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A Judges' Welcome
(2013-01-13 - 2013-01-14)
Gabranth invites Riku onto Archadian Empire's Flagship: The Alexander. The boy also gets the chance to meet a few more then just one Judge or Judge Magister.
Zargabaath Though the Dalmascan Sands are usually avoided when possible due to its unfriendly climate at the best of times, it provides an acceptable location for airships to stop and resupply. And in this case, the skyline is dominated by the massive profile of the Alexander--the flagship of the 12th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Empire, and personal ship to Judge Magister Zargabaath.

After hearing about the events in Rabanastre, the Judge Magister agreed to allow guests on-board for medical attention and possibly a meal. Thus, a Valfarre was dispatched to pick up said guests and transport them to the airship itself once the clean-up was complete and the situation was fully contained.
Once the other ship docks onto the /far/ larger ship that seems to dwarf so much around it. It was actually by far a demonstration of Archades might. By its unique design, to its great size. It was a small wonder why Archades did not concern themselves with small things.

Riku was invited onto the large ship and once docked, they were allowed into one of the many docking bays within on the ship. Judge Magister Gabranth though was still not in good shape. Though the bleeding was dealt with before he even arrived, he knew that they would attempt to hurry him along the the medical room.

However first...

The Judge Magister who had yet to still remove his helm turned to look at Riku, "Welcome to the Alexander. Judge Magister Zargabaath will be sending someone up here to give you a tour and take you to the dining hall here on the ship. I will meet you there, once some-- things-- are looked over."

The Judge Magister bows his head slightly. "Consider yourself a guest now of a Judge Magister and enjoy your time on board."
Zargabaath "Whoever said that I would be sending someone?"

Judge Magister Zargabaath's voice echoes faintly in the huge hangar, in no small part because of his own helm, as he approaches the newcomers. His armor, though not quite as heavy on the plate mail as Gabranth's, is no less imposing with the red lines and long downswept horns on the sides of his helm complete with the long black cape reaching to the floor.

He waves off any calls to attention from his own crew and stops a few feet before his fellow Judge Magister and Riku, bowing at the waist to them both. "Judge Magister Gabranth, it is good to see you again. I will not keep you, for I am sure you have matters of your own to attend to before idle chatter between comrades."

He regards Riku with a faint cant of his helm. So this is the guest Gabranth referred to? "Welcome to the Alexander, indeed. I am Judge Magister Zargabaath, commander of this airship. I take it this is your first time on such a craft?"
"Ah, your honor. I was not expecting you, honestly." Judge Magister Gabranth bows his head to Zargabaath. "It also good to you again. Though if not for this lad, it may be a different subject tonight." Oh the joys of that helm reverb. Though Zargabaath with a far much deeper voice compared to the other Judge Magister; mostly due to greater in age difference really. Not that Riku has yet to realize this.

"I will allow you to handle our guest, I do believe Judge Constantine will be joining us soon enough." Judge Magister Gabranth then looks to Riku once more. Those blue eyes behind the helm glancing over the youth, still attempting to determine how someone so young had such a natural talent for combat. Though perhaps, he should not be to surprised. He once knew another like that after all.

"I will be with you both again shortly." Gabranth stated before he turned away from the two and like nothing has happened to him, he moves still with that calm, collective posture. Yet if one studied his gate close enough, they would notice something was indeed off. For now, he leaves this in Zargbaath's hands.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath chuckles, the deep sound surprisingly warm. "I thank you for your praise." He reaches up and unlatches his helm, removing it and tucking it under one arm. His face is somewhat tanned and wrinkled denoting both age and experience, his hair almost a silvery lavender color, and a well-trimmed stubbled beard traces his jawline and faintly traces his mouth. "Forgive me, but I have not caught your name."

He returns the salute to Cirra as she arrives. "At ease, Cirra. I thank you for your continued efforts in these matters." He turns slightly, cape swishing around his feet. "You are welcome to join us if you wish, but if you seek Judge Magister Gabranth I believe he has gone to the medical ward." Oh yes, he is familiar with Gabranth's insistance of hiding his injuries after a battle and his pattern of activity thereafter.
Riku Riku has seen a few airships before but has never actually ridden in one.

