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(2013-01-14 - 2013-01-14)
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Faruja Senra The desk that the Shard Seekers use for writing of paperwork has been neatly cleaned and organized, a little binder with various financial odds and ends replacing the typical chaos. Adverse to things being out of order, it was the second thing the ratling did after waking up from his little bout with Riku. The first was tending to his own wounds and washing dirt, blood, and bad memories away. Most of them, anyway.

Thus, he's nice and clean and presentable as he sits at the desk. Unlike his usual attire, the rat seems to have borrowed a pair of Ivo's pants, forgoing a shirt. This would let observers see the criss-cross of bandages newly applies to his usual burn-covering set. Even then, lines where darkened flesh turns to healthy fur can be seen occasionally.

Nibble nibble. Sitting before the rat is a piece of parchment, the end of a quill being destroyed by the rat's nervous chewing. An inkpot sits beside the parchment, as well as an envelope. Several words are written in clean, flowing, exaggerated letters.

'Oh radiant angel,'

'You have captured my heart with your beauty from first sight. Your strength and will, though you may think otherwise, is that of a caring, motivated woman who gives of herself in her own way to her friends despite her own fears and troubles. That you open your heart to others, scarred and unrightfully wounded as it is, is a blessing that no mere words can properly describe. There is a fire in your soul, one that eclipses even the grace of your winged flight...'

It's stopped mid-sentence, the Burmecian occasionally glancing about in a paranoid manner, huddling over the paper.
Hati While Hati may have kept an eye on the Shard Seekers for any number of reasons, even she doesn't have a full roster of all those who might consider themselves part of the group. Like so many other gatherings of would-be heroes, people come and go, so it's nearly impossible for an observer to know just who happens to call this place 'home' or not. Maybe, if she'd known that Faruja was in residence, she might have thought twice about sneaking in, but... probably not.

The wolf is all but silent, creeping along rafters. While the Shadow Lords rarely use her skills for their intended purpose, the girl is an adept thief, and quite good at sneaking up on people unawares. Especially mice who are too busy fawning over gargoyles to notice that something is amiss. At first, it's just a feeling like someone is watching. An itch at his shoulder or perhaps a feeling like some wind brushing. For those watching at home... the wolf's tail comes down right close to him, then is scooped up again just before he might notice it.

Then, when her head pops down, hanging upside down like some sort of spider-wolf as she peeks over his shoulder. Her hair is standing up, and ... well the effect is completely silly. "Ooo." The wolf murmurs appraisingly, "Love notes?" The voice us surely enough to draw his attention by then. Hati still hangs up side down for a moment, and then flips herself around, landing in a crouch on her feet.

Invader! Of course, far be it for Skoll to tell any of the Shard Seekers except maybe Zia that he has a sister, and that she works for the 'other side' and that they probably shouldn't kill her. Oh, and let's not add to it that he had promised that she could come to their HQ and wouldn't be attacked. Pssh. Silly wolves.

She had said that there would be no 'talking' this time, but contrary to popular belief, the wolf isn't so heartless. "You look like you've seen better days." She notes, appraising his bandage-wrapped chest with a gaze that lingers just a bit longer than is probably comfortable for the templar.
Faruja Senra One ear perks at his itching shoulder, tail moving up to scratch it. He mutters something about a draft, before returning to chewing on his quill. Oh, how to continue? How to capture in mere /words/ his thoughts of the Scottish gargoyle beauty? So tragic, so fiery, yet so vulnerable! It's like something out of a play.

A feeling of someone behind him, and of being watched. His muzzle opens, about to rebuke whom he believes to be one resident troublemaker Priel, before the woman speaks!

Squeak! Even as she's flipping down to land, Faruja is hurriedly trying to gather up the letter, knocking over the ink pot and utterly ruining it as he stands up. The chair's knocked over, which the ratling stumbles and nearly trips over as he tries to make some room between himself and the familiar wolf intruder!

