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(2013-01-14 - 2013-01-14)
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Zeke So in one week Zeke's been ot seventh heaven bar, Luca harbor, chased by lots of odd and dangerous beasties. Now he's back in traverse town wandering aimlessly. How does he get around so fast when all he supposedly has are his feet and no magic to speak of?

Sea Turtles mate. Sea Turtles.
CAPGRAS There is a tweleve year old looking little girl walking along the beaten path of Traverse town. Last night, a little girl with the same description was stolen away by Daemon Heartless, taken off to who knows where...

Now, the same little girl, holding a stuffed bunny rabbit, is walking along the path back to town. She skips along, so innocent looking. Of course, she has the clothing of a refugee to the city, from parts unknown, and has been under the care of Hearts Intertwined.

Right now, she pauses, looking up at the city. Internally, she this the place? It odd looking. The grid was not so bland looking. Well, this is the user world...she'd expect it to be more like...brighter? More...bright? Made of gold? That is how some programs picture it.

Of course, these things were HER food...they couldn't be that intelligent.
Deelel Deelel has been just returning from the Shinra Tower, she'd needed to pick up a few things from the grid itself. Various supplioes she'd find no analog to here in user space. Also seriously just some plain old energy the habit of users eating the local grid bugs still kinda squicked her out, made her think of MCP and LEXUS, seriously bad mojo, the pirate captain might notice the lady with the strange tattoos once more. As for CAPGRAS, sthe young girl gets a look but not paid too much mind she's got other things on her mind.
Emi Dennou It is, in a way, instantly suspicious when a girl reported to have been carried off by Heartless has suddenly appeared skipping around as if nothing was wrong. She has not been reported as 'returned' either so this is a bit of a mystery.

So Emi and Umi decide to investigate with Omi as backup support in case the sitch gets real. The two members of the human network walk down the street and Umi, upon spotting 'the kid' advances first, smiling lazily as she says, "Hey kiddo, what're you doin' out here all alone?" Emi hangs back for the moment. There is little proof of anything amiss, just some strange incongruencies with how she understands human behavior. In order to seem conspicuous, she waves over to Deelel as if she was waiting for her.
Sanel A presence arrives towards the city proper...

It is a small, wandering figure in blue. Cladded in a blue oversized coat, the young boy is venturing from the dimly lit beach. However, he is led along the gently rolling hills to the outskirts of Traverse Town.

He wanders... without purpose. It is akin to a doll, given the color of his eyes have darken without a single light.

Unfortunately, he never gets the memo of events.

This particular young boy is making his way along the outskirts and then he notices a presence of people. A little girl, a strange clothed woman, a man, and two familiar girls.

"Ahh.... Umi." His voice is low, but the colors in his eyes return.
Sanel And with that, the boy is making his way to approach the girl, the interest drawing.
CAPGRAS The young girl stares up towards Umi as she advances towards her. She cocks her head to the side as she blinks at her. Hmm...someone did miss her. That was unfortinate...well, we have a problem, and the only solution...

Lie her <GOOSEHONK> off. "I...I am running from a bad man. Bad things took me away, but when they went to grab someone else I ran away." she sniffs, "I was scared, so I ran and I ran...and I am back here, so I am happy." she says, kind of trying to put out a smile, a strained one.

She looks around and looks towards Deelel.

The Jaws theme doesn't play yet.

And then there was a stranger boy talking to the girl who is addressing him. And she moves behind Umi to use her as a shield against him. She doesn't say anything to him, instead she is just being a twelve year old little girl when a strange boy is talking at her.

Well at Umi.
Zeke "Bad?" Zeke's voice was cheerful as he addressed CAPGRAS. After all he didn't know she was really a trojan eater of programs. He just saw a little girl probably very far from home and apparently needing help finding her way. "Don't worry now little miss. You're safe now." Well, as safe as his guns and sword would allow, "I won't let anything happen to you." He still didn't understand where 'here' was, but it was pleasent enough as far as land went and he wasn't about to let that get spoiled by some little girl getting snatched up. He noticed Deelel and quirked an eyebrow at the lady. However he wanted to wait see if the child was just out playing or was genuinely lost.

Then he noticed someone else apparently concerned for the child's welfare and tipped his hat to Emi. It was obvious under the coat were weapons of one stripe or another, but Zeke kept his hands in view. No funny business here mates.
LEXUS It's not a lie if it's /true/.

