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(2013-01-14 - 2013-01-14)
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Luso Clemens It was about early afternoon in the city of Rabanastre; capital of Dalmasca. The hustle and bustle was impossible to miss or avoid as people, moogles, bangaa, viera, and everything inbetween ran about, taking care of their business for the day.

And soon to be among them was a single boy, wearing a strange brown and yellow suspenders getup. Upon his head was situated a backwards red cap, mussing up a head of brown hair, tied back in order to keep it out of the way. He passed through the gates of the city, coming from the Dalmascan Sands.

But the most striking thing about this boy was...

...All those swords he was carrying with him. One, two, three...four...five.......six swords. All attached to a set of belts in a cross formation. The handles of three blades fanned out to his right side, the other three fanned out to the left.

It was a silly sight to be sure, but thus boy seemed to carry himself with a good measure of confidence and strength. He must have been at this for a while.

"Heh! Rabanastre...It's been a while since I've been back here!" The boy, whose name was Luso Clemens, mumbled. His eyes scanned the immediate area with great curiosity, eager to see just what's been going on in his absence from these streets...
Gilgamesh It's a good day to be a sword-hunter, that's for sure.

The streets of Rabanastre have been home to a lot of weird things over the last couple weeks, but nothing the inhabitants have seen really compares to the giant grey man in his big red cloak, walking side by side with a giant green rock hound nearly the size of a person...

...carrying bags upon bags of groceries.

Most of the people on the street stop and stare at the massive grocery-laden man. It's not hard to see why - besides just being tremendous (nearly thirteen feet tall!), he's dressed in one of the strangest outfits anyone in Rabanastre has seen in a long time. A big red cloak, covering the bottom half of his face; polka-dotted puffy pants; a very dark breastplate: definitely not...normal-people attire. Add to the fact that the (man?) is carrying on an incredibly spirited conversation with the enormous green rock hound - which is, incidentally, decked out in gold like some sort of royalty, and carries itself with a decidedly put-upon air, a bag of groceries hanging from its teeth - and it's not hard to see why people are giving this giant a very, very wide berth. And staring at him like he's an idiot.

He probably is.

"Well, Enkidu! Once we get these groceries back to Faris, we can get back to looking for Kaze to ask him about the big black man. I'm sure with all his experience and knowledge, he'll know what to do! Say, you're looking kind of down - are your groceries too heavy for you?"

The huge rock hound's eye swivels up to stare at the giant. If it were possible for rock hounds to speak, this one would probably be talking about how undignified it feels this situation is. It is, however, not possible for rock hounds to speak, so Enkidu settles for a look of undignified annoyance.

It goes right over Gilgamesh's head. He shoulders one of the massive bags of groceries, reaching down to pat Enkidu's head; the hound simply looks insulted. "Don't worry so much! I'm certain we'll be able to find him. He may be a wanted criminal right now, but -eh? HOLD ON, ENKIDU!" Gilgamesh suddenly just stops, grabbing Enkidu by the collar. Enkidu nearly drops the groceries in his mouth as Gilgamesh begins sniffing the air delicately.

Enkidu gives him a weird look.

"Do you smell that, Enkidu?! It's the most unforgettable smell in the world...the smell of incredibly rare weapons! That delicious steel aroma...the blood caked upon them from countless battles to forge legends...I'd know it anywhere, old friend!"

Immediately, Gilgamesh closes his eyes, continuing to sniff the air like a dog. Enkidu...frowns, or at least looks incredibly tired, as Gilgamesh goes bolting off towards Luso with his eyes shut.

The massive grey man skids to a halt in front of Luso, bends alllll the way over, and takes a deep, deep sniff, probably leaving Luso's personal space /very/ violated. "I knew it! Rare weapons - you're carrying all kinds of rare weapons, aren't you? I smell an Excaliber, I'd know that anywhere...the unmistakable scent of holy magic flows in the air around you!" Gilgamesh opens his eyes, crouching down so he can look Luso in the eye. His eyes are pure white, without any sort of iris or pupil distinction; they are also glowing. "I smell other swords on you...but I bet you're not carrying that dark blade anymore, are you? That's a shame...I'd love to acquire it for my collection."