Ever paranoid, and wishing he'd had his spear on him, he settles into a defensive stance, free hand's claws at the ready. "YOU! Wh...what of it? Come you here to make use of it, hmm!? To harm the innocents here!?" His words might seem a little half-hearted. More flustered than anything as he tries to hide the letter in vain. Ears folded back, his white fur is tinged with pink along the face, and tail drooped in embarrassment.

"...No thanks to your allies." He mutters bitterly. Yup, seems like he's not aware of the whole 'don't kill the Spy' thing. At least he's not attacking her yet. That gaze upon him gets a strange look from the rat, followed by slight figiting. He's not used to such treatment, and for some reason, his blush only grows!
Hati The wolf girl continues to crouch there, looking more like a wild child then human. It's a fry cry from the last time he had seen her, walking on the streets. Still, a small smirk quirks at her lips as she watches him fumbling with the papers. "Aww, well that's a shame. Look what you've done." She tsks once, then slowly rises to her feet. Her words don't seem spiteful or mean, simply curious, although perhaps with their usual darker edge to them.

Her eyes flash to his claws, but she doesn't make for her own weapons. Instead, the wolf-girl simply opens her dark palms, showing only her own claws and nothing more. They're held back in a universal sign that says 'I'm unarmed'. Sure, she could grab for her daggers if she really wanted to, but as always, she does /try/ to give these heroes the benefit of the doubt. "You think so little of me." She lets out a breath, "I didn't even know you were here, much less that you were injured."

She doesn't draw closer to him, but the wolfish instinct is to keep moving, just incase he does launch an attack. "Is that the kind you like then? Pale-haired beauties of the night?" Hati muses, her scarred eye aimed towards him. "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised." The comment seems a little odd, but the wolf... well she's got her own troubles on her mind these days.

It's the comment about 'your allies' that draws a growl from her lips and a flash of white teeth. The instinct to lash out and defend herself - her honor - it's a strong one, but it's not one that she hasn't had to deal with enough times before. One hand clenches into a fist. "You assume much." She lets out a breath, letting her hands relax again with it. "I am trying very hard to believe what my brother has told me about your clan. But if you insist on proving him wrong, feel free."
Faruja Senra Slowly, the rat reveals the letter, in all its ruined glory. A long, weary sigh, and he crumples it before tossing it away. "...'Twas poorly written and ill worthy of her at any rate."

Too honorable for his own good, the Burmecian somewhat lowers his guard as the girl reveals her empty hands. Well, he can't really argue with that. "Fair enough. And I suppose if you meant harm, I would be dead already. Nor am I in any condition to fight a competent warrior." She certainly had the walk of one!

Teeth grit. "...I find beauty in my peoples, even at times humans, however Lady...the Lady of my affections is quite captivating, not only in body, but more importantly in manner and spirit." She's the exact opposite of the girl his Mother would have liked for him. In some ways, that makes Zia all the more attractive. Her little comment at the end gets a raised brow, then a shake of the head. "Odd woman."

Faruja rights the chair, and shoves it over to the wolfess. "Sit, if it pleases you." The Templar procures his own, never quite taking his gaze or ear off of the spy.

"Then by all means, enlighten me! 'Tis a rare chance. I have no intention of violating the peace of this place that my friends so cherish if I can avoid it. My ears are yours."

An eye narrows. "" Confusions rests in his voice. Then, he eyes the tail.

"...Wait. Mean you to say Ser Ulfang are..." Slowly, that eye widens, the Burmecian looking dumbstruck. Looks like no one told him!
Hati The wolf's ears tuck back just slightly, but she offers the sort of laugh that comes from someone who isn't truly amused, but perhaps simply living through someone else's idea of a joke. "Yes. Although I didn't remember him until recently." Her lips quirk again, "Of course, I never expected him to be alive, not after what happened to our world, but I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised. He's always been the special one." The thought threatens to draw a growl up from her chest. Skoll the privilaged, Skoll the Unlimited, Skoll the future Alpha.

