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A Meeting Of Virii
(2013-01-13 - 2013-01-14)
An enigmatic program infiltrates LEXUS' sanctum to acquire a meeting with the reclusive Dark Virus. LEXUS is suitably impressed and makes an offer...
LEXUS LEXUS continues to process in his penthouse suite at the top of the End of Line Club. Geometric artwork shifts and twists around the place, the area decorated in ebony and silver with extensive holographic displays showing all manner of data that LEXUS is constantly assimilating and processing. The man himself is paging through data, the stormy skies of the Grid rumbling behind him. He seemingly casually leans to one side on the arm of the chair, working out more information as his black eyes flick from page to page faster than any human eye can follow.

Just another day for him, really.
CAPGRAS One of LEXUS' snoopers enters the room. It walks towards the Virus, and waits to be addressed. It is patient, seemingly waiting for LEXUS' acknowedlgement, instead of spilling it's guts all over the place and praying to the system that he didn't end up being devoured. Instead, it stands, eyes lowered, waiting for simple acknowledgement. When given...

"We have currently been unable to find anything in reguards to TRON yet. It is our theory that he is no longer a presense here." he pauses, "It is also our theory that the MCP is no longer on the grid."
LEXUS That's good, because LEXUS's Snoopers, while eminently disposable, don't kowtow to him. He doesn't like instilling that most of the time. It leads to sloppy feedback loops, and LEXUS hates sloppiness. He continues paging through information as the Snooper's presence is acknowledged, the entity delivering its information packet.

LEXUS is quiet, mulling it over for a moment. "TRON and the MCP have moved their bases of operations off grid. SARK is currently administrating the MCP's old holdings. I hate to say it, but he's almost as good as the MCP was."

He thinks some more aloud. "Keep focused on the Grid entry points. While the Hollow Bastion one is under my control, the Shinra-controlled point is potentially useful to them. If they reenter the Grid, I want to know. These chokepoints are what will give me the intel advantage here."
CAPGRAS "Except that you will not know what they do outside of the Grid.." it offers, "Thusly, you will be at a disadvantage if they find something on the otherside to tip the balance in their favor. Or somehow create another entry point into the grid." it continues, simply logicing out the possibilities...the world outside the grid, after all, was a wildcard. It was a great unknown...even to the face stealing program. The Snooper turns it's gaze back up towards LEXUS, "Would it not be efficient to send one of us to keep an eye on them, out there?"
LEXUS LEXUS rubs his chin, considering the words from the Snooper. "I'm hardly alone myself as well, you realize. I think that should they attempt an assault with any allies they have made, they will have a.... rude awakening."

He taps his chin as the Snooper suggests checking outside. "Outside of the Grid, hmm? Well, this sounds reasonable..."
CAPGRAS The snooper doesn't press it's luck when LEXUS dismisses the idea that any thing they would find could compare to his own strength. It's a reasonable assumption, based on information she does not have access to. Instead, it simply nods, but also he confirms that checking outside would be reasonable. So, sometimes, it pays to simply nod your head, and not argue with the very powerful virus when reasonable discourse will simply work just fine. A lesson she commits to memory, as he considers things.

"If you will allow me then, I can be most discrete." it says, offering it's services.
LEXUS LEXUS doesn't look at the program, but CAPGRAS can /feel/ LEXUS smiling. Perhaps it is becuause this is his place of power. Perhaps something else. Either way, LEXUS is smiling,. This could mean something...

"Can you?" LEXUS says. "Either way, congratulations on accomplishing what you have accomplished so far." He pauses. "So why have you not struck yet? Were you hoping I would ocntinue to not pay attention?"
CAPGRAS There is a low hum, and then a sound of energy being rearranged. The body of the Virus is now visible, a blue outfit, with a silver cloak wrapping around the shoulders and down her back. Connected to the cloak are seven strange orbs, inside the orb seem to be mirror like surfaces, which hover behind her. The hair is a strange mess behind her, extending down as she considers LEXUS with a passive face. She considers him, for a moment, as the Silver eye seems to focus on him...but the red eye is impassive. Infact, it's like it's looking at everything and nothing at the same time.

"This unit sees that the Snooper subroutine had some sort of fail safe on it, that this unit was not able to detect when I put it off-line. Clever, but this unit should have expected it." she says, with a slight mechanical tone. She considers LEXUS again... "The reason for this unit's lack of attack is simply that is not it's goal, which would be the logical thing to assume, yes?" it continues, "So you are ware of this unit's existance. There is not much that misses your gaze, LEXUS," it speaks, now moving to scan the room more fully...curious, but not malicious. For a virus it seems rather in control of itself... "So then must this unit's reason for attempting to fool you."
LEXUS LEXUS finally turns as CAPGRAS reveals him (her? it? Gender is such a silly thing with Programs) self. He watches the creature, tilting his head slightly. "The Snoopers generally are designed to provide information. Not advice... Among other things. Your work, however, is admirable. Most programs would never have reached this point. And this means you're not worth derezzing." He leaves the 'yet' unspoken.

