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Seekers Of Truth
(2013-01-13 - 2013-01-14)
Emi and Mercade meet up while moving into what will soon be the new Seventh Heaven and TDA building. They take a break to talk about the past, present, and future.
Mercade Alexander The new and improved TDA Building PLUS ONE (and also Seventh Heaven: Traverse Town Edition) is going to be ready for action soon!

However, before that can happen, everything needs to be moved in. Mercade is carrying boxes from the Hotel to the building, up some stairs to the second floor where the TDA is going to be. The first floor is going to be the bar, and the third the living quarters. There's also a nice roof for the Gargoyle-oriented members.

He sets the box down with some others, looking over the empty rooms as if trying to decide where everything is going to be. Thankfully, the bar is going to handle the kitchen work, so that's one less problem...

It is a question that Emi is starting to regret bringing up. While Percival had some ideas, it was starting to become a circular discussion. If even the Princess in question may not know who they are, well, there's a limit to how much they can investigate. Sometimes the key to an investigation is not questions--but patience.

Eighth Heaven (okay Seventh Heaven) is as good as place as any, superior--perhaps--to a hotel room. Still, they have to bring their stuff IN so Emi has gotten Omi to lend a hand with bringing in boxes. The two of them are bringing in their personal effects of which there aren't that many--being Baker Street Irregulars typically suggests meager incomes--but Emi does take in other jobs as a part time worker and uses these funds to sometimes buy 'new clothes'. Emi is holding the box with new clothes whereas more practical supplies (guns, their goggles, ect.) is in Omi's box. There may be one other box back at the ol' place.

They step some time after Mercade, Omi propping the door open so Emi can step inside.

Her eyes spark with recognition upon spotting Mercade. She allows herself a small smile and says, "Hello Mercade. Helping move inventory in too? It will be strange... the Hotel we could see as temporary living conditions but...this will be our home for some time, is that correct? The Network considers." And above a bar no less, think of the children Mercade.
Mercade Alexander Mercade has been listening to Percival go in circles all day. At this point, he's just trying to keep him in Fluorgis just so he can work off his energy by punching Heartless. Then everyone is happy! He does, however look up as Emi Dennou joins him. "That's right. Personal rooms will be on the third floor for everyone. Did you prefer a bunk-room for you and your sisters, or did you prefer individual rooms? I wasn't sure. There should be plenty of room for everyone, though."

He's pretty sure Tifa can handle young women hanging around in the bar. She keeps an eye on one for Barret all the time!
Emi Dennou Emi has a hard time disliking Percival because he's... well, he's Watson. Not the cool bird Watson but the Watson Watson. And Emi knows enough about Holmes to know that you need a Watson. The Watson can get all frumpy and English and wear a nice hat and they're Watson. They wouldn't are hope for anything untoward to happen to Percival even if his foot finds its way to his mouth surprisingly easily.

They remain oblivious to Barret's daughter existing which is probably for the best. 'Would you like to play with this rifle??' Yeah.

Emi opens her mouth to answer Mercade but Omi answers for her. "We would be fine with a bunk room if they have enough size to them, otherwise perhaps 3 and 3 would be better." Omi is not so cruel as to force 6 people into a tiny space, after all. Emi looks over Omi for a few moments who--looks back--and there is a silent moment between the two before adding, "We hope everyone is recovering well." She sets down her box and shakes out her hands a bit--it's going to be a moment before she's ready to go up two flights of stairs. "We cannot thank you enough for what you've done for us before. As you've said we still have much to learn." This is a bit of a return to old conversation but what is new is that she adds, "It's not unlike a family, even the arguing isn't so bad."

Their priorities, naturally, tend to have a bit of a skewed focus, or perhaps their priorities are just unnaturally mature. Either way, Emi has another question.

"Is there something inherently problematic about 'being a maid'? It seems to be used as a tool for humiliation and jest."
Mercade Alexander Mercade is also cool with Percival. He just needs an outlet for his energy. Mercade is sure he's just trying really hard.

But this is how we establish important episodes about not leaving your guns out where kids can use them, Emi! Gargoyles did it and so can you!

"Two rooms of three would probably be for the best." Mercade could only imagine the Byzantine power struggles that would ensue among the Network for the coveted Top Bunk positions. "Everyone's doing pretty well right now. How are you all adjusting to life with the Agency? It's got to be a little... different... Than you might have expected, I'm sure." He shakes his head, chuckling. "Don't worry about it, Omi. You'll gain more skills in time and all of you will develop in new and interesting ways, I'm sure. It certainly won't be dull!"