She quells that with a clench of her jaws, "I'm not here to fight anyone. I'm here to find my brother. He hasn't come to meet me in days. He was supposed to." She had waited out in the desert like her brother had asked, but he hadn't come. In fact, Skoll hasn't been seen at all since the whole 'maid' incident. Sure, someone could chalk it up to embarassment at the whole escapade, but usually you would at least see him out and about. Even the smell of bacon has started to lessen.

She takes the chair, but rather than sitting on it like a regular person, Hati turns it and straddles it backwards, "Forgive me if I thought you didn't really care. You were the one that assumed I was some agent of the Shadow Lords, then wouldn't let me get a word in edge-wise." Her arms fold across the chair, eyes narrowed. "You see, the thing about being allies is... it means they have to /care/ if something happens to you. They don't. More to the point, I wasn't even there when your precious Manhattan fell. So I would appreciate it if you would /stop/ blaming me for what others do just because of the darkness I carry."

Those eyes look him over again with her head tilted. She had seen the gargoyle asleep up on the roof, and she had scented the smell of her on her brother. "Is that all there is to it? Manner and spirit and beauty?" Ever since the day she looked in the mirror to see that mismatched eye looking back at her, and the scars that she carries still from her father's cruel hands. "And what about you? Does she find you 'captivating'?"
Faruja Senra 'Didn't remember'. In short order, the black-and-white view of the girl he thought to be an utter enemy cracks just a touch. Like so much since leaving Mullonde and venturing out into the worlds, Faruja feels the weight of conflict and contradiction upon him. It's made worse by the fact that some part of him is /happy/ for Hati. He'd give anything to be reunited with his sister, if she even yet lives.

"I...see. Ser Ulfang is not particularly open about his past, so you shall have to forgive my ignorance. It seems you've some troubles with him."

Head tilting, he nods. "'Tis not uncommon. The good Ser is oft scarce, on errands I see no need to inquire into. While recent, ahh, events...have caused certain amounts of...perhaps embarrassment." Blush. Oh Faram, he hopes Hati hasn't seen that calendar. There's no doubt one in the room somewhere. And being sold in Fluorgis, for that matter.

"Yet from the sounds of things, this is unexpected. When last I saw Ser Ulfang, he was with us during a mission for an artifact. He was relatively unharmed from the experience, mayhap excepting pride. Unfortunately, I know not of where he is, my attentions have been drawn elsewhere." Such as to chalices, his own people's troubles, and a certain Gargess.

Slowly, the rat nods, though looking reluctant to believe everything. But at least he's trying! "Well, then. Assuming that all you say is true, then whom do you call an ally? Mayhap you are correct. I am a Holy Knight, and darkness is anathema to me. Yet I know well what those possessing it are capable of. What are your intentions, Lady Hati?"

The topic switch has the rat throwing up his hands. "I hardly know! My heart trembles whenever I think of her! My soul rages against those whom have harmed her, and given her less than such a wonderful person as she deserves! Damnit, I am not Ser Galvan with his honeyed tongue, and charm, and wit! Nor do I claim to truly know /why/ I care so. All I know is that, if nothing else, I wish her to be free of the fear and pain others have inflicted upon her." Comes the rat's voice, rising in frustration.

Then, there's her feelings on the matter. "Damn you. 'Tis difficult to say. I...I fear she knows not my affections. Indeed, for I have imparted her a gift, however...mayhap her own people's customs differ too greatly. And...fah. To face down walls of blades and demons are a paltry thing next to matters of the heart. There is no battlefield more terrifying and soaked in blood and pain than that."
Hati "He believed me dead until recently. So perhaps he didn't see fit to mention such a thing." Hati shrugs her shoulders, not really knowing how much anyone knows about her brother or his past. She had only been part of those younger years, and all the time that has passed in between is a wall between them. "Not troubles, though. He... doesn't want me to lose me again. He had promised to help me." She growls under her breath. Did he really just go off and forget about her, or is there something else at play here? Normally, the wolf isn't one to just disappear on commitments.