Here, on the outskirts of Traverse Town, the security is not as tight. The shadows are long on the edge of Twilight, and the Darkness is always waiting.

That's why one sees the Shadows gather on occasion here. Or perhaps larger things.

What /isn't/ seen often are the alien Heartless known to be in the employ of LEXUS. Their form is sleek, six-limbed, each leg tipped with chrome plating that speaks of an advanced design and ending in n infinitely sharp point. The body beneath is the form of a dark Heartless, veined with pulsing violet circuit patterns that rise along the limbs towards the burning, yellow-eyed head. Chrome mandibles jut from the darkness beneath, and the Heartless Emblen is emblazoned on their forehead, pulsing with the power of the Dark.

And there are many of them, rising up out of the Darkness, converging towards the child with the singleminded determination of the directed Heartless.
Emi Dennou Legion doesn't know Capgras is a Trojan Virus wandering the world that is a bit way beyond their understanding of concepts. They do however have an understanding of shapeshifters and disguise artists. As detectives, simply assuming this is the same girl is not something they can afford to do.

Well okay something Emi can't afford to do. Umi gives a small nod to Zeke as he approaches and offers his services which, naturally, improve Umi's viewpoint of him instantly.

"Aww, well that random fellow whom I don't actually know is right! We'll help you find your way back!" She jerks a thumb to her chest. "I'm Umi! Nice to meetcha! What's your name? The Network wonders." She's about to say more when Sanel arrives. "ah?" and then the girl hides behind her, "Ah??" And then she says, "Oh don't worry, little one. That's Sanel, he's a nice guy too!" She assumes anyway. He has amnesia that means he's a hero, she's pretty sure.

Meanwhile Emi has turned to a nearby wall and is thunking her head against it repeatedly because Umi fell for that story so easily. It's pretty Karkatian. Come on Umi! She was skipping merrily without a care in the world! She's twelve, not five! Arghhh! She's about to intercede and start asking some hardboiled questions when at least part of the girl's story seems to be confirmed as the Heartless appear. Emi's eyes widen faintly--then narrow. What's going on here? She keeps quiet until she gets a better understanding of the situation.

Umi continues to be a bad detective and instead continues being an awesome hero. "Don't worry!" She tells the girl. "Stay behind me, I'll protect you!" She smiles broadly, quietly thinking this is the coolest chance ever. Already she gets to help someone out!! Electricity crackles along her body as she prepares to go into ATTACK MODE.
Sanel A single eye drifts towards the twelve-year-old girl. He tilts his head to the side, the gaze locked onto her for a couple of seconds before he tilts his head with a bright smile.

"Hi. Sanel is not bad. Sanel is looking for friends. Umi is Sanel's friend."

Suddenly, through the mass of the hair obscuring his face comes a bright crimson glow.

Sanel's visible yellow eye goes wide and he sweeps his head around. "Sanel senses odd things. That funny feeling..." That is when he noties the approach of the creeping Heartless. One would undergo the feeling of fear. The presence would draw some negative emotion out of them.

Sanel doesn't feel the same that they feel. It is like wild animals, those creeping things.

Approaching to the converging group, Sanel takes one good look over each and every single one of them.

"More friends? More cute animal...things? Sanel wants to play with cute animal things."

Two claps are given, then his smile brightens.

"Sanel is happy."
Nagetta Nagetta likes it here, she didn't have to worry about the sun getting in her eyes. Plus, there was nothing or no one threatening her. At least until the heartless showed up. It figures she can't go somewhere peacefully without trouble happening. She notices the girl that made her embarassed was here...wait there was more than one of her?" Were they twins?
Deelel Deelel gets a notice of the captain again, she wonders about him for a moment but again the captain seems to have been pulled away by business of some sort. Prehaps someday she'll get an actual moment to talk to the man for now the girl gets her attention. She's a user who isn't complied and she understands they can't well? Always take care of themselves while they complile. It's strange but this is an alien level of existance to the basic. However ashe tells her story she pauses as she sees the heartless. She has blood in this state and it runs cold memories of the fight at the Arcade flash through her mind. The very land of manhattan being corrupted by LEXUS just using his power but the question is where is LEXUS either way the beasts have to be stopped. Deelel also has no idea what Capgras really is, She's already going for the disk on her back and it's humming to life.