He rubs his chin. "Well, it was used as a way to humiliate Avira once. Some people consider it degrading for various reasons. I personally blame Japan." Japan is the source of many of the world's ills.
Emi Dennou "Japan." Emi says and despite picking a japanese last name, her opinions on The Japan is not getting to be especially high considering LEida, who seems to be from somewhere Japanish, and now what she's hearing about maids. How can you ruin maids? Maids should be loved not turned into objects of ridicule. Japan you've got some growin' up to do.

Omi nods once to Mercade. She's a quiet one relative to the others. She seems a bit frustrated actually, though also keeping a lid on it. She doesn't comment on channels and every time Umi speaks on the radio--Omi rubs at her forehead as if coming down with a migraine.

"Avira also has..." Emi hesitates. "--'moxie'--this one believes. Do you mind that your private matters are peered into so often?" One supposes this might be a bit of the price of being in charge of a detective agency, people might try to practice their detecting on you. And also mess with you. Because messing around with your boss is a time honored tradition.

"Personally, I am glad matters have settled down, The Network does not seeing you injured, especially if it is on our behalf--we understand that you will do this anyway, and that it is your job in a sense, but nonetheless, The Network--it could be said--has fallen not just for this lifestyle but for the people here." Omi looks away a bit as she says this. "I like to imagine we can be self sufficient--as anyone else can be, anyway."

Emi laughs faintly into her palm before letting her hand drop. "Well, making people worry about us--that is something I think we can be glad to be less of a 'thing' persay. Now it is our time to worry for others. Giving back what was given to us, yes? There is a young man Umi met named Sanel, we will try to keep tabs on him--but he seemed to be missing his memory--and is not certain of what he is either."

"What he is is a danger to animals, better keep Ami away from him." Omi adds.
Mercade Alexander It is indeed a time honored tradition. It keeps the Boss on his toes and those toes on the ground. Even if the Boss doesn't actually think he's the Boss or should BE the Boss... Except that he's the only one who can really do the job. Because God help us all if Will ends up in charge. "It doesn't really bother me too much. They're doing it because they care. When it gets excessive, we ask them to stop." We being Avira and Mercade, who have cut off the teasing more than once.

He smiles to Emi as she takes the lead again. "Everything is going fine. All's well that ends well, and nothing permanent happened to any of us, which is more than I can really ask in most encounters with mad scientists. You all have a good future ahead of you, and it's an honor to help you all find one that doesn't involve... What you were dealing with before."

"Don't worry too much about people worrying about you. I know that sounds really odd and maybe even hypocritical, in a way." He pauses for a moment, as if trying to sort that out in his head himself. "But we all worry about each other because we care. It's not unnatural, and these are dangerous times." He sits down on top of the box he was carrying. It was full of folders anyway. "Sanel, huh? Well, maybe you can find a way to help him. If you need anything, go ahead and let us know, all right?" It'll be good to let the Network try some things on their own. "He better watch out, then. I wouldn't want to make Ami angry."
Emi Dennou Emi nods slowly. So long as it doesn't bother Mercade, then it wouldn't bother her. It's not really her place to be bothered by something involving those two--if they don't mind, she has little reason to mind herself! She has to be responsive to their feelings on the matter. Though, of course, she has little desire to engage in matchmaking herself. She thinks it's cute, and tha'ts about the extent of the thought she puts into it. She would like them to get along, sure, but well--what if it doen't? That doesn't mean they aren't nice people and shoving them into that sort of thing could only make things harder for them, ironically enough. But it seems they can handle themselves, that's fine.

"...And that's your job." She says after a moment. "But...we a sense, ah, how to put this--it didn't feel like you were doing this because it was your duty, persay, but rather--you wanted to anyway? Perhaps we charmed you." She grins a little at that, but it's only a brief grin.

"We're letting you know in case he turns out to be problematic, The Network noticed he had a magical artifact for one of his eyes, it could detect magic--which means its true purpose is likely something different."
Mercade Alexander Mercade leaves the vagaries of issues of the heart to Emi to detemine for now. He has a lot of probles of his own.

"I don't think it'll be a problem at this time, but I do appreciate the headsup." He pauses "A magical artifact in place of one of his eyes? I wonder what happened there..." He trails off, still pondering this for the moment.
Emi Dennou Emi doesn't even seem too interested in anybody romantically. Maybe one day. But do they even want one person per Dennou? Maybe they feel it more appropriately someone willing to share them?? She has thought about this and isn't entirely sure which would be more appropriate and, as such, has not really pursued anybody too strongly. She does like to think that even someone like her could find someone someday and, really in a sense, she might not even be all that picky. But she has plenty of time to worry about that now and even more time not to worry about it. She's alive. It's hard to think about but she is, and she's going to be alive for some time yet--most likely barring some cirucmstances, who can truly say after all. But she's alive. And she could be alive for maybe evne ten more years, maybe twenty! Or fifty??? It boggles the mind and she has to let out a long breath just to htink about.