She pushes herself up, unable to keep herself still now. The irritation at her brother's absense mixed with a worry that hadn't bothered her since she was a child. That is the price of memories - they carry with it all the weight of loss that comes with it. "I've heard of your recent exploits. Though I admit you make a far better maid than my brother. Although I must admit, I your usual attire more fetching..." She hesitates, giving him another of those long looks, "Although I won't argue with the half-naked look either." It's hard to tell on this wolf-girl if she's just teasing, or actually speaking her mind.

She turns her gaze away and continues her pacing then, feet barely making a sound, although her coat rustles against her clothes as she moves. "Sometimes we don't choose darkness, Templar. It chooses us. I didn't /choose/ what was done to me, and I struggle not to be a monster because of it." She turns his own words back at him, since he was the one who had called her nothing but a beast, a heartless, a monster.

Still, as he begins to speak, showing his frustration on matters of the heart, the wolf draws a bit closer. "Damn me..." She speaks the words slowly. In a low voice, she murmurs, "Why do you chase after something you don't even know exists?" Ahh, that is a familiar feeling. How long had she chased that prospect. The White Wolf. Love. "Why not savor what you have, take hold of it with both hands." The wolf is coming closer now, not threateningly, but perhaps a bit too close for comfort. "You want to talk about light... about love. Why don't you show me what it can do?"

Oh poor mouse. The wolf reaches out with both hands, taking him carefully by the face to avoid those burned areas, and then plants one right on his muzzle.
Faruja Senra This was getting more nuanced and complicated by the minute. The Templar could feel the beginnings of a headache. He swiftly heads it off with a pull of his hip-flask that he'd managed to get back from the wolf in question.

A small smile touches his muzzle. "Admittedly, I know little of your brother. However, he does not strike me as one to abandon someone." That smile fades quickly. He sees that worry. Could his own sister be filled with the same emotions right now, somewhere, out there? He leans forward, as if to lay a hand on her shoulder, before stopping himself. Who knows if she's an enemy or not! Besides, she seems the biting sort.

Suddenly, the rat is looking everywhere but at Hati. A lovely flush of red seems to be stuck on his features.

" was a prank! A bet!" Comes the rapid excuses for the whole debacle. Leean. Tilt tilt. Faruja nearly falls out of his chair at the compliment. Coughing heavily, and fakely, he tries to look not utterly flustered.

"I...I am glad it meets your approval." Is his nose bleeding? Legs crossed, it seems teasing is successful.

She gets a serious look, however, as she begins to talk of darkness. When the rat listens, he listens. He also gets a better look at her, perhaps for the first time as something other than an enemy. Tail! It gets looked at, briefly, before he locks eye to eyes. Be good, rat!

Slowly, Faruja feels his assumptions nicely crumbling before him. Hati might just be more victim than perpetrator. He doesn't respond as his own words hit him in the face. Tensing, he shakes his head. "...Perhaps." Begins the Burmecian, with audible effort. "Perhaps I may have...been..." Gulp. Admitting he may have jumped the gun isn't something the rat does often, if ever.

"Overly swift to pass judgement."

She's closer. A red eye stares at her as his personal space is violated. One ear tilts. The beginnings of a smirk begins to form. "...To be a Knight is to risk everything: body, soul, honor. I gladly risk it for that which may enrich the life of someone deserving what little happiness I may yet be able to provide." Still closer. The poor rat only understands her intentions when it's too late.

"What /ever/ are you going on abou...MmmMmph!" He's first oh-so-tenderly gripped by the face, confusion and surprise written on his features. Lips meet muzzle! Smooooch~

Claws upon hands and feet dig into the wood of chair and floor. All of his unburnt flesh turns a lovely shade of crimson, body coiling tight like a spring. Then, like a switch, it all bleeds out. Apparently Hati is a good kisser. Caught somewhere between indignation and passion, it's returned!