"These creatures are not your typical heartless they are LEXUS personal creations. They tend to also swarm." She seems to have experiance and know just who is behind these things. Saneel gets a look. "... Kid get back infact get to the nearest building and get inside. Those things will rip you apart."
CAPGRAS The little girl looks at Umi...but the eyes of her sister aren't ignored. At least, internally, as she stares up at Umi. "M-my name is Liz...short for Elizabeth. I was named for my grandmom." she says, with a small bit of sadness. She pauses as people start gathering around her, which causes her to be a bit nervous...I mean, after all, she was just in a tramatic situation, after her world was devoured, AND then there is Sanel right here.

She just steps behind Umi a bit more...

Then she screams at the arrival of the heartless. "W-We should run! They wana take me away! Nooooo..." she cries out, hugging her stuffed rabbit tighter to her chest. "Don't let them get me.."


Victory Conditions: Destroy the Heartless!

Failure Conditions: Liz gets Taken or KOed. Or if Sanel's creepy meter rises over 9000.
LEXUS The Daemon Heartless come swarming.

It's like something out of a science fiction movie. They are digital locusts crossed with eldritch horrors, designed to flay data from their targets, consume their Hearts, and deliver the remains to their Master.

Right now, they see a lot of 'data' and a number of HEarts offering themselves right there. They leap into the group, swarming around them and lashing out with a hissing, modulated scream. Claws lash out and pincers snap, working to debilitate their foes. They are not known for mercy or killing quick.
Emi Dennou "Don't worry, Deel!" Umi says. "Sanel has amnesia, that means he's a hero! I'm sure he can handle himself just fine."

headbonk, headbonk, headbonk.

"Though um--yeah the Heartless aren't friends, Sanel... they take people's hearts away--and that's bad! The Network is certain on that point." Yeah uh--Umi might not be that bright but she's not THAT dim or uninformed. "So be careful okay Sanel? I'm counting on you to hold your own with your amnesia hero powers! The Network says with thinly concealed excitement."

headbonk, headbonk, head--Oh is that Nagetta? Imi mentioned her.

"Nagetta..." Emi says, looking over to her. "Be careful...Something isn't right..." But what that something is? She couldn't say. Either way, Umi is actually quite skilled in fighting relative to the other Legion members, probably because she actually kind of enjoys it. She evades the Heartless, sliding between their assaults--she doesn't get a counterattack off, but when she has an opportunity she draws out her rifle and opens fire--following through with a solid electric blast from her arms!

"Emi!" She shouts. "Can you get her somewhere safe?? The Network inquires."

Emi pauses and looks towards Capgras. Maybe that actually isn't a bad idea, if not for the reason Umi thinks it is. "...Are you alright with that--Liz, is it? I am Emi, her sister."
Sanel Deelel is pretty much ignored by the young boy as he wanders closer towards the eldritch horror.

"Strange Animal looks cute. Sanel wants to keep one. Sanel will hug it and play with it."

Those strange creatures are leaping his way. He canot help but tilt his head over at the sounds of the screams and the hissing to go along with it. The claws gain close to the boy, approaching to nab at his face. However, Sanel manages to reach over to the jaws and he attempts to slip over to slam one to the ground.

They are too wiggly, and thus, have escaped his grasp.

"Strange Animal is cute! Let's play."

However, he stops to look back at Umi. His smile brightens with glee. "Okei, Sanel will be careful for Friend Umi."

While the distance is closed between himself and the creature, Sanel immediately swings his hand downward to smack the creature across the head. Considering the size difference between the little boy and the volkswagon-sized Heartless itself, it should be difficult, if not impossible. However..


Sanel aims to grab and heft the creature over its head. With the volkswagon-sized Heartless over his head, the boy is beaming.

"Sanel plays fetch with Strange Animals. Sanel says fetch."

His hand begins to manifest a bit of ice, chilly energy around it, then he winds back, seeking to chuck the Heartless towards its kin.
Deelel Heartless Activity.

Oh hwere they come, here come the Daemon are as horrific as she rembers them. She's not quick enough this time to get clear there's no where to run and she really needs to see about getting some system restore commands upgraded she's not feeling so well after those attacks. She's alive though and the disk gets to work it gets to work really darn fast as she attempts to catch them off guard while trying to get apart as Sanel contiunes to put him self at risk. This is bad, this is very bad the young man doesn'ty really seem to understand the horror he's dealing with...
Nagetta Of course the snakegirl being there likely isn't helping the girl's sanity. Nagetta quickly notices the trouble she's in and realizes something that must be done. She watches as Sanel lifts the Heartless above his head, impressed by it. She quickly lunges forward putting her long body between the heartless and the girl. She gazes intently at the monsters trying to stop them in their tracks.
CAPGRAS Liz screams as the heartless come at her.

