Manhattan back we can get the British Isles back. We just need to find shards of it. We can't give up on it, do you hear me? Your not allowed to give up so long as your alive they are there, somewhere waiting to wake up."
Percival Percival gives her a smile once again. "Madame Deidra. You misunderstand me. I will 'never' give up. On this world, and restoring our own. I will die fighting for it if that is to be my fate, and would give my life for the cause without second thought."

He hesitates before he addresses her other statement. "Rogues, come from occasional clan disagreements. Usually from pride, or disagreements on ideology, but more often than not it occurs due to circumstances beyond our control. A clan being wiped out is a common one I imagine. Another might be that one is exiled without a choice, by being moved in their stone form to another country overseas. Or it might just be that they desire solitude. Its difficult to say. All I know is that my clan was formed from the remnants of one that was nearly wiped out entirely due to the folly of its leader. From six, a thousand years ago, we are now sixty. We would be more, but there have been several purges in which we lost many members, or and our valorous lifestyle often causes many losses in battle."
Deidra Deidra says "I noticed we can't replace population at the rate humans can when their population has taken a beatening." She's really got to wonder about certaint hings she's got no ways of knowing just yet. "She does however seem to be in better spirits "Well you surived at the very least right? It does beat being alone at the very least. I think that's what drove me to reach out to Mercade and Will when I encounted them. They didn't shirk monster and I figured it was better than living in shadows forever."
Emi Dennou Imi is around the Shard Seeker HQ a lot as she is spying on them though, at the moment, she's more spying on the garden which has her interest a lot of the time. Ami, however, is more or less allowed to go where she pleases and today she has decided to pay a visit to Faruja by her lonesome. She is, of course, shy but she is not so shy that she is crippled by it. She steps in without invitation, failing to knock on the door because Imi informed her that 'nobody really cares about that sort of thing' here.

She looks around the lobby and notices Faruja setting down some plates. She waggles her hands together and says, "H--hey," to Faruja. "Um... I am wearing my hair a bit differently...but you might remember me? I'm..ah...Ami? Ami Dennou of, ah, The Network--The Network explains."

She looks over to the map but doesn't give it much attention.
Emi Dennou Maybe with more experience around them it'd be more obvious. Ami is generally around animals a bit more than the other Legions and as such may be identifiable by those means once Faruja understands that as something unique to her. Some of it may just be getting to know her!

Ami looks around and then over to Faruja. She is the least chatty of the Network, really, but in this situation she has no choice but to talk. "Thank you." She says, pauses, and then adds, "For helping us. You did not have to."

She approaches, figuring Faruja will protest over that but that's just how rat knights are right? Well, Burmecian as she now understands the term.

"Thank you." She repeats, bobbing her head to Faruja. "If it isn't too much much trouble." She pauses. "She is doing well. She has recovered from the ordeal. The others have as well I hope by now. Luckily your work and that of the others--we didn't get hurt much, it's a bit ironic."

She manages a small smile. "How about yourself?"
Percival Percival contemplates her statement for a time. "No not really, I don't know how time works in this world, so it would be even more difficult here. Or perhaps easier? I have no experience with such things. All I know is that it typically only happens once every twenty years, on the autumnal equinox."