Best of all? Being a military nezumi, and a proper one, hasn't left him with much experience with females. A certain wolfy-thief has stolen the rat's first proper snog!
Hati Oh, certainly there is enough proof out there that this girl is more bite than bark, but since her brother's return things have begun to change. There is still confusion, and anger, and loss, and all the negative emotions that have always consumed her life. But now there are others as well: Concern, worry, care. It is a stretch to think that she might have recovered enough for true depth of emotions, but small steps start any journey. "If he hasn't been here either, then maybe I should ask VALKYRIE instead." The wolf did spend an aweful lot of time around the leader of that particular group of adventurers, but he also spent a great deal of time here.

If Hati were speaking to make some sort of joke of him, perhaps she would have laughed. Instead, she just watches his antics - the uncomfortable way that he reacts, her head tilted quizzically. She just waits for his eyes to return to hers, then raises a curious brow. Oh, if she knew some of what went through his head. Hati has worked very hard to no longer be a victim, but to be strong enough to fight back against all the things that have ever hurt her. "It takes a lot to admit a mistake." The wolf inclines her head then, a gesture that means more to her than perhaps to him. Lowering her eyes, giving him even that brief show of trust is a step for a wolf who doesn't usually lower her guard to anyone.

But then she's coming towards him. His words may not be meant for her, but she pays that no mind. The wolf has always been a creature of impulse and instinct. She has searched for too long no no avail, and unlike her brother - she may long for her wolf, but she doesn't wait around howling for someone who never answers.

There is a part of her that fully expects to be struck for her actions, but when the inevitable blow doesn't come, her tucked ears lift a little, just in time to feel the mouse return the gesture in kind. She rumbles a sound in her chest, somewhere between a growl and a feline purr. It has to be a joke, right? She's joing to draw back, and smirk, and laugh at him, isn't she? The wolf lets the moment linger, and when her lips do part from his muzzle, she leans her cheek in against his muzzle, waiting for him to push her away. "Do you think people can be saved?" She whispers the words, her voice softer than he might expect. Maybe if she can convince him that she's worth fighting for, she can convince herself.
Faruja Senra "Mmm, they do seem to attract interesting people as well. Somehow, I am not surprised Ser Ulfang is acquainted with them. I wish you luck in finding him." He pauses. Faruja frowns briefly.

"...Should I hear of him, you shall be informed." Enemy or not, he'd not deny her family.

Ahem! The rat tries to gather up a little bit of his dignity that he'd put on the line. "Humility is a virtue." He quotes quite simply.

A cheek rests against him, warm and soft. For a glorious, long moment Faruja is lost in the presence of another person. No hatred. No baggage, religious or otherwise, getting in the way. Simple appreciation of another living being. Even knowledge that the girl may be tainted doesn't phase him in that beautiful moment of warmth, and even care that arises from the better parts of his heart. The look of a male who just had his first real kiss, however, might dampen the moment.

The Templar doesn't push away, face slowly growing contemplative. She's proven herself not meaning any harm so far. Time to return the trust.

A hand reaches up, and smoothes back Hati's hair. She's pushed back, but gently, so that he can look her in the eyes.

"Rarely is it that one has tred a path to Darkness so long that they cannot yet turn their back upon it. The Lord is endlessly merciful. However...we meager, sinful mortals are so often not so." Faruja certainly has problems with that himself.

"Yes. A person can be saved. However, that person must show those that care for them that they /desire/ to be saved. Those that care, true friends and allies, must be willing to risk themselves for that person. Then, they can be saved, in the Lord's good grace." A sermon, perhaps, but the rat's voice is full of honest belief and conviction.
Hati Being pushed away comes as no real surprise to the wolf, although it is hard to read the emotion in her eyes. Those wolfish ears slick back, dark against her dyed hair. Everything is confusion. Once, without the weight of all of her memories, she the world had seemed like a simple place. Serrak bid her to take the Heartless to those worlds - to spread the power of darkness - to bring the worlds down so something new might be reborn. She had asked him to take those memories away, hadn't she? But forgetting yourself is not so easy a task.