She throws her rabbit in the way, which...actually manages to bounce one of the heartless away from her. She takes a step back, with the rabbit in her hands as she starts retreating. Emi is calling her towards the head of Legion! Liz nods, trying to be brave and moves to hide behind Emi now. However...

The rabit is dropped on the ground, and the gril seems to channel magic through it.


"Be safe everyone.." she says, aiming to help them!

Unless you're Sanel or something. He 'pats' it in his own special way.

There is a deep THUD, and the ground craters under the Heartless.

It's left with a small dent over the Emblem. It doesn't look like it wants to be friends. When Sanel picks it up, it roars, shredding downwards as it thrashes its way out of the forming ice, sending shards everywhere as it engages Claw/Claw/Bite Mode.

Lightning dances among the Heartless, the blasts and bullets scything through the Heartless. They part like waves, immediately reacting to the attack as if they, perhaps, were a hive mind of their own!

Or maybe LEXUS is just /really/ good at RTS games. Several Daemons lunge into the air, launching themselves high with terrifyingly ballistic arcs as they try to punce upon the Network members! Quick, what would they do in Starship Troopers?

Deelel uses her Disc in order to attack, but the Heartless are used to this kind of combat. They, after all, are 'native' to the Grid. They flatten out as the Disc arcs over their heads, adapting to the incoming attacks immediately in waves of movement. It's disturbing to watch such efficiency. Nagetta applies her magical gaze, however, and this causes a disturbence in the forces themselves, slowing them as several of their members develop abnormal status effects. OThers dedicate processing power to removing the suboptimal coding (by eating the ones that are compromised) while the rest get back to doing what they do best: Pounce, Savage, Kill.
Sanel There is a giggle from the boy, who is looking up at the Heartless thrashing and trying to claw and bite at him. He looks up closer towards those claws and mandibles trying to reach out to him. Sanel has a bright smile on his face, tilting his head over. Maybe give it a slight shake.

"Strange Animal wants to play some more."

What does the boy do exactly? Well, first off, he brings his hands over to bring the large Heartless down to his level for a tightened hug. This is the kind of hug that would likely create a huge dent on the creature, should they become unable to escape from the affectionate boy's attentions.

Then, Sanel muses and he gets an idea.

"Oh!" THe boy brightens.

"Let's play tag."

The small, lithe looking frame of the boy lifts the Heartless up and tosses it over with one hand. Both feet grind against the ground, squeezing and even making one hell of a dent on the ground with spiderwebs of cracks formed. He springs off of the ground, lifting a hand up to smack towards the large Heartless.


...Should that strike, the Heartless is likely going to fly towards the Daemons assaulting the Network.

"No tag backs~."
Deelel Deelel recalled how these things fight, she's not able to land a hit, it doesn't suprise her these things are gird natives when all things are said and done. Well native in so much they first managested there most likely created by LEXUS. She does however prove she remebers her last encounter with them as they come at her, she ducks, she twist she even leaps in the iar using several as stepping stones to avoid their attacks. The Young lady's support is welcome and she feels a bit over clocked.

She attempts to get to some higher ground and launches her disk several more times at the beast trying to tie them up slow them downa ndotherwise delay them, she's clearly working on getting ready for something...
Emi Dennou The girl has a magic rabbit. Emi recalls this but if it was capable of fending off Heartless, well, she likely wouldn't have gotten kidnapped in the first place. The bunny is clearly important. Umi diverolls to pick it up, getting clawed in the side by some Heartless. She grins and then smacks it away with a small zap that spreads out along the Heartless. "Signiature understood! Right where we want you!"

She tosses the bunny over to Emi, who catches it and hands it off to the young girl, twisting her body instinctively into one of the strikes for her. She clucks her tongue, spins her body and unleashes a significantly heftier zap of her own.

Her hand moves to hold onto the girl's. "Come on, we should fall back." She says and if the girl lets her, well, she'll start running off with her--leaving Umi to fend for herself?! Well Sanel is there.

"See?!" Umi says as Sanel just throws around the Heartless like woah. "I told you he was a hero! The Network notes this is confirmation!"