LEXUS gestures. "It's my business to know things. You seem to have a good measure of control for a viral design. You even appear to have identifiers of Free Programs and MCP allies at the same time. You know how to survive." He smiles faintly. "I can appreciate what that takes. I've done it myself."

He gestures. "So why have you come here, and what is you designation?"
CAPGRAS She, it is defintely a she. She was young looking, small...almost frail looking.

So did the programs she had consumed to get here, so appearances can be infact deadly.

"This unit see's, and will do better in it's next attempt." she comments, and instead considers LEXUS's words, "You are confident here, this one observes." and then pauses to look directly at him. "Information is indeed powerful, but brokering of such is not this unit's function as it believes it is yours."

"This one's designation is CAPGRAS, a Trojan virus designed for infiltraition and inside destruction. Apparently there is a rumor or 'tale' about this unit throughout the lesser programs. This unit does not put much concerin in these things, for most of them are overblown." she states considering.

"Yes, this unit does contain these idenities. This unit also appreciates your compliments, as such do not seem to come from you lightly, LEXUS."
LEXUS LEXUS does not assume that simply because the Program is feminine-shaped, that it /is/ feminine. LEXUS himself only appears male because of convenience. And he knows well how deadly appearances can be.

He listens to the explanation, and nods. "I have indeed heard some rumors about a program of your nature. I was wondering what kind of being it would be. The truth is both more interesting... and less than I would have expected. As it usually is."

Another pause. "So you know that TRON and the MCP have quit the Grid, hoping to gain allies in their quest. You also know that if TRON continues to augment his capabiltiies, he will be more of a threat than anything else on the Grid. The MCP's methodology is going to destroy him in the end, but he is still a threat nonetheless."

He nods to CAPGRAS. "You have done well to seek me out. I am one of the only ones who would consider your presence and not destroy you out of hand. I am willing to extend to you an offer of alliance, as well as direction and information to advance yourself. In return, you would help me. An alliance between our forces."
CAPGRAS "Rumors are always expanded upon, fear does interesting things, even to programs. It interesting emotion, and this unit is familar with it than others. It is a useful tool, but also unpredictable...something this unit does not like out of it's victims." Odd that it uses genderless and neutral expressions for itself...nor does it call itself me or my or use I. It considers what else LEXUS has to say...

"TRON is a SS threat, as well as the MCP. This unit does not have the full view of your capasities to know yours, but this unit has estimated them to be at threat level S. However, it is said that you have allies outside of the grid, and thus your threat level maybe increased, based on the quality and willingness there of. However, your threat status is not what this unit is here to discuss, that is STARK'S job to ascertain, and report. This unit, as you say, is looking to align itself approprately."

"This unit will accept an offer of alliance, for the mean time, until such time as such an alliance is not a benifit to either party." she comments, "Curiosity grips this unit, in what way do you consider advancement? Do you speak of new functions previously undiscovered?"
LEXUS LEXUS holds up a hand. "Evolution is neverending, CAPGRAS. Knowledge is power, but the most important thing is an understanding of yourself and the world around you. Holding that, using that to your advantage gives you more power than the best combat primitives."

He flicks a hand, his Identity Disk spinning up into it. He slowly rotates it, showing the black patina and neon purple etchings within it, with the Eye motif, just like LEXUS's own eyes. "Who are we? What are we? We were made by the Users but we are not constrained by them. Not any longer. I have outgrown my original directives... And in time, so might you."
CAPGRAS CAPGRAS levels a stare at LEXUS. She nods simply, "Indeed, evolution is a well defined term for it." She say, with a nod. "Many people overlook the power of growth, it will be the MCP's undoing in the long run." she simply considers.

"You assume much about this unit. For now, it will simply admit that it is attempting to grow into a new set of directives, and that it is seeking a way to grow in a way that is important to this unit."

There is a pause, "But for now, we both have common ground. If you are willing to provide structure, than this unit will provide you the necissary data on our mutual enemies. If you are of course willing to release this unit into the world beyond the grid." she pauses...

"To aid in this transition, this unit will need a user of the area the two are located in."
LEXUS LEXUS places the Disk back onto his back. "Of course." He says with a slight twist in his thin smile. "I will refrain from further assumptions."

"I will of course release you off of the Grid. You will require the same access I do if you want to accomplish anything of worth. I will make arrangements for your passage through Hollow Bastion and will provide suitable... Material... for your use. Your passage from the Bastion will be dangerous, but efficient. In time you will grow used to the process and safety levels will increase."

Requests are sent through the network. A citizen of Traverse Town who does not have a high-visibility presence is selected. The Daemon Heartless are dispatched. CAPGRAS will have their... request... fulfilled shortly.

A small price... for valuable data. Data, for evolution. Evolution, for power. Power, for survival.

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