"We also wonder," Omi admits. "But he would not know, having amnesia--so it seems."

"Mm..." Emi murmurs. "Well, sometimes it's...patience that answers the questions, right Mercade?" She smiles again. "This is going to be so exciting... to think another year...or more..."
Mercade Alexander Mercade has idly considered the issue of Dennou Romance, but has shelved it for when their potential paramour choices are more wide than 'Reize' and 'More Reize'.

Maybe they'll all grow up to be like, super astronauts or something. He gets a sudden mental image of 3 of them in a space shuttle, with the others sitting there acting as Psychic Space NASA in the control center. One of them has a donut, one has a coffee, and one is very studious with a notepad.

This train of thought is very silly. Mercade will get back to Silly Imaginary Fun Times With Dennou later. "Amnesia is annoying." Mercade grumps, getting back to the topic at hand. "Unavoidable, with how much trauma is going around, I suppose, but really annoying nonetheless. I hope you can help him with his problems." He tilts his head. "It's true though, Emi. Sometimes, we can't simply answer the question right away. If you keep hammering at it you're just wasting brainpower and will get frustrated. But hopefully, you'll be able to do what you want and learn for a good long while. Many years, in fact!"
Emi Dennou Amnesia sure is annoying. Especially since there's many kinds of amnesia. Amnesia that isn't even amnesia, for starters, which may be the most annoying amnesia of all. The Legion would probably enjoy being astronauts. That sounds like a sort of wacky job that involves a lot of glamour and wonder that would just tickle their fancy. For now, detectives are fanciful enough. Even so, this may have to become a reality just because of how hilarious/adorable/adorkable it would be.

"Hopefully, though we cannot be certain of our life expectency even disregarding untimely matters." Emi admits. They are clones after all. Were they born and raised normally for something years? Or were they quick grown? Many questions that Emi does not volunteer, would she answer them if asked? It's a mystery...until you ask! Sometimes the Legion seem more mature than they have any right to be, other times more childish--but it may just be a nature by their strange upbringing, if it could be called that. They certainly have a stark maturity when it comes to matters of life and death. Except maybe Umi.

"If I may ask a strange question...why are you a detective, Mercade? What led you to becoming one? For ourselves, The Network is certain it is evident from what you've learned about us, and for what we understand it to be. For Will, I suppose one could assume it is--in part--because he carries that burden of his. But you seem to be a normal young man who could be anything he wanted, and has no reason to put himself in harm's way. Is it just your nature--or is there some other reason?"
Mercade Alexander The chance may arise. THE FUTURE IS INFINITE (mostly).

"I don't know how long you may or may not have. But in the absence of evidence to the contrary, I say live it up as if you're going to have more or less the same as everyone else. If that proves to not be the case, we'll find a way to do something about it. I'm sure of it. Isaac can do some pretty crazy stuff." Like MAKE DEALS WITH HADES.

He is then asked why he is /doing/ this. Mercade thinks, leaning back on his box and looking up at the ceiling, as if he could see through it. Maybe he imagines he can see out into that void, to a place far away. "There was once a time when I was going to school." He says, beginning to tell a story. "It was the kind of thing a lot of kids went through: You looked different, or were weak, or just were i nthe wrong place in the wrong time. I was the kid that time. I was surrounded by others, who made fun of me, and pushed me around. One wanted to beat me up. One time, an adult was there to help me. They wiped away my tears and consoled me."

He pauses. "The next time, the adult wasn't there. I was beaten up and left crying. I learned then, sometimes, that sometimes people aren't able to be protected all the time. Sometimes, people get hurt and there's no one to help them. Later on, I saw someone else being treated the same way. This time... I decided I would jump in and help them. I pulled them out of the circle and help protected him. We became friends, and I learned... That I liked to help people. My talents and temperment disposed me to finding things out more than anything else, really. This more or less happened naturally from there."

He pauses. "That's the nicer part." Mercade says. "The other part is because I'm looking for someone. Or at least, I was looking for them. I don't think I'm ever going to find them."
Emi Dennou Omi looks up at the ceiling, the VOID, she might pull out a pistol and start firing. Okay Omi likes firearms. Indeed, at this point she starts shuffling up the stairs to start storing away some boxes up there. She isn't one for sappy stories and she knows, DEEP WITHIN HER HEART, that this is going to be a naturally sappy story. It has to be. There is no way it isn't.

Emi however listens with rapt attention. And perhaps the biggest lesson is that you can't always be there for everyone, not everyone can be saved, not everyone can be helped, and sometimes-they don't really want to be. But this is not a lesson that Legion is unaware of, albeit that it can be something of a frustrating one. They're fully aware of those who cannot be helped and indeed, that is why they were so determined to not let Cronus destroy himself either. But there are many Legion who are dead, dead forever, and very notably they have not given numbers to anybody. How many have there been? It's not something they intend to speak on at this point in time.