Firing off a few more shots from her rifle, Umi unleashes another electric burst from her body--intending to draw some power back into her own body, even before unleashing it back upon the Heartless!
Nagetta Of course Nagetta decides to take advantage of the feeding heartless. She draws her spear before bouncing repeatedly and entering the air. She tries to pierce one of the larger heartless as she makes her way down, both with her weapon and her fangs as well.
CAPGRAS The little girl's eyes widen as Emi dives into the attack for her.

CAPGRAS did not understand the emotion behind it either...why would she do that? These things could deress her...but she was throwing herself into harms way for this little girl? The users...they are weird and illogical it seems. However, she has her rabbit back, which she once more sets down to cast a spell...the rabbit seems to hop once, as the spell channels, before going out over the heros again, aiming to increase their chances at defeating the heartless.

With bunny in hand, Emi grabs her hand, and drags her with the member of Legion. "O-okay.."
LEXUS The Daemon Heartless that is 'playing' with Sanel seems a little confused at the child's refusal to die. This is an odd sensation for the feral digital demon. Sanel then folds the massive HEartless into a hug.

Heartless, it seems, are Weak Vs. Hug. The Heartless screams in a modulated screech as it is crushed and thrown back into the mass. Fortunately for Sanel, he doesn't have to worry about tagback, because the Heartless explodes into unravelling digital Darkness on impact, along with several others.

Deelel launches the disk into the mass and finds her new perch gives her a better vantage point. Several more Daemons derezz as she strikes... But how many more are there? The HEartless advantage has never been the power of individuals (though they do indeed have many powerful singular entities), but the ability of a nearly infinite number that cannot seemingly be diminished... Emi finds this out the hard way as well, as the Network unleashes a dual blast. The tactic continues to have problems, however, as the strikes only seem to vaporize a few smaller ones. Well... That's a few less at least, right? Nagetta's serpentine launching gives her the ability to skewer a few as well, putting her Dragoon training to work!

However, the HEartless mass seem to gather up, a terrible rumbling surging through the group as they begin to deploy in organized groups, rushing around and wolfpacking the heroes as they scythe with rapid strikes, charging and unleashing a multitude of rapidfire hit and run attacks. They are not merely feral, but being guided by a more terrible intelligence still. Their movements seek to confuse and disorient the opposition while giving them maximum skirmishing capacity. Do the heroes have the firepower and tactics to counter LEXUS' minions?
Emi Dennou Emi runs, weaving between assaults from the Heartless just fine. But one particularly hefty group moves to get in their grill but Umi flips back into their way and gets clobbered hard for her trouble, skidding back, spitting blood out of her mouth as she breathes heavily. She's starting to slow down. The Network are notoriously capable of dying--and easily at that. They fought hard for the proper chance to live.

Despite being suspicious, Emi seems quite willing to put herself in harms way for the girl. After all, she doesn't KNOW--she simply suspects something is up. And just because something is up doesn't mean that Capgras is not worthy of protection. There are any number of stories that could be behind this and she won't know the answers if she gets eaten up by Heartless. Or taken away. Or any number of things.

She runs a bit before pausing, turning to heft the girl up into her arms--and then using electromagnetic jumps to bounce away more quickly in an attempt to lose the Heartless, pausing some distance away before she sets down the girl and spins around, drawing out a coin...

Umi yells out, unleashing a wave of electricity around her--trying to draw more power in once more--even as Emi launches a long distance, well, one could even use the term 'railgun shot'...
CAPGRAS The little girl is...surprisingly little girl weight.

Wait that isn't strange or surprising!


Set down on top of the building, she shakes a little...being chased around and then flying into the air was a bit...scarry. However, The rabbit flies out of her hand again, shining brightly this time...before it shoots a beam of pure light down towards the people on the ground.

"...I have no idea what that does." she speaks to Emi honestly.
Zeke Well. Nothing for it. Things got strange. Most of Zeke's guns had jammed, and he was thoroughly irrited while he was busy reloading all.... twenty something pistols. The whole time he was left wondering just how the blazes /EVERYTHING/ Stopped working.

"Alright you slimy misbegotten... whatever you are." He stepped out into the open, coat billowing behind him as he took aim. Nevermind how outnumbered they might be. Doesn't matter just how big or scary or whatever. Eve nthe little girl having a magic rabbit didn't seem to phase him. He had pistols in his hand and he'd start shooting. Drop. Shoot some more, then do it all over again. Because he is Ezekial Fawkes. Captain of the REliant.