"How about a duel?!" Gilgamesh stands up to his full height as Enkidu pads over to join the pair. "I'm certain you've heard of reputation precedes me no matter where I go, the magnificent swordsmaster of the worlds, right? I am none other than the exceptional, extravagant, extraordinary, extra-double-plus-super-awesome GILGAMESH! And this is my partner, Enkidu."


"So, how about it? You seem to have some rare weapons on you...and I want them!"
Luso Clemens "Haaaaaah?"

Luso replied in pure incredulity, taking a wiiiide step back as this giant red man in black armor was siddenly in his face, sniffing at him. "Who the heck're you?" He asked, frowning in suspicion. It didn't a genius to figure that he was more than a little surprised at this sudden bout of nonsense. Luso gave the cloaked man a cursory scan up and then and then glanced over towards that...

...That...., he was HUGE. Is that a dog? No way!

Hearing the giant cloaked weirdo talking again, the boy turned his gaze back, listening with a wary mind. This guy had no pupils, irises, nothing! It was just white! It was WEIRD!

But he was right about one thing! These swords were something else alright!

Unable to help himself, Luso wound up grinning and nodding. "Aha! Finally someone sees the value of swords! You've got a good eye!" He sighed after and crossed his arms. "Yeah, I don't have Apocalypse anymore. The church took it away for 'safe keeping'..." Now why did he sound disappointed about that?

"But what's this about a duel?" Luso asked after, staring up and up and uuuuup as Gilgamesh straightened back up to his full height. God he was tall! And then came the AWESOME introduction speech!

...Which was met with a single blank stare.

"What? Gilgamesh? ...Never heard of you."

So much for that.

A nod is given towards Enkidu, whom Luso is beginning to deem to be the straight man of this pair so far. And then he turned, staring back up at the cloaked weirdo and frowning. "You want my rare swords? Hah! Not a chance!" He grinned then, pointing up at Gilgamesh. "You're on! I'll take you out and then I'll get one of YOUR rare weapons!"

When did this become a bet?

Oh well! No time to argue! With all that said, Luso drew both the Ogun Blade and the Kwigon Blade, immediately beginning to radiate an amber aura of power.

"Let's do this!"

And now people were beginning to grant the two idiots an even wider berth. No one seemed to want to get involved.
Gilgamesh 'Being a little surprised at this sudden bout of nonsense' is basically the standard response to Gilgamesh's existence when it's learned of by people who are halfway normal.

The huge grey man's heroic and bombastic pose deflates like a cartoon as Luso says that he'd never heard of him. His face even visibly sinks, or at least the parts that even /are/ visible; his eyes move into a frown, the mouth-covering cloth wrinkles, and he in general just looks sort of...put out. "Y-you've never heard of me? The most famous swordsmaster in all the worlds? Guardian of the Genbu Gate and the countless treasures contained within? Legendary King Of Heroes? Strength that once decimated an army single-handedly with nothing but a halberd? ...nothing?"

"H-he hasn't heard of me, Enkidu!" Gilgamesh turns to the dog, sinking to his knees and throwing his arms (and the groceries) over the massive green hound. "H-he hasn't heard of me at all! What is this world coming to, when a strong-looking young man decked out in rare and impressive weaponry can hear my name without quaking? What are the worlds coming to, when said strong-looking young man can wear those swords openly without fear of my brilliant swordsmanship? I tell you, Enkidu! Youngsters these days have no respect for history or its heroes!"

Enkidu just lets out a deadpan (can dogs deadpan? This one can) bark, then nods politely at Luso. Then the hound rolls its eyes, exasperation lining every feature on the rock hound's face.

"O-oh, right. Of course. This is Enkidu, my boon companion, King of Beasts! Enkidu, say hello."

Enkidu nods again. Then he suddenly buckles a little, as Gilgamesh drapes every single bag he was carrying - and they are quite large and heavy-looking - in Enkidu's mouth. The rock hound stumbles a little, backing away as Luso's eyes take on that look that Enkidu knows /all too damn well/.