It was something of a distant idea, a contemplation of a dream that he not had the time for in many months.

The adrenaline shock of the interrupted battle was starting to drain out of his system but his body was tense with the excitement of actually seeing these things up close in personal. It's an awe-inspiring sight, and something that is so.. clean and completely free of baggage that he finds himself comforted by the feeling that was doggedly trying to get him to smile like an idiot while his self-control, opposing this, is trying to keep him attentive but not crazed.

Maybe he comes off as a little of both, or maybe, for a few moments, he just comes off like the boy that he is. Riku attempts to bow slightly in respond to the Judge Magister, trying to tear his gaze away from trying to look at everything at once, although he had actually tried not to answer the questions that they had raised earlier.

Those went all sorts of awkward places. "Thank you, your honor. I-- I will do that."
Riku Riku straightens up and pretends, ignore ignore, that he belongs here.

This is one of those things he does to trick his own mind into not freaking out all the time. It was the trick he used so that his brain didn't explode on the first sight of Traverse Town, or Manhattan, or anything else new and surprising.

It had actually been quite some time since he had had to bear down on himself like this. It seemed.. like he'd been roaming through a world of mist, and now this first actual glimpse of the greater world outside again was shocking by the clarity of detail. Again he was in a situation that he can't really believe he has found himself, and he immediately starts formulating in his head what he will say as a story-- and then there is a moment of screeching halt.

A storyteller without an audience, and his mental thoughts recollect themselves and redeposit him in the present. In the present where he defended a man who destroyed Angantyr's home. Where he is here because he made yet another rash decision without information.

Riku doesn't know what he's supposed to think about that except.. tired. So he pushes the thoughts away, although they linger as the teenager watches very intently as Judge Magister Gabranth leaves. When they have past out of sight, he turns back to Judge Magister Zargabaath. "It is. I-- don't see airships often where I was from." And he decides to add a little truth to distract himself from his thoughts. "It's amazing."
Riku "I-- umm.." And Riku's mind tries to slip away sideways and he brings it under strict control only by picturing what Reize would be doing and then doing the farthest thing he could think of. He coughs faintly, then replies.

"My name is Riku, your honor. I'd-- say from where but.. it isn't there anymore." he looks over at Cirra, and relaxes slightly as a tone of familiarity creeps into these proceedings that he clings to. There is a note of wariness there, as if he is not quite certain what she will do-- but he manages to keep the glance to only a second or two before looking around at the interior again to cover himself.

"He's going to be alright?" Riku asks this in a much lower register, because he has suffered Angantyr at very close range and knows the mercenary can inflict a grievious amount of harm in a short amount of time. It's only because of his.. abilities that he's able to survive these encounters at all.
Cirra Constantine It's about then that one of the lift doors opens and a woman steps out. Her own armor is made a bit lighter, both in weight and colour of the Judge Magisters. A normal Judge it would seem.

%The woman steps out and removes her helmet so silvery hair spills down her back and stops to give a proper archaidian salute, "Your h-" thats when she catches sight of Riku and hesitates for a split second before continuing on. "-honour."

She stands there for a moment, "Clean up complete. I didn't realize we had a guest."
Cirra Constantine The answer appears to be that Cirra won't be leaping at Riku's throat. She has some idea that Riku was not...himself in Manhattan, after encountering him in the desert.

Still, she gives Riku a weary glance as well, just to be sure he is himself. "I will wait until Judge Magister Gabaranth is done in the medical bay. I'm sure he would prefer that, Your honour, Zargabaath." she bows her head slightly.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath bows his head slightly, an understanding nod. "I am sorry to hear that, Riku." He has heard similar tales as of late, what with the fall of Manhattan.