Nobody's gonna call him a coward or say that he ran from these beasties.
Sanel There is a look of disappointment as the Heartless explodes into darkness along with the several other Heartless.

The world's smallest violin plays.

"...Strange Animal goes bye bye." Q_Q

His eyes water for a moment, he looks over at the Heartless that has disappeared. He then turns his head over to see the other Daemons out and about. Many of them are getting derezzed. The boy watches as the large amount of Heartless have gathered up.

"Oooh, more friends!"

But then, they start coming in like a wolf-pack towards the crowd. The locust-like Heartless buzz around with rapid strikes of scythin, rapidfire of hit and run. Those cuts, bruises, and all of the painful feelings graze against the boy's body. What comes out is a shriek.

"Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!"

Sanel is quivering in tears, then he grits his teeth. However, he is not going to let that get him down! He sees that his friend, Umi, is still firing at the Heartless. With a brightened smile, he steps forward. The ground around him starts to become extremely chilly. That chill forms into ice. That icy ground becomes slick and slippery. The boy moves along the ground, leaving a trail of ice behind him. As he continues to move, he spins around as he skates about. One foot lifted and the other to the ground. Switch legs and glide~.

"Sanel dance with Friend Umi!!!"

Sanel is skating his way towards the girl, seeking to lift her up over with a single arm. He'll likely prop her up with the single arm as he fires.

Time for figure-skating with his new friend!
Deelel The girl had some abilities this could be why that LEXUS was after her. Still who knows what's going on, what she's got to worry about is well? Even as hes' being over clocked again? Emi is just bringing LOL level pain to something. It's quite the sight really She's still seemingly however preparing for something as suprisingly she pulls back from hitting the Heartless as she just tries to keep back from them for the moment.
Nagetta Nagetta finds herself getting swarmed by the Heartless despite trying to avoid being so. She decides to try and jump over them but that doesn't work too well as she ends getting bit and having the life sucked out of her. She decides to return the favor, curling around one of the heartless with her tail and attempting to magically suck it dry.
LEXUS They say that dropping a penny off the Empire State Building can kill a man.

What happens when you electromagnetically accelerate a coin to supersonic speeds? The Heartless find out the hard way as the tiny coin rips through their ranks, the sonic boom doing as much damage as the coin itself as a line of Heartless instantly vaporize. The remainder scatter out of Fireball And/Or Lightning Bolt Formation.

For some reason, there might be the feeling that LEXUS, out there, is screaming ephitets about hitscan weapons and snipers while digital geese fly by, honking.

Zeke makes an impressive entry into the fray with his pistols, but the scattering effect causes much of his firepower to go wide. It's unfortunate that this occurred, but when death is on the line, every shot counts!

Some of the heroes prepare to press the assault while Nagetta drains the life energy from one of them. The energy feels... wrong. Metallic, with ozone tinges, and a deep, dark, bitter flavor.

But do the heroes have time? The remaining Daemons assemble, hissing and shaking amidst themselves... Before they launch forwards in a rush. Several of them ignite, seething with energy and hissing as they suddenly explode in black energy tinged with violet neon light, vaporizing themselves in a kamikaze strike in order to open holes in the heroic defenses. The larger ones hit moments after, scything into the group with deadly force.
Zeke You know? As Zeke dodged the rather strange creatures that seemed intent first on shoving him off this mortal coil then making off with the girlchild he marveled at how in spite of their monsterous forms they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

His coat, or rather the holes shot through it, tended to disagree with this assertion.

"You want the girl." Zeke made his way over to Deelel to provide cover fire for the wounded lass. Nevermind her nature or origins. He didn't care. She was fighting these blasted things. "Sorry love don't know a thing about medicine that'd be helpful while getting shot at. Saw a clearing back that way. I'll cover you." He picked up another pair of pistols from the necklace of guns he had 'round his neck. Yes it was heavy. No he didn't care because right now those weapons were keeping him alive. They weren't Magic infinite ammunition weapons. They didn't fire ship shattering rounds. Just lead balls that could seriously ruin your day.

And then after his pistols were used he pulled a musketoon from somewhere inside his coat and let loose with the Father of Modern Shotguns.