He clears his throat, obviously wanting to get off the uncomfortable subject. "Yes, you did find Mercade and Will. But how did you find yourself as a loner in the first place, if I might ask? What happened to your clan?"
Deidra Deidra says "It's all messed up honestly far as I can tell given we can be awake during the day." She doesn't press it anymore however. She does file that information away however that would be something to umm keep in mind. She looks at Percival for a moment "I don't have any memory of it to be honest. That's all there is to it." Not the truth but not a lie either. This is a topic she really doesn't want to get into given the apprent history between humanity and the second would likely end badly for her.
Percival Percival gives her a look of sadness. "How very difficult for you to not know from whence you came. If you'd like Madame Deidra, I'd be more than willing to take you to visit my clan one of these days." It seemed like he trusted nearly all implicitly, except for those who gave him reason to think otherwise. "Any aid you require in restoring your erstwhile memory will be yours as well."
Deidra Deidra says "I make do honeslty Percival I make do to be honest." She notices this trust and it's like a knife twisting in her gut. Someday she's going to have to figure out how to break the truth. She just seems to get quiet for a moment "I'll keep that in mind about my memroy Zia thinks something missing too. Look if I do I'll ask for it right now I'm more focused on the present and future. Can't change the past anyway whatever the truth of it right? We need to restore manhattan an find a way to restore the rest of our world somehow."
Percival Percival smiles. "Well of course Madame Deidra, but while we're doing that we can't lose sight of everything else that is truly important. Its important to know where one came from, to guide them into the future." He sweeps a hand around. "At least you are amongst friends, as I know this must be a very trying time for you."
Deidra Deidra says "True, and I am. I know your not fond of magic but I have some talent for it I wanted to come clean on that that's why I been shopping for things here in this city." She can't come clean about everything but she owes him this much. "If your wondering I was just born with it and didn't discover what I could do till recently."
Percival Percival chortles at that. "Rest assured Madame Deidra, I have few problems with magic, unless it is used to harm others, or a person channels the darkness. In fact, it fascinates me."
Deidra Deidra says "It's honestly like any tool it's how you use it at least most of it. The Darkness is not something to take lighty it seems to croupt those who call upon it. Still I need to be mindful of it, and it does? I admit I don't know much I only have a small talent for it honestly it's got me into trouble..."
Percival Percival arches a single protrusion upon his brow which would normally have an eyebrow set upon it. "Oh? What sort of trouble?"
Deidra Deidra says "Fell in with the TDA and all of this didn't I?" She smirks a little bit. "Also honestly one needs to be careful given the nature of magic on our world if we encounte as member of the third race. The fair folk, as they are more commonly known. I met Puk, if you know the play? Yes thats who I mean. It seems the bard had a run in with him."
Percival Percival seemed genuinely puzzled now, as he gives her a strange look. "Yes, I've read a Midsummer Night's dream, and I've heard legends and stories, but I didn't think they were real. Not until Will started talking about them that is. I've never encountered any of them."
Deidra Deidra sys "I'm starting to find all myths have some base in truth with my sutdies. Well I have and Puk is beign he plays pranks has a laugh and no one dies honstly. That's more than I can suspect for most of his kind."
Percival Percival asks with genuine curiosity. "So you met the infamous Robin Goodfellow then. What sort of pranks did he play upon you and your fellows?"
Deidra Deidra says "No pranks he was aiding us with something of all thing though I suspect he was watching our antic within monstro the whale however. It's kinda funny looking back on it."
Percival Percival chortles. "Ah yes, the giant whale. I think that's all they talk about over the radio at times. Preparing for his inevitable return or something of the like."
Deidra Deidra sighs "Captain Ahab has to have his whale I guess or is it Moby Dick needs his ahab in this case. So still, this world beyond our sis pretty fantastic I met humans who are used to other species, even things like a Lamia raised by a human knight as his own daughter."
Percival Percival gives her a strange look, despite his smile. "It is rather strange what the humans are willing to accept here isn't it? It makes me wish that my entire clan were here. They'd love this world. Well, except for the constant fighting and dealing with the encroaching darkness. But even then, some of them are so martial that they'd enjoy this world all the more for it." He pauses for a moment. "Is there anything you'd like from the marketplace Madame Deidra? I don't believe I've ever properly thanked you for being a friend when I was entirely alone. So anything that you'd like, is yours. You need only ask."
Deidra Deidra says "We'll find them don't worry and I think they would. I know the TDA is setting up permate shop here in Tranverse town it should be finished soon. It should be nice and as for that I know what it's like to be alone. How could I not help out someone like that. Don't worry about it all right?"
Percival Percival only smiles. "I insist. At the very least, if you won't accept a gift of the material, just know that you're a good friend to me, and that anything you ever request shall be yours, without question. Be it favor or otherwise."

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