For a time, she just looks at him, uncertain. Kissing him had been an impulse. Wanting to see what it felt like, what he would do, maybe imagine for a moment what it would be like to be... that person for someone. With a whimper that sounds far and apart from anything else this girl has muttered before now, she looks away. Her hands are shoved into her pockets, her head bent. "You can't imagine what it's like to stand on the edge. To feel the darkness trying to drag you down, and to know there's nowhere left to run, and nothing else to hold on to."

It's a stark sort of reality that she describes, but it's easy to picture in the mind's eye. Dark tendrils, always pulling, never giving any sort of rest. "It would be /so very easy/ to let go... but then I really /would/ be a heartless fiend." She tenses, hands balling into fists. "I don't want to be a monster, but I don't know how to be anything else." The wolf doesn't look back at him, but she growls low in her throat. "I don't have friends. I don't have allies. All I have is my brother, and I'm not who he remembers. I'm not who he wishes I was."

Run. Run. Run. The wolf in her chants, urging her to get away from this thing that is causing pain. Why pain? Why does it /hurt/ to be around these people? The darkness calls, murmurs that it would be /easy/. Just let it in. Become the monster. Become /Pyre/ and leave the girl she had been dead on the snow where she was meant to die those many years ago. Hati grits her teeth, shaking her head once to the side as if trying to get rid of something irritating her. "I should go." Run little wolf. Run away.
Faruja Senra "No. No I cannot." The rat agrees. He's far too steeped in Light, albeit one that is almost as destructive as that which tries to consume Hati, to be dragged down. At least as things stand. Faruja can't parse the sound particularly well. His tail curls, looking the girl over with a searching eye.

Sigh. She growls, and rages. Some part of the Burmecian feels sorry for her. The other wants to stand up and slap her. Instead, he simply speaks.

"Unfortunately, Lady Hati, I know so little that any counsil I would provide regarding your brother would be a waste of both of our time. However." A pause, and the Burmecian gestures around him.

"You say you lack allies, friends. That...may be true. However, you speak as though you believe that there are not those whom would take you into their hearts if you but sought it."

Slowly, the ratling stands, pacing as she mentions leaving. More than a bit pointedly, he paces between her and the exit, tail lashing.

"Speak with Ser Seatlan. He is naieve, perhaps even a fool at times, but the boy has a heart dripping with forgiveness. I would bet my life on his accepting you. Do be aware he is a dear friend. Be respectful and ensure you do not let this darkness overwhelm you about him, hmm?" Was he really trying to help this one? Faruja sighs.

"...Boy must be rubbing off on me."

A shrug. "And that is just here. There are so very many people in the world, Lady Hati. Mayhap you shall find one who truly accepts you without qualm. I admit I am...torn with regards to you. You are a mystery, as much as your brother. But, for the moment, not an enemy. My ears are yours. Or, should it prove more useful, visit Mullonde. 'Tis the duty of our Holy Men and Women to guide those with...difficulties such as yours."

He shakes his head. "Do not run from the world, Lady Hati. One cannot isolate themselves. Face all that challenges you. Better yourself. Hold your head high and do not allow yourself to be consumed. I know not whom your brother wish you to be, but the woman I see before me right now is conflicted, yet possesses strength. One, that perhaps in time, I could come to respect and call friend." For all of her darkness, Hati certainly had shown a certain amount of honor today. The Templar returns it, even with all of his conflicting desires, morals, and thoughts.
Hati Well, slapping her probably wouldn't have been the best of ideas, not if he's particularly fond of his digits. While the wolf has been keeping herself under control, it wouldn't take much to release the monster that very much wants to escape and run wild. Serrak hadn't wanted her to use this control. He encouraged her to let the beast free, to not think, not feel, not care. He had granted her that wish of forgetting so that she could be nothing but a wild thing. But somewhere within, her true self slept, brought back to the surface along with those memories that she had thought lost, too.