"This's what I get for keeping m'boots on land!" There was laughter at his words. He thought this was some sort of joke? Really?
Emi Dennou Not strange at all! Maybe Emi is being overly paranoid? Perhaps but everything fitting as well as it does makes that incongruency stand out. And perhaps the biggest question of all lies in her head still. "We seem to be safe now," She tells her, breathing out. But was safety worth the bunny sacrifice? Of course not. She does ask, however, "While we have a moment...who is it that is after you? What can you tell us about him? And how did you escape?" She frowns faintly in thought before adding, "And do you know where you escaped from? We are detectives, anything you can tell us can be used to help you and a detective's job is to help those that can get help from nowhere else."

Umi yelps as she is hefted up by Sanel. She screams and then laughs hilariously as they skate around. Sanel is insane but that's okay. Umi blasts Heartless outta the sky as they attempt to dive bomb her and, ultimately extricates herself from Sanel...probably because she just went flying out of his hands when he got clobbered.

"Gotta finish...!" She says before, yes, more electroshots and rifle fire.
Sanel !!!!

Sanel was happily skating along, carrying the friend Umi on his arm. He doesn't seem to mind everything too much. In fact, he wanted to enjoy the time of skating. As the wayward boy continued to move, a trail of slick ice was left in his wake. It was then that the remaining daemons launched forth in a rush.

"Sanel will protect Umi!"

The young boy finds himself caught within the kamikaze style explosion. The wash of that black explosion tears against the body. And worst off....

Umi is no longer his dance partner.


"Sanel does not like Strange Animals anymore."

As the assembled Daemons remain in his vicinity, Sanel is now skating over towards one of them. Should Sanel get his hands on one of them.... Sanel is going to grab one of those legs slam one of them overhead from side to side repeatedly. But that is not all.

Sanel is going to move onto the next

And the next Heartless.




The next one that is unfortunate? Will likely be tossed with the group of others.
Deelel Deelel looks at the Remaining heartless Daemons for a moment. She's got an idea as theyc ome in at her, the terrible damage hurts her but there's some left. the darkness faes and Deelel's still moving fo thte surivals she lets out a cry which sounds a bit strange to anyone whom is human due to the digital warble in her voice. She's not a happy lady that's for sure as she drive into theenemy ranks aiming to take the beasts down. She'll go dor using her disk as a melee weapon to attempt to behead several others will have the disk thrown with the intent to right thoguht them.

"You have no place here...viri."
CAPGRAS And now CAPGRAS informs you about the OC that she robbed you of.

The bunny lands near the group! It a stuffed rabbit, but now played in ATTACK mode. It flies up, before completely disappearing.

Then a rabbit shaped missile flies across the field, aiming to smash into as many of the Heartless as possible, followed by a rain of many MANY more rabbit missiles that seemed to fill the entire screen.

Then a cut in image of the CUTE little girl with the bunny.

Which then fires a massive beam of energy from another large rabbit that appears, straight from it's mouth.

The rabbit, mysteriously, is now back in the little girl's hands.

She looks up at Emi as she is asked a lot of questions, and shakes her head, "I...I dunno. They just grabbed me...It was dark. Very dark, VERY dark...and those things were all around us. I just saw a man...he was a strange man with funny lines on his body. He was mean...but he went with some of the heartless after something else, and the other heartless weren't watching until I ran away...and I just ran and ran..."

"Then I was here, and I was so happy to be back home.
Zeke Zeke shuffled over to Deleel and put a hand on her shoulder. He'd heard the unnatural warble in her voice. "You alright lass? I... don't know what kinda doctor would see to what you are since i"m starting to suspect it ain't human, but trueth be told you look rather banged up."

Then he cast a look around to see what hte other assorted people were up to. "You." He barked an order at Emi. "Get the girl somewhere safe. They were after her and we just happened to get in th' way."

As for Deelel his instinct was to pick her up and carry the lass, get her help whether she wanted it or not, but everyone was still running pretty hot after that fight and that saw disc frisbee thing. He didn't fancy what that thing'd do to him if she decided his kind of help wasn't in her best interest.
LEXUS The lead balls are effective enough. What matters most when you fight Heartless is not the weapon that you use, but the will and the Heart behind them. The problem is hitting. Several smaller Heartless fall over when Zeke fires, while Sanel works to smash his way through the assembled Heartless swarm since he wishes to instill some disicipine in his new pets. They don't take well to it, quickly scattering away from the absurdly strong child. Emi and Umi add more damage, using their pair tactics to good effect in reducing the incoming assault. Similarly, the Disc of Deelel strikes, but it's hard to tell what's going on there amidst the RAINING BUNNY DESTRUCTION. The explosive bunnies are now joined by HUGE BUNNY LAZOR that roars through the battlefield, carving up a swath of terrain as the Heartless are annihilated from the strike.

