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(2013-01-14 - 2013-01-14)
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Shego There was something a bit wicked on the mind of Shego. Those who knew her - and there were few that actually did - could probably see it in her smile, fiendish, smug and self-assured as she strides down the jolly streets of Traverse Town. Dressed as she always was, in her harlequin outfit, she steps around a knee-high talking animal, without even looking. Her eyes were staring straight ahead, you see, as her mind whirled with thoughts.

Slung over her back was a bag - a bag that was clunking and shifting with each step, even as Shego steps out of the armor store - she was headed towards Cid's gadget shop.
Deelel Deelel has been looking for parts but she's still getting the hang of user hardware it's always has her wondering are there more basics on what she's buying it's best t not think about it too hard also she's never ever going to throw /anything/ with a hard drive out like ever. She does however have various parts in hand as shhe's moving about she wonders though if she'll have to make a run to the grid for what she really needs. She should get a bit she really could use one's support out here. She was just going to head for CId's shop if anyone had the good stuff it was Cid. She's just becoming aware Shego's ahead...this could get interesting.
Shego For the longest moment, it was as if Shego didn't recognize her. In just a few moments, though, that happy (?) look on her features fades, a frown starting to dominate it, tugging down the corners of her lips. Narrowing her eyes, she stares directly at Deelel as she approaches. Casting her eyes from the woman to the shop, and back again, Shego pauses, leaning to the side and sticking out her arm, leaning against the frame of the thing. Essentially, the only way into Cid's shop now was through her.

"Hey. Where's your co-pilot?" she asks, her tone of voice promising anger, if not outright violence.
Deelel Deelel says "I have no idea he bumbed a right then glitched off on me after. I was getting caught in the middle of a fude I had no idea about and didn't want to cause another incident." She lookst at Shego "It seems you surived however. I was caught up in somthing I did not understand what just is it between you two?"
Shego For the longest moment, Shego just watches Deelel's features, as if trying to ascertain just what the programme was telling her. "Eh. He's just an old problem, following me everywhere I go. Hey - did he talk about anyone? Like did you hear the name 'Kim' at all?" she says, straightening up from her lean.
Deelel It's a tense moment before shego breaks the silence "Negtative only Rufus, some sort of grid bug, but I think Rufus was the one in charge." At least she thinks she's honestly no sure with Ron. She's going to have to find out his end of things. For now he can find out a bit about Shego. "Generating weapons grade plasma isn't exactly comon even for all the 'wizards' runing about this city."
Shego "Rufus? Who in the world is that?" Shego says, pursing her lips as she brings her gloved finger up to tap at them. Swinging her bag off of her shoulder, she lets it clunk at her side. The open hole at the top might reveal medieval style armor. "Huh?" she says then, her green eyes flickering back towards Deelel. "Yeah. The plasma? Just a little trick I picked up back when I was a kid," she says, frowning even more at Deelel. "Hey - listen. If that 'Ron', 'Rufus', or a young woman named 'Kim' get in touch with you - leave a message for me at the Hotel, okay? Leave it for 'Shego'. And don't listen to them at all, they'll try to get you all suspicious by telling you lies about me - they're such kidders."
Deelel Deelel is being cautious at this moment there clearly is something going on here. "I see, but Kim's a common human name isn't it? Yours is different it's interesting really." She nods once either buying it or playing along to not cause a brawl here in the middle of the city /again/ seriously trouble likes to fall on her like rain some times.

"I'll keep your advice in mind. Heading to the shop for supplies>?"
Shego "Naw, I changed my mind," Shego says, her eyes kinda searching Deelel's own features. Bending to the side, she hefts her bag again to sling over her shoulder, reinforcing her grasp by using her other hand on it. "Just remember what I said, alright?" she says, already turning to walk the other direction. "You see Kimmie or Ron, you let me know."
Deelel Deelel says "All right then." Deelels a bit odd looking from her clothing to the tattoos she's got visable on her am. "I'll keep those in mind, though what does Kim look like?" Deelel is clearly gathering more information but hey she doesn't know what Kimmie does look like. "Just keep in mind i'm not looking to get into more trouble but it follows me about likea grid bug."
Shego "If you don't want to get in trouble... stay away from Ron, and let me handle him," says Shego. "Trouble follows him like... uh... 'a grid bug', /probably a cockroach/ and if he's here..." Shego says, letting her words fade away. At least she wasn't lying about the troubles following him part. "Kim's a teenager, short, red hair. Really really good at martial arts, looks kinda competent. But don't hurt her, though. Ever. She's /mine/," says Shego, clenching a fist as she continues to back away. Although she turns then, with that last word, and dodges around a corner, getting out of Deelel's sight.
Deelel Deelel nods once more to Shego she's knows there's something going on here, Shego seems to have a bit of a flare for the dramatic in the program's esperiance then again she was a media program. So she was a bit odd by her kind's standards. Either why Shego is gone, she pauses for a moment to look over her shoulder and head for the store her life just got stranger somehow...

This scene contained 12 poses. The players who were present were: Deelel, Shego