He nods once to Cirra and motions for both her and Riku to walk with him as he heads back to the main lift. "Do not worry, Judge Magister Gabranth is as hardy as he is stubborn. He will not be there long."

He presses a button on the lift and it rises at a brisk but not uncomfortable pace. "Though a full tour would take far too long due to the Alexander's size, I think a visit to the bridge would be the first place to start." He pauses briefly, regarding both Judge and guest thoughtfully. "If you do not mind me asking, what exactly happened in Rabanastre?"
Riku Riku follows along besides Judge Magister Zargabaath and puts his hands in his pockets for want of something to do with them. He tries to take in everything at once, trying to picture everything in his mind one piece at a time and distantly missing his old journal for a moment. "Well."

He starts to recount the story from the little bit that he knows and not really holding anything back except Umi's involvement. He knew they had no malice in mind but he was-- too confused by their motives to really say anything anyways. "And he was really pushing for it. Just looking for an excuse. So he gave himself one and.." Riku frowns and tries not to sound judgemental. He wasn't going to think about that right now.

"And.. that much power out in the middle of the street. It could have been bad. When I saw Angantyr was going to kill him I just.." he shakes his head. "I had to try and stop him."
Cirra Constantine Cirra steps into the lift againa nd holds her hands behind her back as the lift moves and riku recounts the story. "Angantyr has become considerably more aggressive since he appeared. He was an aggressor at Manhattan," she glances sideways at Riku. "But he later claimed to have no knowledge of the coming darkness, only that he was a sell sword."

"He blames Archadia for everything that went wrong in his life. That kind of driven, focus hatred can make him an extremely dangerous man, willig to go to any lengths for retribution."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath watches Riku's face as the lad tells the tale, listening closely with his expression neutral and gaze keen but not harsh. A glance is given over to Cirra at her addition, already beginning to mentally paint the picture at hand here.

"I see." He switches his helm to be held under the opposite arm, touching the red lines on the metal visor as he stays silent for a few moments. The lift continues on, but it will still be a bit before they reach their destination. This is a huge airship, after all.

His gaze returns to Riku. "You sound as though you are not certain of your choice." This quietly gentle observation is not accusationary nor harsh, not even neutral or flat.
Riku Riku looks away at that. "That's..." he lets the air out of his lungs in a quiet sigh, his fists clenched and then slowly relaxed as he forces them to.

Again, Riku offers the truth even though it might be the wrong thing to do. "That's not it, your honor. I often come to regret things I do without thinking about them." he pauses, then continues. "But I would still do them anyways. I can't know everything."

Riku smirks almost self depreciatingly. "As much as I would like to."

He looks at Cirra again, then down at the floor and then away into the distance as his eyes constantly roam and are never still.
Cirra Constantine Cirra makes eye contact with Riku for a split second then looks back ahead to the front of the lift.

"If you'd do the same thing again, then best learn not to regret your actions."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath tilts his head to the side faintly, watching Riku's obvious stress and how he attempts to vent it in an enclosed space. He cracks a small smile at Cirra's statement. "Very blunt, but very true all the same."

He reaches out with his free gauntleted hand and gently places it on Riku's shoulder--easily shrugged out of or otherwise shaken off if the youth wishes. The Judge Magister won't take offense. "Decisions are rarely black-and-white, Riku, no matter how much we may wish for them to be so. You chose to defend Gabranth, to keep Angantyr from taking a life, to end a pointless fight before innocents were harmed. The exact reason matters not." He smiles more easily. "If you would truly make the same choice twice, even knowing the information you were missing the first time, then you indeed have nothing to regret."

The lift slows to a halt with a high-pitched 'ding' indicating arrival. "Ah, forgive me. I am not here to lecture an honored guest." He steps through the doors, motioning for his crew to carry on even as calls for attention sweep through the large control center for the Alexander. "You have my permission to explore the bridge as you like, Riku. I hope you would find the view quite spectacular."
Judge Magister Gabranth had to deal with medical patch ups and few potions. Though not everything could be solved by potions, sometimes just had to let the body do its thing. Though where he normally would continue to wear his armor, as a spare was there on the ship, it was against medical advice that he do so. His body was bruised, some bones strained from the impacts, and far as the doctors were concern he had no business wearing that armor.