The remaining Heartless look upon the battlefield and the remaining heroes... And turn, vanishing back into the Darkness. Their numbers are depleted now to the point where continuing the battle is a waste of resources.

The heroes and the child... are safe for now.
Nagetta Nagetta has a confused look on her face as the rabbit missiles hit the Heartless along with the laser. Where did the girl get such firepower from, and why hadn't she used it sooner? Her attention turns towards the others to see if they alright. She's a bit chewed up herself, but doesn't seem to be hurt too seriously. "Do you have any idea what that was all about?"
Deelel Deelel sees the heartless are handled for the moment and the girl is safe. The disk goes back on her back and she shifts her neck a little strethcing she was hutt but not as badly as she could have been all things considered. She seems to be all ruight and shortly she's got a potion from a pocket and is drinking it. That should do for the moment...still those things were nasty prehaps a bit more than last time. Had LEXUS updated them?
Emi Dennou Umi watches Sanel hulk out and destroy strange animals. Her expression can be best summarized by D:.

It's an expression mimicked by Emi who while knowing about the magical bunny powers did not expect the magical bunny powers to be so destructive. She receives some information about the man behind all this or rather the program behind all this, and an idea of what his motivations may be.

But honestly the idea of LEXUS being after magical bunny power data is absolutely bewildering to Emi. just seems silly. But just because something is silly doesn't mean it's not accurate or dangerous. The story mostly fits together. Even if it's a bit insulting to someone such as her that someone could have such power just by having a magical bunny. Her pride, it hurts.

"Is there anything about your..." pause. "Data..." pause. "that might be interesting to this man?"
Zeke Zeke frowned at Deelel but given she wasn't human, wasn't talking to him, and everything was now 'safe' he had little reason to hang around. So after checking to make sure everythign was there.... and cursing the fact his coat needed patching /AGAIN/ he started to amble elsewhere.
Sanel Frown.

"Sanel did not get to ice skate with his friend Umi! Bad Strange Animals!" Steam comes out of his head as he waves a hand at the creatures. However, the sight of the raining bunny destruction and the large lasers was an impressive sight of 'Oohhh...'.

Nevertheless, as everything is said and done, Sanel is looking over towards the Heartless-ridden area. The boy starts to approach Umi and the group. He briefly sees a lamia, "Huh? Wow, a snake gi---"

...And then a squirrel passes by.


Sanel quickly turns around and starts to chase after it, running towards the path of Traverse Town without saying another word.
Emi Dennou Umi holds an index finger in the air and watches Sanel dart off. Her expression is still kinda D:. Closer to D:? though.
CAPGRAS CAPGRAS is empowered feels like petty jealousy.

Mmm...Petty jealousy. It tastes like TEARS! YOUR TEARS ARE DELICIOUS!

The little girl looks at at Emi, and looks oddly at her, tilting her head to one side. "Data? I dunno what that is ma'am. My bunny isn't named Data, it's named Tsuki." ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL.

"Um...are they gone now? I don't wana go away with them again. I wana be safe."
Emi Dennou Ami consoles herself by hugging a stuffed animal.

"Mm...we think they're gone." But Emi isn't sure it's a bright idea to bring this girl back home just yet. Besides, there's a good reason not to. Appropriate protocol is to take them to the office--the temporary office, The Network ammends to iself--and provide yonder hot chocolate. And maybe let some people who know Lexus better ask some of their own questions.r
"We'll take you to the office, get you something warm to drink, and then maybe we could talk a bit more about what happened." She says. "Is that agreeable to you?"
CAPGRAS The little girl nods once... "I like warm things to chocolate?" she asks...this form seemed to LIKE that. But she had never experienced it before...she must at least try the user suppliments.
Nagetta @3mit Nagetta nods at that, it sounds like a good idea to her. She doesn't really have anywhere to take the girl herself. The office sounded like the best idea to her. Hearing "snake girl" from Sanel from gets her attention, but he runs off before she can respond. She's not sure if she scared him off or not.

This scene contained 51 poses. The players who were present were: Zeke, Nagetta, Deelel, LEXUS, Emi Dennou, Sanel, CAPGRAS