Her back is still to him as he speaks, ears drawn down. Some of the responses are similar between their kind, from the twitching of a tail to the set of their ears. "That is what my brother believed, too. He wanted me to put my trust in his friends." Yet, she had not really come here to do that. Hati had come in search of her brother, but not in search of companionship or friendship. "But I didn't come here for Reize, or to whine at his doorstep for scraps of understanding."

Pride. It's something that Faruja might understand. Hati had worked too hard to be more than just an omega, a runt, an outcast. To lower her head, to ask for help, to beg anyone for forgiveness... it goes against everything she's ever tried to be. It's his comment about the boy rubbing off on him that draws her mismatched eyes up again. "Do you still wish to slit my throat... spill my blood to appease the light?" She lifts her head, showing the long expanse of her throat that leads down to the curves of her chest beneath the jacket.

He goes on to explain how he is torn, "I'm not so much a mystery. You just haven't asked." She doesn't move to get past him, simply standing there and reguarding him with as much control as she can manage. She shakes her head at the suggestion of Mulldone. "You barely accept me as something other than an enemy. Do you really think I would meet open arms and not daggers at my throat?" No, she would not put her life into the hands of the church. Her tail sways once.

This time she does step towards him again, "A friend. Is that what you're looking for of me? Really?" She asks, head tilted. Long, claw-tipped fingers reach out and move ever so softly over the edge of his undamaged ear. Leaning in, the wolf whispers, "You should come run with me... there is nothing quite like the thrill of racing the night." There is something alluring about her tone of voice as she says this, her lips close against his ear.

Then, it's over. "But first, I must find my brother." She lets out a sigh of her own, sweeping into a bow. "If you'll excuse me." The girl makes a move for the door then, even if that isn't the way that she had entered. She pauses just for a heartbeat. "I will return. Be waiting." Then, the wolf is gone, disappearing in a flash. Damn the girl is quick.
Faruja Senra Faruja returns the folded ears with a flick of the tail, something approaching amusement passing through his features. "Then I would not tarry. Knowing our Glorious Leader, you shall have your understanding whether you wish it or not. The boy can be surprisingly forceful and persuasive when he's a mind to be. Truly, he shall be /frightening/ when he grows."

A flick of the hand. "But nay, you are no meager girl who would faint at the simplest kiss." From the lingering blush, it seems /she/ had him bested in that area.

"No, you are a woman looking for your sibling. That I can respect." His red eye travels down her throat. Then, slowly, lower. Unlike Hati's, his own kind chain themselves and pride themselves on being far, far away from monsters or especially animals. Prideful indeed, and completely arrogant. But instinct lurks even in the most civilized of hearts, however hidden.

Faruja's jaw sets. His forcibly tears his gaze from staring too much at the, now that he's rather close up, decidedly beautiful wolfess. "No. And so long as you do not lose yourself and become little more than a monster, nor oppose the Church, or bring harm to my companions, then I shall have no reason to. "

One ear tilts. "Then mayhap I shall ask when you are less occupied. But your sibling is more important than my own enlightenment." She certainly has a point, however. Ears droop. "...Quite."

Shiver. A claw runs along that sensitive ear, tail curling rather tightly about his own leg. "I..." What /is/ he looking for out of the woman, whom he only now came to see as a person.

"I do not know. Mayhap...simply to know enough of you to be able to answer that question."

Feeling his personal space evaporating, Faruja stiffens, fur on the back of his neck rising. Trembling lightly, his heart pounds in his own ears at the sound of that whispered voice. Faram help the poor, womanly-inept rat! She has him in the palm of her hands.

The bow wakes him up. It's returned reflexively, followed by the usual crossing of his chest. Only then does he speak. Confidence is forced into his voice.

"Think you the Light so slow? Why, I do believe it shall be it whom the night chases, dear Lady Hati." Faruja grins as he challenges the wolfess.

"May the Lord guide you to him." There's genuine concern for the brother of the pair.

Cough! The rat turns away, words meeting only air.

"...I shall be waiting, M'Lady of the Night."

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