Gilgamesh presses his fists against his hips, throws back his head, and laughs. "Very well then! That fire and spirit is the mark of a real swordsman! If you defeat me, I'll give you one of the treasures of the Genbu Gate...but if you fail, I'll be claiming that sword!" Gilgamesh points directly at the Luabreaker, incredibly dramatically! "It's the only one I can't identify on sight...which must mean it's incredibly unique, and that means I've got to have it! One of the Genbu Gate's treasures is the only worthy price for such a blade!"

Gilgamesh snaps his hands outwards. Suddenly, there are just...weapons, in his hands. There's no drawing motion, no shiny manifesty light - just one minute he wasn't holding weapons, and now he is, as if they were drawn from some celestial treasurey, some kind of...gate? One of them is a chinese-looking sword with a long straight blade; the grip of the weapon looks like...Gilgamesh's face?!


In his other hand, being wielded *with* one hand despite the sheer impossibility of such, is the Buster Sword. It's huge; like someone took a boxcar door, sharpened it into a sword, then stuffed it on a hilt. Etched into the side are several materia points, and a pair of ancient, unreadable characters from a long-dead kingdom.

"Have at you, boy!" Gilgamesh howls. Suddenly, he's charging at the young man, swinging the Buster Sword down at Luso directly! At the same time, Gilgamesh brings the chinese sword stabbing forward; then he opens his palm, and the chinese sword vanishes! His hand closes around a heavy, stylized shield with...Gilgamesh's face on it; it comes swinging upwards for Luso's face, where the Chinese sword had been just a moment ago!

"This is merely a sample of my awesome might and my unbelievable collection! Feel like yielding yet? I won't spare your life if you accidentally get killed, you know!"
Luso Clemens Luabreaker? Luso glanced back at the sheathe of the aforementioned blade for a moment, frowning in consideration. He had to fight an embodiment of darkness! Had his heart's strength tested against the grasp of the darkness! Persevered through harrowing combat in order to obtain that sword! And now this cloaked weirdo wanted it?

"Luabreaker? Alright! You've got yourself a deal!"


And then the battle began in earnest. Indeed, Gilgamesh's display of weapon mastery was impressive. But it was not enough to make Luso lose his reflexes! One moment he was there, the next moment, he was leaping backwards, allowing the combination to strike nothing but empty air.

"Whoa, nice moves!" He complimented as he landed to the ground in a skid, grin still present on his face. "Lemme show you what I've got then, King of Heroes!" And without further ado, the boy burst forward into a run, swords had back and ready to strike.

First was an overhead cross slash, producing a pillar of ice that would grow abruptly and then shatter. Following that, he sheathed both swords and then drew Flametongue, the blade bursting into flame as Luso spun forward, slashing at the cloaked man in a flaming arc. Without waiting to see the result, Flametongue was immediately sheathed and Luso jumped straight into the air, drawing Luabreaker; the very sword Gil as after, and then bearing downwards with the blade crackling with lightning.

"Let's see how you handle this! Mr. Epic Hero!"
Gilgamesh "So its name is Luabreaker!" Gilgamesh roars as Luso goes leaping out of the range of his strike; the massive Bluster Sword comes down through concrete, shattering it wherever it touches. Flecks of concrete rain down around them as Luso's ice strike comes swinging upwards; Gilgamesh takes the hit directly in the face, the ice shattering off of him! He stumbles, and he certainly /looks/ like he was injured...but there's neither blood nor mark, no open wound, no gaping pain?

A set of numbers pop up over his head though. '248'!

Flametongue slashes across his chest and his armor; Gilgamesh covers his own chest with his arm, falling backwards on the ground as the tip of his cape lights on fire. Then Luabreaker comes screaming down, lightning shocking all along Gilgamesh's body; he shudders and shakes, falling backwards onto the ground like he's just been knocked out. The tip of his cape continues to burn, smoke rising from it as Gilgamesh sits back up, shaking himself clear. There's...there's electrical arcs running across him.

"Ho ho ho ho! Not bad, boy - you're clearly skilled at using your weapons! Too bad I'll be stealing that last one from you - you seem to make a good pair!" He leaps back to his feet, taking a more direct stance as he flagrantly violates the laws of physics (seriously, shouldn't he be bleeding or something, at the very least?) and summons another pair of weapons. This time...the shield, and a lantern? What the heck?