"That is a nice part." Emi agrees, smiling at her box, turning her head a bit so she's not looking directly at Mercade. She might do something unfortunate if she was, like show more emotion than she's ever really accustomed to showing and sometimes she's a bit shy on when she shows emotion and how. She runs a finger across the edge of the box.

"Who are you looking for?" She asks. "If we can help, we will." Though if it were that easy would Mercade have had such troubles? Until Manhattan is restored it may be impossible even! Maybe it's already impossible, forever.
Mercade Alexander Mercade doesn't force Emi to show her emotion. She'll do it when she's ready. Mercade himself, for all of his own emotional presence, tends to keep his feelings close when he's not around good friends. It's part of his HARD-BOILED (okay, half-boiled) nature.

Emi, though, asks the inevitable question. Mercade watches the ceiling still, his expression going a little more flat. A little more wistful as he stares, perhaps, into the past some more.

"I was much like anyone else. I had a family. We loved each other very much. They fought occasionally. My homework got eaten. Things happened. It was like anyone else's." He pauses, sighing. "One day, there was an empty spot at the table. Mom wouldn't tell me why. She told me that she would tell me when I was older."

He looks down, now, and focuses on Emi. "I grew up, over time. A friend of mine was accused of theft. I was able to exonerate him by proving him innocent. I found evidence that another student committed the crime. I learned that you could help people by looking, using your talents to find the truth." He looks away. "Later, when I grew older, I asked my mother again. She still wouldn't tell me. Even after I finished high school."

"I told her then that I would go find the truth on my own. That's the other reason why I became a detective." He looks back to Emi once more.

"Because I want to find the truth."
Emi Dennou This happiness cannot last, Emi thinks. It never does. But it's nice. She runs her fingers across the edge of the box again, wiping a hand across her face. Cool down, Emi!

"That is still a pretty nice reason." She says. "Looking for family, the truth--though I suppose you said 'nicer' not 'nice'." Emi looks over her shoulder back to Mercade. "Of course we'd help you, for something like that, if you'd have us." Emi has to admit to herself, though, that if Mercade's mother would not say for so long--it is likely not a very pleasant answer--but if you're afraid because the truth is dark, how can you reach out for it? The truth is sharp and you may cut yourself on it, but even so--

"But for now, it seems, helping you find your home again will have to come first." Emi says. "That is very important to us too. We have yet to see your home, you know." She smiles again. "So I suppose it's a bit selfish of us to strive for something like that. Nevertheless, going to those mines--even as just one step--it felt wonderful. I can't imagine what it will feel like once your home is back to normal. It may be overwhelming, heh...But that's why I want to feel it."

The feeling of being helped was grandoise enough. Of returning the gesture? She can't even fathom. Her mind very well end up blown.
Mercade Alexander Mercade laughs. "Of course you can help, Emi. All of you, if you want. I don't mind. I'm still looking. I don't know if I'll ever find him, but in the end... We'll see."

He leans forward as she describes her feelings about Manhattan. "I'm hoping to show you Manhattan too. It's a great place. And I appreciate your help with that as well. We're going to continue working on restoring Manhattan, and it will work out great. Once we have all the Shards, we're going to be able to handle it for sure! And you'll be one of the great heroes of Manhattan."
Emi Dennou Emi nods.

"How many...people live in--well your Manhattan?" She asks. The idea of being a hero makes her blush faintly but she adds, "Ahh--well I would not say we are heroes. We are doing it for our own sake as well, after all." WHAT A TYPICAL HERO THING TO SAY but nevertheless having faith in one's own moral center can be dangerous in of itself, and harder to keep healthy. And there's still a fair way to go, right? Five shards. It could be months--years even if some are especially hard to find. Or never if that Princess is taken.
Mercade Alexander "About two million people." Mercade responds. "It's a very dense area of the United States."

He shakes his head again. "Don't worry about it. A hero is something other people call you anyway."
Emi Dennou Two million people. That is literally insane, the idea that they could be responsible for 2 million people. Emi mouthbreathes for a moment, because she doesn't trust her respitory system to function without help for a small length of time. That's a lot of people. THat's more people than was in her family. Ever. Maybe if she can save this city--that would make up for those that she could not save? And then what? Well, she doesn't know. And she's looking forward to not knowing. Her fingers shake and she grabs a firm hold on that box and hefts it up.

"We'll make this happen." She says. "I shall bring these up now. Thank you for telling me a bit about yourself, Mercade. I will not forget."

She heads for the stairs.

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