Civilian clothing would do fine for now and Gabranth had to also convince himself of that. Though the one thing the doctors could not stop him from doing was taking the belt off his armor and strapping it around his waist. It would seem Gabranth refused to be without at least his swords.

So what does Gabranth wear when he doesn't have armor on? Simple!

The Judge Magister wears a pair of black leather pants tucked into a pair of boots that are folded over on the top. With a dark brown vest tunic, mostly kept closed by the string loops with the top part of it a little lose and the collar of it properly folded over.

By the time the group reaches the Bridge, there he was with his proper trimmed blonde hair and those blue eyes looking at them all. There was a bit of a hair trail leading down the side of his temples slightly above his ears, and a well groomed side stubble.

Most of the bandages on him were hidden by the best, though there was an obvious one over his right arm. Probably where it took an impact to the mace at. "Greetings once more." He addresses them with a mild, very mild smile. It seems Gabranth was perhaps enjoying the view himself, though leaning against one of the inactive consoles.
Riku Riku doesn't reply to Cirra, or to the Judge Magister, because he doesn't know that. He doesn't know whether he would intervene or not.

Could he have really watched Angantyr, who is one kind of stranger, pulverize another stranger with that mace? His lips tighten into a grim line as he looks at the architecture. When they reach the bridge, and his eyes widen slightly with the delight of seeing so much of a new place-- it banishes the dark thoughts for a few moments.

The teenager snorts very faintly, reaching up to run both hands through his hair.

Riku reaches into a side pocket of his red jacket, pulling out a small tie that he uses to pull his hair back with the concentration of ritual. He looks out at the view, eyes darting until another voice peels him out of his brief reverie. Riku looks over at Judge Magister Gabranth. He bows his head in acknowledgement, but can't make himself say anything right this second so.. perhaps wisely, he keeps his mouth shut.
Cirra Constantine Cirra doesn't know what Riku's been through. She could never pry a wor of it out of him in the one conversation they've had. As she steps on to the bridge htenough she stands to the side, and looks at the Bridge. She only gets to come up here occasionaly, and it'salways impressive to behold. Maybe one day she'll get to captain a ship...

...if those rumors about the experiment could ever be snuffed out. So while she appreciates the grandure, she ushes out the thoughts of ever getting a navy rank. When Gabranth returns she turn to look at him and salutes, "Your Honour."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath chuckles softly as he places his helm into his chair for safekeeping. He has no need to carry it around at this time, and who else needs to use the chair but himself? "Gabranth. I am glad you could make it. I trust all is well?"

He makes a brief pass around the bridge, checking each station on its status and ordering minor adjustments accordingly. Technically, he is still on-duty for the time being even if he is enjoying a minor perk of command: delegation.

That said, he takes his time, intent on letting Riku enjoy a moment of peace if nothing else. Besides, a first-time experience being on an airship should never be rushed.
Gabranth takes notice as Riku messes with his hair, mostly unsure why the youth decides to do this now. However Riku may now notice compared to Zargabaath, Gabranth is far younger. If anything somewhere in is early to mid thirties. Probably perhaps closer to Cirra's age really.

"Are you enjoying the tour, Riku? Judge Magister Zargabaath is very proud of his ship and her crew. Do not let him talk lightly about her, she is fine ship. Even if she is to young for him." Wait-- did Gabranth actually toss out a bit of play?

Gabranth then looks over to Cirra before he gives the female Judge a respected salute back. "At ease, Judge Constantine. It is good to see you are doing well, though I am surprised to see you taking part in the tour." He admits with that calmness still there in his voice, but with a raised eye brow.

He does then turn his attention to Zargabaath, "As well has can be expected after events." He grunts gently.
Riku And it seems for once that there is no need to rush. No peril he was hurtling towards. It reminded him of a few of the times in the past month where he had moments of peace.