Gilgamesh comes swinging in with his heavy Gilgamesh-faced shield again; as he whirls around, however, he snaps the lantern forward in mid-swing, and a...a pumpkin bomb explodes out of it, carved with a big G on the center! It launches outwards, ready to smash into Luso's face as Gilgamesh brings the lantern around for another slice! Where did he get these weapons, anyway...?
Luso Clemens Luso was wondering the same damn thing. For one; that big weirdo didn't have a single scratch on him! Not that he wanted to hurt the guy any, but hey! Secondly; where the hell was he pulling those weapons from!? So awed was Luso, that he didn't return to reality in time to attempt dodging. "Oh crud!" He raised Luabreaker then in a token effort to defend, taking the shield's impact and causing him to skid back a bit.

"Phew...!" Thinking he was out of the worst, the sword was lowered...

...Only for him to come face to face with a nice little present. "What the heck is--"


Luso goes flying, '168' appearing above his head as he hit the ground. Wait, what? On second glance though, there's nothing. Weird! "Okay, that wasn't as planned!" He grumbled, standing back up to his feet, looking a bit singed around the chest and face area, but otherwise still looking ready to go.

Luabreaker is sheathed then and the Kwigon Blade is drawn again. "Two can play that game though! Get ready!" And immediately, he ran back into the fray, single sword raised and glowing with an eerie purple aura.

There was no time to think about what the heck it was however as Luso came bearing down with the sword with great force, but he didn't stop there, leaving the sword embedded into the ground tip first, he abandoned the weapon for the meantime, spinning forward and drawing Kotetsu in a series of fast slashes, each radiating holy energy.

"And the finish!"

To top it off, Kotetsu was sheathed instantly as Kwigon blade's handle was taken again, pulled out of the ground and swung forward in an uppercut motion!
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh's cape is still on fire.

That's very important to note, because it establishes exactly how ludicrous the events of the scene continue to be. As Luso comes swinging in, Gilgamesh's shield comes up to parry the purple-aura'd sword; he takes a moment to stare as the sword just casually knocks him backwards, examining the sword carefully. He didn't know of it personally, but it probably wasn't a legendary enough weapon to have attracted his attention; it certainly didn't smell like one! All that thinking, though...just like Luso, he's not fast enough on the draw back to reality, as the Kotetsu slashes across his cape, tearing through it effortlessly! With a more direct strike, Luso can see his attacks land, sliding through Gilgamesh and leaving a weird trail behind them before the 'wound' 'seals'. It's like hitting a ghost! Despite that, Gilgamesh still moves to cover himself like he was hurt, his face still twists in agony (at least, the parts that can be seen), and the little numbers over his head (not white this time!) are still there. He's certainly strange, but at least that's confirmation that he's being hurt!

As power drains out of Gilgamesh, and the Kwigon Blade slashes up along his chest, Gilgamesh only narrowly blocks the strike with his strange shield; the shield clangs loudly as Gilgamesh wobbles, trying very hard to avoid falling over. He whistles. "Very impressive, boy! You're clearly a fearsome opponent...I guess I shouldn't be going so easy on y-...hey, do you smell something burning?"

Enkidu, laden with groceries, just sort of sits down to watch as Gilgamesh's weapons vanish, the big grey man holding up a finger to sniff the air again. "My sense of smell is finely-honed over the ages, trained in the wild to identify any scent thanks to Enkidu's help, and I definitely smell something burn-"

Gilgamesh looks down at his burning cape.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Gilgamesh's hands go flying up into the air, and he comes plowing directly towards Luso. "I'M ON FIRE, I'M ON FIRE!" He runs, backwards, weapons appearing in his hand in an instant to smash down against the flames on his body; he seems tremendously put-upon, which isn't really surprising give that he is ON FIRE. The Bluster Sword appears in both hands, the flat of it swinging down hard over and over and over; a moment later, the sword vanishes, to be replaced by...a keyblade?!

A TotallY Real(tm) Keyblade?!

Gilgamesh runs past Luso, still on fire, trying helplessly to beat out the flames with the Bluster Sword and the Totally Real(tm) Keyblade. And in the process...well, in the process, he's probably going to smash into Luso, hit Luso with one of the swords, or otherwise injure Luso as he passes by, shortly before he trips over one of the Rabanastre street-stalls, smashing into the wall behind him and lighting the stall on fire as well.

Enkidu can't help but chortle.

Giant rock hounds chortle weirdly.
Luso Clemens "Huh?"

That was all Luso managed to get out at Gil's question. Indeed, a couple whiffs of the air did reveal the smell of something burning now that he was focusing elsewhere. "Now that you mention it...Something IS burning. But what?" He began to take some looks around to try and find the source, his eyes eventually settling on the giant man's cape.

"Whoa! D-Dude! Your cape! It's on fire!" And like an idiot he also began to panic and run around. "Hey wait! You gotta stop and put it out! Hitting it isn't gonna do anything!" And with that, Luso sheathed Kwigon Blade, drawing Luabreaker again. Seeing the king of heroes running directly in his direction in a panic, the boy hastily leapt aside, avoiding the near collision with practiced reflexes.

"H-Hold up! Lemme put it out there!" He called, chasing after Gilgamesh with the sword raised, radiating a blue aura of ice as he swung at the burning cape. Oh god, those stalls were on fire too! "Crud!"

The city guard were going to have a field day with this no doubt.
Gilgamesh There were probably dueling rules in Rabanastre. It was unlikely either of them would get convicted; they DID sort of establish a duel, and there are plenty of witnesses available who can claim as such. The worst that's likely going to happen is someone is going to have to pay for that stand.

That stand that Luso just froze with his Hoarfrost blade. It goes cold, ice blasting over the fire and snuffing it in an instant. In the same instant, ice flashes over Gilgamesh; the Swordsmaster King freezes solid, completely locked down in the ice.

As the ice begins to crack, Gilgamesh just...lays there for a minute, holding up a finger at Luso. "H-hold on...I need to take a breather and fix my cape...!"
Luso Clemens "Phew..."

Minor crisis averted.

Minus the stand. That was coming out of someone's pay. Luso grimaced at the thought of blowing more clan money on damages like this, but hey! Maybe he could weasel his way out!

Gilgamesh's call for a breather caused the boy to raise an eyebrow incredulously. "A breather? You're like...immortal or something! I don't see a single cut on you, and you need a breather? Wow!" That statement was less sarcastic and more genuine awe and curiosity.

Because it was painfully apparent that this cloaked...thing. Was nothing like any other conventional being he's met before. His wounds seem to heal instantly, though he had noticed flashes of pain across what face he could see. That guy was really a wierdo after all.

"...Yeah, a breather sounds good to me." Luso finally decided, stepping back and sheathing Luabreaker. From there, the boy simply plopped down onto the ground, catching his breath in whatever time it would take the other to gather himself together again and fix that cape of his.

Maybe it was another legendary treasure! The cape of mystery!

Gilgamesh Gilgamesh was certainly more...casual...than a lot of fighters. He sits down, grabbing his burned cape and tugging on it gently as he looks over at Luso with a puzzled expression on his face. "What? I'm not immortal! What makes you think I'm immortal? I'm just a-"

A flock of geese flies overhead, honking loudly. Maybe...maybe some things aren't for men to know?

"-and anyway, that's silly! No one is immortal! Everyone dies eventually!" Gilgamesh stands up, shaking his cape experimentally. The scorch wounds are gone! Just...gone. They've disappeared, just like his own normal wounds. If Luso had any sort of awareness of things like that, he might be aware that maybe Gilgamesh's cape is part of him, just like those weird swords that keep appearing and disappearing. "Besides, just because they don't cut doesn't mean they don't hurt! The numbers keep going down, don't they? You saw the pop-ups! Those hurt!"