The world of mist contracted, and Riku drifted to the window to look out on the world, a faint but genuine smile lighting his face as he looks out and away and.. distantly wishes for his friends to be here. He is surprised the emotion doesn't hurt more, but the faint ache doesn't quite overshadow him as it usually does.

Riku turns his eyes towards Judge Magister Gabranth. "Yes, your honor. I.." he trails off as his eyes are inevitably drawn to the outside world with a hungry look. A need for this moment to last longer. "I am.. certainly doing that. Thank you." He pauses, his expression going troubled. He looks back towards the Judge Magister as if seeing him for the first time.

A vague glaze passes over his eyes as if he is drifting too far from a mental mooring, but a shake of his head banishes the near fuge. He frowns slightly, then nods to himself as if making a decision. "..I'm glad you are alright."
Cirra Constantine Cirra stands at ease at Gabranth's command, but then the questioning of her pressence makes her cheeks color. "I reported the clean up to Judge Majister Zargabaath, I thought the best way to report to you was to stay with him."

"I'll excuse myself, my lord Magister." and turns back to the lift, stepping inside to let the door close behidn her. She presses the control to descend back to the bays below. She counts to ten before she allows herself to sigh and rub her forehead.
Zargabaath The crew can't help but emit some minor snickers here and there, doing their best to focus on their tasks with varying degrees of smiles on their faces. Judge Magister Zargabaath gives Gabranth a look somewhere between dry amusement and mild annoyance, but ignores the crew's reaction outright. It is no secret that the Judge of Reason is very proud of the Alexander and the crew, not to mention the whole 12th Fleet, to the point of being rather fatherly. He only lets such comments slide since moments like this lift morale without risking undercutting his own authority as Judge Magister.

He inclines his head to Cirra as she takes her leave. He then stands next to his chair, folding his hands behind his back under his cape, and takes a moment to appreciate the view himself. It never gets old, really.
Gabranth studies Riku for a moment, making note of his face. How it becomes lost in the world outside, how when he looks over it was with trouble and yet, glazed, before he seems to snap back. In some ways, deep within. Gabranth can relate to such a look. There was a time, long ago, he could deeply relate.

Gabranth then looks to Zargabaath, before he looks back to Riku. "Thank you.. for your concern, Riku." He presses his lips together before he takes a deep inhale of air. Pushing off what he was leaning against with a minor bit of a grimace that comes over his face for those paying close enough attention.

He glances over to Cirra just in time to notice her cheeks flush. There was a puzzled look on his face for a moment. "I see. Rest well when you do Judge Constantine. I am sure we can speak more later."

His gaze glances out the window, before his blue eyes pace about a bit in thought. Enjoying the sight himself, before he looks to Riku once more. "I am..." He pauses on his own words. The Judge Magister rarely has to be saved, even rarer by a stranger, so to be placed in the position he was in was an awkward one. It showed as his shoulders stiffened, and with another inhale of air before he spoke. Keeping himself calm and collected. "I am glad you were there, so my thanks truly goes to you."

Gabranth then glances away, his eyes narrow for a moment in thought, before they glance up to Zargabaath, then over to Riku once more. "Enjoy your time here, Riku. When you are ready and at your leasure, there will be food waiting for you. If you perhaps need a place to rest," His eyes trail over to Zargabaath, looking for a disapproving stare or an approving one from the Judge of Reason. After all, his ship. His rules, unless orders from elsewhere deemed otherwise. "I am sure arrangements can be made."

Gabranth then goes to turn away, heading for the elevator shaft where he has to stand for a bit in wait, before he looks back at the youth. There were perhaps words wanting to be spoke right then. Perhaps 'I am in your debt' or 'You did well'. However what needed to be said had been said. Just, it was such a strange feeling for Gabranth and it was obvious on his face as he blinked his eyes twice and then looked away. "..Perhaps we can speak more later." Then gets ready to board the elevator once it comes back up.

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