"They hurt a lot, in fact." Gilgamesh rubs his chin thoughtfully as he looks over at Luso. He considers it for a moment; he could attack /right now/, take advantage of Luso's positioning...but no. No, that wasn't a fair fight. Gilgamesh was all about cheating when it came to things like fighting BARTZ, who cheated anyway, but not in fights over weapons. Weapons were /super serious/. You had to play fair, or else they wouldn't keep their end of the bargain, either.

"But you know..." Gilgamesh adds after a moment, "I've only been fighting at half my true strength. I don't consider it fair to bring out my real power in a fight like this...BUT, I'll show you a glimpse of that power! You've earned that much! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Gilgamesh throws back his head and begins to laugh as the air behind him ripples, as though something massive were moving through it. Gilgamesh presses his hands together in front of him; a line appears directly behind him, like a seam going up the building. It would take a moment for Luso to see that that seam is actually floating in mid-air, attached to nothing; by that time, Gilgamesh is already spreading his arms wide. As he spreads his arms, so too does the seam widen; it grows, like a great gate splitting in thin air, revealing a portal to...


Piles upon piles of treasure. Weapons from all across the universe - swords, guns, polearms, bows, shields, and weapons more unusual than Luso can possibly identify, piled as high as the gate itself can go. He can see weapons of all stripe - Excaliburs both red and blue and otherwise, Ragnaroks, Masamunes, swords without name or identity that once held powerful legends now forgotten; each of them comes in multiples, none of them alone, but all most definitely real. It's taller than Gilgamesh by several orders; it cuts a massive swath in the air, like some kind of summoning...but nothing was summoned. No eidolon looks like that.

"BEHOLD!" Gilgamesh roars as the weapons begin to rise into the air behind the gate's doors; they float into position, and all of a sudden, Luso might suddenly become aware of exactly what that true power is. "The Gate of Genbu...HAS OPENED!"

Gilgamesh crashes his hands together; as one, the weapons lance outwards, stabbing directly towards Luso, a rain of very sharp and very dangerous power. Every weapon in the Gate pours out; as they slash, or cut, or pass by Luso and stab into the concrete below, they suddenly vanish moments later, returning to the Gate's pile. The pile grows as the strange attack carries on; then, as the final swords finish their assault, the Gate is full once more, and it seals up behind Gilgamesh, vanishing into the air. Gilgamesh throws back his head and laughs.

"How's that?! A mere taste of my true might! Does it satisfy you? Are you trembling in fear at my amazing collection? Well, are you?"

Enkidu rolls his eyes.
Luso Clemens "What? You mean you're NOT! Immortal? ...Well I guess that IS a little farfetched now. But hey, you never know! Ahahaha!" And he laughed, stannding back up to his feet and brushing himself off. "Your real power huh?" Luso mumbled skeptically. Usually when opponents mentioned their 'real power' it tended to be a load of hoopla.


...What the HELL was that!?

Right there. It's like the air itself was being distorted, giving way to a space that clearly was not of this world. And inside...was treasure. Loads and loads and loads of treasure. Swords, spears, axes, guns, shields, random nonsense he couldn't even begin to fathom. It was all there.

"...Whoooooa....." Well not this time. Luso was legitimately awed as his eyes scanned over all the weapons and treasures he could, committing the more interesting ones to memory. And hey! Wasn't that an Excalibur? Two of them in fact! So there was more than one? ...Or maybe this was another effect of the same weapon existing in multiple dimensions?

Ergh, too much tought for his simple brain.

And then all at once, they began firing.

"Holy cra-"

Not even wasting time to finish that swear, the boy began dancing about, weaving through many a sword, spear, and axe, attempting to avoid the veritable rainstorm of weapons. At first it seemed like he was going to make it. But then a sword crazed his leg, causing him to stumble.


And then a spear grazed by his side, another sword by his shoulder. The weapons just kept on piling up on the assault, cutting and piercing Luso up in many areas. Once the dust cleared, it would be revealed that it was not quite over yet.

Luso stood there, amongst a sea of swords, slowly beginning to rise back to his feet. "....I have to admit, that's some pretty amazing skill right there...! Looks like you're not all talk..." Despite his wounds, he grinned, reaching back and gripping the handle of Excalibur. His own Excalibur.

"Now it's my turn!"

The holy sword was drawn from it's sheathe, and immediately, holy light began to radiate brightly. Though a man of mystery such as Gilgamesh must have seen this light plenty of times in the past. "Time to go all out! Everything I've got!" Excalibur was raised to the sky, gripped with both hands as Luso shouted. "Haaaaaaaah!" The holy aura intensified, channeling upwards and then manifesting itself into a huge, ornate phantom blade, a circular edge at the top.

Once the manifestation was complete, the blade was lowered in front, held close to himself. "...Now!"

And he ran forward, the phantom blade held back before the boy leapt high into the air, flipping one for momentum before bearing downwards upon Gilgamesh with all his might.

"This is it! My ultimate skill! Blade of The Rift!"
Gilgamesh "Ha ha ha! Of course it's an impressive skill! This treasure trove of the greatest weapons in all the world will one day be complete - and on that day, it will open the way to the greatest treasure of all!" Gilgamesh crosses his arms, nodding authoritatively as his Totally Real(tm) Keyblade appears in his hand. "For now, however, it's merely the vault of the greatest king of- h-hey, wait! Woah!"

Gilgamesh had seen that light a few times before, yes. He had wielded it himself - and its darker cousin, too - a few times! It was a precious treasure, so he didn't much care to bring it out against a simple opponent...the last time he had wielded that light had been against Gal-

Wait, what are you doing getting distracted, Gilgamesh?! This is no time to be distracted! That weapon is coming at you, and it means business!

"H-Hey, I know that!"

Then you'd better look out!


The massive phantom blade comes swinging down onto Gilgamesh, the Blade of the Rift smasing down onto him, through him, dragging its way along his body; he can feel it pulsing through him, holy light like he has not felt turned upon him in millenia. The power of this weapon is intense; the boy behind it must have a very pure heart indeed! Gilgamesh can feel the numbers pop up above his head (734); he stumbles, sinking to one knee as the Keyblade splits in half from the strike. The ground beneath his feet has split, too; he wobbles for a moment, then pulls himself back to his feet, with a great deal of effort; his cloak is split down the back, though strangely not the front, and it's torn in several places it most definitely wasn't before. His armor is much the same; cracked and broken, grey skin peeking through, even in places it wasn't struck by the massive phantom blade. "I told you that was a mere fraction of my true that you've unleashed one of the secret techniques of Excalibur, however, I have no choice but to unleash my full might, and-"

Gilgamesh pauses. "Wait. Did you say Blade of the Ri-"

And then something pops open behind him - a great darkness, a swallowing, all-consuming black hole. It appears directly behind Gilgamesh; he looks behind him, his white eyes widening. "-ft?! AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa-"

Gilgamesh flails at the area in front of him as he's lifted off his feet and sucked into the rift; a few moments later, Enkidu is similarly sucked in, along with all the groceries. The Rift spirals about, then slips shut, disappearing into thin air. On the ground is a long stick.


Well...Gilgamesh did say a /treasure/ from the Genbu Gate...
Luso Clemens "Hah!" Luso cheered, grinning victoriously as his ultimate strike struck true. "And that's my power! Even a minor leaguer can stand toe to toe with the king of heroes if he puts his mind to it!" The aforementioned ultimate blade(according to Luso) Soon faded out of side, revealing just Excalibur underneath, which the boy sheathed back.

That sword attracted unsavory types like no one's business when it was out. Better to keep it sheathed when not in use for too long.

"Your full power? But didn't you just-"

And then interruption.

"Eh? Yeah, I said Blade of the Rift. Why tho- ...Eh?" And then there went that black hole. "Whoa! What the heck! That's never happened before!" He exclaimed, watching at the void sucked in Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and all their groceries. But Luso wasn't having it just yet. They had a deal after all!

"Hey wait! What about my--"



He knelt down then, picking up the stick and examining it. It was a rod. A fishing rod. ...A fishing rod!? He closed his eyes. A deep calm coming over him as he tried to find his center. And then...


And his plea was met with nothing but a deafening silence.

And so ends that particularly weird chapter for today.

This scene contained 15 poses. The players who were present were: Gilgamesh, Luso Clemens